Numerology for Baby Names

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In a nutshell

  • Online services – from the comfort of your own home
  • We’ll create a set of 10-12 lucky names (Other numerologist may suggest just 1 or 2 names)
  • We combine astrology and numerology to boost the name, fame, and prosperity of your child
  • You can also suggest names you like, and we’ll evaluate them too


Numerology for Baby Names

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“What’s in a name,” as William Shakespeare famously said in his play Romeo and Juliet.

However, numerology demonstrates that the name contains a wealth of details.

Baby names numerology, is  a branch of numerology that employs numbers in the same way that astrology employs planets.

Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value and vibrations that impact people in different ways.

Numerology is the study of the numerical value of letters in words, names, and ideas that affect our daily lives.

Process of Selecting Baby Names Based on Numerology

  • As a first step, we gather the following details:
    • Date of Birth
    • Time of Birth
    • Place of Birth
  • We calculate nakshatra using the information above
  • Then, 3-4 “auspicious letters from which names begin” are recommended
  • You can choose 1 or 2 letters from these “auspicious letters” for us to work on a lucky name
  • You can propose “a letter” as per your choice if you want your child’s name to begin with any letter from (A to Z) rather than the above suggested “auspicious letters”
  • Then, depending on your  chosen “auspicious letters,” we’ll recommend 15 lucky names  (first names only)
  • Alternative Option:
    • There are lakhs of names to choose from, and everyone prefers their own name
    • Our names may or may not appeal to you.
    • In that scenario, you can also suggest 4-5 names
    • We’ll examine into those names to see if they’re lucky for the baby or not

FAQs: Numerology for baby names

What information do we require for the Numerology for baby names?

We need the following 2 details:

  • Birth details – Date, Time and Place of birth
  • Gender – Boy or Girl

How much does lucky baby names numerology cost?

999 rupees or USD $ 29

How many languages does baby names numerology available?

Only the English alphabets can be used in numerology.

Why should chose Aadishakti numerologist for new born baby?

  • Only Rs 999 (USD $ 29), which is the best price in the market.
    • The standard market rate ranges from Rs 4499 to Rs 10999 (USD $ 59 to 149)
  • 1 Lakh+ Happy clients
  • Online services – from the comfort of your own home
  • We’ll create a set of 10- 12 lucky names (Other numerologist may suggest just 1 or 2 names)
  • We combine astrology and numerology to boost the name, fame, and prosperity of your child
  • You can also suggest names you like, and we’ll evaluate them too

What is Numerology Used for?

  • Lucky Baby Name
  • Name Correction
  • Lucky number for vehicle
  • Fortunate number for House
  • Business Name for success
  • Website Name
  • Lucky Phone Number
  • Lucky email id
  • Business Logo
  • Business Visiting Card
  • Business Letter Head

18 reviews for Numerology for Baby Names

  1. Ramashree

    Our baby were born in October 5th, we were struggling to get proper name for our lovely daughter. Then my friend Arvind guided me to Aadishakti. They have given beautiful options of name for my daughter within 4 hours. I did not visit them, everything was done on phone and whatsap. So happy I consulted them for Numerology. Very very good services

  2. Mamatha Sundar

    I have met them for numerology for my son’s name. Really happy to see how scientific whole activity is. Hoping only for the best. Thanks for wonderful services

  3. P Bopanna

    I am from Kodagu, My friend Adidya has used their services in past. He recommended. I have used their numerology services for name of my venture. Really liked their service, prompt and not costly

  4. Renu Shah

    Used their services for baby name. Very well explained and fee is also reasonable. Thanks Aadishakti

  5. Atharv Saxena

    Best Numerology guidance I recieved from Aadishakti team.

  6. Aaryah Jaitly

    Very good numerology service; they don’t simply recommend names; they also give guidance on problems and remedies.

  7. Haripriya Iyer

    Aadishakti team gave the best Neumerology consulting. They recommended a very reasonable name change with simple remedies.

  8. Maanasa Chheda

    I found Aadishakti to be a really trustworthy online counselling service; they are the only group I’ve come across, who don’t scare people in the name of spirituality, but instead provide more practical and reasonable explanations of problems and advice accordingly.

  9. Pravi Desai

    We were having financial difficulties so we contacted the Aadishakti team. They studied neumerology for me, my partners, and our business names.
    Then they explained that the issue was that all three names were completely anti to each other. We changed the name based on their advice, and it has significantly improved the business today. Thanks Aadishakti

  10. Radhe M

    I consulted Aadishakti about Numerology-based names for my baby boy. They were really nice and easy to talk to, and they explained the logic behind each of the names we offered, as well as the benefits and drawbacks. I am very happy with their Consultation

  11. Savitri Dinesh

    Aadishakti.co offers Numerology consulting at a low cost. They are really trustworthy and professional in my opinion. I would strongly recommend them.

  12. Nitin T

    Aadishakti team is the best in Numerology consulting. They are very logical in suggesting the Name change. I am very satisfied with their service

  13. Anirban Ghosh

    We needed to choose a name for our company, so my partner and I decided to use numerology services. We used Aadishakti.co to help us find the best company name for our business. We found them to be very approachable and professional. They described the difficulty of my name clashing with my partner’s name in layman’s terms. And he proposed a sensible change to our current name. They also aid in the selection of a Numerologically appropriate name for our venture. We are delighted to be able to use their numerological services. And I would strongly advise everyone to do the same.

  14. Samiksha Ben

    Aadishakti.co provides very low-cost and professional Numerology consulting. They are, in my opinion, really trustworthy and nice team. I would highly recommend them.

  15. Udayan M

    Aadishakti.co Numerology services are excellent

  16. Vishu R

    I used their services to find a name for my baby. The charges are very affordable and they explained very well everything. Thanks a lot, Aadishakti.

  17. Divya G

    Very good numerology service by Aadishakti Team; they don’t just provide names; they also offer advice on problems and remedies.

  18. Lalbal Sharma

    I consulted Aadishakti to discuss the numerology of my son’s name. I’m very impressed to see how methodical and scientific approach they follow. Thank you Aadishakti for your excellent service.

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