Simha Rashi Names for Boy

A list of 700+ Simha rashi names for boy – Leo names for boys, is given below:

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Simha Rashi Names for Boy – सिंह राशि के लड़कों के नाम

About Leo Kid: Born under the sign of Leo, a youngster grows up to live an opulent and extravagant lifestyle.

Their spending is not apologetic.

They are naturally inclined to get along well with those that care about them and are also capable of shunning those who hold little value for them.

Leo Names for Boys – Lucky Names for Leo Boys

Leo Boys Names Start With Letter – M, TT

Leo, सिंहMaadeshLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMaadhavAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey
Leo, सिंहMaahirExpert; Brave
Leo, सिंहMaaksharthIt means, Precious part of a Mother's heart
Leo, सिंहMaalavA musical raag; Ansh of Goddess Lakshmi; Horse keeper
Leo, सिंहMaalinOne who makes garlands; Wearing a garland; Crowned; Gardener
Leo, सिंहMaalolanName of deity in ahobilam
Leo, सिंहMaanLecturer; Respect; Supernatural power
Leo, सिंहMaanasMind; Soul; Brilliant; Spiritual thought; Heart intellect
Leo, सिंहMaanavMan; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind
Leo, सिंहMaandavAn able administrator; Fit; Competent
Leo, सिंहMaandavikBelonging to people; Administrator
Leo, सिंहMaandhanRich in honour; Honourable
Leo, सिंहMaandharHonourable
Leo, सिंहMaanikRuby; Valued; Honoured; Gem
Leo, सिंहMaanikyaRuby
Leo, सिंहMaansikIntellectual; Fanciful; Psychic
Leo, सिंहMaanvirBrave heart
Leo, सिंहMaarginGuide; Pioneer
Leo, सिंहMaargitPearl; Desired; Needed
Leo, सिंहMaarishCalf star of the sea; Worthy; Respectable
Leo, सिंहMaarmikIntelligent; Influential; Insightful; Perceptive
Leo, सिंहMaarshakRespectable; Worthy
Leo, सिंहMaarutAir; God of the wind; Another name for Lord Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMaatharTraveller; Voyager
Leo, सिंहMaathurFrom or relating to Mathura
Leo, सिंहMaayanWater source; Indifferent to wealth
Leo, सिंहMaayinCreator of the universe; Creater of the Maya; Illusionary
Leo, सिंहMacchaKiller
Leo, सिंहMadanCupid; God of Love; Man filled with beauty; Intoxicating
Leo, सिंहMadan GopalLord Krishna, Gopal, The Lord of Love
Leo, सिंहMadanapalLord of Love
Leo, सिंहMadangopalLovely cowherd; Lord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMadanmohanAttractive and lovable
Leo, सिंहMaderuWorthy of praise
Leo, सिंहMadeshLord Shiva; Lord of intoxication; Name of Shiva
Leo, सिंहMadeshwaranLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMadevLord Shiva; Most powerful god
Leo, सिंहMadhanCupid; God of Love; Man filled with beauty; Intoxicating
Leo, सिंहMadhanrajBeauty
Leo, सिंहMadhavAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey
Leo, सिंहMadhavaAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey
Leo, सिंहMadhavanLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMadhavdasServant of Lord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMadheshLord Shiva; Lord of intoxication; Name of Shiva
Leo, सिंहMadhu SmithaSweet face
Leo, सिंहMadhubanLord Vishnu; Flower garden
Leo, सिंहMadhudeepGod of Love
Leo, सिंहMadhughneKiller of demon Madhu
Leo, सिंहMadhughoshSweet sounding
Leo, सिंहMadhujMade of honey; Sweet; Sugar
Leo, सिंहMadhukA honeybee; Melodious; A bird; Honey coloured; Sweet
Leo, सिंहMadhukantThe Moon
Leo, सिंहMadhukantaThe Moon
Leo, सिंहMadhukarHoneybee; Lover; The mango tree
Leo, सिंहMadhukeshHair of Lord Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMadhukiranSweet ray as from God
Leo, सिंहMadhumayConsisting of Honey
Leo, सिंहMadhupA honeybee
Leo, सिंहMadhupalHoney keeper
Leo, सिंहMadhuramSweet
Leo, सिंहMadhusoodanLord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu
Leo, सिंहMadhusudanLord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu
Leo, सिंहMadhusudhanLord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu
Leo, सिंहMadhuvemanLord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMadhyamChannel; Medium; Intermediary
Leo, सिंहMadinDelightful
Leo, सिंहMadirNectar; Wine; Intoxicating
Leo, सिंहMadulGreatness
Leo, सिंहMadurSweet; Melodious; Amiable
Leo, सिंहMadursanPease maker
Leo, सिंहMadvanIntoxicating; Delightful; Drunk with joy
Leo, सिंहMagadhSon of Yadu
Leo, सिंहMagadhaSon of yadu
Leo, सिंहMaganEngrossed; Absorbed; Immersed
Leo, सिंहMagathGreat
Leo, सिंहMageshUsha
Leo, सिंहMaghName of a Hindu month
Leo, सिंहMaha DhyutaMost radiant
Leo, सिंहMaha GanapatiOmnipotent and supreme Lord
Leo, सिंहMahabahuOne of the Kauravas; Arjuna
Leo, सिंहMahabalaHaving immense strength; Great strength; Enormously strong Lord
Leo, सिंहMahabaliOne with great strength
Leo, सिंहMahabhujaGiant armed; Broad chested Lord
Leo, सिंहMahabuddhiExtremely intelligent
Leo, सिंहMahadevAnother name of Lord Shiva, Greatest God
Leo, सिंहMahadevaAnother name of Lord Shiva, Greatest God
Leo, सिंहMahadevadi PujitaWorshipped by Lord Shiva and other divine Lords
Leo, सिंहMahadhyutaMost radiant
Leo, सिंहMahaduthMost radiant (Lord Hanuman)
Leo, सिंहMahaganapatiOmnipotent and supreme Lord
Leo, सिंहMahajThe place of war; A noble descent; From a noble family
Leo, सिंहMahajanGreat Man
Leo, सिंहMahajeetFriendship
Leo, सिंहMahakFragrance; Scent; Eminent; A great person
Leo, सिंहMahakalLord of Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMahakalaLord of all times
Leo, सिंहMahakaleshwarLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMahakayaGigantic; Lord Hanuman
Leo, सिंहMahakethuLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMahaketuLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMahakramLord Vishnu; He provides easy step-by-step access to the elevation of his devotees
Leo, सिंहMahalingLord Shiva name
Leo, सिंहMahalingamShivalingam
Leo, सिंहMahamaniLord Shiva; A precious gem; Epithet of Shiva
Leo, सिंहMahamatiOne with a big brain (Lord Ganesh)
Leo, सिंहMahamrityunjayaThe great victor of death
Leo, सिंहMahanGreat one; Powerful; Eminent
Leo, सिंहMahanandJoy
Leo, सिंहMahanidhiGreat storehouse
Leo, सिंहMahaniyaWorthy of honor
Leo, सिंहMahantGreat
Leo, सिंहMahanteshGreat soul
Leo, सिंहMahanthGreat
Leo, सिंहMahantheshaThe Moon
Leo, सिंहMahapurushGreat being; Lord Rama
Leo, सिंहMahapurushaGreat being
Leo, सिंहMaharanthPollen inside a flower
Leo, सिंहMaharathA great charioteer
Leo, सिंहMaharavanamardanaSlayer of the famous Ravana
Leo, सिंहMaharshGreat saint
Leo, सिंहMaharshiA great saint
Leo, सिंहMaharthVery truthful
Leo, सिंहMaharudraIt means the biggest (Maha) Rudra Shiva; Name of Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMaharvinGlorious
Leo, सिंहMahashOne who does not smile; Serious; Unsmiling
Leo, सिंहMahashaktimayaOne who has boundless energies
Leo, सिंहMahashanAll-devouring
Leo, सिंहMahasvinGlorious
Leo, सिंहMahatapasGreat meditator
Leo, सिंहMahatapaseGreat meditator
Leo, सिंहMahatejLord Shiva; Most brilliant; Powerful
Leo, सिंहMahatejasMost radiant
Leo, सिंहMahatejaseMost radiant
Leo, सिंहMahatmanSupreme being
Leo, सिंहMahatmaneSupreme being
Leo, सिंहMahatruLord Vishnu; Greatest of the great; Name of Shiva; To be honored
Leo, सिंहMahaveerMost courageous among men
Leo, सिंहMahavirMost courageous among men
Leo, सिंहMahaviraMost valiant
Leo, सिंहMahayogiGreatest of all gods
Leo, सिंहMahayogineSupreme meditator
Leo, सिंहMaheExpert; Lord Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMaheeExpert; Lord Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMaheemLord Shiva; Great
Leo, सिंहMaheepKing
Leo, सिंहMaheepatiKing
Leo, सिंहMahendarLard Indra
Leo, सिंहMahendaranLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMahendraThe great God Indra (the God of the Sky), Lord Indra, Lord of the Sky
Leo, सिंहMahendranThe great God Indra (the God of the Sky), Lord Indra; Lord of the Sky
Leo, सिंहMaherSkilled
Leo, सिंहMaheshLord Shiva, Name of Shiva, Great among Gods
Leo, सिंहMaheshaSupreme Lord
Leo, सिंहMaheshwarLord Shiva, God Shankar
Leo, सिंहMaheshwaraLord of Gods
Leo, सिंहMaheshwaramLord of the universe
Leo, सिंहMaheswarLord Shiva, God Shankar
Leo, सिंहMahidharAngry Man
Leo, सिंहMahijaBorn with Praises
Leo, सिंहMahijithConqueror of the Earth
Leo, सिंहMahimanDignity; Power; Greatness
Leo, सिंहMahinThe Earth; Fine or thin texture
Leo, सिंहMahindraA king
Leo, सिंहMahipalA king
Leo, सिंहMahipathiKing
Leo, सिंहMahipatiKing
Leo, सिंहMahirExpert; Brave
Leo, सिंहMahirajRuler of the world
Leo, सिंहMahiranshPart of Goddess; Part of Earth Goddess (Mother Earth)
Leo, सिंहMahishA king; The Sun; Mighty; Lord of the Earth; Great; Buffalo
Leo, सिंहMahitHonored; Respected; Excellent; Revered
Leo, सिंहMahithHonored; Respected; Excellent; Revered
Leo, सिंहMahnavMan; Human being
Leo, सिंहMahodaraGenerous and kind
Leo, सिंहMahokEminent; Another name for Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMahrishiYogi (Ascetic)
Leo, सिंहMaieveenLovely
Leo, सिंहMaimatDevoted; A promise to God
Leo, सिंहMainakA mountain near Kailash, a Himalayan peak
Leo, सिंहMairavFriendly; Born of mount Meru, relating to mount Meru
Leo, सिंहMaitraiyName of an ancient Rishi
Leo, सिंहMakarBlessed
Leo, सिंहMakarandBee
Leo, सिंहMakeshGod; Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMakheshLord Krishna; Lord of sacrifice; Name of Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMakrandHoney
Leo, सिंहMakulA bud
Leo, सिंहMakurMirror; Jasmine; A bud; Reflection
Leo, सिंहMal MaruganLord Murugan, Vishnu's nephew
Leo, सिंहMalaimakal MakanLord Murugan; The son of the daughter of mountain Himavan
Leo, सिंहMalanDefender of mankind
Leo, सिंहMalankKing
Leo, सिंहMalaravanGentle like flower
Leo, सिंहMalasriWoman wearing a garland
Leo, सिंहMalavA musical raag; Ansh of Goddess Lakshmi; Horse keeper
Leo, सिंहMalayA mountain; Fragrant; Sandalwood
Leo, सिंहMalayajSandal tree
Leo, सिंहMaleshLord Shiva, Lord of garlands
Leo, सिंहMalharA Raga used in Indian music
Leo, सिंहMalhariLord Shiva; Enemy of the demon Malla
Leo, सिंहMalingaBrave
Leo, सिंहMalkantLord of Lotus; Lord Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMalleshLord Shiva, Lord of garlands
Leo, सिंहMalleshaName of Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMalleshamMallanna God
Leo, सिंहMallikarjunMallikarjun is an another name of the Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMalluGod knowledge
Leo, सिंहMalolanName of deity in Ahobilam
Leo, सिंहMaloySouthern Wind in Fagun
Leo, सिंहMalyaWorthy to be garlanded; Wealth; Mass of flowers
Leo, सिंहMamikPure soul; Meaningful
Leo, सिंहMamrajLord of affection
Leo, सिंहManLecturer; Respect; Supernatural power
Leo, सिंहManaanMeditate; Thinking; Thought
Leo, सिंहManaharLord Krishna; Pleasing; Charming; One who attracts the mind
Leo, सिंहManajanother name for the Love God Kaama
Leo, सिंहManajitOne who has conquered thought; One who overcame the mind
Leo, सिंहManajithOne who has conquered thought; One who overcame the mind
Leo, सिंहManakA kind soul; Related to the mind; Affectionate
Leo, सिंहManalpVery different
Leo, सिंहMananMeditate; Thinking; Thought
Leo, सिंहManankAffectionate; Kind
Leo, सिंहManantDeep Thinking
Leo, सिंहManapWining the heart; Taking the fancy; Pleasing; Beautiful; Attractive
Leo, सिंहManasMind; Soul; Brilliant; Spiritual thought
Leo, सिंहManashyuWishing; Desiring; Desirous
Leo, सिंहManasijCupid; God of Love; Man filled with beauty; Intoxicating
Leo, सिंहManasvinLord Vishnu; Intelligent; Clever; Prudent; Attentive; Full of mind
Leo, सिंहManaswinLord Vishnu; Intelligent; Clever; Prudent; Attentive; Full of mind
Leo, सिंहManasyuWishing; Desiring; Desirous
Leo, सिंहManavMan; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind
Leo, सिंहManavaMan; Human being
Leo, सिंहManavendraKing among men
Leo, सिंहManayLoving personality; Who wins the heart
Leo, सिंहMandanAdorning; Loving; Decoration
Leo, सिंहMandarA flower; Heavenly; Large; Firm; Slow
Leo, सिंहMandavyaName of a sage
Leo, सिंहMandeepLight of the mind; Light of sages
Leo, सिंहMandhataAn ancient king
Leo, सिंहMandhatriPrince
Leo, सिंहMandinDelighting; Nectar
Leo, सिंहMandirTemple
Leo, सिंहManditDecorated; Adorned
Leo, सिंहMandithDecorated; Adorned
Leo, सिंहManeeshLord of the mind; Joyful temperament; Soul; Pride; Heart; Deep thinker
Leo, सिंहManeetOne who wins the heart; Highly respected; Highly regarded; Celebrated; Understood
Leo, सिंहManendraKing of mind
Leo, सिंहManeshLord of the mind; Joyful temperament; Soul; Pride; Heart; Deep thinker
Leo, सिंहMangalAuspicious; Welfare; Joy; Another name for Agni and Mars
Leo, सिंहMangalamAll auspicious Lord
Leo, सिंहMangalamurtiAll auspicious Lord
Leo, सिंहMangeshLord Shiva; Lord of benediction; Lord of welfare
Leo, सिंहManggaurdiLord Murugan
Leo, सिंहManhanPresent; Gift
Leo, सिंहManharLord Krishna; Pleasing; Charming; One who attracts the mind
Leo, सिंहManiA Jewel; One who prevents
Leo, सिंहMani CharanGentle one
Leo, सिंहMani ShankarLord Shiva; Mani - Jewel + Shankar - causing happiness
Leo, सिंहManibhushanSupreme Gem
Leo, सिंहManichPearl; Flower; Hand
Leo, सिंहManickarajKing of gem
Leo, सिंहManideepLight of diamond
Leo, सिंहManidharA mythical Snake with a Jewel in its Hood
Leo, सिंहManigandanLord Ayyappa
Leo, सिंहManikRuby; Valued; Honoured; Gem
Leo, सिंहManikandanOne with a bell around his neck; Another name of Lord Ayyappa
Leo, सिंहManikantThe blue Jewel; Shining brightly
Leo, सिंहManikantaLord Ayyappa
Leo, सिंहManikantanOne with a bell around his neck; Another name of Lord Ayyappa
Leo, सिंहManikanthThe blue Jewel; Shining brightly
Leo, सिंहManikyaRuby
Leo, सिंहManimSpring of pearls
Leo, सिंहManimaranBrave
Leo, सिंहManindraDiamond; Lord of gems
Leo, सिंहManinthCarried by the mind
Leo, सिंहManiramJewel of a person
Leo, सिंहManishLord of the mind; Joyful temperament; Soul; Pride; Heart; Deep thinker
Leo, सिंहManishankarLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहManishinThoughtfull
Leo, सिंहManishitWished; Desired
Leo, सिंहManishithWished; Desired
Leo, सिंहManitOne who wins a heart; Highly respected; Highly regarded; Celebrated; Understood
Leo, सिंहManithHonored; Chosen
Leo, सिंहManivManvi (Human)
Leo, सिंहManjavSwift as thought
Leo, सिंहManjeetConqueror of the mind; Conqueror of knowledge
Leo, सिंहManju PrasadSnow; Dewdrops; Beautiful
Leo, सिंहManju PrasannaSnow
Leo, सिंहManjughoshSweet sounding recitation
Leo, सिंहManjulHandsome
Leo, सिंहManjunathSnow; Dewdrops; Beautiful
Leo, सिंहManjunathaLord Shiva, Name of Shiva; Lord of beauty; Charm; Pleasantness
Leo, सिंहMankanA part of the mind
Leo, सिंहMankitMan of heart
Leo, सिंहMankshLonging; Desire
Leo, सिंहMankurThat which reflect the mind; Amirror
Leo, सिंहManmadaAny time young
Leo, सिंहManmathaCupid
Leo, सिंहManmathanKamadeva (Love God)
Leo, सिंहManmitFriend of mind
Leo, सिंहManmohakManko mohak karne wala (One who wins hearts)
Leo, सिंहManmohanPleasing; Lord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMannLecturer; Respect; Supernatural power
Leo, सिंहMannanMeditate; Thinking; Thought
Leo, सिंहMannathA vow to a deity; Wish
Leo, सिंहMannithHonoured; Chosen
Leo, सिंहMannrajRuler of heart
Leo, सिंहManobhaavAttitude
Leo, सिंहManoharCharming; Another name for Lord Krishna
Leo, सिंहManoharaOne who wins over mind; Loveble; Charming
Leo, सिंहManoharanLord Murugan; Pleasing to mind; Name of a Raaga; Heart ravishing
Leo, सिंहManohariBeauty; Loveble; Jasmine; An Apsara
Leo, सिंहManojLove; Originating in the mind; Born of mind
Leo, सिंहManojavamLord Hanuman, Speed like wind
Leo, सिंहManojavayaLord Hanuman, Speed like wind
Leo, सिंहManomayConqueror of one's heart; winner of hearts
Leo, सिंहManonithCarried by the mind
Leo, सिंहManoranjanOne who pleases the mind
Leo, सिंहManorathDesire
Leo, सिंहManoritDesire; Of the mind
Leo, सिंहManotOriginating in the mind; Born of the mind
Leo, सिंहManotejWho has fast thinking
Leo, सिंहManothOriginating in the mind; Born of the mind
Leo, सिंहManprasadA mentally calm and relaxed person
Leo, सिंहManshSalvation
Leo, सिंहManshuHonest; Peace
Leo, सिंहMansukhPleasure of mind
Leo, सिंहMantThought; Devotion; Another name of the Sun; Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMantarBluff master
Leo, सिंहMantavyaThought
Leo, सिंहMantavyahSadhu (Sage)
Leo, सिंहManthThought; Devotion; Another name of the Sun; Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहManthaThought; Devotion; Another name of the Sun; Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहManthanReflection through study
Leo, सिंहMantikThoughtful; Devoted
Leo, सिंहMantoshPleasure of Mind
Leo, सिंहMantramHoly name; Lord Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMantrarajHymns, Holy chants
Leo, सिंहMantrinThe knower of hymns; Wise; Articulate; Adviser
Leo, सिंहManujHuman; Born of Manu; Man
Leo, सिंहManuprairnaInspiration of original man
Leo, सिंहManuraiFounder father of human beings
Leo, सिंहManurajKuber
Leo, सिंहManvendraKing among men
Leo, सिंहManvikOne who is consious; Intellegent; Kind hearted
Leo, सिंहManvilFrom a great estate
Leo, सिंहManvirBrave heart
Leo, सिंहManvitHuman
Leo, सिंहManvithHuman
Leo, सिंहManwendraKing among men
Leo, सिंहManyasGreat
Leo, सिंहManyataPrinciples; Assumption
Leo, सिंहManyuMind
Leo, सिंहMaralSwan; Deer; Soft; Gentle
Leo, सिंहMaranSea
Leo, सिंहMardavSoftness
Leo, सिंहMareechAnother name of the Sun
Leo, सिंहMareechiRay of light; Name of a star
Leo, सिंहMareshGod
Leo, सिंहMarichAnother name of the Sun
Leo, सिंहMarineManu the great
Leo, सिंहMarirajA world king
Leo, सिंहMarkandayA devotee to Lord Shiva; A sage who wrote Devi Mahatmyam
Leo, सिंहMarkandeyaA devotee to Lord Shiva; A sage who wrote Devi Mahatmyam
Leo, सिंहMarkhandeyanA devotee of Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMarmikIntelligent; Influential; Insightful; Perceptive
Leo, सिंहMarshSteward; Patience; Deliberation
Leo, सिंहMarshanDefence or of the sea; Patient
Leo, सिंहMartandThe Sun, Sun God
Leo, सिंहMartandaThe Sun; Sun God
Leo, सिंहMarthaLady
Leo, सिंहMarthandThe Sun; Sun God
Leo, सिंहMarudevaLord of the desert
Leo, सिंहMarudhaPlace of farms
Leo, सिंहMarutAir; God of the wind; Another name for Lord Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMarutatmajMost beloved like gems
Leo, सिंहMarutatmajaAdored like gems
Leo, सिंहMaruthAir; God of the wind; Another name for Lord Vishnu
Leo, सिंहMaruthiLord Hanuman, Son of the wind, An epithet of Hanuman
Leo, सिंहMaruthi PrasadLord Hanuman; Bhimsen
Leo, सिंहMarutiLord Hanuman, Son of the wind, An epithet of Hanuman
Leo, सिंहMarvinFamous friend
Leo, सिंहMasarSapphire; Jewel; Emerald
Leo, सिंहMastikhNaughty
Leo, सिंहMatUndorstood; Thought; Opinion; Honoured; Wanted
Leo, सिंहMatangaSage; Advisor to Devi Lalita
Leo, सिंहMateahHonored; Desired; Liked
Leo, सिंहMathBear; Jewel; Magnet
Leo, सिंहMathanCupid; God of Love
Leo, सिंहMatheyshLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMathiThe Moon; Thought; Prayer; Mind; Decision
Leo, सिंहMathrudevOne who worships his mother; For one whom mother is the deity
Leo, सिंहMathuraAn ancient religious city
Leo, सिंहMatilIntelligent
Leo, सिंहMatruNative; Motherly
Leo, सिंहMatsendraKing of the fishes
Leo, सिंहMatsyendraLord of the fish
Leo, सिंहMauktikPearl
Leo, सिंहMauleshChandra Mauleshawar (Lord Shiva)
Leo, सिंहMaulikPrecious; Valuable; Dear; Ultimate; Original; Essential ultimate
Leo, सिंहMauryDark skinned.
Leo, सिंहMauryaKing; Leader
Leo, सिंहMaveeColor blue
Leo, सिंहMavjiLord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMawlikThe precious
Leo, सिंहMayamanushyacharitraThe incarnation of the human form to establish Dharma
Leo, सिंहMayamareechahantreSlayer of demon Tataka's son Mariachi
Leo, सिंहMayanWater source; Indifferent to wealth
Leo, सिंहMayandiThe name of a supreme God who is well caring and loving
Leo, सिंहMayankThe Moon; Distinguished
Leo, सिंहMayankaThe Moon
Leo, सिंहMayasRefreshment, Pleasure, Joy, M baby names
Leo, सिंहMayil VahananLord Murugan, The one who has a peacock as his vehicle
Leo, सिंहMayonThe black God
Leo, सिंहMayon MaruganLord Murugan, Vishnu's nephew
Leo, सिंहMayoorPeacock
Leo, सिंहMayooraPeacock; Illusion
Leo, सिंहMayukBrilliance; Brilliant; Splendor
Leo, सिंहMayukhBrilliance; Brilliant; Splendor
Leo, सिंहMayurPeacock
Leo, सिंहMayuraPeacock; Illusion
Leo, सिंहMayuranLord Murugan, The one who has a peacock as his vehicle
Leo, सिंहMayureshKarthikeya - son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
Leo, सिंहMayuvMother and baby
Leo, सिंहMazhilanGive Happy to life
Leo, सिंहMebinBrilliant
Leo, सिंहMedantDanav ka ant karne vala (Slayer of demons)
Leo, सिंहMedhajChief
Leo, सिंहMedhanidhiTenderness
Leo, सिंहMedhanshOne who is born with intelligence
Leo, सिंहMeehanSuddh; Pure
Leo, सिंहMeelanUnion
Leo, सिंहMeerChief; Worthy of admiration
Leo, सिंहMeerantMeera's moment of merging into Lord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMeereshHindu God
Leo, सिंहMeetFriend
Leo, सिंहMeetaanFriend for ever
Leo, सिंहMeetrajKingdom of friends
Leo, सिंहMeetulTrue friend; Balanced; Moderate
Leo, सिंहMeghCloud
Leo, सिंहMegh NadThe roar of clouds; Thunder
Leo, सिंहMeghadriHill of cloud
Leo, सिंहMeghajPearl
Leo, सिंहMeghanadSon of Raavan
Leo, सिंहMeghanrajPearl
Leo, सिंहMeghashyamLord Krishna; Cloud dark
Leo, सिंहMeghduttGift of clouds
Leo, सिंहMeghmalharClouds; Raag for rains
Leo, सिंहMeghnadA roar of clouds; Thunder
Leo, सिंहMeghrajKing of clouds
Leo, सिंहMehanSuddh; Pure
Leo, सिंहMehatGreatness
Leo, सिंहMehithAlways smiling
Leo, सिंहMehulRain
Leo, सिंहMekhalGirdle; Belt
Leo, सिंहMenonLord Krishna; Exalted one
Leo, सिंहMeramanSamndar (Ocean)
Leo, सिंहMeruA famous mountain in Hindu mythology; High point
Leo, सिंहMeshanthGlorious
Leo, सिंहMeshanthanShantham
Leo, सिंहMideshLove
Leo, सिंहMidhilKind ness
Leo, सिंहMidhineshLord Indra, King of Heaven
Leo, सिंहMidhunA pair; A month of Kerala Midhunam
Leo, सिंहMidhushMost bountiful; Liberal
Leo, सिंहMihaLove
Leo, सिंहMihaanGreat; Man with best of qualities
Leo, सिंहMihanCloud; Great; Best qualities
Leo, सिंहMihirThe Sun
Leo, सिंहMihirkiranSunray
Leo, सिंहMihistaLover
Leo, सिंहMihitOne of the names of the Sun in Indian mythology
Leo, सिंहMikeshA Kind of Lord
Leo, सिंहMikiWho is like God
Leo, सिंहMikinStrong
Leo, सिंहMikoBeautiful; Blessed child; Smiling child
Leo, सिंहMikulComrade
Leo, सिंहMikyWho is like God
Leo, सिंहMilaanUnion; To meet
Leo, सिंहMilanUnion; To meet
Leo, सिंहMilandBee
Leo, सिंहMilapUnion
Leo, सिंहMilashSweet girl
Leo, सिंहMilindHoneybee
Leo, सिंहMilitComradeship
Leo, सिंहMilunUnion
Leo, सिंहMineshLeader of fish
Leo, सिंहMinhalBeautiful Flowers
Leo, सिंहMintuHealthy; Good; Strong
Leo, सिंहMirChief; Worthy of admiration
Leo, सिंहMiranshA small part of the ocean
Leo, सिंहMiratMirror; Reflective
Leo, सिंहMirikhRefers to the planet Mars in English. It also means “wolf”
Leo, सिंहMirthvikStrong fighter
Leo, सिंहMirudulSoft; Calm
Leo, सिंहMirvaanRelates to vastness (Mir - sea/ocean vaan - full of life)
Leo, सिंहMisalExample; Copy; Torch; Light; Lightened; Sparkling; Shining
Leo, सिंहMishayA variant of Michelle. Alternate spelling: Misha; Mishaye; Smile
Leo, सिंहMishkatniche
Leo, सिंहMishrakVarious; Varied; Indra's garden of paradise
Leo, सिंहMishritMix
Leo, सिंहMishrySweet; Brilliant
Leo, सिंहMishubhMera Shubh (Lucky for me)
Leo, सिंहMishvRulling personality
Leo, सिंहMisthaSweet
Leo, सिंहMitFriend
Leo, सिंहMitabhashiniReticent and mellifluous speaker
Leo, सिंहMitalFriendly; Friendship; Sweet
Leo, सिंहMitangWell defined body
Leo, सिंहMitanshMale friend
Leo, सिंहMitanshuBordered; Friendly element
Leo, सिंहMitenMale friend
Leo, सिंहMiteshOne with few desires
Leo, सिंहMithilKingdom
Leo, सिंहMithilaKingdom
Leo, सिंहMithilanSita Devi's kingdom
Leo, सिंहMithileshThe king of Mithila; Janak; Father of Goddess Sita
Leo, सिंहMithinGovernor; Moment in time
Leo, सिंहMithleshThe king of Mithila; Janak; Father of Goddess Sita
Leo, सिंहMithonA pair; Couple
Leo, सिंहMithranThe Sun
Leo, सिंहMithrenThe Sun
Leo, सिंहMithreshPeace-lover; Warm; Mediator
Leo, सिंहMithulKingdom
Leo, सिंहMithunCouple or union
Leo, सिंहMitinGovernor; Moment in time
Leo, सिंहMitraFriend; The Sun
Leo, सिंहMitrajitFriendly
Leo, सिंहMitrayuFriendly
Leo, सिंहMittaliFriendly
Leo, सिंहMitthuSweet; One who speaks sweetly; Parrot; Measured
Leo, सिंहMittooSweet; One who speaks sweetly; Parrot; Measured
Leo, सिंहMitulFaithful friend; Balanced; Moderate
Leo, सिंहMitunCouple or union
Leo, सिंहMitveshGoddess
Leo, सिंहMitwaCompanion; Beloved
Leo, सिंहMivaanSunrays
Leo, सिंहModModesty; Happiness; Fragrance
Leo, सिंहModakPleasing; Delightful
Leo, सिंहModithProtection
Leo, सिंहMohLove; Worldly attachment; Infatuation
Leo, सिंहMohaGod Krishna
Leo, सिंहMohajitAttractive
Leo, सिंहMohakAttractive; Infatuating; Handsome
Leo, सिंहMohalAttractive
Leo, सिंहMohanCharming Krishna; Handsome
Leo, सिंहMohana PriyaLoving; Attractive & charming
Leo, सिंहMohananDelightful
Leo, सिंहMohanishLord Krishna; Attractive God
Leo, सिंहMohanrajCharming; Fascinating; Lord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMohdeepAttractive
Leo, सिंहMohenGod Krishna
Leo, सिंहMohilAttractive
Leo, सिंहMohinAttractive; Fascinating; Bewildering
Leo, सिंहMohitEnsnarled by beauty; Attracted; Infatuated; Bewildered
Leo, सिंहMohithEnsnarled by beauty; Attracted; Infatuated; Bewildered
Leo, सिंहMohnishLord Krishna; Attractive God
Leo, सिंहMohulAttractive
Leo, सिंहMokshMukti; Emancipation; Liberation; Salvation
Leo, सिंहMokshadLast of Moksha
Leo, सिंहMokshagnaPresenter of Moksha (Relief); Son of Sun
Leo, सिंहMokshajnaLord name
Leo, सिंहMokshalLiberation; Salvation; Heaven
Leo, सिंहMokshgnaLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMokshiSpirited; Energy; Nerve
Leo, सिंहMokshinFree from attachment; Seeking salvation; Liberated; Free
Leo, सिंहMokshitMoksh ki Ichchha rakhne wala; Liberation
Leo, सिंहMokshithMoksh ki Ichchha rakhne wala; Liberation
Leo, सिंहMonaliName of Goddess Durga
Leo, सिंहMonankA part of a Moon
Leo, सिंहMonarkA king
Leo, सिंहMonendraGood fortune
Leo, सिंहMoniSilent
Leo, सिंहMonikAdvise
Leo, सिंहMonishLord of mind; Attractive; Another name for Krishna
Leo, सिंहMonitSmart; Intelligent; All in one; Poison
Leo, सिंहMonojitWho wins the heart of people
Leo, सिंहMonteshMountain
Leo, सिंहMontuA sweet name
Leo, सिंहMontyMountain. Abbreviation of Montague and Montgomery
Leo, सिंहMookeshLord of the dumb; Another name for Lord Shiva; To liberate
Leo, सिंहMoorthiAn idol; All auspicious Lord, Lord Vishnu; Statue
Leo, सिंहMoortiAn idol; All auspicious Lord, Lord Vishnu; Statue
Leo, सिंहMoreshwarMoreshwar or Mayureshwar is one of Ashthavinayaks (Lord Ganapati), Elephant headed God
Leo, सिंहMoriyaTeacher
Leo, सिंहMoryaKing
Leo, सिंहMotiPearl
Leo, सिंहMotilalPearl
Leo, सिंहMouliName of Lord Shiva; Crown of hair
Leo, सिंहMoulikPrecious; Valuable; Dear; Ultimate; Original; Essential ultimate
Leo, सिंहMouneshThe salient God; Avatar of Lord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMouniLord Shiva; Silent
Leo, सिंहMounishLord of mind; Attractive; Another name for Krishna
Leo, सिंहMounithPeace; Lord Murugan
Leo, सिंहMouryaKing; Leader
Leo, सिंहMoushimiSeasonal
Leo, सिंहMousumWeather
Leo, सिंहMovindGood
Leo, सिंहMranalA collection of lotus
Leo, सिंहMridukGentle; Soft
Leo, सिंहMridulTender; Delicate; Soft; Gentle; Water
Leo, सिंहMridurWater born
Leo, सिंहMrigaA female deer
Leo, सिंहMrigadAnimal devourer; Tiger
Leo, सिंहMrigajSon of the Moon
Leo, सिंहMrigalochanWith eyes like that of a deer
Leo, सिंहMrigankThe Moon; Wind; Distinguished
Leo, सिंहMrigankaThe Moon; Wind; Distinguished
Leo, सिंहMriganka MouliLord Shiva; Mriganka - the Moon, Mauli - the head; Diadem
Leo, सिंहMriganka SekharLord Shiva, One with Moon on his head
Leo, सिंहMrigasyaLord Shiva; The zodiac sign of capricorn; Epithet of Shiva
Leo, सिंहMrigendraLion
Leo, सिंहMrigeshLion
Leo, सिंहMrinankThe Moon
Leo, सिंहMrinankaMoon
Leo, सिंहMrinendraLion
Leo, सिंहMrineshSweet wine
Leo, सिंहMrinmoyMade of earth
Leo, सिंहMrirunayEarthly
Leo, सिंहMrithunMade of earth
Leo, सिंहMrithvikDeep thinker
Leo, सिंहMritunjayLord Shiva; Conqueror of death
Leo, सिंहMrityuanjayaLord Shiva; Conqueror of death
Leo, सिंहMrityunjayLord Shiva; Conqueror of death
Leo, सिंहMrudangMusical instrument
Leo, सिंहMrudhulBeautiful; Smart; Soft
Leo, सिंहMrudulSoft natured
Leo, सिंहMrugName of a bird
Leo, सिंहMruganIt’s taken from Lord Murugan, which means Lord Karthikeya
Leo, सिंहMrugankLion
Leo, सिंहMrugneshLion
Leo, सिंहMrunmayEarthly
Leo, सिंहMrutavanarajeevanaReviver of dead monkeys
Leo, सिंहMrutyunjayOne who has won over death; One who is immortal
Leo, सिंहMudgalA saint
Leo, सिंहMudilMoonshine
Leo, सिंहMuditHappy; Satisfied; Pleased
Leo, सिंहMugeshanHappy long life
Leo, सिंहMugilanKing of Clouds
Leo, सिंहMugundhanLord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMuhilCloud
Leo, सिंहMuhirBewilderer; Passionate; Dazzling; Another name for the love
Leo, सिंहMukeshLord of the dumb; Another name for Lord Shiva; To liberate
Leo, सिंहMukheshCupid; Lord Shiva; Lord of joy
Leo, सिंहMukilCloud
Leo, सिंहMukilanCloud we can say it as a group of clouds before the rain
Leo, सिंहMuksithA person who has the potential to attain spiritual enlightenment
Leo, सिंहMuktakPearl
Leo, सिंहMuktanandHappiness of freedom
Leo, सिंहMuktanandaLiberated
Leo, सिंहMuktidayaBestower of eternal bliss
Leo, सिंहMukulBud; First bloom
Leo, सिंहMukundName of Lord Vishnu; Freedom giver; Gem; Liberator
Leo, सिंहMukundaName of Lord Vishnu; Freedom giver; Gem; Liberator
Leo, सिंहMukundanLord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMukundhanLord Krishna; Giver of liberation; Name of Vishnu or Krishna
Leo, सिंहMukunthName of Lord Krishna
Leo, सिंहMukutCrown
Leo, सिंहMulkrajKing
Leo, सिंहMullintiLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMunalOne who enables someone to possess something
Leo, सिंहMundakaramaAbode of happiness
Leo, सिंहMunduriGrandson of Shiva
Leo, सिंहMuneendraBest among saints
Leo, सिंहMuneshWith God; Lord Buddha; Chief of the army; Chief of the sages
Leo, सिंहMuniSage
Leo, सिंहMunikantaPeace and cool
Leo, सिंहMunikrishnaSage
Leo, सिंहMunindraBest among saints
Leo, सिंहMunirajaLord Kuber
Leo, सिंहMunirajuLord Kuber
Leo, सिंहMunisansutasanstutaWorshipped by sages
Leo, सिंहMunishWith God; Lord Buddha; Chief of an army; Chief of the sages
Leo, सिंहMunjalKing of gujarat
Leo, सिंहMunnaLittle boy
Leo, सिंहMuradDesire; Will
Leo, सिंहMuralidharLord Krishna, The one who bears the flute
Leo, सिंहMuralidharabearer of a flute
Leo, सिंहMuralimanoharLord Krishna; Attractive one who has a flute in his hand
Leo, सिंहMurariLord Krishna; Killer of the demon Mura
Leo, सिंहMurarilalLord Krishna, Murari, The beloved
Leo, सिंहMurgeshLord Kartikeya; Lord Murugan
Leo, सिंहMurliThe flute
Leo, सिंहMurlidharLord Krishna, The one who bears the flute
Leo, सिंहMurlimanoharThe flute playing God
Leo, सिंहMurthiAn idol; All auspicious Lord, Lord Vishnu; Statue
Leo, सिंहMurthyAn idol; All auspicious Lord, Lord Vishnu; Statue
Leo, सिंहMurtiAn idol; All auspicious Lord, Lord Vishnu; Statue
Leo, सिंहMurugaLord Murugan; God of war
Leo, सिंहMuruga VelLord Murugan, Muruga - God of war, Vel - spear
Leo, सिंहMurugadasBright
Leo, सिंहMuruganTamil God
Leo, सिंहMurugappanLord Murugan, Muruga - God of war, Appan - father
Leo, सिंहMurugavelLord Murugan, Muruga - God of war, Vel - spear
Leo, सिंहMurugesanLord Murugan
Leo, सिंहMurugeshLord Kartikeya; Lord Murugan
Leo, सिंहMuruguLord Murugan name; Youth; Handsome
Leo, सिंहMurukanLord Murugan; God of war
Leo, सिंहMusikvahanaOne who has a mouse as a charioteer
Leo, सिंहMuthannaLord Shiva
Leo, सिंहMuthuPearl
Leo, सिंहMuthu KrishnanMade of pearls
Leo, सिंहMuthujitPearl
Leo, सिंहMuthuvelanLord Murugan; Muthu - Pearl, Velan - name of the Muruga’s spear
Leo, सिंहMuttaiLord Murugan
Leo, सिंहMuttu KumaraswamiLord Murugan; Muttu - Pearl, Kumara Swami - bachelor God
Leo, सिंहMuttuk KumaranLord Murugan
Leo, सिंहMyeshaWoman

Baby Names by Rashi: Boy

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

Baby Names by Rashi: Girl

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

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Fun Facts about Leo Boys or Men

  • Many people view leos as symbols of strength
  • It is a highly vivacious sign, ruled by the Sun
  • Because Leos are notorious for having strong personalities, it is never a smart idea to provoke them
  • They aren’t hesitant to express their feelings to you
  • They enjoy keeping themselves occupied since they are so ambitious
  • They are powerful and haughty, but they also have a great concern for other people, which might lead to misunderstandings
  • They are so self-assured on the exterior but tender on the inside
  • They are incredibly adept at keeping everyone pleased and guarding them
  • They hold strongly held beliefs
  • Additionally, they have a strong desire to succeed