Best Astrologer in Gurgaon
Best Astrologer in Gurgaon

Who is Best Astrologer in Gurgoan?, with 1,00,000 + Happy Clients across the world is, The Best Astrologer in Gurgaon. Connect with us to get answers to your most pressing life problems, including those about relationships, marriage, love, work, finances, and money, as well as health issues with fee starting at Rs 599 (Rs 999, 40% Off) on wards.

Astrology is one of the most extensively practiced guidance sciences across the world. The root of Vedic Astrology is in the Vedas. The planetary positioning and movement at the time of birth influence our lives. As per Indian Astrology, The Navagraha (9 planets) and related signs rule our lives.

There is one thing certain about our existence – is life’s uncertain nature. You never realize what the following hour may bring to you. However, many people continue to plan about the future in their own particular manner. Yet, when life throw a punch, they dont know how to overcome troubled time. This is where Vedic Astrology in Gurgaon, Gurugram can be your guide. astrologer Near Me will help you to get over the troubled throughout life. You can visit “our centers” or get consultation over the “phone”.


To book The famous astrologer in Gurgaon, Call or WhatsApp on 9538602626. or email us on for:

  • Finding solution to your Marriage, Love, Career, Job, Business, Health, boyfriend girlfriend problems
  • For online Horoscope, Kandli, Kundali, Jathakam, Janam Patri
  • For Horoscope Matching, Match Making, Kundali Milan, Guna Milan for Marriage
  • For Muhurtham (auspicious date) – Based on your Horoscope, Rashi and Nakshatra :
    • Griha Pravesh Muhurat or Gruha Pravesam Muhurtham
    • Marriage Muhurat, Wedding Muhurtham
    • Engagement Muhurtham, Sagai Muhurat
    • Bhumi Pujan Muhurat, Bhoomi Muhurtham
    • Mundan Muhurtham, Namkaran Muhurtham, annaprasana Muhurtham
    • Vehicle Purchase Muhurtham, Property purchase Muhurtham

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What is Astrology?

Astrology or Vedic Astrology is famous Indian Guidance science.

How Astrology differs from Tarot Card Reading?

Astrology uses birth details such as date, time and place of birth for making horoscope and giving guidance. However, Tarot Card Reader uses deck of 78 tarot cards for giving future guidance

For which of my problems, I can use Astrology?

You can use Astrology for getting help in any of your life problems such as love, relationship or marriage issues; career, job or business issues; money or financial problems; or health issues

What is the Fee for Astrologer?

Fee starts from Rs 599 on wards

How does Astrology help?

Astrology helps you understand your problems or current situation. It helps you to make an informed decision about how to take things forward. In addition to that it may tell you what is likely to happen. Astrologer may suggest you remedies to mitigate the issues or help you in reducing the bad impact of adverse griha dashas

What details you need for Astrology consultation?

Astrologer will ask you for birth details – date, time and place of birth. In addition to that gender, name of the person is required

Does Astrologer gives you a clear answer?

Good astrologer always gives you direction based on your current and future griha dashas. Sometime, if we are too emotionally attached to a current situation or problem, we try and avoid what astrology is trying to inform us

Can the Astrologer actually predict the future?

We have to understand, any occult science expert such as Astrologer helps with future guidance. Astrology is not a science of prediction but of giving guidance. As someone rightly said Future is not set in stone, but depends on choices we make. Also our passion and hard work defines our destiny

Process of Astrology Consulting

As a first step, Astrologer will make your Horoscope or Kundli or Jathakam based on your birth details – Date , Time and Place of Birth. Then he will analyze your birth chart, Maha Dasha, Anter Dasha, various Yogas in your kundli. Based on these and some other details, he will answer your questions

Why to choose for Astrology in Gurgaon?

Experienced and qualified Astrologers teams across various cities with more than 1,00,000 Happy clients across the world. Fee starting as low as Rs 599 on wards

When to approach a Astrologer?

Normally whenever your are struggling with any of life problems. It could be when you want answers for questions related to your love life, relationship issues, marriage not happening or marriage getting delayed or problems in marriage life. Or if you are facing stress due to career, job, business related issues or wish to solve the money or finance related problems, you should approach a astrologer

What to expect from Astrology Session?

Astrology session may help you understand why things are not moving the way it is suppose to. Possible ways to resolve the issues. Guidance on timeline for situation to get normal

Can astrology or famous astrologer solve my problem?

Astrologer helps you diagnose the issues based on principles of vedic astrology. May help you with some astrology remedies, guide you with approximate timeline for things to get better

Which one is more accurate: Astrology or a Tarot Card Reading ?

Tarot Card Reading and astrology are two difference method for future guidance. Both the methods are equally good hence it is up-to the person to choose one the two methods

Can the Astrologer in Gurgaon provide accurate reading over the phone?

Yes absolutely. There is no difference between Phone astrology consultation or online astrologer consultation or in person astrology session. Normally more than 50% astrologer consulting is done over the phone or online itself.

Can Astrologer predict my future?

Astrologer helps you get clear picture about your current situation – love, relationship, career or health issues and helps you in take correct path

What are the charges of Astrology consultation in Gurgaon?

Fee start at Rs 599 only

Are our online or phone Astrology consultation accurate?

Yes Absolutely they are very accurate. There is no difference between Online and Phone Astrology consultation or doing Astrology consultation at our centers. Now a days most of the Astrology consultation are done over the phone or online only

Can I know my horoscope without the date and time of birth?

In astrology you need birth details – date, place and time of birth. However you can use other methods such as Tarot Card Reading or Palmistry

Can the astrologers in Gurgaon suggest a gemstone for my problems?

Yes, they will based on your horoscope

What is the difference between sun sign and moon sign?

As per astrology Sun sign commands your personality, whereas Moon sign signifies your emotions, your inner mood

How much do the astrologers in Gurgaon charge for horoscope?

It is between Rs 500 to 2500

Majority of Indians trust the Top Astrologer in Gurgaon to give them guidance about their lives. Clients seek answers to questions about their future or their love life, career, or health problems.

Vedic astrology offers more personalized, accurate information to the individual seeking a astrologer’s advice. You can connect with astrologer for getting Horoscope, Kundli, Kundali, Janam Patri or Jathakam. Astrologer can also help with horoscope matching, Match Making, Guna Milan, Kundali Milan, or auspicious dates, muhurat, or muhuratham

Each Astrology session will be unique, and it depends on:

  • Horoscope of a Individual
  • Maha Dasha or Anter Dasha is currently undergoing
  • Various yogas in his birth charts
  • Family and background

The communication an individual receives in an astrology may be very accurate and particular to their situation and the question, they have about their life. Every problem can be addressed by Love Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Marriage Astrology, Career Astrology, Job Astrology, Business Astrology, Money Astrology or Health Astrology. The person seeking the Astrology Reading, may feel they have got the answers that can help them decide better options in their life.

The renowned astrologer Gurgaon offers astrology services for problems related to marriage, love, education, academics, career, job, business, finance, etc in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamail, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya and Marathi.

To talk to Famous astrologer in Gurgaon, Call or WhatsApp on 9538602626. You can also email us on You can refer wiki astrology pages to know more

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This Popular Astrology Services in Gurgaon, Gurugram gives you a simple and straightforward advice. Our Services are available in following locations : ​Gandhi Nagar, Garhi Harsaru, Ghatta Village, Greenwood City, Gurgaon Village, Gwal Pahari, Hans Enclave, Hari Nagar, Heera Nagar, Islampur, Jacombpura, Jharsa, Jyoti Park, Kadipur, Khandsa, Kherki Daula, Krishna Colony, Laxman Garden, Laxman Vihar, Madan Puri, Mainwali Colony, Malibu Town, Manesar Sector M1, Manesar Sector M10,

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