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To book The Best Vastu Consultant Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment, Call or WhatsApp on +91 9538602626 or email on enquiry@aadishakti.co

Our Services

  • Help in selecting right Flat – Apartment
  • Simple Vastu remedies without demolition for Vastu dosha/defects
  • Optimize Vastu for Bedroom, Main Door, Entrance, Kitchen, Drawing Room, Living room, Toilet/Bathroom, Pooja Room, Staircase, Storage, Balcony


A proper house is a combination of rooms with proper entry and exit points. The Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment, make sure that all-natural energies be it solar or cosmic are balanced and it is beneficial to the resident.

To book The Best Vastu Consultant Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment, Call or WhatsApp on +91 9538602626 or email on enquiry@aadishakti.co

Vastu for additional flats in same premises – Rs 500 ( Each extra flat)

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Why Choose Us for Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment

  • Experienced & qualified Consultants
  • Provides simple remedies without demolition
  • Vastu consultation with Astro advice (Chargeable)
  • Nominal Fee: Avail 40% discount
  • Consultant visits the site
  • Phone consultancy also available, Call on 9538602828
  • More than 10000 Vastu Shastra consultancy done by the team

Vastu Consulting Process for Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment

  • Inspect the house thoroughly
  • Check Major defects
  • Check minor defects
  • Suggest simple remedies without any demolition
  • Clarify all your doubts or questions

Benefits of Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment

  • Helps with Financial Prosperity
  • Career Stability
  • Academic Growth
  • Improving Relationships
  • It helps in maintaining good physical & mental health

Ideal directions of Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment

Ideal Vastu Home

Ideal locations for various room as per Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment

  • Main Door – North, East or In the North-East Direction
  • Kitchen – South East
  • Living Room/ Drawing Room – East, North or North-East
  • Bedroom –
    • Master Bedroom – South West
    • Children Bedroom – West
    • Guest Bedroom – East
  • Pooja Room/ Meditation Room – East or North-East Part
  • Tulsi (Holi Basil) – South West
  • Staircase – South
  • Balcony – North, East or In the North-East Direction
  • Bathroom – North or In the North-West Direction
  • Watch Vastu tips for home video by Dr Praveen Jain Kochar to understand basic Vastu for house/flat

Key points to be considered for Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment

  • It is not possible to find a property that is 100% Vastu compliant
  • Even if one construct a house, he may be able to make a property 100% Vastu compliant
  • Instead of looking for 100% Vastu complaint property, one should look for property that is free of Major Vastu defects or free of too many Vastu defects
  • Minor Vastu defects can be corrected with the help of Vastu remedies such as Vastu pyramids, Vastu enhancers and activators
  • Vastu pyramids, Vastu enhancers and activators helps in mitigating Vastu Doshas/defects

Kindly Note

  • Fee covers one time verbal consultation only
  • In case of  vastu consultation for additional flats in same apartment complex (during the same visit), Rs 1000 per Flat extra
  • In case you need written reports
    • You can obtain that by paying Rs 1000 for first flat
    • Rs 300 for per additional flats
    • Normally It takes 2-3 days to send the report

For each and every direction house – be It Vastu or House Facing South or Vastu For House Facing North or Vastu For House Facing West or Vastu For House Facing East or Vastu For House North Facing or Vastu For House West Facing or Vastu For House South Facing or Vastu For House East Facing : Vastu Shastra defines precise rules for locating the main entrance door of the house. You must make the entrance at only “allowed” places and never place in the “prohibited” zones.

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4 reviews for Vastu for Flat, Vastu for Apartment

  1. Ramona Alagh

    They visited my house for Vastu consultation. I am residing in this house for more than 4 years. Since I shifted to this house, we were facing issue in personal life, health , Even my business which was stable were also started facing problem. They came and saw everything , corrected placements, suggested doable remedies. No Breaking of anything. So happy I consulted them, got some relief. Thanks, they are awesome

  2. Virbadra Sunil

    Excellent experience with them. Aadishakti thank you so much correcting my vastu plan. If I had not met them, I would have constructed house which were not right from Vastu perspective. Feeling happy

  3. Gaurav Sharma

    Since I built my house, I’ve had a lot of problems. There have been several family feuds as well as financial losses. The Aadishakti team assisted me in correcting my house’s vastu design My relationships are improving today, and I am more at ease.Thank you, Aadishakti, for bringing happiness into my life.

  4. Akshita Kumari

    My money were never enough, no matter how hard I tried to save and lower expenses. Someone suggested that I consult Aadishakti Vastu .  They checked the vastu of my house and advised me to vacate the place.
    I was sceptical at first, but I followed their advice, and the Aadishakti team also helped me in locating a Vastu-compliant place. I obtained a long-overdue promotion after I moved out, and my money and assets began to improve. Thank you Aadishakti for assisting me in fixing my problemi.

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