Kanya Rashi Names for Girl1

A list of 650+ Kanya rashi names for Girl – Virgo names for Girls, is given below:

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Kanya Rashi Names for Girl – कन्या राशि के लड़कियों के नाम

About Virgo Girl Kid: Virgo kids are very curious and put a lot of effort into finding satisfying answers to the topics that bother them.

Their foundation is quite strong as a result.Because they are knowledgeable, well-organized, and skilled at what they do, they are respected by everyone with whom they come into contact.

Virgo Names for Girls – Lucky Names for Virgo Girls

Virgo Girls Names Start With Letter – P, TTHH

Virgo, कन्याPaajasGoddess Laxmi; Firmness; Vigor; Strength; Glitter; Sheen
Virgo, कन्याPaanchaliConsort of Pandavas, One from the kingdom of Panchala, Draupadis name
Virgo, कन्याPaarthiviDaughter of the Earth, Another name for Sita and Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPaarulBeautiful; Practical; Kind; Name of a flower
Virgo, कन्याPaarvatiGoddess Durga, A patronymic of Daksha; Living in the mountain, Of the mountains
Virgo, कन्याPaatalaGoddess Durga; Red
Virgo, कन्याPaatalavatiWearing red-color attire
Virgo, कन्याPaavanaHoly; Sacred; Freshness; Purity
Virgo, कन्याPaavaniPurifier; Whose touch make you pure; Sacred
Virgo, कन्याPaavniPurifier; Whose touch make you pure; Sacred
Virgo, कन्याPaawaniHoney; Lord Hanuman; True; Holy
Virgo, कन्याPaawniPurifier; Whose touch make you pure; Sacred
Virgo, कन्याPaayalAnklet
Virgo, कन्याPadamavatiGoddess Lakshmi, Residing on a Lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadma PriyaLover of Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPadmagrihaWho resides in a Lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmajaBorn from Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPadmajaiBorn from Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPadmakaliLotus Bud
Virgo, कन्याPadmakalyaniName of a Raga
Virgo, कन्याPadmakshiOne with Lotus like eyes
Virgo, कन्याPadmakshyaOne with lotus like eyes
Virgo, कन्याPadmalLotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmalayaLake of lotuses
Virgo, कन्याPadmalochanaLotus-eyed
Virgo, कन्याPadmamaladharaWearer of Lotus garland
Virgo, कन्याPadmamaliniGoddess Lakshmi; Wearing a garland of Lotuses; An epithet of Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPadmamukhiLotus faces
Virgo, कन्याPadmanabha PriyaBeloved of Padmanabha
Virgo, कन्याPadmanabhapriyaBeloved of Padmanabha
Virgo, कन्याPadmanethraSimilar
Virgo, कन्याPadmapriyaLover of Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPadmarekhaLotus like lines on the palm
Virgo, कन्याPadmaroopaLike a lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmashreeDivine lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmashriDivine lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmasreeDivine lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmasundariBeautiful like the Lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmavasaOne who resided in Lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadmavathiGoddess Lakshmi, Residing on lotus,
Virgo, कन्याPadmavatiGoddess Lakshmi, Residing on a Lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadminiLotus; A collection of Lotuses
Virgo, कन्याPadmodbhavaOne who emerged out of the Lotus
Virgo, कन्याPadnuniLotus
Virgo, कन्याPahealFirst
Virgo, कन्याPahelTo start
Virgo, कन्याPahiPetal of a flower
Virgo, कन्याPakheeBird
Virgo, कन्याPakhiBird
Virgo, कन्याPakshalikaOn the right path
Virgo, कन्याPakshiBird
Virgo, कन्याPakshiniDay of the full Moon; Bird
Virgo, कन्याPakshitaEnduring
Virgo, कन्याPalKing; Guardian; Moment
Virgo, कन्याPalakshiWhite
Virgo, कन्याPalaksiWhite
Virgo, कन्याPalashiniGreen; Covered in greenery; A river
Virgo, कन्याPalgunaIt's a God name
Virgo, कन्याPalikaThe protectoress
Virgo, कन्याPalkaA remote place
Virgo, कन्याPallabiNew leaves; A shoot; Young
Virgo, कन्याPallaveeBird; Hot
Virgo, कन्याPallaviNew leaves; A shoot; Young
Virgo, कन्याPallaviniWith new leaves
Virgo, कन्याPallviNew leaves; A shoot; Young
Virgo, कन्याPalomiDove
Virgo, कन्याPalviBird; Hot
Virgo, कन्याPambaName of a river
Virgo, कन्याPameelaHoney
Virgo, कन्याPamelaHoney
Virgo, कन्याPampaRiver
Virgo, कन्याPamphaA flower
Virgo, कन्याPanaviHappy
Virgo, कन्याPanchabhootatmikaThe Goddess who is the soul of the five elements
Virgo, कन्याPanchaliConsort of Pandavas, One from the kingdom of Panchala, Draupadis name
Virgo, कन्याPanchamiGoddess Parvati, she is classed as the fifth among the seven Mother's like divinities
Virgo, कन्याPanchavarnamParrot
Virgo, कन्याPanchiBird
Virgo, कन्याPanikaA small leaf
Virgo, कन्याPanishkaWater inherent; Soft water; Cool evening
Virgo, कन्याPanitaAdmired
Virgo, कन्याPankajaLotus
Virgo, कन्याPankajadhariniLotus holder
Virgo, कन्याPankajakshiLotus eyed
Virgo, कन्याPankhadiPetal
Virgo, कन्याPankhiBird
Virgo, कन्याPankhudiPetal
Virgo, कन्याPankhuriPetals of flowers
Virgo, कन्याPankitaLine; Sentence
Virgo, कन्याPanktiLine; Sentence
Virgo, कन्याPankuniMonth
Virgo, कन्याPanthiniOne who leads the way; Guide
Virgo, कन्याPanviA goddess
Virgo, कन्याPanyaAdmired; Glorious; Excellent
Virgo, कन्याPanyasreeBeauty & goodness of the Moon
Virgo, कन्याPaolaLittle; Small
Virgo, कन्याPapihaA sweet singing bird
Virgo, कन्याParaBest; The Goddess who is above the five elements
Virgo, कन्याParaaBest; The Goddess who is above the five elements
Virgo, कन्याParajikaA Raagini
Virgo, कन्याParaliDry Grass
Virgo, कन्याParamaThe best; Knowledge of truth; Foundation
Virgo, कन्याParamaaThe best; Knowledge of truth; Foundation
Virgo, कन्याParamatmikaOmnipresence
Virgo, कन्याParameshvariGoddess Durga; Supreme ruler, the supreme Goddess
Virgo, कन्याParameshwariGoddess Durga; Supreme ruler, the supreme Goddess
Virgo, कन्याParameswariGoddess Durga; Supreme ruler, the supreme Goddess
Virgo, कन्याParamitaWisdom
Virgo, कन्याParamjyothiGoddess Durga; Greatest splendor
Virgo, कन्याParamjyotiGoddess durga.greatest splendor
Virgo, कन्याParanaPre-eminent; Best
Virgo, कन्याParashreeGanga
Virgo, कन्याParavanaLight
Virgo, कन्याParaviBird
Virgo, कन्याParbartiSurrender
Virgo, कन्याPardhviLovely
Virgo, कन्याPareekshaTest; Exam
Virgo, कन्याPareshkaTo Challenge
Virgo, कन्याPariBeauty; Fairy; Angel
Virgo, कन्याParidhiRealm
Virgo, कन्याParihaLand of the Fairies
Virgo, कन्याParijaPlace of origin; Source
Virgo, कन्याParikshaTest; Exam
Virgo, कन्याParimalaFragrance
Virgo, कन्याParimalamPleasant smell
Virgo, कन्याParimitaaA moderate woman
Virgo, कन्याParinaFairy
Virgo, कन्याParineetaExpert; Complete; Knowledge; Married
Virgo, कन्याParineethaExpert; Complete; Knowledge; Married
Virgo, कन्याParinitaExpert; Complete; Knowledge; Married
Virgo, कन्याParinithaExpert; Complete; Knowledge; Married
Virgo, कन्याParinithiMatured
Virgo, कन्याParinitiBird
Virgo, कन्याParinnyaFair lady
Virgo, कन्याParintaAuspicious Apsara; Complete; Expert; Married woman
Virgo, कन्याParisTo seek; Search for; Searcher
Virgo, कन्याParisaLike Paris; Fairy or like a fairy; Beautiful
Virgo, कन्याParishaLike Paris; Fairy or like a fairy; Beautiful
Virgo, कन्याParishiLike a fairy; Beautiful; Like an Angel
Virgo, कन्याParishnaLovely; Love for Life
Virgo, कन्याParisiLike a fairy; Beautiful; Like an Angel
Virgo, कन्याParitaIn each direction
Virgo, कन्याParitushtiContentment
Virgo, कन्याParivitaExtremely free
Virgo, कन्याPariyatFlower
Virgo, कन्याParkaviLife
Virgo, कन्याParmaComfort
Virgo, कन्याParmilaWisdom
Virgo, कन्याParmitaWisdom
Virgo, कन्याParnaLeaf
Virgo, कन्याParnaviBird
Virgo, कन्याParniLeafy
Virgo, कन्याParnikCreeper; A small leaf; Goddess Parvati
Virgo, कन्याParnikaCreeper; A small leaf; Goddess Parvati
Virgo, कन्याParnitaAuspicious Apsara (Auspicious angel)
Virgo, कन्याParnithaAuspicious Apsara (Auspicious angel)
Virgo, कन्याParnviBird
Virgo, कन्याParokshiMysterious; Invisible; Out of sight
Virgo, कन्याParomitaName of a flower
Virgo, कन्याParooThe Sun; Fire; Goddess Parvati; Graceful or flow of water
Virgo, कन्याParthaviDaughter of the Earth, Another name for Sita and Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याParthiQueen
Virgo, कन्याParthiviGoddess Sita; Princess
Virgo, कन्याPartibhaDerived from Parth
Virgo, कन्याParuThe Sun; Fire; Goddess Parvati; Graceful or flow of water
Virgo, कन्याParulBeautiful; Practical; Kind; Name of a flower
Virgo, कन्याParushiThe beautiful and intelligent
Virgo, कन्याParvaniFull Moon; A festival; A special day
Virgo, कन्याParvathiDaughter of the king of mountains, Parvatha, Consort of Lord Shiva, Goddess
Virgo, कन्याParvathyDaughter of the king of mountains, Parvatha, Consort of Lord Shiva, Goddess
Virgo, कन्याParvatiGoddess Durga, A patronymic of Daksha; Living in the mountain, Of the mountains
Virgo, कन्याParveenStar; The Pleiades
Virgo, कन्याParviFestival
Virgo, कन्याParviniFestival
Virgo, कन्याParwathiGoddess Parvati
Virgo, कन्याPashminaShawl
Virgo, कन्याPashu PriyaFond of all beings
Virgo, कन्याPatalaGoddess Durga; Red
Virgo, कन्याPatmanjariA Raga
Virgo, कन्याPatralekhaA name from ancient epics
Virgo, कन्याPattaambaraparidhaanaWearing a dress made of leather
Virgo, कन्याPauloiniConsort of Lord Indra
Virgo, कन्याPaulomiGoddess Saraswati, Lord Indra's second wife
Virgo, कन्याPauraviDescendant from Puru
Virgo, कन्याPaurnimaFull Moon night
Virgo, कन्याPaushuwaliA girl born during the month of Pausa Month
Virgo, कन्याPavanaHoly; Sacred; Freshness; Purity
Virgo, कन्याPavani SriLord Hanuman; Goddess Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPavanikaBelongs to the Lord of air; Devotee of Lord Hanuman
Virgo, कन्याPaveenaHoly; Sacred; Freshness; Purity
Virgo, कन्याPavikaName of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire
Virgo, कन्याPavishkaNature
Virgo, कन्याPavishnaDivine; Beauty of Goddess
Virgo, कन्याPaviskaSimple
Virgo, कन्याPavithaPure and dignified
Virgo, कन्याPavithraPure
Virgo, कन्याPavithrithaHappy
Virgo, कन्याPayalAnklet
Virgo, कन्याPayaswiniAs pure and white as the cows milk
Virgo, कन्याPayodhiSea; Ocean
Virgo, कन्याPayoshnikaThe Ganga river
Virgo, कन्याPearlGrand
Virgo, कन्याPearlyPearl; Pearly just similar to Pearl
Virgo, कन्याPeehuShe is great; Sweet sound; Pea-hen
Virgo, कन्याPeehunaVery sweet
Virgo, कन्याPeetashmaTopaz
Virgo, कन्याPehalThe start
Virgo, कन्याPehrPhase; Time of day
Virgo, कन्याPekhamPeacock feathers while it dances during rain
Virgo, कन्याPennarasiQueen
Virgo, कन्याPernitaAnswered prayer
Virgo, कन्याPernithaAnswered prayer
Virgo, कन्याPeyaEveryone's favorite
Virgo, कन्याPhaalguniThe day of the full Moon; The month of Phalguna
Virgo, कन्याPhalguniThe day of the full Moon; The month of Phalguna
Virgo, कन्याPhalyaFlower; Bud
Virgo, कन्याPhamiraInclusive
Virgo, कन्याPhanisriLaxmi
Virgo, कन्याPhaniswathiFriend like
Virgo, कन्याPhirozaSuccessful; Turquoise; Gemstone
Virgo, कन्याPhoolanFlowering; Blooming; Flower
Virgo, कन्याPhullaraGoddess Durga; Blooming woman; Woman full of grace
Virgo, कन्याPhutikaBeloved
Virgo, कन्याPiaBeloved
Virgo, कन्याPihikaSweet as always
Virgo, कन्याPihooShe is excellent; Sweet sound; Pea-hen
Virgo, कन्याPihuShe is excellent; Sweet sound; Pea-hen
Virgo, कन्याPikuSmart; Honest
Virgo, कन्याPinaakadhariniOne who holds the trident of Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPinajSmart
Virgo, कन्याPinakiniBow shaped; Armed with a bow; A river
Virgo, कन्याPinalGod of child
Virgo, कन्याPingaGoddess Durga; A bowstring; A kind of yellow pigment; An epithet of Durga
Virgo, कन्याPingalaGoddess Lakshmi; Goddess Durga
Virgo, कन्याPinglaGoddess Lakshmi; Goddess Durga
Virgo, कन्याPinkurPink means color and kur means heart, meaning pink hearted
Virgo, कन्याPinkyLike a Rose; Pinkish
Virgo, कन्याPiramilaQueen of world
Virgo, कन्याPirathasanaDiscover
Virgo, कन्याPithambariWearing Yellow / Golden Dress
Virgo, कन्याPiushaElixir
Virgo, कन्याPivariConsort of Sukha
Virgo, कन्याPiyaBeloved; Pious
Virgo, कन्याPiyaliA tree
Virgo, कन्याPiyashaLove; Thirsty
Virgo, कन्याPiyushaMilk; Amrit; Drink that makes one immortal
Virgo, कन्याPiyushiHoly Water
Virgo, कन्याPlavaA Kind of Tree
Virgo, कन्याPolinaApollo
Virgo, कन्याPomithaGentle girl
Virgo, कन्याPonnasriA lady
Virgo, कन्याPonniAnother name of river Kaveri
Virgo, कन्याPonnishreeA goddess
Virgo, कन्याPontharaA Big Star
Virgo, कन्याPoojaIdol worship
Virgo, कन्याPoojasriGoddess Lakshmi; Worship
Virgo, कन्याPoojitaPrayer; Worshipped; Respected; A Goddess
Virgo, कन्याPoojithaTo be worshipped
Virgo, कन्याPoomithaStrong; Golden eyes; Smoothing flowers
Virgo, कन्याPoorbiA classical melody; From the east
Virgo, कन्याPoorikaComplete
Virgo, कन्याPoornakamalaA blooming lotus
Virgo, कन्याPoornalalithaName of a Raga
Virgo, कन्याPoornamasiGoddess Yogamaya
Virgo, कन्याPoornathvaPerfection
Virgo, कन्याPoornimaFull Moon
Virgo, कन्याPoortiSupply; Satisfaction
Virgo, कन्याPoorvaEarlier; One; Elder; East
Virgo, कन्याPoorvabhadraName of a star
Virgo, कन्याPoorvagangaRiver Narmada
Virgo, कन्याPoorvajaThe elder sister; Complete
Virgo, कन्याPoorviA classical melody; From the east
Virgo, कन्याPoorvikaOrient; Formerly
Virgo, कन्याPooshithaNourished; Defended; Loved
Virgo, कन्याPornimaFull Moon day
Virgo, कन्याPoromaSupreme; The Best
Virgo, कन्याPoshitaNourished; Defended; Loved
Virgo, कन्याPoshithaNourished; Defended; Loved
Virgo, कन्याPoulamiSuns rays
Virgo, कन्याPoulomiGoddess Saraswati, Lord Indra's second wife
Virgo, कन्याPournamiDay of the full Moon
Virgo, कन्याPournimaFull Moon night
Virgo, कन्याPoushaliOf the month poush
Virgo, कन्याPraachiEast; Orient
Virgo, कन्याPraachikaDriving; Falcon; Long-legged; Spider
Virgo, कन्याPraadhaSupreme; Prominent
Virgo, कन्याPraanjaliSelf-respecting; Respectful; Honest & soft; Simple
Virgo, कन्याPraanjliLightning
Virgo, कन्याPraanviForgiveness; Goddess of life; Maa Parvati
Virgo, कन्याPraaptiAchievement; Discovery; Gain; Determination
Virgo, कन्याPraashaDesire; A mark of Love
Virgo, कन्याPraatikaImage; Beautiful; Symbol; Symbolic
Virgo, कन्याPrabavathiGoddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati
Virgo, कन्याPrabhaLight; Glow; Shine; Brilliance; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Virgo, कन्याPrabhadaLady
Virgo, कन्याPrabhagaranAdviser
Virgo, कन्याPrabharoopaGoddess Durga
Virgo, कन्याPrabhataGoddess of dawn
Virgo, कन्याPrabhatiOf the morning
Virgo, कन्याPrabhavathiGoddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati
Virgo, कन्याPrabhavathyGoddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati
Virgo, कन्याPrabhavatiGoddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati
Virgo, कन्याPrabhrithiFrom destiny
Virgo, कन्याPrabhupriyaName of a Raga
Virgo, कन्याPracheetaOrigin; The starting point
Virgo, कन्याPrachiEast; Orient
Virgo, कन्याPrachitiExperience & realisation
Virgo, कन्याPradanyaWisdom
Virgo, कन्याPradeepaLight
Virgo, कन्याPradeeptaGlowing; Illuminated; Enlightened; Blazing
Virgo, कन्याPradeepthaGlowing; Illuminated; Enlightened; Blazing
Virgo, कन्याPradhikaCourageous
Virgo, कन्याPradikshaHope
Virgo, कन्याPradiptaGlowing; Illuminated; Enlightened; Blazing
Virgo, कन्याPradnayaKnowledge; Wisdom; Buddhi
Virgo, कन्याPradnyaKnowledge; Wisdom; Buddhi
Virgo, कन्याPradyaGlow; Light
Virgo, कन्याPradyutaTo begin to shine
Virgo, कन्याPrafulaIn bloom
Virgo, कन्याPragalbhaGoddess Durga; Bold or confident woman
Virgo, कन्याPragalyaTraditional
Virgo, कन्याPragathiProgress
Virgo, कन्याPragatiProgress
Virgo, कन्याPrageetSong; Lyric
Virgo, कन्याPragnaBuddhi
Virgo, कन्याPragnikaClever lady
Virgo, कन्याPragnyaScholar
Virgo, कन्याPragyaLord Vishnu; Prowess
Virgo, कन्याPragyanshiPart of Intelligence / Wisdom
Virgo, कन्याPragyaparamitaWise
Virgo, कन्याPragyawatiA wise woman
Virgo, कन्याPraharshaHappy girl
Virgo, कन्याPraharshiniOne who makes others happy
Virgo, कन्याPraharshitaEver Happy girl
Virgo, कन्याPrahasSmiling girl; Cheerful; Joyful; Laughter
Virgo, कन्याPrahasaGoddess Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPrahasiniContinues smiling Girl
Virgo, कन्याPrajaktaFragrant flower
Virgo, कन्याPrajanaWisdom; Goddess Saraswati
Virgo, कन्याPrajeethaPrecious gift
Virgo, कन्याPrajinaAmar (Immortal)
Virgo, कन्याPrajishaMorning
Virgo, कन्याPrajithaKind
Virgo, कन्याPrajktaName of Flower
Virgo, कन्याPrajnaGoddess Saraswati; Clever and sensible woman
Virgo, कन्याPrajna Goddess Saraswati; Clever and sensible woman
Virgo, कन्याPrajnyaMay signify (Goodness/Power/Happiness/spirituality)
Virgo, कन्याPrajvalaEternal flame
Virgo, कन्याPrajwalaEternal flame
Virgo, कन्याPrakaliyBrightness
Virgo, कन्याPrakalpaProject
Virgo, कन्याPrakaranaMore intelligent
Virgo, कन्याPrakhyaAppearance
Virgo, कन्याPrakrithiNature; Beautiful; Weather
Virgo, कन्याPrakrthiNature; Goddess Lakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPrakruthiNature; Beautiful; Weather
Virgo, कन्याPrakrutiNature; Beautiful; Weather
Virgo, कन्याPrakshiOne who protects light
Virgo, कन्याPrakulaHappy; Blooming; Expansive; Playful
Virgo, कन्याPrakyamshitaGreat; Appear
Virgo, कन्याPramadaA woman; Delightful; Beautiful
Virgo, कन्याPramanaRight perception
Virgo, कन्याPrameelaOne of Arjuna wives
Virgo, कन्याPrameethaBest friend; Wisdom
Virgo, कन्याPramikBest; Fulfilling desires
Virgo, कन्याPramikaBest; Fulfilling desires
Virgo, कन्याPramilaOne of Arjuna wives
Virgo, कन्याPramitaBest friend; Wisdom
Virgo, कन्याPramithaBest friend; Wisdom
Virgo, कन्याPramitiKnowledge of truth; Understanding; Wisdom
Virgo, कन्याPramlataType of Plant
Virgo, कन्याPramlochaBeauty of beauties
Virgo, कन्याPramudithaJoyous
Virgo, कन्याPranaaliSystem; Organization
Virgo, कन्याPranadaGoddess Durga; Life-giving; Saving a life; A species of plant
Virgo, कन्याPranaliSystem; Organization
Virgo, कन्याPrananiMost beautiful
Virgo, कन्याPranastiniGlorious day
Virgo, कन्याPranathiNamaste; Prayer
Virgo, कन्याPranatiNamaste; Prayer
Virgo, कन्याPranavapriyaName of a Raga
Virgo, कन्याPranaveeGoddess Parvati; The first sound of universe aum called as Pranavi
Virgo, कन्याPranaviGoddess Parvati; The first sound of universe aum called as Pranavi
Virgo, कन्याPraneekshaWater
Virgo, कन्याPraneethaLed forward; Conducted; Advanced; Promoted; Pure water
Virgo, कन्याPranhitaName of a river
Virgo, कन्याPranidhaanaDedication
Virgo, कन्याPranidhiSpy
Virgo, कन्याPranikaGoddess Parvati
Virgo, कन्याPranishaLove for life
Virgo, कन्याPranitaPromoted; Led; Created; Grown; Holy water; A cup used in rituals
Virgo, कन्याPranithaPromoted; Led; Created; Grown; Holy water; A cup used in rituals
Virgo, कन्याPranithiBreath; Life
Virgo, कन्याPranjaVery cute
Virgo, कन्याPranjaliSelf-respecting; Respectful; Honest & soft; Simple
Virgo, कन्याPranotiWelcome
Virgo, कन्याPranshiGoddess Lakshmi; Of great stature
Virgo, कन्याPrantikaEnd
Virgo, कन्याPranujaGentle
Virgo, कन्याPranushaPrathama Usha - The First ray of the morning Sun
Virgo, कन्याPranviForgiveness; Goddess of life; Maa Parvati
Virgo, कन्याPraphullaFlowering
Virgo, कन्याPrapthiAchievement; Discovery; Gain; Determination
Virgo, कन्याPraptiAchievement; Discovery; Gain; Determination
Virgo, कन्याPrarthanaPrayer
Virgo, कन्याPrasadabhimukhiEmerging to grant boons
Virgo, कन्याPrasanaRising
Virgo, कन्याPrasannakshiLively eyed
Virgo, कन्याPrasanshaHappy
Virgo, कन्याPrasanthiHighest peace
Virgo, कन्याPrasanyaHappy
Virgo, कन्याPraseedaBe pleased
Virgo, कन्याPrashamiPeaceful; An Apsara or celestial nymph
Virgo, कन्याPrashamsaPraise
Virgo, कन्याPrashanhtiHeight piece
Virgo, कन्याPrashansaPraise
Virgo, कन्याPrashanshaAdmiration; Praise; Compliment; Recommendation
Virgo, कन्याPrashanthiHighest peace
Virgo, कन्याPrashantiHighest peace
Virgo, कन्याPrashastiFame; Praise
Virgo, कन्याPrasheethaOrigin; A starting point
Virgo, कन्याPrasheilaAncient time
Virgo, कन्याPrashiAccomplishment; Fame
Virgo, कन्याPrashikaFull of Love
Virgo, कन्याPrashviA Mark of Love; Soulmate
Virgo, कन्याPrashvitaGoddess Parvati, Consort of Lord Shiva
Virgo, कन्याPrasidhhiFamous
Virgo, कन्याPrasidhiFamous
Virgo, कन्याPrasithaCleanser
Virgo, कन्याPrasoonaA flower; Beautiful flowers; Cheerful; Pleased; Happy
Virgo, कन्याPrasunaA flower; Beautiful flowers; Cheerful; Pleased; Happy
Virgo, कन्याPrasunnaA flower; Beautiful flowers; Cheerful; Pleased; Happy
Virgo, कन्याPrasuthaFlower
Virgo, कन्याPrasutiDaughter of Manu and Consort of Daksha Prajapathi
Virgo, कन्याPrateekaImage; Beautiful; Symbol; Symbolic
Virgo, कन्याPrathaTrend; Custom
Virgo, कन्याPrathamaIt means, the first; Its a name of Goddess Shakti
Virgo, कन्याPrathanaWealth
Virgo, कन्याPrathavAlways First
Virgo, कन्याPrathibhaLight; Keen intellect
Virgo, कन्याPrathikaImage; Beautiful; Symbol; Symbolic
Virgo, कन्याPrathikshaHope; Waiting for something
Virgo, कन्याPrathimaBeautiful; Pleasant; Icon; Idol; Statue
Virgo, कन्याPrathipaQuick
Virgo, कन्याPrathithaConfident
Virgo, कन्याPrathulyaIncomparable
Virgo, कन्याPrathushaSaisudha; Early morning; Dawn
Virgo, कन्याPrathviGoddess Sita; Princess
Virgo, कन्याPrathyshaSaisudha; Early morning; Dawn
Virgo, कन्याPrathyumnaVictory
Virgo, कन्याPrathyushaSaisudha; Early morning; Dawn
Virgo, कन्याPratiOne who appreciates and loves music
Virgo, कन्याPratibhaLight; Keen intellect
Virgo, कन्याPratichiWest
Virgo, कन्याPratichiiWest
Virgo, कन्याPratigyaPledge; Vow
Virgo, कन्याPratikaImage; Beautiful; Symbol; Symbolic
Virgo, कन्याPratikshaHope; Waiting for something
Virgo, कन्याPratikshyaTo wait; Expectation
Virgo, कन्याPratimaBeautiful; pleasant; Icon; Idol; Statue
Virgo, कन्याPratinjitaAngle of God
Virgo, कन्याPratirodhResistance
Virgo, कन्याPratishthaPre-eminence
Virgo, कन्याPratiskhyaTo wait; Expectation
Virgo, कन्याPratisthaPre-eminence
Virgo, कन्याPratithaWell known
Virgo, कन्याPrattushaBeautiful. soft
Virgo, कन्याPrattyshaMorning
Virgo, कन्याPratushaSaisudha; Early morning; Dawn
Virgo, कन्याPratushyaBright morning
Virgo, कन्याPratviGoddess Sita; Princess
Virgo, कन्याPratyakshaOne who is real
Virgo, कन्याPratyayaPerception; Thought; Intention
Virgo, कन्याPratyushaBright morning
Virgo, कन्याPraudhaOne who is old
Virgo, कन्याPravachanaWord from God
Virgo, कन्याPravalikaQuestion
Virgo, कन्याPravalithaUnlimited power
Virgo, कन्याPravallikaQuestion
Virgo, कन्याPravanshiFavourite to everybody; Loving by all
Virgo, कन्याPravaraEminent
Virgo, कन्याPravarshaRain
Virgo, कन्याPravasthiBirth
Virgo, कन्याPravatiPRAYER
Virgo, कन्याPraveenaGoddess Saraswati; Skilled
Virgo, कन्याPraviLord Hanuman
Virgo, कन्याPravinaGoddess Saraswati; Skilled
Virgo, कन्याPrayaPlace of sacrifice; Allahabad
Virgo, कन्याPrayaathiGoes
Virgo, कन्याPrayernaBhakti; Worship
Virgo, कन्याPrayuktaExperimented
Virgo, कन्याPrayushiPure
Virgo, कन्याPrayutaMingled with
Virgo, कन्याPreanaCreativity
Virgo, कन्याPreekshaViewer; Beholding; Viewing
Virgo, कन्याPreemaLove; Affection
Virgo, कन्याPreenithiLoved
Virgo, कन्याPreeshaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift
Virgo, कन्याPreetLove
Virgo, कन्याPreetalLoved one
Virgo, कन्याPreethaHappy; Dear one; Another name of Kunti (Mother of Pandavas)
Virgo, कन्याPreetha LakshmiHappy
Virgo, कन्याPreethiLove; Satisfaction
Virgo, कन्याPreethikaFlower; Loveable
Virgo, कन्याPreetiAffection; Love
Virgo, कन्याPreetikaloved.aspx'>Beloved; Dear one; An atom of love
Virgo, कन्याPreetyAffection; Love
Virgo, कन्याPreityAffection; Love
Virgo, कन्याPrekshaViewer; Beholding; Viewing
Virgo, कन्याPrekshyaLooking at; Observing
Virgo, कन्याPremaLove; Beloved
Virgo, कन्याPremalaLoving
Virgo, कन्याPremalathaLove
Virgo, कन्याPremilaQueen of a women's kingdom
Virgo, कन्याPremlaMay signify (Goodness/Power/Happiness/spirituality)
Virgo, कन्याPrenithaA gift from God
Virgo, कन्याPreranaEncouragement; Inspiration
Virgo, कन्याPreritaOne who inspires
Virgo, कन्याPrernaEncouragement; Inspiration
Virgo, कन्याPreshaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift
Virgo, कन्याPreshtiRay of light
Virgo, कन्याPresthaDearest
Virgo, कन्याPrexaA form of the name, Preksha
Virgo, कन्याPreyaBeloved
Virgo, कन्याPreyanshiLovable part
Virgo, कन्याPreyasiBeloved
Virgo, कन्याPriankaFavorite
Virgo, कन्याPrijaGoddess of good wishes
Virgo, कन्याPrimaLove, Affection
Virgo, कन्याPrimiliImperishable
Virgo, कन्याPrinaContent
Virgo, कन्याPrinakaA girl who brings Heaven to Earth
Virgo, कन्याPrinithaPleased
Virgo, कन्याPrinshaSuccess
Virgo, कन्याPrinsiPrincess
Virgo, कन्याPriscaSaint
Virgo, कन्याPrishaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift
Virgo, कन्याPrishiOne who attends Ukzn and is tall
Virgo, कन्याPrishikaLoving; Gift of God
Virgo, कन्याPrishitaGentle; Creative and Ambitious; God
Virgo, कन्याPritaHappy; Dear one; Another name of Kunti (Mother of Pandavas)
Virgo, कन्याPritalLoved one
Virgo, कन्याPrithaHappy; Dear one; Another name of Kunti (Mother of Pandavas)
Virgo, कन्याPrithanyaGoddess
Virgo, कन्याPritheeLove; Satisfaction
Virgo, कन्याPrithiLove; Satisfaction
Virgo, कन्याPrithikaFlower; Loveable
Virgo, कन्याPrithishaGod of love
Virgo, कन्याPritiAffection; Love
Virgo, कन्याPritikaloved.aspx'>Beloved; Dear one; An atom of love
Virgo, कन्याPritikanaloved.aspx'>Beloved; Dear one; An atom of love
Virgo, कन्याPritilataA creeper of Love
Virgo, कन्याPrityushaEarly morning
Virgo, कन्याPriyaLoved one; Darling; Beloved
Virgo, कन्याPriyaaLoved one; Darling; Beloved
Virgo, कन्याPriyadarshaniSweet looking; Delightful to look at
Virgo, कन्याPriyadarshiniSweet looking; Delightful to look at
Virgo, कन्याPriyajananiMother with Love
Virgo, कन्याPriyalloved.aspx'>Beloved; One who gives love
Virgo, कन्याPriyalaloved.aspx'>Beloved; One who gives love
Virgo, कन्याPriyamLove; Beloved
Virgo, कन्याPriyamadaClever; Smart
Virgo, कन्याPriyamkariGoddess Durga, She who does what is liked
Virgo, कन्याPriyamvadaSweet spoken
Virgo, कन्याPriyanaIdeal
Virgo, कन्याPriyangaLover of Sharmila
Virgo, कन्याPriyangiGoddess Lakshmi; Lovely body
Virgo, कन्याPriyaniLoved One
Virgo, कन्याPriyankaBeautiful; Lovable act; Symbol; Body
Virgo, कन्याPriyanshaBeloved
Virgo, कन्याPriyanshiLovable; Dear; Loving
Virgo, कन्याPriyansiLovable; Dear; Loving
Virgo, कन्याPriyanvadaOne who speaks nicely
Virgo, कन्याPriyaranjenyLoving
Virgo, कन्याPriyashaDear one
Virgo, कन्याPriyasmitaBest friend
Virgo, कन्याPriyathaAffection
Virgo, कन्याPriyavadhanaLovable face
Virgo, कन्याPromilaLove others
Virgo, कन्याProsmitaQuite a girl
Virgo, कन्याProtyashaExpectation
Virgo, कन्याPrushtiPink
Virgo, कन्याPruthaDaughter of earth
Virgo, कन्याPubiThe wind which passes through east
Virgo, कन्याPuchiSweet
Virgo, कन्याPujaIdol worship
Virgo, कन्याPujasriWorship
Virgo, कन्याPujeethaTo be worshipped
Virgo, कन्याPujiGentle
Virgo, कन्याPujitaPrayer; Worshipped; Respected; A Goddess
Virgo, कन्याPujithaTo be worshipped
Virgo, कन्याPujyaRespectable
Virgo, कन्याPujya SritaGoddess Lakshmi (Pujya - respectable Sritha - dressed); Prepared; Mixed
Virgo, कन्याPujyasritaLakshmi
Virgo, कन्याPulakithaShivering with Joy
Virgo, कन्याPulkitaEmbraced
Virgo, कन्याPulomaDelighted
Virgo, कन्याPumaComplete; Content
Virgo, कन्याPumimaNight of the full Moon
Virgo, कन्याPunaiAchiever; Eastern; A musical raagini
Virgo, कन्याPunamFull Moon
Virgo, कन्याPunarnavaA star
Virgo, कन्याPunarvikaStar
Virgo, कन्याPundariHoly
Virgo, कन्याPuneetaLove; Pure; Sacred; Devout
Virgo, कन्याPunitaLove; Pure; Sacred; Devout
Virgo, कन्याPunithaLove; Pure; Sacred; Devout
Virgo, कन्याPunthaliA doll
Virgo, कन्याPunyaaGood work; The Goddess who appreciates good deeds
Virgo, कन्याPunyakeerthiGoddess Durga, She who is famous for good deeds
Virgo, कन्याPunyapriyaA loving person
Virgo, कन्याPuralaGoddess Durga; Guardian of fortresses
Virgo, कन्याPurandhriSame as Gayatri
Virgo, कन्याPuriCity
Virgo, कन्याPurnaComplete
Virgo, कन्याPurnimaFull Moon
Virgo, कन्याPurnitaComplete; Fulfilled
Virgo, कन्याPurushaakritiOne who takes the form of a man
Virgo, कन्याPuruvaEastern; Elder
Virgo, कन्याPurvaEarlier; One; Elder; East
Virgo, कन्याPurvajaThe elder sister; Complete
Virgo, कन्याPurviA classical melody; From the east
Virgo, कन्याPurvikaOrient; Formerly
Virgo, कन्याPushaNourishing
Virgo, कन्याPushaanA sage; God of fertility; Provider; Protector
Virgo, कन्याPushanaProvider; Protector
Virgo, कन्याPushpaFlower
Virgo, कन्याPushpagandhaJuhi flower
Virgo, कन्याPushpajaNectar
Virgo, कन्याPushpakiThe mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu
Virgo, कन्याPushpalataFlower creeper; Flower
Virgo, कन्याPushpalathaFlower creeper; Flower
Virgo, कन्याPushpalathikaName of a Raga
Virgo, कन्याPushpangataJuhi flower
Virgo, कन्याPushpanjaliFlower offering
Virgo, कन्याPushpasriBunch of flowers
Virgo, कन्याPushpavathiDecorated with flowers
Virgo, कन्याPushpitaDecorated with flowers; One that has flowered
Virgo, कन्याPushpithaDecorated with flowers, One that has flowered
Virgo, कन्याPushthiConfirmation; Healthy; Possessor of all wealth; Nourishment; Endorsement
Virgo, कन्याPushtiConfirmation; Healthy; Possessor of all wealth; Nourishment; Endorsement
Virgo, कन्याPushya8th Nakshathra
Virgo, कन्याPushyajaBorn from flower
Virgo, कन्याPustiConfirmation; Healthy; Possessor of all wealth; Nourishment; Endorsement
Virgo, कन्याPutanaBlowing Hard; Demon
Virgo, कन्याPutulDoll
Virgo, कन्याPuviearth
Virgo, कन्याPuvikaThe one who is very good in behavior
Virgo, कन्याPyanasuSweet flower
Virgo, कन्याPyasThirsty

Baby Names by Rashi: Boy

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

Baby Names by Rashi: Girl

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

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About Cancer Girls / Women

Historically, the goddess of wheat and agriculture has stood in for Virgo, an earth sign that emphasizes Virgo’s enduring influence in the tangible world.

Virgos approach life in a methodical, sensible, and rational manner.

This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and doesn’t mind honing abilities through focused, regular practice.

Since Virgo is the sign that governs the digestive system, earth signs are very sensitive to the components of everything, including food.

They pay extreme attention to every aspect.

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