Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 9

A list of 1200+ Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 9, is given below:

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Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 9

Number 9 is governed by planet Mars. – Indestructible force These people are compassionate has strong will power and courageous. Driven with a high level of energies so constantly on go.

They have high demands not only from them but from people around them. Of all 9 numbers, number 9 is the most aggressive. Harmony does not exist for them; risk-taking is the name of the game.

Key Traits: Unpredictable Behaviour, Warrior, Rough N Tough, Good Humanitarian, Egoistic Strategy, Workaholic, Humanitarian

Baby Boy Names For Numerology 9

Kindly Note: We use the Chaldean numerology system to calculate numerology numbers.

Num NoNameMeaning
9AaritOne who seeks the right direction; Honoured; Admired; Beloved; Friend
9AarshinAlmighty's place; Pious
9AarushFirst ray of the Sun; Calm; Red; Brilliant; Another name for the Sun
9AaryeshThe king of Arya
9AashankFaith; Fearless; Without hesitation or doubt
9AathavLord Ganesha's one name
9AatmaramOne who is Happy in his self
9AayanSomeone who is religiously inclined; Gift of God
9AayuSpan of life
9AayudhShastra (Epics)
9AayushmanBlessed with long life
9Abhaya PradaBestower of safety; Another name of Lord Vishnu
9AbhayanandaDelighting in fearless
9AbhihasInclined to smile
9AbhisumatRadiant; Another name of the Sun; Mane of Lord Sun
9AbinashEternal; Immortal, Who has no death
9AbjitVictorious; Conquering water
9AdeshCommand; Message; Counsel
9AdhvayUnique; Original
9AdipurushPrimordial being
9AdithiyaNewly risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun
9AdripathiMaster of the mountains
9AdvityaUnique; The first one, no second; The Sun or one which has no end
9AdwaitaNon-duality; One without a second
9AgamComing; Arrival; A name of Jain shastra; Insight; Intelligence; Wisdom
9AghanayaIncarnation of lord
9AgharnaThe Moon
9AgriyaFirst best
9AharActivity; Defender; Protector
9AharshiThe Sun; King of the day
9AhirLast; The devotee and God are one
9AkbalHighly sensitive; Idealistic; intuitive
9AkshobhyaLord Vishnu; Immovable one
9AliptaDifferent from all; Devoted
9AlokeLight; Brilliance; Vision
9AlphaThe first letter of the Greek alphabet
9AmitabhOne with boundless splendor; Incomparable; Glorious
9AmitavaOne with boundless splendor; Incomparable; Glorious
9AmohaClear; Straight
9AnaadihOne who is the first cause
9AnakOrnament; Strong; Cloud
9AnandhuSnake of Lord Vishnu
9AnanmayOne who cannot be broken
9AnanthanName of Lord Murugan
9AnanyeThe most honorable Ananye Guru Shri
9AnayaWithout a superior; God has shown favour
9AnbutamilBrilliant ; Intelligent
9AneekLord Ganesh; Soldier; Many; Light; Army; Face
9AnikLord Ganesh; Soldier; Many; Light; Army; Face
9AniketLord of the world; Lord Shiva; Lord of all
9AnilabhSpirit of the wind
9AnindyaBeyond criticism; Praiseworthy; Perfect; Innocent; Handsome; Irreproachable
9AnitejaImmeasurable splendor
9AnjayUnconquerable; Unbeatable
9AnkithConquered; Distinguished; Marked out; Noted
9AnkithConquered; Distinguished; Marked out; Noted
9AnoushBeautiful morning; The name of a star
9AnoushBeautiful morning; The name of a star
9AnshalStrong; Mighty; Powerful; One who has strong shoulders; Passionate
9AnshalStrong; Mighty; Powerful; One who has strong shoulders; Passionate
9AnuchanaWell behaved; Lover of knowledge; Conscientious
9AnuchanaWell behaved; Lover of knowledge; Conscientious
9AnuragLove; Affection; Devotion; Attachment
9AnuragLove; Affection; Devotion; Attachment
9AnuroopWorthy of; Befitting; Lovely; Handsome
9AnuroopWorthy of; Befitting; Lovely; Handsome
9ArhaLord Shiva; Worship
9ArhantDestroyer of enemies; Calm; Benevolent; Another name for Lord Shiva
9AriharanLord Shiva; Destroyer of enemies ari - enemies + Haran - destroying
9ArinFull of joy; Mountain strength; Ireland; Peace; Sunray
9ArindamDestroyer of enemies
9ArinjoyOne who wins over his enemy
9ArivumaniIntelligent gem
9ArjitEarned; Powerful; Won
9ArkeshGod of stars (Moon)
9ArshviName of Lord Vishnu
9Arumin KadalanLord Murugan
9ArumugamLord Murugan, Six-faced
9AruneshLord of mercy
9ArvDiminutive of Arvin: Friend of the people
9AryanshKing of Arya; Long Life
9AryarajAnother name of Lord Ram by Goddess Sita
9AseemLimitless shank; Boundless; Protector; Infinite
9AshmitTrustworthy friend; The pride; Ever smiling; Divine smile
9AshneelThe best; Unbeatable
9AshokHappy; Content; Without grief; A king of the Mauryan dynasty
9AshravObedient or promise; Amenable
9AshulNo obstacles; Calm; One who meets no obstacles; Happy
9AshvikBlessed and victorious
9AshwarthGeneration; Banyan tree
9AsitBlack stone; Not white; Limitless; Dark; Calm; Self-possessed
9AslunHard; Stone
9AsmithTrustworthy friend; the Pride; Ever smiling; Divine smile
9AswathaamaSon of drone
9AtalImmoveable; Firm; Unshakeable; Constant
9AtasThe soul; Divine
9AthrvLord Ganesh; Name of a Ved
9AtmakanthLover of soul
9AvasyuLord Indra; Desirous of helping; Epithet of Indra
9AvihitHumanitarian; Moderate
9AvithaProtected; Powerful
9AvkashLimitless space; Avatar incarnation
9AvyaTo arrive or to inform; The first life form all knowledgeable and all pure
9AyaanSomeone who is religiously inclined; Gift of God
9AyushmaanBlessed with long life
9AyushyaLife Span
9AyyanSomeone who is religiously inclined; Gift of God
9AyyapanEver youthful; Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
9BahuraiWith great riches
9Bala ManiYoung Jewel; Small Jewel
9BaladityaYoung Sun; Young man; The newly risen Sun
9BalajeeAnother name of the Hindu Lord Venkatachalapathy (Tirupathi)
9BalajiAnother name of the Hindu Lord Venkatachalapathy (Tirupathi)
9BalarStrength; Power; Army
9BalchandraYoung Moon
9BandanSalutation; Worship; Praise
9BandhulaPleasing; Charming
9BandinOne who praise and honours; Bard
9Banke BihariLord Krishna
9BankebihariLord Krishna
9BankimchandraCrescent Moon
9BanwariLord Krishna; The one living in the groves of Vrindavan
9Barhi BarhavatamsakaOne who adorns Peacock feathers
9BasavarajLord of bulls
9BasudevFather of Lord Krishna; God of wealth
9BaswanthProtected by Brahma
9BelavardhanaOne of the Kauravas
9BennyAbbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict
9BhaasinThe Sun; Brilliant
9BhaasuThe Sun
9BhadreshLord Shiva; Lord of nobles; Prosperity and happiness; An epithet of Shiva
9BhagyalaxmiGoddess of Good Fortune; Goddess Lakshmi; Wealth
9BhairavFormidable; Another name for Lord Shiva; One who vanquishes fear
9BhanudasA devotee of the Sun
9BharteshKing of Bharat
9BhaswathNever ending; Eternal
9BhaveshLord of sentiment; Lord of existence; Lord of the universe; Lord Shiva
9BhoumikLord of the Earth; Land owner; Attached to the Earth
9BhramaraBlack bee; A bumble bee; Goddess Parvati
9BhupatiLord of the Earth; King; Lord of Gods
9BhushanOrnament; Decoration
9BibhavasuThe Sun; Fire
9BiboswanSun God
9BidhanRules & regulation
9BidyutA flash of lightening; Brilliant
9BikasDevelopment; Prosper
9BikeshThe Moon
9BiralPriceless; Precious
9BishwaEarth; Universe
9BodhAwakening; Perception; Knowledge; Intelligence; Enlightenment
9BratishPray of God
9BrijnandanLord Krishna; Of Vrindavan
9BuveshThe king of earth
9ChaaranFeet; One who chants praises; Bard
9ChaithanyaLife; Knowledge; Sage; Soul; Intellect; Intelligence
9ChandSincere wish; The Moon; To shine
9ChandidasName of a saint
9ChandpashaLovely ; Happiness
9ChandradevMoon God; A king
9ChandrakirthiAs famous as the Moon
9ChandramauliThe one who wears Moon on the head, Meaning Lord Shiva
9ChandranathThe Moon
9ChankyaKautilya; Great scholar; Bright
9CharantejLight of lord's Feet
9CharuduttaBorn with beauty
9ChatriyaIt is the month of April Chaitram
9ChayankThe Moon
9ChediWhich cut and break; Leader; Charming; Wise; King and founder of the Chedi dynasty
9ChellamuthuPrecious Pearl
9ChetandeepLamp of consciousness
9ChidaakaashAbsolute; Brahma
9ChitrakPainter; Cheetah depending upon usage
9ChitrarthA man with ability same as of Sun
9DaiveyDearly loved
9DakshakAble daughter
9DamCalf; Gentleness; Wife; Wealth; Residence; Self-control; To conquer
9DarpakKamdev, God of love pride, Another name for the Love God Kaama
9DarunHard; Tough
9Dashagreeva ShiroharaSlayer of the ten-headed Ravana
9DasharathaA man whose power is equal to the power of ten Maharathis, Rathi means chariot fighter
9DasharathiLord Rama, Son of Dasharatha
9DattatreyaGod in Hindu religion; A God
9DayasagaraOcean of compassionate
9DeepanshPart of Light / Brightness
9DeepitLighted; Inflamed; Passionate; Made visible
9DeerajPatience; Consolation
9DevadathanGift of God
9DevadidevGod of Gods
9DevadityaGod of The Sun
9DevajithOne who conquered Devas
9DevamaniLord Ayyappa; Jewel of Gods
9DevarshiTeacher of the God; Sage of the Devas
9DhairyashilStatue of courage and patience
9DhanjayLord Krishna; Winning wealth
9DhanpalPreserver of wealth
9DhanurdharaOne with a bow in hand
9DhanvinLord Shiva; A name of Lord Rama
9DharamaDharm (Religion)
9DharanPreserving; Sustaining; Keeping in Remembrance
9DharanishwarLord of earth
9DharmakirtiFame of religion
9DharmenduLight of religion
9DheeranAchiever; Devoted
9DhinakThe Sun
9DhinakaranThe Sun
9DhiranAchiever; Devoted
9DhoomravarnaSmoke; Hued Lord
9DhridhakarmaavuOne of the Kauravas
9DhroneshwarDronacharya & Lord Shiva
9DhrushyaGood eyes
9DhruvalA Star
9DhruveshAtut Lakshya
9DhruvpadThe oldest style of north Indian classical
9DibenduDivyendu, Dibyendu the Moon
9DigambarNaked; Unencumbered
9DigvijayWho is victorious over everyone
9DinendraLord of the day; The Sun
9DipjyotiThe light of the lamp
9DivaanRoyal court
9DiviyanshPeace of God and divine light
9DivyaanshPart of the God; Part of the divine light; God's own divine
9DravidWealthy; Landlord
9DridhahasthaOne of the Kauravas
9DridhasandhaOne of the Kauravas
9DronProminent Mahabharata character; Guide; Saviour; Learned sage and teacher from the Mahabharata
9DruvPole star; Immovable; Eternal; Firm; Steady
9DuraadharaOne of the Kauravas
9DurijeshThe Moon
9DurkeshFrom Goddess Durga
9DurvishWho cannot be affected by poison
9DuryodhanaOne of the Kauravas
9DwarakapathiLord Krishna, Master of Dwaraka
9EaswarThe Lord
9EdhasHappiness; Sacred Fuel
9EeshwarPowerful; The supreme God
9EkajThe only child
9EkakshOne eyed; Lord Shiva
9EkatanClosely attentive
9EshanshA part of God
9EshitDesired; Sought
9EtashBrilliant; Luminous
9FanindraThe cosmic serpent Shesh
9GajadharWho can command an Elephant
9GajananaOne with an elephant face; Elephant faced Lord
9GajananetiElephant faced Lord
9GajavakraThe trunk of the elephant
9GajrajKing of elephant
9GambhirDeep; Serious; Profound; Tolerant; Powerful
9GandeshaLord of fragrance
9GandharinFragrant; Sweet smelling
9GandharvCelestial musician; Singer; Divine musician; Another name for Surya
9GargName of a saint; Bull; A sage
9GarvinRough; Rugged
9GauraanshA part of Gauri Parwati
9GauravanvitMaking you proud
9GaurisutaLord Ganesh, Son of Gauri
9GavistAbode of light
9GeethamOwner of Bhagavath Geetha; Krishna
9GhaneshLord Ganesh; Derived from ghan
9GirikLord Shiva; The inhabitant of a mountain
9GirvanLanguage of God
9GnaneshKnowledge Provider
9GnaneshwarKnowledge of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva
9GokulanLord Krishna
9GomantakLand similar to paradise; Fertile soil & good waters
9GovindaLord Krishna;
9GowshikThe perfect; Freedom; Happiness life of journey
9GuganMaster of tribes
9GunadheerVirtue of daring
9GunavanthSense of justice
9GunjikReflection; Humming; Meditation
9GuruprasadGift of the teacher
9GyaanavWise; Learned; Knowledgeable
9Gyan KarthikLord Shiva; Lamp of knowledge
9HansalGod is gracious; Swan like
9HansrajKing of swans
9HanumanThe monkey God of Ramayana
9HanumanthThe monkey God of Ramayana
9HaraRemover of sins
9HariThe Sun; Man; Green; Light; Moon
9HarindranathLord of Hari
9HarithPlowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator
9HarminNoblel; Harmony
9HarshamanFull of Joy
9HarshavardanCreator of joy, One who increases joy
9HavanOffering an oblation with fire; Sacrifice; Another name for Agnni; Offering
9HavihOblation; Offerings
9HemachandraGolden Moon
9HemilHem means gold
9HemkrishGolden Krishna
9HemrajKing of gold
9HeymanpreetGod of gold
9HimadriSnow mountain; The Himalayas
9HiranyakName of a maharishi (Name of a sage)
9HirenLord of the diamonds
9HitendraWell wisher
9HivanChange Lover, Intelligence, Confident
9HreyanshOne who has a great heart
9HridanGift of heart; Preference of heart; Who is an excellent heart
9HridayeshKing of heart; Lord of hearts
9HridyanshPiece of heart
9HrydayeshKing of heart; Lord of hearts
9IdhayanJoy of heart
9IlakkuvanIt is the Tamil form of the name Lakshman
9IlisaKing of the Earth; Queen of the Earth
9IlushSaffron; A traveller
9IndranLord Indra; The God of rain
9IndrarjunBright and brave Lord Indra
9IndrasutaSon of Indra
9IrinKing of warriors
9IshGod; Lord Vishnu; Divine; Master of the universe; Ruler
9IshmitLover of God; Friend of God
9IshukaArrow like; An Apsara or celestial nymph
9IshwarPowerful; The supreme God
9IyengarLord Krishna; Sage; Priest; Brahman
9JadhavA yadava
9JagachandraMoon of the universe
9JagadayuLifespring of the universe
9JagadguruPreceptor of the universe
9JagannathaKing of the universe
9JagatguruPreceptor of the world
9JagathpalOne who takes care of the universe; Caretaker of the world God
9JagdeepLight of the world
9JagdeeshKing of the universe; Lord of the world
9JagdishKing of the world
9JageshLord of the world
9JagmohanOne who attracts the world
9JahnuSoul; Life force; Birthplace
9Jai DarshVictory
9JaianConqueror; Victor
9JaidevGod of victory
9JainandJoy of Victory
9JaisinhaVictorious lion
9JaivardhanLord Shiva; Jai - victory; Conquest; Thriving
9JalasWater like joy; Soothing; Life giving
9JaldeepJal means water and deep means lamp, so it means a lamp in the water
9JaleshLord of water
9JambavatpreetiVardhana winner of Jambavan's Love
9JanakiramGod name, Consort of Janki
9JanmeyaThe New Born
9JapendraLord of chants, Lord Shiva
9JasalBhakt (Devotee)
9JasapalVery famous
9JashankCupid; Follower of Lord Shiva
9JasrajLord of fame; King of fame
9JatakSon; Stories of Buddha's previous incarnations
9JayakarMine of Victory
9JayanVictory; Good character; Causing victory
9JayanthVictorious, Triumphant
9JayasankarLord Krishna
9JayashekharCrest of victory
9JayavelLord Murugan name; Always victory; Handsome
9JaydevGod of victory
9JayinConqueror; Victor
9JayvardhanVictorious one
9JeevanprakashLight of life
9JeevantMedicine; Alive; Long-lived
9JeevithLiving for ever
9JevanLife; Life-giving; Bringer of life
9JileshOne of 108 names of the Sun God
9JivaLife; Immortal
9JivandeepThe lamp of life
9JiyanNear heart; Always happy
9JontyGod has given
9JyothishLight of the Sun; Astrologer; Luminous or bright or glowing
9JyotiprakashSplendor of the flame
9KaashinBrilliant; Lord of Kashi, Varanasi or Lord Shiva
9KabilashAlways Good
9KaivallyPerfect isolation
9KalapakPossessed with skills; Skilful; Collection; A Peacock; Decoration; The Moon
9KaliyaA huge serpent
9KalkiWhite horse
9KalpeshImaging of God; Lord of perfection
9KalpeshwarLord Shiva; Lord of perfection; Lord of a fabulous period
9KamalasananThe Lord Brahma
9KamodOne who grants wishes; Generous; A musical Raag
9KandanCloud; God
9KanjLord Brahma; Born in water
9KanthiBeauty; Desire; Splendour; Ornament
9KarikaPhilosophical verses; Activity; Dancer; Actress
9KarmDeed; Action; Destiny; Code; Duty
9KarmashOne who does his duty; Dutiful
9KartavyaResponsibilities; Duty
9KartikeySister of Kartikeya; Famous Action
9Karuna SagarMerciful
9KashinathLord Shiva
9KavashA shield; Name of the son of Illosha
9KavishKing of poets; Name of Lord Ganesh
9KayanshPart of body
9KeethanHoly song
9KesarisutSon of kesari
9KesavaName of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon
9KesavaluLord Krishna
9KeshabName of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon
9KeshikHaving beautiful or luxuriant hair; Long haired
9KetavAnother name of Lord Vishnu
9KevitLord Krishna
9KharadhwamsineSlayer of demon Khara
9KhrishangLord Shiva; Slender; Epithet for Shiva
9KhushaanshKhushi ka Ansh (Part of happiness)
9KianThe grace of God; Ancient or distant
9KirtishOne possessing fame; Lord of fame
9KiyanshA person having all qualities
9KotisuyraHajartaj Ganapati
9KowshiikAn epithet of vishwamitra
9KowshikaThe unique
9KramFate; Order; Method; Custom
9KripacharyaTeacher of Pandavas and Kauravas but ended up fighting for Kauravas
9KrishmaShort form of Lord Krishna
9KrtiLord of music
9KshayanHome; A place with calm water
9KuberaGod and guardian of money
9KujA tree; Name of the planet Mars; The son of the Earth
9KularanjanStar of family
9KumarpalRaja ka Palak
9KundalinOne who wears earrings
9KunjabihariLord Krishna; Enjoyer of lakes
9KusagraA king; Intelligent
9KuvalWisdom; Water lily; Informative; Clever; Pearl; Water
9LaayakFit; Clever; Capable
9LakshmeeshLord Vishnu, Lord of Lakshmi
9LakshmikantamThe Lord of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu
9LakshmikanthLord Vishnu; Lakshmi's husband
9Lalit KumarBeautiful
9LanibanLord Shiva
9LavitraLord Shiva; Lovely; Small
9Laxmi PriyaTulsi; Lord Vishnu (One who is beloved to Goddess Laxmi)
9Laxmi SrinivasBeautiful
9LekhakAn author
9LepakshHaving painted eyes
9LijeshBright feature; Light
9LingarajaLord of the lingas
9LishanTongue; Language; Defender of humanity
9LohitashwaOne with a red horse; Fire
9LohithakshLord Vishnu; Red-eyed
9LokapatiLord Shiva
9LoknadhLord of Universe
9LoknathLord of the world
9LokpradeepGautam Buddha
9LokranjanLord Vishnu; Pleasing the world; Gaining public confidence
9LomeshName of Rishi
9LoveyanshPart of lady & man; Love
9MaanavMan; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind; Human being; Pearl; Treasure human being
9MaarutAir; God of the wind; Another name for Lord Vishnu
9MaatharTraveller; Voyager
9MadhavanLord Shiva
9MadheshLord Shiva; Lord of intoxication; Name of Shiva
9MagadhSon of Yadu
9MahabalaHaving immense strength; Great strength; Enormously strong Lord
9MahabaliOne with great strength
9MahadevaAnother name of Lord Shiva, Greatest God
9MahajanGreat Man
9MahakalaLord of all times
9MahanidhiGreat storehouse
9MaharavanamardanaSlayer of the famous Ravana
9MahendarLard Indra
9MahendraThe great God Indra (the God of the Sky), Lord Indra, Lord of the Sky
9MaheswarLord Shiva, God Shankar
9MahiranshPart of Goddess; Part of Earth Goddess (Mother Earth)
9ManankAffectionate; Kind
9ManavaMan; Human being
9ManendraKing of mind
9ManharLord Krishna; Pleasing; Charming; One who attracts the mind
9ManiramJewel of a person
9ManjavSwift as thought
9Manju PrasadSnow; Dewdrops; Beautiful
9MankanA part of the mind
9ManojLove; Originating in the mind; Born of mind
9ManotejWho has fast thinking
9ManuprairnaInspiration of original man
9MarineManu the great
9MarkhandeyanA devotee of Lord Shiva
9MarutiLord Hanuman, Son of the wind, An epithet of Hanuman
9MatUndorstood; Thought; Opinion; Honoured; Wanted
9MauleshChandra Mauleshawar (Lord Shiva)
9MayonThe black God
9MayureshKarthikeya - son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
9MayuvMother and baby
9MazhilanGive Happy to life
9MeetulTrue friend; Balanced; Moderate
9Megh NadThe roar of clouds; Thunder
9MeghnadA roar of clouds; Thunder
9MidhilKind ness
9MishrakVarious; Varied; Indra's garden of paradise
9MitangWell defined body
9MittooSweet; One who speaks sweetly; Parrot; Measured
9MitulFaithful friend; Balanced; Moderate
9ModakPleasing; Delightful
9Mohana PriyaLoving; Attractive & charming
9MokshinFree from attachment; Seeking salvation; Liberated; Free
9MrigankThe Moon; Wind; Distinguished
9MrithunMade of earth
9MuhirBewilderer; Passionate; Dazzling; Another name for the love
9MukundName of Lord Vishnu; Freedom giver; Gem; Liberator
9MullintiLord Shiva
9Muruga VelLord Murugan, Muruga - God of war, Vel - spear
9MuruganTamil God
9MurugavelLord Murugan, Muruga - God of war, Vel - spear
9MuruguLord Murugan name; Youth; Handsome
9MuthuvelanLord Murugan; Muthu - Pearl, Velan - name of the Muruga’s spear
9NaabhasCelestial, Appearing in the Sky
9NaarangNarang can be used as a surname in various culture; Orange;
9NachiketaAn ancient Rishi; Fire
9NagarinLord of a town
9NageswaraLord Shiva; God of serpents
9NairLord Krishna; Leader
9NaivedhBagvan ka Prasad (Divine gift (prasad) from God)
9Nakula Goddess Parvati
9NalAn ancient king
9Nand NandanLord Krishna, Son of Nanda
9NandakPleasing; Celebrating; Delightful; Krishna's sword
9NandakishorWiz kid
9NandikPleasing; Shiva's bull; Prosperous; Happy
9NanthiniThe root; Nand; Refers to delight; Pleasure; Enjoyment
9NarahariLord Vishnu; Man-Lion; Vishnu is the fourth incarnation
9NarenPeople with this name tend to be filled with the Joy of life
9NaunidhNine treasures; One who is blessed with nine treasures
9NavanChampion; King of the jews; Awesome with sports; Praise
9NavavyakrutiPandita skilful scholar (Learned, Skillful, Scholar)
9NavnathA saint
9NavneethFresh butter; Gentle; Soft; Always new
9NawalkishorLord Krishna; Adolescent boy
9NayajBorn of wisdom
9NayanjyotiLight of eye
9NeelChampion; Blue; Treasure; A mountain; Indigo; Sapphire
9NeelakanthLord Shiva, One having a blue throat
9NeelanchalNilgiris hills
9NehshalFlower of Jannat
9NejavEternity; Empathy
9NihaanthNever ending
9NikhitSharp; Earth; Ganges
9NikiThe victory of the people; Goodness
9NikithGlobal thought leader; One who has divine wisdom being; Smiling face
9NilChampion; Cloud; Passionate; Crow
9NirmalyaPure; Brilliant; Clean
9NirmanThe egoless; Humble; Free from pride
9NirupamIncomparable; Fearless; Unique; Without comparison
9NirvalSacred; Pious; Devout; Without a leader
9NischithSpecific or for sure; Fixed; Truthful; Genuine; Firm
9NishakantHusband of the night (Moon)
9NishalNo end
9NishchitSpecific or for sure; Fixed; Truthful; Genuine; Firm
9NisheshEntire; Perfect; The Moon; Complete
9NishikantHusband of the night (Moon)
9NissinMiracle and a more pronounceable form of Nissan
9NiswarthNo selfishness
9NithikMaster of justice
9NityanandPerennially Happy
9NivanHoly; Bound; Limited
9NivinNivedyam to God (Offerings to God)
9NrityapriyaLover of dance
9NythikMaster of justice
9NyvanHoly; Bound; Limited
9OmanandJoy of Om
9OmavAvatar of Om; Incarnation of God
9OmswaroopManifestation of divinity
9PaalitPrecious; Protected
9PaaruThe Sun; Fire; Goddess Parvati; Graceful or flow of water
9PalanhaarOne who protects everyone
9PalashranjanBeautiful like a Palash
9PalinGuarding; Protecting
9PallabNew leaves
9PallavitTo sprout; To grow
9PanchamThe 5th not of classical music; Musical note; Intelligent; Attractive
9PandhariLord vithobha
9PandurangaA deity; One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu
9PankajLotus flower; Another name for Brahma
9ParabrahmaThe ultimate conscious being
9ParamatmaneThe supreme soul
9ParamvardaanParmeshwar ka Vardaan (Blessings of the Supreme Lord)
9ParanitharanSomeone who rules the world
9ParasmaidhamneLord of vaikuntta
9ParavName of a sage
9ParijatDivine tree; A celestial flower
9ParikshitName of an ancient king; Tested one or proven
9ParinutFamous; Praised
9ParithoshDelight; Satisfaction or Contentment
9ParmarthHighest truth; Salvation
9ParthivSon of the Earth; Brave; Prince of Earth; Earthly
9ParthoAnother name of Arjun
9ParvaFestival; Strong
9PasupathMissile presided over by Lord Shiva
9PavakPurifying; Fire; Brilliant; Pure
9Pavan KumarLord Hanuman, Son of the wind
9PavankumarLord Hanuman, Son of the wind
9PinakiLord Krishna; One who is the wielder of the bow
9PinkayAlways Happy
9PoonishLord of the pious; Man; The pupil of the eye; Brahman or the supreme spirit
9PoornanandComplete Joy
9PooshanThe Sun
9PraanaSoul; Spirit
9PrabhootLarge quantity
9PradhumnaExtremely mighty
9PradhyumnCupid or God of Love; Son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini
9PradyotRay of light; Luster; Light
9PrafoolBlooming; Happy; Expansive; Playful
9PrahalathanHe was considered to be the best disciple in Indian mythology
9PraharshFamous rishis name
9PrajanWise healer
9PrajapatiLord of all creatures; King; Brahma
9PrajinKind; Swift; Air
9PrakamJoy; Desire; Achievement
9PraleshFinishes bad things
9PramodaDelight; Lord of all abodes; Pleasure
9PranayRomance; Leader; Love
9PrankA mischievous trick or practical joke
9PranodDriving; Leader
9PrasalWinter; Cool; Calm
9PrashastLearned one who shows the way; Path Prashast kee-jee-ye; Congenial
9PratapavatKnown for bravery
9PrateekSymbol; The first word in a sentence
9PratikSymbol; the First word in a sentence
9PratyakshDirect evidence
9PrithivThe Sun
9PrithviThe earth
9PriyanguIts actually a flower which has medicinal values
9ProsenjitA king of the epics
9PruthvirajKing of Earth
9PulastyaName of a sage; An ancient name
9PushkarLotus; A lake; Sky; Heaven; Sun
9PushpakarThe spring season (Vasant); Flower season
9PushyamitraThe friend of the best
9RaahulSon of Buddha; Conqueror of all miseries; Competent; Efficient
9RaajasSilvery; Dust; Mist; Passion; Endowed with a zest for life and its pleasures
9RaanishLord Shiva; Lord of war; Name of Shiva
9RagabLord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God
9RaghavLord Rama; A descendant of Raghu; A surname of Ramachandra
9RajagopalLord Vishnu name
9RajasekarLord Shiva; The highest of the rulers
9RajatSilver or courage
9RajbirBrave King, The hero of the land; Kingdom warriors
9RajeetDecorated; An object that gives light, And never stops doing so
9RajeswaranAnother name Lord Shiva
9RajitDecorated; An object that gives light, And never stops doing so
9RajneeshRuler (Raj) of the night (Neesh); God of the night (Moon)
9RajnishRuler (Raj) of the night (Neesh); God of the night (Moon)
9RajshekharCrown of a King
9RakeshLord of the night
9RakhsitThose who save; Saviour
9Rakshavanara SangathineSaviour of boars and monkeys
9RakshitGuarded; Secure; Saved
9Rama KrishnaLord Rama and Lord Krishna
9RamachudamanipradaDeliverer of Lord Rama's ring
9RamakrishnaCombination of both Ram and Lord Krishna
9RamjiLord Rama, Ji denotes respect
9RanaOf elegant; Statue; Soft; Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look
9RanchodLord Krishna; One who ran away from a battle field
9RanganathLord Vishnu; Chief of sports; Lord of paints; Lord of Love; Vishnu on the Serpent
9RangaprasathGive the varam
9RanishaRae Plus Aisha
9RanvijayVictor in War
9RasbihariLord Krishna, Name of Krishna, Sporting in raas
9RasikGraceful; Elegant; Connoisseur; Passionate; Entertaining; Discerning; Handsome
9RaswanthCharming; Full of nectar
9RatannabhaLord Vishnu; With a Jewelled nave
9RathanA precious stone, Gold; Best; Gift; Jewel; Riches
9RatnakarMine of Jewels; Sea
9Ravi KanthLord Surya (the Sun); Fire; One whose fame is like the Sun
9RavikanthLord Surya the Sun) or fire or one whose fame is like the Sun
9RavindharThe God of the Sun; Knowledge
9RavishThe Sun; Desiring the Sun; Another name for the God of Love Kaama
9RayanshPart of The Sun
9RayushLong life
9ReeyanshFirst ray of sunlight; Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part)
9RevanshFirst ray of the Sun; Part (Ansh) of Lord Vishnu
9RevatBrilliant; Wealthy; Attractive
9RianLittle king; Kingly
9RiddhimanPossessed of good fortune
9RikeshLord Krishna; One who knows rigveda
9RikshitTested one; Proven
9RishaanLord Shiva; Good human being; Strong; Good
9RishavMorality; Superior; Excellent; A musical note; Bull
9RishikeshOne who controls senses; Lord Vishnu
9RishivLord Krishna and Lord Shiva combined
9RishvaNoble; Great; Lord Indra
9RiswanthFriendly; Beauty
9RithinRich; Victor in wars
9RiyanceLittle God; Related to God Vishnu
9RiyanshFirst ray of sunlight; Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part)
9RochithGlorious; Delighting; Wonderous
9RohanlalLord Krishna; Rohan - the name of a mountain
9RoheshLord Vishnu
9RohilArmored battle maiden
9RoopakLord ramatic composition; Sign; Feature
9RoshenLight; Producing light
9RoshithThe perfect person
9RudreshFearful Lord
9RudvedName of Lord Ganesh
9RujulSimple; Honest
9SaadvikA tree
9SaatvikVirtuous; Lord Krishna; Worthy; Important; Pure; Good
9SaayakWeapon; Kind and helpful
9SabarNectar; Distinguished
9SabareeshLord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
9SabarishLord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
9SachinLord Indra; Pure existence; Affectionate; Epithet of Shiva
9SadabinduLord Vishnu; Sada- eternally + Bindu - particle
9SadavirEver courageous
9SafalyaDone successfully
9SahasrajithOne who conquers thousands; Victor of thousands
9Sai DeepA name of Sai baba
9Sai KrishBeloved of Lord Krishna
9Sai SahasSai baba
9Sai ShivuduSai = Sai baba, Shivudu = Lord Shiva
9Sai SuriaFlower
9SaieshLike Sai baba
9SaijeevadharaSupport of all living beings
9SairajKingdom of Saibaba
9SajalClouds; Moist; Tearful; Containing water
9SakarA manifestation of God; Shapely; Concrete; Formal; Attractive
9SalajWater which flows from melted ice from mountain; Water born
9SalijWater which flows from melted ice from mountain; Water born
9Samaba ShivLord Shiva; Samba - attended by Amba or with Amba + Shiv
9SamabashivLord Shiva; Samba - attended by Amba or with Amba + Shiv
9SamantBordering; Leader; Universal whole; Near; Omnipresent
9SamenPrecious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined
9SamhitA vedic composition; Secret text
9SamprasadFavour; Grace
9Sampurna NandComplete Joyful
9SanPerfect; Complete; Another name for Krishna; Old; Long-lived
9SanavyaDerived from the Gita - word - Sanavyatvam
9SanchithCollected; Gathered
9SaneeshThe Sun; Brilliant boy
9SanishThe Sun or brilliant boy
9SanjayanGood Heart
9SanjeeviName of the mountain with auspicious and medicinal plants on it
9SanjoySuccess in every work
9SankramTransition; Change; Progress; Bridge; A shooting star
9SanmitSymmetry; Harmony
9SanmukhaShanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan
9SannigdhAlways ready
9SanraktRed; Pleasant
9SanthA saintly person; Tranquil; Calm; Saint
9SanvikBlessed by Goddess Lakshmi
9SanwarOne name of God
9SapanDream (Swapna)
9SaraasanaOne of the Kauravas
9SarbaLord Krishna; Lord Shiva; Perfect; Complete
9SarikResembling a small song bird; Melodious; Stream; Precious
9SarthakWell done
9SarvaduhkhaharaReliever of all agonies
9SarvanWorthy; Affectionate; Generous
9SarvaraiduRuler of the entire universe
9SarvatmanProtector of the universe
9SarvayagyodhipaLord of all sacrificial offerings
9SarvayoniSource of everything
9SarvinVictory; Best archer; God of Love
9SashanthLord of all
9SashikarMoon Ray
9SasikaladharLord Shiva, The one who wears the Moon as an ornament
9SathappanSadhu (Sage)
9SatyamurtyStatue of truth
9SatyanarayanaTrue all-pervading God
9SatyukiLord Krishna
9SaugatGift; An enlightened person
9SaujassEver smiling
9SaumilLove to meet different persons; A friend; Calm
9SaumithraLord Lakshman (son of Sumitra)
9SaunakA great sage and teacher; Wise
9SaurinSun Power in
9SaurjyeshLord Kartikeya; The Lord of valour
9SaveraInexpressible; Crystal clear
9SavioSaints name
9SavyoSaints name
9SaytemHonest person
9SekharLord Shiva; A crest; Diadem; A peak; The chief or head of anything
9SelvaSimple of joy; Prosperous
9ShaivyaThe cult of Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Wealthy
9ShamitPeacemaker; Who is calm and disciplined; Peaceful; Calmed; Prepared
9ShankhinLord Vishnu, The one who bears the Shankh
9ShanmukaShanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan
9ShantA saintly person; Tranquil; Calm; Saint
9SharadenduMoon of autumn; Autumn Moon
9SharavPure and innocent
9ShashaThe Moon
9ShashibhushanLord Shiva; Moon-decorated; Epithet of Shiva
9ShatrujitVictorious over enemies
9SheelinLake; Lake of the fairies; Moral; Worthy
9ShekarLord Shiva; Cute
9SheronMeadow; A fertile plain
9SheshanName of a sage
9ShibhyaLord Shiva
9ShidhLord Krishna
9ShilinVirtuous; Rocky
9ShimitPeace maker
9Shiva ShankaraLord Shiva or auspicious or Lucky
9ShivaayLord Shiva
9ShivajiShivaji raje (King Shivaji)
9ShivasunuLord Ganesh, Child of Shiva
9ShivatavLord Rama
9ShivenkLord Shiva & Venkateswara
9ShivlokPlace of Lord Shiv
9ShivnandanSon of Lord Shiva
9ShobhitOrnamented; Lord Krishna; Brilliant; Handsome
9ShobithOrnamented; Beautiful
9Shree RamLord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful
9ShreeharshGod of happiness
9ShreeramLord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful
9ShreshtThe best; Ultimate; Another name for Lord Vishnu; Foremost; First; Perfection; Best of all
9ShresthThe best; Ultimate; Another name for Lord Vishnu; Foremost; First; Perfection; Best of all
9ShreyanshuGod of Affection
9ShriharshGod of happiness
9ShriharshGod of happiness
9ShrinayLord Ganesh
9ShrinayLord Ganesh
9ShrinivasLord Venkateshwara; Residence of Goddess of wealth; Abode of wealth
9ShrinivasLord Venkateshwara; Residence of Goddess of wealth; Abode of wealth
9ShriramLord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful
9ShriramLord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful
9ShriyanLord Vishnu, Combination of first three letters of Sriman and last 3 of Narayan
9ShriyanLord Vishnu, Combination of first three letters of Sriman and last 3 of Narayan
9ShruvanshHeavenly body
9ShruvanshHeavenly body
9SiddhivinayakaBestower of success
9SidduLord Shiva; One who has achieved
9SimantMargin; Limit; Light
9SindhuraResponsibility; Charming; Goddess Parvati
9SingaravelanLord Murugan; Beautiful Velan; The one who dresses up
9SinghaFirm like lion; Bold
9SinhagLord Shiva, Epithet of Shiva; Going like a Lion
9SiraajLamp; Light
9SirthikLord Shiva
9SitashokaNivarana; Destroyer of sorrows of Goddess Sita
9SitikanthaLord Shiva, Consort of Sati
9SivaiahLord Shiva, Shiva, The Lord
9SivanandaLord Shiva, Lord of Parvati
9SivananthamLord Shiva; Shiva the endless
9TaalishLord of the Earth; Mountain; Glittering; Bright
9TaanviSlender; Beautiful; Delicate
9TajenderGod of grandeur; Splendour of God; Grandeur of God in heaven
9TakshakA carpenter; Another name of the divine architect Vishvakarma
9TamishGod of darkness (Moon)
9TapatBorn of the Sun; Warming
9TapitRefined gold; Purified
9TarakshStar eyed; Mountain
9TarunConnection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle
9TeerajTree near a shore
9TeerthankarA Jain saint; Lord Vishnu
9TejendraThe Lord The Sun
9ThanakPrize; Reward
9ThanikachalamLord Murugan, The one who stays in Thanika
9ThavineishAnother name of Lord Shiva
9ThinakaranBrilliant like the Sun; Intelligent
9Thiru MuruganThe wise; Knowledgeable; Attained realisation
9ThirumalaAbode of Lord venkateswara or holy place
9ThomognaLord Shiva
9ThusharaIce; Snow
9TinkuA prevalent nick name of boys in India
9TirthankarA Jain saint; Lord Vishnu
9TisyaketuLord Shiva; Auspicious form (Tisya - auspicious + Ketu - form)
9TivaanGod s Gift.
9TrailokvaThe three worlds
9TriakshThree eyed; Another name for Lord Shiva
9TridhamanThe holy Trinity
9TripurariEnemy of Tripura; Lord Shiva
9TrisharPearl necklace
9TrividKnowing of three Vedas
9TriyogControlling all three dimension
9TryakshThree eyed; Another name for Lord Shiva
9TungishLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
9TuvikshPowerful Lord Indra bow; Strong
9UdayanRising; Name of a king of Avanti
9UdesangSon of Adam
9UgrasaaiOne of the Kauravas
9UjayVictorious; Archer
9UjjvalSplendorous; Lit; Brilliant; Attractive; Sunshine
9UlagappanCreator of the world
9UlhasJoy; Delight; Celebration; Light; Brilliance; Progress
9UpachithraOne of the Kauravas
9UpalStone; Rock; Jewel; Sugar
9UpendranThe younger brother of Lord Indra
9UshasMorning; Dawn; Daybreak; The Goddess of dawn
9UtkarsProsperity or awakening or high quality; Advancement - to rise
9UtkarshrajUtkarshraj means the ruler whose time is marked by prosperity
9UttalStrong; Formidable; Powerful; Quick; Best; Mighty; Tall; Loud mighty
9VahinLord Shiva; Vahin
9VaibhnavTruly; Wisdom; Attractive Speeches
9Vaikunth NathMaster of heavens
9VakulFlower; Clever; Another name for Shiva
9ValmikiThe author of the epic Ramayana
9VamadevLord Shiva; Poet
9VamanaThe 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu
9VamseedharLord Krishna, The bearer of the flute
9VamsidharLord Krishna, The bearer of the flute
9VanamalinLord Krishna; One wearing a sylvan garland
9VananLonging; Desire
9VanuZealous; Eager; Friend
9VarGift; Blessing; Choice; Best; Noble
9VaradrajLord Vishnu; Varada - conferring a boon, Raj - king
9VarchasvPower; right
9VardhamaanahThe formless Lord
9Varheshthe superior deity
9VarishLord Vishnu; Sleeping on the ocean; Name of Vishnu
9VarsanHoly Place in Vrindavan
9VasavaLord Indra; Belonging to Indra
9VashnavOne who worships Vishnu
9VasumitrAn ancient name
9VasurPrecious; Prosperous
9VatradharaPracticing penance; Lord Rama
9VatsalAffectionate; Gentle
9VatsapalLord Krishna; Protector of children
9VedarthEssence of the Vedas
9VedavitThe knower of Vedas
9VedavyasIt is the name of great sage who wrote Mahabharata epic
9VedikConsciousness; Altar; Name of a river in India
9VeerCourageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder
9VeerashBrave Lord; The king of all warriors; King of all heroes
9VelrajLord Murugan, Lord of the Vel
9VenkateshName of Lord Vishnu
9VenkatramanLord venkateswara
9VibhasShinning; Decoration; Light
9VidvatamLord Shiva
9VidwathHighly qualified; Most brilliant
9VidyuthA flash of lightening; Brilliant
9VighnajitLord Ganesh; Conqueror of obstacles
9VigrahLord Shiva; Extension
9VihanMorning; Dawn
9VijayendraGod of victory
9VijayketuFlag of victory
9VijiHero; Made by Krishna
9VijithWinner; Invincible
9VikachBrilliant; Hairless; Shaven; Open
9VikarnaOne of the Kauravas
9VikashDevelopment; Expanding; Light; Brilliance; To appear; Progress; Cheer
9VikneshTamil cine star
9VikranathWarrior; Powerful
9VilohitDeep red; Another name of Lord Shiva; Another name of Agni fire
9VilomanHairless; Opposite; Reverse
9VimaladityaClean Sun
9VimleshVimal meaning pure and Ish meaning God - the pure Lord
9VinayakaLord Ganesh, Remover of obstacles
9VindhanOne of the Kauravas
9VinuTo spread in different directions
9VinushiName of Lord Vishnu
9VipraA priest; Inspired; Wise; Sage; The Moon; A Brahmin
9VirCourageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder
9ViraavyOne of the Kauravas
9VirajassOne of the Kauravas
9VirangStrong Body
9VirohinSprouting; Budding
9VirokA ray of light; Shining
9VishakLord Shiva; Having spreading branches
9VishnavAnother name of Lord Vishnu
9VishrantRested; Reposed; Calm; Camposed
9VishrutCelebrated or renowned; Much heard of; Famous; Pleased
9VishwambharThe supreme spirit
9VishwanthThe Lord; King of the universe
9VishwarajaKing of the world
9VisruthCelebrated or renowned; Much heard of; Famous; Pleased
9VittakCelebrated; Prosperous
9VivanshHappiness; Half Moon; The First ray of the Sun
9VividKnowledgeable; Various
9VrajakishoreLord Krishna; Child of Vraj
9VrajalalLord Krishna, Beloved of Vrindavan
9VrajanadanLord Krishna
9VrindTroop or covery; Many; Numerous
9VrisanLord Shiva
9VrisanganLord Shiva; Without any sin
9VrisapatiLord Shiva; Lord of a bull
9VrundavanBirth place of Lord Krishna
9VyomangPart of the Sky
9VyshnavAnother name of Lord Vishnu
9YaaniRipe; Scarlet
9YadabLord Krishna; Descendant from Yadu; Name of Krishna
9YadhavLord Krishna; Descendant of Yadu
9YadunathLord Krishna; Protector of Yadus
9YajanWorship; Sacrifice
9YajinSacrifice; Religious
9YajuYajur Veda
9YajurvaOne of the four Vedas; Lord Vishnu
9YakshinLiving; Alive
9YamajithLord Shiva, The one who won over Yama
9YamirThe Moon
9YashawantAlways famous
9YashovarmanVictorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful
9YatraSacred journey
9YaudhavirLord Krishna; Brave warrior
9YayinLord Shiva; Quick; Swift; Name of Shiva
9YetharthProper; Possibility
9YoganandDelighted with meditation
9YoganathGood Activity
9Yogi SreeDevotee; Supreme master
9YoginampatiLord of the yogis
9YugankEnd of Era
9YuvanshYoung generation
9YuvarajPrince; Heir apparent; Young
9YuyutsuEager to fight; One of the Kauravas who survived the war
9ZaanjarA girl ornament of leg, Paayal
9ZevDeer; Wolf
9ZitinLittle shinning spark; It means a brightly; Shining star

Baby Names with Numerology Number : Boy

Number 1 Number 2 Number 3
Number 4 Number 5 Number 6
Number 7 Number 8 Number 9

Baby Names with Numerology Number : Girl

Number 1 Number 2 Number 3
Number 4 Number 5 Number 6
Number 7 Number 8 Number 9

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Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 9, Baby Boy Names For Numerology 9, 9 Numerology Baby Boy Names, Hindu Baby Boy Names For Numerology 9

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir,

Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Ladakh, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Puducherry, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand,

West Bengal, Aalo, Adilabad, Adoni, Agar, Agar Malwa, Agartala, Agra, Ahmedabad, Ahmednagar, Ahwa, Aizawl, Ajmer, Akbarpur, Akola, Alappuzha, Alibag, Aligarh, Alipore, Alipurduar, Alirajpur, Allahabad, Alluri Sitharama Raju, Almora,

Alwar, Amalapuram, Amaravati, Amarpatan, Ambala, Ambarnath, Ambassa, Ambattur, Ambedkar Nagar, Ambikapur, Amethi, Amingaon, Ampati, Amravati, Amreli, Amritsar, Amroha, Anakapalli, Anand, Anantapur, Ananthapuramu, Anantnag,

Angul, Anini, Anjaw, Annamayya, Anuppur, Araria, Aravalli, Ariyalur, Arrah, Arwal, Asansol, Ashoknagar, Asifabad, Auraiya, Aurangabad, Avadi, Ayodhya, Azamgarh, Bagalakote, Bageshwar, Baghmara, Baghpat, Bagpat,

Baharampur, Bahraich, Baikunthpur, Bajali, Baksa, Balaghat, Balangir, Balasore, Ballari, Ballia, Bally, Balod, Baloda Bazar, Balrampur, Balrampur-Ramanujganj, Balurghat, Banaskantha, Banda, Bandipore, Bandra (East), Bangalore,

Banka, Bankura, Banswara, Bapatla, Barabanki, Baramulla, Baran, Baranagar, Barasat, Bardhaman, Bareilly, Bargarh, Bargarh Baragarh, Baripada, Barmer, Barnala, Barpeta, Barwani, Basar, Basirhat, Bastar, Basti, Bathinda, Beed, Begusarai,

Belagavi, Belgaum, Bellary, Belonia, Bemetara, Bengaluru, Berhampore, Berhampur, Bettiah, Betul, Bhabua, Bhadohi, Bhadradri Kothagudem, Bhadrak, Bhagalpur, Bhalswa Jahangir Pur, Bhandara, Bharatpur, Bharuch, Bhatpara, Bhavnagar,

Bhawanipatna, Bhilai, Bhilwara, Bhimavaram, Bhind, Bhiwandi, Bhiwani, Bhojpur, Bhongir, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Bhuj, Bhupalpally, Bhusawal, Bidar, Bidhannagar, Bihar Sharif, Bijapur, Bijnor, Bikaner, Bilaspur, Birbhum, Bishnupur,

Bishramganj, Biswanath, Biswanath Chariali, Bokaro, Boleng, Bomdila, Bongaigaon, Bongaon, Botad, Boudh, Boudh (Bauda), Budaun, Budgam, Bulandshahr, Buldhana, Bundi, Burhanpur, Buxar, Cachar, Car Nicobar, Chachaura,

Chaibasa, Chamarajanagara, Chamba, Chamoli, Champawat, Champhai, Chandauli, Chandel, Chandigarh, Chandrapur, Changlang, Charaideo, Charkhi Dadri, Chatra, Chengalpattu, Chennai, Chhapra, Chhatarpur, Chhatrapur,

Chhindwara, Chhota Udaipur, Chikkaballapura, Chikkamagaluru, Chinsurah, Chirang, Chitradurga, Chitrakoot, Chittoor, Chittorgarh, Chümoukedima, Churachandpur, Churu, Coimbatore, Connaught Place, Cooch Behar, Cuddalore,

Cuttack, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Dahod, Dakshin Dinajpur, Dakshina Kannada, Daltonganj, Daman, Damoh, Danapur, Dang, Dantewada, Daporijo, Darbhanga, Darjeeling, Darrang, Daryaganj, Datia, Dausa,

Davanagere, Davangere, Debagarh, Debagarh (Deogarh), Defence Colony, Dehradun, Dehri, Delhi, Deoghar, Deoria, Devbhumi Dwarka, Dewas, Dhalai, Dhamtari, Dhanbad, Dhar, Dharamshala, Dharashiv, Dharmanagar, Dharmapuri,

Dharmavaram, Dharwada, Dhemaji, Dhenkanal, Dholpur, Dhubri, Dhule, Dibrugarh, Didihat, Dima Hasao, Dimapur, Dindigul, Dindori, Diphu, Dispur, Diu, Doda, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Konaseema, Dumka, Dungarpur, Durg, Durgapur,

East Champaran, East Delhi, East Garo Hills, East Godavari, East Jaintia Hills, East Kameng, East Khasi Hills, East Siang, East Sikkim, East Singhbhum, Eastern West Khasi Hills, Eluru, English Bazar, Ernakulam, Erode, Etah, Etawah,

Faridabad, Faridkot, Farrukhabad, Fatehabad, Fatehgarh, Fatehgarh Sahib, Fatehpur, Fazilka, Firozabad, Firozpur, Gadaga, Gadag-Betageri, Gadchiroli, Gadwal, Gajapati, Ganderbal, Gandhidham, Gandhinagar, Gangtok, Ganjam, Garamur,

Garhwa, Gariaband, Gaurela, Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi, Gauriganj, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Gaya, Ghaziabad, Ghazipur, Gir Somnath, Giridih, Goalpara, Godda, Godhra, Golaghat, Gomati, Gonda, Gondia, Gopalganj, Gopalpur, Gopeshwar, Gorakhpur,

Gudivada, Gumla, Guna, Guntakal, Guntur, Gurdaspur, Gurugram, Guwahati, Gwalior, Gyalshing, Gyanpur, Haflong, Hailakandi, Hajipur, Haldia, Hamirpur, Hamren, Hanamkonda, Hanumangarh, Hapur, Harda, Hardoi, Haridwar,

Hassan, Hathras, Hatsingimari, Haveri, Hawai, Hazaribag, Hazaribagh, Himatnagar, Hindupur, Hingoli, Hisar, Hnahthial, Hojai, Hooghly, Hoshangabad, Hoshiarpur, Hospet, Hospete, Hosur, Howrah, Hubli–Dharwad, Hyderabad, Ichalkaranji,

Ichamati, Idukki, Imphal, Imphal East, Imphal West, India, Indore, Itanagar, Itanagar City Complex, Jabalpur, Jagatsinghpur, Jagdalpur, Jagtial, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jajpur, Jalandhar, Jalaun, Jalgaon, Jalna, Jalore, Jalpaiguri, Jammu,

Jamnagar, Jamshedpur, Jamshedpur Mango, Jamtara, Jamui, Jangaon, Janjgir, Janjgir-Champa, Jashpur, Jashpur Nagar, Jaunpur, Jayashankar Bhupalpally, Jehanabad, Jhabua, Jhajjar, Jhalawar, Jhansi, Jhargram, Jharsuguda, Jhunjhunu,

Jind, Jiribam, Jodhpur, Jogulamba Gadwal, Jorhat, Jowai, Junagadh, Kabirdham, Kadapa, Kailashahar, Kaimur, Kaithal, Kajalgaon, Kakching, Kakinada, Kakkanad, Kalaburagi, Kalaburagi Gulbarga, Kalahandi, Kalimpong, Kallakurichi,

Kalpetta, Kalyan-Dombivli, Kamareddy, Kamarhati, Kamjong, Kamle, Kamrup, Kamrup Metropolitan, Kanchipuram, Kandhamal, Kandi, Kangpokpi, Kangra, Kanjhawala, Kanker, Kannauj, Kannur, Kanpur, Kanpur Dehat, Kanpur Nagar,

Kanyakumari, Kapurthala, Karaikal, Karauli, Karawal Nagar, Karbi Anglong, Kargil, Karimganj, Karimnagar, Karnal, Karur, Karwar, Karwi, Kasaragod, Kasganj, Kathua, Katihar, Katni, Kaushambi, Kavaratti, Kawardha,

Kendrapara, Kendujhar, Keylong, Khagaria, Khalilabad, Khambhalia, Khammam, Khandwa, Khandwa (East Nimar), Kharagpur, Khargone, Khargone (West Nimar), Khawzawl, Kheda, Khliehriat, Khonsa, Khora, Ghaziabad,

Khordha, Khowai, Khunti, Kinnaur, Kiphire, Kirari Suleman Nagar, Kishanganj, Kishtwar, Kochi, Kodagu, Koderma, Kohima, Kokrajhar, Kolar, Kolasib, Kolhapur, Kolkata, Kollam, Koloriang, Kondagaon, Koppala, Koraput, Korba, Korea, Kota,

Kotdwar, Kothagudem, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Kra Daadi, Krishna, Krishnagiri, Krishnanagar, Kulgam, Kullu, Kulti, Kumbakonam, Kumuram Bheem Asifabad, Kupwara, Kurnool, Kurukshetra, Kurung Kumey, Kushinagar, Kutch,

Lahaul and Spiti, Lakhimpur, Lakhimpur Kheri, Lakhisarai, Lakshadweep, Lalitpur, Lamphelpat, Latehar, Latur, Lawngtlai, Leh, Lemmi, Lepa Rada, Likabali, Lohardaga, Lohit, Longding, Longleng, Loni, Lower Dibang Valley, Lower Siang,

Lower Subansiri, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Lunavada, Lunglei, Machilipatnam, Madanapalle, Madhepura, Madhubani, Madhyamgram, Madikeri, Madurai, Mahabubabad, Maharajganj, Mahasamund, Mahbubnagar, Mahé, Mahendragarh,

Maheshtala, Mahisagar, Mahoba, Maihar, Mainpuri, Mairang, Majuli, Malappuram, Malda, Maldah, Malegaon, Malerkotla, Malkangiri, Mamit, Mancherial, Mandi, Mandla, Mandsaur, Mandya, Mangaldoi, Mangalore, Mangan, Manjhanpur, Mansa,

Margao, Marigaon, Mathura, Mau, Mawkyrwat, Mayabunder, Mayiladuthurai, Mayurbhanj, Medak, Medchal–Malkajgiri, Medininagar, Meerut, Mehsana, Midnapore, Mira-Bhayandar, Mirzapur, Modasa, Moga, Mokokchung, Mon, Moradabad,

Morbi, Morena, Morigaon, Motihari, Mulugu, Mumbai, Mungeli, Munger, Murshidabad, Mushalpur, Muzaffarnagar, Muzaffarpur, Mysore, Mysuru, Nabarangpur, Nadia, Nadiad, Nagaon, Nagapattinam, Nagarkurnool, Nagaur, Nagda, Nagercoil,

Nagpur, Nahan, Naihati, Nainital, Nalanda, Nalbari, Nalgonda, Namakkal, Namchi, Namsai, Nand Nagri, Nanded, Nandurbar, Nandyal, Nangloi Jat, Narasaraopet, Narayanpet, Narayanpur, Narmada, Narnaul, Narsinghpur, Nashik, Naugarh,

Navi Mumbai, Navsari, Nawada, Nawanshehr, Nayagarh, Neemuch, Nellore, New Tehri, Nicobar, Nilgiris, Nirmal, Niuland, Niwari, Nizamabad, Noida, Noklak, Noney, Noney (Longmai), Nongpoh, Nongstoin, North 24 Parganas,

North and Middle Andaman, North Dumdum, North Garo Hills, North Goa, North Lakhimpur, North Sikkim, North Tripura, NTR, Nuapada, Nuh, Ongole, Ooty, Orai, Oros, Paderu, Padrauna, Painavu, Pakke-Kessang, Pakur, Pakyong,

Palakkad, Palamu, Palanpur, Palghar, Pali, Palin, Pallavaram, Palnadu, Palwal, Panaji, Panchkula, Panchmahal, Panihati, Panikoili, Panipat, Panna, Panvel, Papum Pare, Paralakhemundi, Parbhani, Parvathipuram, Parvathipuram Manyam,

Paschim Bardhaman, Paschim Medinipur, Pasighat, Patan, Pathanamthitta, Pathankot, Pathsala, Patiala, Patna, Pauri, Pauri Garhwal, Peddapalli, Perambalur, Peren, Phagwara, Phek, Pherzawl, Phulbani, Phusro, Pilibhit, Pimpri-Chinchwad,

Pithoragarh, Pondicherry, Poonch, Porbandar, Porompat, Port Blair, Prakasam, Pratapgarh, Prayagraj, Preet Vihar, Proddatur, Puducherry, Pudukkottai, Pulwama, Pune, Purba Bardhaman, Purba Medinipur, Puri, Purnia, Purulia, Puttaparthi,

Raebareli, Raga, Raichur, Raichuru, Raigad, Raiganj, Raigarh, Raipur, Raisen, Rajahmundry, Rajamahendravaram, Rajanna Sircilla, Rajgarh, Rajkot, Rajnandgaon, Rajouri, Rajouri Garden, Rajpipla, Rajpur Sonarpur,

Rajsamand, Ramagundam, Ramanagara, Ramanathapuram, Ramban, Ramgarh, Rampur, Ranaghat, Ranchi, Ranga Reddy, Ranikhet, Ranipet, Ranipettai, Ratlam, Ratnagiri, Rayachoti, Rayagada, Reasi, Reckong Peo, Resubelpara,

Rewa, Rewari, Ri Bhoi, Robertsganj, Rohtak, Rohtas, Roing, Rourkela, Rudraprayag, Rudrapur, Rupnagar, Sabarkantha, Sadar Bazaar, Sagar, Saharanpur, Saharsa, Sahebganj, Sahibganj, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Saiha,

Saitual, Saket, Salem, Samastipur, Samba, Sambalpur, Sambhajinagar, Sambhal, Sangareddy, Sangli, Sangli-Miraj & Kupwad, Sangrur, Sant Kabir Nagar, Saran, Sasaram, Satara, Satna, Sawai Madhopur, Secunderabad, Seelampur,

Sehore, Senapati, Seoni, Sepahijala, Seppa, Seraikela, Seraikela-Kharsawan, Serampore, Serchhip, Shahdara district, Shahdol, Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar, Shahjahanpur, Shajapur, Shamator, Shamirpet, Shamli, Sheikhpura, Sheohar,

Sheopur, Shi Yomi, Shillong, Shimla, Shimoga, Shivamogga, Shivpuri, Shopian, Shravasti, Siang, Sibsagar, Siddharthnagar, Siddipet, Sidhi, Sikar, Silchar, Siliguri, Silvassa, Simdega, Sindhudurg, Singrauli, Sircilla, Sirmaur, Sirohi, Sirsa,

Sitamarhi, Sitapur, Sivaganga, Sivagangai, Sivasagar, Siwan, Solan, Solapur, Sonari, Sonbhadra, Sonipat, Sonitpur, South 24 Parganas, South Andaman, South Dumdum, South Garo Hills, South Goa, South Salmara Mankachar,

South Sikkim, South Tripura, South West Garo Hills, South West Khasi Hills, Sri Ganganagar, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore, Sri Sathya Sai, Srikakulam, Srinagar, Subarnapur, Subarnapur (Sonepur), Sukma,

Sultan Pur Majra, Sultanpur, Sundarbans, Sundargarh, Sundergarh, Supaul, Surajpur, Surat, Surendranagar, Surendranagar Dudhrej, Surguja, Suri, Suryapet, Tamenglong, Tamluk, Tamulpur, Tapi, Tarn Taran, Tarn Taran Sahib,

Tawang, Tehri Garhwal, Tenali, Tengnoupal, Tenkasi, Teto, Tezpur, Tezu, Thane, Thanjavur, Theni, Thiruvananthapuram, Thiruvarur, Thoothukudi, Thoubal, Thrissur, Tikamgarh, Tinsukia, Tirap, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli,

Tirupati, Tirupattur, Tiruppur, Tiruvallur, Tiruvannaamalai, Tiruvannamalai, Tiruvarur, Tiruvottiyur, Tonk, Tseminyü, Tuensang, Tumakuru, Tumkur, Tura, Udaipur, Udalguri, Udham Singh Nagar, Udhampur, Udupi, Ujjain, Ukhrul,

Ulhasnagar, Uluberia, Umaria, Una, Unakoti, Unnao, Upper Dibang Valley, Upper Siang, Upper Subansiri, Uttar Dinajpur, Uttara Kannada, Uttarkashi, Uzhavarkarai, Vadodara, Vaishali, Valsad, Varanasi, Vasai-Virar, Vasant Vihar,

Vellore, Veraval, Vidisha, Vijayanagara, Vijayanagaram, Vijayapura, Vijayawada, Vikarabad, Viluppuram, Virudhunagar, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Vyara, Waidhan, Wanaparthy, Warangal, Wardha, Washim, Wayanad,

West Champaran, West Garo Hills, West Godavari, West Jaintia Hills, West Kameng, West Karbi Anglong, West Khasi Hills, West Siang, West Sikkim, West Singhbhum, West Tripura, Williamnagar, Wokha, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Yadgiri,

Yamunanagar, Yamunotri, Yanam, Yavatmal, Yingkiong, YSR, Yupia, Ziro, Zunheboto,

Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 9, Baby Boy Names For Numerology 9, 9 Numerology Baby Boy Names, Hindu Baby Boy Names For Numerology 9

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Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 9, Baby Boy Names For Numerology 9, 9 Numerology Baby Boy Names, Hindu Baby Boy Names For Numerology 9

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