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To consult : Best Vastu Consultant in nashik – Home, Flat, House, Apartment, Plot, Shop, Office, Factory, Showroom, Mall, Hotel, Café

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  • Experienced & qualified consultants – 21 Yrs + Experience
  • 1 Lakh + happy clients across the world
  • Method of Consultation – Over phone or WhatsApp calls + In-person consultation available
  • Get best prices – up to 40% discount

Vastu Consultant in nashik Services & Fee:

Services  (for 1 Unit only) Fee Now  (Rs) Earlier  (Rs)
Vastu for Flat – Online 999 1998
Vastu for Flat – Visit 2099 4198
Vastu for House – Online 2099 4198
Vastu for House – Visit 2999 5998
Vastu for Plot – Online 999 1998
Vastu for Plot – Visit 2099 4198
Vastu for Shop *** ***
Vastu for Office *** ***
Vastu for Café *** ***
Vastu for Factory *** ***
    *** Fee depends on the size and other variables, call to know more

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FAQs: Vaastu Consultant in nashik

What is Vastu Shastra and how exactly does vastu work?

  • Vastu, also referred to as Vastu shastra, is an ancient architectural or building method used in India for the construction of homes, temples, workplaces, and factories
  • The primary objective is to balance the five fundamental elements in order to produce positive energy (Air, Earth, Water, Space, and Fire)

Why should you select Aadishakti for vastu advice?

  • Certified consultants with 20 + years of experience
  • Over 1 lakh delighted clients
  • Simple vastu remedies without demolition for vastu dosha/defects
  • The most affordable pricing on the market. Take advantage of a 40% discount
  • During a Vastu consultation, you can also get astrology advice for a nominal extra fee.

How much does online vastu consultanty cost?

  • The fee forone 1 flat or 1 Floor of a House or 1 Plot is Rs 999
  • Rs 499 Extra for each extra flat or floor
  • There is an additional charge of Rs 300 per person if you need astrology help for vastu.

What details are needed for a vastu consultation?

  • For online consultation – need a floor plan with the “north” accurately marked
  • For at site consultation – no details are required

What are the advantages of obtaining vastu advice?

  • Helps to ensure financial prosperity
  • The stability & growth in your career
  • Aids in maintaining healthy relationships
  • Helps preserve the best possible physical and mental health

What differentiates Vastu Shastra from Feng Shui?

  • Vastu has Indian roots, but Feng Shui is Chinese
  • Vastu believes in a holistic approach to treatment and concentrates on the root of the problem. On the other side, Feng Shui focuses on the systems.

Outside of India, such as in the United States, is Vastu applicable?

  • Yes
  • Vastu is a science that is applicable to all people and all nations
  • Thousands of people have used vastu in more than a hundred countries around the world.

Is Vastu actually effective?

  • Yes
  • Vastu has helped vast numbers of people all over the world.

Should a building be demolished if it has vastu defects?

  • No, demolition is not suggested by contemporary scientific vastu
  • Some of the affordable and efficient remedies include using pyramids, colour therapy, and placing objects in bad vastu zones.

What is the scope of Vastu Shastra?

  • Construction of flats or houses, temple design, businesses, civil engineering, town planning, and industries, to name a few.

What are some of the several vastu remedies available?

  • Vastu Pyramids
  • Activity Relocation Technique
  • Elemental Stip Technique
  • Tattva Shuddhi
  • Space Purifying Technique
  • Plants
  • Symbols

What procedure does Aadishakti employ to check the vastu of a home, house, or apartment?

  • Thoroughly examine the house or household
  • We look at the house facing and the center (brahmasthan)
  • We examine the main door as well as the interior Vastu (entire house)
  • Additionally, we check for a number of vastu defects – Major defects & Minor defects
  • Any other Vastu Violations
  • We discuss everything with you
  • We recommend remedies
  • Clarify all your doubts or questions

Also ReferWikipedia Vastu Page for more details

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