Baby Boy Names That Start With T
Baby Boy Names That Start With T

Baby names for boys: Alphabet


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Baby Boy Names That Start with T are dedicated to their work and give their all to whatever goal they undertake.

Baby boy name with t, on the other hand, can be possessive and jealous.

Baby Boy Names That Start With T – Baby Boy Names with T

TaalankAnother name of Lord Shiva; Auspicious
TaalinMusical; Lord Shiva
TaalishLord of the Earth; Mountain; Glittering; Bright
TaantavSon; A woven cloth
TaanviSlender; Beautiful; Delicate
TaarakStar; Pupil of an eye; Protector
TaarakshStar eyed; Mountain
TaarikMethod; Way; Mode; Manner; One who crosses the river of life; Morning star
TaarushConqueror; Small plant; Victor
TadrashLoving and domestic
TagoreGyani (Knowledgeable)
TahomaSomeone who is different with a cute personality
TajenderGod of grandeur; Splendour of God; Grandeur of God in heaven
TaksaKing Bharat’s son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood
TakshKing Bharat’s son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood
TakshaKing Bharat’s son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood
TakshakA carpenter; Another name of the divine architect Vishvakarma
TaksheelSomeone with a strong character
TakshinWood cutter; Carpenter
TalaketuBhishma pitamaha
TalankAnother name of Lord Shiva; Auspicious
TalavFlute; Musician
TalinMusical; Lord Shiva
TamanPhilosophers stone; Wishing stone gem
TamayName of Lord Hanuman
TamilaThe Sun
TamilanTamil Man
TamilmaranFirst reddish one
TamishGod of darkness (Moon)
TamoghnaLord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
TamonashDestroyer of ignorance
TamraCopper red
TanakPrize; Reward
TanasFrom the house of Tatius; Child
TanavFlute; Attractive; Slender
TaneshwarLord Shiva
TanhitaMost Advance
TanipThe Sun
TanshuQuite a nature; Attractive
TanulTo expand; To progress
TanusLord Shiva; Lord Ganesh
TanushLord Shiva; Lord Ganesh
Tanusreebeautiful women
TapanThe Sun; Summer; Brilliant; Fiery
TapasHeat; Penance; Fervour; Fire; Worth; Austerity; Meditation worth; Bird; The Sun; The Moon; Another name for Agni
TapasendraLord Shiva; Lord of penance
TapasranjanLord Vishnu; Tapas – penance, Ranjan – one who gives pleasure; Entertains; Exciting passion; Delighting; Befriending; Coloring
TapatBorn of the Sun; Warming
TapendraLord of heat (the Sun)
TapeshThe holy Trinity
TapeshwarLord Shiva; Lord of heat
TapishStrong warmth of Sun
TapitRefined gold; Purified
TapomayFull of moral virtue
TaporajThe Moon
TarachandraStar & Moon
TaradhishLord of the stars
TarakStar; Pupil of an eye; Protector
TarakeshStarry hair
TarakeshwarLord Shiva
TaraknathLord Shiva
TarakshStar eyed; Mountain
TaralBrilliant; Shining; Splendid; Ruby; Gem; A wave
TaranRaft; Heaven; Thunder; Earth; Another name for Vishnu; Rose; Another name for Vishnu
TarantThunder; Ocean
TaraswinBrave; Shakti ka rup
TarendraPrince of stars
TareshGod of the Stars; Moon
TarikMethod; Way; Mode; Manner; One who crosses the river of life; Morningstar
TarishRaft; Boat; Competent person; The ocean
TarkeshwarLord Shiva
TarokShooting star; Lord Shiva
TarooshHeaven; Small boat
TaroshHeaven; Small boat
TarpanRefreshing; Delightful; Satisfying
TarshWish; Thirst; Desire; Shapely; Profit; Boat; Ocean; Sun boat
TarshitThirsty; Desirous
TarunConnection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle
Tarun DavYoung; Youth; Tender
Tarun VijayYouth
TarundeepLight of Sun; Young; Youth; Tender; Lord Ganesha
TaruneshYoung; Youth
TaruntapanMorning Sun
TarushConqueror; Small plant; Victor
TashwinBorn to Win; Independent
TasmayThe Meaning of Dattatray for the Word Tasma
TasyaAbbreviation of Anastasia; One who will be reborn
TathagatThe Buddha, Title of the Buddha
TathagataThe Buddha, Title of the Buddha
TatharajLord Buddha
TathyaFact; Truth; Lord Shiva
TatvagyanapradGranter of wisdom
TatvagyanapradaGranter of wisdom
TatyaFact; Truth; Lord Shiva
TaurusBull-like, refers to the saint Taurinus, born under the sign of Taurus
TavalinOne with God in meditation; Religious; Meditative
TavaneshAnother name of Lord Shiva
TavishHeaven; Strong; Brave; Vigorous; Ocean; Gold ocean
Tayaperfectly formed, Princess and Goddess
TayappaHappiness; delight
TeerLord of manner
TeerajTree near a shore
TeerthA holy place; Sacred water; Place of pilgrimage
TeerthankarA Jain saint; Lord Vishnu
TejLight; Lustrous; Power; Brilliance; Glory; Security
Teja SuryaRadiant; Bright
TejaiTo glow
TejamTej i am (I am fast)
TejanshEnergy; Brightness
TejasSharpness; Brightness; Tip of the flame; Light; Brilliance; Gold; Power; Might honour; Fire; Spirit brilliance
TejashSharpness; Brightness; Tip of the flame; Light; Brilliance; Gold; Power; Might honour; Fire; Spirit brilliance
TejasvinLustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent; Brave; Powerful; Celebrated; Energetic; Noble; Brilliant
TejaswinLustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent; Brave; Powerful; Celebrated; Energetic; Noble; Brilliant
TejavardhanGlorious for Ever
TejdnyaShining intelligence
TejenderSource of Energy
TejendraThe Lord The Sun
TejeshGod of brightness, Lord Surya
TejeshwarThe Sun
TejitWhetted; Sharpened
TejobhadraArtist; Careful; Influencer
TejovikasShine with brightness
TejpalProtector of splendor; Quick
TejrajKing of Light
TejshriOf divine powers
TejulBrilliant; Sharp
TejusRadiant energy; Brilliance
TenithBright; Glow
TereshanSolid redemption
TershamGot After a Long Desire
ThakappanswamiLord Murugan; Lord of Shiva (Murugan taught Shiva the meaning of Om, Thakappan – Shiva + Swami – Lord)
ThakarshiLord Krishna
ThakshaKing Bharat’s son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood
ThakurLeader; God
ThaleshGod of land
Thamilarasanking of Tamils; fluent in Tamil
ThanakPrize; Reward
ThangaduraiGolden king
ThangamGold; Golden gen
ThangamaniGold; Golden gen
ThangarajGolden king
ThangarajanGolden king
ThangasamiGolden Lord
ThangavelLord Murugan, God
ThanigaiRelated to Lord Murugan
ThanikachalamLord Murugan, The one who stays in Thanika
ThanmaiConcentration; Ecstasy
ThanmayeeConcentration; Ecstasy
ThanumalayaTrimurtis; “Stanu” means Siva; “Mal” means Vishnu; and the “Ayan” means Brahma.
ThanvishDelicate; Perfect Man; Lord Shiva
TharakStar; Pupil of an eye; Protector
Tharakar SerronLord Murugan, The God who killed the demon Taraka
TharunConnection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle
TharupanChandan; Lord Shiva
TharushConqueror; Small plant
ThasveenProblem Solver; Healer; Comfortable
ThathathanLord Buddha
ThavanLord Shiva
ThavaneshLord Shiva
ThavineishAnother name of Lord Shiva
ThayalanLord Shiva; Kind
ThayanbanDevoted to one’s mother
TheenaA God
TheenashRising star
TheenishLoving; domestic
Theerajdocile; gentle; kind
ThejaLight; Lustrous; Power; Brilliant
ThejasSharpness; Brightness; Tip of the flame; Light; Brilliance; Gold; Power; Might honour; Fire; Spirit brilliance
ThejusRadiant energy; Brilliance
ThiivyeshLord of happiness and satisfaction
ThilakA spot of vermilion; Sandal wood paste on the forehead, auspicious ritualistic mark applied on the forehead; A flowering tree
ThilanSelf love; confidant
ThilangName of a Raga
ThimmaLord venkateswara
ThinakaranBrilliant like the Sun; Intelligent
Thiru MuruganThe wise; Knowledgeable; Attained realisation
ThirugnanamA wise; Knowledgeable; Attained realisation
ThirumalLord venkateswara
ThirumalaAbode of Lord venkateswara or holy place
ThirumalaiAbode of Lord venkateswara or holy place
ThirumaleshName of Lord Venkateshwar
ThirumaniPrecious Gem
ThirumeniThe great body
ThirupathiSri venkateswara, Mahavirat, the famous name and fame in world
ThirupatiSri Venkateswara; Mahavirat, the famous name and fame in the world; Suitable for boys
ThiruvalluvarAuthor of tamil classic, Thirukural
ThishanGreat Ruler
ThivyanDivine; Intelligent
ThiyashLights; Lord Murugan
ThomognaLord Shiva
ThrilokThree words heaven; Earth; Hell
ThrilookamanThree words heaven; Earth; Hell
ThrishulThe weapon of Shiva
ThulasitharanThe Moon
ThusharaIce; Snow
TigmamshuSharp eyed-one; Lord Shiva; Spark
TijilThe Moon
TikaAn auspicious symbol in the forehead
TikeshSweet; Lovable; Decent
TilakA spot of vermilion; Sandal wood paste on the forehead, auspicious ritualistic mark applied on the forehead; A flowering tree
TiminLarge fish
TimitCalm; Tranquil; Stedy; Quiet; Constant
TimmyDisciple of paul
TimothyName of a saint
TinkuA prevalent nick name of boys in India
TipendraThe one who has lots of knowledge
TiranandLord Shiva
TirthThe holy place; Sacred water; Place of pilgrimage
TirthaHoly place; Sacred water; Place of pilgrimage
TirthankarA Jain saint; Lord Vishnu
TirthayaadLord Krishna
TirthayadLord Krishna
TirthrajHoly place
TirumalaAbode of Lord Venkateswara or holy place
TirupathiSeven hills
TisyaketuLord Shiva; Auspicious form (Tisya – auspicious + Ketu – form)
TitikshuEnduring patiently; Patience
TitirA bird
TivaanGod s Gift.
ToshPleasure; Satisfaction
ToshanavGem; Talented
ToshitPleasant; Satisfied
ToyajLotus stem
ToyeshLord of water
TrailokvaThe three worlds
TraimbakLord Shiva; Name of Shiva uttering three Vedas; Name of one of the 11 Rudra; Name of a mountain
TrambakLord Shiva; Name of Shiva uttering three Vedas; Name of one of the 11 Rudra; Name of a mountain
TrayakshName of Lord Shiva
TriakshThree eyed; Another name for Lord Shiva
TriambakLord Shiva; Name of Shiva uttering three Vedas; Name of one of the 11 Rudra; Name of a mountain
TrianshParts of Three God
TribhuvanKing of the three worlds
TribhuwanKing of the three worlds
TridevHindu Trinity Brahma, Lord Vishnu & Mahesh, The creator, The sustainer, The destroyer
TridhamanThe holy Trinity
TridhatriLord Ganesh
TrigunThe three dimensions
TrigyaLord Buddha; Omniscient; Seer; Deity; Name of a Buddha
TrigyeshLord Buddha; Trigya with Esh as Ishwar
TrijalLord Shiva
TrijnaAll-knowing; Divine; Sage; A Buddha
TrikayLord Buddha
TrilochanOne with three eyes; Lord Shiva
TrilochanaLord Shiva, The one with three eyes
TrilochananLord Shiva, One with three eyes
TrilokThe three worlds heaven; Earth; Hell
TrilokanathLord Shiva, Lord of the three worlds
TrilokarakshakaProtector of the three worlds
TrilokatmaneLord of the three worlds
TrilokchandMoon of the three worlds
TrilokeshLord Shiva, Lord of the three worlds
TriloknathLord Shiva, The Lord having three eyes
TrilokpatiMaster of all the three worlds
TriloshA person with full of responsibility
TrimanWorshipped in three worlds
TrimurthiHoly Trinity
TrimurtiHoly Trinity
TrinabhLord Vishnu; One whose navel supports the three worlds
TrinathLord Shiva, Lord of the three worlds
TrinayanLord Shiva, Three-eyed
TrineshLord Shiva; Derived from trin; A blade of grass; A bamboo; A reed; Name of a son of Usheenar
TripanRefreshing; Pleasant
TriptContentment; Satisfied
TripurajitLord Shiva, Conqueror of the three worlds
TripurariEnemy of Tripura; Lord Shiva
TripurteThe manifestation of the Trinity – Brahma; Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
TrisanuAn ancient king
TrishaanLord Krishna
TrishaankA King of the Surya Dynasty.
TrishanA king of the Surya dynasty
TrishankuA king of the Surya dynasty
TrishanthPeace in three worlds; Lord Shiva
TrisharPearl necklace
TrishivThree Avatar of Lord Shiva (Three incarnations of Lord Shiva)
TrishlaDesirous; Having a thirst
TrishoolinOne who has a trident in his hands, Lord Shiva
TrishulWeapon of Lord Shiva
TrishulankLord Shiva
TrishulinOne who has a trident in his hands, Lord Shiva
TrishvaThree world
Trivedh SaiInvestigator; Care Taker; Courage
TrivendraThe meaning of the name Trivendra is the master of the three super power like Shiv brahma and Lord Vishnu
TrividKnowing of three Vedas
TrivikramLord Vishnu; One whose three strides covered the whole world
TrivikramaConqueor of the three worlds
TrivikramanLord Vishnu, One who makes three strides, An epithet of Vishnu who laid the three worlds in three steps in his Vaman Avatar
TriyogControlling all three dimension
TrupalChanchal (Active)
TrupeshSatisfaction; Angel of Death
TrusharThirsty for someone
TryakshThree eyed; Another name for Lord Shiva
TubalThou shall be brought
TujaramGood boy
TukaYoung boy
TukaramA poet saint
TulaBalance scale; Zodiac sign Libra
TulajiBalance; A zodiac sign
TulilnSnow; Moonlight
TulsidasA famous saint; Servant of Tulsi (Basil plant)
TunavaA flute
TundaLord Shiva; Mouth; Face; The point of an instrument; A name of Shiva
TunganathLord of the mountains
TungarHigh; Lofty
TungeshThe Moon
TungeshwarLord of the mountains
TungishLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
TuragA thought; Agile; Mind
TurangA thought
TurashatAnother name for Lord Indra; Overpowering the mighty
TurvasuA Son of Yayaati
TushaarIce; Snow; Fine drops of water; Cold
TusharIce; Snow; Fine drops of water; Cold
TusharkantiLord Shiva; Beloved of the snow mountains; Epithet of Shiva
TusharsuvraWhite as snow
TushirNew small leaf
TushitSatisfied; Another name of Lord Vishnu; An incarnation of Vishnu
TushyaSatisfied; Lord Shiva
TusyaSatisfied; Lord Shiva
Tusya UdarchisLord Shiva
TuvidyumnaLord Indra
TuvijatLord Indra
TuvikshPowerful Lord Indra bow; Strong
TuyamWater; Strong; Rapid
TveshinImpetus; Impulsive
TvishBrilliant; Bright
TyagarajA deity
TyagrajaA famous poet
baby boy names with t

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25000+ Best Baby Name Numerology

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