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To book The Vastu Consultant in Bangalore-Vastu for Factory – Industry, Call or WhatsApp on 9538602626 or email us on enquiry@aadishakti.co

  • Get help of Top Vastu consultant in selecting right location and entrance
  • Simple Vastu remedies without demolition for Vastu dosha/defects
  • Optimize Vastu for Shop Floor, Vastu for Factory Layout, Vastu for Owner’s Room, Vastu for supervisor’s Room Vastu for Factory Entrance, Vastu for Storage, Vastu working area, Vastu for Bathroom
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The Best Vastu Consultant in Bangalore-Vastu for Factory – Industry may help you in increasing productivity, maintaining cordial relationship with labour, doing better sales and mitigating risk of accidents. Vastu for factory – Vastu for Industry harmonizes the factory premises with the forces of nature, and sets a stage for growth, productivity and prosperity.

To book The Vastu Consultant in Bangalore-Vastu for Factory – Industry, Call or WhatsApp on 9538602626. You can also email us on enquiry@aadishakti.co

Why Choose Us for Vastu for Factory – Vastu for Industry

  • Experienced & qualified Consultants
  • Provides simple remedies without demolition
  • Vastu consultation with Astro advice (Chargeable)
  • Nominal Fee: Avail 40% discount
  • Consultant visits the site
  • Phone consultancy also available, Call on 9538602828
  • More than 10000 vastu consultancy done by the team
  • Watch Vastu tips for factory video by Gyan – The Treasure to understand basic Vastu for Factory


Vastu Consulting Process for Vastu for Factory – Vastu for Industry

  • Inspect the shop thoroughly
  • Check Major defects
  • Check minor defects
  • Suggest simple remedies without any demolition
  • Clarify all your doubts

Benefits of Vastu for factory – Vastu for Industry

  • Helps with Financial Prosperity
  • Business Stability
  • Growth of Business
  • Amicable and productive work environment
  • Helps in maintaining good physical & mental health of employees

Important Tips for Vastu for Factory – Vastu for Industry

  • Choose factory in East, North or North-east direction in order to bag and make more profit in long-run
  • The entrance of factory must be in East direction and main gate should be huge with two shutters
  • The owner’s office should be constructed in the East or North portion while owner must sit facing North for all kind dealing and discussion
  • For early dispatching and good profits, make the provision of keeping finished goods in North-west
  • South or South-west area is appropriate for workshop and maintenance work
  • Electrical equipment, meters, generators, boilers etc must be located in the South-east direction as it facilitates the smooth functioning and alleviates accidents
  • Toilets in the factory must be constructed in the South-east or North-west portion
  • Septic tank must be build in North-west/North or South-east/South
  • Raw material or stacks must be dump in South-west corner
  • Machines heavy or lighter should be located in South or West sides but avoid centre, North-east or North-west
  • Tube-well or bore well must be made provision in North-east and this area should be kept light and clean.
  • Overhead tanks must be placed in South-west


Key points to remember for Vastu for Factory – Vastu for Industry

  • It is not possible to find a property that is 100% Vastu compliant
  • Even if one construct a office, he may be able to make a property 100% Vastu compliant
  • Instead of looking for 100% Vastu complaint property, one should look for property that is free of Major Vastu defects or free of too many Vastu defects
  • Minor Vastu defects can be corrected with the help of Vastu remedies such as Vastu pyramids, Vastu enhancers and activators
  • Vastu pyramids, Vastu enhancers and activators helps in mitigating Vastu Doshas


Kindly Note

  • Fee covers verbal consultation only
  • For written reports, fee is double of the verbal consultation





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2 reviews for Vastu for Factory, Vastu for Industry

  1. Hemanth B

    Thanks to Aadishakti. Their services are highly recommended. My factory was facing loads of trouble and I myself was highly frustrated. I have used them for Vastu consultation for my factory and inside. Last 3 month, I am on my track after such a long time. You cannot understand unless you run a business and at risk of losing everything. Thanks for help

  2. Ashwin Manoj

    My small factory in Jigni was tremendous labor and productivity issues. What I liked about them is they are straight forward in answering to your questions about Vastu. I would recommend them to anyone who would really want a right suggestion for Vastu problems to lead a stable and peaceful life. After suggested changes, some peace has returned. Thanks

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