Mesha Rashi Names for Girl

A list of 1900+ mesha rashi names for Girl – aries names for Girls, is given below:

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Mesha Rashi Names for Girl – मेष राशि के लड़कियों के नाम

About Aries Girl Kid: If your child is an Aries, you most likely never have time to unwind. Children born under the sign of Aries like being active, and they get agitated and restless when they feel confined.

Because of their intense intensity, it’s critical that they have healthy outlets for their emotions, such playing with other children, doing crafts, or engaging in sports.

If they don’t have these outlets, they may have angry or irritable outbursts.

They work best in groups with other children who are involved in stimulating activities, such as athletics or playground play.

Due to their gregarious nature, Aries is not a sign you should be concerned about making new friends.

Aries Names for Girls – Lucky Names for Aries Girls

Aries Girls Names Start With Letter – (A, L, E, I, O)

Aries, मेषAabhaGlow; Luster; Shine
Aries, मेषAabharanaJewel
Aries, मेषAabheriA raaga in Indian music
Aries, मेषAabintaexpressive, fun-loving nature, Powerful and complete
Aries, मेषAadanyaderived from the name of King Cheran
Aries, मेषAadarshiniIdealistic
Aries, मेषAadhiraLightning; Strong; The Moon
Aries, मेषAadhrikaMountain or celestial
Aries, मेषAadhyaFirst power; Goddess Durga; First; Unequalled; Perfect
Aries, मेषAadhyasriFirst power; The beginning
Aries, मेषAadhyaviWarrior princess
Aries, मेषAadishriFirst; More important
Aries, मेषAaditaFirst; Original; From the beginning
Aries, मेषAadithiMother of Gods; Liberty; Perfection; Creativity; Freedom; Safety
Aries, मेषAaditriThe highest honor; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAadrikaMountain; Hill; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Aries, मेषAadritiGoddess Durga; Ray
Aries, मेषAadvikaWorld; Earth; Unique
Aries, मेषAadwidhaOriginal; Perfection
Aries, मेषAadyaFirst power; Goddess Durga; First; Unequalled; Perfect
Aries, मेषAaghnyaBorn from fire, Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAahanaInner light, Immortal, Born during the day
Aries, मेषAahladitaIn Happy mood; Delighted
Aries, मेषAahnaExist
Aries, मेषAairaThe beginning; The principle; The breathe of life
Aries, मेषAakaankshaDesire; Wish
Aries, मेषAakaanshaWish; Desire; Dream
Aries, मेषAakankshaDesire; Wish
Aries, मेषAakanshaWish; Desire; Dream
Aries, मेषAakarshaAbove everybody
Aries, मेषAakarshikaHaving attractive power
Aries, मेषAakash LaxmiSky limit
Aries, मेषAakritiShape; Form; Figure; Appearance
Aries, मेषAakruthiShape; Structure
Aries, मेषAakrutiShape; Structure
Aries, मेषAalayaHome; Refuge
Aries, मेषAaleahyaSunshine
Aries, मेषAalishaProtected by God; Silk of heaven
Aries, मेषAamaniGood wish; Spring season (Vasanth Ritu)
Aries, मेषAamayaNight rain
Aries, मेषAamishaBeautiful; Without decept; Pure; Truthful; Guileless
Aries, मेषAamodiniJoyful; Pleasurable; Happy girl; Fragrant; Celebrated
Aries, मेषAamruthaState of deathlessness; Immortality; Divine nectar of the god
Aries, मेषAamukthaLiberated
Aries, मेषAanadhithaHappy one
Aries, मेषAanamraModest
Aries, मेषAanandamayiFull of joy; Full of happiness
Aries, मेषAanandanaHappiness
Aries, मेषAanandathaHappy
Aries, मेषAanandiThe one who is always Happy
Aries, मेषAanandiniiFull of joy; Blissful
Aries, मेषAananditaPurveyor of joy; Happy
Aries, मेषAanandithaPurveyor of joy; Happy
Aries, मेषAananthaInfinite; Endless; Eternal; The Earth
Aries, मेषAananthamayaFull of great happiness
Aries, मेषAanaviKind to people; Generous
Aries, मेषAanayaWithout a superior; God has shown favour
Aries, मेषAanchalShelter; The decorative end of a sari
Aries, मेषAanchiPositive energy; Soulful
Aries, मेषAandaalAn incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAanihaIndifferent
Aries, मेषAanikaGoddess Durga; The brilliance of the stone
Aries, मेषAanshiGod's gift
Aries, मेषAantikaOlder sister
Aries, मेषAanviOne of the devis names, Name of a Goddess
Aries, मेषAanvyName of a Goddess
Aries, मेषAanyaInexhaustible; Limitless; Resurrection
Aries, मेषAaokaLustrous
Aries, मेषAapekshaPassion; Being passionate
Aries, मेषAapshiFragrance
Aries, मेषAaptiFulfilment; Conclusion; Success; Completion
Aries, मेषAaraOrnament; Decoration; Light bringer
Aries, मेषAaraadhyaFirst one; One worth worshiping
Aries, मेषAarabhiKarnatic musical (Raaga) famous note
Aries, मेषAaradhanaWorship; Adoration
Aries, मेषAaradhayaWorshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh
Aries, मेषAaradhitaWorshipped
Aries, मेषAaradhyaWorshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh
Aries, मेषAaradhyayBelief; Respect
Aries, मेषAaradyaWorshipped, Blessing of Lord Ganesh
Aries, मेषAaraniAarani also another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAaranyaGod of Parvati
Aries, मेषAarashiFirst ray of the Sun; Heavenly; Rice; Queen
Aries, मेषAarathanaSoft and beautiful
Aries, मेषAarathiWorship; Hymns sang in praise of God; Divine fire in ritual
Aries, मेषAaratiWorship; Hymns sang in praise of God; Divine fire in ritual
Aries, मेषAaratrikaDusk lamp beneath Tulsi plant
Aries, मेषAaraviPeace
Aries, मेषAaravyaSun Rise; starting of something new
Aries, मेषAaraynaQueen
Aries, मेषAarchiRay of light
Aries, मेषAardhanaLord Muruga
Aries, मेषAardhyaWorship
Aries, मेषAardra6th Nakshatra; Wet
Aries, मेषAaridhyaTo be accomplished; To be made favorable; To be worshipped
Aries, मेषAariniAdventurous
Aries, मेषAaritraOne who shows the right path; Navigator
Aries, मेषAarnaGoddess Lakshmi; Water; Wave; Effervescing; Stream
Aries, मेषAarohiA music tune; Progressive; Evolving
Aries, मेषAarthiA way of offering prayer to God
Aries, मेषAartiA form of worship; Singing of hymns in praise of God
Aries, मेषAarunaDawn; Red; Passionate; Fertile
Aries, मेषAarupaWithout the limitations of form; Divine
Aries, मेषAarushaThe first ray of the Sun
Aries, मेषAarushiDawn, Red sky in the early morning
Aries, मेषAarviPeace
Aries, मेषAarya Honored; Noble; Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषAaryahiGoddess Durga
Aries, मेषAaryamaniBelonging to the Sun; The noblest of nobles
Aries, मेषAaryanaBest; Noble
Aries, मेषAarythyDaughter of Aarya
Aries, मेषAashaDesire; Wish; Hope
Aries, मेषAashakaAartis; Best wishes; Blessing
Aries, मेषAashakiranRay of hope
Aries, मेषAashalataCreeper of hope
Aries, मेषAashalathaCreeper of hope
Aries, मेषAashaliPopular; Amenable
Aries, मेषAashcharyaSurprise
Aries, मेषAashiSmile; Joy; Laughter; Blessing
Aries, मेषAashianaHome; House
Aries, मेषAashikaOne without sorrow; Mercury; Sweetheart; Beloved
Aries, मेषAashimaLimitless; Protector; Defendant; Central
Aries, मेषAashirvachanaFragrance
Aries, मेषAashiryaFrom the land of God
Aries, मेषAashishaWish; Blessed
Aries, मेषAashitaRiver Yamuna; Success
Aries, मेषAashivithaAngel; Pure heart
Aries, मेषAashiyanaNest; Beautiful home; A dwelling place
Aries, मेषAashkaAartis; Best wishes; Blessing
Aries, मेषAashmeenJasmine; Flower
Aries, मेषAashmiFrom the Sky
Aries, मेषAashmitaPride; Also Spelt as Ashmita
Aries, मेषAashnaBeloved; Devoted to love; Friend; The one to be acknowledged
Aries, मेषAashniLightning
Aries, मेषAashrayaShelter
Aries, मेषAashritaSomebody who gives shelter; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAashrithaSomebody who gives shelter; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAashtaFaith; Belief
Aries, मेषAashthaFaith; Belief
Aries, मेषAashvaniFemale horse
Aries, मेषAashveeVictorious; Goddess Saraswati
Aries, मेषAashviBlessed and victorious; Little Mare
Aries, मेषAashwikaGoddess Santoshi Maa
Aries, मेषAasiaOne who tends to the weak and heals; Hopeful
Aries, मेषAasmiI am, Self-confident
Aries, मेषAasraKing of fame
Aries, मेषAasritaSomebody who gives shelter; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAasthaFaith; Hope; Regard; Support
Aries, मेषAasthaaFaith; Hope; Regard; Support
Aries, मेषAasthikaFaith
Aries, मेषAasyaOne who tends to the weak and heals; Hopeful
Aries, मेषAathiArranger; Adjuster
Aries, मेषAathiraPrayer; Quick; Lightening; Pray; Name of a star
Aries, मेषAathmikaRelated to Aathma, Soul
Aries, मेषAatmajaDaughter of the soul, Born of the soul
Aries, मेषAatrayiContainer of glory
Aries, मेषAatreyiGlorious; Able to cross the three worlds
Aries, मेषAatviEnergy
Aries, मेषAavaniThe Earth; First month of Tamil calendar
Aries, मेषAavantikaAncient Malwa; Ujjain; Infinite; Humble
Aries, मेषAavihshkaAltruism; Advantage; Virtue; Accord; Heart
Aries, मेषAavyaThe first ray of the Sun; Gift of God
Aries, मेषAayatiMajesty; Dignity; Royal
Aries, मेषAayaushiOne with long life; Long-lived
Aries, मेषAayushiOne with long life; Long-lived
Aries, मेषAbarnaGod bharvathy
Aries, मेषAbayFather of a multitude
Aries, मेषAbbynayhaExpressions
Aries, मेषAbdaWorshipper
Aries, मेषAbeedhaPermanent
Aries, मेषAbeenaBeautiful
Aries, मेषAbhaGlow; Luster; Shine
Aries, मेषAbhatiSplendor; Light
Aries, मेषAbhayaFearless
Aries, मेषAbheeraA cowherd
Aries, मेषAbheeshaGoddess of will; Companion
Aries, मेषAbhidhaWord; Sound
Aries, मेषAbhidhyaWish; Longing
Aries, मेषAbhigjnaWisdom
Aries, मेषAbhignaThe knowledgeable; Wise one
Aries, मेषAbhignayWise
Aries, मेषAbhignyaKnowledgeable; Wise one
Aries, मेषAbhijataWell born woman
Aries, मेषAbhijitaVictorious woman
Aries, मेषAbhijitiVictory
Aries, मेषAbhijnaRemembrance; Recollection
Aries, मेषAbhikankshaLonging for; Desire
Aries, मेषAbhilasaDesire; Wish; Affection
Aries, मेषAbhilashaDesire; Wish; Affection
Aries, मेषAbhimathaDesired
Aries, मेषAbhinaQuite new; Very young; Fresh
Aries, मेषAbhinayaExpressions
Aries, मेषAbhinayasriA person with talent
Aries, मेषAbhinithiThat which is already performed; Friendship
Aries, मेषAbhiniyaExpressions
Aries, मेषAbhinyaExpression
Aries, मेषAbhiprithiFull of Love
Aries, मेषAbhipsaStrong desire; Wish
Aries, मेषAbhipshaStrong desire; Wish
Aries, मेषAbhiraA cowherd
Aries, मेषAbhiramiGoddess Parvati; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAbhirathiPleasure
Aries, मेषAbhiriA Raagini of Indian music
Aries, मेषAbhiroopaBeautiful woman
Aries, मेषAbhiruchiBeautiful
Aries, मेषAbhirupaBeautiful woman
Aries, मेषAbhisarikaThe beloved one
Aries, मेषAbhishaGoddess of will; Companion
Aries, मेषAbhishekaWorshipping the idol
Aries, मेषAbhishekitaName of a novel written by Sumitranandan Pant
Aries, मेषAbhishiktaWomen crowned in the royal chair
Aries, मेषAbhishreeTo enlighten; Brilliant; Powerful; Surrounded by glory; Shining
Aries, मेषAbhishriTo enlighten; Brilliant; Powerful; Surrounded by glory; Shining
Aries, मेषAbhisriTo enlighten; Brilliant; Powerful; Surrounded by glory; Shining
Aries, मेषAbhisuriPowerful
Aries, मेषAbhithaFearless (Goddess Parvati)
Aries, मेषAbhithiFearless (Goddess Parvati)
Aries, मेषAbhiyankaHelpful
Aries, मेषAbhthaGazelle
Aries, मेषAbiMy father
Aries, मेषAbigyaniA lady with huge knowledge; Knowledgeable lady
Aries, मेषAbilashiniDesire; Aspiration; Desirability
Aries, मेषAbinandhaEver wishing person
Aries, मेषAbinayaAbinaya means expressions
Aries, मेषAbiramiGoddess Parvati; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAbirenaPleasing Fragrance
Aries, मेषAbishaThe Lord is my father
Aries, मेषAbishtaLady of the house
Aries, मेषAbjaBorn in water
Aries, मेषAboilThe name of a flower
Aries, मेषAboliThe name of a flower
Aries, मेषAchalaConstant; The Earth
Aries, मेषAchiraVery short; Quick; Agile
Aries, मेषAchlaThe Earth; Stable
Aries, मेषAchulithaImperishable
Aries, मेषAciraBrief; Swift; Fast
Aries, मेषAdahAdornment
Aries, मेषAdanaCreated by God
Aries, मेषAdarshaIdol; Mentor; With an ideology
Aries, मेषAdarshiniIdealistic
Aries, मेषAdhamyaDifficult
Aries, मेषAdhiraLightning; Strong
Aries, मेषAdhishaBeginning
Aries, मेषAdhishreeExalted
Aries, मेषAdhishtaA Person who Rules in Particular Region
Aries, मेषAdhishthiDevi (Goddess)
Aries, मेषAdhisreeExalted
Aries, मेषAdhithiFreedom; Safety; Abundance
Aries, मेषAdhitiMother of Gods; Liberty; Perfection; Creativity; Freedom; Safety
Aries, मेषAdhritaIndependent; Supportive; One who is loved by everyone
Aries, मेषAdhujaMade of Honey
Aries, मेषAdhvikaWorld; Earth; Unique
Aries, मेषAdhyaFirst power; Unparalleled; Great; Beyond perception
Aries, मेषAdhyayGoddess Durga; Chapter
Aries, मेषAdhyayaGoddess Durga; Chapter
Aries, मेषAdi ShaktiGoddess Durga; The primal; First power
Aries, मेषAdiniFamous
Aries, मेषAdiraLightning; Strong; The Moon
Aries, मेषAdishaBeginning
Aries, मेषAdishreeExalted
Aries, मेषAdithaThe first root
Aries, मेषAdithiMother of Gods; Liberty; Perfection; Creativity; Freedom
Aries, मेषAditiMother of Gods; Liberty; Perfection; Creativity; Freedom
Aries, मेषAditriThe highest honor; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAditriiThe highest honor; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAdityMother of Gods; Liberty; Perfection; Creativity; Freedom
Aries, मेषAdityaaDevi Durga (Goddess Durga)
Aries, मेषAdriMountain valley
Aries, मेषAdrijaOf the mountain; Another name of Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषAdrikaMountain; Hill; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Aries, मेषAdrimaDark
Aries, मेषAdrishyaPerception
Aries, मेषAdritaIndependent; Supportive; One who is loved by everyone
Aries, मेषAdrithiRay
Aries, मेषAdritiGoddess Durga; Ray
Aries, मेषAdshayaIndestructible; Immortal
Aries, मेषAdvaikaUnique
Aries, मेषAdvaitaUnion of matter and soul; Non duality; Unique
Aries, मेषAdvaithaUnion of matter and soul; Non duality; Unique
Aries, मेषAdvaiyaUnique
Aries, मेषAdvekaWorld; Earth; Unique
Aries, मेषAdvetaFull of positive vibes and energies
Aries, मेषAdvikaWorld; Earth; Unique
Aries, मेषAdvitaOne or unique; First one; Number one; Lovely
Aries, मेषAdvithaUnion of matter and soul; Non duality; Unique
Aries, मेषAdvitiUnique
Aries, मेषAdwaithaNon duality; One without a second
Aries, मेषAdwitaUnion of matter and soul; Non duality; Unique
Aries, मेषAdwiteyaUnique; Matchless
Aries, मेषAdwitiyaUnique; Matchless
Aries, मेषAdyaFirst power; Unparalleled; Great; Beyond perception
Aries, मेषAdyadvaitaFirst and unique
Aries, मेषAdyashaThe First Hope
Aries, मेषAdyatrayeeGoddess Durga, Adya - first,
Aries, मेषAenyConsort of Goddess Radha
Aries, मेषAeshaLove; Living; Prosperous; Life
Aries, मेषAeshnaDesire; Wish
Aries, मेषAgajaBorn on a mountain
Aries, मेषAgalyaBeauty; Splendor
Aries, मेषAgamyaKnowledge; Wisdom
Aries, मेषAganayaGoddess Lakshmi; Not to be killed under any circumstances
Aries, मेषAganyaBorn from fire, Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAghanashiniDestroyer of sins
Aries, मेषAghanyaGoddess Lakshmi; Not to be killed under any circumstances
Aries, मेषAgnibhaShining like fire; Gold
Aries, मेषAgnijwaalaOne who is poignant like fire; It signifies fire
Aries, मेषAgnishikhaFlames of fire
Aries, मेषAgrajaLeader; Senior; First born; Eldest brother
Aries, मेषAgrataLeadership
Aries, मेषAgrimaLeadership
Aries, मेषAhalyaRishi Gautama’s wife; Woman; Rescued by Lord Rama
Aries, मेषAhanaInner light; Immortal; Born during the day
Aries, मेषAhankaaraOne with pride
Aries, मेषAhannaThe First ray of the Sun
Aries, मेषAhantiEternal; Indestructible
Aries, मेषAheliPure
Aries, मेषAhilyaMaiden
Aries, मेषAhimsaNonviolent virtue; Nonviolence
Aries, मेषAhinaStrength
Aries, मेषAhladajananiSource of happiness
Aries, मेषAhladitaIn Happy mood; Delighted
Aries, मेषAhladithaIn Happy mood; Delighted
Aries, मेषAhnaExist
Aries, मेषAhzinZeal for life
Aries, मेषAikyataTogether
Aries, मेषAindrilaFemale star
Aries, मेषAinginiGoddess Durga
Aries, मेषAinitiInfinite; Divine
Aries, मेषAishDelight; Joy; Pleasure; God blessings
Aries, मेषAishaLove; Living; Prosperous; Life
Aries, मेषAishaanyaBeautiful life
Aries, मेषAishaniGoddess Durga
Aries, मेषAishanyaLife with beauty
Aries, मेषAishiGod's gift; Belonging to Shiva
Aries, मेषAishikiDivine; Regal
Aries, मेषAishiniGoddess Lakshmi; Aish - divine
Aries, मेषAishitaRiver Yamuna
Aries, मेषAishithaRiver Yamuna
Aries, मेषAishminJasmine flower
Aries, मेषAishnaDesire; Wish
Aries, मेषAishwariyaWealth; Success; Fame
Aries, मेषAishwaryaWealth; Success; Fame
Aries, मेषAisiriWealth
Aries, मेषAiswaryaWealth
Aries, मेषAjaaniNight
Aries, मेषAjagandhaDaughter of Aja
Aries, मेषAjalaThe earth
Aries, मेषAjamukhiConsort of Durvasa
Aries, मेषAjantaFamous Buddhist cave
Aries, मेषAjasthaUnconquerable; God
Aries, मेषAjathaHaving no enemy
Aries, मेषAjeithaA winner
Aries, मेषAjeyaUnconquerable; Shakti
Aries, मेषAjiaUnconquerable; Shakti
Aries, मेषAkalkaFree from impurity; Moonlight
Aries, मेषAkangshaDesire; Wish; Ambition; Hope
Aries, मेषAkankshaDesire; Wish
Aries, मेषAkanshaWish; Desire
Aries, मेषAkanyaOne who is an outstanding example of peace & humility
Aries, मेषAkarshaAbove everybody
Aries, मेषAkarshanaAttraction
Aries, मेषAkashaFlew in the Sky
Aries, मेषAkashiniWomen with beautiful hair
Aries, मेषAkashleenaStar
Aries, मेषAkhilaComplete
Aries, मेषAkhilarkaAll pervading radiance and brilliance of the Sun
Aries, मेषAkilaThe earth
Aries, मेषAkiraGraceful strength
Aries, मेषAkishitaWonder girl; Permanent; Constant
Aries, मेषAkritaA daughter who is having rights of Sun
Aries, मेषAkritiShape; Form; Figure; Appearance
Aries, मेषAkruthiNature or beautiful; Figure
Aries, मेषAksaSoul; God's blessing; A mosque
Aries, मेषAksaraLetters; Goddess Saraswati
Aries, मेषAkshaSoul; God's blessing; A mosque
Aries, मेषAkshadaBlessings of God
Aries, मेषAkshadhaBlessings of gods
Aries, मेषAkshaiEternal; Immortal; Indestructible
Aries, मेषAkshainieGoddess Parvati; Akshan - An eye; To see
Aries, मेषAksharaLetters; Goddess Saraswati
Aries, मेषAkshataRice; Immortal; Unscathed; Perfect; Untouched, i.e. divinity
Aries, मेषAkshathaRice; Immortal; Unscathed; Perfect; Untouched, i.e. divinity
Aries, मेषAkshayanGoddess Durga, The daughter of Daksha
Aries, मेषAkshdaTandul
Aries, मेषAksheeAbode; Existence
Aries, मेषAksheetiVictorious peace
Aries, मेषAksheraLetters; Goddess Saraswati
Aries, मेषAkshiAbode; Existence
Aries, मेषAkshikaOne with good eyes
Aries, मेषAkshitaPermanent; Can not be broken easily. secure; Saved; Guarded
Aries, मेषAkshithaPermanent; Can not be broken easily. secure; Saved; Guarded
Aries, मेषAkshraLetters
Aries, मेषAkshritaSecure
Aries, मेषAkshyaEternal; Immortal; Indestructible; Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषAksithiImperishability
Aries, मेषAkulaGoddess Parvati, Transcendental
Aries, मेषAkutiPrincess
Aries, मेषAkviraDaughter of Lord Shiva
Aries, मेषAlakaLock of curly hair; A girl with a Lovely hair; Beauty
Aries, मेषAlakanandaName of a river; A river in the Himalayas
Aries, मेषAlaknandaName of a river; A river in the Himalayas
Aries, मेषAlakshaUncared; Unaimed
Aries, मेषAlameluGoddess Lakshmi; Lady of the Lotus
Aries, मेषAlamkrithaDecorated
Aries, मेषAlankarapriyaName of a Raga
Aries, मेषAlankariName of a Raga
Aries, मेषAlankritaDecorated lady
Aries, मेषAlankrithaDecorated lady
Aries, मेषAlankrutaDecorated lady
Aries, मेषAlaviaUnique
Aries, मेषAlayaExtremely beautiful; Smart; Funny; Or ascending
Aries, मेषAleshaProtected by God; Silk of heaven
Aries, मेषAleshaneeShe plays all the time
Aries, मेषAlipriyaRed lotus
Aries, मेषAliveniGolden doll
Aries, मेषAlkaLock of curly hair; A girl with a Lovely hair; Beauty
Aries, मेषAlokaLight; Look; View
Aries, मेषAloknandaAbility to create
Aries, मेषAlopaFaultless
Aries, मेषAlpaLittle
Aries, मेषAlpanaA decorative design; Beautiful; Delighted
Aries, मेषAlpitaWishes
Aries, मेषAlpithaWishes
Aries, मेषAlviraSpeaker of truth
Aries, मेषAlysaHonest
Aries, मेषAmaanyaUnknown
Aries, मेषAmaaraCrown
Aries, मेषAmahiraOnly one expert in every field
Aries, मेषAmalaThe pure one; Brilliant; Another name for Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAmaldeepthiCamphor
Aries, मेषAmaldeeptiCamphor
Aries, मेषAmanthikaA goddess
Aries, मेषAmanyathaBelieved
Aries, मेषAmaravathiIndra`s capital
Aries, मेषAmariStrength forever immortal; Eternal
Aries, मेषAmariahWhom God spoke of
Aries, मेषAmarjitForever victorious
Aries, मेषAmarniWishes; Aspirations
Aries, मेषAmartaImmortality
Aries, मेषAmatiTime; Beyond intellect; Splendour
Aries, मेषAmayaNight rain; Immeasurable; Without limit
Aries, मेषAmbaGoddess Durga, Mother
Aries, मेषAmbalaMother; Affectionate; Kind
Aries, मेषAmbaliMother; Affectionate; Kind
Aries, मेषAmbalikaMother; One who is sensitive; Insightful
Aries, मेषAmbamanohariName of a Raga
Aries, मेषAmbayaMother
Aries, मेषAmberleyThe Sky
Aries, मेषAmbhiniWater born
Aries, मेषAmbhojiniName of a Raga
Aries, मेषAmbiGoddess Amba (Goddess Durga); Mother; Affectionate; Kind
Aries, मेषAmbikaGoddess Parvati; A mother
Aries, मेषAmbilyThe Moon
Aries, मेषAmbudharaCloud
Aries, मेषAmbudhiSea
Aries, मेषAmbujaBorn of a Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAmbujakshiOne who is lotus eyed
Aries, मेषAmeeshaBeautiful; Without decept; Pure; Truthful; Guileless
Aries, मेषAmeyaaBoundless; Magnanimous; One who is beyond measure
Aries, मेषAmiNectar
Aries, मेषAmidhaNectar
Aries, मेषAmidiBeautiful
Aries, मेषAmikaFriendly
Aries, मेषAminditaIncredible
Aries, मेषAmirthaBeautiful
Aries, मेषAmishaBeautiful; Without decept; Pure; Truthful; Guileless
Aries, मेषAmishiPure
Aries, मेषAmishtaLimitless
Aries, मेषAmitaLimitless; Boundless; Unmeasurable; Infinite; Eternal
Aries, मेषAmithaLimitless; Boundless; Unmeasurable; Infinite; Eternal
Aries, मेषAmithiImmeasurable; Boundless
Aries, मेषAmitiImmeasurable; Boundless
Aries, मेषAmitiyotiLimitless brightness
Aries, मेषAmitjyotiLimitless brightness
Aries, मेषAmlaThe pure one; Brilliant; Another name for Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAmleshlataGoddess Parvati; Amlesh - pure, Lata - a creeper; A branch
Aries, मेषAmlikaTamarind
Aries, मेषAmmuA pet name for a girl child
Aries, मेषAmodaHappiness
Aries, मेषAmodhiniJoyful; Pleasurable; Happy girl
Aries, मेषAmodiniJoyful; Pleasurable; Happy girl; Fragrant; Celebrated
Aries, मेषAmoghaFruitful
Aries, मेषAmoliPrecious
Aries, मेषAmolikaPriceless
Aries, मेषAmoolyaPrecious; Priceless
Aries, मेषAmrapaliThe famous courtesan who became a devotee of Buddha
Aries, मेषAmrataModesty; Politeness
Aries, मेषAmritaImmortality; Priceless
Aries, मेषAmrithaImmortality; Priceless
Aries, मेषAmrithavahiniName of a Raga
Aries, मेषAmritkalaNectarine art
Aries, मेषAmrushaSudden
Aries, मेषAmrutaState of deathlessness; Immortality; Divine nectar of the god
Aries, मेषAmruthaNectar
Aries, मेषAmsaFairness; Fair; Dear
Aries, मेषAmshulaSunny
Aries, मेषAmuktaCan't be touched; Precious
Aries, मेषAmukthaFree from the World
Aries, मेषAmuthaMutara; Daughter
Aries, मेषAmviGoddess Amba (Goddess Durga); Mother; Affectionate; Kind
Aries, मेषAmvyIntelligent
Aries, मेषAnabhraClear headed
Aries, मेषAnagiValuable
Aries, मेषAnahataFar of Pain
Aries, मेषAnahitaGraceful
Aries, मेषAnaikaPowerful and complete
Aries, मेषAnaishaSpecial
Aries, मेषAnaithaAngel; Variation of Anaitis; The Persian Goddess of Love
Aries, मेषAnaiyaProtection
Aries, मेषAnalaGoddess of fire; Fire; Perfect; Fiery
Aries, मेषAnaliliaFull of grace
Aries, मेषAnamikaRing finger; Virtuous; Free of the limitations imposed by a name
Aries, मेषAnamivaHaving no enemies
Aries, मेषAnanayaSun
Aries, मेषAnanda LakshmiGoddess of happiness
Aries, मेषAnandamayeJoy permeated
Aries, मेषAnandamayiFull of joy; Full of happiness
Aries, मेषAnandaniJoyful
Aries, मेषAnandhiAlways Happy woman
Aries, मेषAnandiThe one who is always happy
Aries, मेषAnandiniJoyful
Aries, मेषAnanditaHappy
Aries, मेषAnandmayeeFull of joy; Full of happiness
Aries, मेषAnangeeCupids consort
Aries, मेषAnannyaGoddess Parvati; Matchless; Unique; Different from others
Aries, मेषAnanshiGoddess Parvati
Aries, मेषAnantaInfinite; Endless; Eternal; The Earth
Aries, मेषAnanthaInfinite; Endless; Eternal; The Earth
Aries, मेषAnantiGift
Aries, मेषAnantikaEndless
Aries, मेषAnantyaEndless; Eternal; Godly
Aries, मेषAnanyaGoddess Parvati; Matchless; Unique
Aries, मेषAnaraWanderer; Powerful and complete
Aries, मेषAnarghaPrecious; Priceless
Aries, मेषAnarghyaPriceless
Aries, मेषAnashwaraOne without An end
Aries, मेषAnasikaBeautiful
Aries, मेषAnasuaOne who is not jealous of anybody
Aries, मेषAnasuyaWithout spite or envy; Learned woman
Aries, मेषAnathaNo end
Aries, मेषAnathiModest; Respectful
Aries, मेषAnavadyaFaultless; Goddess Durga
Aries, मेषAnaviPeace loving; Kind to people; First ray of Sun
Aries, मेषAnavikaA Figure
Aries, मेषAnaySacred wood Apple tree; Time; Creeper
Aries, मेषAnayahFortunate and intelligent
Aries, मेषAnayatFavor; Grace
Aries, मेषAnaynaUnique
Aries, मेषAnaytaExclusive; Graceful
Aries, मेषAnbarasiQueen of Love
Aries, मेषAnbeshaQuest; Curious
Aries, मेषAnchalShelter; The decorative end of a sari
Aries, मेषAnchalaOne end of Saree which is free
Aries, मेषAnchitaHonored; Worshipped
Aries, मेषAndalAn incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषAneekshaBringing happiness
Aries, मेषAneesaClose; Intimate; Good friend; Continuous
Aries, मेषAneeshaAffection; Feeling; Imagination; Direct knowledge; Sentiment
Aries, मेषAneeswarGoddess of Earth; Lord of serpents or Vasuki
Aries, मेषAneetaWho takes pleasure in new joys; Grace; Simple; Artless; Leader
Aries, मेषAnekashastrahastaPossessor of many hand weapons
Aries, मेषAnekastradhaariniPossessor of many missile weapons
Aries, मेषAnekavarnaOne who has many complexions
Aries, मेषAnemoneType of flower
Aries, मेषAneriExtra ordinary
Aries, मेषAngajaA daughter; Corporeal
Aries, मेषAnganaA beautiful woman, With a beautiful form; Zodiac sign of Virgo
Aries, मेषAngarikaFlame colored flower; Palash; Flame of the forest
Aries, मेषAngelicaAngel like
Aries, मेषAngelieMessenger of God; Angel
Aries, मेषAnghaSinless; Without any fault; Beauty; Perfect; Pure
Aries, मेषAngiDecorating the God; Divine
Aries, मेषAngiraMother of Birhaspati
Aries, मेषAnglePari fairy
Aries, मेषAngleenFeminine
Aries, मेषAnglinaAngel; Messenger
Aries, मेषAnhatiGift
Aries, मेषAnhithiGift; Donation
Aries, मेषAnhitiGift; Donation
Aries, मेषAnhooyaDiplomatic
Aries, मेषAniGlass
Aries, मेषAniaInexhaustible; Limitless; Resurrection
Aries, मेषAnihaIndifferent
Aries, मेषAnikaGoddess Durga; The brilliance of the stone
Aries, मेषAnikslumYoung; Gentle
Aries, मेषAnilaWind
Aries, मेषAnilajaPerfect; Beautiful
Aries, मेषAnimaHis power of becoming small
Aries, मेषAnindaPerfect; Blameless
Aries, मेषAnindiniFull of goodwill; Irreproachable
Aries, मेषAninditaBeautiful; Virtuous; Venerated; Honoured; Irreproachable
Aries, मेषAnindithaBeautiful; Virtuous; Venerated; Honoured; Irreproachable
Aries, मेषAnirvedaNot caring sorrows and suffers; Positive; Courageous; Resilient
Aries, मेषAnishaClose; Intimate; Good friend; Continuous
Aries, मेषAnishaaClose; Intimate; Good friend; Continuous
Aries, मेषAnishiBright and luminous
Aries, मेषAnishkaWho has friends; No enemies; One who has only friends
Aries, मेषAnishkaaWho has friends; No enemies; One who has only friends
Aries, मेषAnishyaContinuous; Pure; Free Spirit; Visionary; Highly Attractive
Aries, मेषAniskhaYoung lady; Maiden
Aries, मेषAnismitaFriend of Close Friend
Aries, मेषAnitaWho takes pleasure in new joys; Grace; Simple; Artless; Leader
Aries, मेषAnithaWho takes pleasure in new joys; Grace; Simple; Artless; Leader
Aries, मेषAnitha DeviRegarded
Aries, मेषAniyaCreative
Aries, मेषAnjaFavor; Grace
Aries, मेषAnjaliHomage; Offering with both hands
Aries, मेषAnjalikaOne of Arjuna arrows
Aries, मेषAnjanaDusky; Mother of Lord Hanuman
Aries, मेषAnjaniMother of Lord Hanuman; Illusion (Maya); Hotness; Blessed
Aries, मेषAnjanieMother of Lord Hanuman; Illusion (Maya); Hotness
Aries, मेषAnjasiHonest; Morally upstanding
Aries, मेषAnjiOne who blesses, Blessing
Aries, मेषAnjikaBlessed
Aries, मेषAnjiniMother of Lord Hanuman; Illusion (Maya); Hotness; Blessed
Aries, मेषAnjuOne who lives in the heart; Beloved
Aries, मेषAnjulaOne that Permeates the Heart
Aries, मेषAnjuliBlessings; Inconquerable
Aries, मेषAnjushaBlessing
Aries, मेषAnjushriDear to one's heart
Aries, मेषAnkanaBracelet
Aries, मेषAnkiraFollower
Aries, मेषAnkishaGoddess of number
Aries, मेषAnkitaConquered; A signet; Symbol; With auspicious marks
Aries, मेषAnkithaConquered; A signet; Symbol; With auspicious marks
Aries, मेषAnkolikaAn embrace; The embodiment of love; Respect
Aries, मेषAnkshaLonging; Yearning
Aries, मेषAnkshikaAnkshika means the fraction of the cosmos
Aries, मेषAnkuGrace
Aries, मेषAnkuraSapling; Newborn; Offshoot
Aries, मेषAnkushiSelf-possessed; A Jaina Goddess
Aries, मेषAnmiDawn; Passionate; Precious; Illuminating; Sacred
Aries, मेषAnmimaThe glow of dawn
Aries, मेषAnnadaGoddess Durga; One who distributes food, Goddess of food
Aries, मेषAnnanyaGoddess Parvati; Matchless; Unique; Different from others
Aries, मेषAnnapoornaGoddess Parvati; Generous with food; Goddess of grains
Aries, मेषAnnapurnaGoddess Parvati; Generous with food; Goddess of grains
Aries, मेषAnnapurniGoddess of food
Aries, मेषAnnayaUnique
Aries, मेषAnnelPretty
Aries, मेषAnnesaOf Good Company; Friendly; Companion
Aries, मेषAnnikaGoddess Durga; The brilliance of a stone
Aries, मेषAnnjayaUnique
Aries, मेषAnokhiUnique
Aries, मेषAnomaIllustrious
Aries, मेषAnonnaGoddess of the harvest
Aries, मेषAnoohyaLittle sister; Unpredictable
Aries, मेषAnoojaContinuous; Younger sister
Aries, मेषAnoushkaFavor, Grace
Aries, मेषAnshaPortion
Aries, मेषAnsheenaLight
Aries, मेषAnshiGod's gift
Aries, मेषAnshidaSinger
Aries, मेषAnshikaMinute particle; Beautiful
Aries, मेषAnshitaA part of
Aries, मेषAnshukaSunbeam; Gentle; Brilliant; Radiant
Aries, मेषAnshulaRadiant; Brilliant; Sunny
Aries, मेषAnshumalaGarland of rays
Aries, मेषAnshumaliThe Sun
Aries, मेषAnshumatiBrilliant; Wise
Aries, मेषAnshumiEvery element of the earth
Aries, मेषAnshviPortion; Part of Things; Part of Body
Aries, मेषAnsikaMinute particle; Beautiful
Aries, मेषAnsithaA part of
Aries, मेषAnsuyaWithout spite or envy; Learned woman
Aries, मेषAntaraThe second note in Hindustani classical music
Aries, मेषAnthikaEvening
Aries, मेषAntiniLiving in a hermitage
Aries, मेषAntraThe second note in Hindustani classical music
Aries, मेषAnu KeerthiAtom
Aries, मेषAnu PriyaBeloved daughter
Aries, मेषAnuayasriLong Life
Aries, मेषAnubhaAmbitious; Seeking glory
Aries, मेषAnubhaviExperience
Aries, मेषAnubhuthaExperienced
Aries, मेषAnubhutiExperience
Aries, मेषAnudarshanaObserving
Aries, मेषAnudeepthiDivine light
Aries, मेषAnudhyaThinking; Wishing well of
Aries, मेषAnugaA companion
Aries, मेषAnugnaBeautiful woman
Aries, मेषAnugrahaDivine blessing
Aries, मेषAnuhyaLittle sister; Unpredictable
Aries, मेषAnujaContinuous; Younger sister
Aries, मेषAnukaAttuned to nature
Aries, मेषAnukankshaDesire; Hope
Aries, मेषAnukeertanaPraising gods virtues
Aries, मेषAnukritaA person who set examples, followed by everybody
Aries, मेषAnukritiPhotograph
Aries, मेषAnuktaUnexpressed; Unsaid
Aries, मेषAnulaNot wild; Gentle
Aries, मेषAnulataOne with a very slim figure
Aries, मेषAnulekhaOne who follows the destiny
Aries, मेषAnulomaSequence
Aries, मेषAnumathiPermit
Aries, मेषAnumatiPermit
Aries, मेषAnumeghaFollowing the rain
Aries, मेषAnumehaAfter the rain
Aries, मेषAnumikaRing finger
Aries, मेषAnumitaLove and kindness; Analytical; Logical
Aries, मेषAnumithaLove and kindness; Analytical; Logical
Aries, मेषAnumodithaApproved
Aries, मेषAnunitaCourtesy
Aries, मेषAnunithaCourtesy
Aries, मेषAnupaPond
Aries, मेषAnupallaviPart of a Song
Aries, मेषAnupamaIncomparable; Precious; Unique
Aries, मेषAnuprabhaBrightness
Aries, मेषAnupriyaBeloved daughter
Aries, मेषAnuraadhaThe 17th Nakshathra; A bright star
Aries, मेषAnuradhaThe 17th Nakshathra; A bright star
Aries, मेषAnuraginiBeloved
Aries, मेषAnuratiConsent
Aries, मेषAnurimaAffectionate
Aries, मेषAnurupaSuitable
Aries, मेषAnusayaNon jealous
Aries, मेषAnushaBeautiful morning; A star
Aries, मेषAnusha SinhaBeautiful morning; Star; Following a desire
Aries, मेषAnusheelaFull of goodness
Aries, मेषAnushiHappy
Aries, मेषAnushikaOne who has only friends and no enemies
Aries, मेषAnushiyaBrave and sweet; Beauty
Aries, मेषAnushkaA term of endearment; Grace; God has shown favour;
Aries, मेषAnushmitaRay of Sun
Aries, मेषAnushnaBlue lotus
Aries, मेषAnushreeGoddess Laxmi; Pretty; Glorious; Celebrated; Good looking
Aries, मेषAnushriGoddess Laxmi; Pretty; Glorious; Celebrated; Good looking
Aries, मेषAnushyaPure
Aries, मेषAnusiyaBrave and sweet; Beauty
Aries, मेषAnuskaA term of endearment; Grace; God has shown favour;
Aries, मेषAnuskhaGrace; Is of Czech & Slovak
Aries, मेषAnuslumCool; Calming
Aries, मेषAnusreeGoddess Laxmi; Pretty
Aries, मेषAnusriGoddess Laxmi; Pretty
Aries, मेषAnusuyaNon jealous
Aries, मेषAnuthamaThe finest
Aries, मेषAnuttaraUnanswered
Aries, मेषAnuvaKnowledge
Aries, मेषAnuyaTo follow; Food
Aries, मेषAnvaithaAlive
Aries, मेषAnvayaFamily
Aries, मेषAnveeOne of the devi's names; Name of a Goddess
Aries, मेषAnveekshaMeditation
Aries, मेषAnveshaQuest; Curious
Aries, मेषAnvhiOne who has to be followed
Aries, मेषAnviOne of the devis names, Name of a Goddess
Aries, मेषAnvieGoddess Durga's name
Aries, मेषAnvikaPowerful and complete
Aries, मेषAnvishaGoddess; Extraordinary Beauty; Adored Woman
Aries, मेषAnvitaWho bridges the gap; Reasoned; Understood
Aries, मेषAnvithaWho bridges the gap; Reasoned; Understood
Aries, मेषAnwayeeJoined; With No Fear
Aries, मेषAnweshaQuest; Curious
Aries, मेषAnwikaPowerful and complete
Aries, मेषAnwitaGoddess Durga; Who bridges the gap; Followed or attended by
Aries, मेषAnwithaGoddess Durga; Who bridges the gap; Followed or attended by
Aries, मेषAnyaInexhaustible; Limitless; Resurrection
Aries, मेषAnyuthaGrace
Aries, मेषAolaniCloud from heaven
Aries, मेषApalaMost beautiful
Aries, मेषApamaAnother name for Paan-Ati
Aries, मेषAparaMaterialistic knowledge; Top level of intelligence
Aries, मेषAparaaMaterialistic knowledge; Top level of intelligence;
Aries, मेषAparajithaOne of the Kauravas; Unconquerable woman
Aries, मेषAparijitaUndefeated; A flower; One name of Devi’s names
Aries, मेषAparnaGoddess Parvati; Leafless
Aries, मेषAparoopaExtremely beautiful
Aries, मेषAparupBeautiful
Aries, मेषApekshaPassion; Being passionate
Aries, मेषApekshaaExpected; Expectation
Aries, मेषApexaExpectation
Aries, मेषApinayaExpressions in dance
Aries, मेषApraMaterialistic knowledge; Top level of intelligence
Aries, मेषAprajitaUndefeated; A flower; One name of Devi's names
Aries, मेषApraudhaOne who never gets old
Aries, मेषAprmyaIncarnation of Lord Krishna
Aries, मेषApsaraCelestial maiden; Nymph
Aries, मेषApurbaOne of a kind or rare; Quite new; Exquisite; Unprecedented
Aries, मेषApurnaIncomplete
Aries, मेषApurtiNon-fulfillment
Aries, मेषApurviLike never before
Aries, मेषAraainaVariant of Raina: Queen
Aries, मेषArabhiKarnatic musical (Raaga) famous note
Aries, मेषArachisaRay of lustre
Aries, मेषAradhanWorship; Prayer
Aries, मेषAradhanaWorship
Aries, मेषAradhayaIdeal
Aries, मेषAradhnaWorship
Aries, मेषAradhyaWorshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh
Aries, मेषAradhyaaWorshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh
Aries, मेषAradhyayBelief; Respect
Aries, मेषAradyaWorshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh
Aries, मेषArainaPure
Aries, मेषAraiyaDivine; Beautiful
Aries, मेषAramalavikaCharming maiden
Aries, मेषArambhiStart of a good work
Aries, मेषArathiWorship; Hymns sang in praise of God; Divine fire in ritual
Aries, मेषAratiWorship; Hymns sang in praise of God; Divine fire in ritual
Aries, मेषAratrikaDusk lamp beneath Tulsi plant
Aries, मेषAraviFriend of the People
Aries, मेषArayanaUtterly Pure
Aries, मेषArchaWorship
Aries, मेषArchanaWorship; Respected
Aries, मेषArchiRay of light
Aries, मेषArchiniRay of light
Aries, मेषArchishaRays of light
Aries, मेषArchishaaRays of light
Aries, मेषArchishmathiDaughter of Brihaspati
Aries, मेषArchitaOne who is worshipped
Aries, मेषArchithaOne who is worshipped
Aries, मेषArchnaWorship; Respected
Aries, मेषArdhayaLove to Pray
Aries, मेषArdra6th Nakshatra; Wet
Aries, मेषAreetBeloved; Friend
Aries, मेषArethyWorship; Hymns sang in praise of God; Divine fire in ritual
Aries, मेषArhanaRevered
Aries, मेषArhathiTo deserve
Aries, मेषArikaBeautiful
Aries, मेषArikhtaFulfilled
Aries, मेषArikthaFulfilled
Aries, मेषArinaHoly one; Peace
Aries, मेषArinaaHoly one; Peace
Aries, मेषAriniAdventurous
Aries, मेषArionaBringer of life
Aries, मेषAritraOne who shows the right path; Navigator
Aries, मेषAritriEarth
Aries, मेषAritrikaDusk lamp beneath Tulsi plant (Basil)
Aries, मेषAriyaNoble lady
Aries, मेषAriyanaGiver of life
Aries, मेषArjaDivine
Aries, मेषArjitaAcquired; Gained
Aries, मेषArjuniDawn; White cow
Aries, मेषArkitaPlentiful
Aries, मेषArmitaDesire
Aries, मेषArnaGoddess Lakshmi; Water; Wave; Effervescing; Stream
Aries, मेषArnaviHeart as big as ocean; Bird
Aries, मेषArniThe Sun
Aries, मेषArnikaGoddess Durga
Aries, मेषArnimaFirst Ray of The Sun
Aries, मेषArnritaNectar; Eternal; Splendid; Gold; The Sun's ray
Aries, मेषArogyadaGranter of good health
Aries, मेषArohiA music tune; Progressive; Evolving
Aries, मेषAromaFragrance
Aries, मेषAroonaDawn; Red; Passionate; Fertile
Aries, मेषAroushiDawn, Red sky in the early morning
Aries, मेषArpanaDawn, Red sky in the early morning
Aries, मेषArpitaDedicate; Presenting; Offered
Aries, मेषArpithaDedicate; Presenting; Offered
Aries, मेषArshaWar like Defense
Aries, मेषArshavarthiniGoddess Parvathy / Amman
Aries, मेषArsheyaDivine
Aries, मेषArshiFirst ray of the Sun; Heavenly; Rice; Queen
Aries, मेषArshiaOf sacred descent; Heavenly
Aries, मेषArshikaWho gives happiness
Aries, मेषArshinAlmighty's place; Pious
Aries, मेषArshithaHeavenly; Divine
Aries, मेषArshiyaHeavenly
Aries, मेषArshpreetLove with Sky
Aries, मेषArtanaVanquisher of all foes; Request; Supplication
Aries, मेषArthaWealth
Aries, मेषArthanaVanquisher of all foes; Request; Supplication
Aries, मेषArthiA way of offering prayer to God
Aries, मेषArtiForm of worship, Singing of hymns in praise of God
Aries, मेषArtikaElder sister
Aries, मेषArtishaSmall
Aries, मेषAruThe Sun
Aries, मेषArujaBorn of the Sun; Healthy
Aries, मेषArukshitaYoung; Gentle
Aries, मेषArul PriyaLove with grace
Aries, मेषArun JyothiMythical charioteer of the Sun; Dawn
Aries, मेषArunaDawn; Red; Passionate; Fertile
Aries, मेषArunabhaThe Sun's glow; Passionate; Fertile
Aries, मेषArunangiName of a Raga
Aries, मेषArundathiConsort of great sage Vashishtha, A star
Aries, मेषArundatiConsort of great sage Vashishtha, A star
Aries, मेषArundeepConsort of great sage Vashishtha, A star
Aries, मेषArundhathiConsort of great sage Vashishtha, A star
Aries, मेषArundhatiConsort of great sage Vashishtha, A star
Aries, मेषArunikaEarly morning; The sunlight; Passionate; Fertile
Aries, मेषArunimaGlow of dawn
Aries, मेषArunitaBright like rays of the Sun
Aries, मेषArunpriyaPeaceful; Friendly ;
Aries, मेषArunyaMerciful; Compassionate
Aries, मेषArupExtremely beautiful; Full of Joy or blissful
Aries, मेषArupaWithout the limitations of form; Divine; Moon faced
Aries, मेषArushiDawn, Red sky in the early morning
Aries, मेषAruviMountain stream; Water fall
Aries, मेषArviFresh water; Green water
Aries, मेषArvikaUniversal
Aries, मेषArvitaPride
Aries, मेषAryaaHonored; Noble; Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषAryahiGoddess Durga
Aries, मेषAryakiRespected; Honored; Goddess Durga
Aries, मेषAryamaThe Sun
Aries, मेषAryambaMother of Sankara Bhagavath Padar
Aries, मेषAryasreeGod gifted
Aries, मेषArynaSmart and beautiful
Aries, मेषAsahThe plant is known for its greenness
Aries, मेषAsavariName of a Raga; Melody
Aries, मेषAsawariA raga in Hindustani classical music; Melody
Aries, मेषAseemaLimitless; Protector; Infinite; Boundless
Aries, मेषAseeyOne who tends to the weak and heals
Aries, मेषAsgariDevotee
Aries, मेषAshaDesire; Wish; Hope
Aries, मेषAsha RaniHope; Aspiration; Expectation
Aries, मेषAshakiranRay of hope
Aries, मेषAshalataCreeper of hope
Aries, मेषAshaniLightning
Aries, मेषAshankaUndaunted
Aries, मेषAsharaAsh Tree; Good Fortune; Pure Spirit
Aries, मेषAsharikaThe Ray of hope
Aries, मेषAshavariA raga in Hindustani classical music; Melody
Aries, मेषAshavathiHope; Aspiration; Expectation
Aries, मेषAsheshaPure
Aries, मेषAshiSmile; Joy; Laughter; Blessing
Aries, मेषAshikaOne without sorrow; Mercury; Sweet heart; Beloved
Aries, मेषAshikiKindness ; Tenderness
Aries, मेषAshimaLimitless; Protector; Infinite; Boundless
Aries, मेषAshiqaOne without sorrow; Mercury; Sweet heart; Beloved
Aries, मेषAshiraWealthy
Aries, मेषAshitaRiver Yamuna; Success
Aries, मेषAshithaRiver Yamuna; Success; Limitless; Night; Dark
Aries, मेषAshiwaryaBeautiful
Aries, मेषAshiyanaNest; Beautiful home; Dwelling place
Aries, मेषAshkaWhat we do after the Arti with our hand
Aries, मेषAshleeMeadow of Ash trees; Ash wood
Aries, मेषAshleshaA star
Aries, मेषAshleyMeadow of Ash trees; Ash wood
Aries, मेषAshlyMeadow of ash trees.
Aries, मेषAshmiRock born; Hard and strong; I am; Nature; Pride; Self-respect
Aries, मेषAshmikaA beautiful woman with long hair
Aries, मेषAshmitaPride; Self-respect; Nature
Aries, मेषAshmitaaPride; Self-respect; Nature
Aries, मेषAshmithaRock born; Very hard and strong
Aries, मेषAshnaBeloved; Devoted to love; Friend
Aries, मेषAshniLightning
Aries, मेषAshokaNo sorrow; Without worries; Without grief; Happy; Content
Aries, मेषAshraDesire; Hope
Aries, मेषAshreeOne of the names of Goddess Durga
Aries, मेषAshreyaOne who Gives Shelter
Aries, मेषAshrikaSomeone gives shelter
Aries, मेषAshritaDependant
Aries, मेषAshrithaDependant
Aries, मेषAshshBlessing
Aries, मेषAshsleshaA star
Aries, मेषAshviBlessed and victorious; Little Mare
Aries, मेषAshvinyFemale Horse
Aries, मेषAshvithaStrong
Aries, मेषAshwabhaLightening
Aries, मेषAshwathiFire horse; Grace
Aries, मेषAshwathyAn Angel
Aries, मेषAshwikaGoddess Santhoshi maa
Aries, मेषAshwinaChild of the star
Aries, मेषAshwithaGreatest
Aries, मेषAsinBeauty
Aries, मेषAsisBlessing; Prayer; Benediction
Aries, मेषAsitaRiver Yamuna; Success; Limitless; Night; Dark
Aries, मेषAskiniDaughter of Prajapati Virat
Aries, मेषAsleshaA star
Aries, मेषAsluilThunderbolt; Lightning
Aries, मेषAslunakiRocklike; Strong
Aries, मेषAslutaInsatiable; Pervading
Aries, मेषAsmeeI am, Self-confident
Aries, मेषAsmitaPride; Self-respect; Nature
Aries, मेषAsmithaPride; Self-respect; Nature
Aries, मेषAsriGoddess Lakshmi; Lucky
Aries, मेषAsrithaDependant
Aries, मेषAstaArrow; Weapon
Aries, मेषAsthaFaith; Hope; Regard; Support
Aries, मेषAstheyaNot stealing
Aries, मेषAstiExistence; Eminence
Aries, मेषAstritiInvincibility
Aries, मेषAstutiPrayer
Aries, मेषAsvikaA little more
Aries, मेषAsvinrajBorn star
Aries, मेषAsvithaStrong
Aries, मेषAswathiFire horse; Grace
Aries, मेषAswathyAn Angel
Aries, मेषAswiniA star; Wealthy; Quick
Aries, मेषAswithaBeauty of Victory
Aries, मेषAsyaGrace
Aries, मेषAtanaName of a Raga
Aries, मेषAtasiA blue flower
Aries, मेषAtchyaInfinity
Aries, मेषAthaliaGod is exalted
Aries, मेषAthashaUltimate
Aries, मेषAtheevaUltimate
Aries, मेषAthenaGoddess of Wisdom & War; Greek goddess of wisdom
Aries, मेषAthidhiImportant person
Aries, मेषAthiniRiver
Aries, मेषAthiraPrayer or quick or lightening; Pray
Aries, मेषAthishayaSuperiority
Aries, मेषAthithaSurpassed
Aries, मेषAthithiGuest
Aries, मेषAthityaTranscending
Aries, मेषAthmikhaLight of God
Aries, मेषAthulyaUnequalled; Unrivalled; Immeasurable; Unique
Aries, मेषAthvikaDenote Goddess Sowdeswari
Aries, मेषAtikshaMore wish
Aries, मेषAtiraPrayer; Quick; Lightening; Pray; Name of a star
Aries, मेषAtiriyaBeloved; Very dear
Aries, मेषAtishaPeace
Aries, मेषAtmajaBorn of the soul; Another name for Parvati
Aries, मेषAtmajyothiLight of soul
Aries, मेषAtmikhaLight of God
Aries, मेषAtreyiGlorious; Able to cross the three worlds
Aries, मेषAttikaElvin beauty
Aries, मेषAttiyaGift
Aries, मेषAtulaIncomparable
Aries, मेषAtviEnergy
Aries, मेषAuhnaPassion
Aries, मेषAumnshiAbbreviation of Hindu Lord Shiva Mantra - Om Namah Shivaya
Aries, मेषAuraAir; Breeze; Wind
Aries, मेषAuravRoman Goddess of dawn
Aries, मेषAurimaSoft like Lotus & bright like Moon
Aries, मेषAuroneeA firewood
Aries, मेषAusijaRenowned; Bright as the dawn
Aries, मेषAvabhaBrilliant
Aries, मेषAvalikaTo Get
Aries, मेषAvaneeThe Earth; First month of Tamil calendar
Aries, मेषAvanginiYouthful
Aries, मेषAvaniThe Earth; First month of Tamil calendar
Aries, मेषAvanijaGoddess Parvati, One born out of the Earth
Aries, मेषAvanikaEarth
Aries, मेषAvanithaEarth
Aries, मेषAvanthiAncient Malwa; Ujjain; Infinite; Humble; Modest
Aries, मेषAvanthikaAncient Malwa; Ujjain; Infinite; Humble; Modest
Aries, मेषAvantiAncient Malwa; Ujjain; Infinite; Humble; Modest
Aries, मेषAvantikaAncient Malwa; Ujjain; Infinite; Humble; Modest
Aries, मेषAvapyaAchieving
Aries, मेषAvaraYoungest; Another name for Paarvati
Aries, मेषAvarajaYounger sister
Aries, मेषAvasaIndependent
Aries, मेषAvastiAn ancient Indian city
Aries, मेषAvatharaIncarnation of God
Aries, मेषAvednaPainless
Aries, मेषAveniThe Earth; First month of Tamil calendar
Aries, मेषAventikaQueen; Princess of Ujjain
Aries, मेषAvhniEarth
Aries, मेषAvhnipaalaOf warrior kings
Aries, मेषAvhnitanayaDaughter of the Earth, Seetha
Aries, मेषAvignaNo obstacles
Aries, मेषAvikaSunrays; Charismatic personality
Aries, मेषAvinashikaIndestructible
Aries, मेषAvinikaEarth
Aries, मेषAvipsaEarth; River Avani
Aries, मेषAviraBrave; Strong
Aries, मेषAvishaGift from God
Aries, मेषAvishiEarth; River
Aries, मेषAvishkaTo Invent; God Gifted; Sun
Aries, मेषAvniThe earth
Aries, मेषAvnishLord of the whole world; Lord Ganesh; Ruler
Aries, मेषAvnitaThe earth
Aries, मेषAvnithaThe earth
Aries, मेषAvreenGod Gift
Aries, मेषAvyukthaInexpressible; Crystal clear
Aries, मेषAvyushiKindness
Aries, मेषAwaniThe Earth; First month of Tamil calendar
Aries, मेषAyaanaPretty flower
Aries, मेषAyaanshiGoodness; Power; Happiness; spirituality
Aries, मेषAyanikaGift of God
Aries, मेषAyannaInnocent
Aries, मेषAyanshiLucky; Nakshatra; Rashi
Aries, मेषAyantiFortunate
Aries, मेषAyantikaGoddess Durga, Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषAyatiMajesty; Dignity; Royal
Aries, मेषAyonaEternal life; Eternal blossom; Saint
Aries, मेषAyonijaGoddess Sita, She who is of miraculous birth
Aries, मेषAyotiHopes for the future
Aries, मेषAyraThe beginning; The principle; The breathe of life
Aries, मेषAyshaLove; Living; Prosperous; Life
Aries, मेषAyuktaSurya, The Sun
Aries, मेषAyukthaSun
Aries, मेषAyurdaBestower of longevity
Aries, मेषAyurdhaBestower of longevity
Aries, मेषAyushaLife; Life span
Aries, मेषAyushiOne with long life; Long-lived
Aries, मेषAyushkaLife
Aries, मेषAyushmaBlessed
Aries, मेषAyushmatiOne who has a long life
Aries, मेषAyushreeBeautiful
Aries, मेषAyvaVariant Form of Ava; Lively
Aries, मेषEashtaBeloved; Goddess Lakshmi and a name given to Karmic Yoga
Aries, मेषEbbaniFog; Honey dew
Aries, मेषEcchumatiA river
Aries, मेषEdhaSacred; Wealth; Strength; Happiness
Aries, मेषEdhithaProgressed; Increased
Aries, मेषEdnitaEvolved; Developed; Evolved
Aries, मेषEershitaGoddess Saraswati
Aries, मेषEeshaDesire; Attractive
Aries, मेषEeshaniConsort of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati; Ruling; Owning
Aries, मेषEeshikaAn arrow; Dart; One who achieves
Aries, मेषEeshtaBeloved; Goddess Lakshmi and a name given to Karmic Yoga
Aries, मेषEeshwariGoddess
Aries, मेषEeswariGoddess
Aries, मेषEhimayaAn all-pervading intellect
Aries, मेषEiramHeaven
Aries, मेषEiravatiLightening; Ravi river
Aries, मेषEishaDesire; Attractive
Aries, मेषEkaMatchless; Alone; Unique; Goddess Durga
Aries, मेषEkaaMatchless; Alone; Unique; Goddess Durga
Aries, मेषEkadhanaA portion of wealth
Aries, मेषEkagrathaFocus
Aries, मेषEkajaThe only child
Aries, मेषEkakanyaThe girl child
Aries, मेषEkaksharaparaThe Goddess who likes Om
Aries, मेषEkambariSky
Aries, मेषEkaniOne
Aries, मेषEkanshaComplete; One
Aries, मेषEkanshiPart of body
Aries, मेषEkantaDevoted girl; Lovely; Beautiful; Exclusive
Aries, मेषEkanthaDevoted girl; Lovely; Beautiful; Exclusive
Aries, मेषEkanthikaDevoted to one aim; Singly focused; Focused; Single-minded
Aries, मेषEkantikaDevoted to one aim; Singly focused; Focused; Single-minded
Aries, मेषEkaparanaWife of Himalaya
Aries, मेषEkaparnikaGoddess Durga; Living upon one leaf
Aries, मेषEkataUnity
Aries, मेषEkataraOne string instrument
Aries, मेषEkathaUnity
Aries, मेषEkathvaOneness
Aries, मेषEkavaliSingle string
Aries, मेषEkaviraDaughter of Lord Shiva
Aries, मेषEkayaaOne
Aries, मेषEkishaOne Goddess
Aries, मेषEkshikaThe eye
Aries, मेषEkshithName of Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषEkshithaAppreciable; Permanent
Aries, मेषEktaUnity; Harmony
Aries, मेषEktaraOne string; Musical instrument
Aries, मेषEkveeraDaughter of Lord Shiva
Aries, मेषElaThe Earth; Cardamom tree; Daughter of Manu; Moonlight
Aries, मेषElakshiA woman with bright eyes
Aries, मेषElampiraiYoung crescent
Aries, मेषElavarasiYouthful; Princess
Aries, मेषElikaCardamom
Aries, मेषEliliBeautiful
Aries, मेषElishaAbbreviation of Elisabeth
Aries, मेषElnaLonging; Cherished; Desired
Aries, मेषEnakshiDear eyed; Doe-eyed
Aries, मेषEnigmaMysterious
Aries, मेषEniyaWell born; Noble
Aries, मेषEpshitaGoddess Lakshmi; Desired
Aries, मेषEraIn Hindi Yug; Earth; Muse
Aries, मेषErumDaughter-in-law of Aditi
Aries, मेषEshaDesire; Attractive
Aries, मेषEshalFlower of Jannat paradise
Aries, मेषEshanaWant; Wish; Desire; Aim; Impulse
Aries, मेषEshaniConsort of Lord Shiva, Close to God
Aries, मेषEshanikaFulfilling desire; Belonging to the Northeast; Satisfying
Aries, मेषEshankaGoddess Parvati, Parvati - Consort of Shiva
Aries, मेषEshanyaEast; Northeast
Aries, मेषEshikaAn arrow; Dart; One who achieves
Aries, मेषEshitaOne who desires; Desired; One who seeks; Desirous
Aries, मेषEshithaBeloved of lord Shiva
Aries, मेषEshmaLucky
Aries, मेषEshnaDesire
Aries, मेषEshniConsort of Lord Shiva, Close to God
Aries, मेषEshwariGod like
Aries, मेषEsitaOne who desires; Desired; One who seeks; Desirous
Aries, मेषEswariGoddess
Aries, मेषEtaLuminous
Aries, मेषEtashaShining
Aries, मेषEvaLife; Living one; Variant of Eve
Aries, मेषEvangelinEvangeline
Aries, मेषEvaniThe Earth; Alive
Aries, मेषEvanshiSimilarity
Aries, मेषEzrineLovable
Aries, मेषIbbaniFog; Honey dew
Aries, मेषIbhaElephant
Aries, मेषIchaaDesire
Aries, मेषIchchhaDesire
Aries, मेषIchhaDesire
Aries, मेषIdaiAwakening; Love
Aries, मेषIdayaHeart; Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषIdhaIntelligence; Perception; The Earth; Insight
Aries, मेषIdhayaHeart; Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषIdhikaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; The Earth; Perception
Aries, मेषIdhitriOne who praises; Complimentary
Aries, मेषIdikaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; The Earth; Perception
Aries, मेषIditriOne who praises; Complimentary
Aries, मेषIhaThe Earth; Desire; Labour; Exertion; Endeavour
Aries, मेषIhinaEnthusiasm; Desire
Aries, मेषIhitaDesir; Goddess Durga; Fighter; Beauty Queen
Aries, मेषIhithaDesire; Prize; Effort
Aries, मेषIipsithaDesired; Wished
Aries, मेषIishkaOne who has only friends and no enemies
Aries, मेषIjayaSacrifice; Offer; Teacher; Divine
Aries, मेषIjyaSacrifice; Offer; Teacher; Divine
Aries, मेषIkshanaSight
Aries, मेषIkshitaVisible; Beheld
Aries, मेषIkshithaVisible; Beheld
Aries, मेषIkshuSugarcane
Aries, मेषIkshulaHoly river
Aries, मेषIksuraFragrant grass
Aries, मेषIlaThe Earth; Cardamom tree; Daughter of Manu; Moonlight
Aries, मेषIlakkiyaCreativity
Aries, मेषIlakshiBeautiful eyes
Aries, मेषIlampiraiYoung crescent
Aries, मेषIlavalagiYoung and beautiful
Aries, मेषIlavenilSpring; Youthful
Aries, मेषIleshaQueen of the earth
Aries, मेषIlikaEarth; Transitory; Very intelligent
Aries, मेषIlinaVery intelligent
Aries, मेषIlishaKing of the Earth; Queen of the Earth
Aries, मेषIllishaQueen of the earth
Aries, मेषIlmaNovel
Aries, मेषIlvakaDefending the earth
Aries, मेषIlvikaDefending the earth
Aries, मेषImaaniTrustworthy; Faithful; Honest; Truthful
Aries, मेषImaraFemale version of Imre
Aries, मेषImlaWhom God will fill up
Aries, मेषImpanaGirl with a melodious voice
Aries, मेषInaMother; Strong; The Sun; Ruler
Aries, मेषInakiWarmth feeling
Aries, मेषInakshiSharp eyed
Aries, मेषIncharSweet voice
Aries, मेषIncharaSweet voice
Aries, मेषIndaliPowerful; To ascend; To gain power
Aries, मेषIndarupiniName of Goddess Gayatri
Aries, मेषIndhusriLakshmi
Aries, मेषIndiraGoddess Lakshmi; Bestower of prosperity; Epithet of Lakshmi
Aries, मेषIndiyaKnowledgeable
Aries, मेषIndradheviExcellent; First; God of the skies
Aries, मेषIndrajaDaughter of Lord Indra
Aries, मेषIndrakshiOne with beautiful eyes
Aries, मेषIndraniConsort of Lord Indra
Aries, मेषIndrathaPower and dignity of Lord Indra
Aries, मेषIndrayaniThe name of a sacred river
Aries, मेषIndreeshaHaving control upon all abilities
Aries, मेषIndrinaDeep
Aries, मेषInduThe Moon; Nectar or Soma
Aries, मेषIndubalaLittle Moon
Aries, मेषIndudalaCrescent Moon
Aries, मेषIndujaNarmada river; Born of the Moon
Aries, मेषIndukalaDigit of the Moon
Aries, मेषIndulalaMoonlight
Aries, मेषIndulekhaThe Moon
Aries, मेषIndumathiFull Moon; The person with knowledge as the Moon
Aries, मेषIndumatiFull Moon; The person with knowledge as the Moon
Aries, मेषIndumauliMoon crested
Aries, मेषIndumukhiWith moonlike face
Aries, मेषInduprabhaMoon rays
Aries, मेषIndusheetalaCool like the Moon
Aries, मेषIndusseetalaCool like the Moon
Aries, मेषIniaSweet
Aries, मेषInikaLittle Earth; Diminutive for the Earth
Aries, मेषIniyaSweet
Aries, मेषInkaForemost one
Aries, मेषInkuraliSweet voice
Aries, मेषInsuvaiA common name given for all sweets, Generally it means sweet
Aries, मेषInuAttractive
Aries, मेषIpsaDesire; Iksha
Aries, मेषIpshaDesire; Iksha
Aries, मेषIpshitaGoddess Lakshmi; Desired
Aries, मेषIpsitaGoddess Lakshmi; Desired
Aries, मेषIraA devoted one; Tender; Woman of Magdala
Aries, मेषIraaPleasing
Aries, मेषIrajaDaughter of wind
Aries, मेषIravatiLightening; Ravi river
Aries, मेषIrikaDimunitive for the earth
Aries, मेषIrishaSpeech
Aries, मेषIritDaffodil
Aries, मेषIrshitaGoddess Saraswati
Aries, मेषIsaiMusic
Aries, मेषIsayaFearless
Aries, मेषIshaConsort of Goddess Radha, Another name for Lord Vishnu
Aries, मेषIshaanaRich; Ruler; Another name for Durga
Aries, मेषIshanaRich; Ruler; Another name for Durga
Aries, मेषIshaniConsort of Lord Shiva, Name of Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषIshanikaFulfilling desire; Belonging to the Northeast; Satisfying
Aries, मेषIshanviGoddess Parvati; Goddess of knowledge
Aries, मेषIshanyaEast; Northeast
Aries, मेषIsharaProtection of Hari
Aries, मेषIshavariDivine
Aries, मेषIsheetaMastery; Wealth; Superior; Desired; Eminence
Aries, मेषIshiGoddess Durga; Rock; Salvation
Aries, मेषIshikaAn arrow; Dart; One who achieves; Paintbrush
Aries, मेषIshitaMastery; Wealth; Superior; Desired; Eminence
Aries, मेषIshithaMastery; Wealth; Superior; Desired; Eminence
Aries, मेषIshkaOne who has only friends and no enemies
Aries, मेषIshmikaDream; God's Flower
Aries, मेषIshmitaLover of God; Friend of God
Aries, मेषIshraRelated to God; Travel by night
Aries, मेषIshtaBeloved; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषIshtaaBeloved; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषIshtiGod's Sister; Group of God
Aries, मेषIshviSaraswati ji; Goddess of knowledge
Aries, मेषIshwariGoddess
Aries, मेषIshwaryaGod's prosperity
Aries, मेषIshwikaSmooth snow
Aries, मेषIshyaSpring
Aries, मेषIsiriIshwary
Aries, मेषIsitaMastery; Wealth; Superior; Desired; Eminence
Aries, मेषIsmitaLover of God; Friend of God
Aries, मेषIsshuRadiant; Another name of the Sun
Aries, मेषIswaryaGod's prosperity
Aries, मेषItikaEndless
Aries, मेषItishreeStart
Aries, मेषItkilaFragrant
Aries, मेषIvaankaGod is gracious
Aries, मेषIvanshikaGrace of God
Aries, मेषIyalisaiMusic
Aries, मेषIylaMoonlight
Aries, मेषIzumiWater Spring
Aries, मेषLaakiniDivine, A Goddess who gives and takes
Aries, मेषLaalimaReddish glow; Supreme; Beautiful; Charming; Symbol
Aries, मेषLaalithyaBeauty; Softness
Aries, मेषLaalityaLoveliness; Grace; Beauty
Aries, मेषLaashyaDance performed by Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषLaasrithaCute; Pretty looking and well natured
Aries, मेषLaasyaDance performed by Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषLaasyaviA smile of Goddess Lalita
Aries, मेषLaavanyaGrace; Beauty
Aries, मेषLabangalataA flowering creeper
Aries, मेषLabanyaGrace; Beauty
Aries, मेषLabdhiHeavenly power
Aries, मेषLabhaProfit
Aries, मेषLaboniGrace; Beautiful
Aries, मेषLabonyaBrilliant; Beautiful
Aries, मेषLabukiMusical instrument
Aries, मेषLadhiSangeet music
Aries, मेषLadliLoved one
Aries, मेषLaghimaGoddess Parvati; A kind of Siddhi
Aries, मेषLaghuQuick
Aries, मेषLaghuviTender
Aries, मेषLahariWave
Aries, मेषLaharipriyaSubmissive
Aries, मेषLaherWave
Aries, मेषLahitaSmooth
Aries, मेषLaibaFemale of the Heaven
Aries, मेषLajitaModest
Aries, मेषLajithaModest
Aries, मेषLajjaModesty; Shyness
Aries, मेषLajjakaModesty
Aries, मेषLajjanaModesty
Aries, मेषLajjawatiA sensitive plant; Modest woman
Aries, मेषLajjitaModest; Shied; Shy; Blushing
Aries, मेषLajvantiA sensitive plant, Touch me not plant
Aries, मेषLajvathiShy
Aries, मेषLajvatiShy; Modest
Aries, मेषLajwantiA sensitive plant, Touch me not plant
Aries, मेषLajwatiShy; Modest
Aries, मेषLakashokavinashiniRemover of universal agonies
Aries, मेषLakhiGoddess Laxmi, Derived from Lakshmi
Aries, मेषLaksethaDistinguished
Aries, मेषLakshaWhite Rose; Rose
Aries, मेषLakshakiGoddess Sita
Aries, मेषLakshanaOne with auspicious signs on her
Aries, मेषLakshetaDistinguished
Aries, मेषLakshethaDistinguished
Aries, मेषLakshikaAim; Lakshya
Aries, मेषLakshitaDistinguished; Regarded
Aries, मेषLakshithaDistinguished; Regarded
Aries, मेषLakshmiGoddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate
Aries, मेषLakshmi DurgaGoddess of wealth; Fortunate
Aries, मेषLakshmi ShreeFortunate
Aries, मेषLakshmikaGoddess Lakshmi Devi
Aries, मेषLakshmipriyaGoddess Lakshmi; Beauty; Wealth
Aries, मेषLakshnaElegant
Aries, मेषLaksmiGoddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate
Aries, मेषLalanaBeautiful woman
Aries, मेषLalasaLove
Aries, मेषLaliDarling girl
Aries, मेषLalimaReddish glow; Supreme; Beautiful; Charming
Aries, मेषLalitaBeautiful; Women; Desirable; Graceful; Musk
Aries, मेषLalitamohanaAttractive; Beautiful
Aries, मेषLalithaBeautiful; Women; Desirable; Graceful; Musk
Aries, मेषLalithambikaGoddess Durga, The easily approachable mother
Aries, मेषLalithyaLoveliness; Grace; Beauty
Aries, मेषLalityaLoveliness; Grace; Beauty
Aries, मेषLaranyaGraceful
Aries, मेषLarathanabeautiful Goddess
Aries, मेषLarinaAffection; Soul; Sea Gull; Protection
Aries, मेषLarmikaA name of Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषLasakiGoddess Sita, Made of Lac
Aries, मेषLashikaGoddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषLashitaDesired
Aries, मेषLasikTender Heart
Aries, मेषLasrithaAlways laughing
Aries, मेषLasushaShining
Aries, मेषLasyaDance performed by Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषLataA creeper; Vine; Slender; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Aries, मेषLatakaraMass of creepers
Aries, मेषLatangiA creeper; Slim girl
Aries, मेषLathaA creeper; Vine; Slender; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Aries, मेषLathangiA creeper; Slim girl
Aries, मेषLathikaA small creeper; A little vine
Aries, मेषLathikshaWelcome
Aries, मेषLatikaA small creeper; A little vine
Aries, मेषLauhityaA River
Aries, मेषLavaliClove; Vine
Aries, मेषLavalikaA small vine
Aries, मेषLavangiApsara; Of the clove plant
Aries, मेषLavaniGrace
Aries, मेषLavanthikaName of a Raga
Aries, मेषLaveenaPurity; Woman of Rome
Aries, मेषLaveeniaPurified
Aries, मेषLaveniaPurified
Aries, मेषLaviLovable
Aries, मेषLavikGoddess Durga; Intelligent
Aries, मेषLavinaPurity; Woman of Rome
Aries, मेषLavishkaLovely; Lavish
Aries, मेषLavyLovable
Aries, मेषLavyaRenowned for his devotion to his Guru
Aries, मेषLawaryanaMost significant
Aries, मेषLaxmanraoAuspicious or Lord Rama's brother
Aries, मेषLaxmiGoddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate
Aries, मेषLaxmideviGoddess name and money
Aries, मेषLaxmithaGoddess Lakshmi; Prosperous life
Aries, मेषLayaMusical Rhythm
Aries, मेषLayakariGenerates harmony in dance and music
Aries, मेषLayanaRay of the Sun; Lives by the lane
Aries, मेषLayavanthiOrnament
Aries, मेषLeelamayeePlayful
Aries, मेषLeelavathiPlayful; Goddess Durga
Aries, मेषLeelavatiPlayful; Goddess Durga
Aries, मेषLeelawatiGoddess Durga; Amusing; Charming; Graceful
Aries, मेषLeelimaLovely
Aries, मेषLeenaGoddess Lakshmi; A wife; The Goddess of fortune
Aries, मेषLeenataHumility
Aries, मेषLeenathaHumility
Aries, मेषLeepaakshiGirl with Peacock eyes
Aries, मेषLeeshaNoble sort
Aries, मेषLeezaJoy; Devoted to God
Aries, मेषLehakA light that shines very bright
Aries, मेषLeharWave
Aries, मेषLeishaAngle; Of a noble kind
Aries, मेषLeivinaDragnet
Aries, मेषLekhaWriting; Mark; Horizon the crescent Moon
Aries, मेषLekhanaPen; Written poem
Aries, मेषLekhiWriting; Picture
Aries, मेषLekhyaWorld
Aries, मेषLekishaLife
Aries, मेषLekshanaOne with auspicious signs on her; Goal
Aries, मेषLekyaMathematician
Aries, मेषLemaThe name Lema means a creeper; A deer; A lady
Aries, मेषLenaA devoted one; Tender; Woman of Magdala
Aries, मेषLenishaBeautiful
Aries, मेषLerinaBlessed with beauty
Aries, मेषLeshaWOMAN
Aries, मेषLevinikaStrength
Aries, मेषLigyFlower of Angel
Aries, मेषLikhitaWriting
Aries, मेषLikhithaWriting
Aries, मेषLikitaWriting
Aries, मेषLikithaWriting
Aries, मेषLilamaPlayful; Divine drama
Aries, मेषLilavartiPlayful; Amusing; Charming
Aries, मेषLilavatiGoddess Durga; Amusing; Charming; Graceful
Aries, मेषLilawattiTo Write
Aries, मेषLimishaTwinkling of an Eye
Aries, मेषLimnaSpecial; The one; Most knowledge full person; Beautiful
Aries, मेषLinaA devoted one; Tender; Woman of Magdala
Aries, मेषLinashaBeautiful
Aries, मेषLincyKindness
Aries, मेषLineyshaIntelligent
Aries, मेषLinishaIntelligent
Aries, मेषLinjuMost beautiful
Aries, मेषLinnetA singing bird
Aries, मेषLipiScript; Alphabet; Manuscript; Writing
Aries, मेषLipikaA short letter, Alphabet; Manuscript; Script; Writing; Writer
Aries, मेषLipsikaSmile; Lipstick
Aries, मेषLipsithaSmile
Aries, मेषLiraDevotee of Goddess Kali
Aries, मेषLishikaBeautiful eyes; Talented; Cute
Aries, मेषLishithaGood; Gold Rice
Aries, मेषLissaHoney
Aries, मेषLithikaCute and perfect
Aries, मेषLithikkaaCute and perfect
Aries, मेषLithikshaBeauty
Aries, मेषLithishaHappiness
Aries, मेषLitikaCute and perfect
Aries, मेषLitikshaBeauty
Aries, मेषLitishaHappiness
Aries, मेषLitsaOne who brings good news
Aries, मेषLivaVariant of lifa
Aries, मेषLiyaI am with God
Aries, मेषLiyanaArt; Softness
Aries, मेषLochanaEye; Illuminating
Aries, मेषLogambalGoddess of the world
Aries, मेषLoganayakiGoddess Parvati; Rulers of World
Aries, मेषLogeshwariLove blessing
Aries, मेषLogitaSweet
Aries, मेषLogithaBeauty
Aries, मेषLohiniRed skinned
Aries, मेषLohitaRed; Ruby; Goddess Lakshmi in the form of iron
Aries, मेषLohithaRed; Ruby; Goddess Lakshmi in the form of iron
Aries, मेषLoka PriyaLustrous
Aries, मेषLokajananiGoddess Lakshmi; Mother of the World
Aries, मेषLokamatriGoddess Lakshmi; Mother of the World
Aries, मेषLokankshaOne who Loves World
Aries, मेषLokavyaOne who deserves heaven; Virtuous
Aries, मेषLokiniGoddess who cares for all
Aries, मेषLokithaThe enlightened one
Aries, मेषLokshitaPray for world
Aries, मेषLolaksiA shakti of Lord Ganesh
Aries, मेषLolithaRuby
Aries, मेषLookeshwariKing of the empire
Aries, मेषLopamudraConsort of saint Agastya; Learned woman
Aries, मेषLoshanaCombination of Rose and Anna
Aries, मेषLoshiniShine above the whole world
Aries, मेषLoticaGive light to others
Aries, मेषLoukyaWorldly wise; Goddess Lakshmi
Aries, मेषLoukyiniNo
Aries, मेषLoveleenLove to God
Aries, मेषLoxiA rose with pink stem; Sweet
Aries, मेषLoyshaLovable
Aries, मेषLukeshwariKing of the empire
Aries, मेषLumbikaA musical instrument
Aries, मेषLumbiniThe grove where Buddha was born
Aries, मेषLunashaBeauty of flower
Aries, मेषLuniSalty
Aries, मेषLuvleenAbsorbed in Love
Aries, मेषLynaA devoted one; Tender; Woman of Magdala
Aries, मेषOdathiRefreshing
Aries, मेषOditiDawn
Aries, मेषOeshiDivine; Rose
Aries, मेषOindrilaAnother name for the wife of Indra
Aries, मेषOishaniAnother name of young Goddess Parvati
Aries, मेषOishiDivine; Rose
Aries, मेषOjaVitality
Aries, मेषOjalVision
Aries, मेषOjashwiniLustrous
Aries, मेषOjasviBright
Aries, मेषOjaswaniAll day singing
Aries, मेषOjaswiBright
Aries, मेषOjaswiniLustrous
Aries, मेषOjaswitaBright brightness; A person symbolic of brightness
Aries, मेषOleviaLike olive
Aries, मेषOm SriCombination of God
Aries, मेषOmaLife giver
Aries, मेषOmairaStar
Aries, मेषOmajaA result of spiritual unity
Aries, मेषOmalaEarth
Aries, मेषOmanaA woman
Aries, मेषOmishaSmile; Goddess of birth & death
Aries, मेषOmkareshwariGoddess Parvati, Gauri
Aries, मेषOmkariReligious word Om
Aries, मेषOmvatiSacred; Having the power of Om
Aries, मेषOmyshaSmile; Goddess of birth & death
Aries, मेषOnalikaImage
Aries, मेषOniShelter
Aries, मेषOorjaEnergy; Affectionate; Daughter; Nutrition; Breath
Aries, मेषOrpitaOffering
Aries, मेषOshmaSummer season
Aries, मेषOviaPainting; Artist; Beautiful drawing
Aries, मेषOysheeDivine; Rose

Baby Names by Rashi: Boy

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

Baby Names by Rashi: Girl

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

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About Aries Girls / Women

It should come as no surprise that these bold rams are the first sign of the zodiac since Aries wants to be in the lead.

Aries is a bold and ambitious sign that jumps into even the most difficult situations, which makes sense given that the head is the body part connected with this sign.

Similar to Leo and Sagittarius, two other fire signs, Aries is an enthusiastic, driven, self-assured leader who fosters community by their upbeat demeanor and unwavering resolve.

Simple and straightforward in their approach, they frequently become irritated by minute details and superfluous subtleties.