Baby Boy Names That Start With G1

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Baby Boy Names That Start With G

The table below contains both traditional and modern “sanskrit baby boy names with g – g letter names for boy hindu”:

GaalavTo worship; Ebony; Strong; A sage
GadadharaOne who has the mace as his weapon
GadhadharName of Lord Vishnu
GadinLord Krishna; One who is armed with a club; One who wields the mace
GaganSky; Heaven; Atmosphere
GaganvihariOne who stays in heaven
GagneshLord Shiva; Ruler of the Sky
GahanDepth; Profound
GaishTempest; Commotion
GajPolish; Origin; Aim; Elephant
GajadharWho can command an Elephant
GajakarnaOne who has eyes like an Elephant
GajananOne with an elephant face; Elephant-faced Lord
GajananaOne with an elephant face; Elephant faced Lord
GajanananLord ganapathy
GajanandLord Ganesh, One with elephant face
GajananetiElephant faced Lord
GajavakraThe trunk of the elephant
GajavaktraOne who has a mouth like an Elephant
GajbahuWho has the strength of an Elephant
GajdantElephant teeth; Lord Ganesh
GajenderKing of Elephant and Inderlok, Inderdev
GajendraElephant king
GajendranathOwner of Gajendra
GajkaranLike ears of an elephant
GajpatiMaster of an elephant, Lord Ganesh
GajrajKing of elephant
GajrupLord Ganesh, One who looks like an elephant
GajvadanName of Lord Ganesh
GalavTo worship; Ebony; Strong; A sage
GambhirDeep; Serious; Profound; Tolerant; Powerful
GanaLord Shiva; Flock; Troop; Multitude; Number; Tribe; Series or class
GanadhakshyaLord of all Ganas
GanadhipLord ganapathy
GanadhyakshinaThe leader of all the celestial bodies
GanakAn astrologer; Mathematician
GanakaOne who calculates
GananathLord Shiva, Lord of the Ganas
GanapathiLord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, who have reached the climax of devotion
GanapatiLord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, who have reached the climax of devotion
GanapatizhankilaiLord Murugan; After Ganapati (younger brother of Ganesh)
GanarajLord of the clan
GandeeviThe owner of Gandeeva; His bow
GandeshaLord of fragrance
GandhamadhanaShailastha resident of Gandhamadhana
GandharajKing of fragrance
GandharinFragrant; Sweet smelling
GandharvCelestial musician; Singer; Divine musician; Another name for Surya
GandharvaCelestial musician; Singer; Divine musician; Another name for Surya
GandharvavidyaTatvangna exponent in the art of celestials
GandhiAn Indian family name
GandhikFragrance; Perfume seller; Aroma
GandivaThe bow of Arjuna
GandivdhanavAnother name of Arjun
GanendraLord of a troop
GanesanLord Ganesh; Lord of the army
GaneshLord Ganesh; Lord of the army
GaneshaLord Ganesh; Lord of the army
GangadattGift of the ganges
GangadharHolding the Ganga, Lord Shiva
GangadharaLord of river Ganga, Lord Shiva
GangaduttGift of the Ganges
GangajSon of Ganga
GangamaindanLord Murugan, Son of Ganga
GangasiruvanLord Murugan; Ganga's boy Siruvan - boy
GangavarGoddess Ganga's boon
GangeshLord Shiva, Lord of Ganga
GangeshaLord Shiva, Lord of Ganga
GangeyaOf the Ganga
GangeyanLord Murugan; Son of Ganga, Bheeshm; Also a metronymic of Skand; Nutgrass
GangolA precious
GanitGarden; Troop; Numerate; Honoured; Mathematics
GannathAn epithet of Lord Shiva
GanpatLord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, who have reached the climax of devotion
GanpatiLord of all ganas group of souls, Lord Ganesh
GaoushikLord Buddha; A surname of Vishvamitra; An epithet of Shiva; Love; Passion; An epithet of Indra
GaousikLord Buddha; A patronymic of Vishvamitra; An epithet of Shiva; Love; Passion; An epithet of Indra
GargName of a saint; Bull; A sage
GargeeThe person who inspires to think; An ancient scholar
GarimanHeaviness; Weighty; Profound
GarudThe king of birds; Falcon
GarudaKing of birds, Eagle
GarulFacilitator; One who carries the great; Another name for the bird Garuda, The vehicle of the God
GarveetProud; Garv
GarvinRough; Rugged
GarvitProud; Garv
GatikFast; Progressive
GaurGiving attention; White; Beautiful
GauraanshA part of Gauri Parwati
GaurabHonor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity
GaurangFair complexion; Another name for Vishnu, Krishna and Shiva
GauranshA part of Gauri parwati
GauravHonor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity
GauravanvitMaking you proud
GaureeshLord Shiva, Lord of Gauri
GaureshLord Shiva, Lord of Gauri
GaurikLord Ganesh; Mountain-born
GaurikantConsort of Gauri, Lord Shiva
GaurikanthConsort of Gauri, Lord Shiva
GaurinandanLord Ganesh, Son of Gauri
GaurinathLord Shiva, Consort of Gauri
GaurishLord Shiva, Lord of Gauri
GaurishankarThe peak of the Himalayas, Mt Everest
GaurisutaLord Ganesh, Son of Gauri
GaurnandananLord Murugan, Son of Gauri
GaurpriyaBeloved of Lord
GautamLord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Full of life; One of the seven Rishis; One who enlightens
GauthamLord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Name of Buddha; One of the seven Rishis
GautomLord Buddha
GavaskarOne who is authoritative
GavishtAbode of light
GavistAbode of light
GavravHonor; Pride; Respect; Prestige
GavyWhite Falcon; A forest in Kerala
GeetSong; Poem; Chant
GeetanshuPart of holy book Bhagwat Geeta
GeeteshThe Lord of the Geeta
GeethSong; Poem; Chant
GeethamOwner of Bhagavath Geetha; Krishna
GhanaanandHappy like clouds
GhananandHappy like cloud
GhanashyamLord Krishna; Solid dark; Of the colour of the darkest cloud that will soon rain
GhanendraLord of clouds (Lord Indra)
GhaneshLord Ganesh; Derived from ghan
GhanshyamLord Krishna; Black cloud
GhansyamLord Krishna or black cloud
GhatotkatchaThe son of Bhima and the Raskshasi (demons) Hidimbi. He became a leader of the Rakshasas and assisted the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war
GiaHeart; Love; God is merciful; Earth; Beautiful
GianOne having exalted divine knowledge; Wisdom
GianenderLord of knowledge
GirdhariLord Krishna, One who holds mountain (Krishna)
GireeshGod of mountain attributed to Lord Shiva; Lord of speech; Epithet of Shiva; Lord of the mountain
GirichandraMoon detector
GiridharLord Krishna, One who holds mountain (Krishna)
GirijanandanLord Ganesh, Son of Girija
GirijapathiLord Shiva, Consort of Girija
GirijapatiLord Shiva, Consort of Girija
GirikLord Shiva; The inhabitant of a mountain; Name of Shiva; Name of a weaver in a Buddhist work; Name of a chief of Nags
GirilalSon of mountain
GirinathLord Krishna
GirindraLord Shiva; A Prince among the mountains; A high mountain; Lord of mountains, i.e. Shiva; Lord of speech, i.e. Brihaspati
GirirajLord of mountain
GirishGod of mountain attributed to Lord Shiva
GirivarLord Krishna, One who holds govardhana Giri mountain in his hand
GirivardhanLord Vekataswra
GirjeshKing of mountain; Lord Krishna
GirvanLanguage of God
GirvenLanguage of God
GishnuSynonymous of Lord
GitSong; Poem; Chant
Gitamrita MahodadhiAn ocean containing nectar of Gita
GiteshThe Lord of the Geeta
Gnana PanditanLord Murugan; A great scholar
GnanasekarGnana - knowledge sense, Sekar - God
GnaneshKnowledge Provider
GnaneshwarKnowledge of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva
GobhilA Sanskrit scholar
GobindCowherd, Lord Krishna
GoganA multitude of rays, Many rays
GogulaLord Krishna; The Lord of serpents
GokulA place where Lord Krishna was brought up
GokulakrishnanSri Krishna
GokulanLord Krishna
GomantakLand similar to paradise; Fertile soil & good waters
GomethakWell known gem
GopalCowherd, Another name of Lord Krishna
Gopala KrishnanLord Krishna, Krishna, Who is the protector of the Earth
GopalpriyaLover of cowherds
GopeshLord Krishna, King of Gopis
Gopi NathKing of the world; Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna or cowherd
GopichandName of a king
GopinathKing of the world; Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna or cowherd
GopinathanGod of Gopi girls, Another name of Lord Krishna
Gorakh NathSaint of Gorakh community
GorakshLord Shiva; A cow keeper; An epithet of Shiva
GoralLovable; Charming
GorankBright / Fair Faced
GoravHonor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity
GoshantVariation to shanti meaning peacefulness
GoswameeMaster of cows
GotamLord Buddha; Remover of darkness; One who enlightens
GourabHonor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity
GouranshA part of Gauri parwati
GouravHonor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity
GourishankarThe peak of the Himalayas, Mt Everest
GouthamLord Buddha; Remover of darkness; One who enlightens
GouthanFull of life
GouthumRemover of darkness
GovamGod name
GovardhanName of a mountain in Gokul
GovindCowherd, Lord Krishna
GovindaLord Krishna
GovindarajLord Vishnu; King of herdsmen
GowrakLord Ganesh
GowshikThe perfect; Freedom; Happiness life of journey
GowthamLord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Name of Buddha; One of the seven Rishis
GrahilLord Krishna
GrahinOf planets; About the planets
GrahishLord of the planets
GrahitKnowledge; Accepted
GranthikAstrologer; Narrator
GreetishLord Shiva
GrihithUnderstood; Accepted
GudakeshPossessing thick beautiful hair
GudakeshaThe archer Arjuna
GuganMaster of tribes
Guha PriyanSimplicity
GuhanName of Lord Murugan
GuhayaName of Lord Murugan
GulalColor red
GulfamRose faced; Color
GulmoharRed and yellow flowering tree
GulzarilalName of Lord Krishna
GunaBestowed with qualities
GunadheerVirtue of daring
GunagrahinAcceptor of gunas
GunagyaKnower of virtues
GunajOf the light; Born of virtue
GunajaVirtuous maiden; Born of virtue
GunajiFull of good habits
GunakarAn ancient king
GunalanFilled with virtue
GunaratnaJewel of virtue
GunasekarVirtuous; Good king
GunasekaranVirtuous; Gunam
GunashekarVirtuous; Good king
GunashekaranVirtuous; Gunam
GunavPossessor of virtues
GunavanthSense of justice
GunayukthEndowed with virtue
GuneetKnower of virtues; Talented; Excellent; Virtuous
GuninaLord of all virtues, Lord Ganesh
GunitKnower of virtues; Talented; Excellent; Virtuous
GunithKnower of virtues; Talented; Excellent; Virtuous
GunjThe sound; Cohesive; Well-woven
GunjanBuzzing of a bee; Humming; Blossoms
GunjikReflection; Humming; Meditation
GupilA secret
GuptakProtected; Guarded; Defended
GurbachanThe promise of the Guru
GurcharanThe feet of the Guru
GurdayalCompassionate Guru
GurdeepThe lamp of the Guru
GurdevDiety; Almighty God
GurishLord Shiva
GurjasFame of Lord
GurmanHeart of the Guru
GurmanshuThis name means achieving all; All-knowing
GurmeetA friend of the Guru
GurmukhPious Man
GurnamName of a Guru
GurnandishGuru Nandisha (Guru ragavendra+nandi+eeshwara)
GursharanRefuge at the Guru
GuruTeacher; Master; Priest
Guru GuganMaster of tribes
GurubachanThe voice of the Guru
GurucharanThe feet of the Guru
GurudasServant to the enlightener; Servant of the Guru
GurudattGift of the Guru
GurudevLord Shiva
GurudevaMaster of all; God of Guru
GuruduttGift of the Guru
GurumurthyLord Shiva
GurupadaServant of the Guru
GuruprasadGift of the teacher
GururajMaster of teacher
GururajaShri Raghavendra Prabhu; Mantralaya
GurusaranRefuge at the Guru
GurusharanRefuge at the Guru
GuruttamThe greatest teacher
GyaanOne having exalted divine knowledge; Wisdom
GyaanavWise; Learned; Knowledgeable
Gyan KarthikLord Shiva; Lamp of knowledge
GyanadeepLamp of knowledge
GyanavWise; Learned; Knowledgeable
GyandeepThe lamp of divine knowledge
GyandevLord of knowledge
GyaneshThe God of knowledge
GyaneshwarGod of wisdom

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Baby Boy Names with G Hindu

“baby boy names with g hindu – name start with g for boy”: are intuitive and know how to do things their own way.

They are resourceful, inventive, and astute. They are also capable of judging and analysing situations.

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Navi Mumbai, Navsari, Nawada, Nawanshehr, Nayagarh, Neemuch, Nellore, New Tehri, Nicobar, Nilgiris, Nirmal, Niuland, Niwari, Nizamabad, Noida, Noklak, Noney, Noney (Longmai), Nongpoh, Nongstoin, North 24 Parganas,

North and Middle Andaman, North Dumdum, North Garo Hills, North Goa, North Lakhimpur, North Sikkim, North Tripura, NTR, Nuapada, Nuh, Ongole, Ooty, Orai, Oros, Paderu, Padrauna, Painavu, Pakke-Kessang, Pakur, Pakyong,

Palakkad, Palamu, Palanpur, Palghar, Pali, Palin, Pallavaram, Palnadu, Palwal, Panaji, Panchkula, Panchmahal, Panihati, Panikoili, Panipat, Panna, Panvel, Papum Pare, Paralakhemundi, Parbhani, Parvathipuram, Parvathipuram Manyam,

Paschim Bardhaman, Paschim Medinipur, Pasighat, Patan, Pathanamthitta, Pathankot, Pathsala, Patiala, Patna, Pauri, Pauri Garhwal, Peddapalli, Perambalur, Peren, Phagwara, Phek, Pherzawl, Phulbani, Phusro, Pilibhit, Pimpri-Chinchwad,

Pithoragarh, Pondicherry, Poonch, Porbandar, Porompat, Port Blair, Prakasam, Pratapgarh, Prayagraj, Preet Vihar, Proddatur, Puducherry, Pudukkottai, Pulwama, Pune, Purba Bardhaman, Purba Medinipur, Puri, Purnia, Purulia, Puttaparthi,

Raebareli, Raga, Raichur, Raichuru, Raigad, Raiganj, Raigarh, Raipur, Raisen, Rajahmundry, Rajamahendravaram, Rajanna Sircilla, Rajgarh, Rajkot, Rajnandgaon, Rajouri, Rajouri Garden, Rajpipla, Rajpur Sonarpur,

Rajsamand, Ramagundam, Ramanagara, Ramanathapuram, Ramban, Ramgarh, Rampur, Ranaghat, Ranchi, Ranga Reddy, Ranikhet, Ranipet, Ranipettai, Ratlam, Ratnagiri, Rayachoti, Rayagada, Reasi, Reckong Peo, Resubelpara,

Rewa, Rewari, Ri Bhoi, Robertsganj, Rohtak, Rohtas, Roing, Rourkela, Rudraprayag, Rudrapur, Rupnagar, Sabarkantha, Sadar Bazaar, Sagar, Saharanpur, Saharsa, Sahebganj, Sahibganj, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Saiha,

Saitual, Saket, Salem, Samastipur, Samba, Sambalpur, Sambhajinagar, Sambhal, Sangareddy, Sangli, Sangli-Miraj & Kupwad, Sangrur, Sant Kabir Nagar, Saran, Sasaram, Satara, Satna, Sawai Madhopur, Secunderabad, Seelampur,

Sehore, Senapati, Seoni, Sepahijala, Seppa, Seraikela, Seraikela-Kharsawan, Serampore, Serchhip, Shahdara district, Shahdol, Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar, Shahjahanpur, Shajapur, Shamator, Shamirpet, Shamli, Sheikhpura, Sheohar,

Sheopur, Shi Yomi, Shillong, Shimla, Shimoga, Shivamogga, Shivpuri, Shopian, Shravasti, Siang, Sibsagar, Siddharthnagar, Siddipet, Sidhi, Sikar, Silchar, Siliguri, Silvassa, Simdega, Sindhudurg, Singrauli, Sircilla, Sirmaur, Sirohi, Sirsa,

Sitamarhi, Sitapur, Sivaganga, Sivagangai, Sivasagar, Siwan, Solan, Solapur, Sonari, Sonbhadra, Sonipat, Sonitpur, South 24 Parganas, South Andaman, South Dumdum, South Garo Hills, South Goa, South Salmara Mankachar,

South Sikkim, South Tripura, South West Garo Hills, South West Khasi Hills, Sri Ganganagar, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore, Sri Sathya Sai, Srikakulam, Srinagar, Subarnapur, Subarnapur (Sonepur), Sukma,

Sultan Pur Majra, Sultanpur, Sundarbans, Sundargarh, Sundergarh, Supaul, Surajpur, Surat, Surendranagar, Surendranagar Dudhrej, Surguja, Suri, Suryapet, Tamenglong, Tamluk, Tamulpur, Tapi, Tarn Taran, Tarn Taran Sahib,

Tawang, Tehri Garhwal, Tenali, Tengnoupal, Tenkasi, Teto, Tezpur, Tezu, Thane, Thanjavur, Theni, Thiruvananthapuram, Thiruvarur, Thoothukudi, Thoubal, Thrissur, Tikamgarh, Tinsukia, Tirap, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli,

Tirupati, Tirupattur, Tiruppur, Tiruvallur, Tiruvannaamalai, Tiruvannamalai, Tiruvarur, Tiruvottiyur, Tonk, Tseminyü, Tuensang, Tumakuru, Tumkur, Tura, Udaipur, Udalguri, Udham Singh Nagar, Udhampur, Udupi, Ujjain, Ukhrul,

Ulhasnagar, Uluberia, Umaria, Una, Unakoti, Unnao, Upper Dibang Valley, Upper Siang, Upper Subansiri, Uttar Dinajpur, Uttara Kannada, Uttarkashi, Uzhavarkarai, Vadodara, Vaishali, Valsad, Varanasi, Vasai-Virar, Vasant Vihar,

Vellore, Veraval, Vidisha, Vijayanagara, Vijayanagaram, Vijayapura, Vijayawada, Vikarabad, Viluppuram, Virudhunagar, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Vyara, Waidhan, Wanaparthy, Warangal, Wardha, Washim, Wayanad,

West Champaran, West Garo Hills, West Godavari, West Jaintia Hills, West Kameng, West Karbi Anglong, West Khasi Hills, West Siang, West Sikkim, West Singhbhum, West Tripura, Williamnagar, Wokha, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Yadgiri,

Yamunanagar, Yamunotri, Yanam, Yavatmal, Yingkiong, YSR, Yupia, Ziro, Zunheboto,

new york, newark, jersey city,  ny, nj, pa, chicago, naperville, elgin, il, in, wi, washington, arlington, alexandria,

dc, va, md, wv, los angeles, long beach, anaheim, ca, san francisco, oakland, hayward, ca, san jose, sunnyvale, santa clara, ca, dallas, fort worth, arlington, tx, houston, the woodlands, sugar land, tx, philadelphia, camden, wilmington, pa, nj, de, md, atlanta, sandy springs, roswell, ga,

 boston, cambridge, newton, ma, nh, detroit, warren, livonia, mi, seattle, tacoma, bellevue, wa, miami, fort lauderdale, west palm beach, fl, baltimore, columbia, towson, md, phoenix, mesa, glendale, az, minneapolis, st. paul, bloomington, mn, wi, orlando, kissimmee, sanford,

fl, san diego, carlsbad, ca, riverside, san bernardino, ontario, ca, tampa, st. petersburg, clearwater, fl, austin, round rock, tx, raleigh, nc, columbus, oh, hartford, east hartford, middletown, ct, st. louis, mo, il, fresno, ca, bridgeport, stamford, norwalk, ct, trenton, nj,

portland, vancouver, hillsboro, or, wa, cincinnati, oh, ky, in, pittsburgh, pa, cleveland, elyria, oh, stockton, ca, denver, aurora, lakewood, co, richmond, va, indianapolis, carmel, anderson, in, milwaukee, waukesha, west allis, wi, kansas city, mo, ks, fayetteville, springdale, rogers, ar, mo,

usa, london, leicester, birmingham, sandwell, wolverhampton, england, uk, scotland, edinburgh, dubai, sharjah, abu dhabi, uae, muscat, oman, manama, bahrain, kuwait, kuwait city, riyad, jeddah, dammam, saudi arabia, doha, qatar, singapore, hong kong, tehran, iran, sydney,

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amstelveen, rotterdam, eindhoven, utrecht, almere, delft, haarlemmermeer, zoetermeer, netherlands, holland,

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