Simha Rashi Names for Girl1

A list of 640+ Simha rashi names for Girl – Leo names for Girls, is given below:

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Simha Rashi Names for Girl – सिंह राशि के लड़कियों के नाम

About Leo Girl Kid: A child born under the sign of Leo grows up to lead a lavish and sumptuous existence.

Their expenditures show no remorse.

They can reject people who are of little value to them and have an innate tendency to get along well with those who do.

Leo Names for Girls – Lucky Names for Leo Girls

Leo Girls Names Start With Letter – M, TT

Leo, सिंहMaaghaName of a Nakshathra; Month's name
Leo, सिंहMaaheshvariPower of Lord Mahesha (Lord Shiva)
Leo, सिंहMaahiRiver; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth conjoined; The number one
Leo, सिंहMaalaGarland
Leo, सिंहMaalaviPrincess; A musical Raag
Leo, सिंहMaalikaDaughter; Queen; Owner; A garland; Jasmine; Intoxicating drink
Leo, सिंहMaaliniFragrant; Jasmine; Gardener
Leo, सिंहMaanasaConceived in the mind
Leo, सिंहMaanasiWith a sound mind; A lady; Intellectual
Leo, सिंहMaanasviTenderness
Leo, सिंहMaanaviGirl with humanity; One who poses all the best qualities
Leo, सिंहMaanavikaYoung girl
Leo, सिंहMaandaviConsort of Bharat in Ramayan; Fit; Competent; Administrator
Leo, सिंहMaandhariHonourable
Leo, सिंहMaanhithaTogether; Conversation with God; Honored
Leo, सिंहMaanikaOf Jewels; Ruby
Leo, सिंहMaaniniLady; Nobel; Women; Self respected
Leo, सिंहMaansiIntellectual or spiritual endeavour; Another name for Goddess Saraswati
Leo, सिंहMaanswiSkilled
Leo, सिंहMaanushiThe woman; Goddess Laxmi; Kind
Leo, सिंहMaanviGirl with humanity; One who poses all the best qualities
Leo, सिंहMaanvikaFemale of maanav; Youth
Leo, सिंहMaanyaThe quiet one; Worthy of honor; Respected; Honourable
Leo, सिंहMaanyataPrinciples; Assumption
Leo, सिंहMaarishaWorthy; Respectable
Leo, सिंहMaatangiGoddess of Matanga, Goddess Durga
Leo, सिंहMaayaGoddess Lakshmi; Wealth; Unreality; Compassion
Leo, सिंहMadanikaAroused; Excited
Leo, सिंहMadhaviA creeper with beautiful flowers; Springtime
Leo, सिंहMadhavilataA flowering creeper
Leo, सिंहMadhu BinduDrop of Honey
Leo, सिंहMadhu PriyaFond of Honey
Leo, सिंहMadhubalaSweet girl
Leo, सिंहMadhubaniAn art form
Leo, सिंहMadhuchandaMetrical composition
Leo, सिंहMadhuchhandaPleasing metrical composition
Leo, सिंहMadhujaMade of honey; Sweet; Honeycomb; The Earth
Leo, सिंहMadhukaitabhahantriSlayer of the demon-duo Madhu and Kaitabha
Leo, सिंहMadhukariBee
Leo, सिंहMadhuksaraOne who showers honey
Leo, सिंहMadhulSweet; Intoxicating; A drink
Leo, सिंहMadhulaSweet; Intoxicating; A drink
Leo, सिंहMadhulataSweet creeper; Lovely creeper
Leo, सिंहMadhulathaSweet creeper or Lovely creeper
Leo, सिंहMadhulekhaBeautiful
Leo, सिंहMadhulikaHoney; Sweetness; Bee
Leo, सिंहMadhumalathiName of a raga; A flowering creeper
Leo, सिंहMadhumalatiName of a raga; A flowering creeper
Leo, सिंहMadhumalliRoyal Jasmine
Leo, सिंहMadhumantiSweet; Polite
Leo, सिंहMadhumathiDelight Moon; Full of honey
Leo, सिंहMadhumatiDelight Moon; Full of honey
Leo, सिंहMadhumikaMay signify (Goodness/Power/Happiness/spirituality)
Leo, सिंहMadhumitaFull of honey; Sweet person
Leo, सिंहMadhumithaFull of honey; Sweet person
Leo, सिंहMadhunikaSweetness of Honey
Leo, सिंहMadhunishaPleasant night
Leo, सिंहMadhuparnaTulsi leaf (Basil leaf)
Leo, सिंहMadhupreethaGoddess Durga, She who likes Honey
Leo, सिंहMadhuraSugar; A bird
Leo, सिंहMadhuraniQueen of bees
Leo, सिंहMadhuriSweet girl
Leo, सिंहMadhurimaSweetness
Leo, सिंहMadhuryaShe who has voice sweeter
Leo, सिंहMadhushaBeauty
Leo, सिंहMadhushreeBeauty of Spring
Leo, सिंहMadhushriBeauty of Spring
Leo, सिंहMadhusmitaSweet love; Smile; Honey
Leo, सिंहMadhuvanthiSweet like honey; Name of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMadhuvantiSweet like honey; Name of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMadhviA creeper with beautiful flowers; Springtime
Leo, सिंहMadiraNectar; Intoxicating; Wine
Leo, सिंहMadirakshiWoman with intoxicating eyes
Leo, सिंहMadriSecond wife of Pandu; Mother of Nakul and Sahdeva
Leo, सिंहMadumaiGenerous
Leo, सिंहMaduraSugar; A bird
Leo, सिंहMagadhiFlower
Leo, सिंहMaganaEngrossed
Leo, सिंहMagathiGreat
Leo, सिंहMageshwariGod name
Leo, सिंहMaghaName of a Nakshathra; Month's name
Leo, सिंहMaghiGiving gifts
Leo, सिंहMaghnaRiver gangas
Leo, सिंहMaha DurgaThe Goddess Durga who is sleeping
Leo, सिंहMaha LakshmiConsort of Vishnu, She is the presiding deity at Kolhapur
Leo, सिंहMaha LaxmiConsort of Vishnu, She is the presiding deity at Kolhapur
Leo, सिंहMahaabalaHaving immense strength; Great strength; Enormously strong Lord
Leo, सिंहMahabhadraGanga river
Leo, सिंहMahadeviGoddess Parvati, the great Goddess, An epithet of Durga, Consort of Shiva
Leo, सिंहMahagangaThe great Ganga
Leo, सिंहMahagauriGoddess Durga, One of the nine forms of Durga; Name of a river
Leo, सिंहMahajabeenBeautiful
Leo, सिंहMahakaliGoddess Durga, The most destructive
Leo, सिंहMahakantaEarth
Leo, सिंहMahakanthaEarth
Leo, सिंहMahalakshmiConsort of Vishnu, She is the presiding deity at Kolhapur
Leo, सिंहMahalasaGoddess Lakshmi; The one who leisurely enjoys life
Leo, सिंहMahalaxmiConsort of Vishnu, She is the presiding deity at Kolhapur
Leo, सिंहMahalikaWoman; Attendant
Leo, सिंहMahalyawho is like God
Leo, सिंहMahanandiName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMahanshiPart of Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMahanthiGoddess
Leo, सिंहMahanyaOne who save the world
Leo, सिंहMahashriGoddess Lakshmi; Name of a Buddhist Goddess; An epithet of Lakshmi
Leo, सिंहMahasriGoddess Lakshmi; Name of a Buddhist Goddess; An epithet of Lakshmi
Leo, सिंहMahaswetaGoddess Saraswati; Perfectly white
Leo, सिंहMahaswethaGoddess Saraswati; Perfectly white
Leo, सिंहMahatapaWith severe penance
Leo, सिंहMahathiName of Naradudu Veena; Great
Leo, सिंहMahatiName of Naradudu Veena; Great
Leo, सिंहMahavidyaSupreme knowledge
Leo, सिंहMahekSweet odor; Sweet smell; Aura; Fragrance
Leo, सिंहMahelikaWoman; Attendant
Leo, सिंहMaheshaniGreat; Consort of Mahesh
Leo, सिंहMaheshiGoddess Parvati; The consort of Mahesh, i.e. Shiva, Epithet of Parvati
Leo, सिंहMaheshwariGoddess Durga; Great lady; A Dakshayanee in Mahakal
Leo, सिंहMahespriyaMessenger
Leo, सिंहMaheswariGoddess Durga; Great lady; A Dakshayanee in Mahakal
Leo, सिंहMahiRiver; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth conjoined; The number one
Leo, सिंहMahijubaA hostess
Leo, सिंहMahikaThe Earth; Dew; Mist; Frost
Leo, सिंहMahikaaThe Earth; Dew; Mist; Frost
Leo, सिंहMahimaGreatness; Splendour; Majesty; Dignity; Power
Leo, सिंहMahiramLovers
Leo, सिंहMahishaDestroyer of Mahisha
Leo, सिंहMahishasura MardiniGoddess who killed demon Mahishasura
Leo, सिंहMahishasuramardiniGoddess who killed demon mahishasura
Leo, सिंहMahitaGreatness; River; Respected; Excellent; Revered
Leo, सिंहMahithaGreatness; River; Respected; Excellent; Revered
Leo, सिंहMahitha DeviGreatness
Leo, सिंहMahiyaHappiness; Exultation
Leo, सिंहMahodariOne who has a huge belly which stores the universe
Leo, सिंहMahubalaSweet girl
Leo, सिंहMahuliMelodious; A musical raag
Leo, सिंहMahuyaName of a beautiful flower
Leo, सिंहMainaA bird
Leo, सिंहMainaliPlace
Leo, सिंहMainaviIntellectual; Singing bird
Leo, सिंहMaithiliGoddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila
Leo, सिंहMaithilyGoddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila
Leo, सिंहMaithraFriendly; Kind
Leo, सिंहMaithriGood will; Friendship; Kindness
Leo, सिंहMaitraFriendly; Kind
Leo, सिंहMaitrayeeWise woman
Leo, सिंहMaitreyiA learned woman of the past; Friendly
Leo, सिंहMaitriGoodwill; Friendship; Kindness
Leo, सिंहMaitryGood will; Friendship; Kindness
Leo, सिंहMakaliThe Moon
Leo, सिंहMakshiHoneybee
Leo, सिंहMakshikaBee; Honey
Leo, सिंहMalaGarland
Leo, सिंहMaladaAuspicious; Lucky
Leo, सिंहMalahariName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMalakaAmorous; Affectionate
Leo, सिंहMalarJasmine
Leo, सिंहMalariFlower
Leo, सिंहMalarkodiA flowering vine
Leo, सिंहMalarviliBeautiful eyes like a flower
Leo, सिंहMalarvizhiCute eyes
Leo, सिंहMalasaEmanating from the lotus
Leo, सिंहMalashreeAn early evening melody
Leo, सिंहMalathiLover and life partner; Name of a flower
Leo, सिंहMalathyLover and life partner; Name of a flower
Leo, सिंहMalatiA creeper with fragrant flowers
Leo, सिंहMalavashreeName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMalavikaPrincess of malawa
Leo, सिंहMalayaA creeper; Sandalwood; Fragrant
Leo, सिंहMalikaDaughter; Queen; Owner; A garland; Jasmine; Intoxicating drink
Leo, सिंहMalinaDark
Leo, सिंहMaliniFragrant; Jasmine; Gardener; Another name for Goddess Durga
Leo, सिंहMalishkaFish
Leo, सिंहMalkaQueen
Leo, सिंहMalliFlower
Leo, सिंहMalligaJasmine
Leo, सिंहMallikaJasmine; Garland; Queen; Daughter
Leo, सिंहMalsaSweet
Leo, सिंहMaltiA creeper with fragrant flowers
Leo, सिंहMaluThe short name of Malavika
Leo, सिंहMalvikaOne who lived in Malva
Leo, सिंहMamataAffection; Preeti; Motherly love, Maternal love; Deep; Attachment
Leo, सिंहMamathaAffection; Preeti; Motherly love
Leo, सिंहMamathiPretty
Leo, सिंहMamonLovable
Leo, सिंहMamthaAffection; Preeti; Motherly love
Leo, सिंहManaSupernatural power
Leo, सिंहManadhaGiving honor
Leo, सिंहManahMind
Leo, सिंहManakaAccording to the mind; Affectionate
Leo, सिंहManalAttainment; Achievement; A bird
Leo, सिंहManaliA bird
Leo, सिंहMananaMeditation
Leo, सिंहMananyaDeserving praises; Praiseworthy
Leo, सिंहManasaConceived in the mind; Intellect; Mind; Heart; Born in the mind
Leo, सिंहManasaaConceived in the mind
Leo, सिंहManasaviGood-minded; Intelligent
Leo, सिंहManashviIntelligent; Wise; Sensible; Self-respecting; Self-controlled
Leo, सिंहManasiWith a sound mind; A lady; Intellectual or spiritual endeavour
Leo, सिंहManasikaOf mind
Leo, सिंहManasvaniHigh minded
Leo, सिंहManasveeIntelligent; Wise; Sensible; Self-respecting; Self-controlled
Leo, सिंहManasviIntelligent; Wise; Sensible; Self-respecting; Self-controlled
Leo, सिंहManasviniGoddess Durga; Self-respecting; Self-controlled; Wise
Leo, सिंहManaswaniMusic of mind
Leo, सिंहManaswiIntelligent; Wise; Sensible; Self-respecting; Self-controlled
Leo, सिंहManaswiniGoddess Durga; Self-respecting; Self-controlled; Wise
Leo, सिंहManavathiGoddess Durga, She who has a big heart
Leo, सिंहManaviGirl with humanity; One who poses all the best qualities
Leo, सिंहManavieQueen
Leo, सिंहManavyaLucky and Happy with inner beauty
Leo, सिंहManayiWife of Manu
Leo, सिंहMandaA river
Leo, सिंहMandakiniA river; The milky way; A tributary of the river Ganges
Leo, सिंहMandakrantaA Sanskrit metre
Leo, सिंहMandalacircle
Leo, सिंहMandamaariName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMandanaCheerful
Leo, सिंहMandaraLarge; Firm; Slow; Heavenly
Leo, सिंहMandarikaThe Coral tree
Leo, सिंहMandarmalikaA garland of celestial
Leo, सिंहMandaviConsort of Bharat
Leo, सिंहMandeepaLight of heart
Leo, सिंहMandiraCymbals; Home; A dwelling; Sacred; Temple; Sea
Leo, सिंहManditaDecorated; Adorned
Leo, सिंहMandithaDecorated; Adorned
Leo, सिंहMandodariConsort of Rawan
Leo, सिंहMandraPleasant
Leo, सिंहMandviConsort of Bharat in Ramayan; Fit; Competent; Administrator
Leo, सिंहManeeshaIntellect; Desire; Wish; Goddess of mind; Wisdom; Thoughtfulness; Hymn
Leo, सिंहManeeshiWise; A learned person; Knowledgeable person; Desired
Leo, सिंहMangaiCultured lady
Leo, सिंहMangalaAuspicious; Before morning; Sacred grass; Jasmine
Leo, सिंहMangalalakshmiName of Shakti
Leo, सिंहMangalavathiName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMangaliAuspicious; Fragrant
Leo, सिंहMangalyaPious; Pure
Leo, सिंहMangiriFlower of mango plant
Leo, सिंहManglaAuspicious; Before morning;  Another name for Uma and Durga
Leo, सिंहManhitaWins hearts; Togetherness
Leo, सिंहMani ChandrikaMoon light
Leo, सिंहMani RevathiName of star combined with fairness and love
Leo, सिंहManiaThe quiet one; Worthy of honor; Respected; Honourable
Leo, सिंहManiammagem
Leo, सिंहManideepaA lamp of precious stones
Leo, सिंहManikaOf Jewels; Ruby
Leo, सिंहManikarniGoddess Durga; Earring containing a Jewel
Leo, सिंहManikuntalaOne whose hair is like gems
Leo, सिंहManimalaA string of pearls
Leo, सिंहManimayFull of jewel
Leo, सिंहManimekhalaA girdle of gems
Leo, सिंहManimozhiGood girl
Leo, सिंहManineeLady; Nobel; Women; Self respected
Leo, सिंहManingaTreasure; A river
Leo, सिंहManiniLady; Nobel; Women; Self-respected
Leo, सिंहManiratnaDiamond
Leo, सिंहManishaIntellect; Desire; Wish; Goddess of mind; Wisdom; Thoughtfulness; Hymn
Leo, सिंहManishiWise; A learned person; Knowledgeable person; Desired
Leo, सिंहManishikaIntelligence; Consideration; Intelligence
Leo, सिंहManishitaDesired; A wish; Wisdom
Leo, सिंहManishithaDesired; A wish; Wisdom
Leo, सिंहManishkaWisdom; Intellect
Leo, सिंहManisiWise; A learned person; Knowledgeable person; Desired
Leo, सिंहManisilaA jewelled stone
Leo, सिंहManisithaDesired; A wish; Wisdom
Leo, सिंहManitaTogether; Conversation with God; Honored
Leo, सिंहManithaTogether; Conversation with God; Honored
Leo, सिंहManiyaA glass bead
Leo, सिंहManjariA bunch
Leo, सिंहManjeeraMusical instrument; Ankle bells; Anklet
Leo, सिंहManjimaBeauty
Leo, सिंहManjiraMusical instrument; Ankle bells; Anklet
Leo, सिंहManjiriHoly Basil in India; Indian Goddess of romance
Leo, सिंहManjisthaExtremely
Leo, सिंहManjuSnow; Pleasant; Beautiful
Leo, सिंहManjubalaA sweet girl
Leo, सिंहManjulaMelodious; Beautiful; Likeable; A Spring
Leo, सिंहManjulikaA sweet girl; Beautiful; Likeable
Leo, सिंहManjushaA box
Leo, सिंहManjushreeGoddess Lakshmi, Divine beauty, Name for Lakshmi
Leo, सिंहManjushriSweet luster; Goddess Saraswati
Leo, सिंहManjusreeGoddess Lakshmi, Divine beauty, Name for Lakshmi
Leo, सिंहManjusriSweet luster; Goddess Saraswati
Leo, सिंहManjyotLight of the mind
Leo, सिंहManmayiSri Radha
Leo, सिंहManognaBeauty
Leo, सिंहManojnaBeautiful; Pleasant; Princess
Leo, सिंहManoramaAttractive; Beautiful; Pleasant
Leo, सिंहManoranjanaEntertaining; Pleasing
Leo, सिंहManoranjaniName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहManoritaDesire; Of the mind
Leo, सिंहManorithaDesire; Of the mind
Leo, सिंहManshaWish
Leo, सिंहManshiIntellectual or spiritual endeavour; Another name for Goddess Saraswati
Leo, सिंहManshreeWish
Leo, सिंहManshveeIntelligent
Leo, सिंहMansiWoman
Leo, सिंहMantakiniThe ganges
Leo, सिंहMantharaMaid servant of Keikeyi
Leo, सिंहManthikaThoughtful; Devoted
Leo, सिंहManthraMeditation
Leo, सिंहMantikaThoughtful; Devoted
Leo, सिंहMantraHymns; Holy chants; Vedic hymn; Prayer
Leo, सिंहMantranaAdvice; Thought
Leo, सिंहManujaHuman; Born of Manu; Woman
Leo, सिंहManuniRespectable
Leo, सिंहManushiA woman; Goddess Laxmi; Kind
Leo, सिंहManushreeLaxmi Devi, Goddess Lakshmi
Leo, सिंहManushriGoddess Lakshmi, Consort of Manu (Vishnu), Shri - Lakshmi
Leo, सिंहManusriGoddess Lakshmi, Consort of Manu (Vishnu), Shri - Lakshmi
Leo, सिंहManvaMind identifier
Leo, सिंहManveerBrave heart
Leo, सिंहManveetHuman
Leo, सिंहManveetaMost respectable
Leo, सिंहManviGirl with humanity, One who possesses all the best qualities
Leo, सिंहManvikaAs a human being
Leo, सिंहManvitaMost respectable
Leo, सिंहManvithaMost respectable
Leo, सिंहManvitha SriGoddess Durga
Leo, सिंहManyaThe quiet one; Worthy of honor; Respected; Honourable
Leo, सिंहManyashreeWorthy of honor
Leo, सिंहManyathaRespected
Leo, सिंहManzilDestination
Leo, सिंहMaragathamEmerald; It is a very precious natural stone in the world
Leo, सिंहMarakathamA Gem; Attractive
Leo, सिंहMaralaSwan
Leo, सिंहMaralikaSmall swan
Leo, सिंहMareeshaTraveler
Leo, सिंहMargiTraveler
Leo, सिंहMarguName of a Goddess
Leo, सिंहMariappanTamil Goddess name Mariamman
Leo, सिंहMarichiRay of light; Name of a star
Leo, सिंहMarichikaMirage; Ray
Leo, सिंहMariichiRay of light; Name of a star
Leo, सिंहMarisaOf the sea; Bitterness
Leo, सिंहMarjanaPrecious stone
Leo, सिंहMarudhamFrom the lush green fields
Leo, सिंहMarushikaBorn with blessings of Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMaruvaName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMarviBeauty redefined
Leo, सिंहMaryadaBoundary; Rule
Leo, सिंहMasaraEmerald
Leo, सिंहMasilmaniPure; Without any blemishes
Leo, सिंहMasmaFair
Leo, सिंहMasumInnocent; Sinless
Leo, सिंहMasumiInnocence
Leo, सिंहMasvitathank you
Leo, सिंहMatangakaminiName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMatangamunipujitaWorshipped by sage Matanga
Leo, सिंहMatangiGoddess of Matanga, Goddess Durga
Leo, सिंहMathimithraChild of Light
Leo, सिंहMathishaBitter
Leo, सिंहMatiThe Moon; Thought; Prayer; Mind; Decision; Respect
Leo, सिंहMatishaBitter
Leo, सिंहMatoshriGenerous
Leo, सिंहMatraMother; Name of Goddess
Leo, सिंहMatrikaMother; Name of Goddess
Leo, सिंहMaubaniA flower
Leo, सिंहMaukshiSpirited; Energy; Nerve
Leo, सिंहMauliName of Lord Shiva; Crown of hair
Leo, सिंहMaulikaThe original; Love
Leo, सिंहMaulishaVery Talented
Leo, सिंहMaurimaDark skinned; Moor
Leo, सिंहMausamSeason
Leo, सिंहMausamiSeasonal
Leo, सिंहMaushmiBeauty; Monsoon wind
Leo, सिंहMausluniMonsoon wind
Leo, सिंहMausumSeason
Leo, सिंहMausumiBeauty; Monsoon wind
Leo, सिंहMayaGoddess Lakshmi; Wealth; Unreality; Compassion
Leo, सिंहMayanshiRelated to Goddess Laxmi
Leo, सिंहMayashreeIllusion or Goddess Laxmi
Leo, सिंहMayawatiFull of Illusion
Leo, सिंहMayilFull of grace; Like a peacock
Leo, सिंहMayukaPea-hen
Leo, सिंहMayukhaRay of light; Brightness
Leo, सिंहMayukhiPea-hen
Leo, सिंहMayuriPea-hen
Leo, सिंहMayurikaWith Peacock feathers
Leo, सिंहMedhIntellect; Goddess Saraswati
Leo, सिंहMedhaIntellect; Goddess Saraswati
Leo, सिंहMedhaaviWise; Very intelligent
Leo, सिंहMedhaniOf intelligence
Leo, सिंहMedhasviGoddess Saraswati; Vitality; Strength; Vigour; Ability
Leo, सिंहMedhaviWise; Very intelligent
Leo, सिंहMedhineeThe earth
Leo, सिंहMedhunaName of rasi
Leo, सिंहMedhyaMighty; Clean; Fresh
Leo, सिंहMediniThe earth
Leo, सिंहMeehikaMist; Fog
Leo, सिंहMeeliBitter; A meeting; To find
Leo, सिंहMeemansaA person who is always eager to know
Leo, सिंहMeenaPrecious blue stone; Fish; Jewel
Leo, सिंहMeenakshiA woman with beautiful eyes; Fish-eyed
Leo, सिंहMeenalA precious gem; Stone
Leo, सिंहMeenuFish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing love and peace
Leo, सिंहMeeraA devotee of Lord Krishna; Ocean; Boundary; Poetess
Leo, सिंहMeerajaCombination of Meenakshi & Natrajan
Leo, सिंहMeertiCool
Leo, सिंहMeetaliSkilled
Leo, सिंहMeethiTruthful; Friend
Leo, सिंहMeethuSweet
Leo, सिंहMeethunaUnion
Leo, सिंहMeetikaPeople who speak less and calm, Soft spoken
Leo, सिंहMeganaClouds
Leo, सिंहMeghaCloud
Leo, सिंहMeghalRiver ganges
Leo, सिंहMeghamalaArray of clouds
Leo, सिंहMeghanaCloud; River Ganges
Leo, सिंहMegharanjaniName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMeghaviCloud
Leo, सिंहMeghaviniIntelligence
Leo, सिंहMeghnaCloud; River Ganges
Leo, सिंहMehaCloud
Leo, सिंहMehakSweet odor; Sweet smell; Aura; Fragrance
Leo, सिंहMehalCloud; Sickness
Leo, सिंहMehalaCloud; Sickness
Leo, सिंहMehanazMoon's Glory
Leo, सिंहMehathiLord Rama wife name; In Naradhas hand vina
Leo, सिंहMeheeraHighly skilled; Expert; Quick; Talented; Powerful
Leo, सिंहMeherBenevolence
Leo, सिंहMehnaCloud
Leo, सिंहMehrBlessing
Leo, सिंहMehuliA small rain cloud
Leo, सिंहMeishaWalking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty
Leo, सिंहMekalaMyrtle
Leo, सिंहMekhalaGirdle
Leo, सिंहMekshaHappiness
Leo, सिंहMelaReligious gathering
Leo, सिंहMelinaPeace
Leo, सिंहMenaPrecious blue stone; Fish; Jewel
Leo, सिंहMenahaCelestial damsel
Leo, सिंहMenajaGoddess Parvati, Daughter of Mena, Another name of Parvati
Leo, सिंहMenakaCelestial dancer; An Apsara; Shakuntala mother
Leo, सिंहMenithaWise
Leo, सिंहMenkaCelestial dancer; An Apsara; Shakuntala's mother
Leo, सिंहMenmoliSpeaks kindly
Leo, सिंहMenshikaLovable
Leo, सिंहMenukaCharming; Expressive personality; Affectionate and caring.
Leo, सिंहMerayLittle bird
Leo, सिंहMeshaLong life
Leo, सिंहMeshvGoddess Parvati; Goddess of desires
Leo, सिंहMeshvaGoddess of desire, Goddess Parvati
Leo, सिंहMeshwaGoddess of desire, Goddess Parvati
Leo, सिंहMidhunaName of star
Leo, सिंहMihikaMist; Fog
Leo, सिंहMihiraFeminine form of Mihir; The Sun
Leo, सिंहMikikaBeauty; hope; fruit
Leo, सिंहMiliBitter; A meeting; To find
Leo, सिंहMilikaDesiring union
Leo, सिंहMiloniAchiever
Leo, सिंहMinaPrecious blue stone; Fish; Jewel
Leo, सिंहMinakshiA woman with beautiful eyes; Fish eyed
Leo, सिंहMinalA precious gem; Stone
Leo, सिंहMinarvaIntellect
Leo, सिंहMinatiPrayer
Leo, सिंहMinaxiHave eyes as fish
Leo, सिंहMiniSmall; Often a pet name
Leo, सिंहMinitaWise; Honored
Leo, सिंहMinnieForm of Williamina
Leo, सिंहMinnoliBrilliant like lightning
Leo, सिंहMinooFish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing love and peace
Leo, सिंहMinotiA plea to the Lord asking, seeking something
Leo, सिंहMintyProtector; Diminutive of Araminta
Leo, सिंहMinuFish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing love and peace
Leo, सिंहMionaGood fortune
Leo, सिंहMipashaLovely
Leo, सिंहMiraA devotee of Lord Krishna; Ocean; Boundary; Poetess
Leo, सिंहMiraanPrincely; Princes
Leo, सिंहMirakeshiName of an Apsara fairy
Leo, सिंहMiralShining sea; Independent
Leo, सिंहMirayaA devotee of Lord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMirgaksiniMay signify (Goodness/Power/Happiness/spirituality)
Leo, सिंहMiriamWished for child
Leo, सिंहMiridhiniSoft earth
Leo, सिंहMiriumWished for child
Leo, सिंहMirthikaMother of lands
Leo, सिंहMirunaliniGoddess Lakshmi; A Lotus plant, A group of Lotuses
Leo, सिंहMishaHappy for the entire life
Leo, सिंहMishaliniWhat is asked for or lent
Leo, सिंहMishayeGift of Love
Leo, सिंहMisheetaGoddess Laxmi; Sweet person
Leo, सिंहMishiSugarcane
Leo, सिंहMishikaLove of God
Leo, सिंहMishilMoon
Leo, सिंहMishitaGoddess Laxmi; Sweet person
Leo, सिंहMishkaGift of Love
Leo, सिंहMishriSweet
Leo, सिंहMishthiSweet person; Sweet; Surgery
Leo, सिंहMishtiSweet person; Sweet; Surgery
Leo, सिंहMishtuLovely
Leo, सिंहMishtySweet person; Sweet; Surgery
Leo, सिंहMishwiniFamous
Leo, सिंहMisriSweet; Brilliant
Leo, सिंहMisthiSweet person; Sweet; Surgery
Leo, सिंहMistiSweet person; Sweet; Surgery
Leo, सिंहMitaA friend
Leo, सिंहMitakshiGoddess Durga; Concise; Known; Understood
Leo, सिंहMitaleeA bond between friendship and love
Leo, सिंहMitaliA bond between friendship and Love
Leo, सिंहMiteelaiFriendly
Leo, सिंहMithaliA bond between friendship and Love
Leo, सिंहMithiTruthful; Friend
Leo, सिंहMithraFriend; The Sun
Leo, सिंहMithraaFriend; God of the sun
Leo, सिंहMithriyaKnowledge
Leo, सिंहMithuSweet
Leo, सिंहMithulaSweet Beautiful
Leo, सिंहMithunaUnion
Leo, सिंहMithunavarshniUnion
Leo, सिंहMithushaBrilliant girl
Leo, सिंहMitiTruthful; Friend
Leo, सिंहMitikaPeople who speak less and calm; Soft spoken
Leo, सिंहMitikshaA wonder
Leo, सिंहMitishaFriend of Goddess Isha (Goddess Parvati)
Leo, सिंहMitshOf demeter
Leo, सिंहMitshuLight
Leo, सिंहMitushiOne of limited desires
Leo, सिंहModakiDelightful
Leo, सिंहModiniHappy; Cheerful
Leo, सिंहMohanaAttractive; Charming; Infatuating; Beautiful
Leo, सिंहMohanadhvaniName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMohanakalyaniName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMohanamBeautiful; Good looking
Leo, सिंहMohanapriyaLoving; Attractive & charming
Leo, सिंहMohanasriAttractive; Charming
Leo, सिंहMohaniCharming; Infatuating; Beautiful; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Leo, सिंहMohiPleasing; Lovely
Leo, सिंहMohiniEnchantress; Charming; Fascinating; Jasmine; An Apsara or celestial
Leo, सिंहMohishaIntellect
Leo, सिंहMohitaAttracted; Infatuated; Bewildered
Leo, सिंहMohithaAttracted; Infatuated; Bewildered
Leo, सिंहMohithaaAttractive one
Leo, सिंहMohonaAttractive
Leo, सिंहMokshaSalvation
Leo, सिंहMokshadhaMoksha (Salvation)
Leo, सिंहMokshasriFree from Births
Leo, सिंहMokshitaLiberated; Free
Leo, सिंहMokshithaLiberated; Free
Leo, सिंहMoksinFree from attachment; Seeking salvation; Liberated; Free
Leo, सिंहMolinaA tree that grows from the root
Leo, सिंहMolishaPrincess
Leo, सिंहMolshreeOrange colored very fragrant flowers which grow on a tree
Leo, सिंहMonaA little noble one; Solitary; Single; Wish
Leo, सिंहMonalBird
Leo, सिंहMonalikaOne of the thousand names of the Hindu Goddess
Leo, सिंहMonalisaNoble
Leo, सिंहMonashiniExcellent
Leo, सिंहMoneeshaIntelligent; Lord Krishna; Beautiful; Solitary
Leo, सिंहMoneshaaIntelligent; Lord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMonishaIntelligent; Lord Krishna; Beautiful; Solitary
Leo, सिंहMonishkaIntelligence
Leo, सिंहMonpritiHeart lover
Leo, सिंहMonuCool; Soft; Pretty
Leo, सिंहMoonThe Moon
Leo, सिंहMoonikaAdviser
Leo, सिंहMorviBow String
Leo, सिंहMoshikaPrincess
Leo, सिंहMothiPearl
Leo, सिंहMothikaLike a Pearl
Leo, सिंहMoubaniA flower
Leo, सिंहMoudiptaBeneficent
Leo, सिंहMoukthikaPearl
Leo, सिंहMoulanaSilent; Calm
Leo, सिंहMoulikaThe original; Love
Leo, सिंहMoulyaTogether
Leo, सिंहMoumitaSweet friend
Leo, सिंहMounaSilent
Leo, सिंहMounaviSilent Person
Leo, सिंहMounicaSilence
Leo, सिंहMounikaSilence
Leo, सिंहMounishaGoddess Parvati; Moon Light
Leo, सिंहMounithaQuite; Silent
Leo, सिंहMouparnaSweet like honey
Leo, सिंहMoupriyaEver smiling ; sweet smile ; loving
Leo, सिंहMourviBow string
Leo, सिंहMousamiSeasonal
Leo, सिंहMoushumeeDerived from the word Mausam which means season
Leo, सिंहMoushumiSeason; Beauty
Leo, सिंहMridaSoil; The one who makes joyful; Soft
Leo, सिंहMridhuGentle
Leo, सिंहMridhulaSoft or tender; Gentle; Sweet
Leo, सिंहMridiniGoddess Parvati
Leo, सिंहMriduGentle
Leo, सिंहMridukaGentle; Soft; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Leo, सिंहMridulaSoft or tender; Gentle; Sweet
Leo, सिंहMridvikaGentleness; A vine
Leo, सिंहMrigakshiOne with deer like beautiful eyes
Leo, सिंहMriganayaniDoe-eyed
Leo, सिंहMrigankhiDeer-eyed
Leo, सिंहMrignayaniA girl with eyes as beautiful as that of a Deer
Leo, सिंहMrimnayiEarthly
Leo, सिंहMrinaliLotus stalk; Lotus stem; Lotus
Leo, सिंहMrinalikaLotus stalk; Lotus stem; Lotus; Lotus root
Leo, सिंहMrinaliniLotus; Flagrant; Soft; Holy; Many Lotuses
Leo, सिंहMrinmayDeer's eye
Leo, सिंहMrinmayeeDeer's eye; Of the Earth
Leo, सिंहMrinmayiDeer's eye; Of the Earth
Leo, सिंहMritheyaHaving a lot of friends
Leo, सिंहMrithikaMother earth
Leo, सिंहMrithulaSoftness
Leo, सिंहMritsaGood earth
Leo, सिंहMrittikaMother earth
Leo, सिंहMrudaGoddess Parvati; Affectionate
Leo, सिंहMrudaniAnother name of Goddess Parvati
Leo, सिंहMrudhulaSoft natured
Leo, सिंहMruduSoft
Leo, सिंहMrudulaSoft natured
Leo, सिंहMrugayaSoft
Leo, सिंहMrunalLotus stack
Leo, सिंहMrunaliLotus
Leo, सिंहMrunaliniIntelligent &lotus
Leo, सिंहMrunmayeeGoddess Sita, Made of Earth or clay
Leo, सिंहMrunmayiGoddess Sita, Made of Earth or clay
Leo, सिंहMuditaHappy; Delight; Satisfied
Leo, सिंहMudithaHappy; Delight; Satisfied
Leo, सिंहMudraExpression
Leo, सिंहMudrikaRing
Leo, सिंहMugdhaSpellbound
Leo, सिंहMughdhaTender; innocent”.
Leo, सिंहMuktaLiberated; Pearl
Leo, सिंहMuktakeshaOne who has open tresses
Leo, सिंहMukthaLiberated; Pearl
Leo, सिंहMukthangiName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMukthiSalvation; Freedom from life and death; Final release
Leo, सिंहMuktiSalvation; Freedom from life and death; Final release
Leo, सिंहMukulaBud
Leo, सिंहMukulitaBud
Leo, सिंहMukundamaliniName of a Raga
Leo, सिंहMullaiFlower with lovely fragrance
Leo, सिंहMulyaValue
Leo, सिंहMuniyaName of a bird
Leo, सिंहMunmunVery Pleasant
Leo, सिंहMuthaObeyed; Pure or like a Pearl
Leo, सिंहMuthammalPure; Like a Pearl
Leo, सिंहMutharasiA queen which is adorned in pearls
Leo, सिंहMutholiShines like a Pearl
Leo, सिंहMuthulakshmiGoddess Lakshmi
Leo, सिंहMuthunagaiSmiles like a Pearl
Leo, सिंहMuthuselviHappy prosperous daughter; she is worth as Pearl
Leo, सिंहMynvitaCharming lady
Leo, सिंहMyshaHappy for the entire life
Leo, सिंहMythiliGoddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila
Leo, सिंहMythilliGoddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila
Leo, सिंहMythilyGoddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila
Leo, सिंहMythradeviGoddess of truth
Leo, सिंहMythriFriendship

Baby Names by Rashi: Boy

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

Baby Names by Rashi: Girl

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

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Leo, fiery fire sign are the rulers and queens of the celestial jungle, and Leo is symbolized by the lion.

They are happy to accept their royal status: Leos are exuberant, dramatic, and passionate people who enjoy being the center of attention and celebrating who they are.

These lions are born leaders who take pleasure in nurturing creatively and artistically inspired friendships and romantic relationships.

Playful Leos often sink their teeth into tabloid-worthy romances that are overflowing with drama.

All Leos, after all, think of themselves as celebrities.

These astrological goddesses are infatuated with sumptuous meals, invitation-only events, and opulent designer clothing.

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