Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 5

A list of 1300+ Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 5, is given below:

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Baby boy names with numerology number 5

Number 5 is governed by Mercury. People under this are considered as most dynamic, they get on all with all so are well known. They seek constant change in their lives.

They are quick learners, highly motivated and visionaries. The ideal number for the businessman.

Key Traits: Happy Go Lucky, Lazy, Dark Horse, Entertaining, Communicative, Balance & Communication

Baby Boy Names For Numerology 5

Kindly Note: We use the Chaldean numerology system to calculate numerology numbers.

Num NoNameMeaning
5AaptReliable; Trustworthy; Successful; Logical
5AardhyA person who is worshiped
5AarkshOf the stars; Celestial
5AatreyAn ancient name; Glorious; Able to cross the three worlds
5Aayodgiver of life
5AbbhinavNew; Novel; Innovative
5AbhisumathRadiant; Another name of the Sun; Mane of Lord Sun
5AbhjeetOne who is victorious
5AbhrakasinWith clouds for shelter; An ascetic
5AbhuUnborn; Nonexistent; UnEarthly; Another name for Vishnu
5AbishaiMy father is a gift
5AcalapatiLord of the immovable; Lord of mountain
5AcaryasutaSon of the teacher; Another name of Asvatthaman
5AcharyaA prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide; Teacher
5AchitSeparation of newborns hair
5AdeepThe light of Lord Vishnu
5AdhavanThe Sun
5AdhilHonerable juduge; Justice
5AdhinavIntelligent; Innovative
5AdhvaitaUnion of matter and soul; Non duality; Unique
5AdravDispeller of all distresses
5AdrityaThe Sun
5AdruthaKind hearted
5AdvayaUnique; One; United; With no duplicate
5AdwayaOne; United; Unique
5AgastyaName of a sage; One who humbles even the mountain
5AghatDestroyer of sin
5AgilanA man who commands everything
5AgnitLord Vishnu
5AgnivoFlame of the fire
5AhalyashapashamanaRemitter of Ahalya's curse
5AhladDelight; Joy; Happy; Happiness
5AilFrom the stony place; Originating from the intellect
5AiyyapaLord Ayyappa; Son of Lord Shiva and Hari (Mohini)
5AjahniHe who wins the struggle in African speaking countries
5AkaneSomeone you cannot stop loving
5Akarsh ShubhanAttractive
5AkashajTreasure; Sensitive; Hope
5AkrishYoung Krishna
5Akshay KeertiEternal fame
5AkshayaEternal; Immortal; Indestructible; Goddess Parvati
5AlaapMusical prelude; Conversation
5AlabhyaUnique; Difficult to acquire
5AlakshendraDefender of humanity; Sanskrit for Alexander
5AlampataEver eternal Lord
5AlhadJoy; Happiness
5AmarnathImmortal God
5AmartyaImmortal; Amber of the Sky; Eternal; Divine
5AmbavWater like
5AmberThe unbeatable; Sky
5AmberishKing of the Sky; An Angel from the heavens; The Sky
5AmbujLotus; Water born; Indra's thunderbolt
5AmetInfinite; Unique; Incomparable Lord; Indestructible
5AmeyaatmaaManifests in infinite varieties; Lord Vishnu
5AmileighThe bringer of hope; Smiles; God's gift
5AmishHonest; Trustworthy; Pleasing
5AmiteshInfinite God; Master of the infinite
5AmitrasudanDestroyer of enemies
5AmlanUnfading; Ever bright; Brilliant; Fresh; Clear
5AmulPriceless; Precious; Valuable
5AnakhThe Moon
5AnamayaAnother name of Lord Shiva
5AnanayLord Sri Krishna has used Ananay word in Gita in association with focused worship Ananay Bhakti
5AnandamayOne with full of happiness
5AnantagunaFull of virtues
5AnantajeetThe victor of infinity; Lord Vishnu; Ever victorious Lord
5AnantajitThe victor of infinity; Lord Vishnu; Ever victorious Lord
5AnantramEternal God
5AnbuLove; Kindness
5AngadAn ornament, Bracelet; Warrior; Beautifully formed
5AnharLord Krishna
5AnikethLord of the world; Lord Shiva; Lord of all
5AniroodhBoundless; Unstoppable; Victorious; Unopposed
5AnirvinyaA name of Lord Vishnu
5AnjumanGathering; Society; Meeting
5AnjumanGathering; Society; Meeting
5AnkolitLoved; Respected
5AnkolitLoved; Respected
5AnmeshThe Sun God; Another name for Surya
5AnmeshThe Sun God; Another name for Surya
5AnnuabhujLord Shiva's bhuj - hand
5AnnuabhujLord Shiva's bhuj - hand
5AnshPortion; Day
5AnshPortion; Day
5AnshulBrilliant; Radiant; Sunbeam
5AnshulBrilliant; Radiant; Sunbeam
5AnugrahDivine blessing
5AnugrahDivine blessing
5AnujithWin; Success
5AnujithWin; Success
5AnukashReflection of light; Reflection
5AnukashReflection of light; Reflection
5AnukulFavorable; Pleasant
5AnukulFavorable; Pleasant
5AnvayJoined; Integration
5AnvayJoined; Integration
5ApoorvaOne of a kind or rare; Quite new; Exquisite; Unprecedented
5AprameyaA name of Lord Krishna
5ApurvOne of a kind or rare; Quite new; Exquisite; Unprecedented; Like never before
5AradhySuitable for worship; Name for Lord Krishna
5ArdhenduHalf Moon
5ArhanRuler; Tirthankara; Worship; Homage; Respect; Revered
5ArindhamDestroyer of enemies
5ArineFull of joy; Mountain strength; Ireland; Peace; Sunray
5ArivarasuKing of wisdom
5ArkThe Sun; Lightening; Fire; Hymn; A sage; Another name for Indra hymn
5ArkashTo enlighten; Lighten up; Enlightened by the Sun
5ArkishVery sweet
5ArmavOcean; Waves
5ArokyaVery pious
5ArujasFree from disease; Healthy; Active; Happy
5ArumukhanLord Murugan, Six-faced
5ArunThe red glow of the rising Sun; Mythical charioteer of the Sun; Dawn; Passionate
5ArunachaleshwaraLord of the hills; The Sun
5ArushanThe First ray of the Sun
5AryaditThe Sun
5Aryan RajIllustrious; Noble; Spiritual
5AryaveerBrave Man
5AsheemLimitless shank; Boundless; Protector
5AshitThe planet; Desirable; Hot; The planet Saturn
5AshmithTrustworthy friend; the Pride; Ever smiling; Divine smile
5AshpanAn efficient horse rider; Another name for Brahman or the supreme spirit
5AslunitHard; Strong
5AsokaNo sorrow; Without worries; Without grief; Happy; Content
5AswalHorse Rider or Keeper
5AtambhuThe holy Trinity
5AtimanavSuper Man
5AtishKind; Explosive; A dynamic person
5AtmadeepLight of soul
5AtmaprakashLight of soul
5AtreyaName of a sage; Clever; Receptacle of glory
5AtulMatchless or incomparable; Unique; Without a match
5AtvarLord Ganesh; Freedom from haste
5AvaneethImmovable morals
5AvikshitNot see before
5AviyanshPart of Sun
5AvtarIncarnate; Holy incarnation
5AvyaanshThe offering; Name of Lord Vishnu
5AzhaganLord Murugan; One who is handsome
5Badri NarayananLord Vishnu; Badri - cloud,
5BakulFlower; Clever; Patient;Another name for Shiva
5Bala SubramaniLord of Subramaniam
5BaladhityaYoung Sun; Young man; The newly risen Sun
5BalaramBrother of Lord Krishna
5BalavantLord Hanuman; Full of might; Strong
5BalendraLord Krishna; Strong and powerful God
5BalgovindLord Krishna, Young cowherd, Name of Krishna
5BandevGod of nature
5BarsaatRain; Rainy season
5BasudebFather of Lord Krishna; God of wealth
5BavyeshLord Shiva; Bhavya - proper; Excellent; Auspicious
5BeenuVenus; Flute; Created with immense power
5BhaanishVisionary; Having the faculty of seeing
5BhadrangBeautiful body
5BhagadityaThe Sun which bestows wealth
5BhagwanGod, Parmeshwar, Dev, Ishwar (God, Supreme God, Deity, Lord)
5BhairabFormidable; Another name for Lord Shiva; One who vanquishes fear
5BhaktDevotee; Disciple; Loyal
5Bhal ChandraYoung Moon; Moon crested Lord
5BhalchandraMoon crested Lord
5BharadwajA lucky bird; A sage
5BharnayuSon of comfort
5BhasvanLustrous; Full of brightness; Brilliant; Another name for the Sun, God Surya
5BhavLord Shiva; Sentiment; Real
5BhavamanyuCreator of universe
5BhumanEarth; All-encompassing
5BhupathiLord of the Earth; The hero of stunts
5BhuvasAir; Atmosphere; Heaven
5BhuveshThe king of earth
5BhuwnendraBhuwnendra means king of the Earth, One who rules the Earth
5BibhasA Raga
5BikashDevelopment; Prosper
5BipraA priest; Inspired; Wise; Sage; The Moon; A Brahmin
5BirCourageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder
5BishwambharThe supreme spirit
5BoudhayanThe name of a sage
5BrahmaputhraName of a river
5BrajendraLord of Braj land
5BraneshLord of life
5BrantSword; Burn; Nourished; Loved
5BrihatbhashaSon of sage Agniras
5BrihatmantraSon of sage Agniras
5BrijendraLord of Brij, Lord Krishna
5ChakraA weapon of Lord Vishnu; Circular
5ChakshasSight; Look; Guide; Vision; Brilliance; Another name for Brihaspati; The teacher of Gods
5ChandradityaName of a king
5ChandrakPeacock Feather
5ChandrananThe Moon; Moon-like a face
5CharakAn ancient physician; The father of Chanakya; Nomadic religious student
5CharandevThe Moon
5CharanjeetOne who has won over the Lord (Charanjeet)
5CharanjitOne who has won over the Lord (Charanjeet)
5CharchikaThe third eye power of Lord Shiva
5CharudehiSon of Lord Sun
5CharukeshWith beautiful hairs
5ChetanIntelligence; Perception; Spirit of life; Vigour; Life
5ChetuPower of Intellect
5ChhayankThe Moon
5ChidambarGenerous; One whose heart is as big as the sky
5ChidatmaSupreme spirit; Big soul
5ChinthanaichelvanIntelligent; Thoughtful
5ChitrankA Moon
5DaivyaDivine; Heavenly; Wonderful
5DalsherBold; Brave
5DalynTrue Love
5DamodarRope tied around Lord Krishna; A name of Lord Krishna
5Danavendra VinashakaDestroyer of the king of demons
5Dandakaranya PunyakruteOne who ennobled the Dandaka forest
5DaneshKnowledge ; learning
5DasanRuler; Having a style in every thing
5DattaOne who is given
5DattathreyaAn incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Son of Atri
5DattatrayaGod Datta
5DaveerBrave; Smart
5DaxeshLord Brahma; Ruler of Daksa
5DayanandaOne who likes being merciful; A king
5DayanidhiA treasure house of mercy
5DayasaraEmbodiment of kindness
5DebadityaGod of the Sun
5DebashreeGoddess Lakshmi; Divine beauty
5DeepamshuPart of light
5DeepenLord of the lamp; Name of poet
5DenishHappy; Joyful
5DevadevaLord of all lords
5DevamadanaGladdening to god
5DevayanNeeding to Gods
5DevdasServant of God; Follower of God
5DevendraKing of Gods, Lord Indra
5DevguruTeacher of Gods (Brihaspati)
5DevilalSon of Goddess
5DevinderFostered by God
5DhaeryePatience; Patient; Courage
5DhamStrength; Light; Power; Place of pilgrimage
5DhaneswarGod of wealth
5DhanvineLord Shiva; A name of Lord Rama
5DharmadevLord of law
5DharmanandOne who takes pleasure in his religion
5DharshikLord Ganesha
5DharunSupporting; Another name for Brahma; Upholding
5DheerajPatience; Consolation; Born of tolerance; Clever; Calm; Resolute; Firm
5Dheerodhata GunotharaKind hearted valiant
5DhilenName of thilai
5DhruvPole star; Immovable; Eternal; Firm; Steady
5DhruvishDerived from Dhruv pole
5DhurvStar with glow every time
5DineshThe Sun; Day-lord
5DinrajThe Sun
5DipenLord of the lamp; Name of poet
5DishantHorizon; Sky
5DishenSuryadev, The Sun
5DivikGod's Rays
5DivjotDivine light
5DivyanshuDivine light; The Sun
5DivyathaDivine lights; White
5DivyenduLight of Moon
5DreshalSon of Lord
5DronacharyaDhroneshwar means Dronacharya and Shiva
5DruvamThe enduring sound; Heaven; Certainly; Eternally
5DugantDirection; Endless; Horizon end of sky
5DuraiChief; Leader
5DuraimuruganLord Murugan, Murugan; The king; Head
5DurjaThe invincible
5DurvanshOne who lives far
5DurvasaA powerful Rishi, who was famous for his quick temper
5DushpradharshaOne of the Kauravas
5DwarakanathLord of dwarka
5EgaiarasuKing of charity
5EkaaksharaHe of the single syllable; A name of Lord Ganesh
5EkadantaSingle tusked Lord; Lord Ganesh
5EkanaLord Vishnu
5EsakkiTamil God; Popular God of South Tamilnadu
5EswaranGod / Lord
5FaneeshLord Shiva, The cosmic serpent Shesh
5FanishLord Shiva, The cosmic serpent Shesh
5FanishwarLord of serpents; Vasuki
5GadinLord Krishna; One who is armed with a club; One who wields the mace
5GajPolish; Origin; Aim; Elephant
5GajanananLord ganapathy
5GalavTo worship; Ebony; Strong; A sage
5GanadhakshyaLord of all Ganas
5GanapatizhankilaiLord Murugan; After Ganapati (younger brother of Ganesh)
5GanarajLord of the clan
5GandharajKing of fragrance
5GandharvavidyaTatvangna exponent in the art of celestials
5GanesanLord Ganesh; Lord of the army
5GaneshaLord Ganesh; Lord of the army
5GangajSon of Ganga
5GanitGarden; Troop; Numerate; Honoured; Mathematics
5GanpatiLord of all ganas group of souls, Lord Ganesh
5GaousikLord Buddha; A surname of Vishvamitra
5GaurishankarThe peak of the Himalayas, Mt Everest
5GavishtAbode of light
5GhansyamLord Krishna or black cloud
5GiaHeart; Love; God is merciful; Earth; Beautiful
5GirijapatiLord Shiva, Consort of Girija
5GirilalSon of mountain
5GishnuSynonymous of Lord
5GogulaLord Krishna; The Lord of serpents
5GorakshLord Shiva; A cow keeper; An epithet of Shiva; Name of a medicinal plant
5GouranshA part of Gauri parwati
5GranthikAstrologer; Narrator
5GunagrahinAcceptor of gunas
5GurudevLord Shiva
5GyandeepThe lamp of divine knowledge
5GyaneshThe God of knowledge
5GyaneshwarGod of wisdom
5HaaritPlowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator
5Hadhi RamA friend of Lord Venkateswara
5HansSwan; Mountain; Pure; Another name of Surya Soul; Brahman or the Supreme Soul
5HanshalGod is gracious; Swan like
5HanumantaThe monkey God of Ramayana
5HappyHappy; Joyful; A joyful woman
5HaranLord Shiva is called Hara because he is the destroyer of world sins, evils
5Hare KrishnaLord Krishna; Everything that exists
5HarekrishnaLord Krishna; Everything that exists
5Hari HaranVishnu and Shiva
5HaridaServant of Lord Krishna
5HariharanBorn out of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva)
5HarisaiLord Sai
5HarivilasThe abode of Hari
5HarjeetVictorious; Victor
5HarjitVictorious; Victor
5HarpritLover of God
5HarshanandHappiness Forever
5HarshavardhanCreator of joy; One who increases joy
5HarshillJoyful; Kings of the hills; Kind hearted a sweet; Delighted
5HarshivLord Shiv
5HasitLaughing; Happy; Delightful
5HasmithEver smiling
5HeeranLord of the diamonds; Immortal
5HeetrajBest wishing; Lovely Raja
5HemachandranGolden moon
5HemangOne with shining body
5HemishLord of the earth
5HemitraaLord Vishnu
5HetveekLord Shiva
5HetveerBrave Love
5HetvikLord Siva
5HimachalThe Himalayas
5HimalIce; Snow mountain
5HimeshKing of snow
5HiranLord of the diamonds; Immortal
5HiteshLord of goodness; Lord Venkateswara
5HiteshwarIt means, Heart of God
5HitrajBest wishing; Lovely Raja
5HrishikeshOne who controls senses
5HrusikeshOne who controls senses or Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu
5IbhanLord Ganesh, The God having the mouth of the elephant
5IdaspatiGod of rain (Lord Vishnu)
5IlamuruguYoung Lord Murugan
5IndratanAs strong as Lord Indra
5IndulalMoons luster
5IrajLord Hanuman; Flower; Born of the primal waters; Another name for the Love God Kaama
5IryaPowerful; Agile; Vigorous
5IshitOne who desires to rule; Desired
5Ishwara PriyaGod's beloved
5ItishSuch a Lord
5IvaanGod's gracious and glorious gift; The Sun; Ruler; Royal
5JaapakMeditative; Muttering prayers
5JagThe universe; The Earth; World
5JagadeshKing of the universe; Lord of the world
5JagannathanLord of the world
5Jagat PrakashLight of the world
5JagishLord of the universe
5JagravAlert; Awake; Watchful; Sun, another name for Agni
5JagvirWarrior of the world; World winner
5JaikapeeshHail monkey God
5JaiminiAn ancient philosopher
5JaipreethThe victory of Love; Lord of Uganda
5JaivatBeing victorious
5JalbhushanOrnament of water
5JanavDefender of men; Protecting men
5JanujBorn; Son
5JapeshLord of chants, Lord Shiva
5JasGod is gracious; Kirti; Good wishes
5JasveerGet victory; Hero of fame; Famous personality
5JasvirGet victory; Hero of fame; Famous personality
5JatayuA semi divine bird
5JavanGreece; Racer; Quick
5JavinSwift; Fast; Horse; Deer
5JayantaLord Vishnu; Victorious in the end; The Moon
5JayayIs associated with Lord Shiva; Goddess Durga; Lord Vishnu; Goddess Lakshmi
5JaydityaVictorious Sun
5JaykiranRay of victory
5JazimGreat and famous
5JebinPrayer boy
5JeevanLife; Life-giving; Bringer of life
5JeshGod is salvation
5JigneshCuriosity to research
5JihaanVariant of Jehan: The world.; Of the World
5JinabhadraA Jain saint
5JinadevLord of victory
5JitavarashayeConqueror of the Ocean
5JitendraLord of conquerors; One who can conquer Lord Indra
5JivanLife; Life-giving; Bringer of life
5JivinTo give life
5JiwanLife; Life-giving; Bringer of life
5JogedraLord Shiva
5JoshanaLike a happiness
5JugalCouple; Pair
5JusalPari fairy
5JyothishkarA kind of flower
5JyotirmayaImbued with light
5KaashyaRush-bottom; Grass
5KadambName of a tree
5KahanThe world; Lord Krishna; Universe
5KailashadhipatiLord of mount Kailash
5KairabhBorn from lotus
5KalanithiReceptacle of the moon crescent
5KalharThe white lily; Water lily; Lotus
5KaliyahSlayer of thousand headed dragon
5KalkinTenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
5KalmeshAnother name of Lord Shiva
5KalpThe Moon; Thought; Appropriate; Competent
5KamadevGod of Love
5KamalekshanLotus eyed
5KamalkantLord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala
5KamlakantLord Vishnu; Kamala - she of the Lotus i.e. Lakshmi, Kant - husband
5KamleshGod of lotus
5KamsantakSlayer of kamsa
5KanagarajanOrigin of everything
5KandarpGod of Love
5KandhanCloud; God
5KanhaYoung; Lord Krishna
5KanjamLotus; Nectar
5KanthanLord Murugan
5KanuLord Krishna; Kanu means handsome
5KanvName of a saint; Skilful; Intelligent; Admired
5KarneshLord of mercy
5KarsanOne who ploughs
5KarunamayFull of light
5KashikThe shining one; Brilliant; Another name for the city of Banaras
5KausaleyaKausalya's son
5KaushlenderAs fast as Kaushal
5KaustavA legendary gem; A gem worn by Lord Vishnu
5KaviarasanKing of the poet; King of poetry
5KavirajPoet of the kingdom; King of the poet
5KedarA field; Name of Lord Shiva; Meadow; The peak of the Himalayas; A musical Raag
5KeertitFamous; Praised
5KesavanLord venkateswara
5KeshavaName of Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; Lord Vishnu; Long Haired; Slayer of Keshi demon
5KetakFlower; Flag; a Gold ornament for the hair
5Keval KumarAbsolute
5KevalinSeeker of the absolute
5Kevin RajComely; Loved one
5KhajitLord Buddha; A kind of Buddha; Conquering heaven
5KharbandaThe Moon
5KhavishKing of poets; Another name of Lord Ganesh
5KhianKing of terror
5KirtitFamous; Praised
5KiruthikLord Murugan
5KitavGambler; Rogue
5KodiswaranRichest; Lord Shiva
5KoshinA delicate bud
5KreanshSmiling son
5KripaluMerciful Lord
5KrishantSupreme Lord Krishna
5KrishnakantaBeloved of Krishna
5KrishnalaLord Krishna; Sanskrit meaning as black or dark
5KrishnamIdol of Lord Krishna
5KrishnamurthyLord Krishna, Manifestation of the God Krishna
5KrithvikAlways happy; Romantic; Handsome; Cool; Winner of all heart; Load Muruga
5KubernathGod of wealth
5KulandavelayudhanLord Murugan, The child who bears the Vel as a weapon
5KulikWellborn; From a good family
5KundhyOne of the Kauravas
5KureshWinning Person
5KushaanDynasty; Name of a king; The Kushan dynasty
5KushagraA king; Intelligent
5KuzhandaiLord Murugan; Child
5LakshAim; Target; Goal; Sign
5Lakshmi GopalLord Vishnu
5Lakshmi PriyaTulsi; Lord Vishnu (One who is beloved to Goddess Laxmi)
5Lakshmi RamanLord Vishnu, Consort of Lakshmi
5LaksitDistinguished; Regarded
5LalatenduThe third eye of Lord Shiva
5LalitenduBeautiful Moon
5LankapuravidahakaThe one who burnt Lanka
5LaveshGod of Love
5LayFrom the meadow farm; Concentration; Peace; Another name for Brahman
5LingapandiLord Shiva
5LogeshwaranLord Shiva, Lord of the world
5LohendraLord of three worlds
5LohitakshaLord Vishnu; Red-eyed
5LokakritiCreator of the world
5LokyaLord of All Worlds
5LomashA sage
5MaadeshLord Shiva
5MaahirExpert; Brave
5MaanikRuby; Valued; Honoured; Gem
5MaathurFrom or relating to Mathura
5MadhukantThe Moon
5MadhupalHoney keeper
5MadhuvemanLord Krishna, One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his sweet and attractive nature
5MaganEngrossed; Absorbed; Immersed
5Maha DhyutaMost radiant
5MahadhyutaMost radiant
5MahalingLord Shiva name
5MahapurushGreat being; Lord Rama
5MaharathA great charioteer
5MahatruLord Vishnu; Greatest of the great; Name of Shiva; To be honored
5MahayogiGreatest of all gods
5MahendranThe great God Indra (the God of the Sky), Lord Indra; Lord of the Sky
5MaheshLord Shiva, Name of Shiva, Great among Gods
5MaheshwarLord Shiva, God Shankar
5MahidharAngry Man
5MahindraA king
5MahipalA king
5MainakA mountain near Kailash, a Himalayan peak
5MalanDefender of mankind
5ManasMind; Soul; Brilliant; Spiritual thought; Heart intellect; Desire; Human being; Insight; Cheerfulness
5MandavyaName of a sage
5MandeepLight of the mind; Light of sages
5ManeshLord of the mind; Joyful temperament; Soul; Pride; Heart; Deep thinker
5ManidharA mythical Snake with a Jewel in its Hood
5ManikantThe blue Jewel; Shining brightly
5ManindraDiamond; Lord of gems
5ManjunathSnow; Dewdrops; Beautiful
5ManmohanPleasing; Lord Krishna
5ManomayConqueror of one's heart; winner of hearts
5ManonithCarried by the mind
5ManoranjanOne who pleases the mind
5MantThought; Devotion; Another name of the Sun; Lord Shiva
5MarmikIntelligent; Influential; Insightful; Perceptive
5MarudhaPlace of farms
5MaruthiLord Hanuman, Son of the wind, An epithet of Hanuman
5MathBear; Jewel; Magnet
5MathuraAn ancient religious city
5MauryDark skinned.
5MayankThe Moon; Distinguished
5MayooraPeacock; Illusion
5MayukBrilliance; Brilliant; Splendor
5MedantDanav ka ant karne vala (Slayer of demons)
5MedhanshOne who is born with intelligence
5MeghashyamLord Krishna; Cloud dark
5MikoBeautiful; Blessed child; Smiling child
5MilanUnion; To meet
5MineshLeader of fish
5MitanshMale friend
5MoulikPrecious; Valuable; Dear; Ultimate; Original; Essential ultimate
5MouniLord Shiva; Silent
5MounithPeace; Lord Murugan
5MugeshanHappy long life
5MugilanKing of Clouds
5MuktanandHappiness of freedom
5MukunthName of Lord Krishna
5MurarilalLord Krishna, Murari, The beloved
5MurlimanoharThe flute playing God
5NabhiCentre of the body; An ancient king
5NadapratithishtaOne who appreciates and loves music
5NagarajKing of the serpents; King of cobras
5NageshaSeshnag; Cosmic serpent; Owner of a serpent
5NagpatiKing of serpents, Vaasuki
5NairitA Direction, Southwest
5NaitikGood in nature
5NanakFirst Sikh Guru
5NandakishoreLord Krishna, Son of Nanda
5NaranManly; Human
5NarasimhaAn incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Lion among men
5Narayana SwamyLord Vishnu; God
5NateshLord Shiva, Lord of Natas - dancers
5NateshwarGod of drama, Lord Shiva
5NatrajShiva as the cosmic dancer of destruction; Lord of dance
5NavajKing among actors; New
5NavaneetFresh butter; One who takes pleasure in new joys
5NavanitFresh butter; One who takes pleasure in new joys
5NavayNaya; New; Nootan
5NavenduNew Moon, A night after Amavasya
5NavkiranNew; The Sunrays of motivation
5NealChampion; Cloud; Passionate; Crow; Talktive person
5NeeharMist; Fog; Dew
5NeelambujBlue lotus
5NeelanshOne who Belongs to Sky; Part of Lord Shiva (Neelkanth); Neel as Lord Krishna
5NeelotpalBlue lotus
5Neeraj NayanEye like lotus
5NeeshBy the ash tree; An adventurer
5NeeshlinOne who is born lucky
5NeilAcquirer; Earner; Blue; Sapphire; The Mynah bird; Gaelic; Cloud; Passionate
5NideshGiver of wealth & treasures, Kuber
5NigamVedic text; Teaching; Town; Victory
5NiharMist; Fog; Dew
5NiketanHouse; Mansion; Don of rulers
5NikinOne who brings good things
5NikuPeople of victory
5NilamberBlue sky; God of Sky
5NilanshLord Shani Dev
5NilotpalBlue lotus
5NimalPure; Blameless; Brilliant
5NimeshInside viewer; Spilt second; Transient; Another name for Vishnu
5NingappaAnother name of Lord Mailar Lingappa
5NirmayWithout blemish; Pure
5NiroshWithout anger; Cairn
5NirvashLand of bliss
5NirvedGift by God
5NishBy the ash tree; An adventurer
5NishamgyOne of the Kauravas
5NishokHappy; Satisfied
5NisitMidnight; Night; Sharp; Invigorated; Prepared; Iron; Steel
5NiteshGod of law; One well versed in law
5NithileshLord of all
5NivunOfferings to the God
5NridevKing amongst men
5OjaswitPowerful; Radiant
5OmsrikaraGod Siva
5OviA holy message of a Marathi saint
5PaasyOne of the Kauravas
5PadmabandhuA friend of Lotus; The Sun
5PadmahastaLotus handed; Lord Krishna
5PadmakarJewel; Lord Vishnu
5PadmanabanA name of Lord Vishnu
5PadmanabhaOne with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu
5PadmapatiLord Vishnu, Consort of Padma (Padma - Lakshmi)
5PadminishLord of Lotus; The Sun
5PakshilFull of feathers; Full of logic; Name of sage, Vatsyayan; Bird; Practical
5PalvitName of Lord Vishnu
5PambavasanOne who lives in Pamba
5PanchajanyaFive eyed; Lord Shiva; Couch of Lord Krishna
5PanditPundit (Scholar)
5PanduranganA deity; One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu
5PankajeetEagle Garuda
5PanthRasta (Way)
5ParamanandSupreme bliss
5ParamasivamLord Shiva; Param - supreme; Highest; Most excellent;  Right
5ParandhamaLord Vishnu
5ParasharAn ancient name
5PariketAgainst desire
5ParikshithName of an ancient king; Tested one or proven
5ParishrutPopular; Renown
5ParthapratimLike Arjun
5ParvanAcceptable; Full Moon
5PasupatiLord of animals, Lord of the soul, Name of Shiva; Name of Agni
5PatralikaNew leaves
5Pavan TejaLord Hanuman, Son of Pavan
5PavanajLord Hanuman, Son of the wind
5PazhanappanLord Murugan; The one who resides in Pazhani
5PeethamberBlue in colour
5PehlajFirst born
5PhaalgunName of a month in Spring season, February-March in the Hindu calendar
5PhalgunaBorn when Falguni Nakshatra was in ascent
5PhaneendraKing of Gods
5PhaneshAppear; Handsome
5PhanindraKing of Gods
5PhoolenduFull Moon
5PinakinOne who has a bow in his hand; Lord Shiva; Armed with a bow
5PintooPoint or full stop; Rocky
5PirnavStart of something new
5PitambarLord Vishnu; Yellow robed
5PoorvajElder; Ancestors
5PoshMonth in Hindu calendar
5PraachikLong-legged; Driving
5PrabhatDawn, Morning; Brilliant
5PrachetasEnergy; Name of a sage
5PradhyotRay of light; Luster; Light
5PradyumnaExtremely mighty
5PrajapathiLord of all creatures; King; Brahma
5PrajjwalBright light
5PrajnanIntelligent; Wise; Clever
5PrajwatFirst Ray
5PrakashaLight; Bright
5PramodanLord Vishnu; Excessive joy
5PranamyaOffering obeisances
5PranavLord Vishnu; The sacred syllable Om
5PrankitCenter of attraction
5PransukhJoy of life
5PrasangUnion; Devotion; Affection
5PrashasthLearned one who shows the way; Path Prashast kee-jee-ye; Congenial
5PrashrayLove; Respect
5PratapavateKnown for bravery
5PrathikSymbol; The first word in a sentence
5PratmeshLord Ganesh, the god who is worshiped before all other Gods
5PravahA flow of the river
5PravanBowed down; Modest
5PraveenExpert; Skilled
5PravinExpert; Skilled
5PredeshLord of Love
5PremalFull of Love
5PremrajThe king of Love
5PrithwinWinner of the world
5PriyabrataDevoted to pleasing
5PriyanshuFirst ray of the Sunlight
5PugalendhiGlorious; Admirable
5PulasthyaName of a sage; An ancient name
5PulinBeautiful; Riverbank
5PurajitLord Shiva; Conqueror of city Purumitra
5PuravThe East; Chanting voice from the East at Sunrise
5PurnenduFull Moon
5PururavaThe founder of Chandra dynasty
5PurushottamLord Vishnu; Best among men
5PurvabhashineOne who knows the future and speaks of events to come
5PusanA sage; God of fertility; Provider; Protector
5PushpajBorn from a flower; Nectar
5PushpenduLord of flowers
5PuskalLord Shiva
5PuskaraOne who gives nourishment; Blue Lotus; Fountain; Like a Lotus
5PuttaSmall baby
5RaagavLord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God
5Radha KrishnaGoddess Radha and Lord Krishna
5RaghavendiranIncarnation of lord Rama
5Raghu ChandanSurya Vamshi
5RaghunathLord Rama, Lord of the Raghavan
5RahaamPriest name; Merciful
5RahghavLord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God
5Rahul RanjanWho adds pleasure in every one's life with a pint of irritation
5RajaKing; Hope
5RajanikantLord of night; Moon
5RajasekharLord Vishnu; Royal crown; A diamond worn by the king; Name of a king of Kerala
5RajashekarLord Shiva; The highest of the rulers
5RajathSilver or courage
5RajithDecorated; An object that gives light, And never stops doing so
5RajvardanSuper king
5RakshithProtector; Guard
5RamabhadraThe most auspicious one
5RamabhaktaDevoted to Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman
5RamanandThe joy of Goddess Lakshmi
5RamaswamyLord Rama, Rama - pleasing; Name of an incarnation of the God Vishnu; Wvami Lord
5RambhSupport; Bamboo
5RamkishoreLord Rama; Adolescent Rama
5RamnarayanRam and Lord Vishnu combined
5RamsunderGod is beautiful
5RamswaroopLord Rama, Like Sri Rama
5RanjeetVictor in wars; Victorious
5RanjitVictor in wars; Victorious
5RankeshKing of poor
5RantajKing of wars
5RashpalAll Loving; Purity; Love sweet moment
5RashwanthCharming; Full of nectar
5RaushanIllumination; Bright; Brilliant; Celebrated
5RavirajThe Sun
5RavitThe Sun; Fire
5RebhSinger of praise
5RenaudWise power
5RenjithGoddess Lakshmi; Victory
5RevantSon of Lord Surya (the Sun); Horse rider
5ReyaanshFirst ray of sunlight; Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part)
5RichakWish; Created by a hymn; Desire
5RichikOne who knows hymns; One who praises
5RidhimanBlessing of God
5RihanGods have chosen one; Lord Vishnu; Destroyer of enemies
5RihanshiCheerful; Name of Goddess
5RijutHonesty; Innocence
5RikhilEternity; Eternal
5RinanLord Ganesh
5RinkeshName of Lord Shiva
5RipudamanKiller of enemies
5RisabhMorality; Superior
5RishabMorality; Superior; Excellent; A musical note; Bull
5RisheekLord Shiva; An ascetic; A sage
5RishikLord Shiva; An ascetic; A sage
5RishvanthFriendly; Beauty
5RishwanthFriendly; Beauty
5RishwinDearly loved
5RitajitConqueror of knowledge
5RithunTeacher; Friendly; Confidence
5RitujConqueror of seasons
5RivanshLord Vishnu; Lord of Lords; Son of God
5RohidasServant of The Sun
5RomiWealth; Money
5RounakLight or happiness
5RownakThe Happiness of family; Khushali
5RubendranJesus Son
5RubeshGod of Beauty
5RudrFearsome; Name of Lord Shiva; The terrible; God of storms; Thunder and lightning
5RukeshFull-Moon day; Ruler
5RushikeshOne who controls senses; Lord Vishnu
5SaagarikBelonging to the ocean
5SaahasValour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
5SaahilSea shore; Guide; Shore; Bank
5SaalanOne of the Kauravas
5SaanalFiery; Energetic; Powerful; Vigorous
5SaathvikCalm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva
5SaathwikCalm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva
5SadanWork; Achievement; Worship; The shelter; Fulfilment
5SadeepanLighted up
5SadgunaGood virtues
5SahaasValour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
5SahatStong; Powerful
5SahidLucky; Blissful; Witness
5SahitNear; Literature
5SaiA female friend; A flower
5SajeeshMade ready
5SakaleshwarLord of everything
5SakyasinhaLord Buddha; The Lion of the Sakya
5SamajasLord Shiva
5SamanJasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful
5SamanthBordering; Leader; Universal whole; Near; Omnipresent
5SambhurishLord Shiva; Shambhu or Swyambhu is one that is self-created + Ish = God
5SamhithA vedic composition; Secret text
5SaminPrecious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined
5SammodFragrance; Perfume
5SampreetJoy; Satisfaction; Delight
5Samvedname of Second among four Vedas, means holistic in speech and deed
5SanamBeloved; Benevolence; Favour; Mistress; Image beloved
5SanatLord Brahma; Eternal
5SandeepenA sage; Lighting
5SandyDefending men
5SanjeevanThe bearer of the Sanjeevini mountain; Immortality
5SanjeevarayaLord Hanuman
5SanjivanA bearer of Sanjeevini mountain; Immortality
5SankalpWill; Determination; Resolve; Idea; Conviction
5SankarLord Shiva; Causing happiness
5SankeerthTo practice
5SankrantA Hindu Festival
5SaptajitConqueror of 7 elements
5SarbagyaAll knowing
5SargamMusical notes
5SarvabhanuName of The Sun
5SarvadevadidevaLord of all gods
5SarvadevatmikaDwells in all gods
5SarvashayLord Shiva
5SarvasiddhantaBestower of skills and wisdom
5SarvasvaHumorous; kind
5SarvavasLord Shiva, One who resides everywhere
5SarvopagunavarjitaDestroyer of all evil
5SasthavLord Ayyappan
5SaswathClam and beautiful
5SathiPartner; Chaste woman
5SatinReal; A vedic text
5Satya AkshajLord Vishnu; Satya - true
5Satya PrakashLight of truth
5Satya PriyaDevoted to truth; Love to truth
5SatyavachanaOne who speaks only the truth
5SatyavratAlways truthful; Lord Rama, Speaker of truth
5SaubhagyaGood luck
5SaudeepEasy to get
5SauryaBravery; Power; Heroism
5SavendranLord Murugan
5SavitendraThe Sun
5SelvanSimple of joy; Prosperous
5SendanLord Murugan
5SenkadirBrilliant like the Ray of Light; also Senkadhir
5SenthamaraiRed Lotus
5Senthil KumarLord Murugan; Always youth
5SeshanandLord Vishnu; Beloved of the Sesh
5SethuThe warrior; Sacred symbol
5ShabarLord Shiva; Water; The vital element for life; Name of Shiva
5ShabarishLord Ayyappa
5ShachinLord Indra; Pure existence; Affectionate; Epithet of Shiva
5ShadualSomeone who has happiness
5ShahraanShahraan translates to a royal knight or warrior
5ShaifaliSweet smell
5ShailenKing of mountains
5ShakthiveluAnother name for God Murugan; also SakthiVelan
5ShakuniBird; Uncle of Kauravas
5ShaligramLord Vishnu; Refers to a fossilised shell
5ShalyaAn arrow
5ShamantUniversal; Whole; Lord Rama
5ShamathQuiet; Tranquillity; A counseller; Residing in peace; Peaceful; Calm
5ShamenHoly Man; Happy; Auspicious; Security; Wealthy
5ShamiFire; Name of a tree; Work
5ShamithPeacemaker; Who is calm and disciplined; Peaceful; Calmed; Prepared
5ShanPride; Peaceful
5Shan-From John; Killing with An arrow; Another name for Shiva
5Shanmuga PriyaKarthikeya, First Son of Lord Shiva "beloved."
5ShanmugamSix faces
5ShanmukhaShanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan
5Shanti PriyaPeace loving
5ShantidootShanti ka doot (Ambassador of peace)
5ShantiprakashLight of peace
5ShanvikWealthy; Rich; One who is Followed
5SharadinduMoon of autumn; Autumn Moon
5ShararthA season
5ShardoolLion; A Tiger
5SharvinVictory; Best archer; God of Love
5ShashanthName of Lord Vishnu
5ShashikarMoon Ray
5ShashinThe Moon
5ShashishekharLord Shiva
5ShasvatEternal; Constant; Perpetually
5ShaswatEver lasting; Continuous; Eternal
5ShaunakA great sage and teacher; Wise
5Shayam CharanLord Krishna; The dark-skinned god's feet
5ShaymKing of kings
5SheerakPlough; The Sun
5ShekharLord Shiva; A crest; Diadem; A peak; The chief or head of anything
5ShesanandLord Vishnu; Delighting serpent Shesh; Another name of Vishnu
5ShhithGood character
5ShikarMoon, Lord of night
5ShikhandinLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
5ShishirchandraWinter Moon
5ShivaiahLord Shiva, Shiva, The Lord
5ShivangelAngel messenger of Lord Shiva
5ShivankMark of Lord Shiva
5ShivelAnother name Lord Shiva
5ShivendraLord Shiva and Lord Indra
5ShivruthFriend of Lord Shiva
5ShoumoThe quiet one; The learned one
5ShravanName of a Hindu month
5ShrawanDevoted Son; Bold
5ShreedharLord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi
5ShreekantAn epithet of Lord Vishnu
5ShreepalLord Krishna; Lord Vishnu
5ShreevallabhLord of Goddess Lakshmi
5ShreevastavLord Vishnu; Abode of wealth
5ShreshthThe best; Ultimate; Another name for Lord Vishnu; Foremost; First; Perfection; Best of all
5ShridharLord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi
5ShridharLord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi
5ShrihaanLord Vishnu; Handsome
5ShrihaanLord Vishnu; Handsome
5ShrijayLord Ganesh, Victorious or winner of Lakshmi, i.e., Vishnu
5ShrijayLord Ganesh, Victorious or winner of Lakshmi, i.e., Vishnu
5ShrikantAn epithet of Lord Vishnu, God of wealth
5ShrikantAn epithet of Lord Vishnu, God of wealth
5ShringeshLord of pearls
5ShringeshLord of pearls
5ShripalLord Krishna; Lord Vishnu
5ShripalLord Krishna; Lord Vishnu
5ShrirangaLord Vishnu; Holy color; Name of Vishnu
5ShrirangaLord Vishnu; Holy color
5ShrithikLord Shiva
5ShrithikLord Shiva
5ShrivatsavLord Vishnu; Abode of wealth
5ShrivatsavLord Vishnu; Abode of wealth
5ShrujanCreation; Creative
5ShrujanCreation; Creative
5ShubhakshLord Shiva; Auspicious-eyed; Epithet of Shiva
5ShubhakshLord Shiva; Auspicious-eyed; Epithet of Shiva
5SiddhnathMahadev (Lord Shiva)
5SiddhuLord Shiva; One who has achieved
5SikharMountain peak; Peak; Ultimate
5SinhvahanLord Shiva, The one who has a Lion as his vehicle
5Siva KumaranSon of Lord Shiva
5SivabalanSon of God Shiva
5SivasubramaniamLord Shiva; Auspicious
5TalinMusical; Lord Shiva
5TamilaThe Sun
5TanasFrom the house of Tatius; Child
5TaneshwarLord Shiva
5TapasranjanLord Vishnu; Tapas - penance
5TarakeshStarry hair
5TarakeshwarLord Shiva
5TaraswinBrave; Shakti ka rup
5TasmayThe Meaning of Dattatray for the Word Tasma
5TathagatThe Buddha, Title of the Buddha
5TejasSharpness; Brightness; Tip of the flame
5TejeshGod of brightness, Lord Surya
5TejeshwarThe Sun
5TejobhadraArtist; Careful; Influencer
5TejrajKing of Light
5ThakappanswamiLord Murugan; Lord of Shiva (Murugan taught Shiva the meaning of Om, Thakappan - Shiva + Swami - Lord)
5ThangamGold; Golden gen
5ThangarajGolden king
5ThanumalayaTrimurtis; "Stanu" means Siva; "Mal" means Vishnu; and the "Ayan" means Brahma.
5TharunConnection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle
5TharupanChandan; Lord Shiva
5Theerajdocile; gentle; kind
5ThirupatiSri Venkateswara; Mahavirat, the famous name and fame in the world; Suitable for boys
5ThivyanDivine; Intelligent
5ThulasitharanThe Moon
5TimitCalm; Tranquil; Stedy; Quiet; Constant
5TimmyDisciple of paul
5TiranandLord Shiva
5TirthayadLord Krishna
5TirupathiSeven hills
5ToshanavGem; Talented
5ToyajLotus stem
5TribhuvanKing of the three worlds
5TribhuwanKing of the three worlds
5TrijnaAll-knowing; Divine; Sage; A Buddha
5TrilochanaLord Shiva, The one with three eyes
5TrilokeshLord Shiva, Lord of the three worlds
5TripurteThe manifestation of the Trinity - Brahma; Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
5TrishulankLord Shiva
5Trivedh SaiInvestigator; Care Taker; Courage
5TrivikramLord Vishnu; One whose three strides covered the whole world
5TrusharThirsty for someone
5TulaBalance scale; Zodiac sign Libra
5TunavaA flute
5TushitSatisfied; Another name of Lord Vishnu; An incarnation of Vishnu
5TuvijatLord Indra
5TyagarajA deity
5TyagrajaA famous poet
5UddipGiving light; Flood
5UddiranLord Vishnu, The Lord who is higher than all beings
5UddishLord Shiva; Lord of flying ones
5UdhayanRising, Name of king of Avanti
5UftamBest; Most eminent
5UgamRising; Place of origin; Source; Beginning; Ascending
5UgrakA serpent king; Courageous; Powerful
5UjagarFamous; Renowned person; Bright
5UjjanAn ancient Indian city
5UmakantLord Shiva; Uma's husband
5UmalGarland of rays
5UmaputraThe son of Goddess Uma (Goddess Parvati)
5UmeshLord Shiva, Lord of Uma
5UmeshwarLord Shiva, Lord of Uma
5UnnikrishnanLord Krishna baby stage
5UpaharGift; Offering; Oblation to a deity
5UpamanyuName of a devoted pupil
5UpangThe act of anointing
5UrjitPossesses great might; Powerful; Handsome; Noble; Excellent
5UrvangMountain; Ocean; Substantial
5UrvishKing; Lord of the Earth
5UtkarshProsperity or awakening or high quality; Advancement - to rise
5UttameshLord Shiva; Supreme God
5VadivelanLord Murugan; Called so because his spear is called Vadivel
5VadiveluName of Lord Shanmukha
5VagadheekshaLord of spokesmen
5VageshLord of speech
5VagindraLord of speech
5VaidhyatSupporter of law
5VaidyaDoctor; Erudite; Physician
5VaikartanName of Karna
5VairagDetached; Free from desire and attachment
5VajradharLord Indra, The one who bears the Vajra
5VakpatiGreat orator
5VakratundaCurved trunk Lord; Lord Ganesh
5VakshanStrengthening; Nourishing; Chest
5VakshuRefreshing; The Oxus river
5VanajLotus; Natural; Born of the forest; Born of the water
5VanijLord Shiva; Merchant; The zodiac sign of Libra; Another name for Shiva
5VaradGod of fire, Ganapati
5VardhamLord Mahavir
5VardhitIncreased; Developed
5VarshanFalling of Rain
5VasudevaGoddess of wealth
5VatsyayanAn author of old times
5VayuBreeze; Wind; Divine
5VedankChapter of Veda
5VedswarupForm of knowledge
5VedukTo acquire knowledge; Seeking knowledge
5VeerushSuccess; Endurance
5VeeryavanVery powerful
5VelLord Murugan
5VenkatLord Vishnu; Lord Krishna; Existing; Natural; Divine
5VetrivelSon of Parvati
5ViaanFull of life and energy; Alive or lively
5VidaysagarLearning ocean
5VidhyuthA flash of lightening; Brilliant
5VidojasLord Indra; With well known power; Another name for Indra
5VidyaranyaForest of knowledge
5VidyasagarOcean of learning
5VihaathTo Succeed; To Progress
5ViharshExcessive joy; Pleasure; Delight; Happiness
5VihomFlexibility; Spirituality; Persuasion
5VijayeshLord Shiva; Lord of victory
5VijitendriyaThe controller of the senses; Lord Hanuman
5VikamFree from attachment and desire
5VikarnanSon of Dhritarastra
5VikatHuge and gigantic; Of the monstrous figure; Lord Ganesh
5VikramajitA famous king
5VilasEntertainment; Faithful; Brilliant
5VimridhLord Indra; Averter of enemies; Another name for Indra
5VinayGood manners; Decency; Restraint
5VinodHappy; Full of joy; Play; Fun; Joke; Humour
5VipaschitLord Buddha; A learned Man; Scholar
5ViranchHeavenly; Divine; Another name for Brahma
5ViranshJust like strong; Mahavir Swami Ansh
5ViratMassive; Very big; Giant proportioned; Majestic
5VirupShapely; Diverse; Changed; Variegated
5VishakhLord Kartikeya; Having spreading branches; Name of Kartikeya; A solicitor; Name of Shiva
5VishankOnce who has not fear
5VisharadLord Shiva; Learned; Wise; Skilful; Famous; Confident; Bold; Name of Shiva
5VishnuvardhanGift of God
5VishrudhShiva; Lord Vishnu
5VishruthCelebrated or renowned; Much heard of; Famous; Pleased
5VishvakarmaThe architect of the universe
5VishvayonihThe womb of the universe
5VishwakarmaThe architect of the universe
5VishwankarCreator of the universe
5VisishtOne who excels everything
5VisvajitOne who conquers the universe
5ViswanathGod of the universe; Worlds owner or rich
5VivatmaUniversal soul
5VivenLord Krishna
5VividhKnowledgeable; Various
5ViyanArtist; Special knowledge
5VrajeshLord Krishna; Lord of Vraj
5VrajmohanLord Krishna, Vraj - Vrindavan, Mohan - attractive
5VrajrajLord Krishna, King of Vrindavan
5VrijeshGod of the land of Brij
5VritantDescription; Narration of an event
5Vrushantcapable, systematic, and thorough person with talents
5VyaanAir circulating in the body; Life giving
5VyaktManifest; Wise; Handsome; Visible; Distinguished; Another
5VyshakhHaving many branches; Another name of Lord Shiva
5YaadavLord Krishna; Descendant from Yadu; Name of Krishna
5YagneshReligious leader
5YaraThe bright light
5Yash RajVictory; Glory; Fame; Success
5YashalBrilliant; Radiant
5YashasFame; Attractiveness; Brilliance; Virtue
5YashdeepSuccess; The light of glory
5YashilSuccess; Wealthy; Popular
5YashodevLord of fame
5YashodhanRich in fame
5YashrajVictory; Glory; Fame; Success
5YatharthProper; Possibility
5YathraSacred journey
5YathrathProper; Possibility
5YatnikMaking efforts
5YavanQuick; Mingling; Keeping aloof
5YazatSacred; Holy; Divine; Another name of Lord Shiva; Dignified; The Moon
5YodhinWarrior; Victor
5YogajiOne who does Yoga
5YoganathamLord of Union; Ruler of the World; Lord Shiva
5YogenderGod of Yoga
5YokshitGreat Artist; Hero; Lord Vishnu
5YudhajitVictor in war; A hero; Soldier;
5YudhavLord Krishna
5YudhishtirEldest Pandavas brother; Firm in battle
5YudhisthirEldest Pandavas brother; Firm in battle
5YugalCouple; Pair
5YugantarEver lasting; Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna
5YugeshKing of all Era
5YunayAnother name of Lord Ganesh
5YuvaYoung; Teenager; Vigorous
5Yuvan SuryaStrong; Healthy; Young; The Sun
5YuvaneshStrong; Healthy; Name of Lord Shiva; Youth; Sky; Young Generation
5YuviYoung lady
5ZianLife; Strong
5ZitienLittle shinning spark; It means a brightly; Shining star

Baby Names with Numerology Number : Boy

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Numerology Number 5 Traits: You are delicate and kind. You have a curious mind and are ready to study anything at any time of day.

You have a cheerful disposition and like bringing joy to people. You’re spontaneous and have little trouble making friends.

You make judgments quickly, adapt, and have an excellent knowledge of how to generate money rapidly in a creative way.

You are not good at long-term planning because of your nature. You possess intuition, have the ability to discern the true intents of others, and can predict the actions of your associates and partners.

You answer questions quickly, often before they are fully phrased. “I understand what you mean” is a phrase you use a lot.

You are an excellent stock and commodity exchange trader because of your extreme strength, hyperactivity, excitement-seeking nature, and willingness to take chances.

Because of your eternal youth, you have the perspective of a child playing with a child, a young person being progressive and revolutionary, and an old person being wise.