Mundan Muhurat 2021-Auspicious Mundan Dates 2021
Mundan Muhurat 2021-Auspicious Mundan Dates 2021

Mundan Muhurat 2021-Auspicious Mundan Dates 2021 is the list of dates, on which mundan Sanskar should be performed. Mundan (tonsure) is one of the Solah Sanskar (16 Sanskars) of Hindu religion. Mundan Sanskar is also called Chaul Mundan, Jadula or Chura Karam or Chaul Karma Sanskar in some Hindu communities.

It is believed, birth hairs of a child are shaved to detach him/her from the Karmas of earlier lives. However, other more valid reason is that child catches bacteria in mother’s womb, which does not get separate, even after washing the hairs many times.

Mundan Muhurat 2021-Auspicious Mundan Dates 2021

You can select the best day to perform the Mundan Ceremony of your child from शुभ मुंडन मुहूर्त 2021, मुंडन मुहूर्त 2021 तिथि:

Mundan Muhurat in January 2021

No Dates in Jan 21

Mundan Muhurat in February 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Monday, February 111:57 PM- 11:59 PMHasta
Wednesday, February 302:12 PM- 11:59 PMChitra
Thursday, February 407:11 AM- 07:45 PMSwati
Monday, February 2206:57 AM- 10:58 AM Mrigashirsha
Wednesday, February 2406:06 PM- 11:59 PMPushya
Thursday, February 2506:54 AM- 01:17 PMPushya

Mundan Muhurat Dates in March 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Monday, March 1 07:37 AM- 11:59 PMHasta
Monday, March 1 07:37 AM- 11:59 PMSwati
Friday, March 5 10:37 PM- 11:59 PMJyeshta
Wednesday, March 10 06:40 AM- 02:40 PMShravana
Wednesday, March 24, 06:24 AM- 11:12 PMPushya

Mundan Muhurat in April 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Friday, April 16 11:40 PM- 11:59 PMMrigashirsha
Monday, April 19 05:55 AM- 11:59 PMPunarvasu
Thursday, April 29 02:29 PM- 10:10 PMJyeshta

Mundan Muhurat in May 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Monday, May 308:22 AM- 11:59 PMShravana
Wednesday, May 501:22 PM- 11:59 PMShatabhisha
Thursday, May 605:40 AM- 10:32 AMShatabhisha
Friday, May 1405:45 AM- 11:59 PMMrigashirsha
Monday, May 1705:33 AM- 11:35 AMPunarvasu
Monday, May 2405:30 AM- 11:59 PMChitra
Thursday, May 2701:02 PM- 10:29 PMJyeshta

Mundan Muhurat in June 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Wednesday, June 205:27 AM- 04:59 PMShatabhisha
Monday, June 2105:28 AM- 01:31 PMSwati

Mundan Muhurat in July 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Friday, July 207:04 AM- 09:25 AM11:42 AM- 6:37 PMRevati
Saturday, July 307:01 AM- 11:38 AM1:55 PM- 6:33 PMRevati
Wednesday, July 711:07 AM- 6:01 PMRohini
Friday, July 1606: 36 AM- 1:03 PM03:23 PM- 07: 45 PMHasta
Saturday, July 1705:38 PM- 07:42 PMChitra
Sunday, July 2506:20 AM- 12: 28 AM02:48 PM- 07:10 PMShravana
Monday, July 2607:50 AM- 02:44 PMDhanishta
Thursday, July 2902:32 PM- 04:50 PMUttara Bhadrapada
Saturday, July 3107: 31 AM- 09:48 AM12:04 AM- 06: 47 PMAshwini

Mundan Muhurat in August 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Wednesday, August 407:15 AM- 11:49 AM02:08 PM- 04:27 PMMrigashirsha 
Friday, August 607:07 AM- 02:00 PM04:19 PM- 06:23 PMArdra
Saturday, August 709:21AM -04:15 PMPunarvasu
Thursday, August 1205:59 PM -07:42 PMUttara Phalguni
Friday, August 1306:40 AM- 11:13 AM01:33 PM- 03:51 PMHasta
Saturday, August 1403:47 PM- 07:34 PMChitra
Monday, August 2305:16 PM- 06:58 PMShatabhisha

Mundan Muhurat in September 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Wednesday, September 107:42 AM- 12:18 AMMrigashirsha 
Thursday, September 204:37 PM- 06:19 PMArdra
Friday, September 307:34 AM- 09:51 AMPunarvasu
Saturday, September 409:47 AM- 02:25 PM04:29 PM- 06:11 PMPushya
Thursday, September 907:11 AM- 09:27 AM11:47 AM- 05:52 PMHasta
Saturday, September 1107:03 AM- 11:39 AMSwati
Monday, September 1306:55 AM- 01:50 PMAnuradha
Saturday, September 1807:24 AM- 08:52 AM11:11 AM- 06:44 PMDhanishta

Mundan Muhurat in October 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Thursday, October 702:19 PM- 05:29 PMChitra
Friday, October 807:33 AM- 09:53 AM12:11 PM- 05:25 PMSwati
Sunday, October 1012:11 AM- 05:25 PM02:07 PM- 06:42 PMAnuradha
Friday, October 1509:25 AM- 03:30 PM04:57 PM- 06:22 PMShravana
Monday, , October 2508:46 AM- 02:51 PM05:43 PM- 07:18 PMMrigashirsha 
Wednesday, October 2707:37 AM- 08:38 AM10:57 AM- 01:01 PMArdra
Thursday, October 2807:01 AM- 10:53 AM12:57 AM- 05:31 PMPunarvasu
Friday, October 2907:02 AM- 10:49 AMPushya

Mundan Muhurat in November 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Wednesday, November 308:10 AM- 10:29 AMHasta 
Saturday, November 607:08 AM- 10:17 AM12:21 AM- 04:56 PMAnuradha
Sunday, November 707:09 AM- 10:13 AM12:17 AM- 04:52 PMJyeshta
Wednesday, November 1004:40 PM- 06:15 PMUttara Ashadha
Saturday, November 1309:50 AM- 03:03 PMShatabisha
Wednesday, November 1707:16 AM- 11:38 AMAshwini
Sunday, November 2109:18 AM- 01:05 PM02:32 PM- 07:28 PMRohini
Monday, November 2209:14 AM- 11:18 AMMrigashirhsa 
Wednesday, November 2409:06 AM- 03:45 PM05:20 PM- 07:16 PMPunarvasu
Thursday, November 2507:23 AM- 09:02 AM11:07 AM- 03:41 PM05:16 PM- 07:12 PMPushya

Mundan Muhurat in December 2021

Auspicious Day & DateMundan Muhurat TimingsNakshatra
Thursday, December 208:35 AM- 01:49 PM03:14 PM- 06:44 PMSwati
Friday, December 304:45 PM- 06:40 PMVishaka
Wednesday, December 807:33 AM- 11:58 AM01:25 PM- 06:21 PMShravana
Friday, December 1008:04 AM- 01:17 PM02:42 PM- 06:13 PMShatabhisha
Monday, December 1307:36 AM- 07:52 AM09:56 AM – 02:30 PM04:06 PM- 08:16 PMRevati
Monday, December 2707:43 AM- 10:43 AM12:10 AM- 05:06 PMHasta 
Wednesday, December 2904:58 PM- 07:13 PMSwati
Friday, December 3111:55 AM- 01:20 PM02:55 PM- 06:29 PMAnuradha

Kindly Note:

  • The Mundan Muhurat 2021-Auspicious Mundan Dates 2021 are based on the panchang or hindu calender
  • Always consult an astrologer before finalizing Mundan date. Depending upon the individual’s birth details, astrologer may predict a date which may not be available here. The date chosen by the astrologer may be the precise date for the individual.
  • Contact Aadishakti Astrologers for more accurate details on +91 9538602626 via phone / WhatsApp or email us on
  • There are 43 auspicious dates for the function
  • For Mundan Muhurat, you may refer Onindia page too

Meaning of Mundan

Mundan is a Hindu ritual to remove the hair of a child for the first time after birth. A Mundan function is always performed in the most auspicious Mundan dates at the age of 7, 9 or 11 months. Some people do it at a later age between 1-3 years or sometime later. The Mundan Sanskar of a girl is called Chaula Karma and is performed in the even years 2, 4, 6 years etc).

Significance of Mundan Ceremony and Mundan Muhurat

As per Hindu customs, the tonsure or Mundan Sanskar purifies a child from its past birth sins and negativities. A soul attains a human form after passing through 84 lakh Yonis, with each having a certain impact on human birth. Shaving of a baby’s head purges the past sins and liberates him or her from all the bad effects. According to Yajurveda, Mundan Sanskar is very important Karma in enhancing wisdom, health, age, strength and agility of the child. 

Benefits of Mundan Ceremony

  1. Scientifically, in the womb of the mother, there are various harmful bacteria’s that get stuck on an infant’s hair. These bacteria’s cannot be removed even after several washes. The shaving of the baby’s head allows the removal of these hair and boosts a healthy and good hair growth. 
  2. After Mundan, the body temperature of the child becomes normal and thus they experience good mental and physical growth.
  3. Mundan of the head helps in proper absorption of Sunlight which is a source of Vitamin- D. It helps uniform blood circulation in the scalp of the baby resulting in nice hair growth. 
  4. Mundan sansakar may reduces the toothache that occurs when the first teeth of a child emerge.
  5. As per scriptures, Mundan Sansakar may brings auspiciousness in a child’s life and bestows abundance and wisdom.

Best Nakshatra for Mundan Sanskar

  • Mrigashira
  • Ashwini
  • Pushya
  • Hasta
  • Punarvasu
  • Chitra
  • Swati
  • Shravana
  • Dhanishta
  • Shatabhisha
  • Jyeshtha

Most Auspicious Days for Mundan Ceremonies

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, are good days for Mumdan. However Friday is the best day of the week to perform Chudakarana or Mundan Sanskar

शुभ मुंडन मुहूर्त 2021, मुंडन मुहूर्त 2021 तिथि: For Performing Mundan Sansakar

As per Hindu Panchang, Dwitiya (2), Tritiya (3), Panchami (5), Saptami (7), Dashmi (10), Ekadashi (11) and Tyayodashi (13) are the auspicious Tithis for Mundan Samskar


शुभ मुंडन मुहूर्त 2021, मुंडन मुहूर्त 2021 तिथि, Mundan Muhurat 2021-Auspicious Mundan Dates 2021

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