Naming Ceremony Dates 2024

Namkaran is the ceremonial naming ceremony used to choose a newborn’s name. This conforms to astrological name traditions and customs.

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Best Naming Ceremony Dates 2024 – नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024

The following is a list of auspicious dates for Naming Ceremony Dates 2024

Naming Ceremony Dates 2024 January

Month Date Day
Jan 03-Jan-24 Wed
Jan 04-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 07-Jan-24 Sun
Jan 08-Jan-24 Mon
Jan 11-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 12-Jan-24 Fri
Jan 17-Jan-24 Wed
Jan 18-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 21-Jan-24 Sun
Jan 22-Jan-24 Mon
Jan 25-Jan-24 Thu
Jan 31-Jan-24 Wed

Naming Ceremony Dates 2024 February

Month Date Day
Feb 01-Feb-24 Thu
Feb 02-Feb-24 Fri
Feb 04-Feb-24 Sun
Feb 07-Feb-24 Wed
Feb 08-Feb-24 Thu
Feb 11-Feb-24 Sun
Feb 14-Feb-24 Wed
Feb 18-Feb-24 Sun
Feb 19-Feb-24 Mon
Feb 20-Feb-24 Tue
Feb 21-Feb-24 Wed
Feb 22-Feb-24 Thu
Feb 25-Feb-24 Sun
Feb 26-Feb-24 Mon
Feb 29-Feb-24 Thu

नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 March

Month Date Day
Mar 01-Mar-24 Fri
Mar 03-Mar-24 Sun
Mar 06-Mar-24 Wed
Mar 07-Mar-24 Thu
Mar 08-Mar-24 Fri
Mar 09-Mar-24 Sat
Mar 11-Mar-24 Mon
Mar 15-Mar-24 Fri
Mar 17-Mar-24 Sun
Mar 20-Mar-24 Wed
Mar 24-Mar-24 Sun
Mar 25-Mar-24 Mon
Mar 27-Mar-24 Wed
Mar 28-Mar-24 Thu
Mar 29-Mar-24 Fri

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नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 April

Month Date Day
Apr 03-Apr-24 Wed
Apr 04-Apr-24 Thu
Apr 05-Apr-24 Fri
Apr 12-Apr-24 Fri
Apr 15-Apr-24 Mon
Apr 21-Apr-24 Sun
Apr 24-Apr-24 Wed
Apr 26-Apr-24 Fri

नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 May

Month Date Day
May 01-May-24 Wed
May 03-May-24 Fri
May 05-May-24 Sun
May 06-May-24 Mon
May 09-May-24 Thu
May 10-May-24 Fri
May 13-May-24 Mon
May 19-May-24 Sun
May 20-May-24 Mon
May 23-May-24 Thu
May 24-May-24 Fri
May 27-May-24 Mon
May 30-May-24 Thu

नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 June

Month Date Day
Jun 02-Jun-24 Sun
Jun 03-Jun-24 Mon
Jun 06-Jun-24 Thu
Jun 07-Jun-24 Fri
Jun 10-Jun-24 Mon
Jun 14-Jun-24 Fri
Jun 16-Jun-24 Sun
Jun 17-Jun-24 Mon
Jun 19-Jun-24 Wed
Jun 23-Jun-24 Sun
Jun 24-Jun-24 Mon
Jun 26-Jun-24 Wed
Jun 27-Jun-24 Thu
Jun 28-Jun-24 Fri
Jun 30-Jun-24 Sun


नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 July

Month Date Day
Jul 03-Jul-24 Wed
Jul 07-Jul-24 Sun
Jul 11-Jul-24 Thu
Jul 12-Jul-24 Fri
Jul 14-Jul-24 Sun
Jul 15-Jul-24 Mon
Jul 17-Jul-24 Wed
Jul 21-Jul-24 Sun
Jul 22-Jul-24 Mon
Jul 25-Jul-24 Thu
Jul 26-Jul-24 Fri
Jul 28-Jul-24 Sun
Jul 31-Jul-24 Wed

नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 August

Month Date Day
Aug 01-Aug-24 Thu
Aug 02-Aug-24 Fri
Aug 09-Aug-24 Fri
Aug 11-Aug-24 Sun
Aug 14-Aug-24 Wed
Aug 21-Aug-24 Wed
Aug 22-Aug-24 Thu
Aug 23-Aug-24 Fri
Aug 26-Aug-24 Mon
Aug 28-Aug-24 Wed
Aug 30-Aug-24 Fri

नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 September

Month Date Day
Sept 04-Sep-24 Wed
Sept 05-Sep-24 Thu
Sept 06-Sep-24 Fri
Sept 08-Sep-24 Sun
Sept 09-Sep-24 Mon
Sept 13-Sep-24 Fri
Sept 15-Sep-24 Sun

नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 October

Month Date Day
Oct 03-Oct-24 Thu
Oct 04-Oct-24 Fri
Oct 07-Oct-24 Mon
Oct 11-Oct-24 Fri
Oct 14-Oct-24 Mon
Oct 16-Oct-24 Wed
Oct 17-Oct-24 Thu
Oct 18-Oct-24 Fri
Oct 21-Oct-24 Mon
Oct 24-Oct-24 Thu
Oct 28-Oct-24 Mon
Oct 30-Oct-24 Wed

नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 November

Month Date Day
Nov 01-Nov-24 Fri
Nov 03-Nov-24 Sun
Nov 07-Nov-24 Thu
Nov 08-Nov-24 Fri
Nov 13-Nov-24 Wed
Nov 17-Nov-24 Sun
Nov 18-Nov-24 Mon
Nov 20-Nov-24 Wed
Nov 21-Nov-24 Thu
Nov 25-Nov-24 Mon
Nov 27-Nov-24 Wed
Nov 28-Nov-24 Thu

नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024 December

Month Date Day
Dec 05-Dec-24 Thu
Dec 06-Dec-24 Fri
Dec 08-Dec-24 Sun
Dec 11-Dec-24 Wed
Dec 15-Dec-24 Sun
Dec 22-Dec-24 Sun
Dec 23-Dec-24 Mon
Dec 25-Dec-24 Wed
Dec 26-Dec-24 Thu
Dec 27-Dec-24 Fri

Kindly Note:

  • These suggested dates are based on the Hindu Panchangam (hindu almanac)
  • There is no fixed formula to find the auspicious day and muhurta of Naming Ceremony dates. Hindu rishis also had differing views on some of the elements to be considered when choosing dates for auspicious Naming Ceremony dates. That is why the auspicious day and time of Naming Ceremony dates should be decided carefully and only after analysing different points of view
  • It is also very important to be practical in deciding the date. That is why in deciding the auspicious time of Naming Ceremony dates, the most important elements should be considered and less important elements should be ignored
  • If you or your family Chaturmasam (4 months Prohibiting period) is believer, then avoid any important functions during this period. In the year 2023, the Chaturmasam season runs from June 29 to November 23.
  • The astrologer may suggest a date that isn’t on this list based on the specifics of your birth details/ horoscope
  • Even on good days, Rahu Kaal should be avoided because they are considered inauspicious

FAQs: Naming Ceremony Dates 2024 – नामकरण मुहूर्त 2024

What is Naming Ceremony?

  • Namkaran Sanskar, often called naming ceremony, is a ceremonial process of giving a child an official name.

What is the Importance namkaran sanskar, or naming ceremony?

  • The naming ceremony is the sixth ritual performed at Hindu religious ceremonies
  • A child can be identified primarily and most significantly by their name. It stays with the child until the very end
  • Hindu scriptures claim that your name has a potent energy that can assist you in connecting with cosmic energy and achieving overall progress in both the material and spiritual domains.

When Should You Do Namkaran Sanskar?

  • Typically, after birth, between 10 and 13 days

What are the best tithi for Namkaran?

  • According to the Hindu calendar, Namkaran is most fortunate on Chaturthi, Navami, and Chaturdashi

What are the best days for Namkaran?

  • The auspicious days to perform your child’s naming ceremony are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week.

Which nakshatras work best for naming ceremonies?

  • The following are considered auspicious for naming ceremonies: Ashwini, Satabishak, Swati, Chitra, Revati, Hasta, Pushya, Rohini, Mrigashirsha, Anuradha, Uttarshada, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarabhadarpada, and Shravan

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