Best Tarot Classes - Tarot Course

To Best Tarot Classes – Tarot Course / सर्वश्रेष्ठ टैरो क्लासेस – टैरो कोर्स करने के लिए

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Best Tarot Classes – Tarot Course includes:

  • Live Online interactive class (via Zoom)– Not boring recorded Video
  • Course Material PDF
  • Certificate
  • 30 min session to clarify any doubts, after 15 days
  • Total 10 Hours
  • Fee: Rs 7999 or USD $ 199 (Actual Fee Rs 40000 or  USD $ 999)
  • Language: English, Hindi

Why us for online tarot classes – tarot course?

  • Live online interactive class (via Zoom) – Not boring recorded Video
    • In a live session, interact with and learn from the teacher
    • Participate in a question-and-answer session with other students
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • The course’s focus is on teaching you simple, practical techniques rather than overloading you with theory
  • Smaller Batch size: of less than 15 students to ensure that each student gets more attention
  • Affordable (Avail 80% Discount):
    • Fee: Rs 7999 or USD $ 199 (Actual Fee Rs 40000 or  USD $ 999)
  • Tarot Expert Ms. Anjali has trained over 10,000 students:
    • She has over 20 + years of tarot consultation and teaching experience
    • Language : Both English and Hindi
    • She is also specialist & trainer of various healing techniques
      • Reiki
      • Pranic Healing
      • Crystal Healing
      • Alpha Healing
      • Hypnotherapy
      • Past Life regression

Who this online tarot classes – online tarot training, is for

  • Anyone with even a little interest in the topic is welcome to attend
  • This course will be helpful for both new and seasoned readers who wish to sharpen their intuition and learn to read their tarot cards in a more holistic way
  • Anyone interested in or using tarot cards will find this course to be highly insightful
  • This will assist you if you wish to pursue tarot as a profession.

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Benefits of Tarot & online Tarot

The following are some issues that a tarot card reading may be able to assist with:

  • Are you experiencing stress as a result of a marriage, a job, a career, money, a business, your health, or another problem?
  • Your life is challenging
  • Because there isn’t a cure for your troubles, you want to know exactly what’s going on
  • Addressing the difficulties with straightforward techniques

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What will you learn in Tarot classes?

  • What skills must a tarot reader have?
  • Give accurate psychic readings using the tarot as a professional
  • Improve your love life by using tarot cards.
    Tarot can help you successfully advance your profession, business, and wealth
  • Discover how to use the tarot to guide important choices
  • Discover how to use the tarot to get through any challenges in your life
  • Pick the spiritual practices you need to perfect to live a better life.

What are the requirements for tarot classes near me?

  • Rider-Waite Tarot card deck
  • Pen & Note Book


What topics are covered at each level of the certified Tarot course?

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Tarot

  • History of Tarot
  • Italian-suited tarot decks
  • Italo-Portuguese-suited tarot deck
  • German-suited tarot decks
  • An early prototype for Etteilla’s tarot (7). The Justice card
  • Tarot decks in occult usage
  • Tarot Cards – What and Why
  • Selecting a deck and how it works
  • How to Get Started:
  • Tarot Card Deck Protection
  • Cleansing, Charging and Caring a Tarot Deck.
  • Tarot Card Reading Preparations

Lesson 2:  Structure of the Tarot Deck

Lesson 3:  Major Arcana – Understand each 22 major arcana cards

Lesson 4:  Minor Arcana – Understand each card 56 minor arcana cards

Lesson : Spreads

  • 3 Card Spread
  • What the Spread Reveals
  • Problem Solving or Decision Making Approach
  • Timeline Approach
  • The Star Spread
  • What the Spread Reveals
  • Healing Star Spread
  • The Celtic Cross Spread 3
  • Lesson- How to address Questions
  • How to Address Yes/No Questions
  • How to Address What Question
  • How to Address When Question
  • How to Address Where Question
  • Pendulum and Tarot
  • Tarot and Reiki