Purvabhadra Nakshatra Names for Boy

A list of Latest Purvabhadra nakshatra names for boy, is given below:

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Purvabhadra Nakshatra Names for Boy – पूर्वाभाद्रपद नक्षत्र बेबी बॉय नाम

About Purvabhadra Nakshatra KidThe planet Jupiter rules the Poorva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

It seems to be a man with two faces, a burial cot, or the bed’s two front legs, which denotes a connection to fire or shows consumption.

You were born into the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra universe and have a special propensity towards enigmatic rituals and remarkable forces.

You have qualities like kindness, consideration, good manners, thoughtfulness, and a willingness to lend a hand.

You have a dual personality; both activities for creation and demolition include you.

You are profound, committed, credentialed, and educated.

Purvabhadra Nakshatra Baby Boy Names – Hindu Baby Boy Names for Purvabhadra Nakshatra

Lucky Letters for Purvabhadra Nakshatra Baby Boy Names – Se, So, Da, Di

Purva BhadrapadaDaakshiGolden; Son; Son of Daksh; The glorious
Purva BhadrapadaDaakshitLord Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaDaamanRope; Taming; Self-controlled; Conquering; One who controls
Purva BhadrapadaDaanesHonour
Purva BhadrapadaDaanishTo be clever; Full of knowledge and wisdom
Purva BhadrapadaDaarshikPerceiver
Purva BhadrapadaDaasharathiLord Rama, Son of Dasharatha
Purva BhadrapadaDaavWild fire; Uncontrollable; Another name for Abmni
Purva BhadrapadaDaayadeshwarLove of Eshwar
Purva BhadrapadaDabeetWarrior
Purva BhadrapadaDaevenLittle black one
Purva BhadrapadaDagendraGod of ways; Path
Purva BhadrapadaDahakPowerful
Purva BhadrapadaDahanaA Rudra
Purva BhadrapadaDaipayanWho is born in an island
Purva BhadrapadaDaithyakulantakaDestroyer of demons
Purva BhadrapadaDaityaA non Aryan
Purva BhadrapadaDaitya SaiNon Aryan
Purva BhadrapadaDaityakaryaVidhyataka destroyer of all demons activities
Purva BhadrapadaDaivanshFrom God's familiy
Purva BhadrapadaDaivatLuck; Powerful; Divinity; Heart of the God
Purva BhadrapadaDaiveyDearly loved
Purva BhadrapadaDaivikBy the grace of God, Divine, Relating to Gods
Purva BhadrapadaDaivitGod's gift
Purva BhadrapadaDaivyaDivine; Heavenly; Wonderful
Purva BhadrapadaDaiwikBy the grace of God; Divine; Relating to the God
Purva BhadrapadaDakshCapable; Son of Lord Brahma; Fire; Gold; Talented
Purva BhadrapadaDakshakAble daughter
Purva BhadrapadaDaksheshLord Shiva; Lord of Daksha; An epithet of Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaDaksheshwarLord Shiva; Lord of Daksha; An epithet of Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaDakshiGolden; Son; Son of Daksh; The glorious
Purva BhadrapadaDakshinSouth direction; Clever; Competent; Talented; Sincere
Purva BhadrapadaDakshinayanSome movement of the Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDakshitLord Shiva; Derived from Daksh, Daksh - competent; Adroit
Purva BhadrapadaDakshithLord Shiva; Derived from Daksh, Daksh - competent; Adroit
Purva BhadrapadaDakshrajIdentity
Purva BhadrapadaDakshyaCleverness; Honesty; Brilliance; Efficient
Purva BhadrapadaDalBlind; Group; Petal; Particle
Purva BhadrapadaDalajitWinning over a group
Purva BhadrapadaDalapathiThe leader of a group
Purva BhadrapadaDalbhyaBelonging to wheels
Purva BhadrapadaDalpatiCommander of a group
Purva BhadrapadaDalsherBold; Brave
Purva BhadrapadaDalynTrue Love
Purva BhadrapadaDamCalf; Gentleness; Wife; Wealth; Residence; Self-control; To conquer
Purva BhadrapadaDamanRope; Taming; Self-controlled; Conquering; One who controls
Purva BhadrapadaDamodarRope tied around Lord Krishna; A name of Lord Krishna
Purva BhadrapadaDamodaraLord when he was tied with a rope around his waist
Purva BhadrapadaDananjayOne who wins wealth
Purva BhadrapadaDanasviFortune
Purva BhadrapadaDanavarshRain of Wealth
Purva BhadrapadaDanavendraGranter of boons
Purva BhadrapadaDanavendra VinashakaDestroyer of the king of demons
Purva BhadrapadaDanbirCharitable
Purva BhadrapadaDandakA forest
Purva BhadrapadaDandakaranya PunyakruteOne who ennobled the Dandaka forest
Purva BhadrapadaDandapaaniAn epithet for Yama
Purva BhadrapadaDandapaniAn epithet for Yama
Purva BhadrapadaDandayudhapaniLord Murugan; One who bears the dandayudham (spear)
Purva BhadrapadaDaneshKnowledge ; learning
Purva BhadrapadaDanishMerciful; Intelligence; Consciousness
Purva BhadrapadaDantaCalm; A name of Lord Hanuman
Purva BhadrapadaDanujBorn of Danu, A Danava
Purva BhadrapadaDanushA bow in hand
Purva BhadrapadaDanvirCharitable
Purva BhadrapadaDanvitWealthy
Purva BhadrapadaDarahaasSmile
Purva BhadrapadaDarmendarGod of religion
Purva BhadrapadaDarpadLord Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaDarpakKamdev, God of love pride, Another name for the Love God Kaama
Purva BhadrapadaDarpanmirror
Purva BhadrapadaDarpitOur Reflection
Purva BhadrapadaDarshSight; Handsome; Lord Krishna; When the Moon becomes visible
Purva BhadrapadaDarshakSpectator
Purva BhadrapadaDarshalPrayer of God
Purva BhadrapadaDarshanVision; Knowledge; Observation; Doctrine; Philosophy
Purva BhadrapadaDarshatMakeing things visible; Radiant; Handsome; Discernible
Purva BhadrapadaDarsheelSomething that looks good and sober; Perfection
Purva BhadrapadaDarshikPerceiver
Purva BhadrapadaDarshilSomething that looks good and sober; Perfection
Purva BhadrapadaDarshindraCircumspect
Purva BhadrapadaDarshishContemplation; Examination
Purva BhadrapadaDarshitDisplay; Signs
Purva BhadrapadaDarshithDisplay; Signs
Purva BhadrapadaDarshwanaPure of heart
Purva BhadrapadaDarukCharioteer of Lord Krishna; Tree
Purva BhadrapadaDarukaDeodar tree
Purva BhadrapadaDarunHard; Tough
Purva BhadrapadaDasServant
Purva BhadrapadaDasanRuler; Having a style in every thing
Purva BhadrapadaDasaradhGod
Purva BhadrapadaDasarathFather of Lord Rama
Purva BhadrapadaDashabahaveTen-armed
Purva BhadrapadaDashabahuTen armed
Purva BhadrapadaDashagreeva ShiroharaSlayer of the ten-headed Ravana
Purva BhadrapadaDashagreevakulantakaSlayer of the ten-headed Ravana race
Purva BhadrapadaDashanRuler; Style in every thing
Purva BhadrapadaDashananTen headed king of Lanka a.k.a. Ravana
Purva BhadrapadaDashanthWhat
Purva BhadrapadaDasharatFather of Lord Rama
Purva BhadrapadaDasharathFather of Lord Rama
Purva BhadrapadaDasharathaA man whose power is equal to the power of ten Maharathis
Purva BhadrapadaDasharathiLord Rama, Son of Dasharatha
Purva BhadrapadaDashvanthLord Murugan; Lord Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaDaskhGod
Purva BhadrapadaDasmayaBeautiful
Purva BhadrapadaDattaOne who is given
Purva BhadrapadaDattathreyaAn incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Son of Atri
Purva BhadrapadaDattatrayAn incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Son of Atri
Purva BhadrapadaDattatrayaGod Datta
Purva BhadrapadaDattatreyaGod in Hindu religion; A God
Purva BhadrapadaDattatriMeaning of God
Purva BhadrapadaDatteyLord Indra, Name of Indra
Purva BhadrapadaDaulatWealth
Purva BhadrapadaDavashishBlessing of God
Purva BhadrapadaDaveA variant of David; Beloved
Purva BhadrapadaDaveenaBeauty
Purva BhadrapadaDaveerBrave; Smart
Purva BhadrapadaDavinBlack one
Purva BhadrapadaDaxWho is aware in all thing always
Purva BhadrapadaDaxeshLord Brahma; Ruler of Daksa
Purva BhadrapadaDiaDivine
Purva BhadrapadaDibasGood day
Purva BhadrapadaDibenduDivyendu, Dibyendu the Moon
Purva BhadrapadaDibyanshPart of the God; Part of the divine light; God's own divine
Purva BhadrapadaDibyenduLight of Moon
Purva BhadrapadaDigambarNaked; Unencumbered
Purva BhadrapadaDigambaraOne who has the skies as his clothes
Purva BhadrapadaDigamberNaked; Unencumbered
Purva BhadrapadaDigantHorizon
Purva BhadrapadaDigantaHorizon
Purva BhadrapadaDiganthHorizon
Purva BhadrapadaDigeshMaster of Directions
Purva BhadrapadaDigneshLord of Direction
Purva BhadrapadaDigvastraSky clad
Purva BhadrapadaDigvijayWho is victorious over everyone
Purva BhadrapadaDihanDivine
Purva BhadrapadaDijanBig
Purva BhadrapadaDijeshOne who rules by the day
Purva BhadrapadaDikshanInitiation
Purva BhadrapadaDikshantA boy whose all kind of education is completed successfully; Gift of Guru
Purva BhadrapadaDikshitInitiated
Purva BhadrapadaDikshithPrepared; Initiated
Purva BhadrapadaDilberLover
Purva BhadrapadaDileepKing of the solar race; Defender; Protector; Big-hearted; A generous king
Purva BhadrapadaDilipKing of the solar race; Defender; Protector; Big-hearted; A generous king
Purva BhadrapadaDilkashFascinating; Attractive
Purva BhadrapadaDilshithMind
Purva BhadrapadaDilveGlory
Purva BhadrapadaDilveenDivine
Purva BhadrapadaDinaanshBright light
Purva BhadrapadaDinakarThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDinamaniThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDinanathLord of the poor; Protector
Purva BhadrapadaDinanthLord of the poor; Protector
Purva BhadrapadaDinapatiThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDindayalOne who has mercy for poor; Kind to the poor
Purva BhadrapadaDinendraLord of the day; The Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDineshThe Sun; Day-lord
Purva BhadrapadaDineshaRashi (Zodiac)
Purva BhadrapadaDinkarThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDinpalThe protector of the helpless; The Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDinrajThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDipakLampe; Kindle; Brilliance
Purva BhadrapadaDipanLighting up; Brilliant; Invigorating; Passion; One who lights lamps
Purva BhadrapadaDipanjanEye of lamp
Purva BhadrapadaDipankarOne who lights lamps; Light; Brightness; Flame
Purva BhadrapadaDipanshuThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDipansuRelated to god
Purva BhadrapadaDipayanLight of a lamp
Purva BhadrapadaDipenLord of the lamp; Name of poet
Purva BhadrapadaDipendraLord of lights
Purva BhadrapadaDipenduBright Moon, The Moon
Purva BhadrapadaDipeshLord of light
Purva BhadrapadaDipjyotiThe light of the lamp
Purva BhadrapadaDipraBright; Brilliant
Purva BhadrapadaDiptanshuThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDiptanuShiner
Purva BhadrapadaDirashScholar
Purva BhadrapadaDishaanA species of gazelle; A thresher
Purva BhadrapadaDishankHorizon
Purva BhadrapadaDishantHorizon; Sky
Purva BhadrapadaDishanthHorizon; Sky
Purva BhadrapadaDishenSuryadev, The Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDishtSettled; Ordered; Shown; Appointed
Purva BhadrapadaDivPleasant; Gentle; Sky; Heaven; Day; Light
Purva BhadrapadaDivaanRoyal court
Purva BhadrapadaDivakarThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDivamPure
Purva BhadrapadaDivanshSun's particle; Similar to Diwakar - Sun's Ansh
Purva BhadrapadaDivaymDivine; Spiritual; Superhuman; Unique; Pure
Purva BhadrapadaDivenduDivyendu, Dibyendu the Moon
Purva BhadrapadaDiveshLord of Gods
Purva BhadrapadaDivijName of Lord Datta; Born in heaven; Came from heaven; Divine
Purva BhadrapadaDivikGod's Rays
Purva BhadrapadaDivinanthanLord Murugan
Purva BhadrapadaDivishPart of divine
Purva BhadrapadaDivitImmortal
Purva BhadrapadaDiviyanshPeace of God and divine light
Purva BhadrapadaDivjotDivine light
Purva BhadrapadaDivneshThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDivojDescended from heaven; Heaven born
Purva BhadrapadaDivyVery bright; Sun like glow
Purva BhadrapadaDivya DeepDivine; Divine luster; Heavenly
Purva BhadrapadaDivyaanshPart of the God; Part of the divine light; God's own divine
Purva BhadrapadaDivyamDivine; Spiritual; Superhuman; Unique; Pure
Purva BhadrapadaDivyangDivine body
Purva BhadrapadaDivyangaDivine body
Purva BhadrapadaDivyankPant of light (Path of light)
Purva BhadrapadaDivyanshPart of the God; Part of the divine light; God's own divine
Purva BhadrapadaDivyanshuDivine light; The Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDivyantHandsome
Purva BhadrapadaDivyanthHandsome
Purva BhadrapadaDivyarajBrilliant; Extraordinary
Purva BhadrapadaDivyatejaSpiritual lighting
Purva BhadrapadaDivyathaDivine lights; White
Purva BhadrapadaDivyenduLight of Moon
Purva BhadrapadaDivyeshThe Sun
Purva BhadrapadaDiwakarThe Sun; Lord of light
Purva BhadrapadaDiwakerThe Sun; Lord of light
Purva BhadrapadaDiwankarSun
Purva BhadrapadaDiweshLord of Gods
Purva BhadrapadaDixitFull of joy; Mountain strength; Ireland; Peace
Purva BhadrapadaDiyanBright light
Purva BhadrapadaSeanthanYouthful with divine qualities
Purva BhadrapadaSebatiWhite rose
Purva BhadrapadaSeejoyHappy
Purva BhadrapadaSeemantaParting line of hair
Purva BhadrapadaSeenuPositive energy; Horseless
Purva BhadrapadaSeetharamLord Ram and seetha
Purva BhadrapadaSehejCalm
Purva BhadrapadaSekarLord Vishnu; One who has talent
Purva BhadrapadaSekharLord Shiva; A crest; Diadem; A peak; The chief or head of anything
Purva BhadrapadaSeliyanRich; resourceful; Prosperous
Purva BhadrapadaSelvaSimple of joy; Prosperous
Purva BhadrapadaSelva KumarProsperous
Purva BhadrapadaSelvakumaranProsperous
Purva BhadrapadaSelvamEnjoyable person
Purva BhadrapadaSelvanSimple of joy; Prosperous
Purva BhadrapadaSelvanathnProsperous
Purva BhadrapadaSelvarajCreativity and finder for anything so searchable person
Purva BhadrapadaSelvarajuKing of money
Purva BhadrapadaSelvenProper
Purva BhadrapadaSenaArmy
Purva BhadrapadaSenaanyOne of the Kauravas
Purva BhadrapadaSenaik KapponLord Murugan, The one who protects the army
Purva BhadrapadaSenajitVictory over army
Purva BhadrapadaSenapatiLord Murugan; The leader of an army
Purva BhadrapadaSendanLord Murugan
Purva BhadrapadaSendhilLord Murugan, The red one, The formidable one
Purva BhadrapadaSendhilnathanLord Murugan, The red Lord, The formidable Lord
Purva BhadrapadaSenenWarrior
Purva BhadrapadaSengannanVisionary
Purva BhadrapadaSenilOld
Purva BhadrapadaSenkadirBrilliant like the Ray of Light; also Senkadhir
Purva BhadrapadaSenmalThe best
Purva BhadrapadaSenthamaraiRed Lotus
Purva BhadrapadaSenthilA red and formidable one
Purva BhadrapadaSenthil KumarLord Murugan; Always youth
Purva BhadrapadaSenthil VadivelanLord Murugan; Always youth
Purva BhadrapadaSeshadriShesha - the king of serpents and Adri - hill
Purva BhadrapadaSeshamrajuAlways in high
Purva BhadrapadaSeshanLight
Purva BhadrapadaSeshanandLord Vishnu; Beloved of the Sesh
Purva BhadrapadaSeshuSnake; Venkateswara
Purva BhadrapadaSesuSnake; Venkateswara
Purva BhadrapadaSethuThe warrior; Sacred symbol
Purva BhadrapadaSethu LakshmiGoddess Lakshmi; Worth
Purva BhadrapadaSetukruteBuilder of the bridge over the ocean
Purva BhadrapadaSevakServant
Purva BhadrapadaSevarkodiyonLord Murugan; One with a rooster in his battle flag
Purva BhadrapadaSevvelLord Murugan; The Vel which is used to save
Purva BhadrapadaSeyonLord Murugan
Purva BhadrapadaSoanjanDrumstick tree
Purva BhadrapadaSochaelBeautiful
Purva BhadrapadaSohaanSmart; Good looking; Handsome
Purva BhadrapadaSohagLove; Sun
Purva BhadrapadaSohailMoon glow; Moonlight; Handsome
Purva BhadrapadaSohamThe presence of divinity of each soul
Purva BhadrapadaSohanSmart; Good looking; Handsome
Purva BhadrapadaSoheilMoon glow; Moonlight; Handsome
Purva BhadrapadaSohelMoon glow; Moonlight; Handsome
Purva BhadrapadaSohilBeautiful
Purva BhadrapadaSohimBeautiful; Handsome
Purva BhadrapadaSohinHandsome
Purva BhadrapadaSohitCharming
Purva BhadrapadaSohithGuru; Teacher; Philosopher
Purva BhadrapadaSohumThe presence of divinity of each soul
Purva BhadrapadaSokanathanLord Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomThe Moon; Distinguished; Nectar; Ambrosia
Purva BhadrapadaSomadevLord of the Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomaiahIt is a one of Lord Shiva's name
Purva BhadrapadaSomakA king; Little Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomakeerthyOne of the Kauravas
Purva BhadrapadaSomalSoft; Bland; Placid
Purva BhadrapadaSomaliMoon's Love; Loved by the Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomanThe Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomanathaGod name, Lord Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomanshHalf Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomanshuMoonbeam
Purva BhadrapadaSomasekharLord Shiva; Sa + Uma - (with Uma); Moon crested; Epithet of Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomashekarLord Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomashekharLord Shiva; Sa + Uma - (with Uma); Moon crested; Epithet of Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomasindhuLord Vishnu
Purva BhadrapadaSomasundaramA pleasure seeking attitude is seen among them
Purva BhadrapadaSomatraExcelling the Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomayindependent, self-reliant, and determined
Purva BhadrapadaSomdattaMoon; Religious drink
Purva BhadrapadaSomduttaDaughter of Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomeeshThe Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomenMoon or Lord Indra; Must by joy
Purva BhadrapadaSomendraThe Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomeshThe Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomeshwarLord Shiva; Sa + Uma - (with Uma); Moon crested; Epithet of Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomeshwaraLord of all Gods, Lord Shiva with Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomeswaraLord of all Gods, Lord Shiva with Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomikPeaceful
Purva BhadrapadaSomilLove to meet different persons; A friend; Calm
Purva BhadrapadaSomitFrom Sanskrit Samit: someone who has got everything; Easy to get
Purva BhadrapadaSomjitOne who conquer the Sun
Purva BhadrapadaSomkarMoon light
Purva BhadrapadaSomnathGod name; Lord Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomprakashMoon light
Purva BhadrapadaSomrikThe Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomsangitCombination of music and Lord Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomshekarLord Shiva
Purva BhadrapadaSomuLord Shiva; Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSomveerBlessings of God
Purva BhadrapadaSomvirBlessings of God
Purva BhadrapadaSomyajitHappiness
Purva BhadrapadaSonakshOne golden eye
Purva BhadrapadaSonitA person with good intentions
Purva BhadrapadaSoorajThe Sun; Illuminating
Purva BhadrapadaSoorathBeauty
Purva BhadrapadaSooryaThe Sun; One of the original Vedic triad with Agni and Indra
Purva BhadrapadaSooryakanthEffulgent like Sun; A kind of flower
Purva BhadrapadaSopanStairs; Steps
Purva BhadrapadaSorabhFragrance
Purva BhadrapadaSorajGod
Purva BhadrapadaSoranRedness Of Twilight
Purva BhadrapadaSoravDivine; Celestial; The beautifulness
Purva BhadrapadaSoubhagyaGood luck
Purva BhadrapadaSouhardPeaceful
Purva BhadrapadaSouhardikaFriendly
Purva BhadrapadaSoukhyaWell being; Harmonious; Healing and spiritual frame of mind
Purva BhadrapadaSoumadityaThe Sun and the Moon Conjoined
Purva BhadrapadaSoumakGood looking
Purva BhadrapadaSoumalyaBeautiful Garland; Lucky
Purva BhadrapadaSoumavaMoons light
Purva BhadrapadaSoumayGraceful and beautiful
Purva BhadrapadaSoumenMoon or Lord Indra; Must by joy
Purva BhadrapadaSoumenduBeautiful Moon
Purva BhadrapadaSoumikPowerful like fire; Beautiful
Purva BhadrapadaSoumilLove to meet different persons; A friend
Purva BhadrapadaSoumiliGood friend
Purva BhadrapadaSoumithSon of King
Purva BhadrapadaSoumitraLord Lakshman (son of Sumitra); Good friend
Purva BhadrapadaSoumyMild; Pearl; Goddess Durga; Beautiful
Purva BhadrapadaSoumyadipObedient Candle; Gentle; Calm
Purva BhadrapadaSoumyajitOne who won beauty
Purva BhadrapadaSoumyakHandsome
Purva BhadrapadaSoumyakantiHandsome
Purva BhadrapadaSounakBoy sage
Purva BhadrapadaSoundarGod
Purva BhadrapadaSouparnoJewel of jewels
Purva BhadrapadaSourabhFragrance
Purva BhadrapadaSourajitThe one who can beat the Sun
Purva BhadrapadaSouravDivine; Celestial; The beautifulness
Purva BhadrapadaSourenOf the Sun
Purva BhadrapadaSourikRay of Sun; Love
Purva BhadrapadaSourindraPower of Lord Indra
Purva BhadrapadaSourishLord Vishnu
Purva BhadrapadaSourjaBrave
Purva BhadrapadaSouryajeetMethodical; Strong person
Purva BhadrapadaSouvikMagician
Purva BhadrapadaSovalPowerful
Purva BhadrapadaSovenBeautiful
Purva BhadrapadaSowmikBeautiful
Purva BhadrapadaSowmithWish; Good
Purva BhadrapadaSowrabhaSweet fragrance; The celestial cow; Wish yielding cow
Purva BhadrapadaSoyaOnes own
Purva BhadrapadaSoyamThird

Baby Names by Nakshatra : Boy

Ashwini Bharani Krithika
Rohini Mrigasira Ardra
Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha
Magha Purva Phalguni Uttara Phalguni
Hasta Chitra Swati
Vishaka Anuradha Jyeshta
Moola Purva Ashadha Uttara Ashadha
Sravana Dhanishta Shatabhisha
Purvabhadra Uttarabhadra Revathi

Baby Names by Nakshatra :

Ashwini Bharani Krithika
Rohini Mrigasira Ardra
Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha
Magha Purva Phalguni Uttara Phalguni
Hasta Chitra Swati
Vishaka Anuradha Jyeshta
Moola Purva Ashadha Uttara Ashadha
Sravana Dhanishta Shatabhisha
Purvabhadra Uttarabhadra Revathi

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Purvabhadra nakshatra names for boy, Purvabhadra nakshatra baby boy names, hindu baby boy names for Purvabhadra nakshatra, Purvabhadra nakshatra name letters for boys, hindu baby boy names for Purvabhadra nakshatra starting with, पूर्वाभाद्रपद नक्षत्र के अनुसार हिन्दू लड़कों के नाम, पूर्वाभाद्रपद नक्षत्र बेबी बॉय नाम,

Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra names for boy, Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra baby boy names, hindu baby boy names for Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra, Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra name letters for boys, hindu baby boy names for Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra starting with,

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Navi Mumbai, Navsari, Nawada, Nawanshehr, Nayagarh, Neemuch, Nellore, New Tehri, Nicobar, Nilgiris, Nirmal, Niuland, Niwari, Nizamabad, Noida, Noklak, Noney, Noney (Longmai), Nongpoh, Nongstoin, North 24 Parganas,

North and Middle Andaman, North Dumdum, North Garo Hills, North Goa, North Lakhimpur, North Sikkim, North Tripura, NTR, Nuapada, Nuh, Ongole, Ooty, Orai, Oros, Paderu, Padrauna, Painavu, Pakke-Kessang, Pakur, Pakyong,

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Paschim Bardhaman, Paschim Medinipur, Pasighat, Patan, Pathanamthitta, Pathankot, Pathsala, Patiala, Patna, Pauri, Pauri Garhwal, Peddapalli, Perambalur, Peren, Phagwara, Phek, Pherzawl, Phulbani, Phusro, Pilibhit, Pimpri-Chinchwad,

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Rewa, Rewari, Ri Bhoi, Robertsganj, Rohtak, Rohtas, Roing, Rourkela, Rudraprayag, Rudrapur, Rupnagar, Sabarkantha, Sadar Bazaar, Sagar, Saharanpur, Saharsa, Sahebganj, Sahibganj, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Saiha,

Saitual, Saket, Salem, Samastipur, Samba, Sambalpur, Sambhajinagar, Sambhal, Sangareddy, Sangli, Sangli-Miraj & Kupwad, Sangrur, Sant Kabir Nagar, Saran, Sasaram, Satara, Satna, Sawai Madhopur, Secunderabad, Seelampur,

Sehore, Senapati, Seoni, Sepahijala, Seppa, Seraikela, Seraikela-Kharsawan, Serampore, Serchhip, Shahdara district, Shahdol, Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar, Shahjahanpur, Shajapur, Shamator, Shamirpet, Shamli, Sheikhpura, Sheohar,

Sheopur, Shi Yomi, Shillong, Shimla, Shimoga, Shivamogga, Shivpuri, Shopian, Shravasti, Siang, Sibsagar, Siddharthnagar, Siddipet, Sidhi, Sikar, Silchar, Siliguri, Silvassa, Simdega, Sindhudurg, Singrauli, Sircilla, Sirmaur, Sirohi, Sirsa,

Sitamarhi, Sitapur, Sivaganga, Sivagangai, Sivasagar, Siwan, Solan, Solapur, Sonari, Sonbhadra, Sonipat, Sonitpur, South 24 Parganas, South Andaman, South Dumdum, South Garo Hills, South Goa, South Salmara Mankachar,

South Sikkim, South Tripura, South West Garo Hills, South West Khasi Hills, Sri Ganganagar, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore, Sri Sathya Sai, Srikakulam, Srinagar, Subarnapur, Subarnapur (Sonepur), Sukma,

Sultan Pur Majra, Sultanpur, Sundarbans, Sundargarh, Sundergarh, Supaul, Surajpur, Surat, Surendranagar, Surendranagar Dudhrej, Surguja, Suri, Suryapet, Tamenglong, Tamluk, Tamulpur, Tapi, Tarn Taran, Tarn Taran Sahib,

Tawang, Tehri Garhwal, Tenali, Tengnoupal, Tenkasi, Teto, Tezpur, Tezu, Thane, Thanjavur, Theni, Thiruvananthapuram, Thiruvarur, Thoothukudi, Thoubal, Thrissur, Tikamgarh, Tinsukia, Tirap, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli,

Tirupati, Tirupattur, Tiruppur, Tiruvallur, Tiruvannaamalai, Tiruvannamalai, Tiruvarur, Tiruvottiyur, Tonk, Tseminyü, Tuensang, Tumakuru, Tumkur, Tura, Udaipur, Udalguri, Udham Singh Nagar, Udhampur, Udupi, Ujjain, Ukhrul,

Ulhasnagar, Uluberia, Umaria, Una, Unakoti, Unnao, Upper Dibang Valley, Upper Siang, Upper Subansiri, Uttar Dinajpur, Uttara Kannada, Uttarkashi, Uzhavarkarai, Vadodara, Vaishali, Valsad, Varanasi, Vasai-Virar, Vasant Vihar,

Vellore, Veraval, Vidisha, Vijayanagara, Vijayanagaram, Vijayapura, Vijayawada, Vikarabad, Viluppuram, Virudhunagar, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Vyara, Waidhan, Wanaparthy, Warangal, Wardha, Washim, Wayanad,

West Champaran, West Garo Hills, West Godavari, West Jaintia Hills, West Kameng, West Karbi Anglong, West Khasi Hills, West Siang, West Sikkim, West Singhbhum, West Tripura, Williamnagar, Wokha, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Yadgiri,

Yamunanagar, Yamunotri, Yanam, Yavatmal, Yingkiong, YSR, Yupia, Ziro, Zunheboto,

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Purvabhadra nakshatra names for boy, Purvabhadra nakshatra baby boy names, hindu baby boy names for Purvabhadra nakshatra, Purvabhadra nakshatra name letters for boys, hindu baby boy names for Purvabhadra nakshatra starting with, पूर्वाभाद्रपद नक्षत्र के अनुसार हिन्दू लड़कों के नाम, पूर्वाभाद्रपद नक्षत्र बेबी बॉय नाम,

Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra names for boy, Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra baby boy names, hindu baby boy names for Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra, Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra name letters for boys, hindu baby boy names for Purva bhadrapada  nakshatra starting with,

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