Reiki Classes in Bahrain
Reiki Classes in Bahrain

Reiki is an established energy healing therapy intended to reduce stress, improve health, enhance quality of life, and support physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki training in bahrain – manama in a nutshell

Reiki LevelDuration in HoursLanguageFee
18-10 English / Hindi BHD 39 / USD $ 95
28-10 English / Hindi BHD 39 / USD $ 95
3A5-6 English / Hindi BHD 39 / USD $ 95
3B5-6 English / Hindi BHD 39 / USD $ 95

The reiki courses in bahrain – manama includes

  • Live interactive online class (via Zoom)– Not boring recorded Video

  • Course Material PDF – Reiki Study Materials

  • Reiki Certificate

  • 30 min session, after 15 days to clarify any doubts


Why should you learn reiki in bahrain – manama from us?

  • Live interactive online class (via Zoom) – Not boring recorded Video
    • In a live session, interact with and learn from the teacher
    • Participate in a question-and-answer session with other students

  • Learn from comfort of your home

  • The course’s emphasis is on teaching you easy, practical techniques rather than overloading you with theory

  • Smaller Batch size: of less than 10 students to to ensure that each student receives more individual attention

  • Affordable (Avail 80% Discount):
    • BHD 39 or USD $ 95 (BHD 195 or $ 475) Only for Reiki Level 1
    • BHD 39 or USD $ 95 (BHD 195 or $ 475) Only for Reiki Level 2
    • BHD 39 or USD $ 95 (BHD 195 or $ 475) Only for Reiki Level 3A
    • BHD 39 or USD $ 95 (BHD 195 or $ 475) Only for Reiki Level 3B

  • Grand Master Anjali has trained over 10,000 students:
    • She has over 20 years of healing and teaching experience
    • She is an expert and a trainer in a variety of healing techniques:
      • Pranic Healing
      • Crystal Healing
      • Alpha Healing
      • Hypnotherapy
      • Past Life regression
    • She’s also a well-known Tarot Card and Egyptian Card Reader, as well as a Trainer.
    • Language : Both English and Hindi

What will you learn in reiki training in bahrain – manama at different levels?

  • Reiki Level 1: In person healing
    • Heal yourself, friends, family
    • Learn about our body’s chakras and how to cleanse them

  • Reiki Level 2: Distance Healing
    • Now you can heal clients too
    • Learn modalities of situational Healing and relationship Healing/ love life Healing
    • You can be anywhere in the world and heal anyone, even if they are not physically present
    • Learn how to use reiki symbols to heal others
    • Using reiki symbols multiplies the energy by a factor of 100

  • Reiki Level 3A: You will become a master healer
    • You will be taught the master symbol of reiki and its applications
    • You will also be taught some advanced healing procedures

  • Reiki Level 3B: you become a reiki teacher
    • You can teach reiki to others and conduct attunements

Topics covered in various levels in reiki classes in bahrain – manama

Level 1 (1st Degree) :

reiki courses in bahrain – manama: Level 1

  • What is Reiki

  • How does Reiki work?

  • History of Reiki

  • Usui sensei’s Reiki Principles

  • Do’s & Don’ts

  • Reiki Levels or degrees

  • Aura and Chakra

  • Energy sensitization

  • Intentions and affirmations

  • The 21-day cleansing process

  • Reiki Modalities

  • Hand Positions

  • Giving Reiki treatment to others

  • Self-treatment

  • Application of Reiki

  • Level 1 Attunement

Level 2 (2nd Degree) :

reiki training in bahrain – manama: Level 2

  • Reiki Second Level concepts

  • How does it work

  • Cho Ku Rei/Power Symbol

  • Sei He Ki/Mental-Emotional symbol

  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen/Distance symbol

  • Energy blocks and illness

  • Guidelines for the use of symbols

  • Hands-on Reiki treatment using the symbols

  • Self-treatment

  • Treating others

  • Distance or Absent healing

  • Intentions and affirmations

  • Time based program Healing

  • Past life and Inner child Healing

  • Level 2 Attunement

Level 3 (3rd Degree) – 3 A

learn reiki in bahrain – manama: Level 3A

  • Concept of Master Symbol

  • The Master Symbol

  • Additional Symbol

  • Guidelines for the use of symbols

  • Hands-on Reiki treatment using the symbols

  • Self-treatment

  • Treating others

  • Level 3A Attunement

Level 3 (3rd Degree) – 3 B

reiki certificate in bahrain – manama: Level 3B

  • What is a Reiki Master?

  • Additional Symbol

  • Guidelines for the use of symbols

  • How attunements work

  • Before the Attunement

  • Attunement Process for Reiki Level 1

  • Attunement Process for Reiki Level 2

  • Attunement Process for Reiki Level 3

  • The 21 day cleansing process

  • How to teach in a Reiki Class

  • Ethics

  • Lineage

What Should Be the Ideal Gap Between Each Level of Reiki?

We believe that the minimum gap should be 21 days, because this is when a lot of cleansing and changes take place

Who this reiki classes in bahrain – manama is for

  • This course is for anyone interested in learning how to use reiki energy healing for oneself and others

  • This course is designed for those who are new to Reiki or those who want to advance their practice

  • Students will have the opportunity to heal and grow by learning and understanding the course material

  • Anyone over the age of 15 is eligible to learn

  • Reiki is a spiritual practice, not a religious one; hence anyone can learn

  • There are no restriction on what you can eat. You can study reiki whether you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.

Benefits of Reiki: What is reiki good for

Mental and Emotional issues:

  • Relationship or Love Issues, Temperament Issues (anger)

  • Emotional Disturbances, Fears, Phobias & Depression, Pain After Demise of a Family Member

  • Negative Mentality, Lack of Confidence, Feeling of Hopelessness, Confusion in Life

  • Sleeping Problem (Insomnia), Migraine, Headache

  • Alcohol and other addictions

Physical issues:

  • Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, All types of cancer – cervical, uterus, prostate, bones, blood

  • Hernia, heart disorder, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, smoking, child issue

  • Sexual dysfunction, parkinson’s disease, postural instability, liver & kidney failure

  • Spine & neurological problems, acne, AIDS, cystitis, pneumonia, psoriasis

  • Sinusitis, sciatica & child bearing

  • Patients who have been in a coma have either recovered or moved on

  • Reiki is a type of alternative therapy that, when combined with medication, can speed up recovery.

What will you learn in reiki courses

  • How to use Reiki as a healing and personal development system

  • How to do complete Reiki sessions on others as well as yourself

  • Heal undesirable patterns and master how to manifest your goals

  • Learn Reiki symbols for power, release, and connecting with self while transcending time and space

  • How to balance the energies of the body’s chakras

  • Perform healing from distance (You and your client are in different locations)

  • In level II and III, receive attunements from Reiki Master

  • Learn how to give attunements to students

FAQs about reiki classes in bahrain – manama

What is Reiki and how does it work?

Reiki is a type of energy healing practice that employs gentle touch to enhance relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety

Reiki masters send energy to your body with their hands, which promotes healing by enhancing the flow and balance of your energy

What are the 5 Principles of Reiki?

  1. Just for today, do not worry
  2. Just for today, do not get angry
  3. Just for today, be humble
  4. Just for today, be honest
  5. Just for today, be compassionate toward yourself and others

Is it possible to learn Reiki online?


Thousands of students have taken Reiki classes online and received attunement

There is no difference between online and face-to-face (offline) classes

You save money, time, and you can learn from the comfort of your own home

Is prior knowledge required to learn reiki?


You don’t need any prior knowledge to learn reiki, but you should be interested in the subject

Is reiki a massage?


It is an energy healing practice that promotes relaxation and aids in the recovery of mental and physical illnesses

Is reiki a medicine substitute?

No, It is not a medicine substitute

The patient must take the medication as prescribed by the doctor

It is a healing therapy that is alternative. It may aid in faster recovery

When can you start practicing reiki?

Complete reiki levels 1 and 2 first

Then, for a few months, you must practice reiki with your family, friends, and even yourself before attending clients

How many levels are in Reiki?

There are 4 levels to master reiki

Some reiki gurus combine level 3 A and 3 B to create level 3

  1. Reiki Level 1: The First Degree (Shoden)
  2. Reiki Level 2: The Second Degree (Okuden)
  3. Reiki Level 3 A: The Third Degree (Shinpiden)
  4. Reiki Level 3 A: Reiki Master

What is reiki level 1?

In reiki level 1, you learn how to heal people in person

Heal yourself, your friends, and your loved ones

Learn about the chakras in our bodies and how to cleanse them

What is reiki level 2?

In reiki level 2, you learn distance healing

You can now heal clients as well.

Learn about situational healing and relationship/love life healing modalities.

You can heal anyone from anywhere in the world, even if they are not physically present.

Learn how to heal others with reiki symbols

The energy is multiplied by a factor of 100 when reiki symbols are used

What is reiki level 3A?

In reiki level 3A, you will be a  master healer

The master symbol of reiki and its applications will be taught to you

You’ll also learn some advanced healing techniques

What is reiki level 3B?

In reiki level 3B, you become a reiki master (teacher)

You can teach others about reiki and do attunements

How long does it take to become a Reiki master?

It takes at least 6 months to a year to become a Reiki master, because there are four levels to learn: 1, 2, 3A, and 3B

Traditional Reiki masters sometimes demand students to have considerably more experience

What is Distance Reiki?

When a reiki master sends energy to someone who is not present in the same place as them, or who is thousands of miles away from them, it is known as distance reiki or distance healing.

Does Reiki work on dogs or pets?

Yes, it is effective on dogs and other pets

Reiki relieves tension, promotes deep relaxation, and aids in quicker recovery

It can be used on any living being, including humans, plants, pets, and animals

What is Reiki Attunement?

A reiki attunement, which is passed down from master to student, allows the student to connect to the universal reiki source

The attunement can be used to become a reiki conduit, allowing you to pass reiki energy for yourself and others

You can study hand postures and read about reiki in books, but you won’t be able to properly practice it until you’ve been attuned to channel it

What is Involved for Each Reiki Attunement?

Students are attuned to three separate symbols in a reiki level 1 attunement

Each symbolizing a different facet of reiki energy: power, mental/emotional balance, and distance healing

Each student is attuned to these three symbols four times, and the link grows stronger with each repetition

The reiki level 2 and Level 3A & 3B attunements are similar in nature

However they use distinct symbols, each with a particular meaning for unlocking your energetic channels

What Does It Feel Like to Get an Attunement?

Receiving a reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience in which a reiki master opens your energetic pathways

This energetic opening allows reiki energy to freely flow through your body, affecting your and others’ health

Does an Attunement Need to be Renewed?

The reiki energy will flow through you for the rest of your life after you have been attuned to it

Your ability to channel and move reiki energy continues with you for the rest of your life, as the gift of reiki follows you and assists you

Can Reiki attunements be done online or remotely?

Yes, it can be done online

Attunements given online or remotely are just as effective and efficient as those given in person

Because Reiki masters can heal from a distance, they can also deliver Reiki attunements online

Also Read: Check out the healthline reiki page to learn more about reiki certificate

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