Baby Boy Names That Start With Y
Baby Boy Names That Start With Y

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Baby Boy Names That Start With Y, a number of intuition and spirituality.

Baby boy names with y prefer freedom and despise any form of limitation. They are quick and brilliant.

They meditate, contemplate, and work as well. They can be lethargic and even indecisive at the same time.

Baby Boy Names That Start With Y – Baby Boy Names with Y

YaachanPrayer; Entreaty
YaadavLord Krishna; Descendant from Yadu; Name of Krishna
YaajWorshipper; Sacrifice; Another name for Lord Shiva; A sage
YaajakSacrificing priest; Religious; Generous
YaamirThe Moon
YaaniRipe; Scarlet
YaashkExerting; Desiring heat
YaatieshLord of devotees
YadabLord Krishna; Descendant from Yadu; Name of Krishna
YadavLord Krishna; Descendant from Yadu; Name of Krishna
YadavendraLord Krishna; King of the Yadava clan
YadhavLord Krishna; Descendant of Yadu
YadhavanLord Krishna; Descendant of Yadu
YadhuAn ancient king
YadhuveerLord Krishna
YadneshSpirit of happiness; Spirit of joy; God of Ganesha and Vignesh
YadnyaHoly fire
YaduAn ancient king
YadukrishnaLord Krishna, Krishna, Descendant of Yadu
YadunandanLord Krishna; Of Yadu clan
YadunathLord Krishna; Protector of Yadus
YadurajLord Krishna, King of Yadus
YaduveerLord Krishna; Brave man; Descendant of Yadu
YaduvirLord Krishna; Brave man; Descendant of Yadu
YagnaCeremonial rites to God
YagnakayaThe acceptor of all sacred & sacrificial offerings
YagneshReligious leader
YagnikA person who performs Yagna / Pooja; Age of Nation
YagnyaCeremonial rites to God
YagyasenName of king Drupad
YagyeshLord of the sacrificial fire
YajWorshipper; Sacrifice; Another name for Lord Shiva; A sage
YajakSacrificing priest; Religious; Generous
YajanWorship; Sacrifice
YajasFame; Worship
YajatSacred; Holy; Divine; Another name of Lord Shiva; Dignified; The Moon
YajinSacrifice; Religious
YajnSacrificer; Worship; Devotion; Worshipper; Sacrifice
YajnadharLord Vishnu
YajnarupLord Krishna; One who is as pure as Yajna; One whose form is Yajna
YajneshLord Vishnu; Lord of worship or sacrifice; Epithet of Vishnu; Epithet of Sun
YajuYajur Veda
YajurA vedic text
YajurvVedic Worship
YajurvaOne of the four Vedas; Lord Vishnu
Yajurvedreligious reverence, veneration, worship, sacrifice, a sacrificial prayer, formula, particularly mantras muttered in a peculiar manner at a sacrifice. Veda means knowledge.
YajusA worshipper; Sacrifice
YajvanePerformer of yagnas
YakshA representative of God, a type of a demi God; Protector of forests; Speedy
YakshinLiving; Alive
YakshitWho is made forever; Permanent; God
YakshithWho is made forever; Permanent; God
YakulPhilosopher; Careful; Beautiful
YamahilLord Vishnu
YamajitLord Shiva, The one who won over Yama
YamajithLord Shiva, The one who won over Yama
YamirThe Moon
YamrajGod of death
YamuraThe Moon
Yanaikkum KuzhakanLord Murugan
YanishaOne with High Hopes
YanshGod name
YaraThe bright light
YasasriGod’s name of success; Victory or glory or fame or success; Supplanter
YashVictory; Glory; Success; Celebrity; Reputation
Yash RajVictory; Glory; Fame; Success
YashalBrilliant; Radiant
YashasFame; Attractiveness; Brilliance; Virtue
YashashreeGod’s name of success; Victory or glory or fame or success; Supplanter
YashashriGod’s name of success; Victory or glory or fame or success; Supplanter
YashaskaramBestower of fame and fortune
YashasvaFull of fame
YashaswinSuccessful boy
YashawantAlways famous
YashdeepSuccess; The light of glory
YashikHappiness; Honorary and Marriage
YashilSuccess; Wealthy; Popular
YashitPerson who brings fame, Famous or glorious
YashithA person who brings fame, Famous or Glorious
YashodevLord of fame
YashodhanRich in fame
YashodharaOne who has achieved fame
YashovardhanaOne who improve your glory
YashovarmanVictorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful
YashpalProtector of fame
YashrajVictory; Glory; Fame; Success
YashshreeGod’s name of success; Victory or glory or fame or success; Supplanter
YashshriGod’s name of success; Victory or glory or fame or fortune; Supplanter
YashuPeace; Calm
YashvanthA person who attains fame and glory
YashvardhanThe one who is famous with his goodwill spreading all around
YashvardhanaOne who improve your glory
YashvasinBeloved and ever popular Lord; Lord Ganesh
YashveerGlorious and brave
YashvinWinner of fame
YashvirGlorious and brave
YashwandharMajesty; Rich person
YashwantOne who has achieved glory; Always famous
YashwanthOne who has achieved glory; Always famous
YashwardhanThe one who is famous with his goodwill spreading all around
YashwinLord Krishna; The Raising of Sun; Fame
YasvanthA person who attains fame and glory
YasvinWinner of fame; To succeed
YaswanthLord Krishna; A person who attains fame and glory
YaswinWinner of fame; To succeed
YateendraSanyasi; Lord Indra
YateshLord of devotees
YatharthProper; Possibility
YathavanLord Vishnu
YatheeshThe leader of the devoted; Lord of devotees
YathishThe leader of the devoted; Lord of devotees
YathraSacred journey
YathrathProper; Possibility
YathvikTraditional; Success; Love of God
YatinAscetic; Devotee
YatindraSanyasi; Lord Indra
YatishA leader of the devoted; Lord of devotees
YatnaEnergy; Endeavour; Labour; Performance
YatneshGod of efforts
YatnikMaking efforts
YatraSacred journey
YatvikTo Succeed; Name of God of Love
YaudhavirLord Krishna; Brave warrior
YauvaYoung; Teenager; Vigorous
YavanQuick; Mingling; Keeping aloof
YavarAugmented by glory
YayinLord Shiva; Quick; Swift; Name of Shiva
YazatSacred; Holy; Divine; Another name of Lord Shiva; Dignified; The Moon
YegharajHe is the only king
YerrappaRed Man
YeshwantA person who attains fame and glory
YeshwanthA person who attains fame and glory
YesvanthLord Krishna; A person who attains fame and glory
YeswantA person who attains fame and glory
YeswanthLord Krishna; A person who attains fame and glory
YetharthProper; Possibility
YodhinWarrior; Victor
YogThe union of the individual soul with universal soul; Joining; Uniting; Conveyance; Yoga personified as the son of Dharma and Kriya; Name of Vishnu and Shiva, Lord Buddha
YogadevaLord of Yoga
YogadevanLord of Yoga
YogadhipaThe Lord of meditation
YogajBorn of meditation
YogajiOne who does Yoga
YoganandDelighted with meditation
YoganathGood Activity
YoganathamLord of Union; Ruler of the World; Lord Shiva
YogarajA healthy and lovable lucky person
YogeenGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva); One who practices Yoga; Ascetic; Follower of the Yoga philosophy
YogenderGod of Yoga
YogendraGod of Yoga
YogeshGod of Yoga
YogiA devotee; Ascetic; Meditative; Religious; A Buddha; Another name for Vishnu and Shiva
Yogi SreeDevotee; Supreme master
YoginGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva); One who practices Yoga; Ascetic; Follower of the Yoga philosophy
YoginampatiLord of the yogis
YogineSaint; A name of Lord Hanuman
YogirajGreat ascetic; Lord Shiva
YogisaiA devotee; Supreme master
YogishGod of Yoga
YogitOne who can concentrate or female disciple or enchanted
YogithOne who can concentrate or female disciple or enchanted
YograjGreat ascetic; Lord Shiva
YogyaA unit of measure for long distances; A plan
YohanGod is merciful
YojakYoker; Employer; Manager; Another name for Agni
YokshitGreat Artist; Hero; Lord Vishnu
YoshitYoung; Boy; Quiet
YoshithYoung; Boy; Quiet
YotakA constellation
YudhajitVictor in war; A hero; Soldier;
YudhajithVictor in war; A hero; Soldier;
YudhavLord Krishna
YudhishthirEldest Pandavas brother; Firm in battle
YudhishthiraOne who established Yudhisthira back as king
YudhishtirEldest Pandavas brother; Firm in battle
YudhisthirEldest Pandavas brother; Firm in battle
YudhisthiraOne who established Yudhisthira back as king
YuditNatkhat (Naughty)
YugaLord Murugan; Epoch or Era within a four age cycle
YugalCouple; Pair
YuganYouth; Lord Murugan
YugandharEver lasting; Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna
YugankEnd of Era
YuganshPart of universe
YugantEver lasting
YugantarEver lasting; Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna
YugapBest of the Era
YugeshKing of all Era
YugeshwaranLord of meditation
YuginGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva); One who practices Yoga
YugmaTwins; Zodiac sign of Gemini
YujTo concentrate; Companion; Equal; To restrain; To arrange; To prepare
YujyaRelated; Connected; Allied; Equal in power; Capable
YukinSuccessful; Joyful; Freedom Lover
YukithanCourageous; Logical; Compassion
YuktProsperous; Yoked; United; Attentive; Skilful; Clever; Proper
YunayAnother name of Lord Ganesh
YupakshThe eye of victory
YusuSon of Abhimanyu
YuvVigorous; Young
YuvaYoung; Teenager; Vigorous
YuvaanYouthful; Lord Shiva; Young; Healthy; The Moon
YuvaanshYouthful; Lord Shiva
YuvalBrook; Stream
YuvanYouthful; Lord Shiva; Young; Healthy; The Moon
Yuvan SuryaStrong; Healthy; Young; The Sun
YuvanaYoung; Healthy
YuvanathLord; Prince of youthfulness
YuvaneshStrong; Healthy; Name of Lord Shiva; Youth; Sky; Young Generation
YuvanshYoung generation
YuvarajPrince; Heir apparent; Young
YuvaruthLively; Evergreen attitude
YuviYoung lady
YuvrajPrince; Heir apparent; Young
YuyutsuEager to fight; One of the Kauravas who survived the war
Baby Boy Names with Y

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baby boy names that start with y, baby boy names with y, hindu baby boy names starting with y, hindu baby boy names starting with y with meanings, y letter names for boy hindu, unique hindu baby boy names starting with y,

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modern baby boy names starting with y, modern hindu baby boy names starting with y, unique baby names that start with y, y letter names for boy hindu latest, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033,