Gemstone Recommendations By Date of Birth

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For gemstone recommendation based on date of birth – rashi stone by date of birth, Call / WhatsApp: +91 9538602626 or email: [email protected]

In a nutshell

  • Fee: Rs 299 / USD $ 7 (Actual Fee Rs 1499 or  USD $ 35) for 1 language
  • Language: English


Gemstone recommendation based on date of birth:

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Gemstone Recommendations is a time-consuming process that necessitates a thorough study of astrology as well as the proper application of gemstones.

There are several schools of thought on how to choose a gemstone for a specific astrological chart, and opinions and interpretations differ greatly from one expert to the next.

Astrology Gemstones, like crystals, transmit, receive, and convert invisible energy, therefore their crystalline structure attracts and transforms cosmic energies for use as gemstone cures.

Each prescribed gemstone embodies the planet’s vitality and harnesses it to bring about necessary adjustments and balances.

The planet’s cosmic energy is reflected in the astrology gemstone, which has an influence on the human body due to the absorption and reflection of rays and vibrations.

The gemstone, as well as the metal in which it is set, serve as channels for planetary energy.

Which gemstone should i wear according to my date of birth

FAQs : Rashi stone by date of birth

What information do we require for the Gemstone Recommendations reports?

We need the following 2 details:

  • Birth details – Date, Time and Place of birth
  • Gender – Boy or Girl

How much does Gemstone Recommendations Report cost?

299 rupees or USD $ 7 for a single-language report

How many languages does Gemstone Recommendations Report available?

English only

Is my report going to be delivered online or via courier?

  • We may send the Gemstone Recommendations Report to you by WhatsApp or email
    • We do not print or mail paper copies of your horoscope
    • You can have it printed at any printing shop in your area.

Why should I buy Gemstone Recommendations Report From Aadishakti?

  • As it is computer-generated, there is no chance of human error.
  • Only Rs 299 (USD $ 7), which is the best price in the market. The standard market rate ranges from Rs 499 to Rs 1499 (USD $ 12 to 36)
  • We can deliver faster because we send via WhatsApp or email.
  • You can save it to your phone or computer because it’s in electronic format. There’s no need to purchase again

Which software is the most accurate for Gemstone Recommendations Report?

Our software is one of the most reliable Gemstone Recommendations software.

What is included in an Gemstone Recommendations Report?

  • Gemstone Recommendation Report includes Gemstone for 5 different purposes
  1. For Luck and Success – Luck Stone (Main stone)
  2. For Income & Professional Success – Benefic Stone
  3. For Family & Healthy Relationship – Marriage Stone
  4. For Health & Mental Peace – Life Stone
  5. For Child
  • Other Details of Gemstone Recommendations Report:
    • When should you purchase a new gemstone?
    • Gemstone Substitutes
    • What should your gem’s weight be?
    • The perfect ring finger for your precious stone
    • How to wear
    • Precautions

What Are the Advantages of Using Gemstones?

  • Gemstones have been used to solve problems caused by planets for ages, in addition to bringing good luck
  • It gives your thoughts strength, boldness, and clarity.
  • It allows you to let go of unnecessary stress and find inner calm.
  • The wearer gets physical and emotional health stability.
  • It invigorates and activates the chakras in the body.
Rashi Ratna: As per Planets

What are the Advantages of the Different Astrology Gemstones?

According to Vedic astrology, our nine planets represent the nine rare gemstones.

Ruby represents the sun, pearls represent the moon, coral represents Mars, emerald represents Mercury, yellow sapphire represents Jupiter, the diamond represents Venus, blue sapphire represents Saturn, hessonite represents Rahu, and cat’s eye represents Ketu.

It’s crucial to know if a gemstone will benefit or harm you based on your horoscope; otherwise, wearing the wrong stone could bring you more harm than good.

Therefore, if you wish to wear a gemstone do consult an experienced astrologer before you wear them.

Ruby – Manikya (माणिक) – for Sun

  • Ruby is one of the most expensive gemstones used for Sun
  • It emits red cosmic rays and infrared radiation, causing the wearer to become more active and intelligent.
  • It bestows high prestige and social esteem onto him/her, as well as independence from vision issues and eye defects/ailments.
  • Bones, headaches, indigestion, fevers, and colic are all ruled by Ruby. In short, the wearer will be blessed with good health, a high position, and a high level of prestige, as well as being free of any significant anomalies or diseases.
  • It will be very advantageous to sculptors, artists, engineers, architects, legal specialists, and high court judges if they wear this.

Pearl – Moti (मोती) – for Moon

  • Pearl is a lustrous off-white gemstone that is found in a variety of shellfish.
  • It aids in the reduction of stress, gastrointestinal disorders, and marital squabbles.
    Pearl wields a significant amount of power over the heart, blood, and mind.
  • It boosts the wearer’s self-esteem and improves his or her mental abilities, as well as stimulates and creates a pleasant working environment for him or her.

Coral – Moonga (मूंगा) – for Mars

  • Coral is a valuable gemstone with a brilliant red colour that also comes in softer tones.
  • Coral Gemstone grows at the depths of the seas and is effective in preventing tropical fevers, chickenpox, jaundice, fistula, impotency, and other blood-related disorders.
  • Anemia, general debility, weakness, lassitude, body pain, allergies, inflammations, cough and cold, bronchitis, and pneumonia are some of the ailments that it can help with.

Emerald – Panna (पाँचू – पन्ना) – for Mercury

  • Emerald, sometimes known as Panna, is a valuable green gemstone.
  • It is worn for Mercury and allows the wearer to absorb cool green radiation, giving him complete control over his nervous and intestinal systems, liver, tissues, lungs, vocal cord, tongue, and neural system.
  • It is particularly suggested for entrepreneurs, writers, printers, publishers, and scientific instrument dealers.
  • Emerald is beneficial for memory loss, stammering, roughness in speech, and students with a low IQ.

Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj (पुखराज) – for Jupiter

  • One of the most valuable light yellow coloured gemstones is yellow sapphire.
  • Yellow Sapphire brings financial security and comfort to the wearer.
  • For businessmen or industrialists, this is extremely advantageous.
  • It is appropriate for persons who are into philanthropy, spiritual motivation, yoga meditation, and religious teaching since it signifies the wearer’s righteousness, piety, and truthfulness.

Diamond – Heera (हीरा) – for Venus

  • Diamond is a white-colored gemstone.
  • The diamond gemstone is beneficial to one’s overall financial well-being and happiness.
  • Wearing this Diamond will make the user known for his meticulous, methodical, and upright approach to life’s difficulties.
  • In their dealings and relationships, the diamond wearer would demonstrate knowledge and maturity, and people would have faith in them.

Blue Sapphire – Neelam (नीलम) – for Saturn

  • Saturn is represented by blue sapphire (Shani). It is a highly powerful Gemstone.
  • Blue sapphire Gemstone has beneficial impacts on the wearer, allowing them to attain great success in life.
  • Saturn is associated with hard effort and hardworking people. As a result, Blue Sapphire only rewards those who strive hard.
  • Because most people do not work extremely hard, only a few people benefit from this diamond.

Hessonite – Gomed (गोमेद) – for Rahu

  • Hessonite – Gomed is used to protect against Rahu’s negative effect
  • It aids in the treatment of stomach problems and acidity.
  • It aids the wearer’s professional success, financial well-being, and happiness, as well as deterring foes from devising plans against the wearer.
  • Hessonite – Gomed aids the wearer in winning legal battles. It is a stone that is recommended for persons who work in the legal field, such as advocates, legal practitioners, and judges.
  • It should be worn by anyone who is interested in spiritual growth, especially during the Rahu dasha.

Cat’s Eye – Lehsunia (लहसुनिया) – for Ketu

  • Cats’eye Gemstones have a silver streak and are the colour of neem fruit.
  • Other colours of this gemstone include black, black and white, yellow, pale blue, and light red.
  • The Cat’s Eye Gemstone removes impediments and protects against the bad effects of witchcraft.
  • Politicians who aspire to higher positions and influence can benefit from wearing it.
  • People who are affected by Ketu’s malefic impacts suffer from a loss of reputation, as well as increased jealousy and rivalry.
  • This jewel will make things a lot easier for them and protect them against scandals, losses, and bad press.

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2 reviews for Gemstone Recommendations By Date of Birth

  1. Ram Yadav

    My astrologer suggested some gemstones but before buying I wanted to cross checked and hence i bought the report. It has all details , day to wear the stone, mantra to pronounce before wearing. I loved it

  2. Shyamal Banerjee

    Based on their Gemstone Recommendation report I bought, yellow sapphire. That has really benefited me. Life is looking very positive.

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