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    For Online Reiki Classes- Reiki Training – Reiki Healing Certification, Call or WhatsApp +91  9538602626 or send an email to enquiry@aadishakti.co.

    4 half-day training sessions for each level (Degree).

    Total 12-14 hours per level

    The fees listed above are for each level.

    Trainer’s Name – Anjali (Experience – 20 years +)

    Language: English & Hindi

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    Reiki is a type of alternative therapy that is also known as energy healing.

    Reiki is a spiritual healing art that involves channelling positive energy.

    It is used to improve healing by reducing tension and relaxing the body.


    For Online Reiki Classes- Reiki Training – Reiki Healing Certification, Call or WhatsApp +91  9538602626 or send an email to enquiry@aadishakti.co.

    4 half-day training sessions for each level (Degree).

    Total 12-14 hours per level

    The fees listed above are for each level.

    Trainer’s Name – Anjali (Experience – 20 years +)

    Why choose us for Reiki Classes – Reiki Training


    • Anjali, an experienced master, will teach you.
    • 2000+ Students Trained
    • Get a 80% discount on the fee (Pay Rs 3999 only, in place of Rs 20000)
    • If you refer one more person, you will receive an additional Rs 500 discount.
    • She is also a specialist in and a trainer in a variety of healing techniques:
      • Pranic Healing
      • Crystal Healing
      • Alpha Healing
      • Hypnotherapy
      • Past Life regression
    • She is also a well-known Tarot Card Reader/ Egyptian Card reader and Trainer.
    • Language : Both English and Hindi are used to teach.
    • Smaller batch sizes ensure that each individual receives adequate attention and has the space to express himself or herself.


    Who are eligible to learn

    • Anyone over the age of 15 years
    • Reiki is not a religious practise. Anyone has the ability to learn.
    • There are no restrictions on eating habits. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you can learn reiki


    Online Reiki Classes, Reiki training includes 

    • 4 half-day training sessions for each level (Degree)
    • Class notes
    • Certificate


    Benefits of Reiki

    Mental and Emotional issues:

    • Relationship or Love Issues, Temperament Issues (anger)
    • Emotional Disturbances, Fears, Phobias & Depression, Pain After Demise of a Family Member
    • Negative Mentality, Lack of Confidence, Feeling of Hopelessness, Confusion in Life
    • Sleeping Problem (Insomnia), Migraine, Headache
    • Alcohol and other addictions


    Physical issues:

    • Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, All types of cancer – cervical, uterus, prostate, bones, blood.
    • Hernia, heart disorder, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, smoking, child issue,
    • Sexual dysfunction, parkinson’s disease, postural instability, liver & kidney failure,
    • Spine & neurological problems, acne, AIDS, cystitis, pneumonia, psoriasis,
    • Sinusitis, sciatica & child bearing can be benefited.
    • Coma patients have seen moved on or come back and healed.
    • Reiki is known as alternate healing method, along with medicine, it may help in expediating recovery.


    Levels of Reiki in Reiki Classes – Reiki Training

    It is also called ‘degrees’, there are primarily three levels in Reiki:

    • The First level (1st Degree) – Basically one learns Self & Other’s healing. It is proximity modality healing. After getting attuned to this level, the healer has to be physically near a patient to be able to heal him/ her.


    • The Second level (2nd Degree) – One learns Distance (absent) healing enables a healer to send Reiki across time and space. By space, we mean that the patient could be half-way across the world from the healer, and still receive Reiki healing.


    • The Third level ((3Rd Degree)- is to become Master Healer. A Master Healer has reached the highest level of Reiki healing. A Reiki Teacher/ Master can teach degrees 1 and 2 to others.


    What will you learn

    • How to use Reiki as a system for healing and personal growth
    • How to do complete Reiki sessions on others and self
    • Heal undesirable patterns and master how to manifest your goals
    • Learn Reiki symbols for power, release, transcending time/space connecting with self
    • How to energise various chakra in the body
    • Perform distance healing
    • Get attunements from your Reiki Master in level II & III
    • Learn how to give attunements to students


    Topics covered in various levels in Reiki Classes in Bangalore – Reiki Training

    Level 1 (1st Degree)

    • What is Reiki
    • How does Reiki work?
    • History of Reiki
    • Energy Exchange
    • Usui sensei’s Reiki Principles
    • Reiki brings about in you
    • Reiki Levels or degrees
    • What is a Reiki attunement or initiation?
    • The 21-day cleansing process
    • Using Reiki
    • The beneficial effects of Reiki
    • Giving Reiki treatment to others
    • Self-treatment
    • Hand positions
    • Aura
    • Chakra
    • Application of Reiki


    Level 2 (2nd Degree)

    • Introduction
    • Ethics
    • About symbols
    • Cho Ku Rei/Power Symbol
    • Sei He Ki/Mental-Emotional symbol
    • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen/Distance symbol
    • Energy blocks and illness
    • Guidelines for the use of symbols
    • Hands-on Reiki treatment using the symbols
    • Self-treatment
    • The 21 Day Cleansing Process
    • Short form of the Reiki treatment
    • Guide to method of healing
    • Distance or Absent healing
    • Distance treatments to many people
    • Reiki Guides, Angels and the Higher Self
    • Protection or shielding
    • Grounding
    • Intentions and affirmations


    Level 3 (3rd Degree) – 3 A & 3 B

    • Introduction
    • The Master Symbol
    • Using the Master Symbol
    • How attunements work
    • Before the Attunement
    • Attunement Process for Reiki Level 1
    • Attunement Process for Reiki Level 2
    • Attunement Process for Reiki Level 3
    • Distant or Remote Attunement
    • The 21 day cleansing process
    • Energy exchange
    • What is a Reiki Master?
    • Ethics
    • How to teach a Reiki Class
    • Lineage


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    Level I- 1st Degree, Level II- 2nd Degree, Level III- 3rd Degree







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    1. Surabhi Prakash

      I was planning to learn Reiki for very long time. However either time or cost of course was a problem. I am happy I enrolled with Aadishakti. I have completed Level I & Level II. Best part is its not just theory class but lots of practices in the class. Also her teaching is very simple and step by step. Loved it.

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