Baby Boy Names That Start With S
Baby Boy Names That Start With S

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Baby Boy Names That Start with S, one of the most well-known letters in the alphabet, corresponds to the number one in numerology.

It’s the most powerful number. They are powerful and prosperous.

They instill strength and willpower in the bearer by instilling confidence, drive, and conviction.

Relationships are particularly important to Baby names with s guys. They’re also great buddies.

Baby Boy Names That Start With S – Baby Boy Names with S

SaabirPatient; Tolerant
SaacharYahweh has remembered; Appropriate; Well-mannered
SaadGood luck; Happy
SaadarAttached; Respectful; Thoughtful
SaadhanWork; Achievement; Worship; The shelter; Fulfilment
SaadhavPure; Loyal; Decent; Peaceful; Worthy; Chaste; Devout worthy; Noble
SaadhikWinner; Pious; Proficient
SaadhinAchievement; Work
SaaduddinThe success of the religion (Islam)
SaadullahJoy of Allah
SaadvikA tree
SaafiPure; Clear; Crystal
SaafirAmbassador; Handsome; Emissary; Mediator
SaagarSea; Ocean
SaagarikBelonging to the ocean
SaagnikOne who wins the fire; Fiery; Passionate; Married
SaahasValour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
SaahasyaMighty; Powerful
SaahatStong; Powerful
SaahibMaster; Gentleman; Companion
SaahilSea shore; Guide; Shore; Bank
SaahirWakeful; Magician; Alert; Nocturnal
SaaiqHe who drives on the right path
SaajOne who worships God; Beauteous tranquillity
SaajidProtractor; One who worships God
SaakarThe manifestation of God; Shapely; Concrete; Formal; Attractive
SaakashOne with a light shone upon him; Illumination; Brilliance; An enlightened soul
SaaketLord Krishna; Having the same intention
SaakethLord Krishna
SaakshTrue; Witness; With eyes
SaalThe year consisting of twelve months
SaalanOne of the Kauravas
SaalihGood; Righteous; Safe; Whole; Flawless
SaamantBordering; Leader; Universal whole; Near; Omnipresent
SaamarAccompanied by the eternal Gods; Fruit; Outcome; Possession; Conflict; Son
SaamiEminent; Exalted; High; Sublime; Similar
SaamirEarly morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind
SaamodPleased; Happy; Fragrant
SaanalFiery; Energetic; Powerful; Vigorous
SaanidhyaAbode of God; Nera
SaanjyaUnique; Incomparable
SaaqibShining star
SaaranSurrender; Running; Lily; Yard of a sail
SaarangA musical instrument; Distinguished; Brilliance; Light; Jewel; Gold light; The Earth; A musical Raag, Another name for the Love God Kaama and Shiva
SaaranshSummary; In brief; Precise; Result
SaarasSwan; The Moon
SaarikResembling a small song bird; Melodious; Stream; Precious
SaariyahClouds at night; Name of a companion of the prophet
SaarthCharioteer of Partha (Arjun)
SaarvendraEvery where; God
SaatejPossessing of brilliance and intelligence; Soft
SaathviExistence; Real
SaathvikCalm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva
SaathwikCalm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva
SaatvikVirtuous; Lord Krishna; Worthy; Important; Pure; Good
SaavanThe fifth month of the Hindu year; One who offers a sacrifice to God; Rain during monsoon season
SaavitraOf the Sun; Offering; Fire
SaavyasBring together
SaayakWeapon; Kind and helpful
SaayanFriend; Kind heart
SaayedLeader; Lord; Master
SabalWith strength
SabaqueOne who surpasses; Excels
SabarNectar; Distinguished
SabareeshLord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
SabareeshwaraLord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
SabariA tribal devotee of Lord Rama; One who lives in Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
Sabari GireeshLord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
SabarinathLord Rama, Lord of Sabari
SabarinathanLord Ayyappa
SabarishLord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
SabarishriLord Ayyappa
SabawoonDawn, Morning
SabbarExtremely patient
SabbirPious; Beautiful; Patient
SabeehBeautiful; A narrator of Hadith; Pleasant; Fond
SabeerPatient; Tolerant
SabhaaPretty; Beautiful; Graceful; Bright like morning
SabhajitThe essence of Love; Favour; Fortune of Love of God
SabibahWater that is poured
SabihBeautiful; A narrator of Hadith; Pleasant; Fond
SabilPath; Way
SabiqAnother name of God; Primary; First
SabirPatient; Tolerant
SabitStrong; Well-established
SabjeetThe essence of Love; Favor; Fortune of Love of God
SaboorPatient; Tolerant; Forbearing; Preserving
SabooreeWinner of every thing
SabreshLord Ayyappa
SabrinapreetOne having all treasure; Contented
SaburPatient; Tolerant; Forbearing; Preserving
SaburahA narrator of Hadith
SacchidanandaTotal bliss
Sacchidananda VigrahaEternal happiness and bliss
SachandraPure beautiful Moon
SachbhagatLove for patience
SachchitLord Brahma; Truth
SachdeepLight of truth
SachdevA true devotee of God; Light of truth
SachdhianLight of truth
SachetJoyful; Consciousness
SachgianA truly godly person; Rainbow; Absorbed in the true one
SachhThe truth
SachidanandOne with a good mind and who is happy
Sachidanand VigrahaAn embodiment of existence; Awareness and bliss
SachinLord Indra; Pure existence; Affectionate; Epithet of Shiva
SachindeoLord Indra Dev
SachindevLord Indra Dev
SachishLord Indra
SachitJoyful or consciousness
SachithJoyful or consciousness
SachjogAbsorbed in the true one
SachkeeratOne with the knowledge of the truth; Lord Brahma
SachmanSinging the praises of God; Union with the true one
SachpalOne absorbed in truth
SachpradhanThe one absorbed in truth, In God
SachpreetProtector of truth; True at heart
SachpremOne in whom truth is predominant
SachroopLord Indra; Love for the truth
SachsevThe real Love; The Love of God
SachsevakLove for the truth
SachtekServant of truth
SachuttamOne who attains true peace
SachveerOne who attains true peace; Taking the support of the truth
SadGood luck
Sad Al DinGood of the faith
Sa’d Al DinGood of the faith
Sada ShivPure; Eternally pure
Sada ShivaPure; Eternally pure
Sada SivamAlways silent
SadaatBlessing; Honor; Happiness; Bliss; Felicity
SadabinduLord Vishnu; Sada- eternally + Bindu – particle
SadadThe right thing to do; Lucky hand
SadaiappanLord Shiva
SadanWork; Achievement; Worship; The shelter; Fulfilment
SadanaamFriend; Bravely upholding the truth; True and the best one
SadanandEver joyous
SadanandamWho is Happy always
SadarAttached; Respectful; Thoughtful
SadashivPure; Eternally pure
SadashivaEternal God; Lord Shiva
SadavirEver courageous
SaddamOne who confronts; Powerful ruler
SadeedRelevant; Pertinent; Correct; Right
SadeemHaze; Mist
SadeepakBravely upholding the truth; Achiever
SadeepanLighted up
SadeeqTrustworthy; Kingly
SadgataWho moves in the right direction
SadgunaGood virtues
SadguruGood teacher
SadhanWork; Achievement; Worship; The shelter; Fulfilment
SadhilPerfect; Leader; Ruler
SadhnahEternal Lord
SadhpreetEverlasting true name
SadhuEternal lamp; Flame
SadhvikMore Polite; Simplicity
SadidRelevant; Pertinent; Correct; Right
SadikTrustworthy; Kingly
SadinIndependent; Fawn; Young deer
SadipakBravely upholding the truth; Achiever
SadiqTrustworthy; Kingly
SadirOrdered; Pasted; Appointed
SadishWith direction
SaditHard working and strong
SadooqHonest; Truthful; Sincere
SadraChief; Leader; Judge
SadriChief or leader or judge; Conqueror
SadruLord Vishnu
SadruddinThe person at the forefront of the faith Islam
SadsukhLoving devotion
SaduhSinger; Singing
Sadul KhalqBlessing for the creation
SadvikA tree
SaeebRight; Appropriate; Correct
SaeedBlissful; Auspicious; Happy
Saeeduz ZamanLuckiest of the age
SafalyaDone successfully
SafdarBrave; A violent warrior
SafeerAmbassador; Handsome; Emissary; Mediator
SaffiSaffron the spice or yellow or precious or glowing; Best friend
SafiPure; Clear; Crystal
SafirAmbassador; Handsome; Emissary; Mediator
SafiuddinThe pure one of the faith
SafiullahThe pure one of Allah
SafiySaffron the spice or yellow or precious or glowing; Best friend
Safiy Al DinBest friend of the faith
Safiy-AllahAllah’s chosen one
SaftGood habit; Plus point
Saful IslamSword of Islam
SafwatThe best; The chosen
SagaljeetSaintly person
SagaljotEternal lamp; Flame
SagalpreetImmortal life
SaganLord Shiva; Attended or accompanied by a body of followers; An epithet of Shiva
SagarSea; Ocean
SagarduttGift of ocean
SagarotharakaOne who leapt across the ocean, Lord Hanuman
SagheerSmall; Short
Saghir AliLittle Ali
SagnikOne who wins the fire; Fiery; Passionate; Married
SahaasValour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
SahadevYoungest of the Panch Pandava
Sahadeva The 6th sensed one
SahanKing; One of the Kauravas
SaharDawn, Early morning; Moonlight
SaharaDawn, Early morning; Lord Shiva
SaharshWith joy; Happy
SahasValour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
SahashradLord Shiva
SahaskritBestowing strength; Power
SahasraakashThousand-eyed Lord
SahasradLord Shiva
SahasrajitOne who conquers thousands; Victor of thousands
SahasrajithOne who conquers thousands; Victor of thousands
SahasrapaatThousand-footed Lord
SahasthrabahuOne with thousand arms
SahastrabahuOne with thousand arms
SahastrajitVictor of thousands
SahasyaMighty; Powerful
SahatStong; Powerful
SahayHelpful; Friend
SahayaHelp; Lord Shiva
SahbanPowerful; Strong; Important
SahdevOne of the Pandavas princes
SaheedLucky; Blissful; Witness
SahelOne who shows the way
SahibMaster; Gentleman; Companion
SahidLucky; Blissful; Witness
SahilSeashore; Guide; Shore; Bank
SahildeepVictory for all
SahilijeetLight for all
SahilmeetLove for all
SahilpreetDew; Ocean; Sea
SahirWakeful; Magician; Alert; Nocturnal
SahishnuLord Vishnu; Who calmly endures duality
SahitNear; Literature
SahithNear; Literature
SahjanandLord Swami Narayan
SahlEasy to deal with
SahladHaving joy, Happy
SahmArrow; Dart
SahmirEntertaining companion
SahtoshSatisfaction; Happiness
SahvanPowerful; Strong; Important
SaiA female friend; A flower
Sai AmartyaImmortal; Shirdi Sai baba
Sai AnandFlower
Sai ArjunLord name
Sai ChandraSai baba
Sai CharanFlower; Sais’ feet
Sai DasIntelligent
Sai DeepA name of Sai baba
Sai DeepakFlower
Sai KarthikFlower
Sai KrishBeloved of Lord Krishna
Sai KrishnaSai baba and Lord Krishna
Sai KumarFlower
Sai PrasadBlessing
Sai PratapBlessing of Saibaba
Sai RamPutaparti Sai baba (Lord Sai of Puttaparthy)
Sai RoopFlower
Sai SahasSai baba
Sai SaranFlower
Sai SarveshFlower
Sai SatpurushaThe virtuous; Pious; Venerable one
Sai ShivuduSai = Sai baba, Shivudu = Lord Shiva
Sai SreeFlower
Sai SuriaFlower
SaibRight; Appropriate; Correct
Sa’ibAppropriate; Correct
SaicharanFlower; Sais’ feet
SaidBlissful; Auspicious; Happy
SaidulGift of God
SaieshLike Sai baba
Saif Al DinSword of the faith
SaifanSword of Allah
SaifeeConcerning sword
SaifuddinSword of the religion (Islam)
SaifudeenSword of the Faith
Saiful AzmanSword of dream
Saiful BaariSword of the creator
Saiful IslamSword of Islam
SaifullahSword of Allah (Saif meaning “sword”)
SaifulmulkSword of the kingdom
SaihajCoastal victory
SaihajadharFriendly coast
SaihajanandDawn; Daybreak
SaihajdeepPeaceful and equipoised person
SaihajdharamOne founded in peace and bliss
SaihajdhiaanImbued in nectar and equipoise
SaihajdhunOne with blissful tranquillity
SaihajleenThe religion of peace and bliss; Lamp of peace and bliss
SaihajnivaasPeacefully absorbed in Naam
SaihajpreetOne who hears the celestial music
SaihajramanDivine knowledge attained naturally
SaihajvicharNaturally loving person
SaihemaPerson with good knowledge and insight
SaihishLord Saibaba and Shiva
SaijeevadharaSupport of all living beings
SaikalakalaLord of eternity; Shirdi Sai baba
SaikalateetaBeyond time limitations
SaikhushGifts of God
SaikiranA name of Sai baba, Sais light
SaikrishnaSai baba and Lord Krishna
SailendraLord Shiva, Lord of the mountain, Epithet of Shiva
SaileshLord of the mountain
SaileshdeepCherishing peace and tranquillity
SainathSai baba
SaindhavBelonging to the Indus
SainitCreated by Vilas
SairWalking; Going on foot
SairahPoetess; Beautiful
SairajKingdom of Saibaba
SairamSai baba and Lord Rama
SaishWith the blessing of Sai – baba ka baccha, Sai ka baccha
SaishreeEverywhere; Saibaba
SaiviProsperity; Wealth; Auspiciousness
SaiyamSelf Control
SaiyeishaGod Sainath
SaizaanChild of Fire
SajaA pleasant face; Eloquent
SajalClouds; Moist; Tearful; Containing water
SajanBeloved; Good man; Noble; Respectable; Guard; From a good family
SajeeshMade ready
SajiBold; Courageous; King of noble men
SajibLively; Alive
SajidProtractor; One who worships God
Sajidur RahmanOne who prostrates to the merciful (Allah)
SajinConqueror of Time
SajinderOne in equipoise and tranquillity
SajitVictorious superior; Lord Ganesh
SajithVictorious superior; Lord Ganesh
SajivLively; Alive
SajivaFull of life
SajjadOne who does much prostrations
SajjanBeloved; Good man; Noble; Respectable; Guard; From a good family
SajjraEternal Lord
SakalAll whole perfect; Entire; Universe
SakaleshwarLord of everything
SakarA manifestation of God; Shapely; Concrete; Formal; Attractive
SakashOne with a light shone upon him; Illumination; Brilliance; An enlightened soul
SakashamCapable to do anything
SakeethLord Krishna; Having the same intention
SakeshLord Vishnu; Victor
SaketLord Krishna; Having the same intention
Saket SriramLord Krishna; Saket – heaven, Sriram – the divine Ram, i.e., Ramachandra
SakethLord Krishna; Having the same intention
SaketharamanA name of Lord Rama
SakhaVeda; The religious book of Hindus
SakhirHe who wins a heart
SakhyamCapable of doing anything
SakootSilence; Peace; Calm
SakshainCompetent; Powerful
SakshamCapable; Skilful
SakshumCapable; Skilful
SakthiPowerful; Goddess Durga; Power; Vigour; Ability; The female energy of a God; Another name for Lakshmi; Saraswati the feminine energy of a God; Aid; Sword; Gift
SakthidharLord Shiva; The Lord Subramanian
SakthivelMeans a powerful instrument which was given by Goddess Parvati to her son
SaktidharayaLord Murugan, The one who bears the Shakti (Vel – Shakti)
SakyasinhaLord Buddha; The Lion of the Sakya
SalaahddinnThe righteousness of the faith
SalabahAbdullah was a Narrator of Hadith
SalabatStrong; Majesty; Dignity; Awe
Salah Al DinThe righteousness of the faith; Name of the Muslim leader who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders
Salah UdeenThe righteousness of the faith
Salah-Ud-DinIntegrity of the faith
SalajWater which flows from melted ice from mountain; Water born
SalamatullahSecurity of Allah
SaleelHandsome; Water
SaleemSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Safe; Happy; Peaceful
SaleemullahSoundest servant of Allah
Saleemuz ZamanSoundest servant
SaleetStrong; Solid; Firm; Sharp
SalemSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Safe; Happy; Peaceful
SalifPrevious; Former
SalihGood; Righteous; Safe; Whole; Flawless
SalijWater which flows from melted ice from mountain; Water born
SalikPassable; Unobstructed; Traveler
SalilHandsome; Water
SalimSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Safe; Happy; Peaceful
SalitStrong; Solid; Firm; Sharp
SalmanHigh; Safe
SalsaalPure water
SalsalPure water
SaltA narrator of Hadith
SamQuiet; Tranquillity; Calm; Abstract meditation on Brahman; Quietism personified as a son of Dharma; Epithet of Lord Vishnu; Peace
Samaba ShivLord Shiva; Samba – attended by Amba or with Amba + Shiv – auspicious; Propitious; Prosperous; Fortunate; Thriving; Right
SamabashivLord Shiva; Samba – attended by Amba or with Amba + Shiv – auspicious; Propitious; Prosperous; Fortunate; Thriving; Right
SamadEternal; Immortal; One of ninety nine names of God
SamadarshiLord Vishnu; Unbiased who can see all
SamajLord Indra; A forest; Wood; Understanding; Epithet of Indra
SamajasLord Shiva
SamakMakes peace; Peaceful; Lord Buddha
SamakshIn front
SamalRow of swans
SamanJasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful
SamantBordering; Leader; Universal whole; Near; Omnipresent
SamanthBordering; Leader; Universal whole; Near; Omnipresent
SamanyaThe unknown one
SamanyuLord Shiva; Having the same splendor; Epithet of Shiva; Feeling the same energy or anger
SamarAccompanied by the eternal God; Fruit; Outcome; Possession; Conflict; Son
SamarajitNew; Fresh
SamarbirHero of battle; Trust; Companion
SamarchitWorshipped; Loved
SamardeepReside; Pervade
SamarendraLord Vishnu; War God
SamarenduLord Vishnu; Winner of a battle
SamareshLord Vishnu
SamargeetLord Vishnu; Songs of war
SamarjeetWinner of the battle; Victorious in war or Lord Vishnu; One who has conquered lust
SamarjitWinner of the battle; Victorious in war or Lord Vishnu; One who has conquered lust
SamarjithWinner of the battle; Victorious in war or Lord Vishnu; One who has conquered lust
SamarjotLamp of war
SamarpalSongs of war
SamarpreetGod of war
SamarthPowerful; Another name for Krishna; Smooth; Multi-tasked
SamarthaPowerful; Smooth; Multi-talented
SamarthiSymbol of peace
SamarvirHero of battle; Trust; Companion
SamashrayName of a sage
SamatJustice; Peace; Kindness
SamavartLord Vishnu, One who expertly whirls the wheel of Samsara
SamayTime; Rule; Oath; Code; Direction; Season code
SambaRising; Shining
SambaranRestraint; Name of an ancient king
SambhSon of Lord Krishna and Jambavati
SambhaRising; Shining
SambhavBorn; Manifested; Possible; Practicable; Meeting; Creation
SambhavanRespect; Honour; Possibility; Fitness; Affection
SambhuAbode of joy; Lord Shiva; Sa + Amba – with Amba
SambhurishLord Shiva; Shambhu or Swyambhu is one that is self-created + Ish = God
SambodhComplete knowledge; Consciousness
Sambramrapture zest enthusiasm
Samdanipeaceful and pleasure loving
SamdarshiLord Krishna; Unbiased who can see all
SamdeepVictorious in war; Lord Vishnu
SamdishaSame in All Directions
SamedhFull of strength; Strong
SameedBrave; Simple
SameenPrecious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined
SameerEarly morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind; Breeze; Air; Creator; Another name for Shiva; Era
SamenPrecious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined
SamendraWinner of war
SamenduLord Vishnu; Like the Moon (Sama + Indu)
SameshLord of equality; God-like
SamhitA vedic composition; Secret text
SamhithA vedic composition; Secret text
SamiEminent; Exalted; High; Sublime; Similar
SamienTo be heard
SamihanLord Vishnu
SamikAncient sage; Peaceful; Restrained
SamikshNear to Sun
SamilAll comprehensive; Complete; Peacemaker
SamimFragrance; Fragrant; Sincere; Genuine; Pure; True
SaminPrecious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined
SamindipLight of war
SamiqAnother name of God; Exalted; Tall
SamirEarly morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind; Breeze; Air; Creator; Another name for Shiva; Era
SamiullaListening to God
SammadJoy; Happiness; Excitement
SammatAgreed; Consented; Respected
SammathAgreed; Consented; Respected
SammodFragrance; Perfume
SammudJoy; Delight
SampadProsperous; Perfection; Achievement; Destiny; Blessing
SamparFulfilled; Accomplished
SampatProsperous; Wealth; Fortune; Success; Welfare
SampathProsperous; Wealth; Fortune; Success; Welfare
SampatiFortune; Success; Welfare
SampoornComplete everything; Full
SampoornaComplete everything; Full
SamprasBlessed; Power; Peace; Calm
SamprasadFavour; Grace
SampreetJoy; Satisfaction; Delight
SampuranLove for war; Fostered in war
Sampurna NandComplete Joyful
SamranHero of battle; Lamp of equality
SamratEmperor; Universal; Ruler
SamreetFighter of love and truth
SamridhPerfect; Accomplished; Prosperous
SamrithaProvided with nectar; Wealthy; Remembered
SamrudhThe enriched one; Prosperous; Accomplished; Perfect
SamrudhanThe enriched one; Prosperous
SamsherComplete; Perfection
SamudraguptaA famous Gupta king
SamudrasenLord of the ocean
SamurahName of a distinguished Sahabi (RA)
Samvedname of Second among four Vedas, means holistic in speech and deed
SamynathanLord murugans name
SanPerfect; Complete; Another name for Krishna; Old; Long-lived
SanahSkilful; Radiance; Elegance; Conciseness
SanakaOne of the four spiritual sons of Brahma
SanamBeloved; Benevolence; Favour; Mistress; Image beloved
SananGaining; Acquiring
SanandanaOne of the four spiritual sons of Brahma
SanantanBrave lion
SanasLaughing smileing; Cheerful
SanatLord Brahma; Eternal; Accompanied by a protector; Immortal; Another name of Brahma
SanatanPermanent; Eternal God; Lord Shiva; Immortal; Constant; Ancient; Another name of Brahma; Vishnu and Shiva
SanatanaPermanent; Eternal God; Lord Shiva
SanathLord Brahma; Eternal; Accompanied by a protector; Immortal; Another name of Brahma
SanathanPermanent; Eternal God; Lord Shiva; Immortal; Constant; Ancient; Another name of Brahma; Vishnu and Shiva
SanaullahPraise of Allah
SanavThe Sun
SanavyaDerived from the Gita – word – Sanavyatvam
SanawbarCone bearing tree, Fir
SanayAncient; One that will last forever
SanchayCollection; Riches; Mass
SanchitCollected; Gathered
SanchithCollected; Gathered
SandanandaEternal bliss
SandaniThe Moon
SandeepA lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze
SandeepanA sage; Lighting
SandeepenA sage; Lighting
SandeeponSage; Light
SandhaniThe Moon
SandhathaLord Vishnu, The regulator
SandipA lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze
SandipanA sage; Lighting
SandipaniSage; He was the tutor of Lord Krishna and Balarama
SandyDefending men
SaneeshThe Sun; Brilliant boy
SanehiBeloved Lord Hanuman stuti
SaneshThe Sun or brilliant boy
SanfeerOne who is blessed with quick mind and intelligence; humble
SangamTo merge
SangameshLord of friendship
SangamithraSocially friendly
SangamitraSocially friendly
SangarBattleground; Fighting point
SangatAssociating with the holy congregation; Union; Appropriate; Constant
Sangat TalaivanLord Murugan; Leader of an army (Devasenapati)
SangatjeetGoddess Laxmi; Victory of good company
SangatpreetA lighted lamp; Always there for you
SangatpremA lamp
SangatrasThe victory of good company
SangatroopLove for good company
SangavEarly morning or end of the night; Afternoon
SangeethMusic; Swaras
SanghmitraUnity with friendship
SangitMusic; Swaras; Symphony
SangjaapMusical, Music
SangrezStone breaker
SanguptPerfectly hidden
SanidhHoly Place
SanieBrilliant; Majestic; Exalted
SanishThe Sun or brilliant boy
SaniveshAppearance; Form
SanjCreator of the universe, Another name for Lord Shiva; Lord Brahma, Creator, Another name for Brahma and Shiva
SanjaiVictory; Lord Shiva; Triumphant; Caring; Victorious
SanjarPrince; Emperor; King; Hawk; Ruler
SanjayVictorious; Dhritarashtra’s charioteer
SanjayanGood Heart
SanjeetWho is always victorious; Winner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious
SanjeevGiving life; Re animating; Love
SanjeevanThe bearer of the Sanjeevini mountain; Immortality
SanjeevananagahatreThe bearer of the Sanjeevini mount; Lord Hanuman
SanjeevarayaLord Hanuman
SanjeeviName of the mountain with auspicious and medicinal plants on it, In Hinduism, this mountain is said to be very sacred
SanjetaTriumphant; Flute
SanjeyanPerson with good heart
SanjiOne who is always victorious
SanjibGiving life; Re animating; Love
SanjitWho is always victorious; Winner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious
Sanjit KrishnaAlways victory
SanjithWho is always victorious; Winner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious
SanjivGiving life; Reanimating; Love
SanjivanA bearer of Sanjeevini mountain; Immortality
SanjoySuccess in every work
SanjuHanuman; Similar to Sanjay; Victory; Triumphant
SankWill; Determination
SankalpWill; Determination; Resolve; Idea; Conviction
SankalpaWill; Determination; Resolve; Conviction
SankarLord Shiva; Causing happiness; Conferring good fortune; Auspicious; An epithet of Shiva; Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy Shankaracharya; Name of a Raaga
SankaraFortunate; Creator, Lord Shiva
SankarshanA name of Balarama, Brother of Lord Krishna
Sankata MochananReliever of sorrows
SankatamochananReliever of sorrows
SankeerthTo practice
SanketSignal; Goal; Stipulation; Agreement; Indication; Sign
SankethSignal; Goal; Stipulation; Agreement; Indication; Sign
SankilPossessed with fire a burning torch; Fiery; Torch
SankramTransition; Change; Progress; Bridge; A shooting star
SankrantA Hindu Festival
SankulDense; Full of; Fiery; Torch
SanmayLord Shiva; Meditative State of Lord Shiva
SanmeetSymmetry; Harmony
SanmitSymmetry; Harmony
SanmitraName of Lord Rama and name of Lord Sun
SanmughaKarthikeya; first son of Lord Shiva
SanmukhaShanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan
SannathLord Brahma; Eternal; Accompanied by a protector
SannidhaHoly place
SannigdhAlways ready
SannithaGod’s presence derived from the word Sannidhaanam
SanobarPalm tree
SanpreetHappy friend
SanrajTo reign universally; Supreme rule; Ruler
SanraktRed; Pleasant
SansarPassage; The world
SansarpreetAbiding by the Guru’s word
SanskarGood ethics and moral values; Culture; Consecration; Purity; Purification
SantSaintly person, Tranquil, Calm, Saint
SantanKing; Whole
SantapHeat; Another name for Agni
SantbirWarrior of peace
SanthA saintly person; Tranquil; Calm; Saint
SanthanuWholesome; A king from the epic Mahabharata
SanthoshSatisfaction; Happiness
SantjeetSaint; Holy person; Tranquility
SantjotHeroic holy one
SantkirinVictory for saints
SantnaamDivine light
SantokhRay of holy light; Saint’s name
SantokhbirPeaceful; Patient; Satisfaction; Contentment
SantokhdeepContented; Peaceful and patient
SantokhjitBrave and contented
SantokhjotLamp of satisfaction
SantokhpalVictory of satisfaction
SantokhpreetLight of contentment
SantoshSatisfaction; Happiness
SantprakashPreserver of satisfaction
SantpreetLove for peace; Loving contentment
SantpremSaints Love
SantuComplete satisfaction
SanuFire; A learned Man
SanvikBlessed by Goddess Lakshmi
SanvirStrong; Brave
SanvithThe Sun; Lord Shiva
SanwarOne name of God
SanwariyaLord Krishna; Dark complexioned
SanyamPatience; Effort; Restraint
SanyasiMeditation in congregation
SanyuktConnected; United; Bonded
SapanDream (Swapna)
SapandeepPerfectly illuminating lamp
SaprathasLord Vishnu; Effective or sounding or shining far and wide
SaptajitConqueror of 7 elements
SaptakA musical note
SaptarishiSeven stars representing seven great saints
SaptarshiSeven star in galaxy or seven wise saint in mythology; Seven Brahmin Godman
Saptatala PrabhenthachhaRid the curse of the seven tale trees
SapthagiriAnother name of Lord Sri Venkateswara
SaptorshiSeven Star in Galaxy or Seven Wise Saint in Mythology; Sevan Brahmin Godman
SaqafTo surpass in skill
SaqeelStrong; Tough; Robust
SaqibShining star
SaqifProficient; Skilful
SaqlainTwo worlds; World and hereafter
SarThe form of God; Effective
SaraasanaOne of the Kauravas
SarabMirage; Illusion
SarabdamanPerfectly illuminating lamp
SarabdayalDestroyer of all
SarabdeepAll pervading light; Lamp that gives view to all
SarabdevGod of Gods; Omnipresent; All pervading God
SarabdharamOne who always acts rightly
SarabdheerOne who is always patient
SarabdhiaanContemplation of all
SarabeshwarLord Shivas
SarabgiaanOmniscient; All-knowing
SarabjotAll-pervading light
SarabmeharKindness for all
SarabnamThe always present name of God
SarabnidhanOne who has all treasures
SarabnivasPervading in all
SarabprakashOne giving light to all
SarabpreetOne who loves all
SarabpremOne who loves all
SarabrajGreat kingdom
SarabroopEmbodiment of all
SarabsarangCompletely colorful and musical
SarabshaantFully satisfied and peaceful
SarabuttamBest of all
SarajBorn in water; Lotus
SaralVery easy; Honest; Simple
SaralbirBrave and simple
SaraljeetVictory of simplicity
SaralpreetLove for simplicity
SaramatChief; Ruler; Traveler
SaranSurrender; Running; Lily; Yard of a sail
SarandayalKind protection
SarandeepProtected lamp
SarangA musical instrument; Distinguished; Brilliance; Light; Jewel; Gold light; The Earth; A musical Raag, Another name for the Love God Kaama and Shiva
SaranjeetOne who attains the guru’s shelter; Refuge of the victor; Protected
SaranjotProtection by light
SaranpreetLove for protection
SaranshSummary; In brief; Precise; Result
SaranyanThe one who bestows protection to anyone who comes seeking it. The word Sharan in Sanskrit means protection. and the one who bestows it is Sharanyan
SarasSwan; The Moon
SaratAutumn; Super boy; Complete or meaningful
SarathAutumn; Super boy; Complete or meaningful
SarathkumarEarly Autumn
SaravClump of reeds
SaravanaA clump of reeds; Lord Murugan
Saravana BhavanLord Murugan; A pond surrounded by reeds that refers to the place of birth of Murugan
SaravananThe clump of reeds; Lord Murugan
SarbaLord Krishna; Lord Shiva; Perfect; Complete
SarbagyaAll knowing
SarbajitOne who has conquered everything
SarbanCaravan leader
SarbazCaravan leader
SarbeshMaster of all or God or King or Lord of all; Emperor; Lord Shiva
SarbjeetAll victorious
SarblohEntirely iron
SardarChief; Noble Man
SardaraHead; Chief
SarfrazA person sitting at a high place
SargamMusical notes
SarguneshAll the Quality; All Good Things
SarikResembling a small song bird; Melodious; Stream; Precious
SarilOne that brings essence; Water
SarimBrave; Lion; Sword
SarishEqual; Morning
SarjanCreative; Creation
SarkarChief; Overseer
SarmadOne who confers happiness; Everlasting
SarmanJoy; Delight; Shelter; Happiness; Protection
SarminderGod of war
SarnagatRefuge; Shelter
SarnavoGlitters as gold
SarnginName of Lord Vishnu
SarniThe elevated one
SarninPacifist; Peaceful; Consoler
SarnvarContent; Best
SarojinLord Brahma; Lotus-like
SaroopBeautiful; Shapely
SarpreetFavour or fortune of Love of God; Reservoir of Love; Mysterious secrets of Love; Essence of Love
SarpritFavour or fortune of Love of God; Reservoir of Love; Mysterious secrets of Love; Essence of Love
SarthAutumn; Super boy; Complete or meaningful
SarthakWell done
SarthakaWell done
SartorBear headed
SaruhSuccessful; Wealthy
SarupBeautiful; Shapely
Sarva PunyadhikaphalaOne who answers prayers and rewards good deeds
SarvabandhaDetacher of all relationship
SarvabhanuName of The Sun
SarvacharyaPreceptor of all
SarvadLord Shiva; All giving; Epithet of Shiva
SarvadamanSon of Shakuntala, Bharat
SarvadevLord Shiva; God of all; Epithet of Shiva
SarvadevadidevaLord of all gods
SarvadevastutaWorshipped by all divine beings
SarvadevatmanThe acceptor of all celestial offerings
SarvadevatmikaDwells in all gods
SarvadharinLord Shiva; Sarva – all + dharin – one who holds; The bearer
SarvaduhkhaharaReliever of all agonies
SarvagLord Shiva; All pervading; Spirit; Soul; Epithet of Shiva and Vishnu; Epithet of Brahma; Name of a son of Bheem
SarvagnyThe all knowing; Lord Vishnu
SarvagrahaNivashinay killer of all evil effects of planets
SarvajanaOmniscient Lord
SarvakWhole; Complete; Universal
SarvalolkacharineWanderer of all places
SarvamPerfect in everything
SarvamantraSwaroopavate possessor of all hymns
SarvamayavibhanjanaDestroyer of all illusions
SarvambhLord Ganesh, Sarva – the universe
SarvanWorthy; Affectionate; Generous
SarvanandMaking All Happy
SarvanavelAnother name of Lord Murugan
SarvangLord Shiva; The whole body; All the angas or vedaangas collectively; Epithet of Shiva; Covering all aspects
SarvapalakaProtector of all; Lord Krishna
SarvaraiduRuler of the entire universe
SarvarogaharaReliever of all ailments
SarvashayLord Shiva
SarvashivaAlways pure
SarvasiddhantaBestower of skills and wisdom
SarvasvaHumorous; kind
SarvatantraA sawaroopine shape of all hymns
SarvatapanaScorcher of all
SarvateerthamayaOne who turns the water of ocean sacred
SarvatmanProtector of the universe
SarvavasLord Shiva, One who resides everywhere
SarvavidhyasampathPradayaka granter of knowledge and wisdom
SarvayagyodhipaLord of all sacrificial offerings
SarvayantratmakaDweller in all Yantras
SarvayoniSource of everything
SarvbhanuName of the Sun
SarvendraEvery where; God
SarvesMaster of all; God or king; Lord of all
SarveshMaster of all or God or King or Lord of all; Emperor; Lord Shiva
SarveshvaraLord of all, The name of Lord Shiva
SarveshwarLord of all gods
SarveshwaraLord of all, Another name of Lord Shiva
SarvilLord Krishna; Derived from Sharv, Sharv meaning sacred to Shiva
SarvinVictory; Best archer; God of Love
SarvodayaThe welfare of all; Universal uplift and progress of all
SarvopagunavarjitaDestroyer of all evil
SarvottamThe best
SarwarChief; Leader; Joy; Delight
SarweshLord / God of All; Lord Ganesha
SasanFounder of the Sasani dynasty
SasangAttached; Connected; Associated
SasankThe Moon
SashangAttached; Connected; Associated
SashankThe Moon
SashanthLord of all
SashidharThe man who carries Sashi (the Moon); Another name of Lord Shiva
SashikantMoon stone; Moon loved
SashikanthMoon stone; Moon loved
SashikarMoon Ray
SashisekharLord Shiva; Shash is the name of a Rabbit, so the Moon is called Shashi for possessing a shape like a rabbit, Shekhar means crown-Jewel, so whose crown Jewel is Moon, he is called Shashi-shekhar
SashreevWidely known
SasiThe Moon; An Apsara or celestial Goddess
SasidharThe Man who carries Sashi the Moon) – another name of Lord Shiva
SasidharanThe Lord Shiva
SasikaladharLord Shiva, The one who wears the Moon as an ornament
SasmitSmiling; Cheerful
SastaOne who rules
SasthaOne who rules
SasthavLord Ayyappan
SaswathClam and beautiful
SatReal; Truth; Essence; Worthy; Honest; Handsome; Strength; Existing; Real learned; A sage
SatamanyuLord Indra
SatamritTrue immortalising nectar
SatanandLord Vishnu; Name of the sage Gautama; Name of the son of Gautama; Joy of truth
SatatyaNever ending
SatayuHundred years old
SatbachanThe one abiding by the holy word
SatbirThe true warrior
SatchetTells the truth
SatchidanandOne whose at peace; One who is always happy soul
SatchitOne with a good mind
SateendraLord Vishnu; Lord of truth
SateeshLord of hundreds; Ruler of hundreds; Happiness
SatenderLord Shiva, Consort of Sati
SatendraLord Vishnu; Lord of truth
SateshLord of hundreds; Ruler of hundreds; Happiness
SatgunOf true merits
SathaiahLord of ayyanar
SathanaLord Vishnu
SathappanSadhu (Sage)
SatheeshGod of Sathi; Lord Shiva; Kind
SathiPartner; Chaste woman
SathishGod of Sathi; Lord Shiva; Kind
SathvikCalm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva
SathwaOne of the Kauravas
SathwikPower and well being in the future; Cool
Sathya RajTruth
SathyadevLord of truth
SathyajithOne who conquers the truth; Victory of truth
SathyasandhaOne of the Kauravas
SathyavacheAlways truthful.aspx’>truthful; Lord Rama, Speaker of truth
SathyavrathAlways truthful.aspx’>truthful, One who has taken the vow of truth, Dedicated to truth
SatihAnother name of God; Preacher
SatinReal; A vedic text
SatinathLord Shiva, Consort of Sati
SatinderThe king of truth
SatinderjeetVictory for the God of truth
SatinderpalProtection of the true; God of heaven
SatindraLord Vishnu; Lord of truth
SatishLord of hundreds; Ruler of hundreds; Happiness
SatjeevanThe one living the truthful life
SatjitConqueror of hundreds; True victory
SatjotLight of truth
SatkarHonor; Respect; Worthy
SatkaramOf true deeds
SatkartarLord Vishnu; Doer; Walker of the truth
SatkeeratOne who praises the true one; Truthful service
SatkiranRay of truth
SatkiratOne who praises the true one; Truthful service
SatkirtanSinging truth
SatmandirTemple of truth
SatmanyuName of Lord Indra
SatmeetTrue friend
SatminderTemple of the true God of heaven
SatmohinderTrue Lord
SatmooratAn embodiment of truth and beauty
SatmukhGodly face
SatnadarA gracious glance of the true one
SatnamOne accepting God being as true
SatniranjanTrue and immaculate one
SatparvanThe one accepted by God
SatpatiLord Indra; A good Lord; Lord of heroes; Epithet of Indra
SatpaulThe one who abides by the truth
SatprakashLight of truth
SatpreetThe lover of the truth
SatpremTrue Love
SatrajDominion of truth
SatrajitEver victorious; Father of Satyabhama
SatrajithEver victorious; Father of Satyabhama
SatrijitFather of Satyabhama; Wife of Lord Krishna
SatruijtConquerer of the enemy
SatrujeetVictory over enemies
SatrujitVictorious over enemies
SatsangatGood company
SatsantokhTrue content
SatsarangTruly colourful and musical
SatsaroopAn embodiment of truth and beauty
SatvantRight; Faithful; Pious; Sacred
SatvatLord Krishna; Full of truth; Delighted; Name of Vishnu or Krishna; Name of Baladeva; A man of Yadav tribe; A worshipper
SatveerLord Vishnu; Champion of truth
SatvichaarOne who reflects on truth
SatvikVirtuous; Lord Krishna; Worthy; Important; Pure; Good
SatvinderTrue God of heaven; Lord of virtue
SatvirThe true warrior
SatwantRight; Faithful; Pious; Sacred
SatwikPower and well being in the future; Cool
SatwinderTrue God of heaven; Lord of virtue
Satya AkshajLord Vishnu; Satya – true
Satya BodhaOne who preaches the truth
Satya PrakashLight of truth
Satya PriyaDevoted to truth; Love to truth
Satya TejaName of Sai baba’s and Lord Hanuman
SatyabirSomeone who gets the victory with truth, Truthful
SatyadarshanSeeing the truth
SatyadarshiOne who can see the truth
SatyadevLord of truth
SatyahThe truth; Only existence; Consciousness
SatyajeetOne who conquers the truth; Victory of truth
SatyajitOne who conquers the truth; Victory of truth
SatyakamBeliever in truth
SatyakiCharioteer of Lord Krishna
SatyamurtyStatue of truth
SatyanLord of the truth
SatyanandTrue Bliss
SatyanarayanLord Krishna; Sat=ultimate reality, Narayana=resting in consciousness
SatyanarayanaTrue all-pervading God
SatyankarTrue; Good
SatyapalRuler of truth
SatyapreetTrue Love
SatyapremTrue Love
SatyarthMeaning of truth
Satyasaipeace of mind
SatyasaivardhanBrave and innovative
SatyashrawaThat who hears the truth
SatyavachanaOne who speaks only the truth
SatyavacheAlways truthful.aspx’>truthful; Lord Rama, Speaker of truth
Satyavantruthful.aspx’>Truthful; One who speaks the truth
SatyavathA metronymic of the sage Vyasa
SatyaveerAlways speaking lie, Someone who gets victory with truth, Truthful
SatyavirAlways speaking lie, Someone who gets victory with truth, Truthful
SatyavratAlways truthful.aspx’>truthful, One who has taken a vow of truth, Dedicated to truth
SatyavrataAlways truthful.aspx’>truthful, One who has taken vow of truth, Dedicated to truth
SatyavrathAlways truthful.aspx’>truthful, One who has taken a vow of truth, Dedicated to truth
Satyawantruthful.aspx’>Truthful; One who speaks the truth
SatyenLord of the truth
SatyendarBest among truthful.aspx’>truthful; Lord of the truth (Satyen);
SatyenderOne who follows the truth
SatyendraLord of truth (Satyam)
SatyevikramaTruth makes him powerful
SatyukiLord Krishna
SaubanTwo garments
SaubhagyaGood luck
SaudeepEasy to get
SaugatGift; An enlightened person
SaugataAnother name of Gautama Buddha
SaujassEver smiling
SaulatPomp; Dignity; Majesty
SaumilLove to meet different persons; A friend; Calm
SaumitFrom Sanskrit Samit: someone who has got everything; Easy to get
SaumithraLord Lakshman (son of Sumitra)
SaumitrGood friend
SaumitraLord Lakshman (son of Sumitra); Good friend
SaumyMild; Pearl; Goddess Durga; Beautiful
SaunakA great sage and teacher; Wise
SauravDivine; Celestial; Beautiful
SaurinSun Power in
SaurishLord Vishnu
SaurjyeshLord Kartikeya; The Lord of valour
SauryaBravery; Power; Heroism
SauvarBelonging to sound; A musical note
SauveerBeautiful and brave
SavaSaint who was a trainer of young monks
SavanThe fifth month of the Hindu year; One who offers a sacrifice to God; Rain during monsoon season
SavarLord Shiva; Water; The vital element for life; Name of Shiva
SavendranLord Murugan
SaveraInexpressible; Crystal clear
SavioSaints name
SavitThe Sun; Sweet
SavitendraThe Sun
SavithThe Sun; Sweet
SavitinderThe Sun
SavitojThe splendour of the Sun
SavjiVery individual; Reserved Nature; Serious personality
SavrajSelf-rule; Independence
SavyaLord Vishnu; Left hand; Southern; Reverse; Name of an Aangirasa; An epithet of Vishnu
Savya SachiAnother name of Arjun; Ambidextrous
SavyamoonthSavyamoonth comes from an Indian word meaning, Defender of people
SavyasachiAnother name of Arjun; Ambidextrous
SavyashacheeAmbidextrous while shooting
SavyoSaints name
SawaEqual, Same
SawadBlackness; Skill
SawanThe fifth month of the Hindu year; One who offers a sacrifice to God; Rain during monsoon season
SawanpreetLove for the rainy season
SawantSun; Bright
SawarajbirBrave who likes own rule
SawarajdeepLight of self-rule
SawarajpalProtector of own rule
SawarajpreetLove for own rule
SawarandeepGolden lamp
SawaranjeetGold winner
SawaranjotGolden light
SawaranpreetGolden Love
SawinderLucky; Beautiful God
SawlatInfluence; Commanding; Personality
SawwaafWool merchant; Wool stapler; Wool dealer
SawwafWool merchant; Wool stapler; Wool dealer
SayakWeapon; Kind and helpful
SayanFriend; Kind heart
SayedLeader; Lord; Master
Sayf UdeenSword of the faith
SayfiyyConcerning sword
SayidLeader; Lord; Master
SayshanthAvatar of Lord Vishnu; Good peace
SaytemHonest person
SayyarMobile; Constantly on the move
SayyidChief; Leader; Master; Lord; Munificent
ScandaLord Murugan; Leaping; Flowing; Quicksilver; Name of Karthikeya,
SeanthanYouthful with divine qualities
SebatiWhite rose
SeemantMargin; Limit; Light
SeemantaParting line of hair
SeenuPositive energy; Horseless
SeetalbirPeaceful and brave
SeetaldeepLamp of peace
SeetaljitPeaceful victory
SeetaljotPeaceful light
SeetalpreetOne who loves peace
SeetharamLord Ram and seetha
SehejbirEffortlessly heroic
Seirasa variety of black wine grape.
SekarLord Vishnu; One who has talent
SekharLord Shiva; A crest; Diadem; A peak; The chief or head of anything
SelaniFree flying;
SelimSafe and secure
SeliyanRich; resourceful; Prosperous
SelvaSimple of joy; Prosperous
Selva KumarProsperous
SelvamEnjoyable person
SelvanSimple of joy; Prosperous
SelvarajCreativity and finder for anything so searchable person
SelvarajuKing of money
SenaanyOne of the Kauravas
Senaik KapponLord Murugan, The one who protects the army
SenajitVictory over army
SenapatiLord Murugan; The leader of an army; Commander; Name of Kartekeya;
SendanLord Murugan
SendhilLord Murugan, The red one, The formidable one
SendhilnathanLord Murugan, The red Lord, The formidable Lord
SenkadirBrilliant like the Ray of Light; also Senkadhir
SenmalThe best
SenthamaraiRed Lotus
SenthilA red and formidable one
Senthil KumarLord Murugan; Always youth
Senthil VadivelanLord Murugan; Always youth
SeshadriShesha – the king of serpents and Adri – hill
SeshamrajuAlways in high
SeshanandLord Vishnu; Beloved of the Sesh
SeshuSnake; Venkateswara
SesuSnake; Venkateswara
SetalHaving peace; Cool; Gentle; The wind; The Moon
SethuThe warrior; Sacred symbol
Sethu LakshmiGoddess Lakshmi; Worth
SetukruteBuilder of the bridge over the ocean
SevaapreetOne who loves to serve
SevarkodiyonLord Murugan; One with a rooster in his battle flag
SevvelLord Murugan; The Vel which is used to save
SewakaranDoing service
SewakpreetOne who loves the service of God
SewakpremOne who loves the service of God
SeyedLord and master
SeyonLord Murugan
ShaafOne who gives health
ShaafiPure; Clear; Crystal
ShaahilSea shore; Guide; Shore; Bank
ShaanPride; Peaceful
ShaarHabit; Custom; Name of Lord Ayyappa; Arrow
ShaariqIntelligent; Brilliance
ShaastRuler; One who commands
ShaayarPoet; Knowledgeable
ShaazUnique; One in many
ShabaanIslamic month, The eighth month of the Muslim lunar calendar
Shabad DeepLamp; Light of the holy word
ShabadchetRemembering the Guru’s word
ShabaddeepLamp; Light of the holy word
ShabadgiaanKnowledge of the Guru’s word
ShabadjogUnion with the holy word
ShabadleenAbsorbed in the holy word
ShabadprakashRadiating the light of the holy word
ShabadpreetLove of the holy world
ShabadramanOne who delights in the holy word
ShabadrangImbued by the holy word
ShabadrasEnjoying elixir of the holy word
ShabadratanHaving the gem of the holy word
ShabadsuratUnion with the Guru’s word
ShabadtekSupport of the holy word
ShabahResembling; Morning; Dawn
ShabarLord Shiva; Water; The vital element for life; Name of Shiva
ShabarishLord Ayyappa
ShabastArmoured; Protected
ShabazBeautiful; Handsome; Intelligent; Protected by Allah; Self confidence; Respectful
ShabbirPious; Beautiful; Patient
ShabeehBeautiful; A narrator of Hadith; Pleasant; Fond
ShabeerPious; Beautiful
Shabeer AliShabeer means Pious; Beautiful
ShabiA leading scholar of his time, Especially for the Hadith; Sweet; Sabine
ShabibA scholar who wrote about Quran
ShabinFrom the name Sabine; An Italian culture
ShabirPious; Beautiful
ShachinLord Indra; Pure existence; Affectionate; Epithet of Shiva
ShadabGreen; Fresh; Wet; Evergreen
ShadahPleasant; Happy; Jovial
ShadanananLord Subramanyan
ShadeedRelevant; Pertinent; Correct; Right
ShadhinIndependent; Fawn; Young deer
ShadualSomeone who has happiness
ShafayIntercessor; Mediator
ShafeeGiving shaft; Honest; Truthful; Healer
ShafeeqAffectionate; Compassionate; Soft; Pardoning; Tender; Kind
ShafeerAmbassador; Handsome; Emissary; Mediator
ShafiGiving shaft; Honest; Truthful; Healer
ShafinHe who cures
ShafiqAffectionate; Compassionate; Soft; Pardoning; Tender; Kind
ShafiullaCompassionate of Allah, Purity of Allah
ShahKing; Able
ShahabShooting star; Cloud; Mercury
ShahadatWitness; Evidence
ShahanKing; One of the Kauravas
ShahantSlayer of Aksha
ShaharDawn, Early morning; Moonlight
ShahbazThe white falcon; King
ShaheedHoney; Witness; Patriot
ShaheenFalcon; Hawk (Garuda)
ShaheerWell known; distinguished
ShahidHoney; Witness; Patriot
ShahinaGentle; Tender; Falcon
ShahirWell known; distinguished
ShahraanThe name Shahraan has Persian roots where ‘shah’ means royal and ‘raan’ means knight, thus, Shahraan translates to a royal knight or warrior
ShahriarLord; King
ShahrukhConcerning; Monarchy
ShahrulThe Moon
ShahzadKings son
ShahzaibCrown of a king, Like a king
ShahzorExtreme power
ShaielGlittering Like Stars
ShaifaliSweet smell
ShailMountain; Rocky
ShailajDaughter of the mountains
ShaildharOne who holds the mountain
ShailenKing of mountains
ShailenderLord Shiva, Lord of the mountain, Epithet of Shiva
ShailendraKing of mountains, Himalaya
ShaileshGod of the mountain, Himalaya
ShailinderLord of the mountains
ShaininPeaceful; Restrained
ShaivPure and innocent; Holy; A sect worshipping Shiva
ShaivalGod of mountain
ShaivyaThe cult of Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Wealthy
ShajanBeloved; Good man
ShajayaSensitive, Entertainer, Impressive Personality
ShajeeBold; Courageous; King of noble men
ShajiBold; Courageous; King of noble men
ShajithVictorious superior; Lord Ganesh
ShakthidharLord Shiva; The Lord Subramanian
ShakthiveluAnother name for God Murugan; also SakthiVelan
ShaktidharLord Shiva; The Lord Subramanian
ShaktiparwahPower of supreme wonder
ShakuniBird; Uncle of Kauravas
ShakuntBlue Jay
ShakunthBlue Jay
ShakyasinhaLord Buddha; The Lion of the Sakya
ShalauddinThe Righteousness Of The Faith
ShaligramLord Vishnu; Refers to a fossilised shell
ShalikA sage
ShalivahanName of a famous king
ShalwaQuail; Solace
ShalyaAn arrow
ShamakMakes peace; Peaceful; Lord Buddha
ShamakarnLord Shiva, The one who has black ears
ShamanJasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful
ShamantUniversal; Whole; Lord Rama
ShamanthUniversal; Whole; Lord Rama
ShamasThe Sun; Sunny
ShamathQuiet; Tranquillity; A counseller; Residing in peace; Peaceful; Calm
ShambhuAbode of joy; Lord Shiva; Sa + Amba – with Amba
ShameekAncient sage; Peaceful; Restrained
ShameelAll comprehensive; Complete
ShameemFragrance; Fragrant
ShameenIntelligent; Happy; Auspicious; Security; Wealthy
ShameerA message or tidings or that which is heard; Rock that can penetrate metal
ShamelAll comprehensive; Complete
ShamenHoly Man; Happy; Auspicious; Security; Wealthy
ShamiFire; Name of a tree; Work
ShamikAncient sage; Peaceful; Restrained
ShamilAll comprehensive; Complete; Peacemaker
ShamimFragrance; Fragrant; Sincere; Genuine; Pure; True
ShaminderpalGentle preserver
ShamindraQuiet; Gentle
ShamirA message or tidings or that which is heard; Rock that can penetrate metal
ShamisBright; Sunlit
ShamishThe Sun; Lord Shiva
ShamitPeacemaker; Who is calm and disciplined; Peaceful; Calmed; Prepared
ShamithPeacemaker; Who is calm and disciplined; Peaceful; Calmed; Prepared
ShammadOne who has conquered his ego
ShammasA Companion of the prophet PBUH, Bin Usman Al-Makhzumi RA, Who was martyred at Badr
ShampakCreated by thunderbolts; Brilliant
ShamsFragrance; The Sun
Shams Al DinThe Sun of the faith
ShamshFragrance; The Sun
ShamsheerThe sword of honors; The leader Lion of the herd
ShamsherThe sword of honors; The leader Lion of the herd
ShamsideenSun of religion
ShamunName of a prophet
ShamvatAuspicious; Wealthy
ShamyaBlessings; One who listens; Exalted; Noble; Much praised
ShanPride; Peaceful
Shan-From John; Killing with An arrow; Another name for Shiva
ShananGaining; Acquiring
ShanavThe Sun
ShanayAncient; One that will last forever
ShandilyaName of a saint
ShaneGift from God
ShanenWise; River
ShaniGift, Reward; A portion of the sky, Same pronunciation as Sunny (bright)
ShanjeevGiving life; Re animating; Love
ShankanCausing awe; Wonderous; Awe-inspiring
ShankarLord Shiva; Causing happiness; Conferring good fortune; Auspicious; An epithet of Shiva; Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy Shankaracharya; Name of a Raaga
ShankarshanBrother of Lord Krishna
ShankdharLord Krishna, The one who bears a conch
ShankhA shell; Conch; Auspicious; A number equivalent to 10 bilLion crores
ShankhaA shell; Conch; Auspicious; A number equivalent to 10 bilLion crores
ShankhapaniLord Vishnu, The one who bears the Shankh in his hand
ShankhinLord Vishnu, The one who bears the Shankh
ShankirLord Shiva, One who causes happiness
Shanmuga PriyaKarthikeya, First Son of Lord Shiva “beloved.”
ShanmugamSix faces
ShanmughanLord Subramanyan
ShanmukaShanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan
ShanmukhLord Kartikeya; Having six faces; Epithet of Kaarttikeya; Destiny
ShanmukhaShanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan
Shanmukha NathanLord Murugan, The six-faced Lord
Shanmukha SundaramLord Murugan, Six-faced beauty
Shanmukha VadivelanLord Murugan, Six-faced Vadivel
Shanmukha VelanLord Murugan, Six-faced Vel
ShanmukhanShanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan
ShanninOld; Wise; River; Auspicious; Fortunate; Happy
ShantA saintly person; Tranquil; Calm; Saint
ShantahPeaceful Lord
ShantanKing; Whole
ShantanavBhishma pitamaha
ShantanuWholesome; A king from the epic Mahabharata
ShantbirWarrior of peace
ShantchitOne whose inner self is at peace
ShantdeepLamp of peace
ShanthanKing; Whole
Shanti PriyaPeace loving
ShantidevLord of peace
ShantidootShanti ka doot (Ambassador of peace)
ShantinathLord of peace
ShantiprakashLight of peace
ShantleenAbsorbed in peace
ShantnivasOne whose abode is peace
ShantprakashLight of peace
ShantpreetLove for peace; Loving contentment
ShantsaihajOne in tranquillity
ShantsaroopEmbodiment of peace
ShanvikWealthy; Rich; One who is Followed
ShanvishBeloved one
ShanyuBenevolent; Kind hearted; Kind; Lucky; Happy
ShanzaWomen of dignity
ShaqeeqReal brother
SharHabit; Custom; Name of Lord Ayyappa; Arrow
SharadchandraAutumn Moon
SharadenduMoon of autumn; Autumn Moon
SharadinduMoon of autumn; Autumn Moon
SharafHonor; Dignity; Nobility; Faithful; God is my judge
SharaheelA narrator of Hadith
SharanSurrender; Running; Lily; Yard of a sail
Sharanatrana TatparaProtector of devotees
SharanbirShelter of brave
SharandeepProtected lamp
SharangA musical instrument; Distinguished; Brilliance; Light; Jewel; Gold light; The Earth; A musical Raag, Another name for the Love God Kaama and Shiva
SharanjitOne who attains the guru’s shelter; Refuge of the victor; Protected
SharanjotProtection by light
SharanmeetFriendly shelter
SharanpalProtected by the shelter of God
SharanpreetLove for protection
SharanyanThe one who bestows protection to anyone who comes seeking it. The word Sharan in Sanskrit means protection and the one who bestows it is Sharanyan
SharapanjarabhedakaDestroyer of the nest made of arrows
ShararthA season
SharatA season; Autumn; Breeze; Cloud
SharathA season, Autumn; Breeze; Cloud
SharavPure and innocent
ShardoolLion; A Tiger
ShardulLion; A Tiger
ShareefHonest; Honorable; Noble; Distinguished; Gentleman; Virtuous; Pure; Holy virtuous
ShareekIntelligent; Brilliance; Associate
ShareeqIntelligent; Brilliance
SharifHonest; Honorable; Noble; Distinguished; Gentleman; Virtuous; Pure; Holy virtuous
SharifudinThe noble religion
ShariqIntelligent; Brilliance; Associate
SharmadOne who confers happiness; Everlasting
SharmanJoy; Delight; Shelter; Happiness; Protection
SharnamSabko saran dene wala (One who provides shelter to all)
SharnieDirty stunted grass
SharokhHonorable Man
SharolName of Flower
SharuLord Vishnu; An arrow; Dart; The thunderbolt of Indra; The weapon of the maruts; Passion; Epithet of Vishnu
SharunSweet; Fragrance; Honey
SharunanNaughty boy
SharvarishThe Moon
SharvasLord Vishnu; The auspicious
SharveshMaster of all or God or King or Lord of all; Emperor; Lord Shiva
SharveshwarLord of all
SharvilLord Krishna; Derived from Sharv, Sharv meaning sacred to Shiva
SharvinVictory; Best archer; God of Love
ShasangAttached; Connected; Associated
ShasankaAnother name of Lord Shiva; The Moon
ShashaThe Moon
ShashaankThe Moon
ShashangAttached; Connected; Associated
ShashankThe Moon
ShashankaAnother name of Lord Shiva; The Moon
ShashanthName of Lord Vishnu
Shashi KumarLord Chandra (Moon)
ShashibhushanLord Shiva; Moon-decorated; Epithet of Shiva
ShashidharLord Shiva, The one who bears the Moon
ShashidharaLord Shiva, The one who bears the Moon
ShashikarMoon Ray
ShashikiranMoons rays
ShashimohanThe Moon
ShashinThe Moon
ShashipreetLove for the Moon
ShashirThe Moon
ShashishLord Shiva, Lord of the Moon
ShashishekharLord Shiva; Shash is the name of a Rabbit, so the Moon is called Shashi for possessing a shape like a rabbit, Shekhar means crown-Jewel, so whose crown Jewel is Moon, he is called Shashi-shekhar
ShashivarnamOne who has a Moon-like complexion
ShashmithEver smiling
ShashrvatName of Lord Sun
ShashvatEternal; Constant; Perpetually
ShashvataA name of Lord Rama; Eternal
ShashvathEternal; Constant; Perpetually
ShashwatEverlasting; Continuous; Eternal
ShasvatEternal; Constant; Perpetually
ShaswatEver lasting; Continuous; Eternal
Shat ManyuAnother name of Lord Indra
Shat PadmHundred petal lotus
ShatadruName of a river
ShatakanttamadapahateDestroyer of Shatakantta’s arrogance
ShatanandaKulguru of Mithila (Archpriest of Mithila)
ShataneekAnother name of Lord Ganesh; Warrior
ShatanikAnother name of Lord Ganesh; Warrior
ShatayuHundred years old
ShaticeNinth child
ShatjitConqueror of hundreds; True victory
ShatrughanBrother of Lord Rama
ShatrujitVictorious over enemies
ShatrunjayOne who overcomes enemies
ShatteshKing of mountains
ShaunakA great sage and teacher; Wise
ShaunitGod is gracious; Gift from god
ShauravDivine; Celestial; Beautiful
ShauryaBravery; Power; Heroism
ShavanaA variant of Shivani; Hindu Lord Shiva
ShavasPower; Might; Valour; Bravery; Heroism
ShavendranLord Murugan
ShawaizSpeak melodiously
ShawnAmerican spelling of Sean; Derives From John; From the name JOHN; Present; From the shady grove; Variant of John from Sean.; Variant of Sean: Irish variant of John: God is gracious; gift from God.
ShayaWorthy; Deserving; Meriting
ShayaanIntelligent; Courteous
Shayam CharanLord Krishna; The dark-skinned god’s feet
ShayanIntelligent; Courteous
ShaybahGrey-haired; Aged
ShaymKing of kings
ShaymsundarBlack beauty
ShazebDecorated king
SheehanPeaceful child
SheelCharacter; Custom; Nature; Worth
SheelinLake; Lake of the fairies; Moral; Worthy
SheelwantFull of modesty
SheerakPlough; The Sun
SheerinCharming; Pleasant; Ploughman; Grass
ShefeekCompassionate merciful
ShehbaazRoyal Falcon
ShehranThe ancient king of Persia
ShehrozeKing of roses
ShehyarLucky one
Sheik MohamedMohamed means Variant used for Mohammad – founder of Islamic religion; Praiseworthy; Glorified
SheilMountain; Rocky
ShekarLord Shiva; Cute
ShekharLord Shiva; A crest; Diadem; A peak; The chief or head of anything
ShepharDelightful; Pinnacle; Ultimate; Best; Crown of the head
Sher AliThe beloved one; Lion
SherazLoving; Caring; Daring
SherinderLion king
SheronMeadow; A fertile plain
SherpaulProtector of lion
ShesanandLord Vishnu; Delighting serpent Shesh; Another name of Vishnu
SheshCosmic serpent
SheshanName of a sage
SheshankLord Shiva; Moon; Silent
SheshdharOne who holds a snake
SheshraoCosmic serpent
SheshvarLord venkateswara
ShevFortune; Joy; Homage
ShevantilalA chrysanthemum
SheyaShadow; Divine
ShhithGood character
ShiamakSilver flame
ShibhooRelated with Lord Shiva
ShibhyaLord Shiva
ShibiKing; Ornamental
ShibijyotiRay of Lord Shiva
ShibilYoung one in Arabic
ShibinShe is the sign of silence
ShibliWas a great scholar and writer
ShibuBorn to Win
ShiddharthOne who has accomplished goal; Successful; A name of Lord Buddha; Achieved all wishes
ShidhLord Krishna
ShidhantSharp; Farword
ShighraLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
ShihabFlame; Blaze
Shihab Al DinStar of the faith
ShijithGreat Conqueror
ShikarMoon, Lord of night
ShikhandinLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
ShikharMountain peak; Peak; Ultimate
ShikivahanarLord Murugan; One who has a peacock as his vehicle
ShilinVirtuous; Rocky
ShilishLord of mountains
ShilpShapely; Multi-coloured
ShilushMusician; A leader of a band
ShimahCream; Character
ShimitPeace maker
ShimulName of a flower
ShineySparkle to life
ShinjanSound of Nupur
ShinoyPeace maker
ShinuSuccessful Person
ShipiristLord Vishnu
ShiprakFull checked
Shirdi PrasadA name of Sai baba
ShireeshA flower; Rain tree
ShirishA flower; Rain tree
ShiromA jewel is worn on the head
ShiromaniSuperb jewel
ShirshirchandraWinter Moon
ShishayMunificent; Generous
ShishidharLord Shiva, The one who bears the Moon
ShishirName of a season; Cold; Frost; Winter
ShishirchandraWinter Moon
ShishulBaby; Infant; Child
ShishupalSon of Subhadra
ShishupreetLove for babies
ShisirFresh dew
ShithikantanLord Shiva, The blue-necked
ShitikantLord Shiva, The blue-necked
ShitikanthLord Shiva, The blue-necked
ShivLord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky; Always pure; All encompassing; Lovely; Welfare; Water; Saving; Beloved; Divine; Joy welfare; The third God of the Hindu Trinity
Shiv KumarSon of Lord Shiva (Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthikeya)
Shiv SaiLord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky
Shiv ShankarLord Shiva or auspicious or Lucky
Shiv ShekharLord Shiva; Shiva’s crest; Shiva’s head; The Moon
ShivaLord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky; Always pure; All-encompassing; Lovely; Welfare; Water; Joy welfare; Salvation; The energy of Shiva in the form of his wife
Shiva KumarSon of Lord Shiva (Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthikeya)
Shiva KumaranSon of Lord Shiva
Shiva ShankaraLord Shiva or auspicious or Lucky
ShivaaLord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky; Always pure; All encompassing; Lovely; Welfare; Water; Saving; Beloved; Divine; Joy welfare; The third God of the Hindu Trinity
ShivaanshA portion of Lord Shiv
ShivaayLord Shiva
ShivadasanServant of Lord Shiva
ShivadevLord of prosperity
ShivageethLord of singer
ShivahariPractical; Patient; Lord Shiva / Vishnu
ShivaiahLord Shiva, Shiva, The Lord
ShivajiShivaji raje (King Shivaji)
ShivakarCausing Happiness
ShivakshRudraksh; Shiva’s Trinetra
ShivakumaranLord Murugan, Son of Shiva
ShivalikBelonging of Lord Shiv, whose owner is Lord Shivm, Lord Shiv in female form, Goddess Parvati
ShivalingaA Lord Shiva name
ShivamAuspicious; Lord Shiva; Fortunate; Elegant
ShivammaAuspicious; Lord Shiva
ShivanGod Shiva
ShivanaDerived from Lord Shiva
ShivanandOne who is happy in Lord Shiva’s thoughts or Shiva’s worship
ShivanathLord Shiva, Lord of Shiva
ShivanchalShelter of Lord Shiva
ShivangA portion of Lord Shiv
ShivangelAngel messenger of Lord Shiva
ShivankMark of Lord Shiva
ShivanshA portion of Lord Shiv
ShivanshuPart of Lord Shiva
ShivarajThe destroyer; Lord Shiva
ShivaranjanDevotee of Lord Shiva
ShivasLord Shiva, Another form of the name Shiva
ShivashankarLord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky
ShivasunuLord Ganesh, Child of Shiva
ShivatavLord Rama
ShivayyaLord Shiva; Ayya – father
ShivcharanFeet of Lord Shiva
ShivdenderGod, Lord Shiva
ShiveLord Shiva; The third God of the Hindu Trinity
ShiveaLord Shiva
ShivelAnother name Lord Shiva
ShivenName of Lord Shiva; The destroyer; One who maintains a balance between life & death
ShivendraLord Shiva and Lord Indra
ShivenduPure Moon
ShivenkLord Shiva & Venkateswara
ShiveshLord Shiva; Shiva + Ish; Shiva; The God
ShiveshvarGod of welfare
ShivinName of Lord Shiva; The destroyer; One who maintains a balance between life & death
ShivitLord Shiva
ShivlokPlace of Lord Shiv
ShivmatiIt means the brain of Lord Shiva
ShivnandanSon of Lord Shiva
ShivohneGod is Gracious
ShivparsadGift of Lord Shiva
ShivrajThe destroyer; Lord Shiva
ShivrajpalProtected by the God king
ShivramLord Shiva; Lord Ram
ShivroopAn embodiment of Lord Shiva
ShivruthFriend of Lord Shiva
ShivshekharLord Shiva; Shiva’s crest; Shiva’s head; The Moon
ShivshreeBeauty of Lord Shiva
ShiwanshShiv ka Ansh (Part of Shiv)
ShleshPhysical bonding
ShlokHymns of Lord, Verse, Hindu Mantra or verse of praise
ShlokeHymns of Lord, Verse, Hindu Mantra or verse of praise
ShlokhHymns of Lord, Verse, Hindu Mantra or verse of praise
ShoaibWho shows the right path; Shoaib was a prophet of Islam
ShobhakBrilliant; Handsome
ShobhanSplendid; Handsome; Another name of Shiva and Agni; Excellent
ShobhinSplendid; Brilliant; Handsome
ShobhitOrnamented; Lord Krishna; Brilliant; Handsome
ShobitOrnamented; Beautiful
ShobithOrnamented; Beautiful
ShoebFamous; Always victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; Humble
ShoibFamous; Always victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; Humble
ShomitA person who gets every thing
ShonYahwah is gracious; Yahweh is merciful; Old; Wise; River; Fire
ShoolinOne who has a trident, Lord Shiva
ShoorValiant; Bold; Mighty; Brave; Lion; Tiger
ShooraValiant; Bold; A name of Lord Hanuman; Mighty; Brave; Lion; Tiger
ShoorpakarnaLarge eared Lord
ShoorveerA great warrior
ShoryaFame; Bravery; Fearlessness; Power; Heroism
ShoubhitOrnamented; Lord Krishna; Brilliant; Handsome
ShoumoThe quiet one; The learned one
ShouryaFame; Bravery; Fearlessness
ShovaBeautiful; Attractive
ShraavanName of a Hindu month; Name of a star; A character in Ramayana; A devoted son; Listening or hearing Monsoon season
ShrabanDevoted son
ShrabanaName of a Hindu month; Name of a star; A character in Ramayana; A devoted son; Listening or hearing Monsoon season
ShravanName of a Hindu month; Name of a star; A character in Ramayana; A devoted son; Listening or hearing; Monsoon season
Shravan KumarFlowing; River; A character from the epic Ramayana
ShravanaName of a Hindu month; Name of a star
ShrawanDevoted Son; Bold
ShrayCredit; Marvelous
Shree RamLord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful
ShreedaGiver of beauty; Lord Kuber; Bestowed by Lakshmi; Auspicious; Bringing fortune
ShreedattaName of a God
ShreedhanGod of Wealth
ShreedharLord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi
ShreegopalLord Krishna; A protector of the Earth; A king; An epithet of Krishna; An epithet of Shiva; Name of a Nag
ShreehanLord Vishnu; Handsome
ShreehariLord Krishna; Green; Yellow; Tawny; Golden color; A Parrot; A Snake; Name of Indra, Vishnu, Krishna, Brahman, Yama, Sun, Moon; A ray of light; Fire; Wind
ShreeharshGod of happiness
ShreejeetVictory on wealth
ShreekantAn epithet of Lord Vishnu, God of wealth or Lord Vishnu or Consort of Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful; Lord Shiva; Of glorious neck
ShreekanthAn epithet of Lord Vishnu, God of wealth or Lord Vishnu or Consort of Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful; Lord Shiva; Of glorious neck
ShreekarGiving good fortune, Lord Vishnu
ShreekeshavLord Krishna; Having long or handsome hair
ShreemaanHe who is always with Shree, Consort of Goddess Shree (Goddess Lakshmi); A respectable person
ShreemanHe who is always with Shree, Consort of Goddess Shree (Goddess Lakshmi); A respectable person
ShreematAuspicious; Lord Vishnu; Revered
ShreemohanLord Krishna; Attractive
baby boy names with s

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baby boy names that start with s, baby boy names with s, hindu baby boy names starting with s, hindu baby boy names starting with s with meanings, s letter names for boy hindu, unique hindu baby boy names starting with s,

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modern baby boy names starting with s, modern hindu baby boy names starting with s, unique baby names that start with s, s letter names for boy hindu latest, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033,