Name Change by Numerology – Name Setting

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In a nutshell

  • Online services – from the comfort of your own home
  • 1 Lakh+ Happy clients
  • You can also suggest names you like, and we’ll evaluate them too
  • Fee: Only Rs 1499 (USD $ 45), which is the best price in the market


Name Change by Numerology – Name Setting

Name Change by Numerology1

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A NAME that is compatible with our date of birth can make life a lot easier and smoother, allowing us to reach our full potential and achieve success with minimal effort.

When babies are named correctly (in terms of spelling) from the start, it aids them in making a smooth transition through life with the least amount of resistance.

Similarly, changing a name will result in speedier results and advancement in life.

Process of name correction numerology

  • As a first step, we gather the following details:
    • Date of Birth
    • Existing Name
  • Then we look into the vibrations of names, numerology charts, fortunate numbers, missing numbers, and other factors
  • Then we come up with names with different spellings options
  • If changing a name causes strange spelling changes or if the same name cannot be used for some reasons, we request for the full name change
  • Our goal is to preserve the same name you’ve had for a long time, but with changing spellings
Name Change by Numerology2
Name Change by Numerology2

FAQs: Name Change by Numerology – Name Setting

What information do we require for the Name Change by Numerology?

We need the following 3 details:

  • Complete Date of Birth
  • Gender – Boy or Girl
  • Complete Name (Including Family Name)

How much does Name Change by Numerology cost?

1499 rupees or USD $ 45

How many languages does Name Change by Numerology – Name Setting available?

Only the English alphabets can be used in numerology.

Why should chose Aadishakti numerologist for Name Change by Numerology?

  • Only Rs 1499 (USD $ 45), which is the best price in the market.
    • The standard market rate ranges from Rs 3999 to Rs 10999 (USD $ 95 to 199)
  • 1 Lakh+ Happy clients
  • Online services – from the comfort of your own home
  • You can also suggest names you like, and we’ll evaluate them too

Is it necessary to change our names on official documents such as Aadhar and PAN cards?


Official documents such as Aadhar, PAN Card, Driving License, and Passport do not require us to change our names

The reason for this is that we rarely used these documents in our daily lives

Where will we utilise our corrected names if we don't need to update our names on official documents?

We should utilise these names in places where we use them on a regular basis.

These can be used on email addresses, e-commerce sites, food delivery sites, and transportation apps, for example.

Reasons for Changing Your Name

The name change is necessary in order to boost the positive energy already existing in the name chart.

It will also provide some energy and vibration to your environment, which will be beneficial in the long term.

For professional reasons, actors, writers, singers, and dancers in the creative and artistic sectors change their names.

What is Numerology Used for?

  • Lucky Baby Name
  • Name Correction
  • Lucky number for vehicle
  • Fortunate number for House
  • Business Name for success
  • Website Name
  • Lucky Phone Number
  • Lucky email id
  • Business Logo
  • Business Visiting Card
  • Business Letter Head