Vastu for West Facing House to attract Gain and Profit


A house or home is not just a dwelling built to live in; but a place where one not only feels comfortable and but also feels secure every moment of life.

A home is built not by bricks or wood, but with the tie of family.

A home is a place that reminds a person of innumerable memories and values when he walks through. In this article “Vastu for West Facing House to attract Gain and Profit”, we share a perspective on what one has to take care and and its implications of the house or flat.

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West is direction of Varun-God of rains, Fame and Fate, however West is ruled by Saturn. Hence Vastu of west facing house/plot also needs careful planning.

It involves understanding the location of the main door, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, windows, and its shape.

A large number of homes having west or south door were fortunate in creating a prosperous and peaceful life.

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How to identify a West facing house?

Follow these simple steps for Vastu for West Facing House to attract Gain and Profit:

  • Take a compass (open compass app on mobile) and stand in the centre of the house, facing outside (as if you’re going out of your home)
  • Keep the compass or phone on the ground so that it is not tilted in any one direction. Note down the direction it is showing. For example,
    • While coming out of your home, you face West – then you have a West facing house
    • Similarly, if you face East while coming out of your home, then you have a East facing house

Is west facing house good?

However, as per Vastu Shastra, houses in all directions are equally good. there is no such thing as west facing houses are not as good as east or north facing houses.

A west-facing house can be as equally prosperous as other houses, provided you follow Vastu principles while designing home.

Since no direction is good or bad hence, Simple answer to this question is “It depends on how vastu principles area follwed

West facing house is suitable for which Rashis ?

People of following 3 Rashis (moon Sign) may go for West facing houses:

  • वृषभ (Taurus)
  • तुला (Libra)
  • कुंभ (Aquarius)

However, as mentioned earlier rashi or West facing house alone is not enough for right house

Vastu for West Facing House Main Door

We need to understand there is difference between house facing and facing of main entrance (main door)

  • Check whether your main door is in centre or on left or on right
  • For West Facing
    • If door is in centre, then Main door is in West
    • If door is in Left, then Main door is in South West
    • If door is in Right, then Main door is in North West

Main Door Vastu for West Facing House: Different sections of West directions have different degree of auspiciousness.

To understand the concept, read the details below and refer the above image & coloured partition:

  • There are 9 padas or steps in West side of a house all having different auspiciousness
  • You can divide full west side by 9, these 9 parts will be known as padas
  • Padas 3, 4, 5 and 6 are the ones that are most auspicious to locate the entrance of a West facing house
  • Padas 1 and 2 can be used if the space after utilizing padas 3, 4, 5 and 6 seems less (however, this rarely happens)
    • The entrance of a West facing house can also be located in padas 1 and 2 (only if there’s no option to use 3, 4, 5 and 6 padas);
    • This is neutral position – entrance may not give good results but also may not give bad results either
  • Padas 7, 8 and 9 are the ones that are prohibited
    • This is not a auspicious position for door. You should never ever locate the entrance of your home in this part of West side

Pooja Room Vastu For West Facing House

The pooja room in west facing houses should be on north or east wall, confirming that there is no kitchen or toilet behind the wall.

Moreover, the idol or photos of gods should be placed in such a manner that one faces the east or north while praying.

Bathroom Vastu for West Facing Home

As per vaastu, bathroom should be in Northwest direction. In case of attached toilet in your bathroom (which is common for most apartments), then toilet seat or commode should be made in the southeast or northwest side.

Also make sure that toilet seat or commode are placed few inches above the ground.  The alternative direction of the toilet could be the southeast.

However, do not construct a toilet under the staircase

Kitchen as per Vastu for West Facing Home

For a west or north facing house, make the kitchen in the North West direction, so that you look to the north while cooking.

For east or the south facing house, the best place for the kitchen is the south east.

West Facing House Pros and Cons

Pros of A West Facing House or West Facing House Advantages

  • It is direction of lord Varun. If house is made properly as per Vastu principles, it may bring wealth and prosperity to the occupants
  • Occupants of west facing house are extrovert and social, hence succeed in business and financial dealings
  • West facing house are cooler in evening till next day afternoon hence suitable for bedrooms in front

Cons of A West Facing House or West Facing House Disadvantages

  • North- south axis houses or plots are better than east-west axis houses or plots. Hence this could be small disadvantage for west facing houses
  • Getting ideal entrance in west facing house may not be easy, as major section could be in north east or south west
  • For all those places where climate is hot, houses tend to get maximum heat as in afternoon sun moves from south to west

Do’s: Vastu for West Facing House to attract Gain and Profit

  • The walls in South and West must be thicker and higher than East and North
  • Kitchen – Place the kitchen in SE or NW of the house; SE is better.
  • Master bedroom – Master Bedroom in SW is the best
    • If the house has multiple floors then locate the master bedroom at the highest floor.
  • Living room: in NE of the house is favorable
  • Pooja room: in NE of the house is advantageous
  • Kid’s room: It can be in South, West or North-West.
  • A guest bedroom: It can be placed in North-West.
  • A plot that slopes from South to North is considered auspicious
  • The compound wall should be thick and big/large at the west and south to obstruct the path of negativity
  • Plant tall and heavy trees in the west to be protected against evil

Don’ts: Vastu for West Facing House to attract Gain and Profit

  • Avoid bore-well or water sump in SW of the house, It results in poverty and disease
  • Never buy a plot or flat having extension in South or SW
  • Never have a kitchen in SW of the house, it invite negativity and instability.
  • Never have an extension in the west or south. This will give way to negative energy to flow
  • Never purchase a west facing house at a T junction and/or veedhi-shoola at the west. This is one of the major vastu issuea
  • Balcony : There should not be any balconies or terrace in the west

FAQs for Vastu for West Facing Home

  • Having water storage sump (below ground level) is good or bad?
    •  No
  • Septic tank towards West direction is good?
    • No
  • Can we construct car shed or car garage?
    •  Yes but should not touch the main building
  • Having an entry door or entrance gate or window towards the West is good?
    •  Yes
  • West pooja room is good as per vastu?
    •  Yes
  • Can we develop a garden in West direction?
    •  Yes
  • Can we plan a lift/elevator?
    •  Yes
  • Having an internal or external staircase/steps is acceptable?
    •  Internal is fine but before making external consult Vastu expert
  • Having sewage line at West direction is good?
    •  No
  • Is constructing a storeroom or stocks at this location is OK?
    •  Yes
  • West toilet is good?
    •  Avoid but if you wish to construct consult Vastu expert
  • Can we construct porticos?
    •  Yes
  • Master bedroom in West direction is good?
    •  Yes
  • Can we plan for a water fountain in West?
    •  Yes
  • Balcony at West direction is good?
    •  Avoid, if possible
  • West direction kitchen is suggested?
    •  Yes but at NW
  • Keeping sofa sets and furniture is bad or good?
    •  Yes
  • Can we keep the computer table at West direction?
    •  Yes
  • Can we have a home office in this direction?
    •  OK
  • Can we have water lakes, water wells, rivers, ponds, and stream at West direction?
    •  No
  • Having electricity transformers and electricity polls are good?
    •  No
  • Can we plan basement/cellar for West facing house?
    •  Yes but consult Vastu expert
  • Mountains and hillocks at West direction are bad or good?
    •  Yes
  • Can we plant Trees in West direction?
    •  Yes
  • Planning to buy one West facing plot, opposite there are many open vacant lands, is this good?
    •  Avoid

Many people believe, Vastu for West Facing Home is challenging as it is ruled by Saturn and hence it may bring bad luck, affect the health.

But with vastu shastra and the vastu tips for west-facing houses, it is not difficult to rectify these issues.

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