Mithun Rashi Names for Girl1

A list of 590+ Mithun rashi names for Girl – Gemini names for Girls, is given below:

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Mithun Rashi Names for Girl – मिथुन राशि के लड़कियों के नाम

About Gemini Girl Kid: The Gemini child is usually intelligent and has a lovely appearance.

Gemini zodiac sign babies are naturally inquisitive and have a broad range of interests.

A youngster born under the sign of Gemini will always be devoted to their parents and extended family.

Gemini Names for Girls – Lucky Names for Gemini Girls

Gemini Girls Names Start With Letter – K, CHH, GH, Q, C

Gemini, मिथुनCammyYoung girls who assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies
Gemini, मिथुनCauveryName of a river
Gemini, मिथुनChhaayaaShadow
Gemini, मिथुनChhabiReflection; Image; Radiance
Gemini, मिथुनChhaviReflection; Image; Radiance
Gemini, मिथुनChhaviiReflection; Image; Radiance
Gemini, मिथुनChhavviReflection; Image; Radiance
Gemini, मिथुनChhayaShadow
Gemini, मिथुनCinthanaAlways smiling
Gemini, मिथुनCoralSemi-precious sea growth often deep pink, Red
Gemini, मिथुनGhaenaOrnament
Gemini, मिथुनGhanamalikaClouds
Gemini, मिथुनGhanashyamalaName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनGhanasindhuName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनGhanaviSinger; Melody
Gemini, मिथुनGhanishkaGoddess Parvati
Gemini, मिथुनGhanyaSINGING
Gemini, मिथुनGhataChanging weather
Gemini, मिथुनGheethiMelody
Gemini, मिथुनGhenaOrnament
Gemini, मिथुनGhorarupaHaving a fierce outlook
Gemini, मिथुनGhoshaResounding; A proclamation; Noise; Fame
Gemini, मिथुनGhoshiniFamed; Proclaimed; Noisy
Gemini, मिथुनGhulikaPearl
Gemini, मिथुनGhungrooMusical instrument
Gemini, मिथुनKaahiniYouthful; Spirited; Young
Gemini, मिथुनKaajalMuscara Surma; Eyeliner; Kohl; Decoration for women's eyes
Gemini, मिथुनKaakaliA musical instrument; The melodious voice of the Cuckoo; Chirping of birds
Gemini, मिथुनKaalakaDark; Fog; Perfumed; Earth; Another name for Goddess Durga's perfumed
Gemini, मिथुनKaalaratriGoddess who is black as night
Gemini, मिथुनKaaliNight; Destroyer; Goddess Durga's in her terrifying form; Blackness
Gemini, मिथुनKaalikaDark; Fog; Flawed gold; Perfumed; Earth; A bud
Gemini, मिथुनKaamaDesired; Cherished; The golden one or Love; Beauty; Briliance
Gemini, मिथुनKaamadaGenerous
Gemini, मिथुनKaamanaDesire
Gemini, मिथुनKaamikaDesired
Gemini, मिथुनKaaminiDesirable; Beautiful; Affectionate; A beautiful woman
Gemini, मिथुनKaamitDesired
Gemini, मिथुनKaamitaDesired
Gemini, मिथुनKaamiyaBeautiful; Capable
Gemini, मिथुनKaamlaPerfect; Goddess; Flower
Gemini, मिथुनKaammaLoveble
Gemini, मिथुनKaamodiExciting
Gemini, मिथुनKaamunaDesired
Gemini, मिथुनKaamyaBeautiful; Lovable; Assiduous; Successful
Gemini, मिथुनKaanchanaGold; Wealth
Gemini, मिथुनKaanchiBrilliant; A pilgrimage centre in south India; A waistband
Gemini, मिथुनKaantaBeautiful; Ever-radiant
Gemini, मिथुनKaantiBeauty; Desire; Splendour; Ornament
Gemini, मिथुनKaartikiDevout, Divine, Light, Ekadashi in the month of Kartik
Gemini, मिथुनKaarunyaCompassionate (Goddess Lakshmi); Praiseworthy; Merciful; Kind
Gemini, मिथुनKaashiDevotional place; Pilgrimage spot; Varanasi; The holy city
Gemini, मिथुनKaashniGoddess Lakshmi; Special girl; Flower
Gemini, मिथुनKaashviShining; Bright; Glowing
Gemini, मिथुनKaashwiShining; Bright; Glowing
Gemini, मिथुनKaasniFlower; Special girl; Goddess Lakshmi
Gemini, मिथुनKaaveriFilled with water; Turmeric
Gemini, मिथुनKaavyaPoetry in motion; Poem; Laden with a sentiment
Gemini, मिथुनKaavyanjaliThe offering of poetry
Gemini, मिथुनKaayaBody; Elder sister
Gemini, मिथुनKabaniName of a river
Gemini, मिथुनKabitaPoetry
Gemini, मिथुनKadambariGoddess
Gemini, मिथुनKadambiArray of clouds
Gemini, मिथुनKadambiniAn array of clouds
Gemini, मिथुनKadanmbariFemale cuckoo; Goddess Saraswati
Gemini, मिथुनKadhiroliIntelligent; Brilliant like a ray of sunlight
Gemini, मिथुनKaharA water-drawer and carrier of Palanquins (palki)
Gemini, मिथुनKahiniYouthful; Spirited; Young
Gemini, मिथुनKahlimaThe Goddess form Kali ma
Gemini, मिथुनKahtaIt means pure in Greek, In Hindi it means a story told by a Priest
Gemini, मिथुनKaikeyiMother of Bharat in Ramayan
Gemini, मिथुनKairaPeaceful; Unique; Lady
Gemini, मिथुनKairaviMoonlight; Moon
Gemini, मिथुनKairviMoonlight
Gemini, मिथुनKaishaFlower
Gemini, मिथुनKaishoriGoddess Parvati, Consort of Kishore
Gemini, मिथुनKaivyaKnowledge of poet
Gemini, मिथुनKaiyaA goddess name
Gemini, मिथुनKajalMuscara Surma; Eyeliner; Kohl; Decoration for women's eyes
Gemini, मिथुनKajaliKohl; Medical lotion
Gemini, मिथुनKajalsriEye liner
Gemini, मिथुनKajolMascara; Eye liner
Gemini, मिथुनKajriCloud-like
Gemini, मिथुनKakaliA musical instrument; The melodious voice of the Cuckoo; Chirping of birds
Gemini, मिथुनKakoliThe preaching of a bird
Gemini, मिथुनKakonInsect; Caterpillar
Gemini, मिथुनKakshaWhite rose
Gemini, मिथुनKakshiBelonging to the Jungle; Fragrant
Gemini, मिथुनKaksiBelonging to the Jungle; Fragrant
Gemini, मिथुनKalaArt; Talent; Creativity; An atom; Initiative
Gemini, मिथुनKala DeviArt; Phases of Moon
Gemini, मिथुनKalaiarasiChildhood
Gemini, मिथुनKalaimagalQueen of arts
Gemini, मिथुनKalaiselviArt of work
Gemini, मिथुनKalaivaniGoddess Saraswati; Goddess of arts
Gemini, मिथुनKalaiyarasiQueen of arts
Gemini, मिथुनKalakaDark; Fog; Perfumed; Earth; Another name for Goddess Durga's perfumed
Gemini, मिथुनKalakaantiName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKalakarniGoddess Lakshmi; With black ears
Gemini, मिथुनKalamanjiiraranjiniWearing a musical anklet
Gemini, मिथुनKalandhikaBestower of art
Gemini, मिथुनKalanidhiTreasure of art
Gemini, मिथुनKalapiPeacock; Nightingale
Gemini, मिथुनKalapiniPeacock; Night; Moon; Peacock tail blue
Gemini, मिथुनKalaraniArt; Phases of Moon
Gemini, मिथुनKalasaveriName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKalavathiArtistic; Goddess Parvati
Gemini, मिथुनKalavatiArtistic or Goddess Parvati
Gemini, मिथुनKaliNight; Destroyer; Goddess Durga's in her terrifying form; Blackness
Gemini, मिथुनKalikaDark; Fog; Flawed gold; Perfumed; Earth; A bud
Gemini, मिथुनKalindiYamuna river
Gemini, मिथुनKaliniFlower; Full of blossoms and bloom; Another name for the river Yamuna
Gemini, मिथुनKalitaUnderstood
Gemini, मिथुनKalkaBlue; Goddess Durga; Pupil of the eye
Gemini, मिथुनKallolLarge waves; Gurgling of water
Gemini, मिथुनKallolaName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKalnishaEve of diwali
Gemini, मिथुनKalpagamGoddess name
Gemini, मिथुनKalpanaIdea; Imagination; Fancy; Creating; Invention; Embellishment
Gemini, मिथुनKalpavalliFlower
Gemini, मिथुनKalpiniNight
Gemini, मिथुनKalpitaImagined; Creative; Invented
Gemini, मिथुनKalpithaImagined; Creative; Invented
Gemini, मिथुनKalyaPraise; Pleasant; Morning; Clever; Auspicious; Healthy
Gemini, मिथुनKalyaniAuspicious; Excellent; Fortune
Gemini, मिथुनKamaDesired; Cherished; The golden one or Love; Beauty; Briliance
Gemini, मिथुनKamadhaGranting desires
Gemini, मिथुनKamakhyaGoddess Durga, Giver of desires, A form of Durga
Gemini, मिथुनKamaksheeGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, One with loving eyes
Gemini, मिथुनKamakshiGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, One with loving eyes
Gemini, मिथुनKamakyaGoddess Durga, Granter of wishes
Gemini, मिथुनKamalaPerfect; Goddess; Flower; Born of a Lotus
Gemini, मिथुनKamala SambhavaEmanating from the Lotus; Goddess Laxmi
Gemini, मिथुनKamalaaPerfect; Goddess; Flower
Gemini, मिथुनKamalakshiOne whose eyes are beautiful like Lotuses
Gemini, मिथुनKamaliFull of desires
Gemini, मिथुनKamalikaGoddess Lakshmi; Lotus
Gemini, मिथुनKamalineeA Lotus plant; A pond full of Lotuses; Beautiful; Auspicious
Gemini, मिथुनKamaliniA Lotus plant; A pond full of Lotuses; Beautiful; Auspicious
Gemini, मिथुनKamalkaliThe bud of a lotus
Gemini, मिथुनKamalkanthLord Vishnu
Gemini, मिथुनKamanaDesire
Gemini, मिथुनKamayaThe one and only
Gemini, मिथुनKameshvariGoddess Parvati; The Lord of desires; She is the queen of transcendental lust
Gemini, मिथुनKamesvariGoddess Parvati; The Lord of desires; She is the queen of transcendental lust
Gemini, मिथुनKameswariGoddess Parvati; The Lord of desires; She is the queen of transcendental lust
Gemini, मिथुनKamikaDesired
Gemini, मिथुनKaminiDesirable; Beautiful; Affectionate; A beautiful woman
Gemini, मिथुनKamithaDesired
Gemini, मिथुनKamlaPerfect; Goddess; Flower
Gemini, मिथुनKamnaDesire
Gemini, मिथुनKampanaUnsteady
Gemini, मिथुनKamyaBeautiful; Lovable; Assiduous; Successful
Gemini, मिथुनKanak PriyaLover of gold
Gemini, मिथुनKanakaGold; Another name for Sita
Gemini, मिथुनKanaka PriyaLover of gold
Gemini, मिथुनKanakabatiA fairytale
Gemini, मिथुनKanakadriName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKanakalathaGolden creeper
Gemini, मिथुनKanakambariName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKanakangiName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKanakapriyaOne who loves gold
Gemini, मिथुनKanakasaveriName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKanakavalliGold
Gemini, मिथुनKanaklataGolden creeper
Gemini, मिथुनKananbalaNymph of the forest
Gemini, मिथुनKanasuDream
Gemini, मिथुनKanchanaGold; Wealth
Gemini, मिथुनKanchiBrilliant; A pilgrimage centre in south India; A waistband
Gemini, मिथुनKandhalAttractive
Gemini, मिथुनKandharaLute
Gemini, मिथुनKaneeraGrain
Gemini, मिथुनKaneshkaSmall
Gemini, मिथुनKanganaBracelet
Gemini, मिथुनKangnaBracelet
Gemini, मिथुनKangshaDesire; Want
Gemini, मिथुनKaniGirl
Gemini, मिथुनKanijaMetals
Gemini, मिथुनKanikaAn atom; Small; Girl
Gemini, मिथुनKanimoliSpeaks with a gentle tone
Gemini, मिथुनKanimozhiLovable
Gemini, मिथुनKaninikaEyeball
Gemini, मिथुनKaniraGrain
Gemini, मिथुनKanisaBeautiful
Gemini, मिथुनKanishaBeautiful
Gemini, मिथुनKanishkaaAn ancient king; Small; A king who followed Buddhism
Gemini, मिथुनKanitaIris of the eye
Gemini, मिथुनKanithaIris of the eye
Gemini, मिथुनKanjariA bird
Gemini, मिथुनKanjiraTambourine
Gemini, मिथुनKanjriBird
Gemini, मिथुनKankaThe fragrance of the Lotus
Gemini, मिथुनKankaliniOne with a necklace of bones
Gemini, मिथुनKankanaA bracelet; Bangle
Gemini, मिथुनKankangiGold
Gemini, मिथुनKanmaniPrecious like An eye
Gemini, मिथुनKannagiTreasonable Women
Gemini, मिथुनKannakiThe devoted and virtuous life
Gemini, मिथुनKanshaDesire
Gemini, मिथुनKanshikaIndian king
Gemini, मिथुनKantaBeautiful; Ever-radiant
Gemini, मिथुनKantamaniName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKantiBeauty; Desire; Splendour; Ornament
Gemini, मिथुनKanu PriyaGoddess Radha, Beloved of Kanha - Lord Krishna
Gemini, मिथुनKanujaWell warmth
Gemini, मिथुनKanuprithaGoddess Radha; Soothing
Gemini, मिथुनKanupriyaGoddess Radha, Beloved of Kanha - Lord Krishna
Gemini, मिथुनKanushBeloved
Gemini, मिथुनKanushiBeloved
Gemini, मिथुनKanushkaAttractive
Gemini, मिथुनKanviFlute; Name of Radha Rani
Gemini, मिथुनKanvithaDurga; Youngest girl; Maiden daughter; The virgin goddess
Gemini, मिथुनKanyaDaughter
Gemini, मिथुनKanya KumariThe youngest; Girl; Maiden; Daughter; The virgin Goddess
Gemini, मिथुनKanyanaMaiden
Gemini, मिथुनKapaliniAnother name of Goddess Durga
Gemini, मिथुनKapardiniA Goddess
Gemini, मिथुनKapilaYellowish brown coloured; Name of the celestial cow
Gemini, मिथुनKapotakshiEyes like a pigeons
Gemini, मिथुनKaraaliThe violent
Gemini, मिथुनKarabiA flower
Gemini, मिथुनKaralaGoddess Durga; Opening wide; Tearing
Gemini, मिथुनKaralikaGoddess Durga, That which tears
Gemini, मिथुनKareenaA pure; Innocent; Female friend; Manner; Mode; Order;
Gemini, मिथुनKarenAbbreviation of Katherine; Pure
Gemini, मिथुनKarinaA pure; Innocent; Female friend; Manner; Mode; Order;
Gemini, मिथुनKarishaA miracle
Gemini, मिथुनKarishmaFavour: gift; Miracle
Gemini, मिथुनKarismaFavor: gift; Miracle
Gemini, मिथुनKarkaCrab
Gemini, मिथुनKarna PriyaSomething that is sweet to our ears
Gemini, मिथुनKarnikaLotus; Heart of a Lotus; Earring; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Gemini, मिथुनKaronaMerciful; Forgiving
Gemini, मिथुनKartheeswariGoddess born on Kirthigai Nakshatra
Gemini, मिथुनKarthiLove and affection
Gemini, मिथुनKarthikiDevout; Divine; Light; Ekadashi in the month of Kartik
Gemini, मिथुनKartikiDevout, Divine, Light, Ekadashi in the month of Kartik
Gemini, मिथुनKartishaA flower that blossoms in December
Gemini, मिथुनKartyayaniAnother name of Parvathi
Gemini, मिथुनKarukaA heavenly piece of art
Gemini, मिथुनKaruliInnocent
Gemini, मिथुनKarunaCompassion; Mercy; Gentleness
Gemini, मिथुनKarunahKind
Gemini, मिथुनKarunamayeeMerciful; Full of pity for others
Gemini, मिथुनKarunamayiMerciful; Full of pity for others
Gemini, मिथुनKarunasreeCompassion; Mercy; Pity
Gemini, मिथुनKarunyaCompassionate (Goddess Lakshmi); Praiseworthy; Merciful; Kind
Gemini, मिथुनKasakKhusboo (Fragrance)
Gemini, मिथुनKashiDevotional place; Pilgrimage spot; Varanasi; The holy city
Gemini, मिथुनKashikaThe Shiny one
Gemini, मिथुनKashinBrilliant; Lord of Kashi, Varanasi or Lord Shiva
Gemini, मिथुनKashmalamDust
Gemini, मिथुनKashmiraFrom Kashmir
Gemini, मिथुनKashniFlower; Special girl; Goddess Lakshmi
Gemini, मिथुनKashthaThe Goddess who is a quarter of the world
Gemini, मिथुनKashtiA canoe
Gemini, मिथुनKashuMist
Gemini, मिथुनKashveeShining; Bright; Glowing
Gemini, मिथुनKashviShining; Bright; Glowing
Gemini, मिथुनKashwiniStar
Gemini, मिथुनKashyapiEarth; Belonging to Kashyap
Gemini, मिथुनKasluniraGrape; Belonging to Kashmir
Gemini, मिथुनKasniFlower; Special girl; Goddess Lakshmi
Gemini, मिथुनKasturiSmelling of Musk
Gemini, मिथुनKasviShining; Bright; Glowing
Gemini, मिथुनKatakshaGlance
Gemini, मिथुनKathaTalk
Gemini, मिथुनKatyayaniGoddess Parvati, Dressed in red, An epithet of Durga and Parvati
Gemini, मिथुनKaumaariThe beautiful adolescent
Gemini, मिथुनKaumudiMoonlight; Full Moon
Gemini, मिथुनKaurwakiAshoka third wife
Gemini, मिथुनKausalyaMother of Lord Rama
Gemini, मिथुनKaushalaHappiness; A consort of Lord Krishna; Skill
Gemini, मिथुनKaushaliSkilful
Gemini, मिथुनKaushalyaMother of Lord Rama; Talent; Welfare; Intelligence
Gemini, मिथुनKaushaniGoodness; Power; Happiness; spirituality
Gemini, मिथुनKausheySilken
Gemini, मिथुनKaushikaSilk; Cup
Gemini, मिथुनKaushikiGoddess Durga; Enveloped with silk; Silken; Hidden
Gemini, मिथुनKausthubaGem of Lord Vishnu
Gemini, मिथुनKaustubhiStone in Lord Vishnu's necklace, Kaustubh
Gemini, मिथुनKausudhiMoonlight
Gemini, मिथुनKautiryaGoddess Durga, One who resides in a hut
Gemini, मिथुनKavanaPoem
Gemini, मिथुनKavayahThe intelligent
Gemini, मिथुनKaveriName of a river
Gemini, मिथुनKavi NayaGood girl
Gemini, मिथुनKaviaPoetry in motion; Poem; Laden with the sentiment
Gemini, मिथुनKavikaPoetess
Gemini, मिथुनKavinaRemover of universal agonies
Gemini, मिथुनKavinayaGood girl
Gemini, मिथुनKaviniComposes beautiful poems
Gemini, मिथुनKavinilavuPoet Moon
Gemini, मिथुनKavishreeGoddess Lakshmi; Poetess
Gemini, मिथुनKavishriGoddess Lakshmi; Poetess
Gemini, मिथुनKavisriGoddess Lakshmi; Poetess
Gemini, मिथुनKavitaA poem
Gemini, मिथुनKavithaA poem
Gemini, मिथुनKaviyaPoem
Gemini, मिथुनKaviyasriPoem
Gemini, मिथुनKavniA small poem
Gemini, मिथुनKavyaPoetry in motion; Poem; Laden with the sentiment
Gemini, मिथुनKavya ShriPoetry in motion
Gemini, मिथुनKavyashreePoetry having 18 good characters; Poetry in motion
Gemini, मिथुनKavyashriPoetry in motion
Gemini, मिथुनKavyasreePoetry having 18 good characters; Poetry in motion
Gemini, मिथुनKavyasriPoetry having 18 good characters; Poetry in motion
Gemini, मिथुनKayalKayal - the name of a fish
Gemini, मिथुनKayalviliFishlike beautiful eyes
Gemini, मिथुनKayalvizhiFish eye
Gemini, मिथुनKayaviPoem
Gemini, मिथुनKayomiLove
Gemini, मिथुनKayraPeaceful; Unique; Lady
Gemini, मिथुनKeemayaMiracle; Divine
Gemini, मिथुनKeeravaniName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKeeritikaFamous
Gemini, मिथुनKeertanaHymn, A song in praise of God
Gemini, मिथुनKeertenyaPraiseworthy
Gemini, मिथुनKeerthikaFamous person; One who is having fame
Gemini, मिथुनKeerthishaReputation; Fame
Gemini, मिथुनKeerthyMoon
Gemini, मिथुनKeertiFame; Good name; Reputation; Happiness
Gemini, मिथुनKeertikaA famous person, One who is having fame
Gemini, मिथुनKeeshaImmense joy; God is gracious
Gemini, मिथुनKehaniGift of Wisdom
Gemini, मिथुनKeiaAround; Alert; Vigorous; Watchful
Gemini, मिथुनKeishaFlower
Gemini, मिथुनKeiyonaMorning star
Gemini, मिथुनKejalEyeliner; Kohl
Gemini, मिथुनKekalaDancer
Gemini, मिथुनKelakaPlayful; Artistic
Gemini, मिथुनKelvyEducation
Gemini, मिथुनKenaGreatest champion
Gemini, मिथुनKendraMiddle
Gemini, मिथुनKengaRiver
Gemini, मिथुनKenikaAn atom; Small; Girl
Gemini, मिथुनKenishaBeautiful life
Gemini, मिथुनKensiModest truth
Gemini, मिथुनKeoshaLovely
Gemini, मिथुनKeraniSacred bells
Gemini, मिथुनKesarSaffron; Mane of a Horse or Lion; Eyebrow
Gemini, मिथुनKesariSaffron; A Lion
Gemini, मिथुनKeshaImmense joy; God is gracious
Gemini, मिथुनKeshaviGoddess Radha; Long beautiful hair
Gemini, मिथुनKeshiA woman with beautiful hair
Gemini, मिथुनKeshikaA woman with beautiful hair; Longhaired
Gemini, मिथुनKeshiniA woman with beautiful hair, long-haired
Gemini, मिथुनKeshoriYoung damsel; A young girl
Gemini, मिथुनKeshveeGoddess Radha; Long beautiful hair
Gemini, मिथुनKeshviGoddess Radha; Long beautiful hair
Gemini, मिथुनKeswitaMost beautiful
Gemini, मिथुनKetakiA cream colored flower; A flower
Gemini, मिथुनKetanaName of Goddess Lakshmi; Home; Residence
Gemini, मिथुनKethanaName of Goddess Lakshmi; Home; Residence
Gemini, मिथुनKetikaFlower
Gemini, मिथुनKetkiA cream colored flower; A flower
Gemini, मिथुनKevaliOne; She who has attained the absolute
Gemini, मिथुनKevanshiPart of lotus
Gemini, मिथुनKevikaFlower
Gemini, मिथुनKeyaA monsoon flower; Speed
Gemini, मिथुनKeyuraArmlet
Gemini, मिथुनKeyuriArmlet
Gemini, मिथुनKianaMoon Goddess; Divine; Heavenly
Gemini, मिथुनKiaraA little black one; Dusky; Dark haired
Gemini, मिथुनKilimoliPleasing voice
Gemini, मिथुनKimatraSeduce
Gemini, मिथुनKimayaMiracle; Divine
Gemini, मिथुनKimiNoble; Secret; Righteous
Gemini, मिथुनKinaIntelligence
Gemini, मिथुनKinaariShore; Musical instrument; Goddess of wealth
Gemini, मिथुनKinariShore; Musical instrument; Goddess of wealth
Gemini, मिथुनKinchanagolden
Gemini, मिथुनKinjalRiver bank
Gemini, मिथुनKinjuCalm river
Gemini, मिथुनKinkiniGhunguroo (Anklet bells)
Gemini, मिथुनKinnariShore; Musical instrument; Goddess of wealth
Gemini, मिथुनKinnaryShore; Musical instrument; Goddess of wealth
Gemini, मिथुनKinneraRay
Gemini, मिथुनKinsiHonourable
Gemini, मिथुनKinthushaSubmissive
Gemini, मिथुनKipaldesire
Gemini, मिथुनKiraThe Sun
Gemini, मिथुनKiranilathe love stands forever in the world
Gemini, मिथुनKiranmalaA garland of light
Gemini, मिथुनKiranmayiFull of rays
Gemini, मिथुनKiranyaMoney
Gemini, मिथुनKiranyaaMoney
Gemini, मिथुनKiratiGoddess Durga, One who dwells in the mountains
Gemini, मिथुनKirishikaHave love and kindness
Gemini, मिथुनKirityCrown given by Lord Indra to Arjuna, Another name of Arjun
Gemini, मिथुनKirmiGolden image
Gemini, मिथुनKirtanName of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire
Gemini, मिथुनKirtanaHymn, A song in praise of God
Gemini, मिथुनKirthanaDevotional song
Gemini, मिथुनKirthikaFamous action
Gemini, मिथुनKirtikaA famous person, One who is having fame
Gemini, मिथुनKirtmaliniGarlanded with fame
Gemini, मिथुनKirubaGrace of God
Gemini, मिथुनKiruthikaLight
Gemini, मिथुनKishangangaName of a river
Gemini, मिथुनKishikaSweet as grapes
Gemini, मिथुनKishmishSweet as grapes
Gemini, मिथुनKishoreeYoung damsel; A young girl
Gemini, मिथुनKishoriYoung damsel; A young girl
Gemini, मिथुनKitraFlow
Gemini, मिथुनKituKokila; Singer
Gemini, मिथुनKivaFair; Beautiful; Gentle; Lotus; Shelter
Gemini, मिथुनKivyaaBird of queen
Gemini, मिथुनKiyaThe cooing of a bird; Melodious; Pure; Happy; Beloved pure
Gemini, मिथुनKiyaraSweet
Gemini, मिथुनKnyashiaPrincess
Gemini, मिथुनKodeswariBeauty; Rich
Gemini, मिथुनKoelThe cuckoo bird
Gemini, मिथुनKoeshaOrigin; Name of a river
Gemini, मिथुनKohanaLittle Flower
Gemini, मिथुनKokilaCuckoo, Nightingale
Gemini, मिथुनKokilapriyaName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKomaariThe beautiful adolescent
Gemini, मिथुनKomalTender; Beautiful; Delicate; Gentle; Soft; Sweet
Gemini, मिथुनKomalaTender; Beautiful; Delicate; Gentle; Soft; Sweet
Gemini, मिथुनKomaliTender
Gemini, मिथुनKomillaSoft; Beautiful
Gemini, मिथुनKonikaRelated to bird Koyal
Gemini, मिथुनKopalA rose bud (Gulab ki Kali)
Gemini, मिथुनKornaiGentle; Soft; Sweet; Beautiful; Handsome
Gemini, मिथुनKoshaOrigin; Name of river
Gemini, मिथुनKoshalaHappiness; A consort of Lord Krishna; Skill
Gemini, मिथुनKoshikaName of a river
Gemini, मिथुनKosiName of a river starts in Bihar
Gemini, मिथुनKosikaSilk; Cup
Gemini, मिथुनKoteshwariLord Shiva
Gemini, मिथुनKottariGoddess Durga
Gemini, मिथुनKoumudiMoonlight; Full Moon
Gemini, मिथुनKoushikiGoddess Durga; Enveloped with silk; Silken; Hidden
Gemini, मिथुनKousikaSilk
Gemini, मिथुनKousumiGoddess Durga; Like a flower
Gemini, मिथुनKowmariName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKowshikaaThe unique
Gemini, मिथुनKowsikaThe unique
Gemini, मिथुनKoyalA bird, The Cuckoo
Gemini, मिथुनKoyelA bird, The Cuckoo
Gemini, मिथुनKrandasiThe sky and the earth
Gemini, मिथुनKratiCreator; Rachna
Gemini, मिथुनKratikaCreation of star; A singer
Gemini, मिथुनKreenaBeautiful
Gemini, मिथुनKreeshaDivine; Thin
Gemini, मिथुनKrimaDirty Girl who is pretty
Gemini, मिथुनKrinaBeautiful
Gemini, मिथुनKrinalBrave
Gemini, मिथुनKripiBeautiful
Gemini, मिथुनKripsikaUnited
Gemini, मिथुनKrishaDivine; Thin
Gemini, मिथुनKrishanyaWife of lord Krishna; Devotee of lord Krishna; Goddess Radha
Gemini, मिथुनKrishiAgriculture; Farming
Gemini, मिथुनKrishikaGrower; Prosperity
Gemini, मिथुनKrishithaSymbolizing prosperity and nature
Gemini, मिथुनKrishivaa fused representation of Krishna and Shiva
Gemini, मिथुनKrishmaalikaForgiver
Gemini, मिथुनKrishna PriyaBeloved to Lord Krishna
Gemini, मिथुनKrishna VeniRiver
Gemini, मिथुनKrishnakaliA flower
Gemini, मिथुनKrishnamayeeIndulge in Lord Krishna
Gemini, मिथुनKrishnanLord Krishna; Black; Dark-skinned
Gemini, मिथुनKrishnaveniRiver
Gemini, मिथुनKrishtiCulture; Mostly referring to the rich Indian culture; Sanstriki
Gemini, मिथुनKrishtyCulture
Gemini, मिथुनKrishyaTensity of purpose
Gemini, मिथुनKrislaSister of Lord Krishna, Subhadra
Gemini, मिथुनKrisshiaLord Krishna and Lord Shiva
Gemini, मिथुनKristikaInnocent
Gemini, मिथुनKristyFollower of christ
Gemini, मिथुनKrithiAction; A work of art
Gemini, मिथुनKrithigaIs a star
Gemini, मिथुनKrithikaName of a star; Well starred; From the Nakshatra Kritika
Gemini, मिथुनKrithikshaAgriculture
Gemini, मिथुनKrithinidhiFame and wealth
Gemini, मिथुनKrithyaAction
Gemini, मिथुनKritiAction; A work of art
Gemini, मिथुनKritikaName of a star; Well starred; From the Nakshatra Kritika
Gemini, मिथुनKrittikaThe plaids
Gemini, मिथुनKrituGrace; Favor
Gemini, मिथुनKrivaGift from god; Unique
Gemini, मिथुनKriyaPerformance
Gemini, मिथुनKrrooraaBrutal on demons
Gemini, मिथुनKrshnaviThe thing which is sweetest to Lord Krishna
Gemini, मिथुनKrupaGrace; Favor
Gemini, मिथुनKrupalRuler of the world
Gemini, मिथुनKrupaliWho always forgives
Gemini, मिथुनKrupasankariGod who Helps
Gemini, मिथुनKrupavathiGrace; Peace
Gemini, मिथुनKrushaDelicate
Gemini, मिथुनKrushiHard work
Gemini, मिथुनKrushikaHard worker to reach goal
Gemini, मिथुनKruthiNovel; Creation
Gemini, मिथुनKruthikaStar; Nakshatra
Gemini, मिथुनKrutiNovel; Creation
Gemini, मिथुनKrutikaStar; Nakshatra
Gemini, मिथुनKruttikaPeacock
Gemini, मिथुनKsemaSafety; Security; Welfare; Tranquility; Goddess Durga
Gemini, मिथुनKshamaForgiveness
Gemini, मिथुनKshamyaEarth
Gemini, मिथुनKshanaprabhaLightening
Gemini, मिथुनKshanikaMomentary; Ephemeral
Gemini, मिथुनKsheerajaGoddess of milk
Gemini, मिथुनKshemaSafety; Security; Welfare; Tranquility; Goddess Durga
Gemini, मिथुनKshetraPlace
Gemini, मिथुनKshetragnagod' residing in the body
Gemini, मिथुनKshipaNight
Gemini, मिथुनKshipraaOne who is easy to appease; Name of a river in India; Fast; Stream
Gemini, मिथुनKshipvaElasticized
Gemini, मिथुनKshirajaGoddess Lakshmi; Born of milk
Gemini, मिथुनKshirinFlower; Milky
Gemini, मिथुनKshirjaGoddess Lakshmi; Born of milk
Gemini, मिथुनKshirsaGoddess Laxmi; Kshir - milk
Gemini, मिथुनKshithiEarth; Home; Soil; Races of men
Gemini, मिथुनKshithiraGoddess Durga
Gemini, मिथुनKshitiEarth; Home; Soil; Races of men
Gemini, मिथुनKshitijaA point where the sky & sea appears to meet, Horizon
Gemini, मिथुनKshonaFirm; Immovable; The Earth
Gemini, मिथुनKshoniFirm; Immovable; The Earth
Gemini, मिथुनKshyamaForgiveness
Gemini, मिथुनKshyanikaMomentary
Gemini, मिथुनKudajaadriThe name of the mountain where Shankaracharya did Tapas
Gemini, मिथुनKuhuThe Cuckoo bird sings Kuhu
Gemini, मिथुनKujaGoddess Durga, The daughter of the Earth
Gemini, मिथुनKujithaA jumper
Gemini, मिथुनKukurFlower
Gemini, मिथुनKulikaFrom a good family
Gemini, मिथुनKulinaWell born; Of a good family
Gemini, मिथुनKumariYouthful; Unmarried; Daughter; Young girl; Jasmine
Gemini, मिथुनKumarikaA young girl; Jasmine
Gemini, मिथुनKumbhaEarthen Pot
Gemini, मिथुनKumkumVermilion
Gemini, मिथुनKumudA Lotus; Joy of the Earth; Water lily; Another name for Vishnu
Gemini, मिथुनKumudaThe pleasure of the Earth; Flower; Joy of the planet; Water lily; Lotus
Gemini, मिथुनKumudavathiAnother name of the city Ujjain
Gemini, मिथुनKumudhaThe pleasure of the Earth; Flower; Joy of the Earth; Water lily; Lotus
Gemini, मिथुनKumudiniA lotus
Gemini, मिथुनKumudniWhite lotus
Gemini, मिथुनKumuthaLoveable Heart
Gemini, मिथुनKunalikaThe cuckoo bird
Gemini, मिथुनKundaMusk; Jasmine
Gemini, मिथुनKundanaPure Beautiful
Gemini, मिथुनKundanikaGolden girl; Jasmine a flower
Gemini, मिथुनKundhanPure; Gold; Brilliant; Jasmine
Gemini, मिथुनKundhanaBeautiful
Gemini, मिथुनKundhansriPerfect
Gemini, मिथुनKundhavaiThanjavur King's sister name
Gemini, मिथुनKundiniAn assemblage of Jasmines
Gemini, मिथुनKunikaFlower
Gemini, मिथुनKunishaCuckoo, Nightingale
Gemini, मिथुनKunjalataForest creeper; Wild climber plant
Gemini, मिथुनKunjalathaForest creeper; Wild climber plant
Gemini, मिथुनKunjanForest girl; Living in greenery
Gemini, मिथुनKunjanaForest girl; Living in greenery
Gemini, मिथुनKunjikaOf the forest
Gemini, मिथुनKunshiShining
Gemini, मिथुनKunshitaReference to the immaculate conception
Gemini, मिथुनKunshithaReference to the immaculate conception
Gemini, मिथुनKuntalHair
Gemini, मिथुनKuntalaA woman with luxurious hair
Gemini, मिथुनKunthiConsort of Pandu and mother of Pandavas
Gemini, मिथुनKuntiConsort of Pandu and mother of Pandavas
Gemini, मिथुनKurangiDeer
Gemini, मिथुनKurinjiSpecial; Flower which blooms once in twelve years
Gemini, मिथुनKuruvillaUnconquerable; Invincible
Gemini, मिथुनKushaTalented
Gemini, मिथुनKusha SriTalented
Gemini, मिथुनKushagriIntelligent
Gemini, मिथुनKushalaSafe; Happy; Expert
Gemini, मिथुनKushaliClever
Gemini, मिथुनKushambiSoft
Gemini, मिथुनKushiHappiness; Joy; Cheerful
Gemini, मिथुनKusmithaBlossomed; Flowers in bloom
Gemini, मिथुनKusumA flower; Blossom; Fire
Gemini, मिथुनKusumaFlower
Gemini, मिथुनKusumanjaliFlower offering
Gemini, मिथुनKusumaprabhaGoddess Durga
Gemini, मिथुनKusumavatiFlowering
Gemini, मिथुनKusuminaFlowered
Gemini, मिथुनKusumitaBlossomed; Flowers in bloom
Gemini, मिथुनKusumithaBlossomed; Flowers in bloom
Gemini, मिथुनKusumlataFlowering creeper
Gemini, मिथुनKuthuhalaName of a Raga
Gemini, मिथुनKuvalaiFlower
Gemini, मिथुनKuviraCourageous woman
Gemini, मिथुनKuyilA sweet voice like a Cuckoo bird
Gemini, मिथुनKuyilsaiA sweet voice like a cuckoo bird
Gemini, मिथुनKwaishWish
Gemini, मिथुनKwinaQueen
Gemini, मिथुनKyathiFame
Gemini, मिथुनKynaIntelligence
Gemini, मिथुनKyvalyaGod name; Heaven
Gemini, मिथुनQuarrtulainMercy of God

Baby Names by Rashi: Boy

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

Baby Names by Rashi: Girl

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

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About Gemini Girls / Women

Due to their inherent dual nature, Geminis are frequently mistakenly portrayed as being deceitful.

But in actuality, Gemini rarely harbors ulterior motives. Have you ever been so overwhelmed with work that you thought you should clone yourself in order to complete everything?

In a nutshell, that is the Gemini experience.

The heavenly twins are a fitting symbol for this air sign, which was so interested in many things that it had to double.

Geminis are playful and very inquisitive individuals who are always balancing a number of interests, pastimes, jobs, and social circles.

These quick-witted twins are the social butterflies of the zodiac; they can converse with anyone about anything.

Between happy hours, dinner parties, and dance floors, you can find them humming.

May 21 marks the start of Gemini season, which brings with it the summer’s heat and electricity.

As a result, Gemini is very good at directing transition and change.

These inquisitive twins are fantastic trailblazers, channeling their enthusiasm into leading avant-garde and creative endeavors.

Gemini is an adventurous thinker who is never afraid to explore new things.

But it’s great to let these twins return to ideation after they have presented their revolutionary vision to the world:

With their short attention spans, these hyperactive air signs are happiest when they can transition between ideas with ease.

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