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The entrance or main door to your home, office, shop, or factory is critical to your daily life and company.

The main door serves as the mouth of the house. The energy that enters an area through the entry determines its growth and destiny.

That is why it is widely held that the entryway should be the most appealing aspect of the area in order to bring luck and happiness.

Even when renting a property, the Vastu-based direction of the main entry is the most crucial factor.

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Vastu for Main Door

(For House / Flats / Plots / Office / Factories / Hotels )

Significance of Vastu for Main Door

People rarely appreciate how crucial the main door of house, flat or office is.

The main door functions as both a physical point of entry for residents and a channel for cosmic energy. The primary entrance is critical to achieving harmony between the house and the larger universe.

Vastu principles state that the placement of the main gate must be carefully studied in order to establish a harmonious relationship between the house and its cosmic surroundings.

How do I check the facing of the house?

The ‘facing’ of the house refers to the direction you face when leaving (coming out) the house.

Kindly Note:

You can use a compass to figure out the direction. Place the compass on the floor and watch which direction it points as you exit the house. This direction will be facing of the your house

If you do not have a traditional compass. You can use your smartphone. Most phones have a Compass App. If you don’t already have one, download a free App.

Now you may put your phone on the ground and observe what direction it shows in your compass App, This direction will be facing your residence. 

Always keep the compass or phone on the ground so that it is not tilted in any one direction. Note down the direction it is showing. For example:

  • While coming out of your home, you face North – then you have a North facing house
  • Similarly, if you face South while coming out of your home, then you have a South facing house

Can “house facing” directions and the “main door entrance” direction be different?

Yes. In most cases, the direction of the “house facing” and the “main door” directions are different.

According to Vastu, you should check the location of your main door from the center of the house (Bramhsthana).


How to Locate the Best Main Door: A Step-by-Step Guide

Finding the ideal location for the main door is one of the most important steps in Vastu to create a harmonious energy flow within a home.

A full 360° circle is divided by science into 32 separate entries, each spanning 11.25°.

There are eight potential door in each of the four cardinal (Main)directions —North, East, South, and Wes. These door are arranged strategically such as (N1 to N8, E1 to E8, S1 to S8, W1 to W8).

Although each entry has its own influence, just a few (9) have a positive effect on the residents’ well-being. 

Vastu Mandala with 32 Entrance (Pada)

Vastu Mandala With 32 Entrances

.Kindly Note:

The Vastu Mandala seen above illustrates each of the 16 directions and their respective meanings. Additionally displays all 32 potential entrances for any property

To determine which door is most suitable for your home, follow the comprehensive guidelines:

  • Mark the Central Point (Brahmasthan): To begin, identify your home’s center on the map
  • Find the North: Use a compass to precisely locate your home’s north point
  • Make a Line to the North: Draw a line from the center to the previously calculated north point
  • Start Listing Entrances in Clockwise Order: Mark the remaining lines in a clockwise sequence at regular 11.25° intervals, beginning with N5, which is 11.25° clockwise from North. Give these openings numbers like N6, N7, N8, E1, E2, and so on.

You can select the most favorable entry for your home by carefully following these steps and mapping all 32 entries on your map.

Which is the best directions for the main door as per vastu?

According to popular perception, the best direction for the main door as per vastu are “East, North, and North-East” and the worst directions for the main door as per vastu are”west and south”.

However north, east, or north-east facing houses, apartments, or plots will not provide positive results unless the the main gate is placed in the proper position (pada). 

As per vastu, we need to place main doors in auspicious grid points / Pada, as per Vastu Mandala.

The Vastu Mandala seen below displays all 8 auspicious & 3 Semi Auspicious main door postions for any house, flat or plot

Vastu Mandala 8+ Auspicious Main Doors

Please check below Good and Bad Pada for easy understanding:

  • Auspicious Pada for Entrance – N3, N4, N5, E3, E4, S4, W3, W4, 

  • Semi Auspicious Pada for Entrance – N8, W5, S3

  • Inauspicious Pada for Entrance – N1, N2, N6, N7, E2, E5, E6, E7, E8 S1, S2, S6, S7, W2, W6, W7, W8, 

  • Worst (Avoid) Pada for Entrance – E1, S5, S8, W1

Now, let’s explore in detail 32 different main door entrances and their consequences on the residents, according to the vastu shastra.

Which is the best direction of vastu for flats entrance?

The best direction of vastu for flats entrance is same as mentioned for house above. This is also calculated same way. These are N3, N4, N5, E3, E4, S4, W3, W4 and N8, W5, S3

Vastu for Main Door Facing North – house / flats / plots

North is the favorite direction for property buyers, whether buying a house, flat, office, or plot.

The North has more auspicious padas (entrances) than any other direction. This is one of the reasons why Vastu shastra considers the North to be particularly auspicious.

The north has 8 potential entries, much like the other directions. Three of them are lucky. Build your main entrance at N3 (Mukhya), N4 (Bhallat), or N5 (Soma). This lucky padas is illustrated by a red arrow in the image below.

North is the direction of water. You can also have a garden or open area in this direction. As a result, many individuals love this direction.Vastu Mandala - Vastu for Main Door Facing North


Main Vastu for Main Door Facing North – Lucky Padas

Mukhya / N3: This is represented by the Half portion of NNW direction. The major energy field is thought to be particularly auspicious for north-facing flats or residences. According to Vishwakarma Prakash, this door is extremely lucky for money and male offspring.

Bhallat / N4: This is represented by Half portion of North Direction. Bhallat is the God of Abundance. According to the ancient vastu scripture, entering this Pada brings great wealth and blessings.

Soma / N5: This is represented by Half portion of North Direction. This is another favorable energy field for the north-facing property. Soma is moon energy. Also known as Lord Kubera, the deity of wealth. This energy field promotes fertility and riches. Making the primary entry here also helps one seek spiritual upliftment.

Kindly Note:

Diti / N8: According to many vastu shastra scholars, the northeast (Pada N8 & E1) is the ideal location for entry.

However, this region is ruled by “Diti”, Mother of asuras,. The Diti door never delivers positive results and might potentially endanger people.

Also, because the NE is the location of theVastu Purusha Mandala’s head, hence it is not a good entrance direction.

Main Vastu for Main Door Facing North – Lucky Padas

Roga / N1: This is represented by the Half portion of NW direction. This energy field is particularly inauspicious, with north-facing flats and houses according to Vastu for main door position. As it produces a form of animosity that even leads to murder.

Naga / N2: This is represented by the Half portion of NNW direction. Similar to Roga, this inauspicious field promotes animosity, excessive material demands, and envy in its occupants. Therefore, this pada should be rigorously avoided.

Bhujag / N6: This is represented by the Half portion of NNE direction. Vastu experts also strongly prohibit this adverse energy field at the main entrance of a property facing north. It can cause a wide range of health problems, including the flu, the common cold, kidney problems, visual problems, and more.

Aditi / N7: This is represented by the Half portion of NNE direction. The primary victims of this particular Pada have been the ladies in the family. It creates a rebellious spirit in kids. Live-in relationships and intercaste weddings are popular among the girls in the house with the main door N7.

Vastu for Main Door Facing East– house / flats / plots

Since it receives the first rays of the Sun, we see the east as auspicious. This is the most preferred direction for individuals to purchase real estate.

Nonetheless, when determining the location of a main door in the east, Vastu takes into account all energy fields that stretch from the north east to the south east.

Indra (E4) and Jayant (E3) are the only two auspicious pada in the east direction. This lucky padas is illustrated by a red arrow in the image below.Vastu Mandala - Vastu for Main Door Facing East

Main Vastu for Main Door Facing East- Lucky Padas

Jayant / E3: This is represented by the Half portion of ENE direction.Victory, prosperity, and excitement in life are guaranteed by this fortunate entry. It also broadens your social circle, according to Vastu for house entrance.

Indra / E4: This is represented by the Half portion of East direction. Indra is the ruler of the devtas and the source of association and governance in heaven. Therefore, making an entry in this pada guarantees strong relationships with powerful people, which aids in gaining maximum income and authority.

The fact that several major Hindu temples have entrances in these padas, lends credence to their auspiciousness. For example, consider the Tirupati Balaji temple and the Jagannath Puri temple.

Main Vastu for Main Door Facing East- Unlucky Padas

Shikhi / E1: This is represented by the Half portion of NE direction.It is regarded as extremely unlucky for the front door of a house facing east. This Pada for apartments and homes facing east results in an accident, fire, and monetary losses.

Parjanya / E2: This is represented by the Half portion of ENE direction.The Vastu experts strictly advise against using this unfavorable Pada for the main door entrance. It raises the amount of money that the locals waste.

Surya / E5: This is represented by the Half portion of East direction.As per Vastu’s main door theory, individuals with E5 as their primary home entry tend to be highly aggressive and short-tempered, which might cause them to make poor decisions in life.

Satya / E6: This is represented by the Half portion of ESE direction.This Pada higlighst liars and untrustworthy individuals. Residents at this entry are untrustworthy in keeping their commitments to the end, causing schisms with friends and business partners.

Bhrisha / E7: This is represented by the Half portion of ESE direction.This is represented by the Half portion of ENE direction.Vastu experts urge you to avoid using this field as the main entrance to your home or property. As its inhabitants’ marriages are rarely successful and end in divorce.

Akash / E8: This is represented by the Half portion of SE direction. Main door in E8 brings theft, abrupt financial losses, and even difficulty with the government in the lives of its occupants. So, you should avoid using this Pada for your primary door.

Vastu for Main Door Facing West– house / flats / plots

There is a famous myth. West is the direction of darkness. As a result, many Vastu experts recommend avoiding a home or apartment facing west.

However, the west direction is highlighted in Vastu for its function in providing stability, encouraging financial prosperity, and facilitating a sense of security and balance. 

Sugreev (W3), Pushpdant (W4) and Varun (W5) are the only three auspicious pada in the east direction. This lucky padas is illustrated by a red arrow in the image below.

Vastu Mandala - Vastu for Main Door Facing West

Main Vastu for Main Door Facing West- Lucky Padas

Sugreev / W3: This is represented by the Half portion of WSW direction. According to Vastu, if your home’s entrance faces west, Sugreev may be an excellent Pada for you if you work in education. Furthermore, it is an excellent gateway for merchants or business owners. It offers them success and great money, which you can only envy—as well as the predicted massive expansion of their company.

Pushpdant / W4: This is represented by the Half portion of West direction. Lord Kubera is the provider of wealth, and Pushpdant is his vehicle. Pushpdant thus assures wealth and financial success. This Pada’s primary doorway adds to a pleasant and stress-free lifestyle.

Varun / W5: This is represented by the Half portion of West direction. A west-facing home or apartment’s main entrance produces slightly mixed results according to Vastu principles. It bestows upon the individual immense money and overwhelming ambition. Sometimes, their too ambitious nature is the primary cause of their failure. Thus, weigh your options before choosing to make this Pada your main entry.

Main Vastu for Main Door Facing East- Unlucky Padas

Pitra / W1: This is represented by the Half portion of SW direction. One of the worst vastu entrances, Pitra causes poverty and instability in life. Additionally, it may shorten people’s lifespan. As a result, you should take extreme caution when choosing this Pada for the Vastu entrance of your home’s main door.

Duawarik or W2: This is represented by the Half portion of WSW direction. If you’re already concerned about your future career, this Pada’s main entrance will make things even more difficult. Additionally, it causes instability in the partnership. 

Asur / W6: This is represented by the Half portion of WNW direction. This is represented by the Half portion of SE direction. This pada may cause physical weakness and fatigue on a daily basis. We regularly see illnesses connected with depression in people who accidentally choose W6 as their primary entrance.

Shosha / W7: This is represented by the Half portion of WNW direction. The main entrance in this Pada physically weakens the residents, leading to drug addiction.

Papyakshama / W8: This is represented by the Half portion of NW direction. Having an entrance to this west-facing residence encourages someone to act unfairly for personal benefit, which could lead to a lot of issues in the future.

Vastu for Main Door Facing South– house / flats / plots

The main gate in the south is a bad choice, according to vastu mythology. If a house’s entrance faces south, many vastu experts will just disregard it.

However, that is untrue. It is unfavorable for those vastu experts, as many would link this to Yam’s direction.

Actually, quite a few wealthy businessmen have houses facing south. The southern gateway is also home to the Kedarnath temple, Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling, and a large number of enterprises.

Consequently, you don’t have to be concerned. Just be careful to maintain the door in its correct position.

A word of caution: According to vastu shastra, under all circumstances, avoid a main door facing the south west. This is worst entry point

Vithatha (S3), Gruhakshat (S4) are the only two auspicious pada in the east direction. This lucky padas is illustrated by a orange arrow in the image below.

Vastu Mandala - Vastu for Main Door Facing South

Main Vastu for Main Door Facing South- Lucky Padas

Vithatha / S3: This is represented by the Half portion of  SSE direction. The inhabitants of this Pada who have a house gate are exceedingly intelligent. They always complete their tasks, regardless of whether the manner used is fair or unfair. This provides the residents with enormous wealth while also rendering them untrustworthy. Hence It is average.

Gruhakshat / S4: This is represented by the Half portion of South direction. According to Vastu, another auspicious Pada for home entrance brings renown and fortune to its people. This pada is excellent for actors and media professionals.

Main Vastu for Main Door Facing East- Unlucky Padas

Anila / S1: This is represented by the Half portion of SE direction. The male child of the household suffers from such an entry, which causes unnecessary fights between the youngster and his parents. As a result, this is a horrible choice.

Pusha / S2: This is represented by the Half portion of SSE direction. While this Pada benefits MNC employees by providing opportunities for income rises and promotions, it also produces a lot of conflicts with family members. Thus, entering this Pada is not a good idea.

Yama / S5: This is represented by the Half portion of South direction. Direction of Yamraj. This entry is one of the worst, burdening its inhabitants with illness, death, and financial difficulty.

Gandharva / S6: This is represented by the Half portion of SSW direction. Residents face high levels of stress. The occupant of this unfortunate Pada is impoverished and has unsteady finances.

Bhringraj / S7: This is represented by the Half portion of SSW direction. Your primary entrance in this inauspicious Pada will soon lead to disappointment in your life since, no matter how hard you strive, all of your hard work will be in vain, which will gradually make you lose interest in your career.

Mrigha / S8: This is represented by the Half portion of SW direction. This is one of the worst entrances. Numerous issues, such as unstable finances and diminished strength and power, are brought about by S8 for its residents. It progressively distances a person from society and makes them feel alone.

Simple Remedies to Correct Bad Vastu for Main Door

Here are some Vastu remedies if your main door has any vastu doshas:

Remedy No 1:  Swastik (For All doors)

Vastu Remedy Swastik3

  • This therapy works on all doors, good or bad, to increase happiness and luck.
  • What (Remedy) – Make a Swastik,  using red kumkum if you want it to be noticeable.  If you don’t want Swastik to show, use Tulsi Leaves Paste as an alternative.

  • Where – Make a Swastik, back side of the main door

  • How –  Always make a full Swastik with two Vertcle Lines on each side and dots within the Swastik.

  • Why – Swastik is said to be a symbol of Lord Ganesha. As a result, persons suffering from any sort of Vastu Dosha, should make a Swastik above the back side of the main door to obtain prosperity and success.

Remedy No 2: Bagua Pakua Mirror – For Bad or Worst Doors

Vastu Remedy Bagua Pakua Mirror

  • Bad Pada for Entrance – N1, N2, N6, N7, E2, E5, E6, E7, E8 S1, S2, S6, S7, W2, W6, W7, W8
  • Worst (Avoid) Pada for Entrance – E1, S5, S8, W1
  • What (Remedy) – Bagua Pakua Mirror
  • Where – Above the front side of main door 
  • Why -This convex mirror is specifically designed to deflect negative energies resulting from poor main entarnce. This is a popular Feng Shui remedy with an octagonal (8-sided) design that promotes good energy flow, repels negative influences, and promotes balance and harmony

Remedy No 3: Coloured Tape (Strip’ technique) – For Bad or Worst Doors

Vastu Remedy Color Tape 1.1

  • What (Remedy) – Put a suitable color tape (3-5 inch wide)  based on the direction and entrance number (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and White). This is referred to as the “Strip” technique for correcting a flawed entrance. Alternatively, you could paint a suitable color in place of the colored tape.

  • Where – Apply this self-adhesive 3-5 inch wide color tape on smooth flooring (such as tiles, marble, or granite, as well as the wooden frame), skirting, or the main door’s threshold (dehleej)

  • Bad Pada for Entrance – N1, N2, N6, N7, E2, E5, E6, E7, E8 S1, S2, S6, S7, W2, W6, W7, W8, E1, S5, S8, W1

Vastu Remedy Color Tape 2.1

  • The image above shows the colours for each bad door. There is no need to use this remedy, on good entrance (marked in green)
  • Why – Colored tape is applied on the floor to block negative energy from entering the home.

Remedy No 4:  For South facing main door vastu remedies (S5)

  • In south, S5 is a terrible entrance because it burdens its residents with illness, death, and financial hardship.
  • Maintaining a well-lit front door or using a red bulb are other excellent ways to enhance the fire element.
  • The south entry is somewhat balanced by placing a red doormat the same width as the entrance door.
  • To fend off evil energy, you can also paste or hang a triangle copper plate over the main entrance.

Remedy No 5:  For south west facing main door vastu remedies (S8 & W1)

  • There are two entrances in the south: S8 and W1. They bring poverty and instability into life.
  • A simple solution for a south-west entry is to paint the main door yellow.
  • As a remedy, place a brass flower vase near the front door.
  • To ward off negative energies,  add a stone structure or leave some white and grey stones near the southwest entrance.

Other Important Aspects for Main Door House Entrance Vastu

Here are some more important facts about the Main Door Vastu. This will improve the house’s compliance with Vastu.

Steps in Front of Main Door Vastu

Vastu shastra suggests that the main entrance should have an odd number of steps. The numbers 1, 3, 5, and 7 are lucky for your home.

Try to avoid the drain and toilet disposal pipes under the main entry steps. They generate negative energies and create huge problems

Can we install Ganesha on Main Door Vastu?

There are two perspectives on placing Ganesha or other idols such as Hanuman outside the Main Gate.

View 1: Some Vastu experts regard installing ganesha or other god’s photo, frames, painting etc. as extremely lucky.

View 2: However, for other vastu experts, it is an insult to the Gods. Since they are not guards. They are our guardians. They propose placing Bagua Pakua Mirror, Kaal Bhairava ( considered as guard to Lord Shiva), and Complete Swastik  symbol (with two lines in sides)

Therefore, you are free to choose what you think is best for you

Best colour for main gate according to vastu

There are numerous viewpoints on which is the “best colour for main gate according to vastu”:

View 1: Pick a dark hue, like dark brown or wooden, but avoid black.

View 2: Use bright colors such as sunny yellows, timber shades, or earthy tones to create this impact.

View 3: Choose a colour based on the main direction and the elements it represents.

  • North:The north direction represents the water element. So, the Vastu experts recommend that you paint your main door in shades of blue.
  • East: The east direction represents the air or wood element. So, the Vastu experts recommend that you paint your main door in shades of green or brown.
  • West: The west direction refers to a space or metal element. Vastu experts recommend painting your main door in white, off-white, and grey.
  • South: The south direction represents the fire element. So, the Vastu experts recommend that you paint your main door in tones of red, pink, or orange.

As a result, you are free to pick what you believe is best for you.

Shoe Rack at Entrance Vastu

The Shoe rack at entrance produces mental stress, disrupts sleep, and prevents money flow. It sometimes increases the flow of negative energy.

The shoe rack should therefore be kept to the “side of the door” rather than in front of it.

Instead of having an open shoe rack, choose a closed cabinet or cupboard.

The shoe rack can be placed anywhere other than from north to east. Maintaining this rack in the West or North West is good option

Name Plate Vastu

The nameplate will be the first thing a guest notices as they enter your home. Make sure your front door has a beautiful nameplate to attract success, wealth, and happiness.

Where: The nameplate should always be on the left side of the main door. The nameplate should be set at least half the height of the entrance door. 

Shape: The ideal nameplate is believed to be rectangular.

Material: If the door is toward the north or west of the house, the native should use a metal nameplate. Make use of a wooden nameplate if the door is facing any other direction. However, marble nameplate is fine for any direction

Name – Ensure that the nameplate shows the full name, not simply the surname. The first letter of the name must be capitalized.

Religious symbols –  like Sri, Om, and Swastik can also be included on the nameplate. It helps to bring prosperity and protects from negative energy.

If the nameplate deteriorates and the letters get damaged, please replace it. The nameplate should always be nice, clean, and in excellent condition.

If you choose, you can add a small light bulb above the nameplate to increase positive energy.

On the main door, two nameplates should never be kept together.

Types of Doors as per Vastu

The door’s shape is extremely vital. To ensure a Vastu-friendly design, consider the following when selecting doors.

Shape – The door’s shape is extremely vital. Rectangle is the most prefered shape. Carvings can be done to enhance the appearance of the door.

Avoid – Sliding and circular doors. These doorways attract vastu dosha and hinders growth.

Size – The height of a door should be at least twice its width.

The main door of the house should be taller than the other doors. 

Number of Doors as Per Vastu

Here are some Vastu suggestions regarding the number of doors and windows.

  • The house should have an even number of doors and windows—2, 4, 6, 8, and so on—but not ten (10) or multiples of eight (8).
  • The 12, 14, 18, and 20 windows and doors are fine.
  • Doors within the home do not include the front gate or the outhouse’s doors.
  • Two door in one frame, counted as one.
  • Doors that lead to internal partitions and do not touch the ceiling are not regarded as doors.

The impacts of the number of doors as per vastu, on those residing in the house are listed below:

  • 2 doors as per vastu – Lucky
  • 3 doors as per vastu – Create enmies
  • 4 doors as per vastu – Long Life
  • 5 doors as per vastu – Illness
  • 6 doors as per vastu – Healthy Being a parent
  • 7 doors as per vastu – Death
  • 8 doors as per vastu – Rise in life
  • 9 doors as per vastu – Illness
  • 10 doors as per vastu – Theft
  • 11 doors as per vastu – Destruction the good
  • 12 doors as per vastu – Expansion of the business
  • 13 doors as per vastu – Reduces the lifespan of the man
  • 14 doors as per vastu – Growth in Wealth
  • 15 doors as per vastu – Destruction the good

Main Door Handle Vastu

Holding a main door handle is like making a shkehand with house or flat.

  • An east-facing home’s primary door handle should be made of a combination of wood and metal.
  • Use silver knobs on your north-facing main door to improve your fortune.
  • According to Vasu, brass knobs on south-facing wooden doors are an excellent option for a home’s main door handle.
  • Metal door knobs are necessary for west-facing residence main doors.

Dwarved / Vedh Shoola : Avoid These Obstructions in Front of The Main Gate

Dwarved is an obstacle that blocks energy flow to the main door. Here, we’re primarily talking about compound gates. But if the house does not have a compound wall, then this also applies to the main gate. Following could create Dwarved:

  • Big Tree
  • Ditch
  • Open well
  • Dilapidated house
  • Electric/Telephone post

Solution : In the following scenario, these obstacles have any negative impact

  • If there is a road between the  house or plot and the obstacles, the flaws are eliminated.
  • Similarly, if the distance between the obstacles and the home is twice the height of the house, these flaws will have no effect.

Which Tree is Good in Front of the House as per Vastu?

It is advisable not to place large trees in front of the main door. They may impede energy flow. However, planting small plants is ok.

Lemon, Coconut, Neem, Pineapple, Sandalwood, Bilva, Jackfruit, Almond, Mango, Pomegranate, Amla, and Betal are healthy for the house, according to vastu.

However, you should know two facts: Plants should be planted according to the directions. Plants should not hinder the flow of energy into your home.

What Should Be Placed in Front of The Main Door?

For Divine protection and to energize the Entrance, it is recommended to install one of the following, regardless of which direction the Main Door is facing: Swastik Symbol, Om Symbol, Ek Onkar Symbol, and Navkar Symbol are above the entrance door frame . Even horseshoes on the front gate provide positivity and luck.

Install a light outside the main door and keep it turned on, especially throughout the evening.

In addition, you can ignite a Diya. This would help to eliminate negativity and evil influences.

Other Important Factors to Consider for Main Door Vastu

  • When the front door opens, there should be a warm and pleasant view. You can have a stunning paint job and template for the main entryway. To put it another way, avoid making the main gateway appear lifeless and unattractive.
  • The major door hinges should be properly maintained and oiled to avoid noise and squeaking, which hinder the flow of positive energy.
  • To allow the frictionless flow of energy into the property, the main door should preferably open inwardly in a circular motion.
  • The main entrance with two shutters that open inside is considered auspicious.
  • Vastu recommends making your home’s main entrance larger than the other entrances.
  • A home with two entrances is perfect. The exit door should have one shutter and be smaller than the main door. The two doors should not be aligned in a straight line.
  • If the house’s main door and the compound gate are on the same side, it is considered auspicious.
  • Main Door Material: The house’s main entry door should be made of high-quality material, preferably wood. Avoid utilizing metal doors or frames.
  • Size of the door -The door’s width should be half of its height.
  • The main door should include a threshold (Dahleej in hindi). It is believed to prevent wealth loss.Make sure your front door has a beautiful nameplate to attract success, wealth, and happiness.
  • The height of the main entrance should be more than the height of the compound wall if the house has an east or north facing entry.
  • The height of a home’s main door, which faces either the south or the west, can be equal to compound wall

Avoid These Mistakes in Main Door Vastu

  • Avoid any obstructions in front of your main gate. A ‘Dwaar Vedh’  occurs when a tree, pole, sharp cornered object, or structure is present in front of a shop, office, or residence, or when it points towards the Main Door. It causes troubles and disruptions in life and business.
  • Avoid any shadows on the main door, particularly those cast by nearby buildings, trees, and so on. 
  • The main gate should never face intersecting roads.
  • A gas hob burner in the kitchen should not be placed directly in front of the main door because it will burn away the opportunities and energy that enters your home.
  • A toilet, dustbin, garbage can, or drainage system should not be located directly in front of or near the Main Door because positive energies will be flushed away.
  • You must not choose an irregular shape gate as your main entrance gate.
  • Make sure the main door does not create any squeaky noises when you open and close it.
  • We frequently notice folks keeping shoe racks in front of their main door. It brings negative energy into the house from the outside.
  • Avoid placing the main door in the center of each wall.
  • Avoid utilizing main doors that close automatically.
  • Avoid doors that face the opposite house door
  • Avoid slanted, sliding, or round entrances.
  • Avoid positioning the main door against a compound wall.
  • Avoid placing an underground tank, septic tank, or anything else beneath a home’s main entrance.
  • Do not place a mirror opposite the main entrance. A mirror reflects energy. It could be beneficial, negative, or both, hence avoid
  • The vastu for the main door states that your main gate should never face the stairway or lift directly. It produces a financial loss.
  • The door should be located a few feet away from the corner and not on exact corner
  • The main door to the house should not be located below ground. It should be at or above street level.
  • The main door should be taller than the road, and should have odd numbered steps leading to main door.
  • A crack in the main door or doorframe is considered bad luck.
  • toilets should never be located near or over the main door.
  • Do not have a wall in front of the main door.
  • Avoid putting inauspicious pictures on the door.
  • If the front door frame is painted black, the owner may face trouble.
  • The entrance to the residence should not face any temple or religious building.
  • Because the primary goal of Vastu Shastra is to maximize energy movement within the home, arched shaped entrances and windows should be avoided.

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