Kundali Matching in Patna

For kundali matching in Patna – jathakam matching in Patna or कुंडली मिलान – गुण मिलान:

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In a Nutshell:  Kundali Matching in Patna

  • Fee: Rs 399 / USD $ 9 (Actual Fee Rs 1999 or  USD $ 45) for 1 language
  • Language: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Oriya, Bangla
  • 2 lakh + Happy clients
  • Sent over WhatsApp or email


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Guna Milan – कुंडली मिलान – गुण मिलान

Horoscope matching or Guna Milan are based on the Ashtakuta method.

In an Ashtakuta Kundali match, eight different personality features of the couple are analyzed and given points based on compatibility.

The total number of points allotted to personality points determines the outcome.

The goal of matchmaking, also known as guna Milan, is to undo any negative effects of marriage.

Astrology also provides a number of ways to deal with any issueas and lessen their negative effects.

FAQs:  Kundli Matching in Patna

♥ What is Kundli Milan in Patna?
Kundli Milan in Patna (Horoscope Matching) is the process of comparing the horoscopes of a potential bride and groom to determine their chances of becoming husband and wife.

♥ What details are needed for horoscope matching in Patna?

The following details are required for both boy and girl:

  • Birth details – Date, Time and Place of birth
  • In which language, you require a horoscope Matching report

♥ How much does Kundali Matching for Marriage in Patna cost?

  • A single-language report costs 399 rupees ($9)
  • If you need report in other language too, it cost Rs 99 additionally (USD $ 3)

♥ How many languages does horoscope matching report available?

  • The report is available in 10 languages.:
    • English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla (Bengali) and Odia (Oriya)

♥ How will I will get my guna milan report?

  • We send report by WhatsApp or email
  • We do not print or mail paper copies of your horoscope
    • You can have it printed at any printing shop in your area

♥ Why should I buy report from Aadishakti?

  • No room for human error – since it is computer-generated
  • Deliver report in Just 15 Min – We send report by WhatsApp and email
  • No need to purchase the report again – because it is in PDF format. You can store information for later use on your computer or phone
  • Nominal Fee – Only Rs 399 (USD $ 9). The current market rate is between Rs 999 and Rs 1999 (USD $ 15 to 45)

♥ Which software is the most accurate jathakam matching report?

  • The majority of horoscope matching software uses the NASA algorithm to determine the locations of the planets, thus it is trustworthy
  • Ours is one of the most reliable

♥ Do you follow North Indian system or South Indian system?

  • We can provide reports using the North Indian System, South Indian System, or East Indian System depending on your needs

♥ What information we will get from the matchmaking report?

Infomrtaion in matchmaking report includes:

  • Birth charts of both a boy and a girl
  • Details of the 8 point matches and the overall summation
  • Matchmaking score and whether or not to recommend marriage
  • Check for Mangal Dosha
  • Analysis across all 8 personality points

♥ Match Matching and Mangal Dosh?

  • Along with the 36 Guna or Points, checking for Mangal Dosha is an essential aspect of marriage
  • Mangal issuea has an effect on marital stability, mental wellness, and probable financial loss
  • It is generally advised against Mangaliks marrying non-Mangliks
  • But marriage between two Mangliks is suggested because it balances out the unfavorable effects
  • One of the Upays or Remedies for Mangal issuea Nivaran is Ghat or Ark Vivah

♥ What are the other usage of Match Making?

  • Since it is a means of determining whether two people get along
  • Therefore, it can also be used to determine whether business partners are compatible.

♥ What is the fee for Match Making consultation with Astrologer?

  • A matchmaking consultation with an astrologer costs Rs 799, or USD 21

♥ What are the astrological remedies for Manglik boy or Maglik girl?

There are normally three type of remedies Indian Astrology suggests:

  • Mangal Dosh Shanti Jaap
  • Kumbh or Ghat Vivah for Female
  • Ark Vivah for Male

♥ How do I match my horoscope to my marriage? 

  • You can choose from a number of options, including calling a reputable astrologer or going in person
  • You can also use the different internet astrological platforms such as aadishakti.co.

♥ Is online horoscope matching accurate?

Yes, there is no distinction between offline and online kundali matching.

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