Baby Boy Names That Start With N
Baby Boy Names That Start With N

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Fun and independence are two words that come to mind when thinking of baby boy names that start with n, baby boy names with n.

Bold, vigorous, volatile, and eccentric are all characteristics of baby names that begin with the letter n.

These folks who value freedom despise following the herd.

They think in unusual ways and are continuously looking for new experiences in their lives.

The energy of the number 5, with which it is associated, motivates N people to be practical, resourceful, and knowledgeable.

baby boy names that start with n – baby boy names with n

NaabhakBelonging to the Sky
NaabhasCelestial, Appearing in the Sky, Name of individual constellations, Sky, Ocean, Heavenly
NaagA big serpent
NaagadathaOne of the Kauravas
NaagdharLord Shiva, One who wears a Cobra
NaagpalSaviour of serpents
NaagpathiKing of serpents
NaarangNarang can be used as a surname in various culture; Orange; Human; A twin
NaarayanLord Vishnu; Refuge of man
NaathanGift from God; Rewarded; Given; Giving; Desire; Protector; Lord; Another name for Krishna
NaayakThe guide
NabarunMorning Sun
NabenduNew Moon, A night after Amavasya
NabhThe Sky
NabhanyuEternal; Celestial
NabhasCelestial; Appearing in the sky; Name of individual constellations; Sky; Ocean; Heavenly
NabhayWithout Fear
NabhenduNew Moon
NabhiCentre of the body; An ancient king
NabhijLord Brahma; Born from the navel
NabhojBorn in Sky
NabhomaniJewel of the Sky; The Sun
NabilNoble; Generous; Peacock
NachikA short form of Nachiketa
NachiketSon of vajashravas
NachiketaAn ancient Rishi; Fire
NachiketasThe name of the boy who went to see Lord Yama and got Brahma Vidya from Yama
NadanVery simple
NadapratithishtaOne who appreciates and loves music
NadeepLord of wealth
NadeeshGod of river; Ocean; Hope; Lord of water
NadinLord of rivers; Ocean
NadirFresh; Dear; Rare; Pinnacle
NadishGod of river; Ocean; Hope; Lord of water
Nag RajKing of the serpents; King of cobras
NagabhushanOne who wears snakes as ornaments, Lord Shiva
NagabhushanaOne who has serpents as ornaments
NagabhushanamGod Shankar, Lord Shiva
NagaiahLord cobra
NagalingeshLord Shiva
NaganathSnake; The king of serpents; A serpent chief
NagarajKing of the serpents; King of cobras
NagarajaLord Nagaraja
NagarajanKing of snake
NagarajuKing of snakes
NagarathnaSnakes diamond
NagarinLord of a town
NagarjunBest among the snakes
NagarjunaLord Shiva; Best among the snakes; A white snake; Name of an ancient buddhist teacher of the rank Bodhisattva
NagdharLord Shiva, One who wears a Cobra
NagendraSeshnag; King of the serpents
NageshSeshnag; Cosmic serpent; Owner of a serpent
NageshaSeshnag; Cosmic serpent; Owner of a serpent
NageshwarLord Shiva; God of serpents
NageshwaranLord snake
NageswaraLord Shiva; God of serpents
NaggarLord Krishna
NagnathSnake; The king of serpents; A serpent chief
NagpalSaviour of serpents
NagpatiKing of serpents, Vaasuki
NagrajKing of serpents
NagsriQueen of Snakes
NaheemGood eyes
NahushName of An ancient king
NahushaA mythological king
NaimathEase; Blessing; Wealth; Delight; Favor
NaimeshSaints name
NaimishInside viewer; Wink; Transient
NaineshGod’s third eye; Relax eyes; Relate to eye
NainishLord of eyes
NairLord Krishna; Leader
NairitA Direction, Southwest
NaishadhKing Nala; A hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha; A open; About Nishadha; An epic poem
NaishalParvat (Mountain)
NaitikGood in nature
NaivadyaBhagwan ka Prasad (Divine gift (prasad) from God)
NaivedhBagvan ka Prasad (Divine gift (prasad) from God)
NaivedyaHindu Mataji prashad with curd & sugar
NajuProudly; Noble
NakeshThe Moon; Feature
NakhrajThe Moon
NakkiranA Tamil Poet
NaksaKing of stars; Map
NaksatrarajaKing of stars
NakshThe Moon; Feature
NakshatraHeavenly body; A star; Pearl
NakshithPower of Lion
NakulName of one of the Pandavas; Son; A musical instrument; The fourth Pandava Prince from the Mahabharata; Mongoose; Another name for Shiva
Nakula Goddess Parvati
NakuleshIntelligent Person
NalAn ancient king
Nala – NilSon of great builder who helped Rama to build bridge of Lanka
NalanSmart boy
NaleshKing of flowers
NalinLotus; Water; Crane; Water lily
NalinakshLotus eyed
NalineshayAn epithet of Lord Vishnu
NalinikantHusband of Lotus; Sun
NamahaRespect; Pray
NamanSalutation; Bowing; To pay homage
NamasthetuVanquisher of all evils & vices & sins
NamatTo pay homage; Bowing
NamdevPoet; Saint
NameethBowed down; Modest; To bow in a humble greeting; Worshipper
NamishLord Vishnu; Courteous
NamitBowed down; Modest; To bow in a humble greeting; Worshipper
NamithBowed down; Modest; To bow in a humble greeting; Worshipper
NanakFirst Sikh Guru
NandJoyful; A flute; Prosperous; Son
Nand KishoreSon of Nand ji (Lord Krishna)
Nand KumarJoyful; Happy; Pleasure
Nand NandanLord Krishna, Son of Nanda
NandagopalLord Krishna father’s name
NandakPleasing; Celebrating; Delightful; Krishna’s sword
NandakishorWiz kid
NandakishoreLord Krishna, Son of Nanda
NandanPleasing; Son; Celebrating; Heartening; Temple; Another name for Shiva and Vishnu
NandapalLord Krishna; Protector of Nanda
NandessLord Shiva; Lord of happiness
NandgopalaThe son of Nand
NandhanPleasing or Son or One who brings happiness
NandidharLord Shiva, The one who possesses Nandi
NandighoshMusic of Joy
NandikPleasing; Shiva’s bull; Prosperous; Happy
NandikeshLord Shiva; Happy; Joyful
NandinSon; Delightful
NandishLord Shiva, Nandishwar
NandishaLord Shiva, Lord of Nandi
NandkumarJoyful; Happy; Pleasure
NandlalLord Krishna, Beloved of Nanda
NannanBenevolent; Name of a king; Humour; Play
NanthiniThe root; Nand; Refers to delight; Pleasure; Enjoyment
NaradIndian Saint; Devotee of Narayan
NarahariLord Vishnu; Man-Lion; Vishnu is the fourth incarnation
NarainA godly person
NaranManly; Human
NarasimhaAn incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Lion among men
Naravhill path
NarayanLord Vishnu; Refuge of man
NarayanaLord Vishnu; Refuge of man
Narayana SwamyLord Vishnu; God
NarayananTitle of Lord Vishnu
NarenPeople with this name tend to be filled with the Joy of life, they are quite imaginative and enthusiastic
NarendarThe leader of all human beings; King of men; The king
NarenderA leader of all human beings; King of men; The King
NarendraThe leader of all human beings; King of men; The king
NarendranNarendra means king or god of Men (Naran=humans, Indiran=god or King)
NarendranathKing of kings; Emperor
NareshLord of Man
NarinderThe leader of all human beings; King of men; The king
NarmadBringing delight
NarottamBest among men; Lord Vishnu
NarsappaLord Vishnu Dashvatar Purusha
NarshiPoet; Saint
NarsiPoet; Saint
NarsimhaAn incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Lion among men
NarsimluLion Among Men
NarsimuluName of a God
NarsinhLion Among Men
NarunLeader of men
NarunaLeader of men
NatamBest studier
NatarajLord Shiva; King of the art of dancing; King among actors; Shiva as the cosmic dancer of destruction; Lord of dance
NatarajaLord Shiva; King of the art of dancing; King among actors
NatesanLord of Dancers; Lord Shiva
NateshLord Shiva, Lord of Natas – dancers
NateshwarGod of drama, Lord Shiva
NathLord; Protector
NathanGift from God; Rewarded; Given; Giving; Desire; Protector; Lord; Another name for Krishna
NatrajLord Shiva; King of the art of dancing; King among actors; Shiva as the cosmic dancer of destruction; Lord of dance
NatwarLord Krishna; Dancing Lord
NauharNine garlands
NaunidhNine treasures; One who is blessed with nine treasures
NavName; New; Praised
NavadeepLight; The ever new light; New lamp;
NavajKing among actors; New
NavakanthNew light
NavalWonder; New; Modern
NavamaniNine Crystal
NavanChampion; King of the jews; Awesome with sports; Praise
NavaneetFresh butter; One who takes pleasure in new joys
NavaneethFresh butter; Gentle; Soft; Always new
NavanitFresh butter; One who takes pleasure in new joys
Navanit ViliptangaLord whose body is smeared with butter
NavanithFresh butter; Gentle; Soft; Always new
NavapriyanGood name
NavarajTune; New rule
NavashenThe one who brings hope
NavavyakrutiPandita skilful scholar (Learned, Skillful, Scholar)
NavayNaya; New; Nootan
NavdeepLight; The ever new light; New lamp;
NavdipLight; The ever new light; New lamp;
NavenduNew Moon, A night after Amavasya
NavilNoble; Generous; Peacock
NavinchandraThe Moon night after Amavasya
NavishLord Shiva; Poison less; Sweet
NavishaLord Shiva
NavkarSupreme mahamantra of Jains
NavkiranNew; The Sunrays of motivation
NavkunjThe new garden; New home
NavnathA saint
NavneethFresh butter; Gentle; Soft; Always new
NavnitFresh butter; One who takes pleasure in new joys
NavrajTune; New rule
NavratanNine jewels
NavrozA parsee festival
NavtejNew light
NavyBold and blue
NawalkishorLord Krishna; Adolescent boy
NaxatraPearl; Star
NayajBorn of wisdom
NayanEye; Directing; Community; Decorum
NayaneshBeautifull eyes
NayanjyotiLight of eye
NayanthIris; Twinkling star in the eye
NealChampion; Cloud; Passionate; Crow; Talktive person; Blue; Indigo; Sapphire; Treasure; A mountain
NedumaranTall and handsome
NeehalNew; Rainy; Handsome; Gratified; Happy; Successful; Satisfied; Sapling
NeehantNever ending; Boy
NeeharMist; Fog; Dew
NeekhileshLord of all
NeelChampion; Blue; Treasure; A mountain; Indigo; Sapphire
NeelabhAn object in the sky cloud; Moon
NeeladriThe Nilgiris; Blue mountain; Blue peak
NeelajThe lotus flower
NeelakanthLord Shiva, One having a blue throat
NeelalohithLord Shiva; Red and blue
NeelamaniBlue jewel
NeelambarBlue Sky
NeelambujBlue lotus
NeelameganLord Krishna’s blue skin
NeelanchalNilgiris hills
NeelanjanBlue; With blue eyes
NeelanshOne who Belongs to Sky; Part of Lord Shiva (Neelkanth); Neel as Lord Krishna
NeelendraBlue Sky
NeeleshLord Krishna; Moon
NeeleshbabuName of Lord Shiva
NeelgreevLord Shiva, The blue-necked Lord
NeelkantA Jewel; Peacock; Lord Shiva
NeelkantaLord Shiva; Blue-necked
NeelkanthA Jewel; Peacock; Lord Shiva
NeelmadhavLord Jagannath
NeelotpalBlue lotus
NeerWater; One of the five elements of the world; It is the essence of life
NeeradCloud; Given by water
NeerajLotus flower; To illuminate; Irradiate
Neeraj NayanEye like lotus
NeeravQuiet; Calm; Without sound; Silent
NeerujWithout any disease
NeeshBy the ash tree; An adventurer
NeeshlinOne who is born lucky
NeevBasic; Foundation
NehanthRain; Love
NehshalFlower of Jannat
NeilAcquirer; Earner; Blue; Sapphire; The Mynah bird; Gaelic; Cloud; Passionate
NejavEternity; Empathy
NekA noble person; Virtuous; Lucky
NelvinThe one who constitutes/is most sacred and divine.
NemiDasaratha, Another name of Dashratha, Father of Lord Rama
NemichandThe name means a quiet person
NeraAmrit or nectar or pure water; Part of God; Water; Juice; Liquor
NesarThe Sun
NessanName of a saint
NetikExcellent; The best
NetranLeader; Beautiful Eyes
NetratavTo lead
NeveditaOne dedicated to service
NevidBest wishes; Offering to God
NevilNew town
NeymishInside viewer; Wink; Transient
NiamContribution of God
NibhisLord Ganesha
NibhishLord Ganesha
NidanTreasure; Wealth; Receptacle
NiddhaGenerous; With a treasure; Determined; Assiduous
NideeshGiver of wealth & treasures, Kuber
NideeshwaramGiver of wealth and treasures
NideshGiver of wealth & treasures, Kuber
NidhaanTreasure; Wealth; Receptacle
NidhanTreasure; Wealth; Receptacle
NidhipTreasure Lord
NidhishLord of treasure; Lord Ganesh giver of wealth
NidishLord of treasure; Lord Ganesh giver of wealth
NidithCreative demeanour
NieveshSnow; Investment
NigamVedic text; Teaching; Town; Victory
NigamanthUpanishads; Having no equal
NihaalComplete; Young; Planet; Happiness
NihaanthNever ending
NihaarMist; Fog; Dew
NihalNew; Rainy; Handsome; Gratified; Happy; Successful; Satisfied; Sapling
NihantNever ending; Boy
NihanthJoyful; Never Ending
NiharMist; Fog; Dew
NihishvaranFollower of holy ways
NihitGod gift; Inherent; Inscribed into something; Within something
NihithGod gift; Inherent; Inscribed into something; Within something
NikamDesire; Wish; Joy
NikashThe horizon; Appearance; Touchstone
NikeshSri Maha Vishnu
NiketHome; Lord of all; Residence
NiketanHouse; Mansion; Don of rulers
NikethHome; Lord of all; Residence
NikethanHouse; Mansion; Don of rulers
NikhaelStream of Love
NikhilWhole; Perfect; Complete; Entire
NikhileshLord of all
NikhileswarName of Lord Shiva
NikhitSharp; Earth; Ganges
NikiThe victory of the people; Goodness; Female version of Nicholas; People’s victory; Victory; Useful; Bringer of victory
NikilVictorious people
NikinOne who brings good things
NikitGlobal thought leader; One who has divine wisdom; One who is honest; Strong commercial instinct, Self sufficient and ambitious, above all a good human being; Smiling face
NikithGlobal thought leader; One who has divine wisdom; One who is honest; Strong commercial instinct, Self sufficient and ambitious, above all a good human being; Smiling face
NikkuRay of Sun
NikkyCute and beautiful
NikshTo kiss
NikuPeople of victory
NikulPandavas royal Prince
NikumbhLord Shiva; A kind of croton plant; Pot like; Name of an attendant of Shiva; Name of one of Skands attendant; A form of Ganapati
NikunjA bower
NikunjaGrove of trees
NilChampion; Cloud; Passionate; Crow; Talktive person; Blue; Indigo; Sapphire; Treasure; A mountain
NilabhAn object in the sky cloud; Moon
NiladdriBlue mountain
NiladriThe Nilgiris; Blue mountain
NilakanthaThe one with a blue throat
NilamberBlue sky; God of Sky
NilanjanBlue; With blue eyes
NilanjitWho can win the Moon; Handsome
NilanshLord Shani Dev
NilaxAnother name of Lord Shiva
NilayA house; A habitation; A place to stay; Refuge; House
NilayanBlue eyes boy
NileshLord Krishna; Moon
NillBattle maiden
NilotpalBlue lotus
NilrajKing of heaven
NimalPure; Blameless; Brilliant
NimalanLord Murugan name
NimeshInside viewer; Spilt second; Transient; Another name for Vishnu
NimeyaDestiny; A known quantity; Understood
NimishInside viewer; Spilt second; Transient; Another name for Vishnu
NimitDestiny; Fixed; Determined
NimmitDestiny; Fixed; Determined
NimritAlready decided by God
NinaadThe sound of flowing water; Gentle sound of water
NinadThe sound of flowing water; Gentle sound of water
NingappaAnother name of Lord Mailar Lingappa
NinnyFlowery; Blossom; Pure; Brilliant
NipakWise; Leader
NipunExpert; Proficient; Benevolent; Talented; Clever; Perfect
NiqilesLord of all
NiradCloud; Given by water
NiraimadhiFull Moon
NiraimathiFull Moon
NirajLotus flower; Pure; Free from attachment
Nirajanapower of God
NiramayWithout blemish; Pure
NiramitraSon of Sahadeva (one of the Pandavas)
NirankarWith no shape (God)
NirantakLord Shiv
NiratPleased; Satisfied; The soul’s ability to see; Absorbed
NiravQuiet; Calm; Without sound; Silent
NirdeshDirection; Command
NirdharOne who holds water; Cloud
NirekSuperior; Unparalleled; Unique; Best
NirikshObserver; Unique; Anticipation; Hope
NirishFree; Without any owner
NirmalPure; Brilliant; Clean
NirmalyaPure; Brilliant; Clean
NirmanThe egoless; Humble; Free from pride
NirmanyuFree of anger
NirmayWithout blemish; Pure
NirmeshLord of the night
NirogiWithout illness
NiroshWithout anger; Cairn
NirupamIncomparable; Fearless; Unique; Without comparison
NirupeshKings of king
NirvalSacred; Pious; Devout; Without a leader
NirvanLiberation; Salvation
NirvaninLiberated; One who has attained Nirvana
NirvarWithout a superior; Best; Unique
NirvashLand of bliss
NirvedGift by God
NisanthRaising The Sun
NischalCalm; Unmovable; Unshakable; Steady
NischayDecision; Confirmed
NischitSpecific or for sure; Fixed; Truthful; Genuine; Firm
NischithSpecific or for sure; Fixed; Truthful; Genuine; Firm
NishBy the ash tree; An adventurer
NishadCheerful; Seventh note on Indian musical scale; Awesome
NishadhCheerful; Seventh note on Indian musical scale; Awesome
NishakantHusband of the night (Moon)
NishakarMoon (Lord of night
NishalNo end
NishamFresh air; Cool
NishamgyOne of the Kauravas
NishanathThe Moon; Dawn; Peace; Pleasant early morning; Daybreak; The end of the night
NishankHaving mark of night or dream; Undoubting; Fearless
NishantThe Moon; Dawn; Peace; Pleasant early morning; Daybreak; The end of the night
NishanthThe Moon; Dawn; Peace; Pleasant early morning; Daybreak; The end of the night
NishanthyThe whole world
NisharNature; Warm cloth; Victorious
NishatA tree; Sincere
NishathA tree; Sincere
NishavThe Best
NishchalCalm; Unmovable; Unshakable; Steady
NishchayDecision; Confirmed
NishchitSpecific or for sure; Fixed; Truthful; Genuine; Firm
NisheshEntire; Perfect; The Moon; Complete
NishikantHusband of the night (Moon)
NishikantaHusband of night (Moon)
NishikarMoon (Lord of night
NishinathLord of the night (Moon) Nishipati; Nishipal
NishitMidnight; Night; Sharp; Invigorated; Prepared; Iron; Steel
NishitaVery dedicated; Sharp; Alert; Fast
NishithMidnight; Night; Sharp; Invigorated; Prepared; Iron; Steel
NishkGold, a golden ornament for the neck or golden vessel
NishokHappy; Satisfied
NishparBoundless; Unlimited; Limitless
NishvanGreat person
NishwanthThe great
NishyGetting stronger; Invigorating; Evening
NisinLord Shiva
NisitMidnight; Night; Sharp; Invigorated; Prepared; Iron; Steel
NissarNature; Warm cloth; Victorious
NissinMiracle and a more pronounceable form of Nissan
NiswarthNo selfishness
NitFavor; Grace
NiteenMaster of the law; Master of the right path; Principle; Judge
NiteeshGod of law; One well versed in law; Follower of the correct way; Master of the right path
NiteshGod of law; One well versed in law; Follower of the correct way; Master of the right path
NithanA person of story; Renowned
NitheeshLord of law or one who is well versed in law; Name of Lord Shiva
NithikMaster of justice
NithilanBrilliant like a Pearl
NithileshLord of all
NithinMaster of the law; Master of the right path; Principle; Judge
NithishLord of law or one who is well versed in law; Name of Lord Shiva
NithwikEverlasting; Forever
NitikMaster of justice
NitinMaster of the law; Master of the right path; Principle; Judge
NitishGod of law; One well versed in law; Follower of the correct way; Master of the right path
Nitya SundaraEver beautiful; Good looking
NityanandPerennially Happy
NityanandaLord Krishna; Always happy
NityanshConstant; Endless; Morning Sun Rays
NityantaLord Vishnu
NityasundarEver good looking
NityasundaraEver beautiful; Good looking
NivBasic; Foundation
NivaanHoly; Bound; Limited
NivanHoly; Bound; Limited
NivanshPart of holy
NivedBest wishes; Offering to God
NivedhBest wishes; Offering to God
NiveshSnow; Investment
NividVedic hymns
NivinNivedyam to God (Offerings to God)
NivruthSeparation from world
NivruttiSeparation from world
NivunOfferings to the God
NomitNominate for particular work
NomitaDevotee; One who Worships; Goddess Durga
NridevKing amongst men
NripendraKing of kings
NripeshKing of kings
NrityapriyaLover of dance
NrupadhFeet of a king
NuvanshSweetheart; Sensitive
NuveshNew Veda knowledge
NythikMaster of justice
NyvanHoly; Bound; Limited
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