Kanya Rashi Names for Boy

A list of 850+ Kanya rashi names for boy – Virgo names for boys, is given below:

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Kanya Rashi Names for Boy – कन्या राशि के लड़कों के नाम

About Virgo Kid: Virgo children are typically inquisitive and work really hard to uncover satisfactory answers to their nagging questions.

As a result, their foundation is incredibly solid.

They enjoy the respect of everyone they interact with because they are well-organized, competent, and good at what they do.

Lucky Names for Virgo Boys

Virgo Boys Names Start With Letter – P, TTHH

Virgo, कन्याPaakInnocent; Simple; Young; Ignorant; Pure; Clean
Virgo, कन्याPaalKing; Guardian; Moment
Virgo, कन्याPaalinGuarding; Protecting
Virgo, कन्याPaalitPrecious; Protected
Virgo, कन्याPaanikHand
Virgo, कन्याPaarajGold
Virgo, कन्याPaarakSaving; Liberating; Pleasant
Virgo, कन्याPaarasThe mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold
Virgo, कन्याPaarthAnother name of Arjun
Virgo, कन्याPaarthibanAnother name of king Arjun
Virgo, कन्याPaarthivSon of the Earth; Brave; Prince of Earth; Earthly
Virgo, कन्याPaaruThe Sun; Fire; Goddess Parvati; Graceful or flow of water
Virgo, कन्याPaasyOne of the Kauravas
Virgo, कन्याPaatavAgile; Clever
Virgo, कन्याPaavakPurifying; Fire; Brilliant; Pure
Virgo, कन्याPaavakiOne of a kind or rare; Quite new; Exquisite
Virgo, कन्याPaavanPure; Sacred; Fire; Incense; Pious
Virgo, कन्याPaawanPure; Sacred; Fire; Incense; Pious
Virgo, कन्याPachaiYouthful; Resourceful
Virgo, कन्याPachaimaniYouthful; Resourceful
Virgo, कन्याPachaimuthuYouthful; Resourceful
Virgo, कन्याPachakDigestive
Virgo, कन्याPadamLotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmLotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmabandhuA friend of Lotus; The Sun
Virgo, कन्याPadmadharOne who holds a lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmahastaLotus handed; Lord Krishna
Virgo, कन्याPadmajLord Brahma; Born from a Lotus flower
Virgo, कन्याPadmakantHusband of Lotus; Sun
Virgo, कन्याPadmakarJewel; Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPadmakshLotus eyed
Virgo, कन्याPadmalochanLotus eyed
Virgo, कन्याPadmamLotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmanLotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmanaabhahHe from whose navel comes the lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmanabanA name of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPadmanabhOne with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPadmanabhaOne with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPadmanabhanOne with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPadmapaniLord Brahma; Lotus-handed
Virgo, कन्याPadmapatiLord Vishnu, Consort of Padma (Padma - Lakshmi)
Virgo, कन्याPadmarajThe Padma is Lord venkateshwaras wife Padma's Raja Balaji, Venkatesh and Govinda
Virgo, कन्याPadmaroopLotus hued
Virgo, कन्याPadmayaniLord Brahma; Buddha
Virgo, कन्याPadmeshLord Vishnu, Consort of Padma
Virgo, कन्याPadminishLord of Lotus; The Sun
Virgo, कन्याPagalavanSun; Diurnal; Radiant
Virgo, कन्याPakeranThe Moon and the star
Virgo, कन्याPakshaSymbolising the phases of Moon
Virgo, कन्याPakshajThe Moon, Produced in a fortnight, half a month
Virgo, कन्याPakshilFull of feathers; Full of logic; Name of sage, Vatsyayan; Bird; Practical
Virgo, कन्याPakshinWinged; Bird
Virgo, कन्याPalakEyelash
Virgo, कन्याPalakshWhite
Virgo, कन्याPalanhaarOne who protects everyone
Virgo, कन्याPalaniAbode of Lord Murugan
Virgo, कन्याPalani KumarAnother name of Lord Murugan
Virgo, कन्याPalani MuruganAnother name of Lord Murugan
Virgo, कन्याPalaniappanAnother name of Lord Murugan
Virgo, कन्याPalanichamyName of a God
Virgo, कन्याPalanisamiAnother name of Lord Murugan
Virgo, कन्याPalanivelAnother name of Lord Murugan
Virgo, कन्याPalashA flowery tree; Greenery; Horse
Virgo, कन्याPalashkusumThe flower of Palash
Virgo, कन्याPalashranjanBeautiful like a Palash
Virgo, कन्याPalinGuarding; Protecting
Virgo, कन्याPalkeshJoyous
Virgo, कन्याPallabNew leaves
Virgo, कन्याPallavYoung shoots and leaves
Virgo, कन्याPallavitTo sprout; To grow
Virgo, कन्याPalvishCourageous
Virgo, कन्याPalvitName of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPambavasanOne who lives in Pamba
Virgo, कन्याPamvitSky
Virgo, कन्याPanavPrince
Virgo, कन्याPanaySprout; Blossom; Prince; Youthful
Virgo, कन्याPanchajanaFive eyed; Lord Shiva; Couch of Lord Krishna
Virgo, कन्याPanchajanyaFive eyed; Lord Shiva; Couch of Lord Krishna
Virgo, कन्याPanchalLord Shiva; A Prince of Panchal
Virgo, कन्याPanchamThe 5th not of classical music; Musical note; Intelligent; Attractive
Virgo, कन्याPanchananFive eyed; Name of Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPanchavaktraFive faced; Lord Hanuman
Virgo, कन्याPanchavatiIt means a place having five auspecious trees- Bel; Vat; Dhatri; Ashoka; Ashwatha
Virgo, कन्याPanchjanyaShankha or conch of the Hindu god Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPandalavasanOne who lives in a Pandala place
Virgo, कन्याPandhariLord vithobha
Virgo, कन्याPandiLord Pandi
Virgo, कन्याPandianSouth Indian kings
Virgo, कन्याPanditPundit (Scholar)
Virgo, कन्याPanditaScholar
Virgo, कन्याPandiyarajKing of the King
Virgo, कन्याPanduFruit
Virgo, कन्याPandurangA deity; One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPandurangaA deity; One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPanduranganA deity; One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPandyaSouth Indian dynasty
Virgo, कन्याPanineA Sanskrit grammarian; the great scholar grammarian
Virgo, कन्याPaniniA Sanskrit grammarian, the great scholar grammarian
Virgo, कन्याPanitAdmired
Virgo, कन्याPan-ItAdmired; Surrounded; Protected
Virgo, कन्याPanjuSmooth
Virgo, कन्याPankajLotus flower; Another name for Brahma
Virgo, कन्याPankajalochanaLotus eyed; Lord Krishna
Virgo, कन्याPankajamLotus
Virgo, कन्याPankajanLotus; Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPankajeetEagle Garuda
Virgo, कन्याPankilMud with water
Virgo, कन्याPankitLine
Virgo, कन्याPankojSea; Ocean; Water
Virgo, कन्याPanmoliSpeaks sweetly
Virgo, कन्याPann GeshKing of serpents
Virgo, कन्याPannalalEmerald
Virgo, कन्याPanshulFragrant; Another name of Lord Shiva; Anointed in sandalwood
Virgo, कन्याPanthRasta (Way)
Virgo, कन्याPanvithLord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याParabrahmaThe ultimate conscious being
Virgo, कन्याParabrahmanaThe supreme absolute truth
Virgo, कन्याParabrahmaneSupreme godhead
Virgo, कन्याParagPollen grains; Fame; Fragrant
Virgo, कन्याParagaUplifter of the poor
Virgo, कन्याParakashaBright
Virgo, कन्याParakramStrength
Virgo, कन्याParamThe best; Pre-eminent
Virgo, कन्याParam HansThe supreme spirit; Supreme soul
Virgo, कन्याParamahansSadguru (Holy teacher)
Virgo, कन्याParamanandSupreme bliss
Virgo, कन्याParamanandaSuperlative Joy
Virgo, कन्याParamantraAcceptor of Rama's Mantra only
Virgo, कन्याParamapurushaThe supreme Man
Virgo, कन्याParamarthHighest; Divine truth
Virgo, कन्याParamarthaHighest truth; Salvation
Virgo, कन्याParamasivamLord Shiva; Param - supreme; Highest; Most excellent;  Right
Virgo, कन्याParamatmaLord of all beings
Virgo, कन्याParamatmaneThe supreme soul
Virgo, कन्याParameshLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याParameshwarAlmighty Lord
Virgo, कन्याParameshwaraAlmighty Lord
Virgo, कन्याParamhansSadguru (Holy teacher)
Virgo, कन्याParamhansaThe supreme spirit; Supreme soul
Virgo, कन्याParamjeetHighest success; Supremely victorious; The perfect winner; Ultimate victorious
Virgo, कन्याParampurushSupreme personality
Virgo, कन्याParamvardaanParmeshwar ka Vardaan (Blessings of the Supreme Lord)
Virgo, कन्याParanBeauty; Glory; Ornament
Virgo, कन्याParandhamaLord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याParanitharanSomeone who rules the world
Virgo, कन्याParanjayVarun; Lord of the sea
Virgo, कन्याParanjayadityaHappiness
Virgo, कन्याParantapConqueror; Name of Arjun
Virgo, कन्याParantapaConqueror; Arjun
Virgo, कन्याParanthapConqueror; Name of Arjun
Virgo, कन्याParasThe mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold
Virgo, कन्याParasaraHe was a maharishi and the author of many ancient Indian texts,
Virgo, कन्याParashThe mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold
Virgo, कन्याParasharAn ancient name
Virgo, कन्याParashauryaVinashana; Destroyer of enemy's valour
Virgo, कन्याParashuramThe sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याParashurama One of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याParasmaiOne with a supreme sight
Virgo, कन्याParasmai JyotishOne with a supreme light
Virgo, कन्याParasmaidhamneLord of vaikuntta
Virgo, कन्याParasmaijyotisheMost radiant
Virgo, कन्याParasmaniTouchstone
Virgo, कन्याParasmeMost superior; Lord Rama
Virgo, कन्याParasuramThe sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याParatparaGreatest of the greats
Virgo, कन्याParavName of a sage
Virgo, कन्याParavasuName of a sage
Virgo, कन्याParavidhyapariharaDestroyer of enemies wisdom
Virgo, कन्याParayantraPrabhedaka; Destroyer of enemies missions
Virgo, कन्याParbrahmThe supreme spirit
Virgo, कन्याPardeepGood
Virgo, कन्याPardhuAnother name of Arjun
Virgo, कन्याPareesTo seek; Search for; Searcher
Virgo, कन्याPareshAnother name of Brahma
Virgo, कन्याPareshaAnother name of Brahma
Virgo, कन्याParichayIntroduction
Virgo, कन्याParighoshLoud sound
Virgo, कन्याParijaatDivine tree; A celestial flower
Virgo, कन्याParijatDivine tree; A celestial flower
Virgo, कन्याParijataTarumoolastha dweller under the Parijata tree
Virgo, कन्याParijatapa HarakayaOne who removes the Parijath flower
Virgo, कन्याPariketAgainst desire
Virgo, कन्याParikshitName of an ancient king; Tested one or proven
Virgo, कन्याParikshithName of an ancient king; Tested one or proven
Virgo, कन्याParimalFragrance
Virgo, कन्याParimanQuality; Abundant
Virgo, कन्याParimitMeasured; Adjusted; Moderate
Virgo, कन्याParinAnother name of Lord Ganesh
Virgo, कन्याParindraLion
Virgo, कन्याParineetiBird
Virgo, कन्याParinutFamous; Praised
Virgo, कन्याParishTo seek; Search for; Searcher
Virgo, कन्याParishkarClean
Virgo, कन्याParishrutPopular; Renown
Virgo, कन्याParishudhNirmal (Clear)
Virgo, कन्याParithoshDelight; Satisfaction or Contentment
Virgo, कन्याParitoshDelight; Satisfaction or Contentment
Virgo, कन्याParityajTo sacrifice
Virgo, कन्याParjanyaHindu God of rain, A name of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याParkashLight; Bright; Brilliance; Success; Fame; Appearance
Virgo, कन्याParmanandHappiness
Virgo, कन्याParmarthHighest truth; Salvation
Virgo, कन्याParmeetWisdom; Friend of the supreme
Virgo, कन्याParmeshLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याParmeshwarSuper God
Virgo, कन्याParmilSleepiness
Virgo, कन्याParnabhaNew Leaf
Virgo, कन्याParnadA brahmin in the epics
Virgo, कन्याParnalLeafy
Virgo, कन्याParnashriLeafy beauty
Virgo, कन्याParnavBird
Virgo, कन्याParokshBeyond observaction; Mysterious; Unseen; Indirect
Virgo, कन्याParshadGracious gift; Sacrament; Purity; Offering
Virgo, कन्याParshavWarrior
Virgo, कन्याParshvWeaponed soldier; Jain God; Short form of Parshvanath; 23rd Tirthankara in Jainism
Virgo, कन्याParshvaWeaponed soldier; Jain God; Short form of Parshvanath; 23rd Tirthankara in Jainism
Virgo, कन्याParsvaWeaponed soldier; Jain God; Short form of Parshvanath; 23rd Tirthankara in Jainism
Virgo, कन्याPartapGlory; Vigour; Strength
Virgo, कन्याParteekSymbol
Virgo, कन्याParthKing; Arjun
Virgo, कन्याParthaKing; Arjun
Virgo, कन्याParthadhwajagrasamvasineHaving a principal place on Arjuna's flag
Virgo, कन्याParthanCourageous; Charioteer of Lord Krishna (Arjun)
Virgo, कन्याParthapratimLike Arjun
Virgo, कन्याParthasarathiCharioteer of Partha, Lord Krishna, Arjuna's charioteer Krishna
Virgo, कन्याParthasarathyCharioteer of Partha, Lord Krishna, Arjuna's charioteer Krishna
Virgo, कन्याParthasarthiCharioteer of Partha - Arjuna
Virgo, कन्याParthavGreatness
Virgo, कन्याPartheepShantanus father
Virgo, कन्याPartheyA Name of Lord Krishna
Virgo, कन्याParthibanAnother name of king Arjun
Virgo, कन्याParthikLovely
Virgo, कन्याParthipanArjun
Virgo, कन्याParthivSon of the Earth; Brave; Prince of Earth; Earthly
Virgo, कन्याParthivendraMost significant of the kings of the earth
Virgo, कन्याParthoAnother name of Arjun
Virgo, कन्याPartishLord of Parti; One of the name of Shri Satya Sai baba
Virgo, कन्याParushHarsh; Keen; Sharp; Knot; Limb; Violent; Arrow limb; Cruel; Pitiless
Virgo, कन्याParvFestival; Strong
Virgo, कन्याParvaFestival; Strong
Virgo, कन्याParvanAcceptable; Full Moon
Virgo, कन्याParvatMountain
Virgo, कन्याParvateshwarGod of mountains, Himalaya
Virgo, कन्याParvatinandanLord Ganesh, Son of Parvathy
Virgo, कन्याParvatipreetGoddess Parvati's inspiration
Virgo, कन्याParveshLord of celebration
Virgo, कन्याParwinderGod of Gods
Virgo, कन्याPashunathLord Shiva, Lord of animals
Virgo, कन्याPashunathiLord of animals, Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPashupathiLord of animals, Lord of the soul, Name of Shiva, Name of Agni
Virgo, कन्याPashupatiLord of all living beings, Lord of animals, Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPasupathMissile presided over by Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPasupathiLord of all living beings, Lord of animals, Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPasupatiLord of animals, Lord of the soul, Name of Shiva; Name of Agni
Virgo, कन्याPatagThe Sun; Bird
Virgo, कन्याPatakinThe holder of a banner
Virgo, कन्याPatanjaliFamous Yoga philosopher; The author of Yoga Sutras
Virgo, कन्याPathanjaliFamous Yoga philosopher; The author of Yoga Sutras
Virgo, कन्याPathikA traveler
Virgo, कन्याPathinTraveler
Virgo, कन्याPatojLotus
Virgo, कन्याPatrDefender
Virgo, कन्याPatralikaNew leaves
Virgo, कन्याPatrikNobleman
Virgo, कन्याPatushClever
Virgo, कन्याPaurasReal man, i.e. the man who have a huge potentials
Virgo, कन्याPauravA descendant of king Puru
Virgo, कन्याPaurushPowerful
Virgo, कन्याPavAir; Purification
Virgo, कन्याPavakPurifying; Fire; Brilliant; Pure
Virgo, कन्याPavalanSkilled in literature
Virgo, कन्याPavanBreeze; Wind; Air
Virgo, कन्याPavan AdithyaWind & The Sun
Virgo, कन्याPavan KumarLord Hanuman, Son of the wind
Virgo, कन्याPavan TejaLord Hanuman, Son of Pavan
Virgo, कन्याPavanajLord Hanuman, Son of the wind
Virgo, कन्याPavanaputraLord Hanuman, Son of the wind
Virgo, कन्याPavaniHoney; Lord Hanuman; True; Holy
Virgo, कन्याPavankumarLord Hanuman, Son of the wind
Virgo, कन्याPavanputraLord Hanuman, Son of the wind
Virgo, कन्याPavansutLord Hanuman, Son of Pavan
Virgo, कन्याPavansutaVayu putra which means Lord Hanuman
Virgo, कन्याPavantejPowerful like air
Virgo, कन्याPavelSmall
Virgo, कन्याPavinThe Sun
Virgo, कन्याPavishTruly; Bright
Virgo, कन्याPavitLove
Virgo, कन्याPavithLove
Virgo, कन्याPavithranPavithra comes from the Indian word which means, "Purity"
Virgo, कन्याPavithruPurity
Virgo, कन्याPavitraPure
Virgo, कन्याPavleenNear to God's feet
Virgo, कन्याPawanBreeze; Wind; Air
Virgo, कन्याPayasWater
Virgo, कन्याPayodCloud
Virgo, कन्याPayodaCloud
Virgo, कन्याPayodharCloud
Virgo, कन्याPayodharaCloud
Virgo, कन्याPayojaLotus
Virgo, कन्याPazhanandavarLord Murugan; The God who resides in Pazhani
Virgo, कन्याPazhanappanLord Murugan; The one who resides in Pazhani
Virgo, कन्याPazhanyGod
Virgo, कन्याPeetavasaneWearing yellow attire signifying purity and wisdom
Virgo, कन्याPeethambarLord Vishnu, The one who wears a yellow garment
Virgo, कन्याPeethamberBlue in colour
Virgo, कन्याPeeyushMilk; Nectar
Virgo, कन्याPehlajFirst born
Virgo, कन्याPeiyanReticent
Virgo, कन्याPemalAwesome
Virgo, कन्याPerarasiEmpress
Virgo, कन्याPeriJust fame
Virgo, कन्याPerjanyaHindu God of rain, A name of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPerumalLord venkateswara
Virgo, कन्याPetchiGod
Virgo, कन्याPeturamSweet name to called
Virgo, कन्याPhaalgunName of a month in Spring season, February-March in the Hindu calendar
Virgo, कन्याPhalakHeaven; The Sky; Shield
Virgo, कन्याPhalgunName of a month in Spring season, February-March in the Hindu calendar
Virgo, कन्याPhalgunaBorn when Falguni Nakshatra was in ascent
Virgo, कन्याPhaneendraKing of Gods
Virgo, कन्याPhaneshAppear; Handsome
Virgo, कन्याPhaniSnake
Virgo, कन्याPhanibhusanLord Shiva, The one who wears a Serpent as an ornament
Virgo, कन्याPhanibhushanLord Shiva, The one who wears a Serpent as an ornament
Virgo, कन्याPhaninathLord of serpents
Virgo, कन्याPhanindraKing of Gods
Virgo, कन्याPhanindranathLord Vishnu; The Lord of the cosmic serpent Shesh
Virgo, कन्याPhanishwarKing of serpents
Virgo, कन्याPhenilFoamy
Virgo, कन्याPhoolenduFull Moon
Virgo, कन्याPialliA tree
Virgo, कन्याPicesKing
Virgo, कन्याPijushNectar
Virgo, कन्याPinakA bow of Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPinakiLord Krishna; One who is the wielder of the bow
Virgo, कन्याPinakinOne who has a bow in his hand; Lord Shiva; Armed with a bow
Virgo, कन्याPinankLord Shiva name
Virgo, कन्याPinazHappy
Virgo, कन्याPineshDescendant
Virgo, कन्याPingalA reputed sage
Virgo, कन्याPingalakshaPink eyed
Virgo, कन्याPingashA person with yellow eyes
Virgo, कन्याPinkalMindless
Virgo, कन्याPinkayAlways Happy
Virgo, कन्याPinkeshThe mouth of a serpent
Virgo, कन्याPinkiLike a Rose; Pinkish
Virgo, कन्याPintooPoint or full stop; Rocky
Virgo, कन्याPintuPoint or full stop; Rocky
Virgo, कन्याPirnavStart of something new
Virgo, कन्याPita VasaseOne wearing yellow robes
Virgo, कन्याPitambarLord Vishnu; Yellow robed
Virgo, कन्याPitambaraOne who has a yellow colored body
Virgo, कन्याPitambariGood character
Virgo, कन्याPithambaraOne who has yellow colored body
Virgo, कन्याPithinExciting
Virgo, कन्याPitrabhaktaDevoted to his father
Virgo, कन्याPivalA tree
Virgo, कन्याPiyanGuitar
Virgo, कन्याPiyuBeloved
Virgo, कन्याPiyushMilk; Nectar
Virgo, कन्याPlakshSARSWATI
Virgo, कन्याPogulaLord venkateswara
Virgo, कन्याPoluThe great
Virgo, कन्याPomanaLord Shiva; One who is like a fruit tree
Virgo, कन्याPomeshSuccess
Virgo, कन्याPonmalaSabari hill
Virgo, कन्याPonnanPrecious
Virgo, कन्याPonrajGold
Virgo, कन्याPoojanThe ceremony of worshiping
Virgo, कन्याPoojitWorshipped; Respected
Virgo, कन्याPoojithWorshipped
Virgo, कन्याPoonishLord of the pious; Man; The pupil of the eye; Brahman or the supreme spirit
Virgo, कन्याPoorabEast
Virgo, कन्याPooranComplete; Successors; Momento; Abundant
Virgo, कन्याPoornaComplete
Virgo, कन्याPoornachandraFull Moon
Virgo, कन्याPoornamadaComplete; Whole
Virgo, कन्याPoornamrithFull of nectar
Virgo, कन्याPoornanComplete
Virgo, कन्याPoornanandComplete Joy
Virgo, कन्याPoornenduFull Moon
Virgo, कन्याPoorvThe East; Chanting voice from the East at Sunrise
Virgo, कन्याPoorvajElder; Ancestors
Virgo, कन्याPoorvansThe Moon
Virgo, कन्याPoorveshEarth
Virgo, कन्याPoorvithA Complete Man
Virgo, कन्याPooshanThe Sun
Virgo, कन्याPoovendanLeader
Virgo, कन्याPorushPowerful
Virgo, कन्याPoshMonth in Hindu calendar
Virgo, कन्याPoshenServant of God
Virgo, कन्याPoshitNourished; Defended; Loved
Virgo, कन्याPothrajBrave guy
Virgo, कन्याPourabEast
Virgo, कन्याPraachikLong-legged; Driving
Virgo, कन्याPraakritNature; Handsome; Natural
Virgo, कन्याPraakritiOriginal; Nature; The personification of Brahman or the supreme spirit
Virgo, कन्याPraanBreath of life; Life; Spirit; Energy; Might; Another name for Brahma and Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPraanaSoul; Spirit
Virgo, कन्याPraanadAnother name for Lord Vishnu and Brahma; Life giving
Virgo, कन्याPraanakLiving; Life giving
Virgo, कन्याPraanjalHonest or soft; Dignified; Simple; Self-respecting; Sincere
Virgo, कन्याPraanshuHigh; Tall; Mighty
Virgo, कन्याPraatarGlorious; Shineing; The dawn; Bright
Virgo, कन्याPrabakaranGood Leader; Sun
Virgo, कन्याPrabalCoral; Strong; Powerful
Virgo, कन्याPrabanjanAir
Virgo, कन्याPrabasLustrous; Rebel Star
Virgo, कन्याPrabhaavAn effect; Popular Lord; Lord Hanuman; Origin; Majesty; Power; Excellent; Eminent; Brilliance
Virgo, कन्याPrabhakarThe Sun; The Moon; Creating light
Virgo, कन्याPrabhakaranSun; Light rays; Piece; Save human being
Virgo, कन्याPrabhanLight; Splendor; Radiance; brilliance
Virgo, कन्याPrabhanjanDust storm
Virgo, कन्याPrabhasSplendour; Beauty; Lustrous; Brilliance
Virgo, कन्याPrabhatDawn, Morning; Brilliant
Virgo, कन्याPrabhathDawn, Morning; Brilliant
Virgo, कन्याPrabhavThe effect; Popular Lord; Lord Hanuman; Origin; Majesty; Power; Excellent; Eminent; Brilliance
Virgo, कन्याPrabhavaThe effect; Popular Lord; Lord Hanuman
Virgo, कन्याPrabhaveAn effect; Popular Lord; Lord Hanuman; Origin; Majesty; Power; Excellent; Eminent; Brilliance
Virgo, कन्याPrabhootLarge quantity
Virgo, कन्याPrabhroopRabb da Roop; With an appearance of God; Embodiment of God
Virgo, कन्याPrabhuGod
Virgo, कन्याPrabhuthPlenty
Virgo, कन्याPrabindhThe world, i.e. Prabanjam
Virgo, कन्याPrabirAn excellent warrior; King; Chief; Brave
Virgo, कन्याPrabodhSound advice; Awareness; Consciousness
Virgo, कन्याPrabodhanKnowledge
Virgo, कन्याPrabuGod
Virgo, कन्याPrabuddhaAwakened; Lord Buddha
Virgo, कन्याPrabudhKnowledgeable
Virgo, कन्याPrabudhaAwakened; Lord Buddha
Virgo, कन्याPrachetLord Varun; Wise; Intelligent; Enlightenment
Virgo, कन्याPrachetasEnergy; Name of a sage
Virgo, कन्याPrachethLord Varun; Wise; Intelligent; Enlightenment
Virgo, कन्याPrachethasEnergy; Name of a sage
Virgo, कन्याPrachethiName of a sage
Virgo, कन्याPrachurAbundant
Virgo, कन्याPradaanGiving
Virgo, कन्याPradarshAppearance; Order
Virgo, कन्याPradeepLight; Shine; Lamp; Brilliant
Virgo, कन्याPradeeshExpectation; The Sweetest
Virgo, कन्याPradeshA place
Virgo, कन्याPradhanLeader
Virgo, कन्याPradheepLight; Shine
Virgo, कन्याPradhiIntelligent
Virgo, कन्याPradhipLight; Shine
Virgo, कन्याPradhumnaExtremely mighty
Virgo, कन्याPradhyotRay of light; Luster; Light
Virgo, कन्याPradhyumnCupid or God of Love; Son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini
Virgo, कन्याPradhyumnaExtremely mighty
Virgo, कन्याPradhyunRadiant
Virgo, कन्याPradiipthBlazing
Virgo, कन्याPradipLight; Shine; Lamp; Brilliant
Virgo, कन्याPradishSweetest
Virgo, कन्याPradneshLord of wisdom
Virgo, कन्याPradoshDusk
Virgo, कन्याPradumalLord
Virgo, कन्याPradumnaExtremely mighty
Virgo, कन्याPradvikHidden
Virgo, कन्याPradyLuster; To illuminate
Virgo, कन्याPradyneshBudhicha Dev means Lord Ganesh
Virgo, कन्याPradyotRay of light; Luster; Light
Virgo, कन्याPradyumnCupid or God of Love; Son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini
Virgo, कन्याPradyumnaExtremely mighty
Virgo, कन्याPradyunRadiant
Virgo, कन्याPradyutLight; Lit; Brilliant
Virgo, कन्याPraffulBlooming
Virgo, कन्याPrafoolBlooming; Happy; Expansive; Playful
Virgo, कन्याPrafulBlooming; Happy; Expansive; Playful
Virgo, कन्याPragadeeshLord Shiva; Very great; Or huge in a monolithic piece
Virgo, कन्याPragatRevealed; Illuminated
Virgo, कन्याPragathishLord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPragnanIntelligent
Virgo, कन्याPragnayFamous; Scholar
Virgo, कन्याPragneshIntelligent
Virgo, कन्याPragnyanWisdom
Virgo, कन्याPragunStraight; Honest
Virgo, कन्याPragyaanGreater knowledge; Wisdom
Virgo, कन्याPragyanGreater knowledge; Wisdom
Virgo, कन्याPrahaladBliss
Virgo, कन्याPrahalathanHe was considered to be the best disciple in Indian mythology
Virgo, कन्याPrahalladaBliss
Virgo, कन्याPrahanPerson who is very kind and generous
Virgo, कन्याPraharAttack
Virgo, कन्याPraharshFamous rishis name
Virgo, कन्याPrahasitName of Lord Buddha; Laughing; Cheerful
Virgo, कन्याPrahladExcess of joy; Happiness
Virgo, कन्याPrahladaExtreme joyful
Virgo, कन्याPrahlavWith a beautiful body
Virgo, कन्याPrajaapatihThe Lord of all creatures
Virgo, कन्याPrajaktGod of creation
Virgo, कन्याPrajanWise healer
Virgo, कन्याPrajapathiLord of all creatures; King; Brahma
Virgo, कन्याPrajapatiLord of all creatures; King; Brahma
Virgo, कन्याPrajasBorn
Virgo, कन्याPrajayWinner
Virgo, कन्याPrajeetVictorious; Conquering; Defeating
Virgo, कन्याPrajeethVictorious; Conquering; Defeating
Virgo, कन्याPrajeshLord Brahma; Leader of Men
Virgo, कन्याPrajiDivine power
Virgo, कन्याPrajinKind; Swift; Air
Virgo, कन्याPrajitVictorious; Conquering; Defeating
Virgo, कन्याPrajithVictorious; Conquering; Defeating
Virgo, कन्याPrajjwalBright light
Virgo, कन्याPrajnanIntelligent; Wise; Clever
Virgo, कन्याPrajnayLord of Sea
Virgo, कन्याPrajulPure; Holy; Purity
Virgo, कन्याPrajvalShining; Brightness
Virgo, कन्याPrajwalShining; Brightness
Virgo, कन्याPrajwatFirst Ray
Virgo, कन्याPrajyotLightning candle; Brightness; Lightened
Virgo, कन्याPrakalpProject
Virgo, कन्याPrakamJoy; Desire; Achievement
Virgo, कन्याPrakarthikShining sun
Virgo, कन्याPrakashLight; Bright; Brilliance; Success; Fame; Appearance
Virgo, कन्याPrakashaLight; Bright
Virgo, कन्याPrakatManifested
Virgo, कन्याPrakatithaHas appeared
Virgo, कन्याPraketIntelligence; Understanding
Virgo, कन्याPrakharShape; Summit
Virgo, कन्याPrakherIntelligent
Virgo, कन्याPrakhilFamous; Glorious; Fame
Virgo, कन्याPrakhyatFamous
Virgo, कन्याPrakritNature; Handsome; Natural
Virgo, कन्याPrakrithNature; Handsome
Virgo, कन्याPrakritiOriginal; Nature; The personification of Brahman or the supreme spirit
Virgo, कन्याPrakrutAncient
Virgo, कन्याPrakshalFrom Jain literature - Pratima ji ka Abhishek
Virgo, कन्याPraktanDestiny
Virgo, कन्याPrakulGood looking; With a beautiful body
Virgo, कन्याPralambGarland of flowers
Virgo, कन्याPralayHimalaya
Virgo, कन्याPraleshFinishes bad things
Virgo, कन्याPramaThe best; Knowledge of truth; Foundation
Virgo, कन्याPramadJoy; Pleasure delight
Virgo, कन्याPramadhanOne of the Kauravas
Virgo, कन्याPramatHorse; Wise; Prudent
Virgo, कन्याPramathHorse; Wise; Prudent
Virgo, कन्याPrameetGood natured
Virgo, कन्याPrameshMaster of accurate knowledge
Virgo, कन्याPramitConsciousness; Moderate; Sensible
Virgo, कन्याPramjeetHighest success
Virgo, कन्याPramodDelight; Lord of all abodes; Pleasure
Virgo, कन्याPramodaDelight; Lord of all abodes; Pleasure
Virgo, कन्याPramodanLord Vishnu; Excessive joy
Virgo, कन्याPramothDelight; Happiness
Virgo, कन्याPramsuA scholar
Virgo, कन्याPramudHappy
Virgo, कन्याPramukhMain
Virgo, कन्याPranBreath of life; Life; Spirit; Energy; Might; Another name for Brahma and Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPran NathLord of life; Husband
Virgo, कन्याPranaSoul; Spirit
Virgo, कन्याPranaamSalute
Virgo, कन्याPranaavThe sacred syllable Om; Auspicious; Sacred
Virgo, कन्याPranabLord Vishnu; The sacred syllable Om
Virgo, कन्याPranadAnother name for Lord Vishnu and Brahma; Life giving
Virgo, कन्याPranalGod
Virgo, कन्याPranamSalute
Virgo, कन्याPranamyaOffering obeisances
Virgo, कन्याPranandHappy life
Virgo, कन्याPranavLord Vishnu; The sacred syllable Om
Virgo, कन्याPranavaThe sacred syllable Om; Originator of the syllable of Om; The mystic syllable Om
Virgo, कन्याPranavanLord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPranavashreeOm; Sacred mantra
Virgo, कन्याPranavasriOm; Sacred mantra
Virgo, कन्याPranayRomance; Leader; Love
Virgo, कन्याPranayaLeader
Virgo, कन्याPranayaaLeader
Virgo, कन्याPraneelLord Shiva; Life giving
Virgo, कन्याPraneeshLord of love
Virgo, कन्याPraneetHumble boy; Likeable; Sanctified; Modest; Leader
Virgo, कन्याPraneethCalmness
Virgo, कन्याPraneshLord of life
Virgo, कन्याPranetHumble boy; Modest; Leader
Virgo, कन्याPraneyObedient
Virgo, कन्याPrangelLanguage
Virgo, कन्याPranilLord Shiva; Life giving
Virgo, कन्याPranitHumble boy; Likeable; Sanctified; Modest; Leader
Virgo, कन्याPranithCalmness
Virgo, कन्याPranjalHonest or soft; Dignified; Simple; Self-respecting; Sincere
Virgo, कन्याPranjivanLife
Virgo, कन्याPranjulHonest and dignified
Virgo, कन्याPrankA mischievous trick or practical joke
Virgo, कन्याPrankitCenter of attraction
Virgo, कन्याPrannathLord of life; Husband
Virgo, कन्याPranodDriving; Leader
Virgo, कन्याPranovPower
Virgo, कन्याPranshuTall; Lord Vishnu; High
Virgo, कन्याPranshulName of Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPransuTall; Lord Vishnu; High
Virgo, कन्याPransukhJoy of life
Virgo, कन्याPrantikEnd
Virgo, कन्याPrantoEnd
Virgo, कन्याPranutPraised
Virgo, कन्याPranveerVital hero
Virgo, कन्याPranvutaPraised
Virgo, कन्याPraphulFlowering
Virgo, कन्याPrapyaAchieving
Virgo, कन्याPraramStart
Virgo, कन्याPrarambhStarting
Virgo, कन्याPraroopReplicate
Virgo, कन्याPrarthanPrayer
Virgo, कन्याPrasadOffering to God during Pooja; Devotional offering; Purity
Virgo, कन्याPrasagnaDesire
Virgo, कन्याPrasalWinter; Cool; Calm
Virgo, कन्याPrasangUnion; Devotion; Affection
Virgo, कन्याPrasannaCheerful; Pleased; Happy; Pleasant
Virgo, कन्याPrasannatmanCheerful
Virgo, कन्याPrasannatmaneCheerful
Virgo, कन्याPrasannjitWho has won happiness; Joy
Virgo, कन्याPrasantCalm and composed; Cool
Virgo, कन्याPrasanthCalm and composed or cool
Virgo, कन्याPrasarmPure; Clear; Brilliant; Peaceful; Pleasant
Virgo, कन्याPrasataFather of draupad
Virgo, कन्याPrasathFather of draupad
Virgo, कन्याPraseethOrigin; The starting point
Virgo, कन्याPrasenjeetChampion; A king in the epics
Virgo, कन्याPrasenjitChampion; A king in the epics
Virgo, कन्याPrashaanthCalm and composed; Peace
Virgo, कन्याPrashamPeace; Cool; Autumn
Virgo, कन्याPrashanWinner; Successful
Virgo, कन्याPrashannaCheerful; Pleased; Happy; Pleasant
Virgo, कन्याPrashantCalm and composed; Peace
Virgo, कन्याPrashantaCalm
Virgo, कन्याPrashanthCalm and composed; Peace
Virgo, कन्याPrashanthaCalm
Virgo, कन्याPrashastLearned one who shows the way; Path Prashast kee-jee-ye; Congenial
Virgo, कन्याPrashasthLearned one who shows the way; Path Prashast kee-jee-ye; Congenial
Virgo, कन्याPrashilaAncient time
Virgo, कन्याPrashobWho is with light or glance
Virgo, कन्याPrashrayLove; Respect
Virgo, कन्याPrashuVery quick or speedy
Virgo, कन्याPrasiddhiAccomplishment; Fame
Virgo, कन्याPrasitFirst ray of the winter Sun
Virgo, कन्याPrasoonFlower; Blossom
Virgo, कन्याPrasukVery pure
Virgo, कन्याPrasunFlower; Blossom
Virgo, कन्याPratameshLord God; Lord Ganesh; Lord of the best
Virgo, कन्याPratapDignity; Majesty
Virgo, कन्याPratapavatKnown for bravery
Virgo, कन्याPratapavateKnown for bravery
Virgo, कन्याPrateekSymbol; The first word in a sentence
Virgo, कन्याPrateepKing; Shantanu's father
Virgo, कन्याPrateetManifested; Confident
Virgo, कन्याPrathAnother name of Arjun
Virgo, कन्याPrathamAlways first
Virgo, कन्याPrathamehLord Ganesha; Lord of the best
Virgo, कन्याPrathameshLord God; Lord Ganesh; Lord of the best
Virgo, कन्याPrathameshwaraFirst of all
Virgo, कन्याPrathapDignity; Majesty
Virgo, कन्याPratheepShantanu's father
Virgo, कन्याPratheeshHope; Expectation; Pre-eminence
Virgo, कन्याPrathikSymbol; The first word in a sentence
Virgo, कन्याPrathishHope; Expectation; Pre-eminence
Virgo, कन्याPrathitManifested; Confident; Famous
Virgo, कन्याPrathithManifested; Confident
Virgo, कन्याPrathmeshLord Ganesh, the god who is worshiped before all other Gods
Virgo, कन्याPrathuName of a king with blessings of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPrathulPlenty
Virgo, कन्याPrathyushDawn; The Sun
Virgo, कन्याPratibodhKnowledge
Virgo, कन्याPratidnyaPledge
Virgo, कन्याPratikSymbol; the First word in a sentence
Virgo, कन्याPratikshLove
Virgo, कन्याPratimThe Sunlight
Virgo, कन्याPratishHope; Expectation; Pre-eminence
Virgo, कन्याPratishwarSakshat Ishwar (God himself)
Virgo, कन्याPratitManifested; Confident; Famous
Virgo, कन्याPratitiFaith; Understanding
Virgo, कन्याPratmeshLord Ganesh, the god who is worshiped before all other Gods
Virgo, कन्याPratoshExtreme delight
Virgo, कन्याPrattekBeauty
Virgo, कन्याPratulPlenty
Virgo, कन्याPratushFirst sun ray
Virgo, कन्याPratyakashIn front
Virgo, कन्याPratyakshDirect evidence
Virgo, कन्याPratyushDawn; The Sun
Virgo, कन्याPravaahA flow of the river
Virgo, कन्याPravaalCoral; Strong; Powerful
Virgo, कन्याPravahA flow of the river
Virgo, कन्याPravalCoral; Fierce; Strong
Virgo, कन्याPravanBowed down; Modest
Virgo, कन्याPravarChief
Virgo, कन्याPravasthikAll in one
Virgo, कन्याPravateshwarGod of mountains
Virgo, कन्याPraveenExpert; Skilled
Virgo, कन्याPraveenyaSkillfulness
Virgo, कन्याPraveerAn excellent warrior; King; Chief; Brave
Virgo, कन्याPravegVelocity
Virgo, कन्याPravendraHighly inspirational; Lord of festivals
Virgo, कन्याPraverAn excellent warrior; King; Chief; Brave
Virgo, कन्याPraveshEnter; Admission
Virgo, कन्याPravinExpert; Skilled
Virgo, कन्याPravirAn excellent warrior; King; Chief; Brave
Virgo, कन्याPravisTo enter
Virgo, कन्याPravishTo enter
Virgo, कन्याPravitHero
Virgo, कन्याPravyaLord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPrayagConfluence of Ganga, Jamuna & Goddess Saraswati
Virgo, कन्याPrayanIntelligence
Virgo, कन्याPrayankCot; A mountain
Virgo, कन्याPrayasTo try
Virgo, कन्याPrayogExperiment
Virgo, कन्याPrayushName of Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPreashLoved by God
Virgo, कन्याPredeshLord of Love
Virgo, कन्याPreetamLover; Lovable
Virgo, कन्याPreetam PriyamLover; Beloved; Husband
Virgo, कन्याPreeteshLord of Love
Virgo, कन्याPreethamLover; Lovable
Virgo, कन्याPreetheshLord of Love
Virgo, कन्याPreethishGod of Love, Lord of the world
Virgo, कन्याPreethuGod gift; Broad; Spacious
Virgo, कन्याPreetiduttGifted with Love
Virgo, कन्याPreetishGod of Love; Lord of the world
Virgo, कन्याPreetiwardhanOne who increases love
Virgo, कन्याPremLove
Virgo, कन्याPremalFull of Love
Virgo, कन्याPremanLove
Virgo, कन्याPremanandJoy of Love
Virgo, कन्याPremarejuFame
Virgo, कन्याPremendraLover
Virgo, कन्याPremiFearful
Virgo, कन्याPremlalLoving
Virgo, कन्याPremrajThe king of Love
Virgo, कन्याPrenamNamaste, Namaskar; Sign of being humble
Virgo, कन्याPrerakAir screw; Stimulator
Virgo, कन्याPreritThe inspired one
Virgo, कन्याPreshakMessenger
Virgo, कन्याPretvanMoving along
Virgo, कन्याPreyasLoving; Affectionate
Virgo, कन्याPrianshBeloved; Most lovable; Favourite son
Virgo, कन्याPribhaktaFavorite of the devotees; A name of Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPrijithPower of expression
Virgo, कन्याPrinceKing
Virgo, कन्याPrincyPrince like
Virgo, कन्याPrineetContent; Satisfied
Virgo, कन्याPrinitaPleased
Virgo, कन्याPrishLoving; God gifted
Virgo, कन्याPrishuGod Gifted; Loving
Virgo, कन्याPritLove
Virgo, कन्याPritamLover
Virgo, कन्याPritavVariant
Virgo, कन्याPriteshLord of Love
Virgo, कन्याPrithamLover
Virgo, कन्याPrithilDerived from Prithi
Virgo, कन्याPrithishGod of Love; Lord of the world
Virgo, कन्याPrithivThe Sun
Virgo, कन्याPrithuGod gift; Broad; Spacious
Virgo, कन्याPrithviThe earth
Virgo, कन्याPrithvirajKing of the earth
Virgo, कन्याPrithwinWinner of the world
Virgo, कन्याPrithwishKing of the world
Virgo, कन्याPritishGod of Love; Lord of the world
Virgo, कन्याPrityAffection; Love
Virgo, कन्याPrivrataSon of satarupa
Virgo, कन्याPriyabhaktaFavorite of the devotees
Virgo, कन्याPriyabratDevoted to pleasing
Virgo, कन्याPriyabrataDevoted to pleasing
Virgo, कन्याPriyadarshanBeautiful to look at; Handsome
Virgo, कन्याPriyadarshanaOf loving vision
Virgo, कन्याPriyadarshiOne who is liked by all
Virgo, कन्याPriyakaLoving; Deer
Virgo, कन्याPriyamvadSweet talking person
Virgo, कन्याPriyangshuLoved; Liked by everyone
Virgo, कन्याPriyanguIts actually a flower which has medicinal values
Virgo, कन्याPriyankVery dear husband
Virgo, कन्याPriyanshLovable part of someone
Virgo, कन्याPriyanshuFirst ray of the Sunlight
Virgo, कन्याPriyanushFamous
Virgo, कन्याPriyanvadSweet talking person
Virgo, कन्याPriyaranjanBeloved
Virgo, कन्याPriyashuRespect
Virgo, कन्याPriyatarDearer
Virgo, कन्याPriyeshLoved by God
Virgo, कन्याPriyomLoveable
Virgo, कन्याPrnavLord Vishnu; The sacred syllable Om
Virgo, कन्याProkshanTo sprinkle water on our head while doing Pooja
Virgo, कन्याProlayaWind
Virgo, कन्याPromMost Love
Virgo, कन्याProsenjitA king of the epics
Virgo, कन्याProvitLoved one; Dear one
Virgo, कन्याPrtyushSpiritual
Virgo, कन्याPrudhviEarth
Virgo, कन्याPruthiviEarth
Virgo, कन्याPruthvirajKing of Earth
Virgo, कन्याPruthvishKing of the earth
Virgo, कन्याPudarjunanThis name refers to Lord Shiva according to Hindu mythology
Virgo, कन्याPugalGlory; Fame
Virgo, कन्याPugalendhiGlorious; Admirable
Virgo, कन्याPughulGlory
Virgo, कन्याPujanThe ceremony of worshiping
Virgo, कन्याPujitWorshipped; Respected
Virgo, कन्याPukhrajTopaz
Virgo, कन्याPulahaName of a sage
Virgo, कन्याPulakJoy; Jewel; Delight
Virgo, कन्याPulakeshJoyous
Virgo, कन्याPulakitThrilled
Virgo, कन्याPulasthyaName of a sage; An ancient name
Virgo, कन्याPulastyaName of a sage; An ancient name
Virgo, कन्याPulinBeautiful; Riverbank
Virgo, कन्याPulishName of a sage
Virgo, कन्याPulkitHappy; Thrilled; Overjoyed
Virgo, कन्याPulomanName of a demon; Delighted
Virgo, कन्याPunanClear; Bright; Pure
Virgo, कन्याPunavFull Moon
Virgo, कन्याPundalikLotus
Virgo, कन्याPundarikWhite lotus
Virgo, कन्याPundarikakshLotus eyed
Virgo, कन्याPuneetPure or holy
Virgo, कन्याPuneethPure or holy
Virgo, कन्याPunishLord of the pious; Man; The pupil of the eye; Brahman or the supreme spirit
Virgo, कन्याPunitPure or holy
Virgo, कन्याPunithPure or holy
Virgo, कन्याPunyabrataDedicated to the good
Virgo, कन्याPunyacharitraya KeertanaSubject for hymns sung in his adulations
Virgo, कन्याPunyahSupremely pure
Virgo, कन्याPunyaslokaSacred verse
Virgo, कन्याPunyodayaProvider of immortality
Virgo, कन्याPurabEast
Virgo, कन्याPurahanLord Shiva; Conqueror of Pura
Virgo, कन्याPurajitLord Shiva; Conqueror of city Purumitra
Virgo, कन्याPurajithLord Shiva; Conqueror of city Purumitra
Virgo, कन्याPuranComplete; Successors; Momento; Abundant
Virgo, कन्याPuranapurushottamaSupreme being of the Puranas
Virgo, कन्याPurandarLord Indra; Fortress destroyer; Name of Indra; An epithet of Shiva, Krishna, Agni and Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPurandharLord Indra; Fortress destroyer; Name of Indra; An epithet of Shiva, Krishna, Agni and Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPuranjayLord Shiva; One who wins the city
Virgo, कन्याPuravThe East; Chanting voice from the East at Sunrise
Virgo, कन्याPurdviEarth
Virgo, कन्याPurnachandarFull Moon
Virgo, कन्याPurnakYouth
Virgo, कन्याPurnanadaComplete Joy
Virgo, कन्याPurnayanWho has born with full of his mother and father
Virgo, कन्याPurnenduFull Moon
Virgo, कन्याPurohitA brahmin priest
Virgo, कन्याPurohithA brahmin priest
Virgo, कन्याPurshottamLord Vishnu; Best among men
Virgo, कन्याPuruAbundant; Name of a King; Mountain; Heaven
Virgo, कन्याPurujitConqueror of city
Virgo, कन्याPurumitraFriend of city
Virgo, कन्याPururavaThe founder of Chandra dynasty
Virgo, कन्याPurushThe omnipotent personality
Virgo, कन्याPurushothamaSupreme person
Virgo, कन्याPurushottamLord Vishnu; Best among men
Virgo, कन्याPurvabhashineOne who knows the future and speaks of events to come
Virgo, कन्याPurvajElder; Ancestors
Virgo, कन्याPurvangPrakashit (Lighted)
Virgo, कन्याPurvanshuSon of Sun
Virgo, कन्याPurveshEarth
Virgo, कन्याPurvikSun
Virgo, कन्याPurvithEarth
Virgo, कन्याPusanA sage; God of fertility; Provider; Protector
Virgo, कन्याPushanA sage; God of fertility; Provider; Protector
Virgo, कन्याPushkalLord Shiva; Rich; Excellent
Virgo, कन्याPushkarLotus; A lake; Sky; Heaven; Sun
Virgo, कन्याPushkaraOne who gives nourishment; Blue Lotus; Fountain; Like a Lotus
Virgo, कन्याPushpFlower; Fragrance; Topaz
Virgo, कन्याPushp MitraAn ancient ruler
Virgo, कन्याPushpadWho gives flowers
Virgo, कन्याPushpahasName from Vishnusahstranaam
Virgo, कन्याPushpajBorn from a flower; Nectar
Virgo, कन्याPushpakA mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPushpakarThe spring season (Vasant); Flower season
Virgo, कन्याPushpakethuKamdev; Cupid
Virgo, कन्याPushpaketuKamdev; Cupid
Virgo, कन्याPushpalochanaOne who has eyes like flowers
Virgo, कन्याPushparajKing of flowers
Virgo, कन्याPushpenderLord of flower
Virgo, कन्याPushpendraFlower
Virgo, कन्याPushpenduLord of flowers
Virgo, कन्याPushpeshLord of flowers
Virgo, कन्याPushpithFlowery
Virgo, कन्याPushprajKing of flowers
Virgo, कन्याPushyaragYellow sapphire
Virgo, कन्याPuskalLord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPuskaraOne who gives nourishment; Blue Lotus; Fountain; Like a Lotus
Virgo, कन्याPuspaFlower
Virgo, कन्याPuspakThe mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPustakBook
Virgo, कन्याPuttaSmall baby
Virgo, कन्याPyareIt means one who is loveable
Virgo, कन्याPyarelalLord Krishna; Loved one
Virgo, कन्याPyaremohanLord Krishna; Very much loved and attractive

Baby Names by Rashi: Boy

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

Baby Names by Rashi: Girl

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

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Fun Facts about Virgo Boys or Men

  • Their minds are analytical and well-organized
  • They are naturally good at research and are inquisitive individuals
  • They are gifted with intuition
  • Virgos get along best with Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn signs
  • Ruby is their birthstone
  • They might be quite discreet
  • Virgos strive for perfection
  • Virgos are generally peacemakers
  • However, they don’t hesitate to voice their opinions and defend their positions
  • Those with courage, ambition, and intelligence pique the interest of Virgos