Kumbh Rashi Names for Girl1

A list of 1900+ Kumbh Rashi Names for Girl – Aquarius Names for Girls, is given below:

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Kumbh Rashi Names for Girl – कुम्भ राशि के लड़कियों के नाम

About Aquarius Girl Kid: A youngster born under the sign of Aquarius usually has an inquisitive and broad-minded mentality.

Youngsters born under the sign of Aquarius will look for ways to become independent.

A youngster born under the sign of Aquarius is usually well-mannered, intelligent, and disciplined.

Aquarius Names for Girls – Lucky Names for Aquarius Girls

Aquarius Girls Names Start With Letter – G, S, Sh

Aquarius, कुम्भGaangiSacred; Pure; Comparable to the Ganges; Another name for Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भGaathaStory
Aquarius, कुम्भGaganaThe Sky
Aquarius, कुम्भGaganadipikaThe lamp of the Sky
Aquarius, कुम्भGaganasindhuOcean of the Sky
Aquarius, कुम्भGaganasriSky
Aquarius, कुम्भGahanaGolden Chain
Aquarius, कुम्भGaja LakshmiGoddess Lakshmi as graceful as an Elephant
Aquarius, कुम्भGajagaminiMajestic like an Elephant's walk
Aquarius, कुम्भGajaraGarland of flowers
Aquarius, कुम्भGajraGarland of flowers
Aquarius, कुम्भGaminiSilent
Aquarius, कुम्भGamyaBeautiful; A destiny
Aquarius, कुम्भGanakshiDesire; Want
Aquarius, कुम्भGanamurthiName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भGanaviSinger; Melody
Aquarius, कुम्भGandaKnot
Aquarius, कुम्भGandhaFragrant
Aquarius, कुम्भGandhaliThe fragrance of flowers; Fragrant; Sweet smelling
Aquarius, कुम्भGandhalikaFragrant; Sweet smelling; Another name for Paarvati
Aquarius, कुम्भGandharaFragrance
Aquarius, कुम्भGandhariFrom Gandhara
Aquarius, कुम्भGandharikaPreparing perfume
Aquarius, कुम्भGandhiniFragrant
Aquarius, कुम्भGanesaLord Ganesh; Lord of the army
Aquarius, कुम्भGangaRiver Ganga
Aquarius, कुम्भGangahFast; Free flowing; The holy and purifying river ganges
Aquarius, कुम्भGangavathiSubramaniam
Aquarius, कुम्भGangiSacred; Pure; Comparable to the Ganges; Another name for Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भGangikaSacred; Pure; Another name for Goddess Durga; River Ganga
Aquarius, कुम्भGangothryStarting place of the river Ganga
Aquarius, कुम्भGangotriSacred river of India
Aquarius, कुम्भGanikaJasmine flower; Conscious; Flower
Aquarius, कुम्भGanishkhaGoddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भGanithaRegarded
Aquarius, कुम्भGannikaValuable; Cherished; The Jasmine blossom
Aquarius, कुम्भGaratiVirtuous woman
Aquarius, कुम्भGargiThe person who inspires to think; An ancient scholar
Aquarius, कुम्भGarimaWarmth
Aquarius, कुम्भGarinGrace; Holiness; Dignity; Power; One of the eight siddhis of the science of Yoga
Aquarius, कुम्भGarviPride
Aquarius, कुम्भGarvitaPride
Aquarius, कुम्भGathikaSong
Aquarius, कुम्भGatiGait; Speed; Path; Obedience; Success; Power of understanding obedience
Aquarius, कुम्भGatitaA river
Aquarius, कुम्भGatrikaSong
Aquarius, कुम्भGauraFair skinned; White; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भGauraanWife of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भGaurangiGiver of happiness; Another name of Goddess Radha
Aquarius, कुम्भGauraviHonour; Pride
Aquarius, कुम्भGauriA fair woman; Goddess Parvati; White; Fair; Beautiful; Brilliant; Another name for the Earth
Aquarius, कुम्भGaurikaA young girl; Fair; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भGaurimanohariName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भGauritaHindu Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भGaurviProud
Aquarius, कुम्भGauryA fair woman; Goddess Parvati; White; Fair; Beautiful; Brilliant; Another name for the Earth
Aquarius, कुम्भGauryanviWho makes proud
Aquarius, कुम्भGautamiRiver Godavari; One who enlightens; One who removes darkness; Another name for Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भGauthamiRiver Godavari; One who enlightens; One who removes darkness; Another name for Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भGavahStars
Aquarius, कुम्भGaviWhite Falcon; A forest in Kerala
Aquarius, कुम्भGavyaGarden of God
Aquarius, कुम्भGayaWise
Aquarius, कुम्भGayakapriyaName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भGayalikaHonest
Aquarius, कुम्भGayanaSinging
Aquarius, कुम्भGayanthikaSinging
Aquarius, कुम्भGayathriGoddess of the Vedas
Aquarius, कुम्भGayathri Goddess of the Vedas
Aquarius, कुम्भGayathryGayathry Mantra; Mother of the Vedas or Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भGayatreeA Vedic mantra praising the Sun; A sacred verse; A Goddess, Mother of the Vedas
Aquarius, कुम्भGayatriA Vedic mantra praising the Sun; A sacred verse; A Goddess, Mother of the Vedas
Aquarius, कुम्भGayatryGayathry Mantra; Mother of the Vedas or Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भGeashnaVictory
Aquarius, कुम्भGeenaSilvery
Aquarius, कुम्भGeetaThe holy book of the Hindus; Song; Poem; The Bhagavad Gita
Aquarius, कुम्भGeeta SuhaniThe Hindu holy book
Aquarius, कुम्भGeetanjaliThe Hindu holy book, Tagore's poems which got a nobel prize
Aquarius, कुम्भGeetasriBhagvat Gita
Aquarius, कुम्भGeethaThe holy book of the Hindus; Song
Aquarius, कुम्भGeethanjaliThe Hindu holy book, Tagore's poems which got a nobel prize
Aquarius, कुम्भGeethashreeBhagavad Geetha
Aquarius, कुम्भGeethikaA little song; A small song
Aquarius, कुम्भGeethshriPart of Gita
Aquarius, कुम्भGeetiA song; World; Universe
Aquarius, कुम्भGeetikaA little song; A small song
Aquarius, कुम्भGeetishaSeven sound of song
Aquarius, कुम्भGeetuVariant of Sanskrit word Geet meaning song
Aquarius, कुम्भGehenaJewel; Ornament
Aquarius, कुम्भGehnaOrnament
Aquarius, कुम्भGeneliaCharming
Aquarius, कुम्भGeshnaSinger
Aquarius, कुम्भGeyaSong
Aquarius, कुम्भGianaGod is gracious
Aquarius, कुम्भGiniGold
Aquarius, कुम्भGiraLanguage
Aquarius, कुम्भGireeshaOne belonging to the mountains; Another name for Paarvati
Aquarius, कुम्भGiribalaGoddess Parvati, Daughter of the Mountain, Another name for Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भGiridharshiniPerson with clear vision
Aquarius, कुम्भGirijaBorn of a mountain, Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Himalaya
Aquarius, कुम्भGirikaSummit of a mountain; Mountain peak
Aquarius, कुम्भGirisaOne belonging to the mountains; Another name for Paarvati
Aquarius, कुम्भGirishaOne belonging to the mountains; Another name for Paarvati
Aquarius, कुम्भGiselePledge
Aquarius, कुम्भGishuRadiance
Aquarius, कुम्भGitaThe holy book of the Hindus; Song; Poem; The Bhagavad Gita
Aquarius, कुम्भGitaliLover of the song; Musical; One who appreciates the song
Aquarius, कुम्भGitanjaliThe holy book of the Hindus; Song; Poem; The Bhagavad Gita
Aquarius, कुम्भGitanshGita ka Ansh (Part of Gita)
Aquarius, कुम्भGitashriThe bhagwat Gita
Aquarius, कुम्भGithaGift
Aquarius, कुम्भGitikaA little song; A small song
Aquarius, कुम्भGitishaSeven sound of a song
Aquarius, कुम्भGivaHill
Aquarius, कुम्भGivithaLife
Aquarius, कुम्भGnanalQueen of expertise
Aquarius, कुम्भGnanaliaStrong; Independent
Aquarius, कुम्भGnaneshwariIntelligent; Name of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भGnaneswariIntelligent; Name of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भGnaniksaA leader
Aquarius, कुम्भGnansikaCreator
Aquarius, कुम्भGnanviDetermined
Aquarius, कुम्भGnapikaIntelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भGnashikaIndestructible
Aquarius, कुम्भGnyaFamous; Scholar
Aquarius, कुम्भGobikaaWoman of Gokulam roaming around Krishna
Aquarius, कुम्भGodavariRiver Godavari; Largest and longest river in South India
Aquarius, कुम्भGodavriA river
Aquarius, कुम्भGojariAdorable
Aquarius, कुम्भGokilaKing of the World
Aquarius, कुम्भGomathiName of a river; Queen of beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भGomathyName of a river; Queen of beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भGomatiName of a river
Aquarius, कुम्भGominiGoddess Lakshmi; Owner of cattle
Aquarius, कुम्भGomthiName of a river
Aquarius, कुम्भGomtiName of a river
Aquarius, कुम्भGomyaNice and Graceful
Aquarius, कुम्भGoohariParaakramam (Power)
Aquarius, कुम्भGoolFlower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune
Aquarius, कुम्भGopaGautama's wife
Aquarius, कुम्भGopashreeWife of lord Gautama Buddha
Aquarius, कुम्भGopiMilkmaid friends of Lord Krishna
Aquarius, कुम्भGopikaA cowherd; Cowherd woman; Defender; One who protect cows; Another name for Raadha
Aquarius, कुम्भGopikashriCowherd; Cowherd woman
Aquarius, कुम्भGopuSmart
Aquarius, कुम्भGoriA fair woman; Goddess Parvati; White; Fair; Beautiful; Brilliant; Another name for the Earth
Aquarius, कुम्भGormaGoddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भGorochanaGoddess Parvati; A beautiful & virtuous woman
Aquarius, कुम्भGouraFair skinned; White; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भGourangiGiver of happiness; Another name of Goddess Radha
Aquarius, कुम्भGourankshiHumble
Aquarius, कुम्भGouriA fair woman; Goddess Parvati; White; Fair; Beautiful; Brilliant; Another name for the Earth
Aquarius, कुम्भGouri NandaMount everest; Highest
Aquarius, कुम्भGourinandaDaughter of Goddess Parvathi; Daughter of God Vishnu
Aquarius, कुम्भGouthamiRiver Godavari; One who enlightens; One who removes darkness; Another name for Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भGovindiA devotee of Lord Krishna
Aquarius, कुम्भGowriBright; Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भGowthamiThe river of the India
Aquarius, कुम्भGrahatiGoddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भGrahiAccepting
Aquarius, कुम्भGrahithaAccepted
Aquarius, कुम्भGranthanaBook
Aquarius, कुम्भGreeshaVigilant
Aquarius, कुम्भGreeshmaWarmth; Kind of season
Aquarius, कुम्भGreeshmiA kind of season
Aquarius, कुम्भGreeshmitaHeat
Aquarius, कुम्भGrehaPlanet
Aquarius, कुम्भGreshyLoves God; Graceful
Aquarius, कुम्भGrha LakshmiLakshmi of the house
Aquarius, कुम्भGrhithaUnderstood and accepted
Aquarius, कुम्भGrihithaGoddess Lakshmi; Accepted
Aquarius, कुम्भGrishmaWarmth; Kind of a season
Aquarius, कुम्भGrismaWarmth; Kind of a season
Aquarius, कुम्भGrivaGirls who have beautiful singing throat
Aquarius, कुम्भGruniLight; Sparkle
Aquarius, कुम्भGudduFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भGudiaDoll
Aquarius, कुम्भGudiyaDoll
Aquarius, कुम्भGulFlower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune
Aquarius, कुम्भGulikaA pearl; Circular; A shot
Aquarius, कुम्भGunakshiKind; One who is good by nature
Aquarius, कुम्भGunanidhiStock-pile of good qualities
Aquarius, कुम्भGunasundariMade beautiful by virtues
Aquarius, कुम्भGunavathiVirtuous or expert
Aquarius, कुम्भGunavatiVirtuous or expert
Aquarius, कुम्भGungunSoft and warm
Aquarius, कुम्भGunikaStar ; Pearl
Aquarius, कुम्भGunishkaSkillful; Clever; Having Good Manners; Goddess of Talent
Aquarius, कुम्भGunitaVirtuous; Proficient; Excellent; Talented
Aquarius, कुम्भGunithaVirtuous; Proficient; Excellent; Talented
Aquarius, कुम्भGunjaBeauty
Aquarius, कुम्भGunjanaBuzzing of a bee
Aquarius, कुम्भGunjikaHumming
Aquarius, कुम्भGunjitaHumming of bee
Aquarius, कुम्भGunjithaHumming of bee
Aquarius, कुम्भGunnikaGarland; Cohesive
Aquarius, कुम्भGunrekhaUseful lines of life
Aquarius, कुम्भGunvantaVirtuous
Aquarius, कुम्भGunwantiVirtuous
Aquarius, कुम्भGurbaniSikhs religious prayer
Aquarius, कुम्भGurjariA Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भGurulakshmiWorshiper of Goddess Laxmi
Aquarius, कुम्भGurushreeDevoted to God
Aquarius, कुम्भGyaanaFull of knowledge; A Devi name
Aquarius, कुम्भGyanaFull of knowledge; A Devi name
Aquarius, कुम्भGyanadaGoddess Saraswati; Giver of knowledge
Aquarius, कुम्भGyanaviKnowledgable person
Aquarius, कुम्भGyaneshwariLight of Knowledge
Aquarius, कुम्भGyaniMost Intelligent; Full of Knowledge; Intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भGyanikaSlender
Aquarius, कुम्भGyanviKnowledgable person
Aquarius, कुम्भSaacheeBeloved; Grace; Truth; Following; Companion; Another name for Agni
Aquarius, कुम्भSaachiBeloved; Grace; Truth; Following; Companion; Another name for Agni
Aquarius, कुम्भSaadhakaProficient; Magical; An aspirant; Seeker
Aquarius, कुम्भSaadhanaLong practice; Study; Fulfilment; Work; Achievement; Worship
Aquarius, कुम्भSaadhikaGoddess Durga; Achiever; Pious; Proficient
Aquarius, कुम्भSaadhviReligious women; Courteous; Polite; Simple; Loyal; Decent; Worthy; Chaste; Devout worthy
Aquarius, कुम्भSaadriChief or leader or judge; Conqueror
Aquarius, कुम्भSaagarikaWave; Born in the ocean
Aquarius, कुम्भSaagnikaFiery; Passionate; Married; With fire
Aquarius, कुम्भSaahanaRaaga or patience; Queen
Aquarius, कुम्भSaahasyaraAdorer
Aquarius, कुम्भSaahiliSuitor
Aquarius, कुम्भSaahithiLiterature
Aquarius, कुम्भSaakithyaLiterature
Aquarius, कुम्भSaaksheeWitness; Evidence
Aquarius, कुम्भSaakshiWitness; Evidence
Aquarius, कुम्भSaamanMorning; Goddess of sound; Dawn; Early morning
Aquarius, कुम्भSaamantaEquality; Bordering; Name of a raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSaanaviSanvi or Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSaangathyaForgiveness
Aquarius, कुम्भSaanjaliHand clasped in prayer
Aquarius, कुम्भSaanjhEvening
Aquarius, कुम्भSaanviGoddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed
Aquarius, कुम्भSaanvi TaritaGoddess Lakshmi; Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSaanvikaGoddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed
Aquarius, कुम्भSaaraPrincess; Noble lady; Precious; Firm; Pure; Excellent; Sweet smelling; Veil
Aquarius, कुम्भSaarangiDistinguished; Doe; Musical instrument; A musical Raagini
Aquarius, कुम्भSaarikaMorning; Goddess of sound; Dawn; Early morning
Aquarius, कुम्भSaaryaName of a pious woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSaashiniMoon; Intelligent; Shinning; Beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSaatvikaGoddess Durga; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भSaatwikaFighter
Aquarius, कुम्भSaaviGoddess Lakshmi; The Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSaaviniAbout the month of Saavan; One who prepares Soma
Aquarius, कुम्भSaavitriA ray of light; Hymn; A form of the Devi
Aquarius, कुम्भSaavyaLord Vishnu
Aquarius, कुम्भSaayaShelter; Shade; Influence; Evening; Close of day
Aquarius, कुम्भSabeshanJoy
Aquarius, कुम्भSabitaBeautiful sunshine
Aquarius, कुम्भSabithaBeautiful sunshine
Aquarius, कुम्भSabitriA ray of light; Hymn; A form of the Devi
Aquarius, कुम्भSabrangRainbow
Aquarius, कुम्भSabriDaughter of Cyprus
Aquarius, कुम्भSachiBeloved; Grace; Truth; Following; Companion; Another name for Agni
Aquarius, कुम्भSachikaKind; Elegant; Talented
Aquarius, कुम्भSachinaNatural
Aquarius, कुम्भSachitaConsciousness
Aquarius, कुम्भSadaaAlways
Aquarius, कुम्भSadabhujaGoddess Durga, Six armed
Aquarius, कुम्भSadagatiAlways in motion; Bestowing moksha; Salvation
Aquarius, कुम्भSadgatiLiberation
Aquarius, कुम्भSadhakaProficient; Magical; An aspirant; Seeker
Aquarius, कुम्भSadhanaLong practice; Study; Fulfilment
Aquarius, कुम्भSadhikaGoddess Durga; Achiever; Pious; Proficient
Aquarius, कुम्भSadhitaCompleted
Aquarius, कुम्भSadhnaWorship
Aquarius, कुम्भSadhriChief or leader or judge; Conqueror
Aquarius, कुम्भSadhviReligious women; Courteous; Polite; Simple; Loyal; Decent; Worthy; Chaste; Devout worthy
Aquarius, कुम्भSadhvikaMore Polite
Aquarius, कुम्भSadhyaAccomplishment; Perfection; Feasible; To be accomplished; Ascetic; Seeking salvation
Aquarius, कुम्भSadmaa shock; a blow; calamity; injury
Aquarius, कुम्भSadrishiiLike that
Aquarius, कुम्भSadviReligious woman; Courteous; Polite
Aquarius, कुम्भSadvikaGoddess Durga; Related to God
Aquarius, कुम्भSadvikhaTruth
Aquarius, कुम्भSadvitaCombination
Aquarius, कुम्भSaeeA female friend; A flower
Aquarius, कुम्भSaeshaWith great desire and wish; Truth of life
Aquarius, कुम्भSaeshmaCourageous
Aquarius, कुम्भSafaliFascinating
Aquarius, कुम्भSagariOf the ocean
Aquarius, कुम्भSagarikaWave; Born in the ocean
Aquarius, कुम्भSagnikaFiery; Passionate; Married; With fire
Aquarius, कुम्भSagunOmen; Luck; Fortunate; Auspicious moment
Aquarius, कुम्भSagunaVirtuous; Possessed of good qualities
Aquarius, कुम्भSahaTolerant; The Earth; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Aquarius, कुम्भSahaanaRaaga or patience
Aquarius, कुम्भSahajaNatural
Aquarius, कुम्भSahanaRaaga or patience; Queen
Aquarius, कुम्भSaharikaGoddess Durga's Devi
Aquarius, कुम्भSaharshithaJoyful
Aquarius, कुम्भSahasaraThe new beginning
Aquarius, कुम्भSahasraA new beginning
Aquarius, कुम्भSahasranjaliThousand namaskar
Aquarius, कुम्भSahaswikaBeloved of sri
Aquarius, कुम्भSahaswiniCourageous
Aquarius, कुम्भSahejNatural; Original; Innate
Aquarius, कुम्भSaheliFriend
Aquarius, कुम्भSaherEarly morning; Dawn
Aquarius, कुम्भSahikaSummit; Peak
Aquarius, कुम्भSahitaBeing near; The Lord Saibaba message
Aquarius, कुम्भSahithaBeing near; The Lord Saibaba message
Aquarius, कुम्भSahithiLiterature
Aquarius, कुम्भSahitiLiterature
Aquarius, कुम्भSahityaLiterature
Aquarius, कुम्भSahojStrong
Aquarius, कुम्भSahrudeeKind hearted
Aquarius, कुम्भSahuriWar; Powerful; Victorious; The Earth
Aquarius, कुम्भSahyaA name of a mountain in India
Aquarius, कुम्भSai BindhuFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSai DhanyaFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSai KumariDaughter of Shri Sai baba
Aquarius, कुम्भSai VaniGood Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भSaidhanyaFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSaidhaviBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSaijasiGoddess
Aquarius, कुम्भSaijayaniThe personification of victory; A name of Shirdi Sai baba
Aquarius, कुम्भSaikaraCherry blossoms of the world
Aquarius, कुम्भSaikumariDaughter of Shri Sai baba
Aquarius, कुम्भSailaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; Who is living in mountain
Aquarius, कुम्भSailajaA river; Daughter of mountains, Name of Goddess Parvati, Wife of Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भSailakshmiGood Behavior; Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSailathaFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSaileeFlower; Shadow of Lord Sai
Aquarius, कुम्भSailiA white colour small flower
Aquarius, कुम्भSailuSoft Devotee Stone
Aquarius, कुम्भSainaBeautiful; Princess
Aquarius, कुम्भSaindhaviOne who is born in the territory of the river Sindhu
Aquarius, कुम्भSainiAll time gorgeous
Aquarius, कुम्भSaishaWith great desire and wish; Truth of life
Aquarius, कुम्भSaishyaObedient
Aquarius, कुम्भSaismritiBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSajalaClouds; Containing water; Tearful
Aquarius, कुम्भSajaniBeloved; Loving; Well loved
Aquarius, कुम्भSajiliDecorated
Aquarius, कुम्भSajithaDepending; Sajja means covered; Dressed; Ornamented; Armed; Fortified
Aquarius, कुम्भSajniBeloved
Aquarius, कुम्भSakhiFriend
Aquarius, कुम्भSakshiWitness; Evidence
Aquarius, कुम्भSakshithaWitness provider
Aquarius, कुम्भSalenaThe Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भSaleshniCorrect; Agreeable
Aquarius, कुम्भSalilaWater
Aquarius, कुम्भSaliniBashful; Modest
Aquarius, कुम्भSaloniBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSaloniaPeace
Aquarius, कुम्भSalsaSpring in paradise
Aquarius, कुम्भSalviBeautiful; Intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भSamaarasyaWhere all things become one in a unity of blissful realisation
Aquarius, कुम्भSamabahudhariniWith shoulders like Lord Indra's flag
Aquarius, कुम्भSamadritaOne who is well accepted; Welcomed
Aquarius, कुम्भSamagnaName of a river
Aquarius, कुम्भSamajaEqual
Aquarius, कुम्भSamakhyaName; Fame
Aquarius, कुम्भSamaliBouquet
Aquarius, कुम्भSamaniCalming; Night
Aquarius, कुम्भSamantaEquality; Bordering; Name of a raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSamanthaEquality; Bordering
Aquarius, कुम्भSamanviOne who has all the best qualities
Aquarius, कुम्भSamanvitaOne who possess all excellent qualities; Name of Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSamanvithaOne who possess all excellent qualities; Name of Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSamanwiOne who has all the best qualities
Aquarius, कुम्भSamanwithaOne who possess all good qualities
Aquarius, कुम्भSamapriyaName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSamaptiWealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSamastiAchieving; The Universe
Aquarius, कुम्भSamataEquality; Justice; Peace; Kindness
Aquarius, कुम्भSamathaEquality; Justice; Peace; Kindness
Aquarius, कुम्भSamayraEnchanting
Aquarius, कुम्भSambhavnaEsteem; Possibility; Togetherness; Honour; Esteem
Aquarius, कुम्भSambhwiGoddess Durga; Derived from Shambhav; Shambhav - peacefully born
Aquarius, कुम्भSambitaConsciousness
Aquarius, कुम्भSameekshaAnalysis
Aquarius, कुम्भSameeptaClose to hearts
Aquarius, कुम्भSameeraEarly morning fragrance or entertaining companion or wind; Enchanting
Aquarius, कुम्भSameeranBreeze
Aquarius, कुम्भSamekshaAnalysis
Aquarius, कुम्भSameshwariGoddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSamhitaPut together; Joined; Union; Who wants good for every one; A vedic composition
Aquarius, कुम्भSamhithaPut together; Joined; Union; Who wants good for every one; A vedic composition
Aquarius, कुम्भSamidhaAn offering for a sacred fire
Aquarius, कुम्भSamihaGenerous
Aquarius, कुम्भSamikksaReview
Aquarius, कुम्भSamikshaAnalysis
Aquarius, कुम्भSamiraEarly morning fragrance or entertaining companion or wind; Enchanting
Aquarius, कुम्भSamirahEarly morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind
Aquarius, कुम्भSamisaLove
Aquarius, कुम्भSamitaCollected
Aquarius, कुम्भSamithraGood friend
Aquarius, कुम्भSamiyaElevated; Lofty; Incomparable; Exalted; Praised
Aquarius, कुम्भSammathiAgreement
Aquarius, कुम्भSammitaBalanced
Aquarius, कुम्भSampadaWealthy; Perfection; Achievement; Destiny; Blessing
Aquarius, कुम्भSampattiWealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSampaviGoddess of war
Aquarius, कुम्भSampradaHeard of God; Name of God
Aquarius, कुम्भSampratecstasy
Aquarius, कुम्भSamprathikshaExpectation; Hope
Aquarius, कुम्भSamprathyTo trust in; Believe firmly
Aquarius, कुम्भSampreetaSatisfied; Contented
Aquarius, कुम्भSampreethiReal love and attachment; Attachment; Joyful
Aquarius, कुम्भSampreetiReal love and attachment; Attachment; Joyful
Aquarius, कुम्भSampreetyReal love and attachment; Attachment; Joyful
Aquarius, कुम्भSamprithaSatisfied; Contented
Aquarius, कुम्भSampritiReal love and attachment; Attachment; Joyful
Aquarius, कुम्भSampriyaCompletely pleased; Satisfied
Aquarius, कुम्भSampurnaComplete everything; Full
Aquarius, कुम्भSamrataProvided by nector
Aquarius, कुम्भSamreenA Lovely quite girl
Aquarius, कुम्भSamriddhaOne who has everything; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSamriddhiOne who has everything; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSamridhaWealthy; Happy
Aquarius, कुम्भSamridhhiGood luck; Perfection; Wealth; Accomplishment; Welfare
Aquarius, कुम्भSamridhiGood luck; Perfection; Wealth; Accomplishment; Welfare
Aquarius, कुम्भSamritaProvided with nectar; Wealthy; Remembered
Aquarius, कुम्भSamrithiMeeting; Remembrance; Memory; Wisdom
Aquarius, कुम्भSamritiMeeting; Remembrance; Memory; Wisdom
Aquarius, कुम्भSamrtaProvided with nectar; Wealthy; Remembered
Aquarius, कुम्भSamruddhiOne who has everything; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSamrudhiGoddess Lakshmi; Great prosperity or success
Aquarius, कुम्भSamshiniDestroyer
Aquarius, कुम्भSamskruthiBeing traditional
Aquarius, कुम्भSamskrutiBeing traditional
Aquarius, कुम्भSamsthithaPlaced
Aquarius, कुम्भSamtaEquality
Aquarius, कुम्भSamudayaProsperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSamudithaFlourishing
Aquarius, कुम्भSamudrapriyaName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSamudratanayaBeloved daughter of the ocean of milk
Aquarius, कुम्भSamunnathiProsperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSamvidhaDirect; Lead
Aquarius, कुम्भSamvrithaConcealed
Aquarius, कुम्भSamyaBlessings; One who listens; Exalted; Noble; Much praised
Aquarius, कुम्भSamyathaEndowed with complete concentration
Aquarius, कुम्भSamyuktaGoddess Durga, Goddess Devi
Aquarius, कुम्भSamyukthaGoddess Durga; Goddess Devi
Aquarius, कुम्भSanaayaLove
Aquarius, कुम्भSanaitaShe is reborn for us
Aquarius, कुम्भSanalFiery; Energetic; Powerful; Vigorous
Aquarius, कुम्भSanandaHappy; Very pleasing
Aquarius, कुम्भSanataniGoddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSanaviSanvi or Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSanayaEminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday; First ray of the Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSanchalaSanskrit synonym for water; Movement; Water
Aquarius, कुम्भSanchaliMovement
Aquarius, कुम्भSanchanaGathering of good habits
Aquarius, कुम्भSanchayaA collection; Mass; Riches
Aquarius, कुम्भSanchayitaA poem which was written by Ravindra Nath Tagore
Aquarius, कुम्भSanchitaCollected; Gathered; Collection
Aquarius, कुम्भSanchitiNiyati (Destiny)
Aquarius, कुम्भSandhayaCollection
Aquarius, कुम्भSandhiyaEvening; Twilight; Dusk; Union; Thought
Aquarius, कुम्भSandhraDusk; Perfection
Aquarius, कुम्भSandhyaEvening; Twilight; Dusk; Union; Thought
Aquarius, कुम्भSandiptaWorshipper of Lord Shiva; Self promising
Aquarius, कुम्भSandyaEvening; Twilight; Dusk; Union; Thought
Aquarius, कुम्भSanehaLove
Aquarius, कुम्भSanemiPerfect
Aquarius, कुम्भSangamidhiraJoin
Aquarius, कुम्भSangaviGoddess Lakshmi; Assembly; Group
Aquarius, कुम्भSangeetMusic; Swaras; Symphony
Aquarius, कुम्भSangeetaMusical; Music
Aquarius, कुम्भSangeethaMusical; Music
Aquarius, कुम्भSanghamitraOne who love the company of people
Aquarius, कुम्भSangharshaStruggle
Aquarius, कुम्भSanghaviGoddess Lakshmi; Assembly; Group
Aquarius, कुम्भSanghitaMusic
Aquarius, कुम्भSanginiLife partner
Aquarius, कुम्भSangitaMusic
Aquarius, कुम्भSangramaName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSangviGoddess Lakshmi; Assembly; Group
Aquarius, कुम्भSangyaIntellect
Aquarius, कुम्भSanhaSkilful; Radiance; Elegance; Conciseness
Aquarius, कुम्भSanhataConciseness
Aquarius, कुम्भSanheetaA compilation or a bunch of vedic hymns
Aquarius, कुम्भSanhitaGift
Aquarius, कुम्भSanhithaCode
Aquarius, कुम्भSaniaEminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday; First ray of the Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSanidhyaAbode of God; Nera
Aquarius, कुम्भSanikaGood; Flute
Aquarius, कुम्भSanishaMost Beautiful; Generous; Amazing
Aquarius, कुम्भSanithaLily
Aquarius, कुम्भSanithiObtainment; Master of justice
Aquarius, कुम्भSaniyaEminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday; First ray of the Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjaliHand clasped in prayer
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjanaGentle; Creator
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjanaaGentle; Creator
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjayaTriumphant
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjeetaTriumphant; Flute
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjeethaTriumphant; Flute
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjeevaniImmortality
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjeeviniMedicine to Stay Alive
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjitaTriumphant; Flute
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjithaTriumphant; Flute
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjitiVictory
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjnaWell known
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjoliPeriod of twilight
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjuktaUnion
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjukthaUnion
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjulaBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjushreeBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSanjyotiLight of The Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSankareswariLord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSankariGoddess Parvati, Consort of Shankar
Aquarius, कुम्भSankarshanasamananaEqual to sankarshana
Aquarius, कुम्भSankilaFiery; Torch
Aquarius, कुम्भSankitaBrave; Strength; Happiest
Aquarius, कुम्भSankranthiGoing together
Aquarius, कुम्भSankulaFiery; Torch
Aquarius, कुम्भSanmathiGood sense
Aquarius, कुम्भSanmayaEqual; Removal of obstacles; Etc
Aquarius, कुम्भSanmitaGoddess Parvati, Prasanna Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSanmithraTrue Friend
Aquarius, कुम्भSannidhiNearness
Aquarius, कुम्भSanojaEternal; Immortal
Aquarius, कुम्भSanoliThe one possessed with self penance; Introspective
Aquarius, कुम्भSanraktaRed; Pleasant; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSansaPraise
Aquarius, कुम्भSanshiPraise
Aquarius, कुम्भSansitaPraise; Desired; Celebrated
Aquarius, कुम्भSanskrithiCulture
Aquarius, कुम्भSanskritiCulture; Refinement; Purification; Civilisation; Perfection; Determination civilisation
Aquarius, कुम्भSanskrutiCulture; Refinement; Purification; Civilisation; Perfection; Determination civilisation
Aquarius, कुम्भSansmritiLoving to the God
Aquarius, कुम्भSantatiGranter of issues; Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSantawanaConsolation
Aquarius, कुम्भSantayaniOf the evening
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthaPeaceful; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthamaniEternal
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthanalakshmiPraise
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthiPeace
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthimathiGoddess Durga; Full of peace
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthiniThe meaning of the name is peace; calm; and quiet
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthiyaSunlight
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthoshiHappiness
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthoshithaHappiness
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthosiName of a Goddess; Contented; Satisfied; Pleased
Aquarius, कुम्भSanthushtiContentment; Complete satisfaction
Aquarius, कुम्भSantoorMusical instrument
Aquarius, कुम्भSantoshiName of a Goddess; Contented; Satisfied; Pleased
Aquarius, कुम्भSantushtSatisfied
Aquarius, कुम्भSantushtiContentment; Complete satisfaction
Aquarius, कुम्भSanushaInnocent
Aquarius, कुम्भSanvaliDusky
Aquarius, कुम्भSanveeGoddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed
Aquarius, कुम्भSanviGoddess Parvati; Glowing; Attractive; Loveable; Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSanvikaGoddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed
Aquarius, कुम्भSanvitaGoddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSanvithaGoddess Lakshmi; Peace-loving
Aquarius, कुम्भSanvritaConcealed
Aquarius, कुम्भSanvyNight Time
Aquarius, कुम्भSanwariDusky
Aquarius, कुम्भSanyaEminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday
Aquarius, कुम्भSanyaktaUnion; Connected; Bonded; United
Aquarius, कुम्भSanyogitaRelating to
Aquarius, कुम्भSanyuktaUnion; Connected; Bonded; United
Aquarius, कुम्भSaonBristi; Barsha
Aquarius, कुम्भSapanaDream
Aquarius, कुम्भSaparnaLeafy
Aquarius, कुम्भSaphalaSuccessful
Aquarius, कुम्भSapnaDream
Aquarius, कुम्भSapna DeviDream
Aquarius, कुम्भSapthabhiSeven stringed lute
Aquarius, कुम्भSapushpaFlowering
Aquarius, कुम्भSaraPrincess; Noble lady; Precious; Firm; Pure; Excellent; Sweet smelling; Veil
Aquarius, कुम्भSarabjeetWinning all
Aquarius, कुम्भSaradaGoddess Saraswati; Perennial
Aquarius, कुम्भSaradhaGoddess Saraswati; Perennial
Aquarius, कुम्भSarahHappy; Pure; Princess
Aquarius, कुम्भSarakshaHappy; Versatile; Expressive nature
Aquarius, कुम्भSarakshiGood sight
Aquarius, कुम्भSaralaSimple; Straightforward
Aquarius, कुम्भSaramaBibhisons wife
Aquarius, कुम्भSarangiDistinguished; Doe; Musical instrument; A musical Raagini
Aquarius, कुम्भSaraniThe Earth; Protector; Guardian
Aquarius, कुम्भSaranyaSurrendered
Aquarius, कुम्भSaranyadeviTruth; Simple
Aquarius, कुम्भSarasaSwan
Aquarius, कुम्भSarasangiName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSarasiJolly; Happy
Aquarius, कुम्भSarasuSwan
Aquarius, कुम्भSarasvatiGoddess Saraswati; Goddess of learning
Aquarius, कुम्भSarasviWater; Saraswathi Goddess
Aquarius, कुम्भSaraswathiGoddess Saraswati; Goddess of learning
Aquarius, कुम्भSaraswathyGoddess Saraswati; Goddess of learning
Aquarius, कुम्भSaraswatiGoddess Saraswati; Goddess of learning
Aquarius, कुम्भSarathiCharioteer of Partha, Lord Krishna
Aquarius, कुम्भSaravatiA river
Aquarius, कुम्भSarawathiWater owner
Aquarius, कुम्भSarayuRiver Sharayu; Holy river
Aquarius, कुम्भSarbaniGoddess Durga, Name of Durga; Omnipresent; Perfect
Aquarius, कुम्भSargaMusical notes
Aquarius, कुम्भSarginiComposed of parts
Aquarius, कुम्भSarigaSmart
Aquarius, कुम्भSarikaKoel or Cuckoo or a thing of beauty or nature; Princess
Aquarius, कुम्भSarinaSerene; Tranquil
Aquarius, कुम्भSarishaCharming
Aquarius, कुम्भSaritRiver; Stream
Aquarius, कुम्भSaritaRiver; Stream
Aquarius, कुम्भSarithaRiver; Stream
Aquarius, कुम्भSarjanaCreative; Creation
Aquarius, कुम्भSarjenaCreative
Aquarius, कुम्भSarlaSimple; Straight forward
Aquarius, कुम्भSarmisthaBeauty and intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भSarniaBreeze; Air; Companion; Friend of the night
Aquarius, कुम्भSarnichiPraise; Doe; An Apsara or celestial
Aquarius, कुम्भSarnihaDesire
Aquarius, कुम्भSarojaLotus
Aquarius, कुम्भSarojiniLotus
Aquarius, कुम्भSarojniLotus pond; Having Lotuses
Aquarius, कुम्भSarsvatiGoddess of education
Aquarius, कुम्भSaruchiWonderful
Aquarius, कुम्भSarunatiNobleminded
Aquarius, कुम्भSarupaBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSarupraniBeautiful woman; Her own beauty; Truth
Aquarius, कुम्भSarva MangalaGoddess Durga; All auspicious; Consort of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvaastradhaariniPossessor of all the missile weapons
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvadaanavaghaatiniPossessing the power to kill all the demons
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvadnyaAll God
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvagjnaGoddess Durga; All knowing
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvakaComplete; Universal
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvamangalaGoddess Durga; All auspicious; Consort of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvamantramayiOne who possess all the instruments of thought
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvangiName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvaniGoddess Durga, Name of Durga; Omnipresent; Perfect
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvapadravanivariniDispeller of all distresses
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvariTwilight; Night
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvashaastramayiOne who is deft in all theories
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvashreeName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvasuravinashaDestroyer of all demons
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvavahanavahanaOne who rides all vehicles
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvavidyaKnowledgeable
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvekshaLord Ganesha; Lord of All
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvikaUniversal; Complete
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvineGreat attitude
Aquarius, कुम्भSarvopadrava NashiniThe Goddess who destroys all type of troubles
Aquarius, कुम्भSarwariNight; Twilight
Aquarius, कुम्भSaryuRiver Sharayu; Holy river
Aquarius, कुम्भSashaDefender of men, Helper of humankind, Defender of mankind
Aquarius, कुम्भSashiniThe Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भSashmatiSoft character
Aquarius, कुम्भSashtiIn favor of Lord Murugan
Aquarius, कुम्भSashvithaGod
Aquarius, कुम्भSashya SreeLively like green
Aquarius, कुम्भSasikalaPhases of Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भSasmitaSmiling; Cheerful
Aquarius, कुम्भSasmithanEver shining face
Aquarius, कुम्भSasriProtector of wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSasthiGoddess Durga; Sixth
Aquarius, कुम्भSasvikaSuccess
Aquarius, कुम्भSaswariAnother name of Devi Maatha
Aquarius, कुम्भSaswatiEternal
Aquarius, कुम्भSaswatyEternal
Aquarius, कुम्भSatakshiUnknown
Aquarius, कुम्भSatejPossessing of brilliance and intelligence; Soft
Aquarius, कुम्भSathmikaGood heart; Goddess of rain
Aquarius, कुम्भSathviExistence; Real
Aquarius, कुम्भSathvikaGoddess Durga; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भSathyaTruth; Real; Another name for Durga's and Sita
Aquarius, कुम्भSathya PriyaDevoted to truth; Love to truth
Aquarius, कुम्भSathyapriyaDevoted to truth; Love to truth
Aquarius, कुम्भSathyasriLoyalty and truth
Aquarius, कुम्भSathyavaniVoice of Truth
Aquarius, कुम्भSatiPartner; Chaste woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSatkrithiGood action
Aquarius, कुम्भSatmikaGood heart; Goddess of rain
Aquarius, कुम्भSatodariGoddess Durga, She who has a thin belly
Aquarius, कुम्भSattaOne who is above all
Aquarius, कुम्भSattvikiGoddess Durga; True; Pure; Honest
Aquarius, कुम्भSatvariNight
Aquarius, कुम्भSatviExistence; Real
Aquarius, कुम्भSatvikaGoddess Durga; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भSatvikiGoddess Durga; True; Pure; Honest
Aquarius, कुम्भSatwakiFighter
Aquarius, कुम्भSatyaTruth; Real; Another name for Durga's and Sita
Aquarius, कुम्भSatya SagariThe ocean of truth
Aquarius, कुम्भSatyabhamaConsort of Lord Krishna
Aquarius, कुम्भSatyanandasvarupiniA form of eternal bliss
Aquarius, कुम्भSatyapriyaDevoted to truth; Love to truth
Aquarius, कुम्भSatyarpitaDedicated to truth; Personified
Aquarius, कुम्भSatyarupaDedicated to truth; Personified
Aquarius, कुम्भSatyavathiWho speaks truth; Mother of Vyasa
Aquarius, कुम्भSatyavatiWho speaks the truth; Mother of Vyasa
Aquarius, कुम्भSaubhadraAbhimanyu mother
Aquarius, कुम्भSaudaminiLightning
Aquarius, कुम्भSaugandhaFragrant
Aquarius, कुम्भSauhridaFriendship
Aquarius, कुम्भSaujanyaKind
Aquarius, कुम्भSaukhyaWell being; Harmonious; Healing and spiritual frame of mind; Comfortable; Happy
Aquarius, कुम्भSaukhyadaBestower of well being
Aquarius, कुम्भSaumanaFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSaumanasyaGladness
Aquarius, कुम्भSaumyaMild; Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSaumyaaMild; Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSaumyagandhaA kind of flower
Aquarius, कुम्भSaumyataSerene
Aquarius, कुम्भSaumyiMoonlight
Aquarius, कुम्भSaundaryaBeautiful; Angel
Aquarius, कुम्भSauraCelestial
Aquarius, कुम्भSavaniEarly morning Raga sung in rainy season
Aquarius, कुम्भSavarnaDaughter of the ocean
Aquarius, कुम्भSaveriRagam (Melody)
Aquarius, कुम्भSaviGoddess Lakshmi; The Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSavidharaniSun God
Aquarius, कुम्भSavinaSweet
Aquarius, कुम्भSaviniAbout the month of Saavan; One who prepares Soma
Aquarius, कुम्भSavitaThe Sun; Bright
Aquarius, कुम्भSavitashriThe luster of the Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSavithaThe Sun; Bright
Aquarius, कुम्भSavithriA form of the Devi; Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भSavithryAnother name of Saraswathi
Aquarius, कुम्भSavitriA ray of light; Hymn; A form of the Devi
Aquarius, कुम्भSaviyaPeace
Aquarius, कुम्भSavliDark; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSaweraMorning; Goddess of sound; Dawn; Early morning
Aquarius, कुम्भSawiniAbout the month of Saavan; One who prepares Soma
Aquarius, कुम्भSayaShelter; Shade; Influence; Evening; Close of day
Aquarius, कुम्भSayaleeIt is the name of a flower, It is a white small delicate flower with a sweet scent
Aquarius, कुम्भSayaliIt is a name of a flower. it is a white small delicate flower with nice scent
Aquarius, कुम्भSayaniEquinox
Aquarius, कुम्भSayanikaGoddess
Aquarius, कुम्भSayantaniTwilight
Aquarius, कुम्भSayanthikaEvening
Aquarius, कुम्भSayantiSymbol of Peace / Unity
Aquarius, कुम्भSayantikaArising, The raised one
Aquarius, कुम्भSayantiniEvening
Aquarius, कुम्भSayeeFriend
Aquarius, कुम्भSayeeshaShadow of God
Aquarius, कुम्भSayeshaShadow of God
Aquarius, कुम्भSayliA white colour small flower
Aquarius, कुम्भSayonaStarting letters of 3 prominent priests of Swaminarayan Sampradai; Decorated
Aquarius, कुम्भSayuriFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSeayaShadow
Aquarius, कुम्भSeemaBoundary; Border
Aquarius, कुम्भSeemantiParting line; A white rose
Aquarius, कुम्भSeemantiniWoman
Aquarius, कुम्भSeenaA River
Aquarius, कुम्भSeentahnaStrength and courage
Aquarius, कुम्भSeeraLight
Aquarius, कुम्भSeeratInner beauty; Fame; Desired or longed for
Aquarius, कुम्भSeethaPure; Wife of Lord Rama; Limit; Border
Aquarius, कुम्भSeethalHaving peace; Cool; Gentle; The wind; The Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भSeezaBeautiful Day
Aquarius, कुम्भSejalRiver water; Pure flowing water
Aquarius, कुम्भSejashriFeeling
Aquarius, कुम्भSelinaStar in the Sky
Aquarius, कुम्भSelmaFair
Aquarius, कुम्भSelva KumariGirl with lots of wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSelviSign of wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSemantiParting line; A white rose
Aquarius, कुम्भSenavatiName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSenbagamMost beautiful flower; Glowing flower
Aquarius, कुम्भSenthilkumariTender; Loving nature
Aquarius, कुम्भSeonaGod is gracious
Aquarius, कुम्भSerenaQuiet
Aquarius, कुम्भSereneCalm
Aquarius, कुम्भSeshaThe serpent who symbolises time
Aquarius, कुम्भSeshaveniLord Krishna dancing on the snake
Aquarius, कुम्भSeshwithaEmpathy; wise
Aquarius, कुम्भSethulakshmiGoddess Lakshmi; Worth
Aquarius, कुम्भSevaWorship
Aquarius, कुम्भSevaliGreen flowerless plants
Aquarius, कुम्भSevatiWhite rose
Aquarius, कुम्भSevitaCherished
Aquarius, कुम्भSevithaCherished
Aquarius, कुम्भSeyaShadow; Divine
Aquarius, कुम्भShaachiThe powerful or helpful
Aquarius, कुम्भShaakhaBranch
Aquarius, कुम्भShaambhaviConsort of Shambhu, Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShaantiPeace
Aquarius, कुम्भShaantivaPeaceful; Friendly; Benevolent; A deity
Aquarius, कुम्भShaaravPure and innocent
Aquarius, कुम्भShaaraviInnocence; Purity
Aquarius, कुम्भShaariniThe Earth; Protector; Guardian
Aquarius, कुम्भShabaliniA mossy
Aquarius, कुम्भShabaraDistinguished; Marked
Aquarius, कुम्भShabariA tribal devotee of Lord Rama; One who lives in Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
Aquarius, कुम्भShabdaWord
Aquarius, कुम्भShabhayataCulture
Aquarius, कुम्भShachiIndrani; Power; Agility; Help; Kindness; Talent; Elegance kindness
Aquarius, कुम्भShachikaKind; Elegant; Talented
Aquarius, कुम्भShafuBeautiful; Intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भShaganaOne of Raaga
Aquarius, कुम्भShagoonOmen; Luck; Fortunate; Auspicious moment
Aquarius, कुम्भShagunOmen; Luck; Fortunate; Auspicious moment
Aquarius, कुम्भShahanaRaaga or patience; Queen
Aquarius, कुम्भShaharikaGoddess Durga's Devi
Aquarius, कुम्भShahayHelpful; Friend
Aquarius, कुम्भShailaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; Who is living in mountain
Aquarius, कुम्भShailajaA river; Daughter of mountains, Name of Goddess Parvati, Wife of Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShailashaGoddess Parvati, One who lives in the mountain
Aquarius, कुम्भShaileeStyle; Carved in rock; Face; Habit
Aquarius, कुम्भShailejaA river; Daughter of mountains, Name of Goddess Parvati, Wife of Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShailiStyle; Carved in rock; Face; Habit
Aquarius, कुम्भShailjaAnother name of Goddess Parvati, Shailputri
Aquarius, कुम्भShailzaDaughter of Himalaya; Wife of Lord Shiva; Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShaishaLord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShaistaWell behaved; Modest; Disciplined; Cultured; Eminent
Aquarius, कुम्भShaiviProsperity; Wealth; Auspiciousness
Aquarius, कुम्भShakaFrom the Shaka.; A tribal leader
Aquarius, कुम्भShakambariGoddess Parvati; Shaka - vegetables; Ambari - the one who bears; Bhri - to nourish
Aquarius, कुम्भShakambhariThe herb-nourishing Goddess
Aquarius, कुम्भShakiniGoddess Parvati; Helpful; Powerful; Goddess of herbs
Aquarius, कुम्भShakshiWitness; Evidence
Aquarius, कुम्भShakthiPowerful; Goddess Durga; Power
Aquarius, कुम्भShakuntalaBrought up by birds; The heroine of Shakuntala
Aquarius, कुम्भShakunthalaBrought up by birds; The heroine of Shakunthalam
Aquarius, कुम्भShakuntlaBrought up by birds; The heroine of Shakunthalam
Aquarius, कुम्भShalakaGoddess Parvati; A javeline; Dart; An arrow; A ruler; A domino
Aquarius, कुम्भShalakhaGoddess Parvati; A javeline; Dart; An arrow; A ruler; A domino
Aquarius, कुम्भShalaluPerfume
Aquarius, कुम्भShalikaFlute
Aquarius, कुम्भShalimaSafe; Healthy; Happy
Aquarius, कुम्भShalineeBashful; Modest
Aquarius, कुम्भShaliniModest
Aquarius, कुम्भShalmaliLord Vishnu's power; Silk; Silk tree
Aquarius, कुम्भShaluMaster of the right path
Aquarius, कुम्भShalveeBeautiful; Intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भShalviBeautiful; Intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भShalvikaUnderstanding; Sympathetic
Aquarius, कुम्भShamQuiet; Tranquillity; Calm; Abstract meditation on Brahman
Aquarius, कुम्भShamalGarland of Rudraksh
Aquarius, कुम्भShamalangiName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShamaniCalming; Night
Aquarius, कुम्भShambariIllusion
Aquarius, कुम्भShambaviGoddess
Aquarius, कुम्भShambhaviConsort of Shambhu, Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShambhukantaWife of Shambhu, Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShambhviGoddess Durga; Derived from Shambhav; Shambhav - peacefully born
Aquarius, कुम्भShameeraA flower; A Chameli flower
Aquarius, कुम्भShameetaPeacemaker; Who is calm and disciplined; Peaceful; Calmed; Prepared
Aquarius, कुम्भShaminiName of Hindu Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भShamiraA flower; A Chameli flower
Aquarius, कुम्भShamitaPeacemaker; Who is calm and disciplined; Peaceful; Calmed; Prepared
Aquarius, कुम्भShamitaaPeacemaker; Who is calm and disciplined; Peaceful; Calmed; Prepared
Aquarius, कुम्भShamithaPeacemaker; Who is calm and disciplined; Peaceful; Calmed; Prepared
Aquarius, कुम्भShamleeDawn
Aquarius, कुम्भShampaLightning
Aquarius, कुम्भShanayaEminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday; First ray of the Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भShanbhaviAnother name of Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भShanhithaCode
Aquarius, कुम्भShaniaEminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday; First ray of the Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भShanikaGood; Flute
Aquarius, कुम्भShaniyaEminent, Distinguished, Born on Saturday, First Ray of the Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भShanjCreator of the universe, Another name for Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShanjanaGentle; Creator
Aquarius, कुम्भShankanaWonderous; Awe-inspiring
Aquarius, कुम्भShankaraGiver of joy; Auspicious; A musical Raag
Aquarius, कुम्भShankariGoddess Parvati, Consort of Shankar
Aquarius, कुम्भShankhamalaA fairy-tale princess
Aquarius, कुम्भShanmathiGood sense
Aquarius, कुम्भShanmithaConsort of yavati
Aquarius, कुम्भShanmukhiSix faces Goddess; Name of naga Devatha
Aquarius, कुम्भShanmukiSix Faces Goddess; Name of Naga Devatha
Aquarius, कुम्भShannonLittle old wise one
Aquarius, कुम्भShansaPraise
Aquarius, कुम्भShansitaPraise; Desired; Celebrated
Aquarius, कुम्भShantaPeaceful; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भShantalaGoddess Parvati; Calm cool
Aquarius, कुम्भShanthaPeaceful
Aquarius, कुम्भShanthalaGoddess Parvati; Calm cool
Aquarius, कुम्भShanthammaMother of peace
Aquarius, कुम्भShanthiPeace
Aquarius, कुम्भShanthiniThe meaning of the name is peace; calm; and quiet
Aquarius, कुम्भShanveethaKind words
Aquarius, कुम्भShanviGoddess Parvati; Glowing; Attractive; Loveable; Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भShanvikaGoddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed
Aquarius, कुम्भShanvithaGoddess Lakshmi; Peace-loving
Aquarius, कुम्भShanyaLaxmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSharadaGoddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भSharadhiMoon of autumn
Aquarius, कुम्भSharadiniAutumn
Aquarius, कुम्भSharaniThe Earth; Protector; Guardian
Aquarius, कुम्भSharanyaSurrendered
Aquarius, कुम्भSharavaniBorn in the month of Shravan; Goddess Parvati; Universal; Complete
Aquarius, कुम्भSharaviCool
Aquarius, कुम्भSharayaA Goddess; Princess; Singer; Delight
Aquarius, कुम्भSharayuRiver Sharayu; Holy river
Aquarius, कुम्भShardaGoddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati; Faith; Grace
Aquarius, कुम्भShardambhaGoddess Saraswati; Amba - mother (mother Sharada)
Aquarius, कुम्भShardambha  Goddess Saraswati; Amba - mother (mother Sharada)
Aquarius, कुम्भShardhaGoddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati; Faith; Grace
Aquarius, कुम्भShariArrow
Aquarius, कुम्भSharikaGoddess Durga; A kind of bird, commonly called Mainaa
Aquarius, कुम्भShariniThe Earth; Protector; Guardian
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmadaMaking prosperous; Shy
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmadhaMaking prosperous; Shy
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmathaAdmirable; Selfless
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmikaBeauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmilaHappy
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmishtaBeauty and intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmishthaBeauty and intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmistaBeauty and intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmisthaBeauty and intelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भSharmithaShinning
Aquarius, कुम्भSharnayaGoddess Durga; Surrender
Aquarius, कुम्भSharnithaWho is calm and disciplined
Aquarius, कुम्भSharonSweet; Fragrance; Honey
Aquarius, कुम्भSharûLord Vishnu
Aquarius, कुम्भSharumathiFull Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भSharunithaAttractive
Aquarius, कुम्भSharvGoddess Durga, Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSharvaaniBorn in the month of Shravan; Goddess Parvati; Universal; Complete
Aquarius, कुम्भSharvaniBorn in the month of Shravan; Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSharvariNight; Twilight
Aquarius, कुम्भSharviDivine
Aquarius, कुम्भSharvinaGoddess Durga, Derived from Sharv
Aquarius, कुम्भSharvwaryWitness
Aquarius, कुम्भSharvyaBright; Loving
Aquarius, कुम्भSharwaniBorn in the month of Shravan; Goddess Parvati; Universal; Complete
Aquarius, कुम्भSharwariNight; Twilight
Aquarius, कुम्भSharyuRiver Sharayu; Holy river
Aquarius, कुम्भShashi RekhaLord Chandra (Moon), Moon's Ray
Aquarius, कुम्भShashibalaThe Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भShashikalaPhases of Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भShashiniThe Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भShashiprabhaMoon light
Aquarius, कुम्भShashirekhaLord Chandra (Moon), Moon's Ray
Aquarius, कुम्भShashwatiGuarantee; Eternal
Aquarius, कुम्भShasthaOne who rules
Aquarius, कुम्भShasthikaGoddess Durga; Rice
Aquarius, कुम्भShaswathiEternal
Aquarius, कुम्भShaswatiGuarantee; Eternal
Aquarius, कुम्भShatabdeeHundred years, It means a period of 100 years century
Aquarius, कुम्भShatabdiHundred years, It means 100 years, Century
Aquarius, कुम्भShatakshiGoddess Durga; Night; The Goddess Parvati; Hundred eyed
Aquarius, कुम्भShatarupaLord Shiva; Having numerous shapes; Name of the consort of Brahma
Aquarius, कुम्भShathvikaGoddess Durga; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भShaunaGorgeous; Lovely; Sweet; Heat; Fiery; God's gift
Aquarius, कुम्भShavetaSaraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भShavikaSmall valley
Aquarius, कुम्भShayaliIt is a name of a flower; It is a white small delicate flower with nice scent
Aquarius, कुम्भShayantiSymbol of Peace / Unity
Aquarius, कुम्भShayariPoetry
Aquarius, कुम्भShayeshaShadow of God
Aquarius, कुम्भShaylaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; Who is living in mountain
Aquarius, कुम्भShayleeStyle; Carved in rock; Face; Habit
Aquarius, कुम्भShaymaHaving a beauty spot
Aquarius, कुम्भShaynaBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भShayonaStarting letters of 3 prominent priests of Swaminarayan Sampradai; Decorated
Aquarius, कुम्भSheelaCool; Rock; Calm; With a good character
Aquarius, कुम्भSheelangiGood character; Strong like a stone
Aquarius, कुम्भSheenBrightness
Aquarius, कुम्भSheenaGod's gift; Ankle bells; Brightness; Gaelic
Aquarius, कुम्भSheenuForm of Sugar
Aquarius, कुम्भSheershikaTitle; Headline; Important
Aquarius, कुम्भShefaliA flower; Perfumed; The Jasmine tree
Aquarius, कुम्भShehnaiMusical instrument
Aquarius, कुम्भShejaliA fruit
Aquarius, कुम्भShellyA way to do work
Aquarius, कुम्भShelzaConsort of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShemaSpice; Sweet smelling
Aquarius, कुम्भShenayaGod is gracious
Aquarius, कुम्भShenbagamMost beautiful flower; Glowing flower
Aquarius, कुम्भShenoaDove of peace
Aquarius, कुम्भSheoliA river
Aquarius, कुम्भSherawaliGoddess Durga, Having Lions
Aquarius, कुम्भShesha HaraniComplete
Aquarius, कुम्भShetalHaving peace; Cool; Gentle; The wind; The Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भShevaliniA river
Aquarius, कुम्भShevantiA flower
Aquarius, कुम्भSheyaliA beginning of new work
Aquarius, कुम्भShibaniGoddess Durga, The consort of Shiva, i.e., Durga, Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShichiGlow
Aquarius, कुम्भShiestaWell behaved; Modest; Disciplined; Cultured; Eminent
Aquarius, कुम्भShifaliMember of the orchid family; Princess of joy
Aquarius, कुम्भShiithalCool
Aquarius, कुम्भShikhaFlame; Peak; Light
Aquarius, कुम्भShikshaEducation
Aquarius, कुम्भShilaCool; Rock; Calm; With a good character
Aquarius, कुम्भShilathata VinikshibdaAt birth; Slammed by Kamsa
Aquarius, कुम्भShilavatiA river
Aquarius, कुम्भShilavatiaRiver
Aquarius, कुम्भShilnaPerfectly created
Aquarius, कुम्भShilpaStone; Shapely; Multi-coloured
Aquarius, कुम्भShilpiArtist
Aquarius, कुम्भShilpikaDesigner; Artist
Aquarius, कुम्भShilpitaWell proportioned
Aquarius, कुम्भShimnaScared
Aquarius, कुम्भShimranMeditation; Gift of God
Aquarius, कुम्भShinaGod's gift; Ankle bells; Brightness; Gaelic
Aquarius, कुम्भShiniA woman having a white complexion; To shine among all; Sparkle to life
Aquarius, कुम्भShinjaniSound of ankle bell
Aquarius, कुम्भShinjiniA sound of ankle bell
Aquarius, कुम्भShipraA river; Cheeks; Jaw; The nose; A holy river
Aquarius, कुम्भShirdikaSelf sufficient
Aquarius, कुम्भShireeshaFlower; Shining Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भShirilSong of my soul
Aquarius, कुम्भShirinaNight
Aquarius, कुम्भShirishaFlower; Shining Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भShirjaGoddess Lakshmi; Creative
Aquarius, कुम्भShirleyLeader
Aquarius, कुम्भShishirkanaParticles of dew
Aquarius, कुम्भShishtaGoodness; Used in Goddess Durga mata's Mantra
Aquarius, कुम्भShitalHaving peace; Cool; Gentle; The wind; The Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भShitijaHorizon
Aquarius, कुम्भShitikaBeauty of life
Aquarius, कुम्भShiuliA flower
Aquarius, कुम्भShiva PriyaLiked by Lord Shiva; Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भShiva RanjaniLord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky
Aquarius, कुम्भShivaaniGoddess Parvati, Consort of Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShivadootiAmbassador of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShivakantaGoddess Durga, Consort of Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShivakariSource of auspicious things
Aquarius, कुम्भShivakshiThird eye of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShivalConsort of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShivaliConsort of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShivalikaBelonging of Lord Shiv, whose owner is Lord Shivm
Aquarius, कुम्भShivamanohariName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShivangiHalf part of Hindu Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Beautiful; Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भShivaniGoddess Durga, The consort of Shiva, i.e., Durga, Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShivanijaGoddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShivanjaliGoddess Parvati, A part of Shiv
Aquarius, कुम्भShivankiGoddess Parvati; One who Loves Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShivanneGoddess Parvati, Consort of Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShivanshiA part of Shiv
Aquarius, कुम्भShivansiPart of Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShivanyaAnsh of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShivapriyaLiked by Lord Shiva; Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भShivaranjiniName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShivaratriShiva appareance
Aquarius, कुम्भShivasakthiName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShivasundariGoddess Durga, Consort of Shiva, Epithet of Durga's or Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShivasunthariHappiness
Aquarius, कुम्भShivatmikaGoddess Lakshmi, Soul of Shiva, Consisting of the essence of Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShivechhaWish of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भShiviName of a great king in Hindu mythology
Aquarius, कुम्भShivikaPalanquin; Palki
Aquarius, कुम्भShivliFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भShivomiRighteousness
Aquarius, कुम्भShivtaWhite; Clear
Aquarius, कुम्भShivyaDevoted to Lord Shiva; Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भShiwangiHalf part of Hindu Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Beautiful; Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भShiyaSnow at dawn
Aquarius, कुम्भShlaghyaExcellent
Aquarius, कुम्भShleshaMore than enough
Aquarius, कुम्भShlokaVerse; Hindu mantra or verse of praise
Aquarius, कुम्भShobaBeautiful; Attractive
Aquarius, कुम्भShobanaGoddess Parvati; Beautiful Jewelry
Aquarius, कुम्भShobbaBrilliance; Beauty; Elegance
Aquarius, कुम्भShobhaBeautiful; Attractive
Aquarius, कुम्भShobhanaThe one who shines; Splendid; Ornamental; Shining; Beautiful; Turmeric
Aquarius, कुम्भShobhikaBrilliant; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भShobhiniThe person glowing with; Graceful; Brilliant
Aquarius, कुम्भShobhitaThe one who shines; Splendid; Ornamental; Shining
Aquarius, कुम्भShobhithaThe one who shines; Splendid; Ornamental; Shining
Aquarius, कुम्भShobhnaThe one who shines; Splendid; Ornamental; Shining; Beautiful; Turmeric
Aquarius, कुम्भShobikaBeautiful & brilliant
Aquarius, कुम्भShohiniBeautiful & pleasant
Aquarius, कुम्भShomaMoon rays; The Soma plant; Beautiful; Gentle
Aquarius, कुम्भShomilaCalm; Soft natured; Tranquil; Moonlike
Aquarius, कुम्भShomiliBeautiful and elegant
Aquarius, कुम्भShomyaSoft; Mild; Smooth; Faith
Aquarius, कुम्भShonaGold; Very pretty; Lovely; Sweet; Heat; Fiery
Aquarius, कुम्भShonayaWealthy
Aquarius, कुम्भShoniPreety women; Lovable; With golden beauty; One of the complexions of red Lotus
Aquarius, कुम्भShonimaRedness
Aquarius, कुम्भShooldhariniOne who holds a monodent
Aquarius, कुम्भShorashiYoung woman
Aquarius, कुम्भShraavaniThe day of the full Moon in the month of Shraavan
Aquarius, कुम्भShrabantiWho has born in Srabon Maas
Aquarius, कुम्भShraddhaVeneration; Goddess Chamundi; Worship; Confidence; Fidelity; Respect; Faith
Aquarius, कुम्भShradhaVeneration; Goddess Chamundi; Worship; Confidence; Fidelity; Respect; Faith
Aquarius, कुम्भShradhaniEver wealthy
Aquarius, कुम्भShradhdhaFaith; Trust
Aquarius, कुम्भShramidhiGirl who likes to work hard and earn
Aquarius, कुम्भShrankhlaBorn in the month of Shravan; Series
Aquarius, कुम्भShravaniThe day of the full Moon in the month of Shraavan
Aquarius, कुम्भShravanthiA name in Buddhist literature
Aquarius, कुम्भShravantiA name in Buddhist literature
Aquarius, कुम्भShravantikaFlowing
Aquarius, कुम्भShravastiAn ancient Indian city
Aquarius, कुम्भShraviCool
Aquarius, कुम्भShravikaFriend; Female monk disciple
Aquarius, कुम्भShraviyaEnthusiastic; Talented person; Like to live with good characters
Aquarius, कुम्भShrawaniThe day of the full Moon in the month of Shraavan; Aspirant
Aquarius, कुम्भShrawantikaFlowing
Aquarius, कुम्भShrayaShresth (Best)
Aquarius, कुम्भShrayathiTo reach
Aquarius, कुम्भShree BhavanaGoddess Lakshmi, Shree - divine, Another name for Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भShree PriyaDivine beauty; Beloved to Shree (Goddess Lakshmi)
Aquarius, कुम्भShreeaGoddess Lakshmi; Auspicious; Luster; Prosperity; Pratham; Shrestha
Aquarius, कुम्भShreedeviGoddess of wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भShreejaGoddess Lakshmi; Creative
Aquarius, कुम्भShreekalaGoddess Laxmi; Beauty of Moon; Name of Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भShreekantiName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShreelaBeautiful; Bestowed by Lakshmi; Happy; Fortunate; Wealthy; Eminent fortunate
Aquarius, कुम्भShreemaProsperous
Aquarius, कुम्भShreemaiFortunate
Aquarius, कुम्भShreemaniName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShreemanohariName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShreemayiFortunate
Aquarius, कुम्भShreenGoddess Lakshmi; Foremost; Best; First; Night
Aquarius, कुम्भShreenaGoddess Lakshmi; Foremost; Best; First; Night
Aquarius, कुम्भShreenidhiTreasure; Wealth; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भShreenikaLotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu; Goddess Lakshmi; Night
Aquarius, कुम्भShreeparnaHappiness; Prosperity; Tree adorned with leaves
Aquarius, कुम्भShreepradaGoddess Radha; Giver of wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भShreeranjaniName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShreeyaGoddess Lakshmi; Auspicious; Luster; Prosperity; Pratham; Shrestha
Aquarius, कुम्भShrejalForemost; Best; First
Aquarius, कुम्भShrenaGoddess Lakshmi; Foremost; Best; First; Night
Aquarius, कुम्भShrenikaLotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu; Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भShreshaSpecial Flower
Aquarius, कुम्भShreshthaThe best; Ultimate; Another name for Lord Vishnu; Foremost; First; Perfection; Best of all
Aquarius, कुम्भShrestaThe best; Ultimate; Another name for Lord Vishnu; Foremost; First; Perfection; Best of all
Aquarius, कुम्भShrestajnaTop knowledge
Aquarius, कुम्भShresthaThe best; Ultimate; Another name for Lord Vishnu; Foremost; First; Perfection; Best of all
Aquarius, कुम्भShresthiBest of all; Creation; Remembrance; Universe or entire world
Aquarius, कुम्भShreyaGoddess Lakshmi; Auspicious; Luster; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भShreyanshiSuperior; Fame
Aquarius, कुम्भShreyanviGoddess Lakshmi; Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भShreyashiGood; One who is most beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भShreyashreeGoddess Lakshmi; Shreya - best; Beautiful; Excellent Shri - divine
Aquarius, कुम्भShreyasiGood; One who is most beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भShri KumariLustrous
Aquarius, कुम्भShrideviGoddess of wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भShridhaConcentration
Aquarius, कुम्भShridulaBlessing
Aquarius, कुम्भShridullaBlessing
Aquarius, कुम्भShrieyaGoddess Lakshmi; Auspicious; Luster; Prosperity; Pratham; Shrestha
Aquarius, कुम्भShrigauriGoddess Parvati, Divine Gauri
Aquarius, कुम्भShrigeetaThe sacred Geeta
Aquarius, कुम्भShrijaGoddess Lakshmi; Creative
Aquarius, कुम्भShrijaniCreativity; Creative
Aquarius, कुम्भShrikaGoddess Lakshmi; Sun child; Bright Sun; Respect
Aquarius, कुम्भShrikalaGoddess Laxmi; Beauty of Moon; Name of Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भShrikamaGoddess Radha; Shri - divine Kama - loveliness; Beauty; Radiance
Aquarius, कुम्भShrikariAnother name of Goddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भShrikirtiLustrous fame
Aquarius, कुम्भShrilaBeautiful; Bestowed by Lakshmi; Happy; Fortunate; Wealthy; Eminent fortunate
Aquarius, कुम्भShrilataLustrous creeper
Aquarius, कुम्भShrilaxmiGoddess Laxmi, Divine Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भShrilekhaLustrous essay
Aquarius, कुम्भShrimatiGoddess Lakshmi; Fortunate
Aquarius, कुम्भShrimayiFortunate
Aquarius, कुम्भShrinaGoddess Lakshmi; Foremost; Best; First; Night
Aquarius, कुम्भShrinidhiTreasure; Wealth; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भShrinikaLotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu; Goddess Lakshmi; Night
Aquarius, कुम्भShrinithaGoddess Lakshmi; Sri - prosperity; Happiness; Good fortune; Success; High rank; Dignity
Aquarius, कुम्भShrishtiUniverse; Nature; World
Aquarius, कुम्भShristhiBest of all; Creation; Remembrance; Universe or entire world
Aquarius, कुम्भShristiBest of all; Creation; Remembrance; Universe or entire world
Aquarius, कुम्भShritaGoddess Lakshmi; Dressed; Prepared; Mixed
Aquarius, कुम्भShritamaThis name means like the Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भShrithaGoddess Laxmi; Beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भShrivaliGoddess Lakshmi; A kind of plant
Aquarius, कुम्भShrivalliLord Subramanya’s wife, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Lakshmi; A kind of plant
Aquarius, कुम्भShriveniDivine Weaving / Stream
Aquarius, कुम्भShrividyaGoddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भShriyaGoddess Lakshmi; Auspicious; Luster; Prosperity; Pratham; Shrestha; Beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भShrmilaHard working
Aquarius, कुम्भShrotiExpert in Vedas; Insight; Knowledge of the Vedas
Aquarius, कुम्भShrujaTo Love
Aquarius, कुम्भShrujanaA creative and intelligent girl
Aquarius, कुम्भShrujeshwariGoddess of creativity
Aquarius, कुम्भShrushtiUniverse; Nature; World
Aquarius, कुम्भShrutaLyrics; Musical notes; Known; Glorious; Celebrated
Aquarius, कुम्भShrutakeertiRenowned; Reputed; Famous; Whose fame is all over
Aquarius, कुम्भShrutakirtiRenowned; Reputed; Famous; Whose fame is all over
Aquarius, कुम्भShrutalyLyrics; Musical notes
Aquarius, कुम्भShruteeExpert in Vedas; Insight; Knowledge of the Vedas
Aquarius, कुम्भShruthiExpert in Vedas; Insight; Knowledge of the Vedas
Aquarius, कुम्भShruthikGoddess Parvati, Derived from Shruti, Shruti - audition; Sound
Aquarius, कुम्भShruthikaGoddess Parvati; It is another name of Goddess Sharada, as Shrut Devi
Aquarius, कुम्भShrutiExpert in Vedas; Insight; Knowledge of the Vedas
Aquarius, कुम्भShruti SriExpert in Vedas
Aquarius, कुम्भShrutikGoddess Parvati, Derived from Shruti, Shruti - audition; Sound
Aquarius, कुम्भShrutikaGoddess Parvati; It is another name of Goddess Sharada, as Shrut Devi
Aquarius, कुम्भShrutkirtiShatrughna's wife and king Janak's daughter
Aquarius, कुम्भShrutujaAuspicious
Aquarius, कुम्भShruvaBlessed
Aquarius, कुम्भShrvyaPure
Aquarius, कुम्भShubaMorning; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भShubadhaOne who brings goodness
Aquarius, कुम्भShubha ShreeName of Goddess Lakshmi; Auspicious Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भShubhabrataAuspicious vow
Aquarius, कुम्भShubhadaGiver of luck; Auspicious; Fortunate
Aquarius, कुम्भShubhadrawife of Arjun
Aquarius, कुम्भShubhangiA beautiful lady
Aquarius, कुम्भShubhanshiAuspicious; Part of Goodly
Aquarius, कुम्भShubhapradaGranter of auspicious things, Goddess Laxmi
Aquarius, कुम्भShubhiGood luck; Auspicious
Aquarius, कुम्भShubhikaExcellent; Great; A garland of flowers; Auspicious
Aquarius, कुम्भShubhritaPour
Aquarius, कुम्भShubikshaProsperous
Aquarius, कुम्भShubrathaWhite
Aquarius, कुम्भShuchiPure; Bright; Holy; Worthy
Aquarius, कुम्भShuchikaPure; Sacred; Virtuous; An Apsara
Aquarius, कुम्भShuchismitaOne who has a pure smile
Aquarius, कुम्भShuchitaExcellent picture; Beautiful; Holy; Auspicious; Informed; Sensible
Aquarius, कुम्भShuddhawatiPure
Aquarius, कुम्भShuddhiGoddess Durga; Purity; Holiness; Acquittal; Accuracy
Aquarius, कुम्भShuklaGoddess Saraswati; Bright or white
Aquarius, कुम्भShukrajyothiName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShukritaA person who does good things
Aquarius, कुम्भShuktiPearl oyster
Aquarius, कुम्भShulbhiLovely; Pleasing
Aquarius, कुम्भShuldaWhite; Bright; Pure; Another name for Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भShuliniGoddess Durga, Epithet of Durga, Holding the spear
Aquarius, कुम्भShulkaGoddess Saraswati; The one who gives
Aquarius, कुम्भShunayaVery just; Well-behaved
Aquarius, कुम्भShurthiEar; Veda
Aquarius, कुम्भShurviThe Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भShushilaTrue beauty and kindness; A lover of good; Genuine and caring
Aquarius, कुम्भShushmaFragrant
Aquarius, कुम्भShutradeviGoddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भShveniWhite
Aquarius, कुम्भShvetaWhite; One who is as pure as the white colour
Aquarius, कुम्भShwetaWhite; One who is as pure as the white colour
Aquarius, कुम्भShwetambariGoddess Saraswati; The one who wears a white garment
Aquarius, कुम्भShwethaWhite; One who is as pure as the white colour
Aquarius, कुम्भShwetikaWhite
Aquarius, कुम्भShwitiFairness
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamaBlack; Dark blue; Dark as cloud; Goddess Kali
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamakalyaniName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamalaDusky; Blackish
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamaliDusky
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamalikaDusky
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamalimaDusky
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamangiDark complexioned
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamariDusky
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamasriDusky
Aquarius, कुम्भShyaminiA creeper with dusky leaves
Aquarius, कुम्भShyamlataA creeper with dusky leaves
Aquarius, कुम्भShyeyanshiStar
Aquarius, कुम्भShylaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; Who is living in mountain
Aquarius, कुम्भShylajaA river; Daughter of mountains, Name of Goddess Parvati, Wife of Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भSiaGoddess Sita; White Moonlight; A beautiful woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSiaaraAngel
Aquarius, कुम्भSiaraUnique
Aquarius, कुम्भSibaniGoddess Parvati, The consort of Shiva, i.e., Durga, Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSiddhamaGoddess Durga, Siddha - a name of one of the eight Yoginis
Aquarius, कुम्भSiddhanganaAccomplished; Female Saint; Divine; Pure
Aquarius, कुम्भSiddhaniBlessed
Aquarius, कुम्भSiddheshwariLord Shiva; Queen of Siddhas
Aquarius, कुम्भSiddhiAchievement; Lord Shiva; Perfection or completion
Aquarius, कुम्भSiddhikshaGoddess Lakshmi; A religious ceremony
Aquarius, कुम्भSiddhimaAchievement
Aquarius, कुम्भSiddiAchievement; Lord Shiva; Perfection or completion
Aquarius, कुम्भSiddikshaGoddess Lakshmi; A religious ceremony
Aquarius, कुम्भSidhantPrinciple
Aquarius, कुम्भSidhiAchievement; Lord Shiva; Perfection or completion
Aquarius, कुम्भSidhimaAchievement
Aquarius, कुम्भSidikshaGoddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSighaBrave
Aquarius, कुम्भSihiSweet
Aquarius, कुम्भSijaLotus
Aquarius, कुम्भSikaraPowerful person
Aquarius, कुम्भSikataSand
Aquarius, कुम्भSikhaFlame; Peak; Light
Aquarius, कुम्भSiktaWet
Aquarius, कुम्भSiladityaSun of stone
Aquarius, कुम्भSilpaStone; Shapely; Multi-coloured
Aquarius, कुम्भSilviyaFrom the forest
Aquarius, कुम्भSimaBoundary; Border
Aquarius, कुम्भSimantikaLight
Aquarius, कुम्भSimbalaPond
Aquarius, कुम्भSimhalaName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSimiLimit
Aquarius, कुम्भSimikaBeloved
Aquarius, कुम्भSimoneeTo listen; Obedient
Aquarius, कुम्भSimoniTo listen; Obedient
Aquarius, कुम्भSimranMeditation; Gift of God
Aquarius, कुम्भSimratRemember; Remembering through meditation
Aquarius, कुम्भSinchanaEncourage; Inspiration
Aquarius, कुम्भSindhanaAlways thinking
Aquarius, कुम्भSindhooriKumkum (Vermilion)
Aquarius, कुम्भSindhuOcean; River
Aquarius, कुम्भSindhujaGoddess Lakshmi; Born of the ocean
Aquarius, कुम्भSindhuriniSinthoor (Vermilion)
Aquarius, कुम्भSinduOcean; River
Aquarius, कुम्भSindujaGoddess Lakshmi; Born of the ocean
Aquarius, कुम्भSinhayanaGoddess Durga, One who rides the Lion
Aquarius, कुम्भSiniA woman having a white complexion; To shine among all; Sparkle to life
Aquarius, कुम्भSinjiniThe sound of ankle bell
Aquarius, कुम्भSionaStars
Aquarius, कुम्भSiranthiyaMoon; Beautiful; flawless
Aquarius, कुम्भSireeshaFlower name; Sacred
Aquarius, कुम्भSiriGoddess Lakshmi; Wealth; God's gift of Love
Aquarius, कुम्भSirijaThe one who is born in prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSirishaFlower name; Sacred
Aquarius, कुम्भSirnithiBlessings of Lord Vishnu
Aquarius, कुम्भSirojaBeautiful hair
Aquarius, कुम्भSisiraWinter
Aquarius, कुम्भSitaGoddess Sita; Genus of a bird
Aquarius, कुम्भSitadeviMudrapradayaka deliverer of the ring of Goddess Sita
Aquarius, कुम्भSitaraA star; morning star
Aquarius, कुम्भSitashiGoddess Sita
Aquarius, कुम्भSiteshGoddess Sita, Derived from sit, Sit - the color white
Aquarius, कुम्भSitharaA star; morning star
Aquarius, कुम्भSittaGoddess Sita; Genus of a bird
Aquarius, कुम्भSiva PreethiLord Shiva, (Siva - Parvati) the beloved of Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSivakalaArt of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भSivamayiTolerant
Aquarius, कुम्भSivamkariGoddess Durga, She who makes good to happen
Aquarius, कुम्भSivanandhiniA devotee of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भSivaneswaryShivan; Name of a God
Aquarius, कुम्भSivaniGoddess Durga, The consort of Shiva, i.e., Durga, Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSivanyaGoddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSivaparaGoddess Durga, She who does not have any other interest except Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भSivaprabhaWife of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भSivaranjaniNice girl
Aquarius, कुम्भSivasankariGoddess Parvati, Consort of Sivshankar
Aquarius, कुम्भSivasathiGoddess Sita
Aquarius, कुम्भSivasriWorshipper of Lord Shiva
Aquarius, कुम्भSiyaGoddess Sita; White Moonlight; A beautiful woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSiyonaGraceful
Aquarius, कुम्भSkandaLord Murugan; Leaping; Flowing; Quicksilver; Name of Karthikeya
Aquarius, कुम्भSkandajitWife of Lord Vishnu
Aquarius, कुम्भSkandhaGod of war, Also known as Karthikeya, Lord Murugan
Aquarius, कुम्भSkimithaGoddess name
Aquarius, कुम्भSmahiProgress
Aquarius, कुम्भSmarathiTo remember; Recollect
Aquarius, कुम्भSmarshithaLakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSmayaSmile
Aquarius, कुम्भSmeeralTo remember; Precious; Lovable person
Aquarius, कुम्भSmeethaSmiles
Aquarius, कुम्भSmeraSmiling
Aquarius, कुम्भSmikaSmile
Aquarius, कुम्भSmiralTo remember; Precious; Lovable person
Aquarius, कुम्भSmirithaRemembered
Aquarius, कुम्भSmirtiRecollection
Aquarius, कुम्भSmitaSmile; Smiling
Aquarius, कुम्भSmitakshiThe girl who possess calmness in her eyes and can express her feelings through her eyes
Aquarius, कुम्भSmithaSmile; Smiling
Aquarius, कुम्भSmitiHappiness
Aquarius, कुम्भSmitraSmile; Ever smiling lady
Aquarius, कुम्भSmridhiProsperity; Progress
Aquarius, कुम्भSmritaProvided with nectar; Wealthy; Remembered
Aquarius, कुम्भSmrithiMeeting; Remembrance; Memory; Wisdom
Aquarius, कुम्भSmritiMeeting; Remembrance; Memory; Wisdom
Aquarius, कुम्भSmruthiMemory
Aquarius, कुम्भSmrutiMemory
Aquarius, कुम्भSnehaAffection
Aquarius, कुम्भSnehalataCreeper of Love; Vine of Love
Aquarius, कुम्भSnehaliFull of Love
Aquarius, कुम्भSnehelataCreeper of Love; Vine of Love
Aquarius, कुम्भSnehiFriendly
Aquarius, कुम्भSnehithaFriendly
Aquarius, कुम्भSnigdaAffectionate; Smooth; Tender
Aquarius, कुम्भSnigdhaAffectionate; Smooth; Tender
Aquarius, कुम्भSnighdaSoft nature
Aquarius, कुम्भSnijaScent; Flower
Aquarius, कुम्भSnikhithaSmiling face
Aquarius, कुम्भSnithiObtainment; Master of justice
Aquarius, कुम्भSnithikaVery Active
Aquarius, कुम्भSnitiMaster of justice
Aquarius, कुम्भSnushaDaughter-in-law
Aquarius, कुम्भSobaikaGold
Aquarius, कुम्भSobhaBeautiful; Attractive
Aquarius, कुम्भSobhanaThe one who shines; Splendid; Ornamental; Shining; Beautiful; Turmeric
Aquarius, कुम्भSobhithaThe one who shines; Splendid; Ornamental; Shining
Aquarius, कुम्भSobithaCreative
Aquarius, कुम्भSohaName of a star; Celebration; A musical Raag
Aquarius, कुम्भSohaliaMoonglow
Aquarius, कुम्भSohanaGraceful; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSohiniBeautiful & pleasant
Aquarius, कुम्भSohniBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSomaMoon rays; The Soma plant; Beautiful; Gentle; Derived from the Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भSoma LakshmiLuster of the Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भSomayaMeek; Soft; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भSomiDaughter of Lord
Aquarius, कुम्भSomilaCalm; Soft natured; Tranquil; Moonlike
Aquarius, कुम्भSomwritaGod's gift
Aquarius, कुम्भSomyaMeek; Soft; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भSonaGold; Very pretty; Lovely; Sweet; Heat; Fiery
Aquarius, कुम्भSonakshiGolden-eyed
Aquarius, कुम्भSonalGolden
Aquarius, कुम्भSonaliGolden
Aquarius, कुम्भSonamBeautiful; Golden; Auspicious; Handsome
Aquarius, कुम्भSonarikaAs Precious as Gold
Aquarius, कुम्भSonayaCharming
Aquarius, कुम्भSoneeraClean water; Beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSoniPreety women; Lovable; With golden beauty; One of the complexions of red Lotus
Aquarius, कुम्भSoniaGolden; Lovely; wisdom
Aquarius, कुम्भSonikaGolden; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSonileGift of obedience
Aquarius, कुम्भSonishaAs pure and precious as Gold.
Aquarius, कुम्भSonitaYoung Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSoniyaGolden; Lovely; wisdom
Aquarius, कुम्भSonkiFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSonuritaYoung girl
Aquarius, कुम्भSonyPreety women; Lovable; With golden beauty; One of the complexions of red Lotus
Aquarius, कुम्भSoodnyaOne who has achieved her goal; Wise; Blessed; Celebrated
Aquarius, कुम्भSookthaGood words
Aquarius, कुम्भSookthiShining; Good words
Aquarius, कुम्भSoonamBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSoonariThe God of Love
Aquarius, कुम्भSooneraClean water; Beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSooratBeauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSooryatanayaThe river Yamuna
Aquarius, कुम्भSosammaSacred river; Good smell
Aquarius, कुम्भSoubarnaGirl with a golden.aspx'>golden complexion; Color of gold; Golden
Aquarius, कुम्भSougandikaSacred river
Aquarius, कुम्भSouhithaBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSoujanyaTender; Good; Kind; Polite
Aquarius, कुम्भSoujnaHighly Competitive, Confidence, Studious
Aquarius, कुम्भSoumiMild; Pearl; Goddess Durga; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSoumikaKumbh
Aquarius, कुम्भSoumiyaBeautiful; Gentle; Soft
Aquarius, कुम्भSoumyaPeace; Handsome
Aquarius, कुम्भSoumyashreeDecent or Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSoumyataSerene
Aquarius, कुम्भSoundaryaBeautiful; Angel
Aquarius, कुम्भSoundhiyaFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSourabhiSweet fragrance; The celestial cow; Wish yielding cow
Aquarius, कुम्भSouraviSunray
Aquarius, कुम्भSouritaHard worker with a meticulous sense of detail
Aquarius, कुम्भSouvikapeople of fashion
Aquarius, कुम्भSouviraOne of the Indian Raaga taal
Aquarius, कुम्भSowbhagyaLucky girl
Aquarius, कुम्भSowgandhiSowgandhika pushpam; A flower belonging to Deva lokam
Aquarius, कुम्भSowjanyaTender; Good; Kind; Polite
Aquarius, कुम्भSowmeaThe Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भSowmikaAngel; Princess
Aquarius, कुम्भSowmithaStudious
Aquarius, कुम्भSowmiyaBeautiful; Gentle; Soft
Aquarius, कुम्भSowmyaPeace; Handsome
Aquarius, कुम्भSowndaryaBeautiful; Angel
Aquarius, कुम्भSowrasenaName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSowriStar
Aquarius, कुम्भSpandanaMotivation; Responsible
Aquarius, कुम्भSpandhanaMotivation; Responsible
Aquarius, कुम्भSpatikaCrystal clear
Aquarius, कुम्भSphatikaCrystal
Aquarius, कुम्भSphoorthyInspiration
Aquarius, कुम्भSphurithaShining
Aquarius, कुम्भSphurtiFull of energy
Aquarius, कुम्भSpoorthiInspiration; Enthusiasm
Aquarius, कुम्भSpoorthyInspiration; Enthusiasm
Aquarius, कुम्भSpoortiInspiration; Enthusiasm
Aquarius, कुम्भSprihaWish
Aquarius, कुम्भSprihiAspirant
Aquarius, कुम्भSpruhaDesire
Aquarius, कुम्भSraavyaMusical tone; Worthy of being heard
Aquarius, कुम्भSraboniRain
Aquarius, कुम्भSrabontiA River; Flowing; Pure; Unstoppable; Goddess Durga.
Aquarius, कुम्भSraddhaVeneration; Goddess Chamundi; Worship; Confidence; Fidelity; Respect; Faith
Aquarius, कुम्भSragviTulsi sacred Basil plant
Aquarius, कुम्भSravanaName of a Hindu month; Name of a star; A character in Ramayana
Aquarius, कुम्भSravaniThe day of the full Moon in the month of Shraavan; Aspirant
Aquarius, कुम्भSravanthiFlowing river
Aquarius, कुम्भSravantiFlowing river
Aquarius, कुम्भSravyaAnything that sounds good to your ear
Aquarius, कुम्भSree PriyaDivine beauty; Beloved to Shree (Goddess Lakshmi)
Aquarius, कुम्भSree Rakshadivine protection.
Aquarius, कुम्भSree VaniDivine beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSreedaGiver of beauty; Lord Kuber; Bestowed by Lakshmi; Auspicious; Bringing fortune
Aquarius, कुम्भSreedeviGoddess Lakshmi; Divine Goddess
Aquarius, कुम्भSreeharipriyaAnother name of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSreejaDaughter of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSreejaniCrativity
Aquarius, कुम्भSreejataBest; Beautiful; Excellent
Aquarius, कुम्भSreejitaThe one who wins over beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSreekalaGoddess Laxmi; Beauty of Moon; Name of Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSreekanyaDaughter of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSreekariGoddess Durga, She who gives all forms of wealth and happiness
Aquarius, कुम्भSreelakshmiGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess that gave money, Money wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSreelathaLoves; Wealth creeper
Aquarius, कुम्भSreemayiFortunate
Aquarius, कुम्भSreemontiLucky
Aquarius, कुम्भSreenidhiTreasure of prosperity; Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSreenijaTrue treasure
Aquarius, कुम्भSreenikaGoddess Lakshmi; Lotus which is in the heart of Lord Vishnu
Aquarius, कुम्भSreenithiGoddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSreeparnaHappiness; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSreeshmaBeautiful; Goddess Lakshmi; Creative
Aquarius, कुम्भSreevalliLord Subramanya's wife, Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess Lakshmi; A kind of plant
Aquarius, कुम्भSreevidyaGoddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भSreeyaGoddess Laxmi; Best; Beautiful; Excellent; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSreshtaThe best in number & quality; Most happy or prosperous
Aquarius, कुम्भSreshthaThe best in number & quality; Most happy or prosperous
Aquarius, कुम्भSresia group or a number of related or similar things, events, etc
Aquarius, कुम्भSrestaBest
Aquarius, कुम्भSresthaThe best in number & quality; Most happy or prosperous
Aquarius, कुम्भSretamaGoddess Laxmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSreyaGoddess Laxmi; Best; Beautiful; Excellent; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSreyashiOne who always holds the 1st position among all the girls
Aquarius, कुम्भSri LakshmiGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess that gave money, Money wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSri MithraFriendship
Aquarius, कुम्भSriananyaBold; functional; broad minded
Aquarius, कुम्भSrianiDaughter of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSrichaitraThe first month in Indian calendar; Beginning
Aquarius, कुम्भSridatriGoddess Lakshmi, Shri - divine, Another name for Lakshmi Datri - Mother
Aquarius, कुम्भSridebiGoddess Lakshmi; Divine Goddess
Aquarius, कुम्भSrideviGoddess Lakshmi; Divine Goddess
Aquarius, कुम्भSridhanasymbol of dependence
Aquarius, कुम्भSrihaFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSrihariniPadmanabhan's wife; Goddess Lakshmi; A girl who is always Happy
Aquarius, कुम्भSrihariniiPadmanabhan's wife; Goddess Lakshmi; A girl who is always Happy
Aquarius, कुम्भSriharshaHappiness with fortune money
Aquarius, कुम्भSriharshiniPadmanabhan's wife; Goddess Lakshmi; A girl who is always Happy
Aquarius, कुम्भSrihitaSomeone who is concerned about the welfare (Hita) of others; Indian
Aquarius, कुम्भSrihithaSomeone who is concerned about the welfare (Hita) of others; Indian
Aquarius, कुम्भSriidaBestowing wealth and prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSrijaDaughter of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSrijanaCreation
Aquarius, कुम्भSrijaniCreativity; Creative
Aquarius, कुम्भSrijannyaBirth of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSrijenyaCreation; Lord Vishnu
Aquarius, कुम्भSrijitaThe one who wins over beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSrijlaBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSrikLover of wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSrikaGoddess Lakshmi; Sun child; Bright Sun; Respect; Richness; God
Aquarius, कुम्भSrikantaThe One with Noble Voice
Aquarius, कुम्भSrikanyaDaughter of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSrikrithiLustrous fame
Aquarius, कुम्भSrikshathe effect of material success on any individuals
Aquarius, कुम्भSrilakshmiGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess that gave money, Money wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSrilathaLoves; Wealth creeper
Aquarius, कुम्भSrimantaName of ancient businessman of Bengal, India
Aquarius, कुम्भSrimathiGoddess Lakshmi; Fortunate; Respected
Aquarius, कुम्भSrimatiGoddess Lakshmi; Fortunate; Respected
Aquarius, कुम्भSrimayeeGoddess Lakshmi; Lucky
Aquarius, कुम्भSrimitaBeautiful Friend
Aquarius, कुम्भSrimithaKnowledge; Leadership; Fairness
Aquarius, कुम्भSrinayagoddess Lakshmi and wealth prosperity.
Aquarius, कुम्भSrinidhiTreasure of prosperity; Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSrinijaTrue Treasure; Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSrinikaGoddess Lakshmi or lotus which is in the heart of Lord Vishnu
Aquarius, कुम्भSrinishaBeauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSrinithaGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess that gave money, Money wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSrinithiGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess that gave money, Money wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSrinuthaHusband of Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSripadaFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSriparnaHappiness; Prosperity; Tree adorned with leaves
Aquarius, कुम्भSripradaGoddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भSripriyaFavourite Person of Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful Girl
Aquarius, कुम्भSripuFlowers devoted to God
Aquarius, कुम्भSrirudraGoddess Durga, Divine Rudra
Aquarius, कुम्भSrirupaGoddess Laxmi's beauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSrishthaCreator
Aquarius, कुम्भSrishtiCreator, One who created the World; Creation; World
Aquarius, कुम्भSrishtiiCreator, One who created the World; Creation; World
Aquarius, कुम्भSrishtikaCreator, One who created the world; Creation
Aquarius, कुम्भSrishtyCreation; Nature or Earth
Aquarius, कुम्भSristiCreator, One who created the world; Creation
Aquarius, कुम्भSrithaGoddess Lakshmi; Dressed; Prepared; Mixed
Aquarius, कुम्भSrithikaSimple
Aquarius, कुम्भSrivalliLord Subramanya's wife; Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSrivaniLittle fire
Aquarius, कुम्भSrivanthikaHopeful; beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSrivarshiniSun Rays; Bright Light
Aquarius, कुम्भSrivatsaLord Vishnu; Beloved of Sri
Aquarius, कुम्भSrividhyaGoddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भSrividyaGoddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भSriyaGoddess Laxmi; Best; Beautiful; Excellent; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSruchiqualities of spontaneity, creativity, and happiness
Aquarius, कुम्भSrujaTo Love
Aquarius, कुम्भSrujanaA creative and intelligent girl
Aquarius, कुम्भSrushtiCreation; Nature or Earth
Aquarius, कुम्भSrutakeerthiOne who is of sharp intellect
Aquarius, कुम्भSrutiRaga; Taal; Correctness of musical & singing notes
Aquarius, कुम्भStavitaPraised
Aquarius, कुम्भSthiraaThe Goddess who is permanent
Aquarius, कुम्भSthirathaSteadiness
Aquarius, कुम्भSthithiPosition
Aquarius, कुम्भSthotraPraise; Glory; Fame
Aquarius, कुम्भSthuthiPraise to God; Another name for Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSthuthibhiWith prayers
Aquarius, कुम्भStrainaName of Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भStraina SoumyaShowering goodness on women
Aquarius, कुम्भStriratnaGoddess Laxmi; Gem of a woman
Aquarius, कुम्भStutiPraise to God; Another name for Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भStuviWorship
Aquarius, कुम्भSuamyaShe is pleasing like the Moon
Aquarius, कुम्भSubaMorning; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSubalakshikaAim to wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSubanaWell done
Aquarius, कुम्भSubarnaGirl with a golden.aspx'>golden complexion; Color of gold
Aquarius, कुम्भSubashiniSoft spoken; Nice girl; Well-spoken
Aquarius, कुम्भSubasiniSoft spoken; Nice girl; Well-spoken
Aquarius, कुम्भSubbulakshmiGoddess Lakshmi; Heavenly wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSubelaShubh ghari (Auspicious moment)
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhaFortunate; Brilliant; Attractive; Auspicious; Wealthy
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhadharsiniPower of God
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhadraGoddess Durga; In Hinduism, the sister of Krishna; Mother of Lord Krishna
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhagaA fortunate person
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhagyaLucky girl
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhangiA beautiful lady
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhanjaliA pure prayer
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhankariWell wisher
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhardaSister of Lord Krishna and Balarama
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhashaGood wishes
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhashaniSoft-spoken; Articulate
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhashiniWell spoken; Soft-spoken
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhashithaGood counsel
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhashreeName of Goddess Lakshmi; Auspicious Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhasiniWell spoken; Soft-spoken
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhasriSting; Charm
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhawatiGoddess Lakshmi; Subha - auspicious; Wati- woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhiGood luck; Auspicious
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhikshaProsperous
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhoGood
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhothiniLearned woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSubhujaAuspicious Apsara (Auspicious angel)
Aquarius, कुम्भSubiOne with simplicity; Special person of all beings
Aquarius, कुम्भSubikshaProsperous
Aquarius, कुम्भSubishaGreetings; Dawn
Aquarius, कुम्भSubithaWelfare; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSubiyaBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSubjhanaGood wealth; charming
Aquarius, कुम्भSubodhiniA learned lady
Aquarius, कुम्भSubrataNamed after a Jain God; Saint; Strict in religious vows (Subrata); Devoted to what is right
Aquarius, कुम्भSubrinaQueen
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchanaInformation
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchandraBeautiful woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSucharaTalented; Performer
Aquarius, कुम्भSucharitaOf good character
Aquarius, कुम्भSucharithaOf good character
Aquarius, कुम्भSucharithraName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchetaActive; Alert and intellectual; With a beautiful mind; Intelligent; Sharp
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchethaActive; Alert and intellectual; With a beautiful mind; Intelligent; Sharp
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchhayaShining
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchiPure; Bright; Holy; Worthy
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchikaPure; Sacred; Virtuous; An Apsara
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchiraTasteful
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchishmaGoddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchismitaOne who has a pure smile
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchitaExcellent picture; Beautiful; Holy; Auspicious; Informed; Sensible
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchithraGood picture; Beautiful; Holy; Auspicious; Informed; Sensible
Aquarius, कुम्भSuchitraExcellent picture; Beautiful; Holy; Auspicious; Informed; Sensible
Aquarius, कुम्भSudakshimaWife of King Dilip
Aquarius, कुम्भSudakshinaConsort of the noblest king, Dilip
Aquarius, कुम्भSudarshanaHandsome
Aquarius, कुम्भSudarshiniBeautiful lady; Sundari; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSudathiWoman
Aquarius, कुम्भSuddhaPure; Nectar; Welfare; Lightning; Water; Another name for the river Ganges
Aquarius, कुम्भSudeekshaAnother name for Goddess Laxmi; Good start; Beautiful; Offering
Aquarius, कुम्भSudeepaBright; Brilliant
Aquarius, कुम्भSudeeptaBright
Aquarius, कुम्भSudeepthiDazzling bright
Aquarius, कुम्भSudenaGoddess Lakshmi; A real Goddess
Aquarius, कुम्भSudeshnaWell-born
Aquarius, कुम्भSudeviWife of Krishna
Aquarius, कुम्भSudhaPure; Nectar; Welfare; Lightning; Water; Another name for the river Ganges
Aquarius, कुम्भSudhaaPure; Nectar; Welfare; Lightning; Water; Another name for the river Ganges
Aquarius, कुम्भSudhamayiFull of nectar
Aquarius, कुम्भSudhanyaOne who has achieved her goal; Wise; Blessed; Celebrated
Aquarius, कुम्भSudharaniNectar; Amrit; Earth; Daughter
Aquarius, कुम्भSudharminiName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSudheekshaAnother name for Goddess Laxmi; Good start
Aquarius, कुम्भSudheeraCourageous; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भSudheshnaWell-born
Aquarius, कुम्भSudhikshaAnother name for Goddess Laxmi; Good start
Aquarius, कुम्भSudhiraCourageous; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भSudhithiBright flame
Aquarius, कुम्भSudikshaAnother name for Goddess Laxmi; Good start; Beautiful; Offering
Aquarius, कुम्भSudimnaThe divine power initiated by a rare combination of constellations and stars
Aquarius, कुम्भSudipaBright; Brilliant
Aquarius, कुम्भSudiptaBright
Aquarius, कुम्भSudiptiBrightness
Aquarius, कुम्भSuditiBright; Shining
Aquarius, कुम्भSudnyaOne who has achieved her goal; Wise; Blessed; Celebrated
Aquarius, कुम्भSugaathriBeautiful woman; Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSugandhaFragrant
Aquarius, कुम्भSugandhiOne that has a nice fragrance
Aquarius, कुम्भSuganthiSowgandhika pushpam; A flower belonging to Deva lokam
Aquarius, कुम्भSuganyaGoddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSugathiA good or happy condition; Solution; Fortune
Aquarius, कुम्भSugathriBeautiful woman; Goddess Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSugatiA good or happy condition; Solution; Fortune
Aquarius, कुम्भSugauriGoddess Parvati, Divine Gauri
Aquarius, कुम्भSugeshnaGood singer
Aquarius, कुम्भSuggiHarvest
Aquarius, कुम्भSughandeemsweet fragrance
Aquarius, कुम्भSugirthaLucky
Aquarius, कुम्भSugitaBeautifully sung
Aquarius, कुम्भSugithaBeautifully sung
Aquarius, कुम्भSugouriGoddess Parvati, Divine Gauri
Aquarius, कुम्भSugunaGood character
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhaName of a star; Celebration; A musical Raag
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhagLove
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhagiLucky
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhailaSmooth; Soft ground; Fluent; Flowing style
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhanBeautiful & pleasant
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhaniPleasant
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhanshaCooperative; Travel Lover; Fairness
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhanyaHoly girl
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhashiniEver smiling; Smiling beautifully
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhasiLaughter
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhasiniEver smiling; Smiling beautifully
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhaviBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhaylaSmooth; Soft ground; Fluent; Flowing style
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhelaEasley accessible
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhenaBeautiful heart
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhinaBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhitaAppropriate; Good; Suitable
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhithaAppropriate; Good; Suitable
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhmaGreat Leader; Problem Avoider; Good Judger
Aquarius, कुम्भSuhritaWell disposed
Aquarius, कुम्भSuidiaHappiness; Piety; Virtue; Prosperity; Welfare
Aquarius, कुम्भSujaathaOf good caste; Well-born; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSujalaAffectionate
Aquarius, कुम्भSujanaA brave; Strong; Virtuous person
Aquarius, कुम्भSujaniaffable; benevolent female
Aquarius, कुम्भSujanyaaGood birth
Aquarius, कुम्भSujapriyaSuja means the noble birth and Priya is love
Aquarius, कुम्भSujataOf right caste; Well-born; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSujathaOf good caste; Well-born; Beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSujeewheat granulated but not pulverized.
Aquarius, कुम्भSujeethaTalent; Great conquer
Aquarius, कुम्भSujitaAuspicious victory, Victorious
Aquarius, कुम्भSujithaAuspicious victory; Victorious
Aquarius, कुम्भSujithraBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSukanyaComely
Aquarius, कुम्भSukavyaIt means an excellent holy poetry
Aquarius, कुम्भSukeshiWith beautiful hair
Aquarius, कुम्भSukhmaniBringing peace to the heart
Aquarius, कुम्भSukirtiFame; Well praised; Hymn
Aquarius, कुम्भSukitapractical and intellectual, with interests in science, technology
Aquarius, कुम्भSukithaHappy
Aquarius, कुम्भSukoonHappiness
Aquarius, कुम्भSukritaA person who does good things; Devout; Worthy
Aquarius, कुम्भSukrithaA person who does good things; Devout; Worthy
Aquarius, कुम्भSukritiGood deed; A good conduct; Worth; Benevolence; Auspiciousness
Aquarius, कुम्भSukritiiGood deed; A good conduct; Worth; Benevolence; Auspiciousness
Aquarius, कुम्भSukruthaPious
Aquarius, कुम्भSukrutiGood deed; A good conduct; Worth; Benevolence; Auspiciousness
Aquarius, कुम्भSukshaBeautiful eyes
Aquarius, कुम्भSukshmaFine
Aquarius, कुम्भSuksmaFine
Aquarius, कुम्भSukthiShining; Good words
Aquarius, कुम्भSukumariSoft; Meritorious
Aquarius, कुम्भSukushiNoble
Aquarius, कुम्भSulabhaReadily available; Natural; Jasmine
Aquarius, कुम्भSulakshaLucky
Aquarius, कुम्भSulakshanaWell brought up; Fortunate; Distinguished
Aquarius, कुम्भSulakshmiGoddess Lakshmi; Divine Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSulalitaVery pleasing; Greatly pleased or happy
Aquarius, कुम्भSulalithaVery pleasing; Greatly pleased or happy
Aquarius, कुम्भSulayPrincess
Aquarius, कुम्भSulbhaReadily available; Natural; Jasmine
Aquarius, कुम्भSulekaGood Information
Aquarius, कुम्भSulekhaGood handwriting; Distinguished; Fortunate
Aquarius, कुम्भSulkaGoddess Saraswati; The one who gives
Aquarius, कुम्भSulochanaOne with beautiful eyes; An Apsara
Aquarius, कुम्भSulochnaBeautiful eyes
Aquarius, कुम्भSuloinaA tree; With beautiful hair
Aquarius, कुम्भSulojanaSomebody with beautiful eyes
Aquarius, कुम्भSumaGood mother
Aquarius, कुम्भSumadeepikaGlittering flower
Aquarius, कुम्भSumairaSuccessful; Celebrated; A famous woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSumalathaFlower
Aquarius, कुम्भSumaliFlower.
Aquarius, कुम्भSumanaFlower; Pleasant; Beautiful; Jasmine
Aquarius, कुम्भSumanapriyaName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSumangalaOne who is making everything good
Aquarius, कुम्भSumangaliMarried woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSumangliGoddess Parvati; A woman who brings good luck; Another name of Parvati; Very auspicious
Aquarius, कुम्भSumanolataFlowery
Aquarius, कुम्भSumantaWise or friendly
Aquarius, कुम्भSumantrinaChant
Aquarius, कुम्भSumathaGood intentions
Aquarius, कुम्भSumathiGood minded
Aquarius, कुम्भSumatiGood minded
Aquarius, कुम्भSumatraVast like sea; Quick; Active
Aquarius, कुम्भSumavaliGarland
Aquarius, कुम्भSumayaWise; Learned
Aquarius, कुम्भSumedaWise; Clever; Sensible
Aquarius, कुम्भSumedhaWise; Clever; Sensible
Aquarius, कुम्भSumeeraGoddess Lakshmi, The Goddess of Wealth; Memorable, Celebrated
Aquarius, कुम्भSumeetaOne who has a beautiful body; A good friend; Soul mate
Aquarius, कुम्भSumehaIntelligent
Aquarius, कुम्भSumeshneeHeroic girl
Aquarius, कुम्भSumiFriendly
Aquarius, कुम्भSumikaResidence
Aquarius, कुम्भSumikshaClose inspection; A review; Analysis
Aquarius, कुम्भSumiraGoddess Lakshmi, The Goddess of Wealth; Memorable, Celebrated
Aquarius, कुम्भSumitaOne who has a beautiful body; A good friend; Soulmate
Aquarius, कुम्भSumithaOne who has a beautiful body; A good friend; Soul mate
Aquarius, कुम्भSumitraA good friend; Well measured
Aquarius, कुम्भSumonaCalm
Aquarius, कुम्भSumukhiVery beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSunainaBeautiful eyes; A woman with lovely eyes
Aquarius, कुम्भSunakshiSelf Centered
Aquarius, कुम्भSunandaHappy; Very pleasing
Aquarius, कुम्भSunandiniHappy; Very pleasing
Aquarius, कुम्भSunanditaHappy; Very pleasing
Aquarius, कुम्भSunayaVery just; Well-behaved
Aquarius, कुम्भSunayanaBeautiful eyes; A woman with lovely eyes
Aquarius, कुम्भSunayaniBeautiful eyes; A woman with lovely eyes
Aquarius, कुम्भSunaynaBeautiful eyes; A woman with lovely eyes
Aquarius, कुम्भSundariBeautiful; Angel
Aquarius, कुम्भSundhaA character from the epic Ramayana
Aquarius, कुम्भSundhujaGoddess Lakshmi; Born of the ocean
Aquarius, कुम्भSuneelaSuneela is a typical Hindu female; Deep; Dark blue color; Extending all over as the Blue Sky
Aquarius, कुम्भSuneetaYoung Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSuneethaWisdom; One with good morals; Good guidance; Righteous; Well-mannered
Aquarius, कुम्भSuneethiGood policy
Aquarius, कुम्भSuneetiGood policy
Aquarius, कुम्भSunehriGolden
Aquarius, कुम्भSunetraOne with beautiful eyes
Aquarius, कुम्भSunilaSuneela is a typical Hindu female name; Deep
Aquarius, कुम्भSunishaBeautiful Night
Aquarius, कुम्भSunishkaBeJewelled; With beautiful smile
Aquarius, कुम्भSuniskaBeJewelled; With beautiful smile
Aquarius, कुम्भSunitaWisdom; One with good morals; Good guidance; Righteous; Well-mannered
Aquarius, कुम्भSunithaWisdom; One with good morals; Good guidance; Righteous; Well-mannered
Aquarius, कुम्भSunitiEthical principles; Woman with good virtues; Morality; Good behaviour
Aquarius, कुम्भSunitySound principles; Woman with good virtues; Morality; Good behaviour
Aquarius, कुम्भSunjuktaunited
Aquarius, कुम्भSunrithaTrue and pleasant
Aquarius, कुम्भSunskritiCulture
Aquarius, कुम्भSuparnaLeafy; Having beautiful leaves; Wings; Lotus; Another name for Parvati
Aquarius, कुम्भSuposhiniName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSuprabhaRadiant
Aquarius, कुम्भSuprajaThe goodness of all people
Aquarius, कुम्भSupranyaBeauty
Aquarius, कुम्भSuprasannaEver cheerful and beaming; Goddess Lakshmi
Aquarius, कुम्भSupratiNice copy
Aquarius, कुम्भSupreetaAdored one; Beloved; Endearing to all; Well pleased
Aquarius, कुम्भSupreethaAdored one; Beloved; Endearing to all; Well pleased
Aquarius, कुम्भSupremaLoving
Aquarius, कुम्भSupritaAdored one; Beloved; Endearing to all; Well pleased
Aquarius, कुम्भSupritiTrue Love
Aquarius, कुम्भSuprityTrue Love
Aquarius, कुम्भSupriyaBeloved; Self-loving; Beautiful; Loved; An Apsara or celestial
Aquarius, कुम्भSuptaDormant; Latent
Aquarius, कुम्भSupthaDormant; Latent
Aquarius, कुम्भSuptiSleep
Aquarius, कुम्भSupunyaAuspicious; Worthy; One who earns blessings
Aquarius, कुम्भSurabhiSweet fragrance; The celestial cow; Wish yielding cow
Aquarius, कुम्भSurabhoInspiring; Confidence; Gentle
Aquarius, कुम्भSurajaName of an Apsara fairy; Born of Gods; An Apsara or celestial
Aquarius, कुम्भSurajeetConqueror of the Suras; Victorious devotee
Aquarius, कुम्भSurakshaProtection
Aquarius, कुम्भSuramaVery pleasing
Aquarius, कुम्भSuranandiniName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSurangiColorful
Aquarius, कुम्भSuraniRiver in heaven
Aquarius, कुम्भSuranjanaPleasing
Aquarius, कुम्भSuranjaniVery pleasing; Entertaining
Aquarius, कुम्भSuranyaGoddess Saraswati
Aquarius, कुम्भSurapriyaDear to God
Aquarius, कुम्भSuraranjiniName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSurasaGoddess Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSurasenaName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSurashrutaBeautiful singing voice
Aquarius, कुम्भSurasindhuName of a Raga
Aquarius, कुम्भSurastiPerfect
Aquarius, कुम्भSuratiRemembrance
Aquarius, कुम्भSuraviThe Sun; Sacred
Aquarius, कुम्भSurbhiSweet fragrance; The celestial cow; Wish yielding cow
Aquarius, कुम्भSurebhaWith a good voice
Aquarius, कुम्भSurejyaSacred to the God; Tulsi or the holy Basil; Instructor of Gods
Aquarius, कुम्भSurekhaBeautifully drawn
Aquarius, कुम्भSureshiGoddess Durga, Supreme Goddess, Name of Durga
Aquarius, कुम्भSureshwariGoddess Durga, The celestial Ganges, Durga, The Goddess of Gods
Aquarius, कुम्भSurinaA Goddess; Wise
Aquarius, कुम्भSuriyakalaSun
Aquarius, कुम्भSurmaHappy Cheery
Aquarius, कुम्भSurobhaBrilliant
Aquarius, कुम्भSurochanaAmiable; Brilliant; Illuminating
Aquarius, कुम्भSuroopaBeautiful woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSurotamaAuspicious Apsara (Auspicious angel)
Aquarius, कुम्भSurpriyaThe most beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSursundariExtremely beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSurthiEar; Veda
Aquarius, कुम्भSuruGood taste; Delighting
Aquarius, कुम्भSuruchaLight; Brilliant; With refined tastes
Aquarius, कुम्भSuruchiGood taste; Taking great delight in; With refined tastes
Aquarius, कुम्भSuruchiraBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSurupaBeautiful woman; Her own beauty; Truth
Aquarius, कुम्भSurveBeautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSurviThe Sun; Sacred
Aquarius, कुम्भSuryaditaThe Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSuryakantamThe brightness of the Sun; Loved by the Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSuryakanthiA kind of flower; Sun's rays
Aquarius, कुम्भSuryakantiA kind of flower; Sun's rays
Aquarius, कुम्भSuryalathaCrown flower plant
Aquarius, कुम्भSuryamaniA kind of flower
Aquarius, कुम्भSuryaniWife of the Sun
Aquarius, कुम्भSuseelaOf good character; Clever in amorous sciences
Aquarius, कुम्भSushaeniBright with wealth
Aquarius, कुम्भSushaliGood conduct
Aquarius, कुम्भSushamaBeautiful woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSushanthiComplete peace
Aquarius, कुम्भSushantiComplete peace
Aquarius, कुम्भSushantikaPatient; Calm
Aquarius, कुम्भSushilaGood conduct
Aquarius, कुम्भSushitaSo sweet; White
Aquarius, कुम्भSushmaBeautiful woman
Aquarius, कुम्भSushmitaBeautiful smile; Good smile
Aquarius, कुम्भSushmithaBeautiful smile; Good smile
Aquarius, कुम्भSushobhanaVery beautiful
Aquarius, कुम्भSushreeMeans sober; Polite; Well behaved
Aquarius, कुम्भSushreekaGood looking; Wealthy; Prosperity
Aquarius, कुम्भSushritaA good reputation
Aquarius, कुम्भSushrutaWell heard; A good reputation; Very famous
Aquarius, कुम्भSushruthaWell heard; A good reputation; Very famous
Aquarius, कुम्भSushumnaSushumna is a nadi in the subtle human body, it is one of the body's main energy
Aquarius, कुम्भSusilaTrue beauty and kindness. A lover of good. genuine and caring
Aquarius, कुम्भSusitaSo sweet; White
Aquarius, कुम्भSusmeraFull of smiles
Aquarius, कुम्भSusmitaSmiling; Always smiling
Aquarius, कुम्भSusmithaSmiling; Always smiling
Aquarius, कुम्भSusruthaWell heard; A good reputation; Very famous
Aquarius, कुम्भSusumnaSushumna is a nadi in the subtle human body, it is one of the body's primary energy
Aquarius, कुम्भSuswethaSuswetha means good white, Su means good, and Swetha means white
Aquarius, कुम्भSutaaDaughter

Baby Names by Rashi: Boy

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

Baby Names by Rashi: Girl

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

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About Aquarius Girls / Women

As a professional astrologer, you can imagine that I run into a lot of misconceptions about the science of astrology as well as about my work as a stargazer.

The most common misconception is that Aquarius is a water sign. Given that “aqua” is the prefix, I can see how this could be confusing, but as you learn more about this zodiac sign, it becomes very evident that Aquarius is an air sign.

As the eleventh and penultimate sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is really the final air sign, meaning that from a macro viewpoint, it deals with issues related to air (more on that in a bit).

Without a question, Aquarius is the most creative, progressive, rebellious, and altruistic sign of the zodiac.


Uranus, the planet of invention, technology, and unexpected events, rules Aquarius.

The unique attitude of Aquarius is aptly mirrored by Uranus, who balances the unconventional qualities of these forward-thinking air signs.

Though they are deep thinkers, Aquarians still need to be aware of their immediate environment.

These water bearers risk developing a reputation for being aloof in their interpersonal interactions by becoming so consumed with enacting broad reform that they neglect their friends and family.

Aquarians should promote empathy and compassion wherever they can and keep in mind that change always begins on a small scale.

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