Property Purchase Muhurat 2024

The intention behind seeking a muhurat in order to obtain the property is to promise success and portray favorable circumstances.

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant life decisions one makes. As per Indian traditions and customs, we always depend on favorable days, pleasant nakshatras, and appropriate dates while purchasing real estate.

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Best Property Purchase Muhurat 2024

List of the best dates to buy houses, apartments, offices, buildings, and other real estate in order to maximise your gain:

Best Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 January

Month Date Day
Jan 01-Jan-24 Mon
Jan 02-Jan-24 Tue
Jan 06-Jan-24 Sat
Jan 07-Jan-24 Sun
Jan 10-Jan-24 Wed
Jan 11-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 15-Jan-24 Mon
Jan 25-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 26-Jan-24 Fri

Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 February

Month Date Day
Feb 02-Feb-24 Fri
Feb 04-Feb-24 Sun
Feb 06-Feb-24 Tue
Feb 13-Feb-24 Tue
Feb 18-Feb-24 Sun
Feb 22-Feb-24 Thu
Feb 23-Feb-24 Fri
Feb 24-Feb-24 Sat
Feb 25-Feb-24 Sun

Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 March

Month Date Day
Mar 01-Mar-24 Fri
Mar 05-Mar-24 Tue
Mar 06-Mar-24 Wed
Mar 10-Mar-24 Sun
Mar 21-Mar-24 Thu
Mar 22-Mar-24 Fri
Mar 28-Mar-24 Thu
Mar 29-Mar-24 Fri
Mar 30-Mar-24 Sat

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Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 April

Month Date Day
Apr 08-Apr-24 Mon
Apr 12-Apr-24 Fri
Apr 13-Apr-24 Sat
Apr 17-Apr-24 Wed
Apr 18-Apr-24 Thu
Apr 19-Apr-24 Fri
Apr 24-Apr-24 Wed
Apr 25-Apr-24 Thu
Apr 26-Apr-24 Fri
Apr 28-Apr-24 Sun
Apr 29-Apr-24 Mon

Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 May

Month Date Day
May 03-May-24 Fri
May 04-May-24 Sat
May 12-May-24 Sun
May 13-May-24 Mon
May 16-May-24 Thu
May 17-May-24 Fri
May 22-May-24 Wed
May 23-May-24 Thu
May 24-May-24 Fri
May 31-May-24 Fri

Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 June

Month Date Day
Jun 02-Jun-24 Sun
Jun 06-Jun-24 Thu
Jun 07-Jun-24 Fri
Jun 11-Jun-24 Tue
Jun 12-Jun-24 Wed
Jun 13-Jun-24 Thu
Jun 20-Jun-24 Thu
Jun 21-Jun-24 Fri
Jun 22-Jun-24 Sat
Jun 27-Jun-24 Thu
Jun 28-Jun-24 Fri


Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 July

Month Date Day
Jul 04-Jul-24 Thu
Jul 05-Jul-24 Fri
Jul 06-Jul-24 Sat
Jul 10-Jul-24 Wed
Jul 11-Jul-24 Thu
Jul 16-Jul-24 Tue
Jul 17-Jul-24 Wed
Jul 18-Jul-24 Thu
Jul 19-Jul-24 Fri
Jul 20-Jul-24 Sat
Jul 25-Jul-24 Thu
Jul 26-Jul-24 Fri
Jul 31-Jul-24 Wed

Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 August

Month Date Day
Aug 01-Aug-24 Thu
Aug 02-Aug-24 Fri
Aug 04-Aug-24 Sun
Aug 05-Aug-24 Mon
Aug 15-Aug-24 Thu
Aug 16-Aug-24 Fri
Aug 22-Aug-24 Thu
Aug 23-Aug-24 Fri
Aug 28-Aug-24 Wed
Aug 29-Aug-24 Thu
Aug 30-Aug-24 Fri

Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 September

Month Date Day
Sept 02-Sep-24 Mon
Sept 03-Sep-24 Tue
Sept 08-Sep-24 Sun
Sept 09-Sep-24 Mon
Sept 12-Sep-24 Thu
Sept 13-Sep-24 Fri

Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 October

Month Date Day
Oct 07-Oct-24 Mon
Oct 09-Oct-24 Wed
Oct 10-Oct-24 Thu
Oct 16-Oct-24 Wed
Oct 17-Oct-24 Thu
Oct 25-Oct-24 Fri

Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 November

Month Date Day
Nov 01-Nov-24 Fri
Nov 06-Nov-24 Wed
Nov 07-Nov-24 Thu
Nov 11-Nov-24 Mon
Nov 19-Nov-24 Tue
Nov 20-Nov-24 Wed
Nov 21-Nov-24 Thu
Nov 22-Nov-24 Fri
Nov 29-Nov-24 Fri
Nov 30-Nov-24 Sat

Property Purchase Muhurat 2024 December

Month Date Day
Dec 01-Dec-24 Sun
Dec 10-Dec-24 Tue
Dec 11-Dec-24 Wed
Dec 15-Dec-24 Sun
Dec 19-Dec-24 Thu
Dec 20-Dec-24 Fri
Dec 26-Dec-24 Thu
Dec 27-Dec-24 Fri
Dec 30-Dec-24 Mon
Dec 31-Dec-24 Tue

Kindly Note:

  • These suggested dates are based on the Hindu Panchangam (hindu almanac)
  • The dates listed above are only suggestions based on our calculations. Different astrologers may recommend different dates
  • The astrologer may suggest a date that isn’t on this list based on the specifics of your birth details/ horoscope
  • Even on good days, Rahu Kaal should be avoided because they are considered inauspicious
  • Can also check:  astroruchi page for additional information


Auspicious Days to buy property?

It is believed that Thursdays and Fridays are the best days of the week to purchase real estate

In times of emergency, weekdays might be ignored, however, we advise making sure that at least a favorable Nakshatra is available

Best Nakshtra to buy property?

The five best Nakshatras for buying real estate are Ashlesha, Magha, Anuradha, Visakha, Purva Bhadrapada, Purvafalguni, and Revati

Can We Buy Property in Adhik Maas?

Adhik Maas is regarded as an unlucky month according to the Hindu calendar

As a result, one should avoid buying any real estate, land, homes, or other assets during the Adhik Maas

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