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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of design and construction of houses, buildings that promotes riches, prosperity, and happiness.

Vastu science teaches you the guidelines you must follow in order to create a positive atmosphere in your construction. Vastu laws outline how to build structures and live in harmony with the earth.

In Sanskrit, the word “Vastu or Vaastu” denotes a building or structure, hence “Vastu shastra” refers to the science of construction.

It focuses on the five elements of nature: air, water, fire, earth, and space. Creating a harmonic and balanced environment benefits all occupants.

A well-balanced environment provides physical and mental energy for its inhabitants.

In Simple terms, It is a set of recommendations for designing the perfect architecture for its residents. It does not require a strong commitment to its principles.

Vaastu, like Vedic astrology, is a large and well-developed branch. Which help to bring together all the different energies.

It has three key design principles that apply to all aspects of design, construction, and everyday objects:

  1. Bhogadyam (Utility of Building)
  2. Sukha Darshan (Aesthetics or Beauty ascpect of Building)
  3. Ramya (Inner Satisfaction of resident)

The primary idea behind the use of Vastu Shastra is to live a better life. The main goal is to generate and attract favourable cosmic energies.

This energy allows us to perform better at work and live a more fulfilling life. People who live or work in Vastu-compliant environments are reported to lead healthier and happier lives.

The five elements that comprise the universe and our bodies must balance good benefits. Such synchronization promotes harmony.

In short, there are three main advantages of following to Vastu principles:

  1. Mental And Physical Health Benefits – The Vastu-compliant building shields its interior from harmful UV rays while optimizing sunlight and air circulation. These components enhance physical well-being, reduce stress, and promote mental peace.
  2. Achievement of Financial Success – A brightly lit, clutter-free home exudes cheerfulness. A stress-free, physically active, and healthy lifestyle makes it easier to focus on your financial goals.
  3. Better Relationships – It encourages inner peace and contentment, which improves interpersonal behaviour and fosters deeper conversation amongst residents of homes built according to its principles.

The foundation of Vastu Shastra is based on the idea of integrating three principles: Design Principle, Energy Principle, Direction Principle

When Vasthu concepts are incorporated into design, the result is a peaceful, enlightened environment that promotes health, wealth, vitality, and prosperity.

The goal is to combine the five fundamental elements of earth, water, fire, air, and sky to produce a comfortable environment with a positive feeling.

Let’s explore these three principles in more detail:

Bhogadyam : Fit for the intended use
A well-designed building or product should be practical and easy to use. For instance, a house should have adequate space for storing items and a cleaning area.

A vessel needs to be made to be able to store water and allow it to drain out without dripping or leaking.

Sukha Darshan: Aesthetically pleasing
The building or product must have a pleasing design, and the spectator should be positively impacted by the material shape and space proportions.

Both the inside and the outside of the building are covered by this principle.Such a darshan covers the size of rooms, the proportion of windows and doors, and other elements.

Ramya : A feeling of wellbeing
The building’s or product’s design must be aesthetically pleasant and have a good energy.

The viewer should be influenced by the material shape and spatial proportions.

The design’s measurements, which are regarded as fearful measures, are arranged to foster harmony in everyone who uses or occupies the place.

It merely emphasizes that energy sources should remain open and that energy flows shouldn’t be obstructed.

According to Vastu Shastra, ideal qualities for locations and structures should be based on the flow of energy, or “Prana”

There are fundamentally two kinds of forces in the universe: contrary and equal forces.

The interplay between these two energies, known as “Bio-Force” or “Prana,” is required for life to exist and is the result of cosmic ordination.

Subtle and delicate energy is one kind. The other is thick and shadowy. We can refer to the first as “positive” and the second as “negative” The interplay of these forces releases “Prana.”

A favorable discharge of bio-energy occurs when the structure is structured so that the positive forces outweigh the negative forces, promoting the health of all the prisoners.

A positive Cosmic surplus, or the “Supreme Being Himself,” is always there in such a structure, even after such a reaction with the negative forces.

In this kind of environment, everything in life comes to you easily and without any effort, making life easy and joyful. For all the occupants, life is content and healthy.

However, if the building is designed so that the negative forces outweigh the positive, you get a weak bio-energy field, which shows itself as illnesses in the occupants.

Your actions, efforts, and thoughts get negatively influenced by the overwhelming negative field, ultimately ruining your entire life.

According to science, energy moves from North East to South West.

Considering this movement, Vastu offers an ideal layout known as a Vastu Mandala, which is composed of nine sections, to guarantee that Prana, or cosmic energy, flows freely through and around the structure, fostering a healthy environment for residents.

The nine sections that correspond to the directions are: the center, North-East Corner, South-East Corner, South-West Corner, and East-West Corner.

Let’s examine the directions and sections in greater detail:

  • The locations in the Energy movement’s forward direction are the North, North-East, East, and the Center.
    • Any substantial weight kept in these areas will make movement difficult and uncomfortable.
    • Do Not keep heavy weight in these areas, else it will block energy
  • The Energy movement’s back side is made up of the South, West, and South-West.
    • Keep your maximum weight in these areas, so that we can store the energy here
    • Maintaining substantial weight in a building in these regions is crucial for fostering the free flow of finance and conserving money.
  • The Energy movement’s left and right corners are North-West and South-East.
    • In these areas, we can maintain lightness while balancing the movement. The South-East Corner enhances health, whereas the North-West Corner indicates social standing.
    • Maintaining a healthy balance in these areas raises family members’ status and financial standing.

The study of numbers and their significance in our lives is known as numerology. It facilitates a deeper understanding of both the outside world and oneself.

Knowing that everything in the world is based on and can be equated to numbers, a numerologist can use a variety of techniques to take various aspects of an individual’s life and translate them into meaningful numbers.

The concept is that your birth name, date of birth, and a host of other personal details have an impact on the universe and your life.

In this sense, a Numerology prognosis can reveal enormous depths. As a result, it frequently offers startling new perspectives on a person.

In the same way that some people look to horoscopes or astrology to understand signs or destinies, it is thought that there are no coincidences in the universe and that your name and birthday determine the path you will take and your traits.

The study of numbers is commonly known as numerology. It is usually regarded as the art of using numbers to predict the future.

The study of numbers and their energetic impact on our life is known as numerology. However, numbers are symbols that hold energetic vibrations that have a cosmic impact on humans.

Since each number has a distinct vibration, they all have various effects on us.

Over the ages, many learned numerologists held the views that everything in the world is dependent on the mystical qualities of numbers and that the universe could be described through numbers.

Your numero chart highlights your potential, as well as your talents, weaknesses, challenges, and lessons to be learnt.

It as a science may be seen as effective since each letter has a numerical value and vibration, and because certain things can be perceived even when they are invisible to the unaided eye.

Numerology is the study of assigning a number between one and nine to each alphabetic letter.

Furthermore, it is believed that each planet has a distinct number that influences human existence.

The number for each planets are 1-Sun, 2- Moon, 3- Jupiter, 4- Rahu (Uranus), 5- Mercury, 6-Venus, 7 – Ketu(Neptune), 8 – Saturn, and 9- Mars.

The most unpleasant and disturbing planets are Mars (9) and Saturn (8), with Uranus (4) following closely behind. Eight and four seem like bad numbers.

Whether a number is advantageous to a person can be assessed by adding up all of the numbers. Since the date of birth cannot be modified, the only method to make these two sets of numbers work together is to add or subtract alphabets from the name. Changing the spelling of a name can improve final results.

In this science, a person’s number is determined by their birth date and name and hence Individuals’ full names should correspond to their birth dates.

The advantages are extensive. Let us take a brief look at it:

  • It is possible to identify a person’s personality traits, which can help them make a variety of decisions throughout their life.
  • It is possible to select the options that best suit one’s preferences. Making the appropriate decisions and choices in life can also be aided by it.
  • Enhance ties between partners or individuals.
  • Capable of making a detailed assessment of a couple’s compatibility.
  • You may also find out what to expect from the collaboration.
  • Has the ability to recognize skill and promise.
  • Recognizes strengths and weaknesses with ease.
  • The Life Path Number in Numerology offers deep understanding of life’s experiences.
  • Is able to predict both the chances and challenges in life, as well as its highs and lows.

[no_toc]Baby Names Numerologytarot card reading

The foundation of tarot reading is the idea that an individual’s unconscious emotions and ideas can direct them toward their actual life purpose.

By posing a series of questions and receiving answers,card readers can get insight into a person’s present circumstances and future course by tapping into their subconscious.

With knowledge of the past, present, and possible future, a tarot reader can offer guidance and options for a person to ponder on.

Tarot is a centuries-old forecasting method that uses symbolism and intuition to reveal insights into the past, present, and future.

It is normally performed by a professional practitioner using a deck of 78 cards. The Card readers draw and interpret cards in response to a client’s requests or concerns.

Each card in the deck has its own distinct symbolism and significance; for example, The Fool might represent innocence and new beginnings, whilst The Magician can signify desire.

Before making its way to India, the these card was utilized as a prediction tool throughout Europe beginning in the middle of the 15th century.

If you’re concerned about your personal or professional life, tarot readings might help you find answers and fresh opportunities.

A conventional deck contains 78 cards, which are further separated into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. “Arcanas” means “secrets.”

The Major Arcana has 22 cards, numbered 0 (The Fool) to 21 (The World).

The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards, including court cards (pages, knights, kings and queens,) and numbered cards ranging in value from ace to ten.

Major Arcana

Major card trips, on the other hand, show dramatic stories of beginnings and endings, losses and discoveries, stillness and growth, and life-changing events. Those who are new to tarot typically know the Major Arcana cards, such as The Fool and The Empress

Minor Arcana

The Minors are organized into four suits, similar to a traditional deck of playing cards, but the associations between each suit and certain aspects are unique. The suits contain:

  • The Cups, which symbolizes emotions and love
  • The Pentacles, which symbolizes physical self or possessions
  • The Swords, which symbolizes reason, wisdom, and intellect
  • The Wands, which symbolizes creativity and will

When you combine all of these different cards, you have the potential for a thousand different stories.


A card reading session comprises two people: the seeker and the reader.

The seeker, who wants answers to her or his personal issues. The reader distributes the cards in a specific pattern (Spread) according to the rules of the tarot and interprets them.

Spread. Spreads refer to the particular card layouts used in tarot readings.

A expert examines these spreads and discusses their meaning to client and suggest the way forward

  • These cards can provide valuable insight into the issue you are now facing. To get the desired information, ask precise questions instead of general ones.
  • A reading may provide you with insight into what is future. Also, it could provide you the guidance you need.
  • Readings can help you make sense of your events and major life patterns.
  • The cards can help you improve your intuition and psychic talents. We all possess it, though some of us more strongly than others. It Helps Fine-tuning these abilities

Astrology has not been as popular as it is today since the 1970s. The emergence of the personal computer sparked the transformation, which was accelerated by the Internet and social media.

It has gained popularity in the previous ten years, particularly among millennials. According to numerous surveys, over 20% or more of people believe in astrology.

It’s rise in popularity is generally related to the decline of institutional religion, increased economic uncertainty, and a broader shift toward New Age modalities.

Then there’s the question of political dread. It is widely held that when faced with adversity, people seek out something to believe in.

The core concept of astrology is that a person’s life pattern, character, or personality is determined by the planetary pattern in place at the time of his birth.

Astrology is a form of forecasting in which fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and planets are observed and interpreted to forecast future events that will affect the planet and its inhabitants.

It is the study of how individuals perceive that their lives are touched by the positions of the stars and planets. This study seeks to explain how the planets influence the lives of people.

It uses a person’s birthdate to predict their personality and life path. We refer to this type of study as “natal or horoscope astrology.” Because the universe is interconnected, celestial bodies are supposed to have an impact on newborns.

The most popular is horoscope / natal astrology, which is based on twelve signs of the zodiac, twenty-seven Nakshatras, ascendant, houses, degree, and aspects.

Aadishakti Astrologers claim that each sign of the zodiac corresponds to a specific psychological type. Additionally, they think that a person’s ascendant sign at birth may disclose something about their personality.

Aadishakti.co atrologers use horoscopes, which are charts of planets that depict the relative positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, ascendant, and midheaven signs of the zodiac at a given period, to foretell a person’s personality or potential future.

  • It helps in getting through hard times
  • It gives us a feeling of authority.
  • It serves as a tool to understand who we are.
  • It’s tough to put up with ambiguity.