Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024

Are you aware of the ideal time to launch a new company or set up business?

If so, you should think about choosing the ideal day and muhurat for the occasion.

The auspicious moment to launch a company or establishment is when the stars align to facilitate prosperity.

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Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024

List of the Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 – व्यापार मुहूर्त 2024 :

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 January

Month Date Day
Jan 01-Jan-24 Mon
Jan 03-Jan-24 Wed
Jan 04-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 07-Jan-24 Sun
Jan 08-Jan-24 Mon
Jan 11-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 12-Jan-24 Fri
Jan 15-Jan-24 Mon
Jan 17-Jan-24 Wed
Jan 18-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 20-Jan-24 Sat
Jan 21-Jan-24 Sun
Jan 22-Jan-24 Mon
Jan 25-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 27-Jan-24 Sat
Jan 31-Jan-24 Wed

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 February

Month Date Day
Feb 01-Feb-24 Thu
Feb 04-Feb-24 Sun
Feb 07-Feb-24 Wed
Feb 08-Feb-24 Thu
Feb 14-Feb-24 Wed
Feb 16-Feb-24 Fri
Feb 18-Feb-24 Sun
Feb 19-Feb-24 Mon
Feb 21-Feb-24 Wed
Feb 22-Feb-24 Thu
Feb 25-Feb-24 Sun
Feb 26-Feb-24 Mon
Feb 28-Feb-24 Wed
Feb 29-Feb-24 Thu

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 March

Month Date Day
Mar 02-Mar-24 Sat
Mar 06-Mar-24 Wed
Mar 10-Mar-24 Sun
Mar 11-Mar-24 Mon
Mar 15-Mar-24 Fri
Mar 16-Mar-24 Sat
Mar 17-Mar-24 Sun
Mar 20-Mar-24 Wed
Mar 24-Mar-24 Sun
Mar 25-Mar-24 Mon
Mar 27-Mar-24 Wed
Mar 29-Mar-24 Fri
Mar 30-Mar-24 Sat

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Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 April

Month Date Day
Apr 03-Apr-24 Wed
Apr 10-Apr-24 Wed
Apr 11-Apr-24 Thu
Apr 12-Apr-24 Fri
Apr 13-Apr-24 Sat
Apr 15-Apr-24 Mon
Apr 18-Apr-24 Thu
Apr 20-Apr-24 Sat
Apr 21-Apr-24 Sun
Apr 25-Apr-24 Thu
Apr 26-Apr-24 Fri

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 May

Month Date Day
May 04-May-24 Sat
May 05-May-24 Sun
May 06-May-24 Mon
May 08-May-24 Wed
May 09-May-24 Thu
May 10-May-24 Fri
May 13-May-24 Mon
May 17-May-24 Fri
May 18-May-24 Sat
May 19-May-24 Sun
May 20-May-24 Mon
May 23-May-24 Thu
May 24-May-24 Fri
May 27-May-24 Mon

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 June

Month Date Day
Jun 02-Jun-24 Sun
Jun 03-Jun-24 Mon
Jun 07-Jun-24 Fri
Jun 10-Jun-24 Mon
Jun 13-Jun-24 Thu
Jun 14-Jun-24 Fri
Jun 15-Jun-24 Sat
Jun 16-Jun-24 Sun
Jun 19-Jun-24 Wed
Jun 20-Jun-24 Thu
Jun 23-Jun-24 Sun
Jun 24-Jun-24 Mon
Jun 28-Jun-24 Fri
Jun 29-Jun-24 Sat
Jun 30-Jun-24 Sun


Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 July

Month Date Day
Jul 03-Jul-24 Wed
Jul 06-Jul-24 Sat
Jul 08-Jul-24 Mon
Jul 11-Jul-24 Thu
Jul 12-Jul-24 Fri
Jul 13-Jul-24 Sat
Jul 14-Jul-24 Sun
Jul 17-Jul-24 Wed
Jul 25-Jul-24 Thu
Jul 26-Jul-24 Fri
Jul 27-Jul-24 Sat
Jul 28-Jul-24 Sun
Jul 31-Jul-24 Wed

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 August

Month Date Day
Aug 01-Aug-24 Thu
Aug 05-Aug-24 Mon
Aug 07-Aug-24 Wed
Aug 08-Aug-24 Thu
Aug 09-Aug-24 Fri
Aug 10-Aug-24 Sat
Aug 14-Aug-24 Wed
Aug 17-Aug-24 Sat
Aug 21-Aug-24 Wed
Aug 23-Aug-24 Fri
Aug 24-Aug-24 Sat
Aug 26-Aug-24 Mon
Aug 28-Aug-24 Wed
Aug 30-Aug-24 Fri
Aug 31-Aug-24 Sat

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 September

Month Date Day
Sept 04-Sep-24 Wed
Sept 05-Sep-24 Thu
Sept 06-Sep-24 Fri
Sept 13-Sep-24 Fri
Sept 14-Sep-24 Sat

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 October

Month Date Day
Oct 03-Oct-24 Thu
Oct 06-Oct-24 Sun
Oct 10-Oct-24 Thu
Oct 11-Oct-24 Fri
Oct 17-Oct-24 Thu
Oct 18-Oct-24 Fri
Oct 19-Oct-24 Sat
Oct 20-Oct-24 Sun
Oct 21-Oct-24 Mon
Oct 24-Oct-24 Thu
Oct 26-Oct-24 Sat
Oct 28-Oct-24 Mon
Oct 30-Oct-24 Wed

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 November

Month Date Day
Nov 02-Nov-24 Sat
Nov 03-Nov-24 Sun
Nov 04-Nov-24 Mon
Nov 07-Nov-24 Thu
Nov 08-Nov-24 Fri
Nov 11-Nov-24 Mon
Nov 13-Nov-24 Wed
Nov 14-Nov-24 Thu
Nov 16-Nov-24 Sat
Nov 17-Nov-24 Sun
Nov 18-Nov-24 Mon
Nov 20-Nov-24 Wed
Nov 21-Nov-24 Thu
Nov 22-Nov-24 Fri
Nov 24-Nov-24 Sun
Nov 25-Nov-24 Mon
Nov 27-Nov-24 Wed

Shubh Muhurat to Start New Business 2024 December

Month Date Day
Dec 05-Dec-24 Thu
Dec 11-Dec-24 Wed
Dec 12-Dec-24 Thu
Dec 13-Dec-24 Fri
Dec 14-Dec-24 Sat
Dec 15-Dec-24 Sun
Dec 19-Dec-24 Thu
Dec 22-Dec-24 Sun
Dec 23-Dec-24 Mon
Dec 27-Dec-24 Fri
Dec 28-Dec-24 Sat

Kindly Note:

  • These suggested dates are based on the Hindu Panchangam (hindu almanac)
  • The dates listed above are only suggestions based on our calculations. Different astrologers may recommend different dates
  • The astrologer may suggest a date that isn’t on this list based on the specifics of your birth details/ horoscope
  • Even on good days, Rahu Kaal should be avoided because they are considered inauspicious


What procedures must be followed before starting a new business?

  • First and foremost, the businessperson should do morning rituals such as bathing, performing Sandhya, and performing Ganpati Puja, followed by worshipping the Ishta devata
  • Following the puja ceremony, everyone should be given prasadam (holy sweet food)
  • Following that, the company location should be cleansed by sprinkling Gangajal and Panchamrut and chanting Vedic and Shantipaath Mantras
  • Following that, rituals such as Gauri Ganesh Pujan, Shodash Matrika Pujan, and Mahalaxmipujan, among others, should be done
  • After the Puja is finished, distribute sweets and fruits, and then get to work
  • Serve refreshments and meals before saying goodbye to all family members and close friends.

Is shubh muhurat important when starting a new business?

  • If a business is established at the most beneficial time, it will be a big success
  • It advances one’s financial status, family contentment, and acceptance in society
  • If you want to open a new business or store in 2024, you must be aware of the shubh muhurat
  • The native’s efforts are aided by the new business muhurat
  • On the other hand, the likelihood of the new firm failing increases if the shubh muhurat is not taken into account before commencing

When is the best time to start business?

  • It is believed that ventures launched during the Pushya, Chitra, Ashwini, Chitra, Revati, or Anuradha Nakshatra will be successful
  • During Navratri, it is also advised to start a new job or business

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