Kark Rashi Names for Girl1

A list of 320+ Kark rashi names for Girl – Cancer names for Girls, is given below:

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Kark Rashi Names for Girl – कर्क राशि के लड़कियों के नाम

About Cancer Girl Kid: They are amiable, courteous, helpful, sensitive, and incredibly thoughtful.They are also rather attractive, assertive, and controlling.

They are individuals who are dependable, honest, committed, responsible, and unwavering.Their thoughts are quite acute.

On occasion, they also display aggressiveness and moodiness.

Cancer Names for Girls – Lucky Names for Cancer Girls

Cancer Girls Names Start With Letter – DD, H

Cancer, कर्कHaanvikaLopper; Honey
Cancer, कर्कHaarikaIs associated with Lord Venkateswara; Goddess Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHaarshiniCheerful; Happy
Cancer, कर्कHaasiniPleasant; Wonderful; Happy or full of laughter
Cancer, कर्कHaasitaHappy or full of laughter; Always smiling; Delightful
Cancer, कर्कHabsanaSuperb
Cancer, कर्कHadvithaLimitless; God Gift
Cancer, कर्कHaimaGoddess Parvati; Snow; Made of gold
Cancer, कर्कHaimavathiGoddess Parvati, Consort of Lord Shiva
Cancer, कर्कHaimavathyGoddess Parvati, Consort of Lord Shiva
Cancer, कर्कHaimavatiGoddess Parvati, Consort of Lord Shiva
Cancer, कर्कHaimiGolden
Cancer, कर्कHaithWho wants good for every one; Lovable
Cancer, कर्कHaiyaHeart
Cancer, कर्कHamsaSwan
Cancer, कर्कHamsabrahmariName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHamsadeepikaName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHamsadhvaniName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHamsalekhaSmart
Cancer, कर्कHamsanandiSupreme happiness
Cancer, कर्कHamsanandiniName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHamsiThe Goddess who is in the form of a Swan
Cancer, कर्कHamsikaGoddess Saraswati; The one who has a swan as her vehicle
Cancer, कर्कHamsikhaSaraswathi
Cancer, कर्कHamsiniWho rides a Swan; Goddess Saraswati
Cancer, कर्कHamsini One who rides a swan; Goddess Saraswati
Cancer, कर्कHaneeshaBeautiful night
Cancer, कर्कHanikaSwan
Cancer, कर्कHanimaA wave
Cancer, कर्कHanisaBeautiful night
Cancer, कर्कHanishaBeautiful night
Cancer, कर्कHanishiSwan
Cancer, कर्कHanishkaSweetness
Cancer, कर्कHanitaGrace
Cancer, कर्कHanithraIt means a beautiful night
Cancer, कर्कHansaSwan
Cancer, कर्कHansamalaA line; Row of Swans
Cancer, कर्कHansanandiniDaughter of a swan
Cancer, कर्कHansavathyGoddess Durga, She who is surrounded by Shakthis called Hamsavathi
Cancer, कर्कHansaveniAnother name of Goddess Saraswati
Cancer, कर्कHansdhwaniThe vocal sound of a swan
Cancer, कर्कHanshikaSwan; Beautiful lady
Cancer, कर्कHanshitaSwan
Cancer, कर्कHanshuHappiness
Cancer, कर्कHansiInnocent; Swan; Soul; Pure
Cancer, कर्कHansikaSwan or beautiful lady
Cancer, कर्कHansiniSwan
Cancer, कर्कHansujaGoddess Lakshmi; Swan
Cancer, कर्कHansviSwan
Cancer, कर्कHanvikaGoddess Lakshmi / Sarasvati; Gold; A Peacock; Light
Cancer, कर्कHanvithaHappy
Cancer, कर्कHardiniNear of heart
Cancer, कर्कHarhsaJoy
Cancer, कर्कHari PriyaGoddess Lakshmi; Beloved of Hari
Cancer, कर्कHari ShriInspiration
Cancer, कर्कHaribalaDaughter of Lord
Cancer, कर्कHarichandanaLord Vishnu; A sort of yellow sandalwood
Cancer, कर्कHaridarpaName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHaridasapriyaName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHarigangaGanga of Lord Vishnu
Cancer, कर्कHarijaFair haired; Blonde
Cancer, कर्कHarijathaFair-haired
Cancer, कर्कHarikaIs associated with Lord Venkateswara; Goddess Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHarimantiBorn in the season of Hemanta
Cancer, कर्कHarinakshiDoe-eyed
Cancer, कर्कHarinarayaniName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHarineeDeer; Goddess Lakshmi
Cancer, कर्कHariniDeer; Goddess Lakshmi
Cancer, कर्कHarinikaGoddess of Vasu
Cancer, कर्कHarinyaLakshmi
Cancer, कर्कHaripriyaGoddess Lakshmi; Beloved of Hari
Cancer, कर्कHarishaCultivator; Lioness; Happiness
Cancer, कर्कHarishriA goddess
Cancer, कर्कHaritaGreen; Gold
Cancer, कर्कHarithaGreen; Gold
Cancer, कर्कHarithiGreen; Name of a Goddess
Cancer, कर्कHarithraHistory
Cancer, कर्कHaritiGreen; Name of a Goddess
Cancer, कर्कHarivallabhiConsort of Lord Hari, Goddess Lakshmi
Cancer, कर्कHarleenAbsorbed in God
Cancer, कर्कHarleenaThinking of God at all times
Cancer, कर्कHarleyHare meadow
Cancer, कर्कHarmeenNoblel; Harmony
Cancer, कर्कHarmyaPalace
Cancer, कर्कHarniBeautiful flower
Cancer, कर्कHarpitaDedicated
Cancer, कर्कHarpithaDedicated
Cancer, कर्कHarshadaGiver of joy; Delighted
Cancer, कर्कHarshalaHappiness; Delighted
Cancer, कर्कHarshaliAnand (Happiness)
Cancer, कर्कHarshashriHappiness
Cancer, कर्कHarshiJoyous
Cancer, कर्कHarshidaHappy
Cancer, कर्कHarshidhaHappy
Cancer, कर्कHarshikJoyful; Happy; One who gives happiness
Cancer, कर्कHarshikaHappiness; Laugh
Cancer, कर्कHarshiniCheerful; Happy
Cancer, कर्कHarshitaHappy; Full of joy; Cheerful
Cancer, कर्कHarshithaHappy; Full of joy; Cheerful
Cancer, कर्कHarshiyaHeaven
Cancer, कर्कHarshniJoyful
Cancer, कर्कHarsikaHappiness; Laugh
Cancer, कर्कHarsiniGoddess Lakshmi
Cancer, कर्कHarsitaHappy; Full of joy; Cheerful
Cancer, कर्कHarthikaBlessing; Good
Cancer, कर्कHaruniA deer
Cancer, कर्कHarushaHappy
Cancer, कर्कHarviBattle worthy
Cancer, कर्कHasanthiOne that delights
Cancer, कर्कHashikaSmiling; Gregarious; Funny; Delightful
Cancer, कर्कHashiniPleasant; Wonderful; Happy or full of laughter
Cancer, कर्कHashithaAlways Smiling
Cancer, कर्कHashmithaPopularity
Cancer, कर्कHashreeJoyful
Cancer, कर्कHasiLaugh
Cancer, कर्कHasikaSmiling; Gregarious; Funny; Delightful
Cancer, कर्कHasinaPretty; Beautiful
Cancer, कर्कHasiniPleasant; Wonderful; Happy or full of laughter
Cancer, कर्कHasitaHappy or full of laughter; Always smiling; Delightful
Cancer, कर्कHasithaHappy or full of laughter; Always smiling
Cancer, कर्कHasmitaPopularity
Cancer, कर्कHasmithaPopularity
Cancer, कर्कHasneeHappy
Cancer, कर्कHasriGoddess Lakshmi; Always happy; Joyful
Cancer, कर्कHassiniHappiness
Cancer, कर्कHastiGreat
Cancer, कर्कHasuLaugh
Cancer, कर्कHasumatiHappy
Cancer, कर्कHasvikaHappy
Cancer, कर्कHasvithaBeing happy; Full of happiness
Cancer, कर्कHatishaWith no desire
Cancer, कर्कHavinaSafety
Cancer, कर्कHavinthaBridge of relations; Goddess Durga
Cancer, कर्कHavisaGoddess Lakshmi; Sanctuary; Safe harbor; God Lakshmi
Cancer, कर्कHavishaGoddess Lakshmi; Sanctuary; Safe harbor; Offerings
Cancer, कर्कHavishaaGoddess Lakshmi; Sanctuary; Safe harbor; Offerings
Cancer, कर्कHavyaTo be invoked
Cancer, कर्कHayanaGracious
Cancer, कर्कHayathiLove
Cancer, कर्कHayatiVital
Cancer, कर्कHaymaForest
Cancer, कर्कHazelLeader
Cancer, कर्कHeaGrace
Cancer, कर्कHeashikaNOT FOUND
Cancer, कर्कHeemaGold; Snow
Cancer, कर्कHeemaliIce; Cold like ice; Golden skinned
Cancer, कर्कHeemanshiPart of snow (Goddess Parvati)
Cancer, कर्कHeenaMehndi; Fragrance
Cancer, कर्कHeenalGoddess of beauty and wealth
Cancer, कर्कHeenitaGrace
Cancer, कर्कHeeraDiamond; Queen of Gods
Cancer, कर्कHeeranyaGold; Golden; Wealth
Cancer, कर्कHeerkaniSmall diamond
Cancer, कर्कHeeyaHeart
Cancer, कर्कHeidiNoble sort
Cancer, कर्कHejalFruit
Cancer, कर्कHelaHope; Moonlight
Cancer, कर्कHellyRain Fall
Cancer, कर्कHemaGolden
Cancer, कर्कHema LathaGolden or beautiful
Cancer, कर्कHema LathiGolden; Beautiful
Cancer, कर्कHema MaliniHaving golden garlands; Golden; Beautiful
Cancer, कर्कHema SriOne with golden body
Cancer, कर्कHemaadriMountain of gold
Cancer, कर्कHemadrikaSnow drop
Cancer, कर्कHemagniGoddess Parvati; Golden body
Cancer, कर्कHemajaGod of Parvathi
Cancer, कर्कHemakshiGolden-eyed
Cancer, कर्कHemalaGolden
Cancer, कर्कHemalataGolden creeper; Golden vine
Cancer, कर्कHemalathaGolden creeper; Golden vine
Cancer, कर्कHemaliIce; Cold like ice; Golden skinned
Cancer, कर्कHemamalaOne of the consorts of Yama
Cancer, कर्कHemamaliniHaving golden garlands; Golden; Beautiful
Cancer, कर्कHemambariName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHemangiGirl with golden body
Cancer, कर्कHemanginiGirl with golden body
Cancer, कर्कHemangniGirl with golden body
Cancer, कर्कHemaniGoddess Parvati; Made of gold; As precious as gold; Epithet of Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHemanikaFair complexion girl
Cancer, कर्कHemanthiWinter; Early winter
Cancer, कर्कHemantiWinter; Early winter
Cancer, कर्कHemanyaGolden bodied
Cancer, कर्कHemaprabhaGolden light
Cancer, कर्कHemapriyaFine
Cancer, कर्कHemasarangaName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHemashreeOne with a golden body
Cancer, कर्कHemashriOne with golden body
Cancer, कर्कHemasriOne with golden body
Cancer, कर्कHemavaniGolden words
Cancer, कर्कHemavathiGoddess Lakshmi; Possessing gold; Golden Goddess Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHemavathyGoddess Lakshmi; Possessing gold; Golden Goddess Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHemavatiGoddess Lakshmi; Possessing gold; Golden Goddess Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHemishaHappiness; Golden
Cancer, कर्कHemitaCovered with gold
Cancer, कर्कHemkantaGolden girl
Cancer, कर्कHemlataGolden creeper
Cancer, कर्कHemltaGolden creeper
Cancer, कर्कHenaMehndi; Fragrance
Cancer, कर्कHenalGoddess of beauty and wealth
Cancer, कर्कHenishiLove
Cancer, कर्कHennaMehndi; Fragrance
Cancer, कर्कHennyRuler of the home.
Cancer, कर्कHensiCuteness
Cancer, कर्कHenySweetness
Cancer, कर्कHeraDiamond; Queen of Gods
Cancer, कर्कHeralWealthy
Cancer, कर्कHeshaComplete
Cancer, कर्कHetaLove
Cancer, कर्कHetaniStrong
Cancer, कर्कHetanshiAmanda; A part of love
Cancer, कर्कHetarthiLove; Good thinking
Cancer, कर्कHethaisiniEnjoy
Cancer, कर्कHethanshriA part of Love
Cancer, कर्कHetiSunray
Cancer, कर्कHetikaSunrays
Cancer, कर्कHetiniSunset
Cancer, कर्कHetuVanquisher of all evils; Vices & sins
Cancer, कर्कHetviLove
Cancer, कर्कHeyaathiOne of the vital names
Cancer, कर्कHidimbaName of a rakshashi
Cancer, कर्कHiliDancer
Cancer, कर्कHillaTimid
Cancer, कर्कHiloneePeople; Race
Cancer, कर्कHimaGoddess Parvati; Of the snow; Golden; Name for Parvati and Ganga
Cancer, कर्कHima BinduSnow drop; Dew drop
Cancer, कर्कHimaadriSnow mountain; The Himalayas
Cancer, कर्कHimaansiCool breeze
Cancer, कर्कHimabinduSnow drop; Dew drop
Cancer, कर्कHimagauriGoddess Parvati, Daughter of Himavan
Cancer, कर्कHimagouriGoddess Parvati, Daughter of Himavan
Cancer, कर्कHimajaGoddess Parvati, Daughter of Himalaya Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHimakshiGolden eyes
Cancer, कर्कHimaliIce; Cold like ice; Golden skinned
Cancer, कर्कHimaniGoddess Parvati; Made of gold; As precious as gold; Epithet of Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHimanshiIce
Cancer, कर्कHimarashmiCold rayed Moon
Cancer, कर्कHimavarshaSnow rain
Cancer, कर्कHimavathiGoddess Lakshmi; Possessing gold; Golden Goddess Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHimayaGoddess
Cancer, कर्कHimendraLord of gold
Cancer, कर्कHinaMehndi; Fragrance
Cancer, कर्कHinakshiOne with Good Eyes
Cancer, कर्कHinalGoddess of beauty and wealth
Cancer, कर्कHinayaShine; Bright; Beautiful; Fairy; Expression
Cancer, कर्कHindaIndia; Female deer
Cancer, कर्कHindaviHindu
Cancer, कर्कHindhaviHindu
Cancer, कर्कHindiA native Indian language
Cancer, कर्कHindolaA Raga
Cancer, कर्कHirPowerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness
Cancer, कर्कHiraPowerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness
Cancer, कर्कHiralLustrous
Cancer, कर्कHirankshiEyes Like Deer
Cancer, कर्कHiranmaMade of gold; Golden
Cancer, कर्कHiranmayeeGolden girl; Deer-like; Golden
Cancer, कर्कHiranmayiGolden girl; Deer-like; Golden
Cancer, कर्कHiranyaGold; Golden; Wealth
Cancer, कर्कHiranyadhaGiving gold
Cancer, कर्कHiranyaprakaiAmidst gold
Cancer, कर्कHirishaShining Sun
Cancer, कर्कHirkaniSmall diamond
Cancer, कर्कHirnakshiDoe eyed
Cancer, कर्कHirshaIs associated with Lord Vishnu
Cancer, कर्कHirudhayaSpiritual heart
Cancer, कर्कHirvaOne of the four Vedas; Blessing
Cancer, कर्कHirwaOne of the four Vedas; Blessing
Cancer, कर्कHishaYea
Cancer, कर्कHishethaWonder
Cancer, कर्कHishitaGreatness
Cancer, कर्कHitaWho wants good for everyone; Lovable
Cancer, कर्कHitaishiWell wisher
Cancer, कर्कHitakshiExistence of Love
Cancer, कर्कHitanshiSimplicity and purity
Cancer, कर्कHitansiSimplicity and purity
Cancer, कर्कHitarthiLove; Good thinking
Cancer, कर्कHitaxiWell wisher; Friend; Well-wisher
Cancer, कर्कHiteeLove and care
Cancer, कर्कHiteshaGood Person
Cancer, कर्कHitexaWell wisher
Cancer, कर्कHithaWho wants good for every one; Lovable
Cancer, कर्कHitiLove and care
Cancer, कर्कHitikshaWell wisher; Golden flower
Cancer, कर्कHitishaBeneficial
Cancer, कर्कHitishiniWell-wisher
Cancer, कर्कHitulWell Wisher
Cancer, कर्कHivaUltimate
Cancer, कर्कHiyaHeart
Cancer, कर्कHolikaLighting of ceremonial fire
Cancer, कर्कHomaBorn out of sacred fire
Cancer, कर्कHoneySweet
Cancer, कर्कHoneyshaHoney
Cancer, कर्कHonneshaRich person
Cancer, कर्कHoumeshaThe Ray of gold
Cancer, कर्कHoyalaHoly
Cancer, कर्कHradhaLake
Cancer, कर्कHradiniLightening
Cancer, कर्कHreemkariGoddess Durga
Cancer, कर्कHridaPure
Cancer, कर्कHridhikaPart of the heart
Cancer, कर्कHridhyaHeart
Cancer, कर्कHridimaGood Hearted
Cancer, कर्कHridyaHeart
Cancer, कर्कHridyanshiPiece of heart
Cancer, कर्कHridyesaHeart
Cancer, कर्कHridyeshaHeart
Cancer, कर्कHrishikaThe village of birth
Cancer, कर्कHrishitaJoyful; Who brings happiness; Deep knowledge; The best
Cancer, कर्कHrishithaGladdened
Cancer, कर्कHrithikaJoy; Of a truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful
Cancer, कर्कHrithviRight guidance; Happy; Scholar
Cancer, कर्कHritiHappiness
Cancer, कर्कHritikaJoy; Of a truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful
Cancer, कर्कHritviRight guidance; Happy; Scholar
Cancer, कर्कHritvikaJoy of Love
Cancer, कर्कHrudaiHeart
Cancer, कर्कHrudkamaliName of a Raga
Cancer, कर्कHrutiLove
Cancer, कर्कHrutviName of an Angel meaning season; Love and saint; Speech
Cancer, कर्कHuemishaGoddess Saraswati; Super intelligent
Cancer, कर्कHumailaGolden necklace
Cancer, कर्कHumaithiA goddess
Cancer, कर्कHumishaGoddess Saraswati
Cancer, कर्कHumshikaGoddess Saraswati; The one who has a swan as her vehicle
Cancer, कर्कHumsihaGoddess Saraswati; Luckiest girl
Cancer, कर्कHumsikhaSarasvati
Cancer, कर्कHuvishkaPromise; Godly Qualities; Goddess Saraswati
Cancer, कर्कHymaGoddess Parvati; Of the snow; Golden; Name for Parvati and Ganga
Cancer, कर्कHymavathyGoddess Lakshmi; Possessing gold; Golden Goddess Parvati
Cancer, कर्कHyndhaviGoddess Durga

Baby Names by Rashi: Boy

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

Baby Names by Rashi: Girl

Aries, मेष Taurus, वृषभ Gemini, मिथुन
Cancer, कर्क Leo, सिंह Virgo, कन्या
Libra, तुला Scorpio, वृश्चिक Sagittarius, धनु
Capricorn, मकर Aquarius, कुम्भ Pisces, मीन

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About Cancer Girls / Women

The cardinal sign of water is Cancer. The crab, an aquatic animal that gracefully moves between the sea and the land, symbolizes Cancer’s capacity to exist in both the material and emotional domains.

Because of their keen intuition, Cancers are able to sense energy in concrete locations.

For example, they can sense the energy in a room with ease. These crabs are fiercely protective of themselves and very sensitive to their surroundings.

Like their heavenly spirit animal, the cancer is protected by hard outer shells.

These crabs could initially appear aloof or distant.

But with time, Cancers show off their mystical powers, real compassion, and gentle disposition.

Just be prepared that getting to know them may take some time.