Vrishabha Rashi Names for Boy

A list of 1400+ vrishabha rashi names for boy – taurus names for boys, is given below:

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Vrishabha Rashi Names for Boy – वृषभ राशि के लड़कों के नाम

About taurus Kid: The Taurus child is very likeable and well-respected despite a propensity for intransigence.

Of the 12 signs, Taurus are the most emotionally secure. They typically have very mellow, upbeat, optimistic, and devoted personalities.

They always play fairly and with balance, and their behaviour is predictable.

Lucky Names for taurus Boys

Taurus Boys Names Start With Letter – (B, V, U, W)

Taurus, वृषभBaadalCloud
Taurus, वृषभBaalaChild; A young girl; Vigour; Strength
Taurus, वृषभBabalaAbove
Taurus, वृषभBabanConqueror
Taurus, वृषभBabuA pet name
Taurus, वृषभBabulFather
Taurus, वृषभBadalCloud
Taurus, वृषभBadariA place sacred to Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभBadriLord Vishnu;
Taurus, वृषभBadri NarayananLord Vishnu; Badri - cloud,
Taurus, वृषभBadrinathLord of mount Badri
Taurus, वृषभBadriprasadGift of Badri
Taurus, वृषभBagiraLoving & nurturing
Taurus, वृषभBagyarajLord of luck
Taurus, वृषभBahubaliA Jain tirthakar
Taurus, वृषभBahulA Star
Taurus, वृषभBahuleyaLord Kartikeya; Bahu - a lot; Abundant
Taurus, वृषभBahuleyanLord Murugan; Bahu - a lot; Abundant
Taurus, वृषभBahuliyaLord Kartikeya; Bahu - a lot; Abundant
Taurus, वृषभBahumanyaHonored by many; Universally respected and valued
Taurus, वृषभBahuraiWith great riches
Taurus, वृषभBahwaasyOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभBaidyanathMaster of medicines; The king of medicine; Lord of physicians
Taurus, वृषभBaikunthaHeaven
Taurus, वृषभBairBrave
Taurus, वृषभBajinathLord Shiva; Lord of physicians; Epithet of Shiva
Taurus, वृषभBajrangA name of Lord Hanuman
Taurus, वृषभBajrangbaliWith the strength of diamond; Lord Hanuman
Taurus, वृषभBakhtawarOne who brings good luck
Taurus, वृषभBakoolFlower; Clever; Patient;Another name for Shiva
Taurus, वृषभBakuWar horn; Lightning; Brilliant
Taurus, वृषभBakulFlower; Clever; Patient;Another name for Shiva
Taurus, वृषभBalYoung; Infant; Strong; Strength; Vigour; Bridge; Victory
Taurus, वृषभBal BhadraBrother of Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBal GopalBaby Krishna; Infant Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBal KrishanYoung Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBal KrishnaYoung Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBal MukundName of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBala ChandraYoung Moon; Moon crested Lord
Taurus, वृषभBala GanapatiBeloved and lovable child
Taurus, वृषभBala GopalBaby Krishna; Infant Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBala GovindYoung cow-herd; Infant Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBala KumarYouthful
Taurus, वृषभBala ManiYoung Jewel; Small Jewel
Taurus, वृषभBala MohanOne who is attractive
Taurus, वृषभBala MuraliYoung Krishna with flute
Taurus, वृषभBala MuruganYoung Lord Murugan; Lord Murugan's childhood
Taurus, वृषभBala ShankarYoung Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभBala SubramaniLord of Subramaniam
Taurus, वृषभBala SubramanianLord Murugan, The child who is a worthy Jewel
Taurus, वृषभBalaadityaYoung Sun; Young man; The newly risen Sun
Taurus, वृषभBalaarkThe rising Sun
Taurus, वृषभBalabhadraAnother name of Balarama
Taurus, वृषभBalachandarYoung Moon
Taurus, वृषभBalachandraYoung Moon; Crescent Moon
Taurus, वृषभBalachandranMoon crested Lord
Taurus, वृषभBaladhiDeep insight
Taurus, वृषभBaladhityaYoung Sun; Young man; The newly risen Sun
Taurus, वृषभBaladityaYoung Sun; Young man; The newly risen Sun
Taurus, वृषभBalaganapatiBeloved and lovable child
Taurus, वृषभBalagopalChild Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBalagovindYoung cow-herd; Infant Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBalajGlitter; Shine; Grain; Born of strength
Taurus, वृषभBalajeeAnother name of the Hindu Lord Venkatachalapathy (Tirupathi)
Taurus, वृषभBalajiAnother name of the Hindu Lord Venkatachalapathy (Tirupathi)
Taurus, वृषभBalakrishnaYoung Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBalambuSon of Sambhu, Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभBalamuruganYoung Lord Murugan; Lord Murugan's childhood
Taurus, वृषभBalanYouthful
Taurus, वृषभBalanathLord of strength
Taurus, वृषभBalarStrength; Power; Army
Taurus, वृषभBalarajStrong; King
Taurus, वृषभBalaramBrother of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBalaraviThe morning Sun
Taurus, वृषभBalarkaSadrushanana like the rising Sun
Taurus, वृषभBalavanPowerful
Taurus, वृषभBalavantLord Hanuman; Full of might; Strong
Taurus, वृषभBalbirMighty and brave; Strong
Taurus, वृषभBalchandraYoung Moon
Taurus, वृषभBaldevGod like in power, Another name of Balram
Taurus, वृषभBalendraLord Krishna; Strong and powerful God
Taurus, वृषभBalenduYoung Moon
Taurus, वृषभBalgopalBaby Krishna; Infant Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBalgovindLord Krishna, Young cowherd, Name of Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBaliA mighty warrior; Brave; Powerful; Strength; Offering
Taurus, वृषभBalkrishanYoung Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBalkrishnaLord Krishna; Beautiful
Taurus, वृषभBallabhBeloved; Dear; First; Cowherd; Lover
Taurus, वृषभBallalThe Sun
Taurus, वृषभBalmaniYoung Jewel; Small Jewel
Taurus, वृषभBalramBrother of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBaluCheater
Taurus, वृषभBalvantOf immense strength; Lord Hanuman; Full of might
Taurus, वृषभBalveerStrong soldier; Powerful and brave
Taurus, वृषभBalwantOf immense strength; Lord Hanuman; Full of might
Taurus, वृषभBanajLotus; Natural; Born of the forest; Born of the water
Taurus, वृषभBanbhattName of an ancient poet
Taurus, वृषभBanbihariLord Krishna; One who enjoys roaming in the forest
Taurus, वृषभBandanSalutation; Worship; Praise
Taurus, वृषभBandevGod of nature
Taurus, वृषभBandhuFriend
Taurus, वृषभBandhulPleasing; Charming
Taurus, वृषभBandhulaPleasing; Charming
Taurus, वृषभBandinOne who praise and honours; Bard
Taurus, वृषभBandishBinding; Attach
Taurus, वृषभBaneetWished for; Loved; Desired
Taurus, वृषभBanitPolite
Taurus, वृषभBankeLord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBanke BihariLord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBankebihariLord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBankimCrescent; Lord Krishna; Curved
Taurus, वृषभBankimchandraCrescent Moon
Taurus, वृषभBanshiFlute
Taurus, वृषभBanshidharLord Krishna, The bearer of the flute
Taurus, वृषभBanshikKing of the forest, Lion
Taurus, वृषभBansiFlute
Taurus, वृषभBansidharLord Krishna, The bearer of the flute
Taurus, वृषभBansilalLord Krishna; The first Lord
Taurus, वृषभBantiBall
Taurus, वृषभBanwariLord Krishna; The one living in the groves of Vrindavan
Taurus, वृषभBapuGeneral nickname
Taurus, वृषभBaranNoble Man
Taurus, वृषभBarhanPointed; Sharp; Strong; Vigorous; Swift; Dazzling
Taurus, वृषभBarhi BarhavatamsakaOne who adorns Peacock feathers
Taurus, वृषभBarsaatRain; Rainy season
Taurus, वृषभBarsatRain; Rainy season
Taurus, वृषभBarshanRained
Taurus, वृषभBaruBrave; Noble
Taurus, वृषभBarunLord of the waters; Neptune; All enveloping sky
Taurus, वृषभBasantSpring; One who bestows wishes
Taurus, वृषभBasantaSpring; One who bestows wishes
Taurus, वृषभBasavLord of bulls
Taurus, वृषभBasavaprasadA philosper name
Taurus, वृषभBasavarajLord of bulls
Taurus, वृषभBasilKing; Basil the herb
Taurus, वृषभBasisthaFamous Rishi; Best; Most prosperous; Distinguished
Taurus, वृषभBaskarSun
Taurus, वृषभBaskaranThe Sun
Taurus, वृषभBasuBrilliance; Wealth; Light; Brilliance; Prosperous; Best; Precious
Taurus, वृषभBasudebFather of Lord Krishna; God of wealth
Taurus, वृषभBasudevFather of Lord Krishna; God of wealth
Taurus, वृषभBasudhaThe earth
Taurus, वृषभBaswanthProtected by Brahma
Taurus, वृषभBatliSbse pyara Jag Sai nyara (The loveliest, Most beautiful in the world)
Taurus, वृषभBatnasiddhikaraGranter of strength
Taurus, वृषभBatukBoy
Taurus, वृषभBaviyanOne who Love
Taurus, वृषभBavyeshLord Shiva; Bhavya - proper; Excellent; Auspicious
Taurus, वृषभBeenuVenus; Flute; Created with immense power
Taurus, वृषभBejulDefender; Protection; Blessing; Loved One; Soul; A son of God
Taurus, वृषभBelavardhanaOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभBenakarajDynamic ; Effective
Taurus, वृषभBennyAbbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict
Taurus, वृषभBenoyPolite
Taurus, वृषभBibekJudgment; Discernment; Knowledge; Reason; Conscience
Taurus, वृषभBibhaakarThe Moon
Taurus, वृषभBibhasA Raga
Taurus, वृषभBibhavasuThe Sun; Fire
Taurus, वृषभBibhishanBrother of Lankeshwar Rawan & Kumbhakarna
Taurus, वृषभBibhishanaBrother of Lankeshwar Rawan & Kumbhakarna
Taurus, वृषभBibhuPowerful
Taurus, वृषभBibinLike to think
Taurus, वृषभBiboswanSun God
Taurus, वृषभBidhanRules & regulation
Taurus, वृषभBidurWise; A friend of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBidwanScholar
Taurus, वृषभBidyutA flash of lightening; Brilliant
Taurus, वृषभBigulMusical instrument
Taurus, वृषभBihaanMorning; Dawn
Taurus, वृषभBihanDawn
Taurus, वृषभBiipulPlenty; Abundance; Powerful
Taurus, वृषभBijalLightning
Taurus, वृषभBijayVictory
Taurus, वृषभBijayaVictorious
Taurus, वृषभBijeshLord Shiva; Lord of victory
Taurus, वृषभBijoyVictory, in synonym as Vijay
Taurus, वृषभBijuWinner
Taurus, वृषभBikasDevelopment; Prosper
Taurus, वृषभBikashDevelopment; Prosper
Taurus, वृषभBikeshThe Moon
Taurus, वृषभBikramBravery; Prowess; Another name for Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभBikrantCourageous
Taurus, वृषभBilahariName of a Raga
Taurus, वृषभBilakshyenOne having abnormal quality
Taurus, वृषभBilasEntertainment; Faithful;  Attractive
Taurus, वृषभBilvaA sacred leaf
Taurus, वृषभBilvishaBilipatra (Wood apple leaves)
Taurus, वृषभBimalPure; White; Bright
Taurus, वृषभBimbHalo
Taurus, वृषभBimbisarKing of the Gupta dynasty
Taurus, वृषभBinayakLord Ganesh, Leader, Guide, A remover of obstacles
Taurus, वृषभBindeshwarOne of the names of Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभBindusagarBindu Sagar Lake in Bhubaneshwar district of Orissa
Taurus, वृषभBindusarAn excellent Pearl
Taurus, वृषभBindusreePoint
Taurus, वृषभBinitUnassuming; Knowledgeable; Modest; Venus; Requester
Taurus, वृषभBinnykerFearful
Taurus, वृषभBinodHappy; Full of joy; Play; Fun; Joke; Humour
Taurus, वृषभBinodanA person who can spread Love and Joy
Taurus, वृषभBinoyStubborn
Taurus, वृषभBipinForest (Vipin); Glorious; Providing refuge
Taurus, वृषभBiplavDrifting about; Revolution
Taurus, वृषभBipraA priest; Inspired; Wise; Sage; The Moon; A Brahmin
Taurus, वृषभBipulPlenty; Abundance; Powerful
Taurus, वृषभBirCourageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder
Taurus, वृषभBiraajBorn of Moon; To have a presence; To know one's self
Taurus, वृषभBiraatGreat
Taurus, वृषभBirajBorn of Moon; To have a presence; To know ones self
Taurus, वृषभBiralPriceless; Precious
Taurus, वृषभBiranchiName of Lord Brahma
Taurus, वृषभBiratGreat
Taurus, वृषभBirbalBraveheart; A powerful warrior
Taurus, वृषभBirenLord of warriors
Taurus, वृषभBirendraKing of warriors
Taurus, वृषभBirjuNice singer
Taurus, वृषभBisajLotus
Taurus, वृषभBisanlalMagnificent
Taurus, वृषभBishakhLord Kartikeya; Having spreading branches
Taurus, वृषभBishalHuge; Broad; Great; Substantial; Important; Powerful; Eminent
Taurus, वृषभBishuLord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभBishwaEarth; Universe
Taurus, वृषभBishwa MohanLord Shri; Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBishwambharThe supreme spirit
Taurus, वृषभBishwasFaith; Trust
Taurus, वृषभBishweshwarLord of the universe
Taurus, वृषभBisujakshaLord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभBiswaEarth; Universe
Taurus, वृषभBiswasFaith; Trust
Taurus, वृषभBitasokOne who does not mourn
Taurus, वृषभBittuLovely baby
Taurus, वृषभBivhanSon of even; Son of John
Taurus, वृषभBnidhishLyrics of classical music
Taurus, वृषभBodhAwakening; Perception; Knowledge; Intelligence; Enlightenment
Taurus, वृषभBodhanKindling
Taurus, वृषभBodishBuddhas tree
Taurus, वृषभBomikLand owner
Taurus, वृषभBoopalanGuardian of the Earth
Taurus, वृषभBoopathiLord of the Earth; The hero of stunts
Taurus, वृषभBoudhayanThe name of a sage
Taurus, वृषभBrahamduttDedicated to Lord Brahma
Taurus, वृषभBrahmaCreator of the universe
Taurus, वृषभBrahmabrataAscetic
Taurus, वृषभBrahmabrathaAscetic
Taurus, वृषभBrahmaduttDedicated to Lord Brahma
Taurus, वृषभBrahmanandSupreme Joy
Taurus, वृषभBrahmanandaSupreme Joy
Taurus, वृषभBrahmani LalAn avatar of Goddess Durga (An incarnation of Goddess Durga)
Taurus, वृषभBrahmanyaSupreme godhead
Taurus, वृषभBrahmaputhraName of a river
Taurus, वृषभBrahmdevGod's exalted Angel
Taurus, वृषभBrajPlace of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBrajamohanLord Krishna, Vraj - Vrindavan, Mohan - attractive
Taurus, वृषभBrajendraLord of Braj land
Taurus, वृषभBrajeshLord Krishna; Lord of Vraj
Taurus, वृषभBrajrajLord Krishna, King of Vrindavan
Taurus, वृषभBramhaCreator of the Universe
Taurus, वृषभBramhaghoshChanting of Vedas
Taurus, वृषभBramhanandHappiness for knowledge
Taurus, वृषभBraneshLord of life
Taurus, वृषभBrantSword; Burn; Nourished; Loved
Taurus, वृषभBratindraDevoted to the right deeds
Taurus, वृषभBratishPray of God
Taurus, वृषभBrihadeeshLord Shiva; The mighty God Brihath - mighty + Esh - God
Taurus, वृषभBrihaspathiTeacher of Devas; Jupiter; Guru planet
Taurus, वृषभBrihaspatiTeacher of Devas; Jupiter; Guru planet
Taurus, वृषभBrihatCompact; Massive; Widespread; Great; Large; Mighty; Powerful; Bright
Taurus, वृषभBrihatbhashaSon of sage Agniras
Taurus, वृषभBrihatbrahmaSon of sage Agniras
Taurus, वृषभBrihatjyothiSon of Agniras
Taurus, वृषभBrihatkirtiSon of Agniras
Taurus, वृषभBrihatmanSon of sage Agniras
Taurus, वृषभBrihatmantraSon of sage Agniras
Taurus, वृषभBrijPlace of Lord Krishna; Strength; To twist; To leave
Taurus, वृषभBrij KishorLord Krishna, Adolescent of Vrindavan
Taurus, वृषभBrij MohanLord Krishna, Vraj - Vrindavan, Mohan - attractive
Taurus, वृषभBrijendraLord of Brij, Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभBrijeshGod of the land of Brij
Taurus, वृषभBrijmohanLord Krishna, Vraj - Vrindavan, Mohan - attractive
Taurus, वृषभBrijnandanLord Krishna; Of Vrindavan
Taurus, वृषभBrijrajThe one who rules the nature
Taurus, वृषभBrirarWithout pain
Taurus, वृषभBriyaanHigh hill
Taurus, वृषभBuddhaFounder of the Buddhist religion
Taurus, वृषभBuddha PriyaOne liked by Buddha
Taurus, वृषभBuddhadevWise person
Taurus, वृषभBuddhadevaGautama Buddha
Taurus, वृषभBuddhi PriyaKnowledge bestower
Taurus, वृषभBuddhinathGod of wisdom
Taurus, वृषभBuddhipriyaKnowledge bestower
Taurus, वृषभBuddhividhataGod of knowledge
Taurus, वृषभBudhadevLord Sri Buddha
Taurus, वृषभBudhilLearned
Taurus, वृषभBukkaHeart; Loving; Sincere
Taurus, वृषभBuleshGreat
Taurus, वृषभBunnyLittle rabbit
Taurus, वृषभBuntyJoy
Taurus, वृषभBushanEnhancement
Taurus, वृषभBuvanEarth
Taurus, वृषभBuvaneswaranBorn to Win
Taurus, वृषभBuveshThe king of earth
Taurus, वृषभUchadevLord Vishnu; Superior God; An epithet of Vishnu or Krishna
Taurus, वृषभUchitCorrect
Taurus, वृषभUchithCorrect
Taurus, वृषभUdaiTo rise; Blue Lotus
Taurus, वृषभUdandaNemesis of evils and vices
Taurus, वृषभUdantCorrect message
Taurus, वृषभUdanthCorrect message
Taurus, वृषभUdarGenerous
Taurus, वृषभUdarathiLord Vishnu; Rising; An epithet of Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभUdarchisLord Shiva; Shining or blazing upwards; Luminous
Taurus, वृषभUdarshBrimming
Taurus, वृषभUdayTo rise; Blue Lotus
Taurus, वृषभUday TejRising Sun
Taurus, वृषभUdaya KumarDawn
Taurus, वृषभUdayachalEastern horizon
Taurus, वृषभUdayanRising; Name of a king of Avanti
Taurus, वृषभUdayasooriyanRising Sun
Taurus, वृषभUdaybhanThe rising Sun
Taurus, वृषभUdayrajRising king; Lord of stars
Taurus, वृषभUdbalMighty
Taurus, वृषभUdbhavOrigin
Taurus, वृषभUddandaNemesis of evils and vices
Taurus, वृषभUddharLiberation
Taurus, वृषभUddhavA friend of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभUddipGiving light; Flood
Taurus, वृषभUddiptaRays of rising sun
Taurus, वृषभUddiranLord Vishnu, The Lord who is higher than all beings
Taurus, वृषभUddishLord Shiva; Lord of flying ones
Taurus, वृषभUddiyanFlying speed
Taurus, वृषभUddunathLord of stars
Taurus, वृषभUddyamStart; Effort; Exertion; Preparation; Diligence; Enterprise
Taurus, वृषभUdeepGiving light; Flood
Taurus, वृषभUdesangSon of Adam
Taurus, वृषभUdeshFlood
Taurus, वृषभUdeyRising to fame and honor
Taurus, वृषभUdhavA sacrificial fire; Friend of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभUdhayTo rise; Blue Lotus
Taurus, वृषभUdhayaDawn
Taurus, वृषभUdhayanRising, Name of king of Avanti
Taurus, वृषभUdheyRising to fame and honor
Taurus, वृषभUdhgitaA hymn; Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभUdhyamStart; Effort; Exertion; Preparation; Diligence; Enterprise
Taurus, वृषभUditGrown; Awakened; Shining
Taurus, वृषभUdithOne who has Risen
Taurus, वृषभUdrekBlossoming of a thought; Superiority; Passion; Abundance
Taurus, वृषभUdupatiLord of stars
Taurus, वृषभUdurajRising king; Lord of stars
Taurus, वृषभUdvahContinuing; The best; Son; Descendant
Taurus, वृषभUdvanshOf noble descent; Noble
Taurus, वृषभUdyamStart; Effort; Exertion; Preparation; Diligence; Enterprise
Taurus, वृषभUdyamiHardworking; Entrepreneur
Taurus, वृषभUdyanMotive; Garden; Going out; Purpose; Park
Taurus, वृषभUdyatAscending; A star; Rising
Taurus, वृषभUdyathAscending; A star; Rising
Taurus, वृषभUdyotShining; Brilliance
Taurus, वृषभUftamBest; Most eminent
Taurus, वृषभUgamRising; Place of origin; Source; Beginning; Ascending
Taurus, वृषभUganConstisting of extended troops; Army
Taurus, वृषभUgraayudhaOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभUgrakA serpent king; Courageous; Powerful
Taurus, वृषभUgrasaaiOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभUgrasenaOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभUgrasravasOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभUgreshLord Shiva; The mighty Lord; An epithet of Shiva
Taurus, वृषभUjagarFamous; Renowned person; Bright
Taurus, वृषभUjalaOne who radiates the light; Bright
Taurus, वृषभUjasBright; Light before dawn
Taurus, वृषभUjayVictorious; Archer
Taurus, वृषभUjayanConqueror
Taurus, वृषभUjayantConqueror
Taurus, वृषभUjendraConqueror
Taurus, वृषभUjeshOne who gives light; Conquering
Taurus, वृषभUjithraLight
Taurus, वृषभUjjalBright
Taurus, वृषभUjjamVery Cute
Taurus, वृषभUjjanAn ancient Indian city
Taurus, वृषभUjjayVictorious; Archer
Taurus, वृषभUjjvalSplendorous; Lit; Brilliant; Attractive; Sunshine
Taurus, वृषभUjjwalBright
Taurus, वृषभUjvalSplendorous; Lit; Brilliant; Attractive; Sunshine
Taurus, वृषभUjwalSplendorous; Lit; Brilliant; Attractive; Sunshine
Taurus, वृषभUlaganWorldly
Taurus, वृषभUlagappanCreator of the world
Taurus, वृषभUlbanStrong; Abundant; Dense; Brilliant; Powerful
Taurus, वृषभUlhasJoy; Delight; Celebration; Light; Brilliance; Progress
Taurus, वृषभUlkeshThe Moon
Taurus, वृषभUllahasHappiness
Taurus, वृषभUllasJoy; Delight; Celebration; Light; Brilliance; Progress
Taurus, वृषभUllasinPlaying; Sporting; Celebrating
Taurus, वृषभUllasitShining; Brilliant; Splendid; Joyous
Taurus, वृषभUlmukLord Indra; A firebrand; Name of a son of Balram
Taurus, वृषभUlpeshTiny
Taurus, वृषभUma ShankarLord Shiva, Parvati and Shankar conjoined
Taurus, वृषभUmaiyavanLord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभUmakantLord Shiva; Uma's husband
Taurus, वृषभUmakanthLord Shiva; Uma's husband
Taurus, वृषभUmalGarland of rays
Taurus, वृषभUmamaheshwarThe son of Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभUmanandLord Shiva, The one who makes Uma glad
Taurus, वृषभUmangEnthusiasm; Joy; Zeal; Aspiration; Ambition
Taurus, वृषभUmangaEnthusiasm
Taurus, वृषभUmapathiConsort of Uma
Taurus, वृषभUmapathyConsort of Uma
Taurus, वृषभUmapatiConsort of Uma
Taurus, वृषभUmaprasadBlessing of Goddess Parvati
Taurus, वृषभUmaputraThe son of Goddess Uma (Goddess Parvati)
Taurus, वृषभUmasankarLord Shiva, Parvati and Shankar conjoined
Taurus, वृषभUmashankarLord Shiva, Parvati and Shankar conjoined
Taurus, वृषभUmayGoddess Parvati
Taurus, वृषभUmedHope; Expectation; Wish; Desire; Trust; Greed
Taurus, वृषभUmeshLord Shiva, Lord of Uma
Taurus, वृषभUmeshwarLord Shiva, Lord of Uma
Taurus, वृषभUnabhElevated; Eminent; Ruler
Taurus, वृषभUninajAscending; Progressing
Taurus, वृषभUnineshBlossoming; Progressing
Taurus, वृषभUnmaivilambiHonest
Taurus, वृषभUnmeshFlash; Blowing; Opening
Taurus, वृषभUnnabhHighest
Taurus, वृषभUnnatEnergised; Raised; High; Eminent; Elevated; Tall; Regal; A Buddha
Taurus, वृषभUnnatishLord of progress
Taurus, वृषभUnnayanImportant part of thought
Taurus, वृषभUnnikrishnanLord Krishna baby stage
Taurus, वृषभUpachithraOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभUpadeshAdvice
Taurus, वृषभUpaguptaName of a Buddhist monk
Taurus, वृषभUpaharGift; Offering; Oblation to a deity
Taurus, वृषभUpakaarBenefit
Taurus, वृषभUpalStone; Rock; Jewel; Sugar
Taurus, वृषभUpamFirst; Highest; Best; Next
Taurus, वृषभUpamanyuName of a devoted pupil
Taurus, वृषभUpanandaOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभUpanayLeader
Taurus, वृषभUpanayikFit for an offering; A character next in importance to the hero
Taurus, वृषभUpangThe act of anointing
Taurus, वृषभUpanshuChanting of hymns; Mantras in a low tone; A murmured prayer
Taurus, वृषभUpasanWorship
Taurus, वृषभUpekshTo neglect; To expect patiently; To disregard
Taurus, वृषभUpendarLord Vishnu; An Element
Taurus, वृषभUpenderKing of all kings
Taurus, वृषभUpendraAn element
Taurus, वृषभUpendranThe younger brother of Lord Indra
Taurus, वृषभUpjasProduced; Divine
Taurus, वृषभUpjayTo help; To support
Taurus, वृषभUpjeethVictory for proximity; Of exalted victory; Winning; To acquire by victory
Taurus, वृषभUpjitVictory for proximity; Of exalted victory; Winning; To acquire by victory
Taurus, वृषभUpkarFavour; Kindness
Taurus, वृषभUpkashWearing the Sky; Dawn
Taurus, वृषभUpkoshTreasure
Taurus, वृषभUpoddathTeacher
Taurus, वृषभUpolgenerous, sympathetic, and loyal in friendships
Taurus, वृषभUppasGem
Taurus, वृषभUpvanA small garden
Taurus, वृषभUravExcitement
Taurus, वृषभUrdahavBroad mentality
Taurus, वृषभUrjaniLord of strength
Taurus, वृषभUrjitPossesses great might; Powerful; Handsome; Noble; Excellent
Taurus, वृषभUrmilHumble; Enchantress
Taurus, वृषभUrmitPeaceful
Taurus, वृषभUrmiyaLord of light
Taurus, वृषभUrnikDifferent
Taurus, वृषभUrugayLord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभUrvakshJoyful
Taurus, वृषभUrvangMountain; Ocean; Substantial
Taurus, वृषभUrveshShehnai
Taurus, वृषभUrvikartistically creative, expressive, extrovert nature
Taurus, वृषभUrvinathVishnu moorty
Taurus, वृषभUrvishKing; Lord of the Earth
Taurus, वृषभUshakantaThe Sun
Taurus, वृषभUshanguLord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभUshasMorning; Dawn; Daybreak; The Goddess of dawn
Taurus, वृषभUshenyaDesirable; To wished for
Taurus, वृषभUshijZealous; Born of desire; Energetic; Pleasant; Desirous; Fire; Ghee
Taurus, वृषभUshikAn early riser; Dawn worshipper
Taurus, वृषभUshnikIt is a vedic meter
Taurus, वृषभUshnisinLord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभUslunanHeat; Passion
Taurus, वृषभUtankaA disciple of sage Veda
Taurus, वृषभUthamanThe best
Taurus, वृषभUthiraNakshatra
Taurus, वृषभUthkarshProsperity or awakening or high quality; Advancement - to rise
Taurus, वृषभUthvikintrospective, scientific & analytical
Taurus, वृषभUtkalGlorious; Wonderful country; Carrying a burden; Another name for Orissa
Taurus, वृषभUtkarsProsperity or awakening or high quality; Advancement - to rise
Taurus, वृषभUtkarshProsperity or awakening or high quality; Advancement - to rise
Taurus, वृषभUtkarshaAdvancement; Supreme; Beautiful
Taurus, वृषभUtkarshrajUtkarshraj means the ruler whose time is marked by prosperity
Taurus, वृषभUtkrishtaBest
Taurus, वृषभUtpalWater lily; Fleshless; Lotus blossom; Blossoming
Taurus, वृषभUtpalakshLord Vishnu; Utpal - open wide, Aksh - eyes
Taurus, वृषभUtparCheerful; Infinite
Taurus, वृषभUtsahAnxiety; Goddess Laxmi; Happiness
Taurus, वृषभUtsangEmbrace
Taurus, वृषभUtsargDedicating; Emission; Giving; Gift; Donation; Sacrifice
Taurus, वृषभUtsavCelebration; Festival; Occasion; Desire
Taurus, वृषभUttalStrong; Formidable; Powerful; Quick; Best; Mighty; Tall; Loud mighty
Taurus, वृषभUttamBest
Taurus, वृषभUttameshLord Shiva; Supreme God
Taurus, वृषभUttankCloud; Disciple
Taurus, वृषभUttarNorth; Answer; Better; Another name for Shiva
Taurus, वृषभUttarakLord Shiva; Dweller; Name for Shiva
Taurus, वृषभUttiyaA name in Buddhist literature
Taurus, वृषभVaalakyOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVaaridharCloud
Taurus, वृषभVaasavadattaA name in Sanskrit classics
Taurus, वृषभVaasavanLord Muruga
Taurus, वृषभVaasuWealth
Taurus, वृषभVaathavegaOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVaayuBreeze; Wind; Divine
Taurus, वृषभVaayunGod; Lively; Moving; Active; Alive; Clear
Taurus, वृषभVabhaviLandlord; Rich person
Taurus, वृषभVachanSpeech; Declaration; Vow
Taurus, वृषभVachaspatiLord of speech
Taurus, वृषभVachasyaWell spoken of; Praiseworthy; Celebrated; Famous
Taurus, वृषभVadanyaGenerous; Eloquent; Prosperous; Articulate
Taurus, वृषभVadinKnown lecturer
Taurus, वृषभVadirajKing among disputants
Taurus, वृषभVadishLord of the body
Taurus, वृषभVadivelLord Murugan; Called so because his spear is called Vadivel
Taurus, वृषभVadivelanLord Murugan; Called so because his spear is called Vadivel
Taurus, वृषभVadiveluName of Lord Shanmukha
Taurus, वृषभVagadheekshaLord of spokesmen
Taurus, वृषभVageshLord of speech
Taurus, वृषभVagindraLord of speech
Taurus, वृषभVagishGod of speech; Lord Brahma
Taurus, वृषभVagmineSpokesman
Taurus, वृषभVahinLord Shiva; Vahin
Taurus, वृषभVaibhavRichness; Power; Eminence
Taurus, वृषभVaibhnavTruly; Wisdom; Attractive Speeches
Taurus, वृषभVaibudhBelonging to the God; Divine
Taurus, वृषभVaidatKnowledgable
Taurus, वृषभVaideshPart of Scared Knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVaidhavAnother name for Mercury; Born of the Moon
Taurus, वृषभVaidhikEnlightening; Knowledge of Vedas; Scriptural
Taurus, वृषभVaidhvikBelonging to the world
Taurus, वृषभVaidhyatSupporter of law
Taurus, वृषभVaidicRelated to Veda
Taurus, वृषभVaidikRelated to Veda
Taurus, वृषभVaidishLord of Holy Books
Taurus, वृषभVaidyaDoctor; Erudite; Physician
Taurus, वृषभVaidyanathMaster of medicines, The king of medicine
Taurus, वृषभVaidyanathanMaster of medicines; The king of medicine; Lord of physicians
Taurus, वृषभVaidyutBrilliant
Taurus, वृषभVaijayiVictor
Taurus, वृषभVaijeenathLord Shiva; Lord of physicians; Epithet of Shiva; Epithet of Dhanvantari
Taurus, वृषभVaijnathLord Shiva; Lord of physicians; Epithet of Shiva; Epithet of Dhanvantari
Taurus, वृषभVaikartanName of Karna
Taurus, वृषभVaikhanLord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVaikunthVaikuntam; The abode of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVaikunth NathMaster of heavens
Taurus, वृषभVaikunthanathaLord of Vaikuntha; The heavenly abode
Taurus, वृषभVainavinLord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVairagDetached; Free from desire and attachment
Taurus, वृषभVairajSpiritual glory; Divine glory; Belonging to Brahma
Taurus, वृषभVairajaSon of Virat
Taurus, वृषभVairatGem
Taurus, वृषभVairinchyaSon of Lord Brahma
Taurus, वृषभVairochanAn ancient name
Taurus, वृषभVaisakaA season; Lioness
Taurus, वृषभVaisakhOf the second lunar month
Taurus, वृषभVaishAn ancient Indian city
Taurus, वृषभVaishakThe Hindu months of april and May; Churning rod
Taurus, वृषभVaishantThe quiet and shining star
Taurus, वृषभVaishitheFeature
Taurus, वृषभVaishnavVaishnava denotes Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVaishnovVaishnava denotes Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVaishravanKubera; Lord of wealth
Taurus, वृषभVaishvikBelonging to the world
Taurus, वृषभVaishwanarOmnipresent
Taurus, वृषभVaivaswathaSeventh Manu
Taurus, वृषभVaivatControversy
Taurus, वृषभVaiwaswatOne of the saints
Taurus, वृषभVajasaniSon of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVajasiEqual to Lord Ganesha
Taurus, वृषभVajendraLord Indra, Strong Indra
Taurus, वृषभVajinathLord Shiva; Lord of physicians; Epithet of Shiva; Epithet of Dhanvantari
Taurus, वृषभVajrabahuOne with strong arms
Taurus, वृषभVajradharLord Indra, The one who bears the Vajra
Taurus, वृषभVajrahastLord Shiva; One who has a hand that is hard as a lightning
Taurus, वृषभVajrahastaOne who has a thunderbolt in his hands
Taurus, वृषभVajrajitLord Indra, Conqueror of Inder, Whose weapon is called Vajra
Taurus, वृषभVajrakayaSturdy like metal; Lord Hanuman
Taurus, वृषभVajrakshSturdy like metal; Lord Hanuman
Taurus, वृषभVajrakshaSturdy like metal; Lord Hanuman
Taurus, वृषभVajramaniDiamond
Taurus, वृषभVajranakhaStrong nailed
Taurus, वृषभVajrangDiamond bodied
Taurus, वृषभVajrapaniLord Indra, Vajra in [his] hand
Taurus, वृषभVajrinLord Indra; Wielding the thunderbolt, said of Indra, Agni, Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVakpatiGreat orator
Taurus, वृषभVakrabhujLord Ganesh; Crooked armed
Taurus, वृषभVakratundAn epithet of Ganesh, Lord Ganesh
Taurus, वृषभVakratundaCurved trunk Lord; Lord Ganesh
Taurus, वृषभVakshChest; Strengthening; To grow
Taurus, वृषभVakshalComplete
Taurus, वृषभVakshanStrengthening; Nourishing; Chest
Taurus, वृषभVakshuRefreshing; The Oxus river
Taurus, वृषभVakulFlower; Clever; Another name for Shiva
Taurus, वृषभValakA crane
Taurus, वृषभValavanSkilful
Taurus, वृषभValdasRule
Taurus, वृषभValiA mighty warrior; Brave; Powerful; Strength; Offering
Taurus, वृषभValinValin means courage in Sanskrit
Taurus, वृषभValipramathanaSlayer of Vali
Taurus, वृषभVallabhBeloved; Dear; First; Cowherd; Lover
Taurus, वृषभVallakiSingle string instrument; The Veena; Lute
Taurus, वृषभVallavCowherd
Taurus, वृषभVallikEdge of a thatched roof
Taurus, वृषभVallinathLord Subrahmanya
Taurus, वृषभVallkantanLord Murugan, Husband of Velli
Taurus, वृषभVallmanalanLord Murugan, Husband of Velli
Taurus, वृषभVallurA cluster of blossoms
Taurus, वृषभValmekiAn ancient saint
Taurus, वृषभValmikThe author of the epic Ramayana
Taurus, वृषभValmikiThe author of the epic Ramayana
Taurus, वृषभVamadevLord Shiva; Poet
Taurus, वृषभVamanThe short; Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVamanaThe 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVamdevName of Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVamseedharLord Krishna, The bearer of the flute
Taurus, वृषभVamshiFlute of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVamsiFlute of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVamsidharLord Krishna, The bearer of the flute
Taurus, वृषभVamsikrishnaLord Krishna with flute
Taurus, वृषभVan RajRuler of the forest, The lion
Taurus, वृषभVanaIntelligence
Taurus, वृषभVanabihariLord Krishna; One who enjoys roaming in the forest
Taurus, वृषभVanadCloud
Taurus, वृषभVanadevLord of the forest
Taurus, वृषभVanaipaka-VerindonLord Murugan
Taurus, वृषभVanajLotus; Natural; Born of the forest; Born of the water
Taurus, वृषभVanajakshLotus eyed
Taurus, वृषभVanajitLord of the forest
Taurus, वृषभVanamaleeWearing the Vanamala Garland
Taurus, वृषभVanamalinLord Krishna; One wearing a sylvan garland
Taurus, वृषभVananLonging; Desire
Taurus, वृषभVanarMonkey
Taurus, वृषभVanaraMonkey
Taurus, वृषभVanasLoveliness; Handsome; Desire
Taurus, वृषभVanavarayanStrongmen
Taurus, वृषभVanchitPrecious; Desired; Loved
Taurus, वृषभVandanSalutation; Worship; Praise
Taurus, वृषभVandinOne who praise and honours; Bard
Taurus, वृषभVanditTo whom salutation is given; Praised; Worshipped
Taurus, वृषभVanijLord Shiva; Merchant; The zodiac sign of Libra; Another name for Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVaninadhConsort of Goddess Saraswati
Taurus, वृषभVaninathConsort of Goddess Saraswati
Taurus, वृषभVanitWished for; Loved; Desired
Taurus, वृषभVanjulThe beauty of the forest; The Ashoka tree
Taurus, वृषभVanmaliAn epithet of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVannGenerous
Taurus, वृषभVansCane; Bamboo; Backbone; Lineage; Coming generation of father
Taurus, वृषभVanshCane; Bamboo; Backbone; Lineage; Coming generation of father
Taurus, वृषभVanshajBron from a good family; Well-born
Taurus, वृषभVansheedharFlute player
Taurus, वृषभVanshilAnother name of Lord Krishna's Bansari flute
Taurus, वृषभVanshulFlute
Taurus, वृषभVanshyaCloud
Taurus, वृषभVansidharLord Krishna, The bearer of the flute
Taurus, वृषभVanuZealous; Eager; Friend
Taurus, वृषभVapunGod; Knnowledge; Formless
Taurus, वृषभVapusBeautiful; Admirable; Beauty; Shapely; Appearance
Taurus, वृषभVapushBeautiful; Admirable; Beauty; Shapely; Appearance
Taurus, वृषभVarGift; Blessing; Choice; Best; Noble
Taurus, वृषभVaradGod of fire, Ganapati
Taurus, वृषभVaradarajAnother name of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVaradavinayakaBestower of success
Taurus, वृषभVaradhGod of fire, Ganapati
Taurus, वृषभVaradrajLord Vishnu; Varada - conferring a boon, Raj - king
Taurus, वृषभVaraganapatiBestower of boons
Taurus, वृषभVarahAn epithet of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVarahamihirAn ancient astronomer
Taurus, वृषभVarapradaGranter of wishes and boons
Taurus, वृषभVaratamBest
Taurus, वृषभVaratarExcellent; Best
Taurus, वृषभVarchasFame; Light; Energy; Shape
Taurus, वृषभVarchasvPower; right
Taurus, वृषभVardaanBlessing; Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVardanBlessing; Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Increasing prosperity
Taurus, वृषभVardhamLord Mahavir
Taurus, वृषभVardhamaanahThe formless Lord
Taurus, वृषभVardhamanLord Mahavir
Taurus, वृषभVardhanBlessing; Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Increasing prosperity
Taurus, वृषभVardhimainakapujitaWorshipped by mynaka
Taurus, वृषभVardhinGrowing; Auspicious; Generous
Taurus, वृषभVardhitIncreased; Developed
Taurus, वृषभVarendraOcean
Taurus, वृषभVarenyaDeemed highest; Desirable; Excellent; Best; Saffron
Taurus, वृषभVarenyamThe Best; Great Leader
Taurus, वृषभVareshLord Shiva; Able to grant wishes
Taurus, वृषभVareshvarLord Shiva; God of boons; Name of Shiva; Supreme God
Taurus, वृषभVargheseLord Shiva; Farmer; Of the Land
Taurus, वृषभVarheshthe superior deity
Taurus, वृषभVaridhvaranColor of the cloud
Taurus, वृषभVarijLotus
Taurus, वृषभVarinGifts
Taurus, वृषभVarinderLord of the ocean
Taurus, वृषभVarindraLord of the ocean
Taurus, वृषभVarishLord Vishnu; Sleeping on the ocean; Name of Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVariyaExcellent one
Taurus, वृषभVariyasLord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVarnamColor in Sanskrit
Taurus, वृषभVarneshGranth
Taurus, वृषभVarnitPraised; Drawn; Described; Narrated
Taurus, वृषभVarsanHoly Place in Vrindavan
Taurus, वृषभVarshStrengthen; Year; Cloud; Rain; Strengthen
Taurus, वृषभVarshalRain
Taurus, वृषभVarshanFalling of Rain
Taurus, वृषभVarsheetRain; Strong; Potent
Taurus, वृषभVarsheshLord of Rain, Lord Indra - King of Gods
Taurus, वृषभVarshilGood boy
Taurus, वृषभVarshitRain; Strong; Potent
Taurus, वृषभVarshithRain
Taurus, वृषभVarshneyaOne who born in the Vrushni family of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVartanuBeautiful
Taurus, वृषभVartikProse
Taurus, वृषभVaruanLord of the waters; Neptune
Taurus, वृषभVarunLord of the waters; Neptune
Taurus, वृषभVaruneshLord of water
Taurus, वृषभVarunsaiLord of water
Taurus, वृषभVasanOne who lives in Erumeli
Taurus, वृषभVasantSpring season; Happy; Rich; Generous; Spring
Taurus, वृषभVasantamalikaGarland of Spring
Taurus, वृषभVasanthSpring season; Happy; Rich; Generous; Spring
Taurus, वृषभVasavAn epithet of Lord Indra
Taurus, वृषभVasavaLord Indra; Belonging to Indra
Taurus, वृषभVasavajSon of Indra
Taurus, वृषभVasdevFather of Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVaseekaranAttractive
Taurus, वृषभVashBeautiful; Authority; Will; Wish; Power; Divine
Taurus, वृषभVashikarMantras are chanted to gain control of someone, a situation
Taurus, वृषभVashinAuthoritative; Lord; Independent
Taurus, वृषभVashishtFamous Rishi; Best; Most prosperous; Distinguished
Taurus, वृषभVashishthFamous Rishi; Best; Most prosperous; Distinguished
Taurus, वृषभVashnavOne who worships Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVashuBrilliance; Wealth; Light; Brilliance; Prosperous; Best; Precious
Taurus, वृषभVasiPower of attraction
Taurus, वृषभVasinAuthoritative; Lord; Independent
Taurus, वृषभVasistaName of a sage
Taurus, वृषभVasisthaFamous Rishi; Best; Most prosperous
Taurus, वृषभVastavActual; Reality
Taurus, वृषभVastinLord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVasuBrilliance; Wealth; Light; Brilliance; Prosperous; Best; Precious
Taurus, वृषभVasu PrasadWealth; Lord Vishnu; An ancient king
Taurus, वृषभVasubhadraName of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVasudevFather of Lord Krishna; God of wealth
Taurus, वृषभVasudevaGoddess of wealth
Taurus, वृषभVasudevanFirst God; Guru
Taurus, वृषभVasukiA famous snake in Hindu mythology
Taurus, वृषभVasulA God; Deity
Taurus, वृषभVasumanBorn of fire
Taurus, वृषभVasumatLord Krishna; Wealthy
Taurus, वृषभVasumitrAn ancient name
Taurus, वृषभVasunThe eight vasus
Taurus, वृषभVasupalKing
Taurus, वृषभVasupatiRich Man
Taurus, वृषभVasurPrecious; Prosperous
Taurus, वृषभVasuradhaLord Krishna and Goddess Radha
Taurus, वृषभVasuroopLord Shiva; Of a divine form; Another name for Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVasusenOriginal name of Karna
Taurus, वृषभVasushOriginal name of Karna
Taurus, वृषभVaswikIn Real
Taurus, वृषभVatatmajLord Hanuman, Son of wind
Taurus, वृषभVatradharaPracticing penance; Lord Rama
Taurus, वृषभVatsakA term of endearment; Young calf
Taurus, वृषभVatsalAffectionate; Gentle
Taurus, वृषभVatsalrajAffectionate
Taurus, वृषभVatsalyaLove that a mother feels for a child
Taurus, वृषभVatsapalLord Krishna; Protector of children
Taurus, वृषभVatsarA year
Taurus, वृषभVatsinAnother name of Lord Vishnu; Fertile; One with many children
Taurus, वृषभVatsyayanAn author of old times
Taurus, वृषभVaydeeshGod of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVayuBreeze; Wind; Divine
Taurus, वृषभVayujatLord Hanuman, Wind-born
Taurus, वृषभVayunGod; Lively; Moving; Active; Alive; Clear
Taurus, वृषभVayunandLord Hanuman, Son of wind
Taurus, वृषभVayyaFriend
Taurus, वृषभVedSacred knowledge; Riches; Precious
Taurus, वृषभVed AryanSacred knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVed PrakashLight of knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVed ViyanSacred knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVed VyasName of a saint
Taurus, वृषभVedaantThe scriptures, Vedic method of self realization
Taurus, वृषभVedaanthThe scriptures, Vedic method of self realization
Taurus, वृषभVedakartaAn originator of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedamohanLord Krishna; Knower of Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedanPart of the sacred knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVedangFrom the Vedas; One of six sciences chanting; Ritual
Taurus, वृषभVedangaMeaning of Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedankChapter of Veda
Taurus, वृषभVedanshPart of Veda
Taurus, वृषभVedanshuPart of Knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVedantThe scriptures, Vedic method of self realization
Taurus, वृषभVedantasareaAn embodiment of philosophy of life
Taurus, वृषभVedanthThe scriptures, Vedic method of self realization
Taurus, वृषभVedaprakashLight of the knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVedarjunaClear knowledge; light of knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVedarthEssence of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedasRelated to Veda ancient original books of Hindu
Taurus, वृषभVedatmanLord Vishnu; Soul of the Veda; Another name for Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVedatmaneSpirit of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedavitThe knower of Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedavrataVow of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedavyasIt is the name of great sage who wrote Mahabharata epic
Taurus, वृषभVedbhushanOne adorned with knowledge of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedeshLord of Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedhanshPart of Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedhantThe scriptures, Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedhanthThe scriptures, Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedhasRelated to Veda ancient original books of Hindu; Worthy
Taurus, वृषभVedhathKing of all
Taurus, वृषभVedikConsciousness; Altar; Name of a river in India
Taurus, वृषभVedinThe anthor name for Brahma; Knowledgeable; Sensitive
Taurus, वृषभVedishLord of Vedas; Lord of the wise; Another name for Brahma
Taurus, वृषभVedmohanLord Krishna; Knower of Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVedprakashLight of the knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVedswarupForm of knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVedukTo acquire knowledge; Seeking knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVedviyanSacred knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVeekshitBrave
Taurus, वृषभVeekshithBrave
Taurus, वृषभVeerCourageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder
Taurus, वृषभVeer KumarBrave
Taurus, वृषभVeeraBrave; Heroic; Wise; Pahlavi
Taurus, वृषभVeerabaahuOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVeerababuThe Legendary
Taurus, वृषभVeerabhadraSupreme Lord of the world, Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVeerabhadranLord Shiva; Veera - brave + Bhadra - auspicious
Taurus, वृषभVeeraganapatiHeroic Lord
Taurus, वृषभVeeraiahLord Veerabradhra Swami
Taurus, वृषभVeeramaniBrave one with a bell around his neck
Taurus, वृषभVeeramanikantaBrave one with a bell around his neck
Taurus, वृषभVeeraprathapName of a Raga
Taurus, वृषभVeerashBrave Lord; The king of all warriors; King of all heroes
Taurus, वृषभVeeraswamyLord Subramanya Swamy
Taurus, वृषभVeerbhadraThe ashwamedha horse
Taurus, वृषभVeerendraKing of warriors
Taurus, वृषभVeereshBrave Lord; The king of all warriors, King of all heroes
Taurus, वृषभVeerottamSupreme amongst braves
Taurus, वृषभVeeruStern
Taurus, वृषभVeerushSuccess; Endurance
Taurus, वृषभVeeryavanVery powerful
Taurus, वृषभVegisomeone who is vegetarian.
Taurus, वृषभVeginSwift; Wind; Rapid; Hawk; Falcon; Another name for Vaayu
Taurus, वृषभVehantIntelligent
Taurus, वृषभVekranthPowerful, warrior.
Taurus, वृषभVelLord Murugan
Taurus, वृषभVelanAnother name of Lord Murugan
Taurus, वृषभVelava device attached to a pipe or a tube which controls the flow of air
Taurus, वृषभVelmuruganGod
Taurus, वृषभVelrajLord Murugan, Lord of the Vel
Taurus, वृषभVeluShaggy; Hairy
Taurus, वृषभVelusamyLord Murugan
Taurus, वृषभVenGood fortune; Desirous; Affectionate
Taurus, वृषभVenavirSon of Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVendanKing
Taurus, वृषभVengaiBrave
Taurus, वृषभVeniBraided hair; Name of a river, stream; Bridge; The confluence of rivers
Taurus, वृषभVenidharLord Krishna; One who has braided hair
Taurus, वृषभVenimadhavLord Krishna, Madhav with braided hair
Taurus, वृषभVenkaiahLord
Taurus, वृषभVenkannaGod of Venkateshwarulu
Taurus, वृषभVenkatLord Vishnu; Lord Krishna; Existing; Natural; Divine
Taurus, वृषभVenkat ManiLord Venkateswara and Ayyappa
Taurus, वृषभVenkataLord Narasimaha; Lord Venkateswara
Taurus, वृषभVenkataramanLord venkateswara
Taurus, वृषभVenkataramanaSpiritual Maturity
Taurus, वृषभVenkatesanVenkatesh comes from the Indian word which means; Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVenkateshName of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVenkateshaGod venkateswara
Taurus, वृषभVenkateshwaraLord venkateswara
Taurus, वृषभVenkatramanLord venkateswara
Taurus, वृषभVenkatshivaSacrifice; Innovative; Powerful
Taurus, वृषभVenkatswamyVenkataravanaswamy
Taurus, वृषभVenkayaLord Venkateswara
Taurus, वृषभVenketeshLord Vishnu; Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVenthanKing; Ruler; Monarch
Taurus, वृषभVenuFlute
Taurus, वृषभVenu GopalOne of the names of Krishna; The bearer of venu flute
Taurus, वृषभVenugopalOne of the names of Krishna; The bearer of venu flute
Taurus, वृषभVenumadhavSum of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभVerdaanblessing
Taurus, वृषभVetantUpanishads or works on the Vedanta philosophy on and end of the Veda
Taurus, वृषभVetrivalSuccessful
Taurus, वृषभVetrivelSon of Parvati
Taurus, वृषभVettriVictory
Taurus, वृषभVeydantSum of the Vedas
Taurus, वृषभViaanFull of life and energy; Alive or lively
Taurus, वृषभVialashiniComfortable
Taurus, वृषभViamrshLord Shiva; Discussion
Taurus, वृषभVianFull of life and energy; Alive or lively
Taurus, वृषभVibhaaNight; The Moon; Beauty; Ray of light; Brilliance
Taurus, वृषभVibhaasShinning; Decoration; Light
Taurus, वृषभVibhakarThe Moon; Creator of light, Sun; Fire; Brilliance
Taurus, वृषभVibhanshuEmbellishment
Taurus, वृषभVibhansuEmbellishment
Taurus, वृषभVibhasShinning; Decoration; Light
Taurus, वृषभVibhatDawn; Ascending; Brilliant
Taurus, वृषभVibhatsuFought all the battle by fair means
Taurus, वृषभVibhavFriend, Another name of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVibhavasuThe Sun
Taurus, वृषभVibhayFreedom from fear; not exposed to danger; intrepid
Taurus, वृषभVibheeshana PratishttatreOne who crowned Vibheeshana as king of Lanka
Taurus, वृषभVibheeshanaparitrateBefriended Vibbeeshana
Taurus, वृषभVibhishanBrother of Lankeshwar Rawan & Kumbhakarna
Taurus, वृषभVibhishanaOne of the Chiranjivis, he is one of the seven persons who are considered to be deathless
Taurus, वृषभVibhoothiThe divine power
Taurus, वृषभVibhorEcstatic
Taurus, वृषभVibhuAll-pervading
Taurus, वृषभVibhumThe greatest
Taurus, वृषभVibhumatLord Krishna; Omnipresent
Taurus, वृषभVibhushTo decorate
Taurus, वृषभVibhusnuLord Shiva; Omnipresent; Another name for Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVibhutStrong
Taurus, वृषभVibodhWise
Taurus, वृषभVibuthimSacred ash with healing powers
Taurus, वृषभVickneshBrilliant
Taurus, वृषभVickyConqueror; Victorious
Taurus, वृषभVidanthHonor
Taurus, वृषभVidarbhAn ancient name of a state
Taurus, वृषभVidaysagarLearning ocean
Taurus, वृषभVideepBright
Taurus, वृषभVidehWithout form
Taurus, वृषभVideshForeign land; Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVidhaathCreator
Taurus, वृषभVidhanRules & regulation
Taurus, वृषभVidhantHonors
Taurus, वृषभVidhatruLord Shiva; Maker; Creator; Another name for Brahma
Taurus, वृषभVidheshForeign land or Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVidhtaCreator; Dispenser; Supporter
Taurus, वृषभVidhuLord Vishnu; Intelligent
Taurus, वृषभVidhulThe Moon
Taurus, वृषभVidhutElectricity
Taurus, वृषभVidhyadharFull of knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVidhyuthA flash of lightening; Brilliant
Taurus, वृषभVidhyuthsagarOcean of knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVidipBright
Taurus, वृषभVidishName of a river
Taurus, वृषभViditLord Indra; A learned Man; Sage; Known; Agreed
Taurus, वृषभVidithLord Indra; A learned Man; Sage; Known; Agreed
Taurus, वृषभVidojasLord Indra; With well known power; Another name for Indra
Taurus, वृषभViduLord Vishnu; Intelligent
Taurus, वृषभVidulThe Moon
Taurus, वृषभVidunBeautiful
Taurus, वृषभVidurWise; A friend of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभViduraSon of Vyasa, Brother to Dhritarastra and Pandu
Taurus, वृषभVidutElectricity
Taurus, वृषभVidvanScholar
Taurus, वृषभVidvatamLord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVidwathHighly qualified; Most brilliant
Taurus, वृषभVidyacharanLearned
Taurus, वृषभVidyadharFull of knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVidyadhariHighly qualified; Most brilliant
Taurus, वृषभVidyanandOne who is happy with knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVidyanarayanaGod of knowledge and wisdom
Taurus, वृषभVidyanshThe One who is Full of Knowledge; Part of Knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVidyaprakashKnowledge of light; The person who give the knowledge to the world
Taurus, वृषभVidyaranyaForest of knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVidyasagarOcean of learning
Taurus, वृषभVidyavaridhiGod of wisdom
Taurus, वृषभVidyeshVidya - education, esh-ishwar--god, God of education
Taurus, वृषभVidyutA flash of lightning; Brilliant
Taurus, वृषभVidyuthA flash of lightening; Brilliant
Taurus, वृषभVigashRich gem
Taurus, वृषभVighna VinashanayaDestroyer of all obstacle s and impediments
Taurus, वृषभVighnaharaRemover of obstacles
Taurus, वृषभVighnajitLord Ganesh; Conqueror of obstacles
Taurus, वृषभVighnarajAn epithet of Lord Ganesh
Taurus, वृषभVighnarajaLord of all hindrance
Taurus, वृषभVighnarajendraLord of all obstacles
Taurus, वृषभVighnavinashanayaDestroyer of all obstacles and impediments
Taurus, वृषभVighneshLord Ganesh; Name of those who have attained a particular degree of emancipation
Taurus, वृषभVighneshwarLord of supreme knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVignahartaDemolisher of obstacles
Taurus, वृषभVigneshLord Ganesh; Name of those who have attained a particular degree of emancipation
Taurus, वृषभVigneshwaraLord of all obstacles
Taurus, वृषभVigneshwaranLord Ganesh; Name of those who have attained a particular degree of emancipation
Taurus, वृषभVigneswaranLord Ganesh; Name of those who have attained a particular degree of emancipation
Taurus, वृषभVigrahLord Shiva; Extension
Taurus, वृषभVihaHeaven; Peace; Morning; Dawn
Taurus, वृषभVihaanMorning; Dawn
Taurus, वृषभVihaasSmile
Taurus, वृषभVihaathTo Succeed; To Progress
Taurus, वृषभVihakOne who is infinite; Another name of Lord Shiva.
Taurus, वृषभVihalLaugh out loud
Taurus, वृषभVihanMorning; Dawn
Taurus, वृषभVihangA bird
Taurus, वृषभVihangaA bird
Taurus, वृषभViharTemple; Monastery
Taurus, वृषभVihariLord Krishna; Supreme enjoyer
Taurus, वृषभViharshExcessive joy; Pleasure; Delight; Happiness
Taurus, वृषभVihasLord Krishna; Smile; Gentle laugh
Taurus, वृषभVihayasSky
Taurus, वृषभVihomFlexibility; Spirituality; Persuasion
Taurus, वृषभVijaiVictory
Taurus, वृषभVijanshA part who is always winning
Taurus, वृषभVijayVictory
Taurus, वृषभVijayanVictory; One who always win
Taurus, वृषभVijayanandWho delights in victory
Taurus, वृषभVijayantVictor; Name of Lord Indra
Taurus, वृषभVijayanthVictor; Name of Lord Indra
Taurus, वृषभVijayarajVictory
Taurus, वृषभVijayenVictory; One who always win
Taurus, वृषभVijayendraGod of victory
Taurus, वृषभVijayeshLord Shiva; Lord of victory
Taurus, वृषभVijayketuFlag of victory
Taurus, वृषभVijayramVictory of Ram
Taurus, वृषभVijeeshLord Shiva; Lord of victory
Taurus, वृषभVijendraVictorious
Taurus, वृषभVijeshVictory
Taurus, वृषभVijiHero; Made by Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVijigeeshDesire for victory
Taurus, वृषभVijitWinner; Invincible
Taurus, वृषभVijitendriyaThe controller of the senses; Lord Hanuman
Taurus, वृषभVijithWinner; Invincible
Taurus, वृषभVijuWinner
Taurus, वृषभVijulA silk tree
Taurus, वृषभVijvalIntelligent
Taurus, वृषभVijwalIntelligent
Taurus, वृषभVikachBrilliant; Hairless; Shaven; Open
Taurus, वृषभVikalTwilight; Evening; Close of the day
Taurus, वृषभVikalpOptions
Taurus, वृषभVikamFree from attachment and desire
Taurus, वृषभVikanshuThese name is belonging to strength and also valour
Taurus, वृषभVikarmLord Vishnu; Negative action
Taurus, वृषभVikarnaOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVikarnanSon of Dhritarastra
Taurus, वृषभVikasDevelopment; Expanding; Light; Brilliance; To appear; Progress; Cheer
Taurus, वृषभVikashDevelopment; Expanding; Light; Brilliance; To appear; Progress; Cheer
Taurus, वृषभVikatHuge and gigantic; Of the monstrous figure; Lord Ganesh
Taurus, वृषभVikatinandaOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVikenTo conquer; Victory
Taurus, वृषभVikernErrorless
Taurus, वृषभVikeshThe Moon
Taurus, वृषभVikhyatPopular or famous; Fame
Taurus, वृषभVikhyathPopular or famous; Fame
Taurus, वृषभVikilPeople with this name tend to be very inspired, intuitive and creative
Taurus, वृषभVikithLord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVikneshTamil cine star
Taurus, वृषभVikramBravery; Prowess; Valour
Taurus, वृषभVikramadityaA famous king
Taurus, वृषभVikramajitA famous king
Taurus, वृषभVikramendraKing of prowess
Taurus, वृषभVikraminLord Vishnu; Valour
Taurus, वृषभVikramrajKing
Taurus, वृषभVikranathWarrior; Powerful
Taurus, वृषभVikrantPowerful; Warrior; Brave; Victorious
Taurus, वृषभVikrantaBrave
Taurus, वृषभVikranthPowerful; Warrior; Brave; Victorious
Taurus, वृषभViksarThe anthor name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna; To flow out
Taurus, वृषभViksharAnother name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna; To flow out
Taurus, वृषभVikunthLord Vishnu, The one who resides in Vaikunt
Taurus, वृषभVilasEntertainment; Faithful; Brilliant
Taurus, वृषभVilasaCharming
Taurus, वृषभVilashEntertainment; Faithful; Brilliant; Active
Taurus, वृषभVilasinShining; Beaming; Radiant; Another name for Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVilochanThe eye
Taurus, वृषभVilohitDeep red; Another name of Lord Shiva; Another name of Agni fire
Taurus, वृषभVilokTo see; View
Taurus, वृषभVilokanGaze
Taurus, वृषभVilomanHairless; Opposite; Reverse
Taurus, वृषभVimadSober
Taurus, वृषभVimalPure; White; Bright
Taurus, वृषभVimaladityaClean Sun
Taurus, वृषभVimalanathanLord Vishnu; Lord of the pure ones; Name of 13th Jain Teerthankar
Taurus, वृषभVimaleshvarShiva and is worshiped in the form of a Shivalinga
Taurus, वृषभVimalmaniPure jewel crystal
Taurus, वृषभVimarshLord Shiva; Deliberation
Taurus, वृषभVimbA ray of the Sun; Brilliant; Shining
Taurus, वृषभVimeshThe most enthusiastic person
Taurus, वृषभVimleshVimal meaning pure and Ish meaning God - the pure Lord
Taurus, वृषभVimridhLord Indra; Averter of enemies; Another name for Indra
Taurus, वृषभVimuchLiberated; Sage; Freed
Taurus, वृषभVinahastLord Shiva, The one who has Veena in his hands
Taurus, वृषभVinamrHumble
Taurus, वृषभVinayGood manners; Decency; Restraint
Taurus, वृषभVinayakLord Ganesh, Leader, Guide
Taurus, वृषभVinayakaLord Ganesh, Remover of obstacles
Taurus, वृषभVinaykithBlessings of Lord Ganesh
Taurus, वृषभVindAuspicious mahurat; Moment especially for performing rituals
Taurus, वृषभVindeshwarOne of the names of Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVindhanOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVineelBlue
Taurus, वृषभVineetKnowledge; Venus; Unassuming
Taurus, वृषभVineethUnassuming; Knowledgeable; Modest; Venus; Requester
Taurus, वृषभVineethyaSelf - sacrifice; Offering
Taurus, वृषभVineshGodly; Pious
Taurus, वृषभVinilBlue
Taurus, वृषभVinishPolite; Humble
Taurus, वृषभVinitUnassuming; Knowledgeable; Modest; Venus; Requester
Taurus, वृषभVinithUnassuming; Knowledgeable; Modest; Venus; Requester
Taurus, वृषभVinochanLord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVinodHappy; Full of joy; Play; Fun; Joke; Humour
Taurus, वृषभVinodhHappy; Full of joy; Play; Fun; Joke; Humour
Taurus, वृषभVinodkumarHurt or Attract happiness
Taurus, वृषभVinooTo spread in different directions
Taurus, वृषभVinothAli
Taurus, वृषभVinshTwentieth; The number twenty
Taurus, वृषभVinshalwide; broad; spacious
Taurus, वृषभVinuTo spread in different directions
Taurus, वृषभVinushiName of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVinushreeDetermined
Taurus, वृषभVinyasArrangement; Design
Taurus, वृषभViomSky
Taurus, वृषभVipanSail; Petty trade
Taurus, वृषभVipaschitLord Buddha; A learned Man; Scholar
Taurus, वृषभVipatShooting arrows; Melting; Killing
Taurus, वृषभVipinForest (Vipin); Glorious; Providing refuge
Taurus, वृषभVipinbehariForest wanderer
Taurus, वृषभViplabDrifting about; Revolution
Taurus, वृषभViplavDrifting about; Revolution
Taurus, वृषभViplovDrifting about; Revolution
Taurus, वृषभVipraA priest; Inspired; Wise; Sage; The Moon; A Brahmin
Taurus, वृषभViprathamWise
Taurus, वृषभVipreetDifferent
Taurus, वृषभVipulPlenty; Abundance; Powerful
Taurus, वृषभVirCourageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder
Taurus, वृषभViraatMassive; Very big; Giant proportioned; Majestic
Taurus, वृषभViraavyOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVirabhadraSupreme Lord of the world, Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभViradhavadhaSlayer of the demon Viradha
Taurus, वृषभViragNot any affection; Jealousy to other
Taurus, वृषभVirajMost significant in the universe
Taurus, वृषभVirajassOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVirajinSplendid; Brilliant
Taurus, वृषभViralPriceless; Precious
Taurus, वृषभViranathLord of the brave
Taurus, वृषभViranchHeavenly; Divine; Another name for Brahma
Taurus, वृषभViranchiName of Lord Brahma
Taurus, वृषभVirangStrong Body
Taurus, वृषभViranshJust like strong; Mahavir Swami Ansh
Taurus, वृषभVirasanaSupreme being
Taurus, वृषभViratMassive; Very big; Giant proportioned; Majestic
Taurus, वृषभVirbhadraThe ashwamedha horse
Taurus, वृषभVirbhadrasinhAnalytical Mind; Peace; Attractive Speeches
Taurus, वृषभVirbhanuVery strong
Taurus, वृषभVirenLord of warriors
Taurus, वृषभVirenderName of Lord Indra
Taurus, वृषभVirendraLord of courageous men; Brave Lord
Taurus, वृषभVireshBrave Lord; The king of all warriors, King of all heroes
Taurus, वृषभVireshvarLord Shiva; Chief of heroes; Name of Shiva or Veerabhadra
Taurus, वृषभVirikBrave
Taurus, वृषभViriktCleansed; Purified
Taurus, वृषभVirikvasLord Indra
Taurus, वृषभVirinchiLord Brahma; Illuminating
Taurus, वृषभVirithaBravery
Taurus, वृषभVirochanMoon; Fire; Brilliant; Illuminating; Another name for Surya and Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVirohGrowing out; Shooting forth; Healing
Taurus, वृषभVirohanBudding
Taurus, वृषभVirohinSprouting; Budding
Taurus, वृषभVirokA ray of light; Shining
Taurus, वृषभViromWith God's Power
Taurus, वृषभViroopShapely; Diverse; Changed; Variegated
Taurus, वृषभViroopakshLord Shiva; Virupa means no form, and Aksha means eyes, it means eyes without the form
Taurus, वृषभVirudhOpposition
Taurus, वृषभVirujIn good health, Healthy
Taurus, वृषभVirunSon of Lord krishna
Taurus, वृषभVirupShapely; Diverse; Changed; Variegated
Taurus, वृषभVirupakshLord Shiva; Virupa means no form, and Aksha means eyes, it means eyes without the form
Taurus, वृषभVirurchThe holy Trinity
Taurus, वृषभViryaCourage; Strength; Energy
Taurus, वृषभVisaalaakshaOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVisaganLord Muruga and Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVisamakshLord Shiva; Vish - poison, Aksh - eyes
Taurus, वृषभViseshParticular
Taurus, वृषभVishPoison
Taurus, वृषभVishaakanLord Murugan
Taurus, वृषभVishaalHuge; Broad; Great; Substantial; Important; Powerful; Eminent
Taurus, वृषभVishadVishtrata- enlarge; Apparent; Calm; Gentle; Happy; White; Brilliant
Taurus, वृषभVishaganLord Muruga and Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishakLord Shiva; Having spreading branches
Taurus, वृषभVishakanLord Murugan; Having spreading branches; Name of Kartikeya; A solicitor; Name of Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVishakhLord Kartikeya; Having spreading branches; Name of Kartikeya; A solicitor; Name of Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVishalHuge; Broad; Great; Substantial; Important; Powerful; Eminent
Taurus, वृषभVishalakshLarge eyed
Taurus, वृषभVishaleaswarGenius; Good; Good Judger
Taurus, वृषभVishampGuardian
Taurus, वृषभVishanLord Shiva; Chief or best of a class or kind
Taurus, वृषभVishangColour
Taurus, वृषभVishankOnce who has not fear
Taurus, वृषभVishantAnother name of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishantakLord Shiva; Poison destroying
Taurus, वृषभVishanthAnother name of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishaqLord Shiva; Having spreading branches; Name of Kartikeya; A solicitor; Name of Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVisharadLord Shiva; Learned; Wise; Skilful; Famous; Confident; Bold; Name of Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVishatanLord Vishnu; Setting free; Delivering; Name of Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishavamUniversal
Taurus, वृषभVisheshSpecial; Best
Taurus, वृषभVishetaSelf control; Having complete control on all the senses
Taurus, वृषभVishikhArrow
Taurus, वृषभVishitFree; Released
Taurus, वृषभVishleshAnother name of Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVishnahpuLord Vishnu, As pure as Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishnavAnother name of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishnuThe God
Taurus, वृषभVishnu PrashathGod of Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishnu VallabhDear to Lord Vishnu; Beloved of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishnudevGod
Taurus, वृषभVishnuduttGift of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishnunarayanThe Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishnupadLotus
Taurus, वृषभVishnuvardhanGift of God
Taurus, वृषभVishodhanLord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishokHappy; Without grief; Free of sorrow
Taurus, वृषभVishrajKing of the world
Taurus, वृषभVishramRest; Calm
Taurus, वृषभVishrantRested; Reposed; Calm; Camposed
Taurus, वृषभVishravanAnother name of Kubera
Taurus, वृषभVishreshThe holy Trinity
Taurus, वृषभVishrudhShiva; Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishrutCelebrated or renowned; Much heard of; Famous; Pleased
Taurus, वृषभVishruthCelebrated or renowned; Much heard of; Famous; Pleased
Taurus, वृषभVishtapLord Vishnu; The highest part
Taurus, वृषभVishuLord Vishnu; Poison; Earth
Taurus, वृषभVishuddhPure; Worthy; Honest
Taurus, वृषभVishupEquinox
Taurus, वृषभVishvUniverse
Taurus, वृषभVishvachUniversally present; Omnipresent
Taurus, वृषभVishvadevLord of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishvadharLord Vishnu, The one who bears the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishvadityaSun of Vishva
Taurus, वृषभVishvagLord Brahma; Going everywhere; Name of Brahma
Taurus, वृषभVishvahetuLord Vishnu; Cause of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishvajitOne who conquers the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishvakAll prevading; A sage; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishvakarmaThe architect of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishvaketuAn epithet of Aniruddh
Taurus, वृषभVishvaksenAnother name of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishvamUniversal
Taurus, वृषभVishvamitraA sage
Taurus, वृषभVishvanabhLord Vishnu; Lord of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishvanathLord of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishvarajGod of world
Taurus, वृषभVishvaretasLord Brahma; Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishvasFaith; Confidence; Belief
Taurus, वृषभVishvatmaUniversal soul
Taurus, वृषभVishvayonihThe womb of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishveshLord of the world; Lord of the universe; Universally desired
Taurus, वृषभVishwadakshinahSkilfull and efficient Lord
Taurus, वृषभVishwahetuLord Vishnu; Cause of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishwajeetConqueror of the world; who has won the world
Taurus, वृषभVishwajitConqueror of the world; who has won the world
Taurus, वृषभVishwakAll prevading; A sage; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishwakarmaThe architect of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishwamUniversal
Taurus, वृषभVishwambaranThe Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVishwambharThe supreme spirit
Taurus, वृषभVishwamithraSages name; Friend of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishwamitraSages name; Friend of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishwamukhaMaster of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishwamurtiOf the form of the entire universe
Taurus, वृषभVishwanathThe Lord; King of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishwankarCreator of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishwanthThe Lord; King of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVishwarajKing of the world
Taurus, वृषभVishwarajaKing of the world
Taurus, वृषभVishwaroopOmnipresent
Taurus, वृषभVishwaroopaOne who displays the universal form
Taurus, वृषभVishwarupaOne who displays the universal form
Taurus, वृषभVishwasFaith; Trust
Taurus, वृषभVishwasaBelief
Taurus, वृषभVishwatUniversal soul; Part of vishwathmane namaha:” from Lord Vishnu sahasranam
Taurus, वृषभVishwathUniversal soul; Part of vishwathmane namaha:” from Lord Vishnu sahasranam
Taurus, वृषभVishwatmaUniversal soul
Taurus, वृषभVishwdeepBig lighting
Taurus, वृषभVishweshLord of the world; Lord of the universe; Universally desired
Taurus, वृषभVishweshwarLord of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVisishtOne who excels everything
Taurus, वृषभVisisthaImportance
Taurus, वृषभVismaySurprise
Taurus, वृषभVisokHappy; Without grief; Free of sorrow
Taurus, वृषभVisravasDependence
Taurus, वृषभVisruthCelebrated or renowned; Much heard of; Famous; Pleased
Taurus, वृषभVisuThe ruler
Taurus, वृषभVisvajitOne who conquers the universe
Taurus, वृषभVisvayuBrother of Amavasu and Satayu
Taurus, वृषभVisveshwaranLord Shiva; Lord of the universe
Taurus, वृषभViswaThe world; A group of shells
Taurus, वृषभViswajeethConqueror of the world
Taurus, वृषभViswanathGod of the universe; Worlds owner or rich
Taurus, वृषभViswanathaGod of universe, Worlds owner or rich
Taurus, वृषभViswanathanGod of the universe; Worlds owner or rich
Taurus, वृषभViswanthThe Lord; King of the universe
Taurus, वृषभViswasFaith; Trust
Taurus, वृषभViswesearaBoss of the universe, God of the universe
Taurus, वृषभVisweshLord of universe
Taurus, वृषभVisweswaraAnother name Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVisweswaranThe great Lord for Viswakarma
Taurus, वृषभVitWide; Wood; Forest; Life; Prosperity; Known
Taurus, वृषभVitabhayLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVitaharyaLord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVitarkOpinion; Imagination
Taurus, वृषभVitashokhaOne who does not mourn
Taurus, वृषभVitastaRiver Jhelum in Sanskrit
Taurus, वृषभViteshLord Kubera, Lord of riches
Taurus, वृषभVithalaLord Vishnu; Fortune giver
Taurus, वृषभVitolCalm
Taurus, वृषभVittakCelebrated; Prosperous
Taurus, वृषभVittalLord Vishnu; Fortune giver
Taurus, वृषभVittanathOwner of money (Kuber)
Taurus, वृषभVittapGuarding wealth
Taurus, वृषभVitteshLord of wealth
Taurus, वृषभVitthalLord Vishnu; Fortune giver
Taurus, वृषभVitulLively; Substantial; Loud
Taurus, वृषभVivaanLord Krishna; Full of life; Rays of the morning Sun
Taurus, वृषभVivanLord Krishna; Full of life; Rays of the morning Sun
Taurus, वृषभVivanshHappiness; Half Moon; The First ray of the Sun
Taurus, वृषभVivanzGuider; Intelligence; Optimistic
Taurus, वृषभVivasDawning; Exile; Bright; Motionless; Unrestrained; Independent
Taurus, वृषभVivashDawning; Exile; Bright; Motionless; Unrestrained; Independent
Taurus, वृषभVivasvanSon of Aditi and Kashyapa; The Sun
Taurus, वृषभVivaswanSon of Aditi and Kashyapa; The Sun
Taurus, वृषभVivaswatThe Sun, Sun God
Taurus, वृषभVivaswathThe Sun, Sun God
Taurus, वृषभVivatmaUniversal soul
Taurus, वृषभVivekJudgment; Discernment; Knowledge; Reason; Conscience
Taurus, वृषभVivek VardhanIncreaser of knowledge
Taurus, वृषभVivekanandaJoy of discrimination
Taurus, वृषभVivenLord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVividKnowledgeable; Various
Taurus, वृषभVividhKnowledgeable; Various
Taurus, वृषभVivikshuOne of the names of Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभViviktProfound; Distinguished; Pure; Deep
Taurus, वृषभVivilsuOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभViyaanArtist; Special knowledge
Taurus, वृषभViyanArtist; Special knowledge
Taurus, वृषभViyankCombination of lovable and peaceful.
Taurus, वृषभViyomSky
Taurus, वृषभVladimirrenowned prince
Taurus, वृषभVoranshgenerous, kind-hearted, humane & philanthropic.
Taurus, वृषभVoumikEarthly love
Taurus, वृषभVrajPlace of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVrajakishoreLord Krishna; Child of Vraj
Taurus, वृषभVrajalalLord Krishna, Beloved of Vrindavan
Taurus, वृषभVrajamohanLord Krishna, Vraj - Vrindavan, Mohan - attractive
Taurus, वृषभVrajanadanLord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVrajeshLord Krishna; Lord of Vraj
Taurus, वृषभVrajkishoreLord Krishna, Adolescent of Vrindavan
Taurus, वृषभVrajmohanLord Krishna, Vraj - Vrindavan, Mohan - attractive
Taurus, वृषभVrajrajLord Krishna, King of Vrindavan
Taurus, वृषभVrandanName of Goddess Radha
Taurus, वृषभVrateshLord Shiva; Lord of pious austerity; Name of Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVrathAusterities
Taurus, वृषभVrijPlace of Lord Krishna; Strength; To twist; To leave
Taurus, वृषभVrijeshGod of the land of Brij
Taurus, वृषभVrikshTree
Taurus, वृषभVrindTroop or covery; Many; Numerous
Taurus, वृषभVrindaarakaOne of the Kauravas
Taurus, वृषभVrisaLord Krishna; Cow
Taurus, वृषभVrisagAnother name of Lord Shiva; Travelling on a bull
Taurus, वृषभVrisanLord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVrisanganLord Shiva; Without any sin
Taurus, वृषभVrisapatiLord Shiva; Lord of a bull
Taurus, वृषभVrishA strong person; Bull of Lord Shiva; A zodiac sign; Male; Virile; Strong; Best; Taurus strong
Taurus, वृषभVrishabExcellent
Taurus, वृषभVrishabhExcellent; Manly; Bull; Virile; Strong; Best
Taurus, वृषभVrishabhanuFather of Radha
Taurus, वृषभVrishagAnother name of Lord Shiva; Travelling on a bull
Taurus, वृषभVrishankLord Shiva; Without any sin
Taurus, वृषभVrishaparvaaLord of Dharma
Taurus, वृषभVrishavahanaOne who has a bull as his vehicle
Taurus, वृषभVrishinPeacock
Taurus, वृषभVrisiniLord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVritBliss
Taurus, वृषभVritantDescription; Narration of an event
Taurus, वृषभVrukshitSpreads like tree
Taurus, वृषभVrundavanBirth place of Lord Krishna
Taurus, वृषभVrusathProsperity
Taurus, वृषभVrushabhExcellent; Manly; Bull; Virile; Strong; Best
Taurus, वृषभVrushanpatient, meticulous person who enjoys working in a detailed, systematic way
Taurus, वृषभVrushankRushimuni (Sage)
Taurus, वृषभVrushantcapable, systematic, and thorough person with talents
Taurus, वृषभVrushikOne Rashi (A zodiac sign)
Taurus, वृषभVrushketSon of Karna
Taurus, वृषभVyaanAir circulating in the body; Life giving
Taurus, वृषभVyaasA great sage, sage who wrote Mahabharata
Taurus, वृषभVyaktManifest; Wise; Handsome; Visible; Distinguished; Another
Taurus, वृषभVyanAir circulating in the body; Life giving
Taurus, वृषभVyankitInspired by Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVyansWith wide shoulders; Broad shouldered
Taurus, वृषभVyanshWith wide shoulders; Broad shouldered
Taurus, वृषभVyanshakMountain
Taurus, वृषभVyasA great sage, sage who wrote Mahabharata
Taurus, वृषभVyasaThe author of Mahabharata
Taurus, वृषभVyastIndividual; Separated
Taurus, वृषभVyghaRiver
Taurus, वृषभVyhaanMorning; Dawn
Taurus, वृषभVyomSky
Taurus, वृषभVyomakeshSky like hair
Taurus, वृषभVyomanSky
Taurus, वृषभVyomangPart of the Sky
Taurus, वृषभVyomdevLord Shiva; Lord of the Sky; Name of Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVyomeshLord of the Sky
Taurus, वृषभVyshakhHaving many branches; Another name of Lord Shiva
Taurus, वृषभVyshnavAnother name of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभVyushDaybreak; Dawn
Taurus, वृषभVyushttClear; Dawned; Dawn
Taurus, वृषभWaliGovernor; Protector
Taurus, वृषभWamanThe short; Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Taurus, वृषभWamilBeautiful
Taurus, वृषभWedantThe scriptures, Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas

Baby Names by Rashi: Boy

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

Baby Names by Rashi: Girl

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

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Fun Facts About Taurus

  • It’s among the zodiac signs that are most grounded
  • Taurus people have excellent recall
  • They don’t usually discuss personal matters with you until they feel really at ease
  • They are quite patient, but when they lose it, they can become rather explosive
  • For the people they care about and to keep safe, Taurus people are willing to go to great lengths
  • They’re quite honest and have a tendency to solve things on their own
  • A Taurus won’t waste time on something if they aren’t sure about it
  • The most obstinate sign in the zodiac is Taurus
  • They have a lot of ambition as well