Vastu for North Facing House: The Direction of Wealth

There is no better place in the world, than being in the coziness of our houses. The harmony, love, intimacy all comes within the walls of our houses.  

Normally when it comes to purchasing property, most people consider that north or east facing house are auspicious. However, as per Vastu Shastra, no direction is bad.

“Vastu for North Facing House: The Direction of Wealth” the article explains various parameters related to north direction that one needs to follow to harness the positive energies and prevent the negative energies.

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North, the direction is ruled by Lord Kubera, a god of wealth. North facing House, Flats or Properties are the first choice of the many including business community.

Since It is easy to plan various vastu requirements in a north facing house, it is sold very quickly.

However we need to remember, only direction of a house or flat cannot guarantee benefits, one has to pay special attention to the various aspects such as main door or entrance and other parts of the house or flat.

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How to identify a North facing house?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Take a compass (open compass app on mobile) and stand in the centre of the house, facing outside (as if you’re going out of your home)
  • Keep the compass or phone on the ground so that it is not tilted in any one direction. Note down the direction it is showing. For example,
    • While coming out of your home, you face North – then you have a North facing house
    • Similarly, if you face South while coming out of your home, then you have a South facing house

Is a North facing house good or bad as per Vastu?

Simple answer to this question is “It depends”.

It depends of how Vastu principals are followed on designing various sections of the house such as location of the Main entrance, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Open Space, Living Room / Area, Dining Room, Toilet, Bathroom, Temple / Mandir, Swimming Pool, Garage, Gym, Terrace, Staircase, garden, etc.

Hence only buying north facing house does not make it good or bad

North facing house is suitable for who all ?

Normally north facing property may be suitable to personnel of 3 types of professions

  • North is direction of Kuber (Lord of Money) hence suitable for professionals related to finance such as banking, accounting, insurance, stock market, financial audit etc.
  • North direction is also linked to planet mercury hence suitable to professionals of printing/publishing, astrology, vastu and communications etc
  • North direction is also direction of water hence suitable to professionals of media, medicine,  entertainment industry, travel,  e-commerce etc

North facing house is suitable for which Rashis ?

People of following 3 Rashis (moon Sign) may go for North facing houses:

  • मेष (Aries)
  • सिंह  (Leo)
  • धनु  (Sagittarius)

However, as mentioned earlier rashi or north facing house alone is not sufficient condition for right house

Vastu for North Facing House – The Placement of Main Door/Entrance

We need to understand there is difference between house facing and facing of main entrance (main door)

  • Check whether your main door is in centre or on left or on right
  • For North Facing
    • If door is in centre, then Main door is in North
    • If door is in Left, then Main door is in North West
    • If door is in Right, then Main door is in North East

Normally, North direction is considered very favourable in vastu shastra. However different parts of north directions have varying degree of auspiciousness.

To understand the concept, read the details below and refer the above image & coloured partition:

  • There are 9 padas or steps in North side of a house all having different auspiciousness
  • You can divide full north side by 9, these 9 parts will be known as padas
  • The 5th pada (green one) is the best and the most auspicious for entrance or main door of a north facing home.
    •  It’s the location of Kuber (the God of wealth) and attracts money
  • If pada 5 alone is small, then one can used the pada’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 are for entrance or main door
    • But keep in mind, to include pada 5 along with padas 4, 3, 2 or 1
    • However, if you are using space up to pada 1, then make sure that the entrance or main door doesn’t touch the NE corner.
    • Leave at least 6 inches of space from NE wall.
  • if there’s no option to place the main door in any other padas, then only the pada’s 6 to 9 should be utilised

Do’s: Vastu for North Facing Home

  • Make walls in North and East slightly shorter and thinner than South and West.
  • Make sure that kitchen is in SE or NW, preferably SE
    • While cooking, you should face towards East in a South-East kitchen and West in a North-West kitchen.
  • Provide an underground tank at the North-East portion of the house
  • It is better to leave more open space towards the East and North while constructing. 
  • Make maximum windows on the North or East direction of the construction
  • Place an open terrace towards the North side
  • Make Pooja room in the NE corner. 
  • Make living room in the NE corner
  • The guest bedroom can be in the NW
  • Choose a plot that slopes from South to North.
  • Make the master bedroom in SW.
  • Garage should be placed towards the North-West of the plot or home

Don’ts: Vastu for North Facing Home

  • Avoid a toilet in the NE corner
  • Avoid bedroom in NE corner
  • Avoid a septic tank in NE corner
  • Avoid having a kitchen in NE corner
  • Avoid a cut in NE corner
  • Avoid staircase in North side of the home especially from padas 1st to 5th
  • Avoid big trees in North side of the house.
  • Avoid having clutter, dirt, dustbins etc. towards North and NE
  • Avoid leaving surplus space towards the South and West
  • Avoid placing a heavy pillar on the NE side while constructing a home.
  • You should avoid selecting a plot that inclines from North to South
  • Avoid a plot with the T-junction from any direction. 

FAQs for Vastu for North Facing House

  • What are the best usages of North direction?
    •  Family room, living room, dining room, study room, home office, discussion room, gathering room, etc.
  • Septic tank towards North direction is good?
    •  Good
  • Having water storage sump (below ground level) is good or bad?
    •  Good
  • Can we construct car shed or car garage?
    •  Ideally no
  • Having an entry door or entrance gate or window towards the North is good?
    •  Yes
  • North pooja room is good as per vastu?
    •  Yes
  • Can we develop a garden in north direction?
    •  Yes
  • Can we plan a lift/elevator?
    •  Yes
  • Having an internal or external staircase/steps is acceptable?
    •  No
  • Having sewage line at north direction is good?
    •  Yes
  • Is constructing a storeroom or stocks at this location is OK?
    •  No
  • North toilet is good?
    •  Yes
  • Can we construct porticos?
    •  Yes
  • Master bedroom in North direction is good?
    •  No
  • Can we plan for a water fountain in North?
    •  Yes
  • Balcony at North direction is good?
    •  Yes
  • North direction kitchen is suggested?
    •  No
  • Keeping sofa sets and furniture is bad or good?
    •  Yes
  • Can we keep the computer table at North direction?
    •  Yes
  • Can we plan the swimming pool at North direction?
    •  Yes
  • Can we have a home office in this direction?
    •  OK
  • Can we have water lakes, water wells, rivers, ponds, and stream at North direction?
    •  Yes
  • Having electricity transformers and electricity polls are good?
    •  No
  • Can we plan basement/cellar for North facing house?
    •  Yes
  • Mountains and hillocks at North direction are bad or good?
    •  Not good
  • Can we plant Trees in North direction?
    •  Gardening is a good idea, however no heavy and big plants or trees
  • Planning to buy one North facing plot, opposite there are many open vacant lands, is this good?
    •  Yes

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