Vastu for Restaurant Hotel : 10+ Free Tips

Changing demographics and varying lifestyles are driving the rush to restaurants and hotels. Today’s customers don’t have the time or leaning to cook. They want the flavour of fresh biryani without the hassle of cooking. They want delicious, healthy meals without dishes to wash. More and more singles, working couples and elderly are looking for greater convenience when it comes to buying their meals.

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Although the future looks bright for the restaurants and hotels industry overall, still many restaurant and hotel operators are struggling, even after creating the best ambiance and hiring the best cooks. One of the key reasons for this is – while constructing and doing the interiors they ignored the basic Vastu advises. Article “Vastu for Restaurant Hotel : 10+ Free Tips” highlights those simple principles for the benefit of restaurant owners.

Restaurant Facing (Main Entrance)

Vastu for Restaurant Hotel

  • Main entrance of the restaurant should always be East or North
  • A plot of your restaurant should be of a regular shape

Location of Departments in Restaurants as per Vastu

  1. Sitting arrangements : should be on the first floor
  2. Reception : preferably in north direction
  3. Storage room : for keeping raw material, grains etc should be in south west
  4. Kitchen : should be at south east side only
    • Burners should face the South Wall
  5. Toilets : should be at North West or West corner
  6. Electrical equipments: such as generators, invertors, geysers etc. should be at South-East direction
  7. Owner or cashier whoever collect payment or money should face East or North direction
  8. Restaurant should not be dark and dingy rather it should have good ventilation and enough light
  9. Colors
    • Restaurant : Light but bright colors. It symbolizes vibrancy and positive energy. This may help in attracting more customers
    • Pub : Dark colors, it goes with ambiance and mood
  10. Lighting To give the feeling of warmth, it should be bright and shiny
  11. Mirrors : Additionally, you can used mirrors on the walls, it help increase positivity and prosperity
  12. Water Fountain: Can keep in the North-east corner of restaurant
  13. If possible kindly avoid places with beams, pillars, and arches in the restaurant premise, as this may bring bad and loses
  14. Cleanliness : Logically entire restaurant should be clean however, special care should be taken for North-East corner

A restaurant, bar or hotel constructed on the basis of principles of Vastu Shasta may become successful in attracting customers and also earning goodwill of paying loyal customers. To seek the advice of best vastu consultant. Please Call us or WhatsApp on + 91 9538602626. You can also email us on You can visit our website too –

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