30 Vastu Shastra Tips for Home- For Better Life & Prosperity


Home is not just space made of bricks but it is made up of emotions and feelings such as love and warmth.

Since you are emotionally attached to your home and share a harmonious vibration with home and same way the home also shares same vibrations with you.

30 vastu shastra tips for home- for better life & prosperity is a comprehensive home vastu shastra guide covering tips for bedrooms, toilet, kitchen, drawing room, puja room etc.

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Refer table below to understand the Best or 2nd best directions for various sections of the house

SectionBest Direction2nd Best Direction
Main Door / EntranceEast, North-East, NorthWest, North West, South West, South
Master BedroomSouth-WestSouth, West
Children BedroomWest 
Guest RoomNorth-West 
Dining RoomEast, West or South side (Near Kitchen) 
Drawing RoomNorth or East 
ToiletNorth-West side (not corner)North-East side, South-West Side
TulsiEast, North-East, North 
Store roomNorth-WestAny Direction except South West
Study RoomNorth-east, East or West  
StaircaseSouth-West corner, West, South  
GardenEast, North 
Car ParkingNorth-WestSouth-East

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Master Bedroom ( Bedroom of head of the house)

  • Direction for the Room: South West
  • Head Position while sleeping: South or West 

Children’s Bedroom

  • Direction for the Room: West
  • Head Position while sleeping: South or East

Guest Bedroom

  • Direction for the Room: North West
  • Head Position while sleeping: South

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Direction for the Kitchen

  • South East

Cook Facing while cooking

  • East

Location of Sink & tap

  • North East

Location of Refrigerator

  • South West

Location of Exhaust Fans and Windows

  • East

Location of Electrical Appliances

  • South or South East

Location of Drinking water vessels/RO

  • North East

Colour for the Kitchen

  • Bright Colours such as green, red, yellow, rose and orange. Avoid dark colours

Location of Storage

  • West or South

Vastu Tips for Drawing Room or Living Room

Location for the Drawing Room or Living Room

  • North or East

Placements for sofa sets

  • North-East, North-West and South-East
  • Or Central east, west, north or south facing area

Decorative Items / Fish Tank in the Room

  •  North Direction

Placement for the Television

  • East or North Wall

Placement for the Air Conditioner

  • West

Vastu Tips for Dining Room

Location for the Dining Room

  • East, West or South side
  • Most important point is – should be near the kitchen & on same floor as kitchen

Placements for Dining table

  • South West
  • Or center of the room but not under the beam

Placements for Wash Basin

  • North or East

Vastu Tips for Puja Room

Location of Puja Room

  • North-East, or North, East
  • It should be on the ground floor. It should not not be in basement or first floor

Placements of Idols

  • East or west Facing

Placements of Lampstand / Diya

  • Lamp stand or Diya in the pooja room in south-east or eastern side

Vastu Tips for Toilets / Washroom

Location of Toilet / Wash Room

  • North west side  (Not North West corner) – Best
  • North East side  (Not North east corner) – 2nd Best
  • South West  (Not South West corner) – 2nd Best

Placement of Water Closet

  • West, south or north-west direction

Entrance for the Toilet 

  • East or north Direction

Location of Washing Machine

  • North-west or south-east direction

Location of Commode

  • West, South or North-West side of West

Location of Geyser

  • South East Corner

Location of Bathtub

  • East, west or north-east

Location of Washbasin

  • East, north or north-east

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