Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 4

A list of 1100+ Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 4, is given below:

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Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 4

Number 4 is governed by planet Rahu. These people are the master of an unconventional way of thinking. They possess the power to bring about social reforms in society.

Very strongly opinionated and do not bother much about what others will think of them. They are great finishers.

Key Traits: Disciplined, Organized, Short Tempered, Rebellious, Abusive, Stubborn, Logical Impulsive. Intelligence, Planner & Organizer

Baby Boy Names For Numerology 4

Kindly Note: We use the Chaldean numerology system to calculate numerology numbers.

No 4NameMeaning
4AantyaSuccessful; Accomplished
4AarLight bringer
4AarishFirst ray of Sun; Sky
4AarthMeaningful; Meaning
4AarulThe grace of God; Blessing of God
4AashrithSomebody who gives shelter
4AavanshForthcoming generation
4Aayansh SaiThe first ray light of Lord Sai
4AbheetJo kisi se na dare (One who fears nobody)
4AbhijayaVictorious; Conquest; Complete victory
4AbhimAnother name for Lord Vishnu; Destroyer of fear
4AbhimanyusutaSon; Abhimanyu
4AbhinandanaTo rejoice; To celebrate; To praise; To bless; Delight; Congratulation; Welcoming; Felicitous
4AbhinavaYoung; New; Novel; Innovative
4AbhirajFearless king; Regal; Bright
4AbhisokaPassionate; Loving
4AbhyudayaSunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity
4AbhyuktaLord Krishna
4AbineshEternal; Immortal, Who has no death
4AcaryanandanaSon of the teacher; Another name of Asvatthaman
4AcaryatanayaSon of the teacher; Another name for Aswatthama
4AchalesvaraGod of the immovable; Another name for Lord Shiva
4AchindraFlawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect
4Achyut PragnaLord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman
4AdalarasuKing of dance
4AdheerRestless; Lord Chandra or Moon
4AdhirRestless; Lord Chandra or Moon
4AdhithyaNewly risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun
4AdhrithLord Vishnu; Independent; Supportive
4AdhvaitUnique; Another name for Brahma and Vishnu; Non duality
4AdiseshLord Vishnu; The divine serpent
4AditiyaNewly risen Sun; Lord Surya; The Sun
4AdvaithUnique; Another name for Brahma and Vishnu; Non duality
4AdvayUnique; One; United; With no duplicate
4AdwaithUnique; Another name for Brahma and Vishnu; Non duality
4AdwayOne; United; Unique
4AgarvBalanced; Not arrogant
4AgastiName of a sage
4AgnimitraFriend of fire
4AhaanDawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First ray of light
4AharsiThe Sun; King of the day
4AhijitConqueror of the serpent
4AhnayAs bright as the Sun
4AhruranLord Shiva; The name of the God Shiva from the place Thiruvarur
4AhsinavKing of the universe
4AirishPleasant nature
4AjaiSuccess; Unconquerable; Invincible
4AjanmaOne who is limitless and endless
4AjaySuccess; Unconquerable; Invincible
4Ajit KumarAlways win
4AkanshitOne who is desired
4AkhsajLord Vishnu; A diamond; A thunderbolt; A name of Vishnu
4AkilanIntelligent; Logical
4AkshajLord Vishnu; A diamond; A thunderbolt; A name of Vishnu
4AkshayEternal; Immortal; Indestructible
4AkshunA significant particle
4AlekyaIn Indian origin it means which cannot be written in general; It means a beautiful painting
4AlokLight; Brilliance; Vision
4AmaleshThe pure one
4AmbadiA place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood
4AmbujakshanLotus eyed
4AmitabLimitless luster; Name of Lord Buddha; One who is having endless splendor
4AmitbikramLimitless prowess
4AmukSome; One; Another
4AnaadiLord Krishna; Who does not have any end
4AnahathLimitless; Infinite; Unbeaten
4AnamayWithout miseries
4AnandanHappy boy; One who brings happiness;
4AnantachidrupamayamInfinite and consciousness personified
4AnavOcean; King; Rich; Generous; Kind; Humane
4AnayeConsort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh
4AnekLord Ganesh; Soldier; Many
4AngaraLord Vishnu; Embers; The planet Mars; Name of a prince of Maruts
4AngrajKing of State Ang
4AnidevFavor; Grace
4AnikeshName of Lord Vishnu from Sahasranamam
4AnirudraLord Shiva
4AnivLord Murugan
4AnjanDusky; Eye liner
4AnjanappaAnjaneya Swamy
4AnkitConquered; Distinguished; Marked out; Noted
4AnkitConquered; Distinguished; Marked out; Noted
4AnkushCheck; Control; Passion; A hook used to drive elephants
4AnkushCheck; Control; Passion; A hook used to drive elephants
4AnoobPalm tree
4AnoobPalm tree
4AnoorThigh less
4AnoorThigh less
4AnoukaSpirit of God
4AnoukaSpirit of God
4AnramContinuous; Constant
4AnramContinuous; Constant
4AnsalStrong; Mighty; Powerful; One who has strong shoulders; Passionate
4AnsalStrong; Mighty; Powerful; One who has strong shoulders; Passionate
4AnshukSunbeam; Gentle; Brilliant; Radiant
4AnshukSunbeam; Gentle; Brilliant; Radiant
4AntarFamous warrior; Intimate; Security; Soul; Heart
4AntarFamous warrior; Intimate; Security; Soul; Heart
4AntarangIntimate; Close to the heart
4AntarangIntimate; Close to the heart
4AnubhabInsight; Experience; Feeling
4AnubhabInsight; Experience; Feeling
4AnujYounger brother
4AnujYounger brother
4AnutoshLight; Relief; Satisfaction
4AnutoshLight; Relief; Satisfaction
4AnvithLord Shiva; Reached by the mind
4AnyahThe inexhaustible
4ApoorvPatience; Consolation; Born of tolerance; Clever; Calm; Resolute; Firm
4ApureUnique; Unmatched; New; Brahman
4AranmakanLord Murugan, Son of Aran (Shiva)
4ArasuMost powerful person of the world
4ArathSense; Meaning
4AravindhanLotus; Lord Vishnu; A Tamil saint
4ArgavProminent; Noteworthy; Pre-eminent
4ArghyaOffering to the Lord
4ArhatRespectable; Worthy; Honourable
4AriveerStrong man
4ArkshOf the stars; Celestial
4ArnadMegh (Cloud)
4ArnitBeautiful flower
4ArshyaOf sacred descent; Heavenly
4ArtabandhuFriend of sick
4ArtagnanThe knower of all meanings
4Arul KannanGod's grace; God's blessing
4AruldeepanLighting person
4ArumugathamudhuLord Murugan; Arumugam - six-faced, Amudhu - food
4ArunabhLight of The Sun
4ArunavaSun rays
4AshankitSymbol of hope; Fearless; Positive; Without hesitation or doubt
4AsheshPerfect; Complete; Godly
4AshisBlessing; Prayer; Benediction
4AshwaniStrong and complete
4AsmitTrustworthy friend; the Pride; Ever smiling; Divine smile
4AthiyaLord Ganesh; Gift
4AvanOne who owns the earth (Lord Indra)
4AvaneeshLord of the whole world; Lord Ganesh; Ruler
4AvanishLord of the whole world; Lord Ganesh; Ruler
4AveenBeauty; Son of Ashim
4AvighnaRemover of obstacles
4AvikalpThe meaning of this name is which has no options
4AvinBeauty; Son of Ashim
4AvinghaRemover of obstacles
4AviraajKing of king
4BajrangbaliWith the strength of diamond; Lord Hanuman
4BakoolFlower; Clever; Patient;Another name for Shiva
4Bala GanapatiBeloved and lovable child
4Bala KumarYouthful
4BalabhadraAnother name of Balarama
4BalaganapatiBeloved and lovable child
4BalanathLord of strength
4BallalThe Sun
4BalramBrother of Lord Krishna
4BalvantOf immense strength; Lord Hanuman; Full of might
4BalwantOf immense strength; Lord Hanuman; Full of might
4BaneetWished for; Loved; Desired
4BarsatRain; Rainy season
4BasavLord of bulls
4BasudhaThe earth
4BhaamLight; Brilliance
4BhadranidhiTreasure of goodness
4BhandhavyaFriendship; Relationship
4BhanumitraA friend of Sun; Planet Mercury
4BhargBright; Brilliance; Satisfied
4BhaskaranThe Sun
4Bhav BhootiThe universe
4BhavmanyuPride of Lord Shiva
4BheemaHuge and gigantic; The mighty one
4BhimaHuge and gigantic; The mighty one
4BhimshankarLord Shiva, the place near the origin of river Bhima, where Lord Shiva stayed permanently in the form of Jyoti is known as Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga
4BhiyeshLord Siva
4BhumatPossessing the Earth; Ruler
4BhumitFriend of land
4BhutapalaProtector of the ghosts
4BilvaA sacred leaf
4BilvishaBilipatra (Wood apple leaves)
4BinayakLord Ganesh, Leader, Guide, A remover of obstacles
4BinitUnassuming; Knowledgeable; Modest; Venus; Requester
4BirendraKing of warriors
4Bishwa MohanLord Shri; Lord Krishna
4BiswaEarth; Universe
4BodishBuddhas tree
4BrahmanandaSupreme Joy
4BrahmanyaSupreme godhead
4BratindraDevoted to the right deeds
4BriyaanHigh hill
4BuddhaFounder of the Buddhist religion
4BukkaHeart; Loving; Sincere
4ChahelGood cheer
4ChaitanyaLife; Knowledge; Sage; Soul; Intellect; Intelligence
4ChandrahaasSmiling like a Moon; Bow of Lord Shiva
4ChandranshuRay of Moon
4ChandrashekaraLord Shiva
4ChandrathaNectar of the Moon
4ChanyanaThe Moon
4CharudattaBorn with beauty
4CharunOne with beautiful eyes
4ChashmumMy eyes
4ChelanDeep water; Consciousness
4ChellamaniPrecious Gem
4ChetanaanandSupreme Joy
4ChirakshBeautiful eyed
4ChirayusLong lived; Blessed with a long life
4ChitheshLord of the soul; Ruler of mind
4ChithrabaanaOne of the Kauravas
4Chitrakoot SamashrayaCreating Chitrakoot's beauty in the Panchvati forest
4ChyavanName of a saint
4DaipayanWho is born in an island
4DalpatiCommander of a group
4DandapaaniAn epithet for Yama
4DattatrayAn incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Son of Atri
4DayakaraMerciful Lord Shiva; Compassionate
4DayamayFull of mercy
4DayanandOne who likes being merciful; A king
4DayanisheePerson of mercy; Saint
4DebabrataOne who accepts all penances
4DebosmitaSmiling of God
4DebpratimGod like
4DeenabandhaveDefender of the oppressed
4DeepA lamp; Brilliance; Beautiful; Light
4DevakinandanName of Lord Krishna
4DevanandThe joy of God; the Son of God
4DevarsiTeacher of the God; Sage of the Devas
4DevratSpiritual; Name of an ancient king
4DevyanServing the God; Chariot of the God
4DhaavitCleaned; Purified
4DhamendraDharm Dev (God of righteousness)
4DhansukhWealthy; Happy
4DhanvithLord Shiva
4DharamnishthOne who has faith in religion
4DharanidharShesh; The cosmic serpent
4DharveshLord of truth; Holy man
4DhirenOne who is strong
4DhivakarThe Sun
4DhrishayBold courageous and visionary
4DhrishnuBold; Courageous
4DhruddavrataDetermined meditator
4DibyanshPart of the God; Part of the divine light; God's own divine
4DigamberNaked; Unencumbered
4DinamaniThe Sun
4DinpalThe protector of the helpless; The Sun
4DivenduDivyendu, Dibyendu the Moon
4DivijName of Lord Datta; Born in heaven; Came from heaven; Divine
4DivyangaDivine body
4DridhakshathraOne of the Kauravas
4DridhavarmaOne of the Kauravas
4DrishaanOne who fulfils all dreams
4DroneshwarDronacharya & Lord Shiva
4DuranjayaA heroic son
4DurjaneeyaDifficult to be known
4DurmadaThe false pride
4DurveshShehnai (Clarinet)
4DushalResolute; Funs
4Dyu ManiLord Shiva; Sky Jewel; Another name for Shiva and Sun
4DyumaniLord Shiva; Sky Jewel; Another name for Shiva and Sun
4EeswarPowerful; The supreme God
4EkachakraSon of Kashyap
4EkadantSingle tusked Lord; Lord Ganesh
4EkaksharaHe of the single syllable; A name of Lord Ganesh
4EkantarajDevoted girl
4EkayavanThe wise one
4EknathPoet; Saint
4ElamaranYoung Lord Murugan
4ElavendhanThe honorable person in the world
4EshGod; Lord Vishnu; Divine; Master of the universe; Ruler
4EshanputraSon of Lord Shiva
4EshvarLord Shiva; God; Supreme being; Personal God; Or individual self
4EshwarLord Shiva; God; Supreme being; Personal God; Or individual self
4EshwarduttGift of God
4GadadharaOne who has the mace as his weapon
4GaganSky; Heaven; Atmosphere
4GaishTempest; Commotion
4GajavaktraOne who has a mouth like an Elephant
4GajendraElephant king
4GajvadanName of Lord Ganesh
4GanakaOne who calculates
4GandhamadhanaShailastha resident of Gandhamadhana
4GaneshLord Ganesh; Lord of the army
4GangaduttGift of the Ganges
4GangavarGoddess Ganga's boon
4GangolA precious
4GanpatLord Ganesh
4GeethSong; Poem; Chant
4GhanaanandHappy like clouds
4GhanendraLord of clouds (Lord Indra)
4GhatotkatchaThe son of Bhima and the Raskshasi (demons) Hidimbi
4GianenderLord of knowledge
4GirinathLord Krishna
4GirivardhanLord Vekataswra
4GirvenLanguage of God
4GobindCowherd, Lord Krishna
4GomethakWell known gem
4GopalCowherd, Another name of Lord Krishna
4GopeshLord Krishna, King of Gopis
4GopinathanGod of Gopi girls, Another name of Lord Krishna
4GouthanFull of life
4GovindarajLord Vishnu; King of herdsmen
4GulmoharRed and yellow flowering tree
4GurupadaServant of the Guru
4GururajaShri Raghavendra Prabhu; Mantralaya
4HaardHearts feeling; Main; Meaning
4HameerWealthy king; A Raga
4HamirWealthy king; A Raga
4HanumantThe monkey God of Ramayana
4HargunOne having godly merits
4HarideepLord Shiva
4HaridwarGateway to God
4HarigopalLord Krishna, Lord who is a cowherd
4HarinarayananLord Vishnu
4HaripeasadBeloved of gods
4HarirajKing of lions
4HaritPlowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator
4HarjasPraise of the God
4HarjeevanOne who lives God oriented life
4HarnishRemove the night and spread the light
4HarshvardhanCreator of joy; One who increases joy
4HayanLord Shiva; Alive; Life; Shine
4HeeramIt's biblical name
4HemadriMountain of gold
4HemendraLord of gold
4HimirCalm; Cold
4HitarthDistribute love; The well wisher
4HithaishinOne who wishes good
4HridithFrom the Heart; Earnest
4IjayLord Vishnu
4IlandevanYoung master
4IndeevarakshLotus eyed
4IndraLord Indra; The God of rain
4IndraduttGift of Lord Indra
4IndranilSapphire; Deep blue sky; Another name of Lord Shiva; Blue stone
4InduhasanLike a Moon
4InkitTo keep in mind; To point at something
4IrhamLoveable; Merciful
4IriAnother name of Lord Hanuman
4IsaivalanSkilled musician
4Isha KritikSon of lord Shiva
4IthayaIs associated with Lord Ayyappa
4IvanGod's gracious and glorious gift; The Sun; Ruler; Royal
4JagatpalOne who takes care of the universe; Caretaker of the world God
4Jai KrishnaThe victory of Lord Krishna
4JaidayalVictory of kindness
4JaiminVictory or ancient philosopher; One who has control over his heart and mind
4JaishankarThe victory of Lord Shiva
4JaivalLife giving; Full of life
4JalendraLord of the water
4Jamadagnya MahadarpaDestroyer of Jamadagni's son Parashuram
4JankeshLord of his subjects
4JanuSoul; Life force; Birthplace
4JashpalPraise of the glorious protector; Lord Krishna; Guarded by fame
4Jaya PrateekVictory symbol
4JayachandThe victory of the Moon
4JayantVictorious, Triumphant
4JayneetPure victory
4JeevanshJeev ka Ansh (Part of living being)
4JeevarajLord of life
4JeramBrother of Gertrude
4JihanLeaping; The universe; The world
4JivanshPart of soul
4JothirajKing of light; Fire
4JoyalJoyful Person
4JoydeepVictory light
4JuhithBrightness; Jasmine flower
4JwalaprasadGift of flame
4JwaliaLord Shiva; Jwaila means flames
4JyanshuName of Lord Hanuman
4JyothisLight of the Sun; Astrologer; Luminous or bright or glowing
4JyotishLight of the Sun; Astrologer; Luminous or bright or glowing
4KaamatUnrestrained; Free
4KaantHusband; Adored; Precious; Pleasant; Spring; Beloved by the Moon; The pleasant Moon
4KaartikName of one of the month's; Inspiring with courage and joy
4KaashyapA famous sage; Lily; One who drinks water
4KailashnathMaster of mount Kailash, Lord Shiva
4KairavWhite Lotus; Born of water; Gambler
4KajishLord vinayagar
4KakshapWater drinker; Tortoise
4KalanathThe Moon
4KalanemiPramathana, slayer of Kalanemi
4KaliranjanA devotee of Goddess Kali
4KalyanWelfare; Worth; Fortune; Noble; Auspicious; Wealthy; Joyful
4KamalajLord Brahma; Born on a Lotus
4KamalakshWith beautiful Lotus type eyes
4KamalapathiLord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala (Kamala - Lakshmi)
4KanadAn ancient name
4KanaiyyaLord Krishna, The adolescent
4KanchanabhaGolden hued body
4KanishkarGod Child
4KaragrahavimoktreOne who frees from imprisonment
4KarhikSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; Kartik means Hindu month
4KarmdeepThe lamp of the god; grace
4KarnakA chamber of the heart; Of the ear; Attentive
4KartaarMaster of all creation
4KarthikesanGood looking individuals
4Karunya PrakashMerciful
4KashiprasadBlessed by Lord Shiva
4KathithWell recited
4KavalNivala (Morsel)
4Kavin RamBeautiful
4KavindraPoet; Poetess
4KeeshaenLord Murugan
4KelikRejoiced; Happy; Pure; Clear; Form of Katherine
4KempannaChampion; Warrior
4KesavarajLord venkateswara
4KeshavName of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon
4KethanBanner; Golden; Abode; Flag; Invitation; Signal; Home
4KeyurinWith An armlet
4KhianshLord Vishnu's Ansh
4KinshuAnother name of Shri Lord Krishna
4KirteshOne who owns praising
4KirtivallabhAspirant of fame
4KiyashLord Shri Krishna
4KovendhanThe king of kings
4KripBeautiful apperance; Splendor; Generosity; Grace; Gentleness; Compassion; Mercy; Lustre
4KrishNickname of names beginning with - Kris; Short form of Lord Krishna
4KrishangLord Shiva; Slender; Epithet for Shiva
4Krishna ChandraLord Krishna; The Black Moon; The name of a king
4KrishnachandraLord Krishna; The Black Moon; The name of a king
4KrishneelLord Krishna; A variant name of Lord Krishna; It holds a Sanskrit meaning as black or dark
4KritarthaResult of work
4KruthikIt is an Indian star name, Krithika Nakshatra; God Subramaniam born in this Nakshatra
4KshaunishKing; Ruler
4KshemakProtector; Fragrance
4KshithijThe point where the sky & sea appears to meet; Son of the Earth; Tree; Horizon; Mars
4KshrinagLord Shiva
4KulajNoble; From a good family
4KumaraswamiLord Murugan; Bachelor God
4KundhabhedyOne of the Kauravas
4KushanDynasty; Name of a king; The Kushan dynasty
4KushinValmiki; Another name for the celebrated sage Valmiki
4LachmanYounger brother of Ram
4LaganAppropriate time; Devotion; Love; The rising of the Sun or planets
4LakshanyaOne who achieves; Successful; Distinguished; Objective
4LakshmanapranadatreReviver of lakshmanas life
4Lakshmi KantLord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi
4LakshmidharLord Vishnu, Possessor of Lakshmi, Name for Vishnu
4LambakarnaLarge eared Lord
4LashithWished; Desired
4Laxmi NarayanaLord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi
4LaxminarayanaLord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi
4LeelakarLord Krishna; Capable
4LemmieDevoted to the Lord
4LeshanDefender of humanity
4LingasamyLord Shiva, Lord of the Linga
4LingeshvaranAnother Name of Lord Shiva
4Lisanthcool breeze
4LishantLucky; Defender of Mankind
4LohitakshLord Vishnu; Red-eyed
4LokeshwaranKing of the world is the single quote for this word
4LopeshGod Shiva
4LoveyVery cold as Moon
4LovyamThe Sun
4MaadhavAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey
4MaandavAn able administrator; Fit; Competent
4MaayanWater source; Indifferent to wealth
4MaayinCreator of the universe; Creater of the Maya; Illusionary
4MaderuWorthy of praise
4MadeshLord Shiva; Lord of intoxication; Name of Shiva
4MadhavaAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey
4MadhukA honeybee; Melodious; A bird; Honey coloured; Sweet
4MadhukiranSweet ray as from God
4MaghName of a Hindu month
4MahakFragrance; Scent; Eminent; A great person; A tortoise; Another name for Vishnu
4MahamaniLord Shiva; A precious gem; Epithet of Shiva
4MaharshiA great saint
4MaharthVery truthful
4MahijaBorn with Praises
4MahijithConqueror of the Earth
4MahirExpert; Brave
4MahnavMan; Human being
4MahrishiYogi (Ascetic)
4MamrajLord of affection
4ManajithOne who has conquered thought; One who overcame the mind
4ManakA kind soul; Related to the mind; Affectionate
4ManalpVery different
4MangalamAll auspicious Lord
4ManikRuby; Valued; Honoured; Gem
4ManjughoshSweet sounding recitation
4ManoharanLord Murugan; Pleasing to mind; Name of a Raaga; Heart ravishing
4MantrinThe knower of hymns; Wise; Articulate; Adviser; With knowledge of the sacred texts
4MartandaThe Sun; Sun God
4MaruthAir; God of the wind; Another name for Lord Vishnu
4MavjiLord Krishna
4Mayon MaruganLord Murugan, Vishnu's nephew
4MeetrajKingdom of friends
4MeramanSamndar (Ocean)
4MihirThe Sun
4MitalFriendly; Friendship; Sweet
4MiteshOne with few desires
4MithileshThe king of Mithila; Janak; Father of Goddess Sita
4MithranThe Sun
4MohanCharming; Fascinating; Infatuating; Another name for Shiva and Krishna; Handsome
4MohanishLord Krishna; Attractive God
4MohinAttractive; Fascinating; Bewildering
4MokshagnaPresenter of Moksha (Relief); Son of Sun
4MokshiSpirited; Energy; Nerve
4MokshithMoksh ki Ichchha rakhne wala; Liberation
4MounishLord of mind; Attractive; Another name for Krishna
4Mriganka MouliLord Shiva; Mriganka - the Moon, Mauli - the head; Diadem; Foremost; Crown
4MrutyunjayOne who has won over death; One who is immortal
4MukilanCloud we can say it as a group of clouds before the rain
4MundakaramaAbode of happiness
4MurthiAn idol; All auspicious Lord, Lord Vishnu; Statue
4MurthyAn idol; All auspicious Lord, Lord Vishnu; Statue
4MurugaLord Murugan; God of war
4MuthannaLord Shiva
4Muthu KrishnanMade of pearls
4NaagdharLord Shiva, One who wears a Cobra
4NaagpalSaviour of serpents
4NaathanAnother name for Krishna
4NabarunMorning Sun
4NabhThe Sky
4NabhomaniJewel of the Sky; The Sun
4NadirFresh; Dear; Rare; Pinnacle
4Nag RajKing of the serpents; King of cobras
4NageshSeshnag; Cosmic serpent; Owner of a serpent
4NageshwarLord Shiva; God of serpents
4NagrajKing of serpents
4NajuProudly; Noble
4NaleshKing of flowers
4Nand KishoreSon of Nand ji (Lord Krishna)
4NandikeshLord Shiva; Happy; Joyful
4NandlalLord Krishna, Beloved of Nanda
4NannanBenevolent; Name of a king; Humour; Play
4NaradIndian Saint; Devotee of Narayan
4NarayananTitle of Lord Vishnu
4NarendranathKing of kings; Emperor
4NarsimhaAn incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Lion among men
4NarsimuluName of a God
4NarsinhLion Among Men
4NavapriyanGood name
4NavashenThe one who brings hope
4NavishaLord Shiva
4NavnitFresh butter; One who takes pleasure in new joys
4NavtejNew light
4NavyBold and blue
4NayanEye; Directing; Community; Decorum
4NayanthIris; Twinkling star in the eye
4NeelanjanBlue; With blue eyes
4NeeleshLord Krishna; Moon
4NeelkantaLord Shiva; Blue-necked
4NeeradCloud; Given by water
4NeraAmrit or nectar or pure water; Part of God; Water; Juice; Liquor
4NessanName of a saint
4NetranLeader; Beautiful Eyes
4NeveditaOne dedicated to service
4NibhishLord Ganesha
4NidhaanTreasure; Wealth; Receptacle
4NikamDesire; Wish; Joy
4NikethHome; Lord of all; Residence
4NikhaelStream of Love
4NikitGlobal thought leader; One who has divine wisdom being; Smiling face
4NilanjanBlue; With blue eyes
4NileshLord Krishna; Moon
4NilrajKing of heaven
4NiradCloud; Given by water
4NiratPleased; Satisfied; The soul's ability to see; Absorbed
4NischitSpecific or for sure; Fixed; Truthful; Genuine; Firm
4NishankHaving mark of night or dream; Undoubting; Fearless
4NitikMaster of justice
4NityantaLord Vishnu
4NomitaDevotee; One who Worships; Goddess Durga
4NrupadhFeet of a king
4NuvanshSweetheart; Sensitive
4OhaMeditation; True knowledge
4OmjaBorn of cosmic unity
4OmkarnathLord of Omkar, Lord Shiva
4OorjitPossesses great might; Powerful; Handsome; Noble; Excellent
4PaalKing; Guardian; Moment
4PaavanPure; Sacred; Fire; Incense; Pious
4PaawanPure; Sacred; Fire; Incense; Pious
4PadmanabhOne with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu
4PadmarajThe Padma is Lord venkateshwaras wife Padma's Raja Balaji, Venkatesh and Govinda
4PallavYoung shoots and leaves
4PanchajanaFive eyed; Lord Shiva; Couch of Lord Krishna
4PanchjanyaShankha or conch of the Hindu god Vishnu
4PanshulFragrant; Another name of Lord Shiva; Anointed in sandalwood
4ParamahansSadguru (Holy teacher)
4ParamhansaThe supreme spirit; Supreme soul
4ParamjeetHighest success; Supremely victorious; The perfect winner; Ultimate victorious
4ParantapaConqueror; Arjun
4ParashauryaVinashana; Destroyer of enemy's valour
4ParimanQuality; Abundant
4ParitoshDelight; Satisfaction or Contentment
4ParkashLight; Bright; Brilliance; Success; Fame; Appearance
4PatakinThe holder of a banner
4PavaniHoney; Lord Hanuman; True; Holy
4PavantejPowerful like air
4PhalgunName of a month in Spring season, February-March in the Hindu calendar
4PinankLord Shiva name
4PitrabhaktaDevoted to his father
4PoornamadaComplete; Whole
4PoornenduFull Moon
4PoorvithA Complete Man
4PraakritiOriginal; Nature; The personification of Brahman or the supreme spirit
4PraanadAnother name for Lord Vishnu and Brahma; Life giving
4PraanjalHonest or soft; Dignified; Simple; Self-respecting; Sincere
4PraanshuHigh; Tall; Mighty
4PrabhanjanDust storm
4PrabhasSplendour; Beauty; Lustrous; Brilliance
4PradumnaExtremely mighty
4PradyumnCupid or God of Love; Son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini
4PragyaanGreater knowledge; Wisdom
4PrahanPerson who is very kind and generous
4PrajeethVictorious; Conquering; Defeating
4PrajiDivine power
4PrajithVictorious; Conquering; Defeating
4PrajvalShining; Brightness
4PrajwalShining; Brightness
4PrakashLight; Bright; Brilliance; Success; Fame; Appearance
4PraketIntelligence; Understanding
4PrakhilFamous; Glorious; Fame
4PrakulGood looking; With a beautiful body
4PramadhanOne of the Kauravas
4PramothDelight; Happiness
4Pran NathLord of life; Husband
4PrannathLord of life; Husband
4PrasannjitWho has won happiness; Joy
4PrashannaCheerful; Pleased; Happy; Pleasant
4PrasukVery pure
4PravaalCoral; Strong; Powerful
4PreetiwardhanOne who increases love
4PreritThe inspired one
4PretvanMoving along
4PrijithPower of expression
4PrithvirajKing of the earth
4PriyabratDevoted to pleasing
4PrnavLord Vishnu; The sacred syllable Om
4PruthvishKing of the earth
4PundarikakshLotus eyed
4PunyabrataDedicated to the good
4Punyacharitraya KeertanaSubject for hymns sung in his adulations
4PuranComplete; Successors; Momento; Abundant
4PuruAbundant; Name of a King; Mountain; Heaven
4PurvangPrakashit (Lighted)
4PushpahasName from Vishnusahstranaam
4Radhe ShyamLord Krishna and Goddess Radha
4RadheshyamLord Krishna and Goddess Radha
4RagavLord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God
4RaghubirLord Rama, Brave descendant of Raghu
4RaghupatiLord Rama, Master of the Raghavan
4RagupathiGod rathis husband
4RajishGood boy
4RajneshKing of Gods
4RajvirBrave King, The hero of the land; Kingdom warriors
4RakshReducer of the number of demons
4Ram KumarLord Rama, Young Rama
4Ram PratapLord Rama; Powerful; Majestic; Strong;
4RamadutAmbassador of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman
4Ramanloved.aspx'>Beloved; Pleasing; Attractive; Enchanting; Another name for the love
4RamavatarReincarnation of Lord Rama
4RamdevGod of faith
4RameshbabuRuler of Lord Rama; Lord Vishnu; The preserver
4RamkumarLord Rama, Young Rama
4RamnathLord Shiva; Rameshwaram; Lord Rama
4RampratapLord Rama; Powerful; Majestic; Strong;
4RamuLord Vishnu; Another name for Rama
4RanbeerThe winner in war; The brave warrior
4RanbirThe winner in war; The brave warrior
4RangarajanHindu God name, Lord Vishnu
4RanhVoice; Audible
4RasvihariLord Krishna, Name of Krishna, Sporting in raas
4RatanA precious stone, Gold; Best; Gift; Jewel; Riches
4RaveendraThe Sun Lord
4RaveshLord Vishnu
4RavichandraThe Sun and the Moon
4RavikantLord Surya the Sun) or fire or one whose fame is like the Sun
4RavindarThe God of the Sun; Knowledge
4RavindraThe Sun Lord
4RaxitProtector; Guard
4RayBeam of light
4RayappaStrong Man
4ReshviFemale Saint
4ReshvindKing Maker
4RevThe sacred Narmada river; Moving
4ReyanshFirst ray of sunlight; Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part)
4RhudhulWealth; Prosperity
4RijishBhagavath Prasad (Divine gift from God)
4RishhanLord Shiva; Good human being; Strong; Good
4RochitGlorious; Delighting; Wonderous
4RupinEmbodied beauty
4Ruthwik SaiDynamic hero
4RuturajKing of seasons; Spring; Lord of all seasons
4SaanidhyaAbode of God; Nera
4SaanjyaUnique; Incomparable
4SaaranSurrender; Running; Lily; Yard of a sail
4SabarinathanLord Ayyappa
4SachithJoyful or consciousness
4SadhvikMore Polite; Simplicity
4SaganLord Shiva; Attended or accompanied by a body of followers; An epithet of Shiva
4SaharaDawn, Early morning; Lord Shiva
4SahasValour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
4SahaskritBestowing strength; Power
4SahasrajitOne who conquers thousands; Victor of thousands
4Sai CharanFlower; Sais' feet
4Sai DasIntelligent
4Sai KarthikFlower
4SaicharanFlower; Sais' feet
4SaikalateetaBeyond time limitations
4SaishWith the blessing of Sai - baba ka baccha, Sai ka baccha
4SajivaFull of life
4SamarenduLord Vishnu; Winner of a battle
4SamarjithWinner of the battle; Victorious in war or Lord Vishnu; One who has conquered lust
4SamatJustice; Peace; Kindness
4SamavartLord Vishnu, One who expertly whirls the wheel of Samsara
4SambhavBorn; Manifested; Possible; Practicable; Meeting; Creation
4SamdishaSame in All Directions
4SamedhFull of strength; Strong
4SammathAgreed; Consented; Respected
4SammudJoy; Delight
4SampatiFortune; Success; Welfare
4SamrudhanThe enriched one; Prosperous
4SanakaOne of the four spiritual sons of Brahma
4SanasLaughing smileing; Cheerful
4SanchitCollected; Gathered
4SandeepA lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze
4SandipA lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze
4SaneshThe Sun or brilliant boy
4SangeethMusic; Swaras
4SanjeyanPerson with good heart
4SanjibGiving life; Re animating; Love
4SanrajTo reign universally; Supreme rule; Ruler
4SantSaintly person, Tranquil, Calm, Saint
4SantapHeat; Another name for Agni
4SanyuktConnected; United; Bonded
4SarabeshwarLord Shivas
4SarathkumarEarly Autumn
4SaravClump of reeds
4Saravana BhavanLord Murugan; A pond surrounded by reeds that refers to the place of birth of Murugan
4SarjanCreative; Creation
4SarvabandhaDetacher of all relationship
4SarvadharinLord Shiva; Sarva - all + dharin - one who holds; The bearer
4SarvagnyThe all knowing; Lord Vishnu
4SarvbhanuName of the Sun
4SashisekharLord Shiva
4SatheeshGod of Sathi; Lord Shiva; Kind
4SathishGod of Sathi; Lord Shiva; Kind
4SathvikCalm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva
4SathwikPower and well being in the future; Cool
4SatkarHonor; Respect; Worthy
4SatpatiLord Indra; A good Lord; Lord of heroes; Epithet of Indra
4SatrajithEver victorious; Father of Satyabhama
4SatruijtConquerer of the enemy
4SatrujitVictorious over enemies
4SatvinderTrue God of heaven; Lord of virtue
4SatyadarshanSeeing the truth
4SatyakiCharioteer of Lord Krishna
4SatyapalRuler of truth
4Satyavantruthful.aspx'>Truthful; One who speaks the truth
4Satyawantruthful.aspx'>Truthful; One who speaks the truth
4SatyevikramaTruth makes him powerful
4SaumitraLord Lakshman (son of Sumitra); Good friend
4SavarLord Shiva; Water; The vital element for life; Name of Shiva
4SekarLord Vishnu; One who has talent
4SelvamEnjoyable person
4SelvarajCreativity and finder for anything so searchable person
4Senthil VadivelanLord Murugan; Always youth
4SeshamrajuAlways in high
4SeshuSnake; Venkateswara
4ShadanananLord Subramanyan
4ShailMountain; Rocky
4ShajayaSensitive, Entertainer, Impressive Personality
4ShakunthBlue Jay
4ShalivahanName of a famous king
4ShamishThe Sun; Lord Shiva
4ShammadOne who has conquered his ego
4ShanjeevGiving life; Re animating; Love
4ShankanCausing awe; Wonderous; Awe-inspiring
4ShankhaA shell; Conch; Auspicious; A number equivalent to 10 bilLion crores
4ShanmukhLord Kartikeya; Having six faces; Epithet of Kaarttikeya; Destiny
4Shanmukha SundaramLord Murugan, Six-faced beauty
4ShantanavBhishma pitamaha
4SharnieDirty stunted grass
4SharunSweet; Fragrance; Honey
4ShashidharaLord Shiva, The one who bears the Moon
4ShashimohanThe Moon
4ShashmithEver smiling
4ShataneekAnother name of Lord Ganesh; Warrior
4ShatanikAnother name of Lord Ganesh; Warrior
4ShaticeNinth child
4ShavanaA variant of Shivani; Hindu Lord Shiva
4SheshraoCosmic serpent
4ShimulName of a flower
4ShinoyPeace maker
4ShiprakFull checked
4ShiromA jewel is worn on the head
4ShitikanthLord Shiva, The blue-necked
4Shiva KumarSon of Lord Shiva (Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthikeya)
4ShivadevLord of prosperity
4ShivalikBelonging of Lord Shiv, whose owner is Lord Shivm, Lord Shiv in female form, Goddess Parvati
4ShivanaDerived from Lord Shiva
4ShivanandOne who is happy in Lord Shiva's thoughts or Shiva's worship
4ShivanathLord Shiva, Lord of Shiva
4ShivaranjanDevotee of Lord Shiva
4ShivramLord Shiva; Lord Ram
4ShobitOrnamented; Beautiful
4ShoolinOne who has a trident, Lord Shiva
4ShovaBeautiful; Attractive
4ShreehanLord Vishnu; Handsome
4ShreemaanConsort of Goddess Shree (Goddess Lakshmi); A respectable person
4ShreerangLord Vishnu; Holy color
4ShrestThe best
4ShreyarsSuperior; Fame
4ShreyarsSuperior; Fame
4ShrihanLord Vishnu; Handsome
4ShrihanLord Vishnu; Handsome
4ShrihansuLord Vishnu
4ShrihansuLord Vishnu
4ShrirangLord Vishnu; Holy color; Name of Vishnu
4ShrirangLord Vishnu; Holy color
4ShubanAll auspicious Lord; Name of Lord Ganesh; Brilliant
4ShubanAll auspicious Lord; Name of Lord Ganesh; Brilliant
4Siddhi PriyaBestower of wishes and boons
4SiddhidLord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
4SiddhipriyaBestower of wishes and boons
4SinsapaAshok tree
4SishupalaKing of Chedi and an avowed enemy of Krishna
4SitakantaLord Rama, Beloved of Sita
4SitanveshanaPandita; Skilful in finding whereabouts of Goddess Sita
4SitaramapadaAlways engaged in service of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman
4TaantavSon; A woven cloth
4TaarushConqueror; Small plant; Victor
4TagoreGyani (Knowledgeable)
4TahomaSomeone who is different with a cute personality
4TanakPrize; Reward
4Tanusreebeautiful women
4TapishStrong warmth of Sun
4TaranRaft; Heaven; Thunder; Earth
4TarkeshwarLord Shiva
4TaroshHeaven; Small boat
4TarundeepLight of Sun; Young; Youth; Tender; Lord Ganesha
4TaruneshYoung; Youth
4TaurusBull-like, refers to the saint Taurinus, born under the sign of Taurus
4TejenderSource of Energy
4TejpalProtector of splendor; Quick
4Thamilarasanking of Tamils; fluent in Tamil
4ThanmayeeConcentration; Ecstasy
4ThavanLord Shiva
4ThiivyeshLord of happiness and satisfaction
4ThilangName of a Raga
4TigmamshuSharp eyed-one; Lord Shiva; Spark
4TirumalaAbode of Lord Venkateswara or holy place
4TridevHindu Trinity Brahma, Lord Vishnu & Mahesh, The creator, The sustainer, The destroyer
4TrilochanOne with three eyes; Lord Shiva
4TrinathLord Shiva, Lord of the three worlds
4TrisanuAn ancient king
4TrishaanLord Krishna
4TrishivThree Avatar of Lord Shiva (Three incarnations of Lord Shiva)
4TrishvaThree world
4TukaYoung boy
4TulilnSnow; Moonlight
4TungeshThe Moon
4TungeshwarLord of the mountains
4TushaarIce; Snow; Fine drops of water; Cold
4Tusya UdarchisLord Shiva
4Uday TejRising Sun
4UdayasooriyanRising Sun
4UddiyanFlying speed
4UdhavA sacrificial fire; Friend of Lord Krishna
4UdvahContinuing; The best; Son; Descendant
4UdyotShining; Brilliance
4UjjamVery Cute
4UllasinPlaying; Sporting; Celebrating
4UpanandaOne of the Kauravas
4UpendarLord Vishnu; An Element
4UpendraAn element
4UshnikIt is a vedic meter
4UtpalWater lily; Fleshless; Lotus blossom; Blossoming
4UttankCloud; Disciple
4VabhaviLandlord; Rich person
4VaibhavRichness; Power; Eminence
4VairajaSon of Virat
4VairochanAn ancient name
4VaishravanKubera; Lord of wealth
4VajasiEqual to Lord Ganesha
4VajrakshaSturdy like metal; Lord Hanuman
4VakratundAn epithet of Ganesh, Lord Ganesh
4ValakA crane
4VallkantanLord Murugan, Husband of Velli
4ValmekiAn ancient saint
4VanamaleeWearing the Vanamala Garland
4VandanSalutation; Worship; Praise
4VandinOne who praise and honours; Bard
4VanjulThe beauty of the forest; The Ashoka tree
4VanshajBron from a good family; Well-born
4VareshLord Shiva; Able to grant wishes
4VareshvarLord Shiva; God of boons; Name of Shiva; Supreme God
4VarindraLord of the ocean
4VarsheetRain; Strong; Potent
4VarshitRain; Strong; Potent
4VasubhadraName of Lord Krishna
4VasudevFather of Lord Krishna; God of wealth
4VasuroopLord Shiva; Of a divine form; Another name for Shiva
4VatatmajLord Hanuman, Son of wind
4VedaanthThe scriptures, Vedic method of self realization
4VedarjunaClear knowledge; light of knowledge
4VeereshBrave Lord; The king of all warriors, King of all heroes
4VenketeshLord Vishnu; Lord Krishna
4VenthanKing; Ruler; Monarch
4ViamrshLord Shiva; Discussion
4VianFull of life and energy; Alive or lively
4VibhavasuThe Sun
4VibheeshanaparitrateBefriended Vibbeeshana
4VickyConqueror; Victorious
4VidhanRules & regulation
4VidhuLord Vishnu; Intelligent
4VidyutA flash of lightning; Brilliant
4VihaHeaven; Peace; Morning; Dawn
4VihangaA bird
4VijanshA part who is always winning
4VijitWinner; Invincible
4VikalTwilight; Evening; Close of the day
4VikasDevelopment; Expanding; Light; Brilliance; To appear; Progress; Cheer
4VikatinandaOne of the Kauravas
4VikeshThe Moon
4VikilPeople with this name tend to be very inspired, intuitive and creative
4VikraminLord Vishnu; Valour
4VilochanThe eye
4VimarshLord Shiva; Deliberation
4VimbA ray of the Sun; Brilliant; Shining
4VineethUnassuming; Knowledgeable; Modest; Venus; Requester
4VinithUnassuming; Knowledgeable; Modest; Venus; Requester
4ViplovDrifting about; Revolution
4ViragNot any affection; Jealousy to other
4ViralPriceless; Precious
4VireshBrave Lord; The king of all warriors, King of all heroes
4VireshvarLord Shiva; Chief of heroes; Name of Shiva or Veerabhadra
4VirikvasLord Indra
4ViroopShapely; Diverse; Changed; Variegated
4VishleshAnother name of Lord Shiva
4VishnahpuLord Vishnu, As pure as Vishnu
4VishramRest; Calm
4VishvatmaUniversal soul
4VishwadakshinahSkilfull and efficient Lord
4VishwamukhaMaster of the universe
4VishwathUniversal soul; Part of vishwathmane namaha:” from Lord Vishnu sahasranam
4VishwatmaUniversal soul
4ViswanthThe Lord; King of the universe
4VitaharyaLord Krishna
4VittanathOwner of money (Kuber)
4VivashDawning; Exile; Bright; Motionless; Unrestrained; Independent
4Vladimirrenowned prince
4VrisaLord Krishna; Cow
4VyanAir circulating in the body; Life giving
4VyomeshLord of the Sky
4YaajWorshipper; Sacrifice; Another name for Lord Shiva; A sage
4YaashkExerting; Desiring heat
4YadavLord Krishna; Descendant from Yadu; Name of Krishna
4YadnyaHoly fire
4YadukrishnaLord Krishna, Krishna, Descendant of Yadu
4YagnikA person who performs Yagna / Pooja; Age of Nation
4YakshithWho is made forever; Permanent; God
4YakulPhilosopher; Careful; Beautiful
4YamajitLord Shiva, The one who won over Yama
4YashashreeGod's name of success; Victory or glory or fame or success; Supplanter
4YashashriGod's name of success; Victory or glory or fame or success; Supplanter
4YashikHappiness; Honorary and Marriage
4YashpalProtector of fame
4YashvanthA person who attains fame and glory
4YashvinWinner of fame
4YashwanthOne who has achieved glory; Always famous
4YashwinLord Krishna; The Raising of Sun; Fame
4YogadhipaThe Lord of meditation
4YogajBorn of meditation
4YogineSaint; A name of Lord Hanuman
4YogyaA unit of measure for long distances; A plan
4YuktProsperous; Yoked; United; Attentive; Skilful; Clever; Proper
4YuvVigorous; Young
4YuvaruthLively; Evergreen attitude

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Alwar, Amalapuram, Amaravati, Amarpatan, Ambala, Ambarnath, Ambassa, Ambattur, Ambedkar Nagar, Ambikapur, Amethi, Amingaon, Ampati, Amravati, Amreli, Amritsar, Amroha, Anakapalli, Anand, Anantapur, Ananthapuramu, Anantnag,

Angul, Anini, Anjaw, Annamayya, Anuppur, Araria, Aravalli, Ariyalur, Arrah, Arwal, Asansol, Ashoknagar, Asifabad, Auraiya, Aurangabad, Avadi, Ayodhya, Azamgarh, Bagalakote, Bageshwar, Baghmara, Baghpat, Bagpat,

Baharampur, Bahraich, Baikunthpur, Bajali, Baksa, Balaghat, Balangir, Balasore, Ballari, Ballia, Bally, Balod, Baloda Bazar, Balrampur, Balrampur-Ramanujganj, Balurghat, Banaskantha, Banda, Bandipore, Bandra (East), Bangalore,

Banka, Bankura, Banswara, Bapatla, Barabanki, Baramulla, Baran, Baranagar, Barasat, Bardhaman, Bareilly, Bargarh, Bargarh Baragarh, Baripada, Barmer, Barnala, Barpeta, Barwani, Basar, Basirhat, Bastar, Basti, Bathinda, Beed, Begusarai,

Belagavi, Belgaum, Bellary, Belonia, Bemetara, Bengaluru, Berhampore, Berhampur, Bettiah, Betul, Bhabua, Bhadohi, Bhadradri Kothagudem, Bhadrak, Bhagalpur, Bhalswa Jahangir Pur, Bhandara, Bharatpur, Bharuch, Bhatpara, Bhavnagar,

Bhawanipatna, Bhilai, Bhilwara, Bhimavaram, Bhind, Bhiwandi, Bhiwani, Bhojpur, Bhongir, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Bhuj, Bhupalpally, Bhusawal, Bidar, Bidhannagar, Bihar Sharif, Bijapur, Bijnor, Bikaner, Bilaspur, Birbhum, Bishnupur,

Bishramganj, Biswanath, Biswanath Chariali, Bokaro, Boleng, Bomdila, Bongaigaon, Bongaon, Botad, Boudh, Boudh (Bauda), Budaun, Budgam, Bulandshahr, Buldhana, Bundi, Burhanpur, Buxar, Cachar, Car Nicobar, Chachaura,

Chaibasa, Chamarajanagara, Chamba, Chamoli, Champawat, Champhai, Chandauli, Chandel, Chandigarh, Chandrapur, Changlang, Charaideo, Charkhi Dadri, Chatra, Chengalpattu, Chennai, Chhapra, Chhatarpur, Chhatrapur,

Chhindwara, Chhota Udaipur, Chikkaballapura, Chikkamagaluru, Chinsurah, Chirang, Chitradurga, Chitrakoot, Chittoor, Chittorgarh, Chümoukedima, Churachandpur, Churu, Coimbatore, Connaught Place, Cooch Behar, Cuddalore,

Cuttack, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Dahod, Dakshin Dinajpur, Dakshina Kannada, Daltonganj, Daman, Damoh, Danapur, Dang, Dantewada, Daporijo, Darbhanga, Darjeeling, Darrang, Daryaganj, Datia, Dausa,

Davanagere, Davangere, Debagarh, Debagarh (Deogarh), Defence Colony, Dehradun, Dehri, Delhi, Deoghar, Deoria, Devbhumi Dwarka, Dewas, Dhalai, Dhamtari, Dhanbad, Dhar, Dharamshala, Dharashiv, Dharmanagar, Dharmapuri,

Dharmavaram, Dharwada, Dhemaji, Dhenkanal, Dholpur, Dhubri, Dhule, Dibrugarh, Didihat, Dima Hasao, Dimapur, Dindigul, Dindori, Diphu, Dispur, Diu, Doda, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Konaseema, Dumka, Dungarpur, Durg, Durgapur,

East Champaran, East Delhi, East Garo Hills, East Godavari, East Jaintia Hills, East Kameng, East Khasi Hills, East Siang, East Sikkim, East Singhbhum, Eastern West Khasi Hills, Eluru, English Bazar, Ernakulam, Erode, Etah, Etawah,

Faridabad, Faridkot, Farrukhabad, Fatehabad, Fatehgarh, Fatehgarh Sahib, Fatehpur, Fazilka, Firozabad, Firozpur, Gadaga, Gadag-Betageri, Gadchiroli, Gadwal, Gajapati, Ganderbal, Gandhidham, Gandhinagar, Gangtok, Ganjam, Garamur,

Garhwa, Gariaband, Gaurela, Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi, Gauriganj, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Gaya, Ghaziabad, Ghazipur, Gir Somnath, Giridih, Goalpara, Godda, Godhra, Golaghat, Gomati, Gonda, Gondia, Gopalganj, Gopalpur, Gopeshwar, Gorakhpur,

Gudivada, Gumla, Guna, Guntakal, Guntur, Gurdaspur, Gurugram, Guwahati, Gwalior, Gyalshing, Gyanpur, Haflong, Hailakandi, Hajipur, Haldia, Hamirpur, Hamren, Hanamkonda, Hanumangarh, Hapur, Harda, Hardoi, Haridwar,

Hassan, Hathras, Hatsingimari, Haveri, Hawai, Hazaribag, Hazaribagh, Himatnagar, Hindupur, Hingoli, Hisar, Hnahthial, Hojai, Hooghly, Hoshangabad, Hoshiarpur, Hospet, Hospete, Hosur, Howrah, Hubli–Dharwad, Hyderabad, Ichalkaranji,

Ichamati, Idukki, Imphal, Imphal East, Imphal West, India, Indore, Itanagar, Itanagar City Complex, Jabalpur, Jagatsinghpur, Jagdalpur, Jagtial, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jajpur, Jalandhar, Jalaun, Jalgaon, Jalna, Jalore, Jalpaiguri, Jammu,

Jamnagar, Jamshedpur, Jamshedpur Mango, Jamtara, Jamui, Jangaon, Janjgir, Janjgir-Champa, Jashpur, Jashpur Nagar, Jaunpur, Jayashankar Bhupalpally, Jehanabad, Jhabua, Jhajjar, Jhalawar, Jhansi, Jhargram, Jharsuguda, Jhunjhunu,

Jind, Jiribam, Jodhpur, Jogulamba Gadwal, Jorhat, Jowai, Junagadh, Kabirdham, Kadapa, Kailashahar, Kaimur, Kaithal, Kajalgaon, Kakching, Kakinada, Kakkanad, Kalaburagi, Kalaburagi Gulbarga, Kalahandi, Kalimpong, Kallakurichi,

Kalpetta, Kalyan-Dombivli, Kamareddy, Kamarhati, Kamjong, Kamle, Kamrup, Kamrup Metropolitan, Kanchipuram, Kandhamal, Kandi, Kangpokpi, Kangra, Kanjhawala, Kanker, Kannauj, Kannur, Kanpur, Kanpur Dehat, Kanpur Nagar,

Kanyakumari, Kapurthala, Karaikal, Karauli, Karawal Nagar, Karbi Anglong, Kargil, Karimganj, Karimnagar, Karnal, Karur, Karwar, Karwi, Kasaragod, Kasganj, Kathua, Katihar, Katni, Kaushambi, Kavaratti, Kawardha,

Kendrapara, Kendujhar, Keylong, Khagaria, Khalilabad, Khambhalia, Khammam, Khandwa, Khandwa (East Nimar), Kharagpur, Khargone, Khargone (West Nimar), Khawzawl, Kheda, Khliehriat, Khonsa, Khora, Ghaziabad,

Khordha, Khowai, Khunti, Kinnaur, Kiphire, Kirari Suleman Nagar, Kishanganj, Kishtwar, Kochi, Kodagu, Koderma, Kohima, Kokrajhar, Kolar, Kolasib, Kolhapur, Kolkata, Kollam, Koloriang, Kondagaon, Koppala, Koraput, Korba, Korea, Kota,

Kotdwar, Kothagudem, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Kra Daadi, Krishna, Krishnagiri, Krishnanagar, Kulgam, Kullu, Kulti, Kumbakonam, Kumuram Bheem Asifabad, Kupwara, Kurnool, Kurukshetra, Kurung Kumey, Kushinagar, Kutch,

Lahaul and Spiti, Lakhimpur, Lakhimpur Kheri, Lakhisarai, Lakshadweep, Lalitpur, Lamphelpat, Latehar, Latur, Lawngtlai, Leh, Lemmi, Lepa Rada, Likabali, Lohardaga, Lohit, Longding, Longleng, Loni, Lower Dibang Valley, Lower Siang,

Lower Subansiri, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Lunavada, Lunglei, Machilipatnam, Madanapalle, Madhepura, Madhubani, Madhyamgram, Madikeri, Madurai, Mahabubabad, Maharajganj, Mahasamund, Mahbubnagar, Mahé, Mahendragarh,

Maheshtala, Mahisagar, Mahoba, Maihar, Mainpuri, Mairang, Majuli, Malappuram, Malda, Maldah, Malegaon, Malerkotla, Malkangiri, Mamit, Mancherial, Mandi, Mandla, Mandsaur, Mandya, Mangaldoi, Mangalore, Mangan, Manjhanpur, Mansa,

Margao, Marigaon, Mathura, Mau, Mawkyrwat, Mayabunder, Mayiladuthurai, Mayurbhanj, Medak, Medchal–Malkajgiri, Medininagar, Meerut, Mehsana, Midnapore, Mira-Bhayandar, Mirzapur, Modasa, Moga, Mokokchung, Mon, Moradabad,

Morbi, Morena, Morigaon, Motihari, Mulugu, Mumbai, Mungeli, Munger, Murshidabad, Mushalpur, Muzaffarnagar, Muzaffarpur, Mysore, Mysuru, Nabarangpur, Nadia, Nadiad, Nagaon, Nagapattinam, Nagarkurnool, Nagaur, Nagda, Nagercoil,

Nagpur, Nahan, Naihati, Nainital, Nalanda, Nalbari, Nalgonda, Namakkal, Namchi, Namsai, Nand Nagri, Nanded, Nandurbar, Nandyal, Nangloi Jat, Narasaraopet, Narayanpet, Narayanpur, Narmada, Narnaul, Narsinghpur, Nashik, Naugarh,

Navi Mumbai, Navsari, Nawada, Nawanshehr, Nayagarh, Neemuch, Nellore, New Tehri, Nicobar, Nilgiris, Nirmal, Niuland, Niwari, Nizamabad, Noida, Noklak, Noney, Noney (Longmai), Nongpoh, Nongstoin, North 24 Parganas,

North and Middle Andaman, North Dumdum, North Garo Hills, North Goa, North Lakhimpur, North Sikkim, North Tripura, NTR, Nuapada, Nuh, Ongole, Ooty, Orai, Oros, Paderu, Padrauna, Painavu, Pakke-Kessang, Pakur, Pakyong,

Palakkad, Palamu, Palanpur, Palghar, Pali, Palin, Pallavaram, Palnadu, Palwal, Panaji, Panchkula, Panchmahal, Panihati, Panikoili, Panipat, Panna, Panvel, Papum Pare, Paralakhemundi, Parbhani, Parvathipuram, Parvathipuram Manyam,

Paschim Bardhaman, Paschim Medinipur, Pasighat, Patan, Pathanamthitta, Pathankot, Pathsala, Patiala, Patna, Pauri, Pauri Garhwal, Peddapalli, Perambalur, Peren, Phagwara, Phek, Pherzawl, Phulbani, Phusro, Pilibhit, Pimpri-Chinchwad,

Pithoragarh, Pondicherry, Poonch, Porbandar, Porompat, Port Blair, Prakasam, Pratapgarh, Prayagraj, Preet Vihar, Proddatur, Puducherry, Pudukkottai, Pulwama, Pune, Purba Bardhaman, Purba Medinipur, Puri, Purnia, Purulia, Puttaparthi,

Raebareli, Raga, Raichur, Raichuru, Raigad, Raiganj, Raigarh, Raipur, Raisen, Rajahmundry, Rajamahendravaram, Rajanna Sircilla, Rajgarh, Rajkot, Rajnandgaon, Rajouri, Rajouri Garden, Rajpipla, Rajpur Sonarpur,

Rajsamand, Ramagundam, Ramanagara, Ramanathapuram, Ramban, Ramgarh, Rampur, Ranaghat, Ranchi, Ranga Reddy, Ranikhet, Ranipet, Ranipettai, Ratlam, Ratnagiri, Rayachoti, Rayagada, Reasi, Reckong Peo, Resubelpara,

Rewa, Rewari, Ri Bhoi, Robertsganj, Rohtak, Rohtas, Roing, Rourkela, Rudraprayag, Rudrapur, Rupnagar, Sabarkantha, Sadar Bazaar, Sagar, Saharanpur, Saharsa, Sahebganj, Sahibganj, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Saiha,

Saitual, Saket, Salem, Samastipur, Samba, Sambalpur, Sambhajinagar, Sambhal, Sangareddy, Sangli, Sangli-Miraj & Kupwad, Sangrur, Sant Kabir Nagar, Saran, Sasaram, Satara, Satna, Sawai Madhopur, Secunderabad, Seelampur,

Sehore, Senapati, Seoni, Sepahijala, Seppa, Seraikela, Seraikela-Kharsawan, Serampore, Serchhip, Shahdara district, Shahdol, Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar, Shahjahanpur, Shajapur, Shamator, Shamirpet, Shamli, Sheikhpura, Sheohar,

Sheopur, Shi Yomi, Shillong, Shimla, Shimoga, Shivamogga, Shivpuri, Shopian, Shravasti, Siang, Sibsagar, Siddharthnagar, Siddipet, Sidhi, Sikar, Silchar, Siliguri, Silvassa, Simdega, Sindhudurg, Singrauli, Sircilla, Sirmaur, Sirohi, Sirsa,

Sitamarhi, Sitapur, Sivaganga, Sivagangai, Sivasagar, Siwan, Solan, Solapur, Sonari, Sonbhadra, Sonipat, Sonitpur, South 24 Parganas, South Andaman, South Dumdum, South Garo Hills, South Goa, South Salmara Mankachar,

South Sikkim, South Tripura, South West Garo Hills, South West Khasi Hills, Sri Ganganagar, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore, Sri Sathya Sai, Srikakulam, Srinagar, Subarnapur, Subarnapur (Sonepur), Sukma,

Sultan Pur Majra, Sultanpur, Sundarbans, Sundargarh, Sundergarh, Supaul, Surajpur, Surat, Surendranagar, Surendranagar Dudhrej, Surguja, Suri, Suryapet, Tamenglong, Tamluk, Tamulpur, Tapi, Tarn Taran, Tarn Taran Sahib,

Tawang, Tehri Garhwal, Tenali, Tengnoupal, Tenkasi, Teto, Tezpur, Tezu, Thane, Thanjavur, Theni, Thiruvananthapuram, Thiruvarur, Thoothukudi, Thoubal, Thrissur, Tikamgarh, Tinsukia, Tirap, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli,

Tirupati, Tirupattur, Tiruppur, Tiruvallur, Tiruvannaamalai, Tiruvannamalai, Tiruvarur, Tiruvottiyur, Tonk, Tseminyü, Tuensang, Tumakuru, Tumkur, Tura, Udaipur, Udalguri, Udham Singh Nagar, Udhampur, Udupi, Ujjain, Ukhrul,

Ulhasnagar, Uluberia, Umaria, Una, Unakoti, Unnao, Upper Dibang Valley, Upper Siang, Upper Subansiri, Uttar Dinajpur, Uttara Kannada, Uttarkashi, Uzhavarkarai, Vadodara, Vaishali, Valsad, Varanasi, Vasai-Virar, Vasant Vihar,

Vellore, Veraval, Vidisha, Vijayanagara, Vijayanagaram, Vijayapura, Vijayawada, Vikarabad, Viluppuram, Virudhunagar, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Vyara, Waidhan, Wanaparthy, Warangal, Wardha, Washim, Wayanad,

West Champaran, West Garo Hills, West Godavari, West Jaintia Hills, West Kameng, West Karbi Anglong, West Khasi Hills, West Siang, West Sikkim, West Singhbhum, West Tripura, Williamnagar, Wokha, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Yadgiri,

Yamunanagar, Yamunotri, Yanam, Yavatmal, Yingkiong, YSR, Yupia, Ziro, Zunheboto,

Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 4, Baby Boy Names For Numerology 4, 4 Numerology Baby Boy Names, Hindu Baby Boy Names For Numerology 4

new york, newark, jersey city,  ny, nj, pa, chicago, naperville, elgin, il, in, wi, washington, arlington, alexandria,

dc, va, md, wv, los angeles, long beach, anaheim, ca, san francisco, oakland, hayward, ca, san jose, sunnyvale, santa clara, ca, dallas, fort worth, arlington, tx, houston, the woodlands, sugar land, tx, philadelphia, camden, wilmington, pa, nj, de, md, atlanta, sandy springs, roswell, ga,

 boston, cambridge, newton, ma, nh, detroit, warren, livonia, mi, seattle, tacoma, bellevue, wa, miami, fort lauderdale, west palm beach, fl, baltimore, columbia, towson, md, phoenix, mesa, glendale, az, minneapolis, st. paul, bloomington, mn, wi, orlando, kissimmee, sanford,

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Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 4, Baby Boy Names For Numerology 4, 4 Numerology Baby Boy Names, Hindu Baby Boy Names For Numerology 4

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